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To the young people like-a 13-year-old Anne Riddell from Mayfield, Ohio, who had been saving for two years to go to Disney World and decided to use her savings instead to travel to Pennsylvania with her mom and volunteer there, as well.年轻人们——比如13岁的来自俄亥俄州梅菲尔德的安妮·里德尔,她为了去迪斯尼乐园攒了两年的钱,可后来还是决定用她的积蓄和妈妈一起来宾夕法尼亚做一名志愿者。 To the veterans, to the childhood friends, to New Yorkers and Arkansans- who traveled across the country, telling anyone who would listen why you supported me.还有老兵们、小朋友们、纽约以及阿肯色州的朋友——你们千里迢迢赶来,告诉所有愿意听的人你们为什么持我, And to all of those women in their 80s and their 90s-born before women could vote, who cast their votes for our campaign.还有八九十岁的妇女,出生在不能参加选举的年代里的妇女们,她们曾在选举中投票。 Ive told you before about Florence Stein of South Dakota who was 88 years old and insisted that her daughter bring an absentee ballot to her hospice bedside.我曾经提到过一位88岁来自南达科他州的弗洛伦斯·斯坦因,她在医院的病床上坚持让女儿弄来一份给缺席者的选票, Her daughter and a friend put an American flag behind her bed and helped her fill out the ballot.她的女儿和一个朋友在她的床后挂上了一面美国国旗,并帮她填写了选票。 She passed away soon after and, under state law, her ballot didnt count, but her daughter later told a reporter,她不久后去世了,可惜的是,按照州法律,她的选票不能生效,她的女儿后来告诉一位记者: ;My dads an ornery, old cowboy, and he didnt like it when he heard moms vote wouldnt be counted.“我爸爸是一个粗人、老牛仔,当他听说妈妈的选票无效时很难过, I dont think he had voted in 20 years, but he voted in place of my mom.;我记忆中他在近20年内从未投过票,可这次他替妈妈投了一票。”201411/340426That no matter how hard they tried to get the uniform right, it was unappreciated 他们花了很多精力去整制 结果却没人赏识Those students didnt make it through training这些学员无法通过训练Those students didnt understand the purpose of the drill 因为他们不能理解训练的目的You were never going to succeed 你无法成功You were never going to have a perfect uniform 制永远无法完美The instructors werent going to allow it 教官压根就不想让你合格Sometimes no matter how well you prepare 有时 无论你怎么准备or how well you perform you still end up as a sugar cookie 无论你怎么表现 ;糖曲奇;效应可能都会无法避免Its just the way life is sometimes 生活有时就是如此If you want to change the world如果你想改变世界get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward 别怕变成;糖曲奇; 勇往直前就行了Every day during training you were challenged with multiple physical events 每天的训练都包括多重身体挑战long runs, long swims, obstacle courses, hours of calisthenics 长跑 长距离游泳 障碍跨越 数小时的健身操something designed to test your mettle 这些都是为了测试你的耐力Every event had standards times you had to meet 每种挑战都有标准 包括时间标准If you failed to meet those standards your name was posted on a list 如果不能达标 你的名字就会被记下来and at the end of the day those on the list were invited to a ;circus.; 一天结束之后 被记下来的人会被请入;马戏表演;A circus was two hours of additional calisthenics;马戏;是额外两小时的健身操designed to wear you down, to break your spirit, to force you to quit 这是为了让你累趴下 让你精神崩溃 逼你退出No one wanted a circus没人想;表演马戏;A circus meant that for that day you didnt measure up ;马戏;表示那一天 你没有达标A circus meant more fatigue;马戏;意味着你会更累and more fatigue meant that the following day would be more difficult 更累意味着下一天你会更困难and more circuses were likely 这又更可能导致;马戏;But at some time during SEAL training 有时 在海豹训练中everyone made the circus list 每个人都被记了名字But an interesting thing happened to those who were constantly on the list 有趣的是 经常被记名字的人Overtime those students 随着时间的推移who did 2 hours of extra calisthenics, got stronger and stronger 这两小时额外健身操让他们变得更强201602/423998Ill tell you what they do next.让我告诉你他们的表现。In one study, they told us they would probably cheat the next time instead of studying more if they failed a test.在一项研究中,他们告诉我们, 如果他们某次考试未通过,他们很可能会在下次考试中作弊, 而不是更加努力地学习。In another study, after a failure,they looked for someone who did worse than they did so they could feel really good about themselves. 在另一项研究中,他们挂了一门后,他们会找到那些考得还不如他们高的孩子,以寻求自我安慰。And in study after study, they have run from difficulty.后续的研究陆续表明, 他们会逃避困难。Scientists measured the electrical activity from the brain as students confronted an error.科学家们监测了学生们面对错误时的脑电活动图像。On the left, you see the fixed mindset students.在左侧,是固定型思维模式的学生,Theres hardly any activity.几乎没有什么活动。They run from the error.他们在错误面前选择了逃避。They dont engage with it.他们没有积极地投入。But on the right, you have the students with the growth mindset,the idea that abilities can be developed. 但请看右侧,这是成长型思维模式的学生,这些学生相信能力会通过锻炼得以提升。They engage deeply.他们积极地应对错误。Their brain is on fire with yet.他们的大脑在高速运转,They engage deeply.他们积极地投入,They process the error.他们剖析错误,They learn from it and they correct it.从中学习,最终订正。How are we raising our children?如今我们是如何教育孩子的呢?Are we raising them for now instead of yet?是教育他们专注眼前,而不是注重过程吗?Are we raising kids who are obsessed with getting As?我们培育了一些迷恋刷A的孩子们吗?Are we raising kids who dont know how to dream big dreams?我们培育了没有远大理想的孩子们吗?Their biggest goal is getting the next A or the next test score?他们最远大的目标就是再拿一个A, 心里所想的就是下一次考试吗?And are they carrying this need for constant validation with them into their future lives?他们在今后的生活中,都以分数的高低来评判自己吗?Maybe, because employers are coming to me and saying,we have aly raised a generation of young workers who cant get through the day without an award.或许是的,因为企业雇主们跑来找我,说我们养育的这新一代走上工作岗位的人,如果不给他们奖励, 他们一天都过不下去。201507/384410

Hi, everybody. Yesterday, we learned that our businesses created another 118,000 new jobs in September. That makes 67 straight months of job creation, and 13.2 million new jobs in all. But we would be doing even better if we didnt have to keep dealing with crises in Congress every few months. And especially at a time when the global economy is softening, our own growth could slow if Congress doesnt do away with harmful austerity measures. Now, on Wednesday, more than half of Republicans in Congress voted to shut down the government for the second time in two years. Fortunately, there were enough votes in both parties to pass a last-minute bill to keep the government open for another ten weeks. Unfortunately, that gimmick only sets up another shutdown threat two weeks before Christmas. Look, thats not the way America should operate. It just kicks the can down the road without solving any problems or doing any long-term planning for the future. And thats why I will not sign another shortsighted, short-term spending bill like the one Congress sent me this week. Heres why. A few years ago, both parties agreed to put in place harmful, automatic cuts that make no distinction between spending we dont need and spending we do. Those cuts have actually kept our economy from growing faster. Even worse, theyre actually undermining the middle class. Heres one example. If we dont undo these mindless cuts, then next year, well be funding our kids education at the same levels per pupil we did in the year 2000. Compared to my budget, that would be like cutting federal funding for 4,500 schools, 17,500 teachers and aides, 1.9 million students. Thats not good for our kids or our economy. Its a prescription for American decline. And it shouldnt happen. We should invest in things like education today, or well pay the price tomorrow. But Congress should do its job, stop kicking the can down the road, and pass a serious budget rather than flirt with another shutdown. A serious budget is one that keeps America strong through our military, our law enforcement; that keeps America generous through caring for our veterans and our seniors; that keeps America competitive by educating our kids and our workers. Thats what I want to work with serious people in both parties to achieve. Because thats how well build on the progress of 13 million new jobs, and help the middle class get ahead. Thanks, everybody, and have a great weekend.201510/402742Okay, so 90 percent of my photographic process is, in fact, not photographic.好的,事实上,我摄影过程的百分之九十不仅仅只是照相。It involves a campaign of letter writing,research and phone calls to access my subjects,which can range from Hamas leaders in Gaza to a hibernating black bear in its cave in West Virginia. 它是一个包涵了写信,研究以及电话联系得以接触拍摄对象的复杂过程。我的拍摄对象的范围可以从加沙地区的哈马斯领导人,到西弗吉尼亚州一只蛰伏于洞穴中的黑熊。到西弗吉尼亚州一只蛰伏于洞穴中的黑熊。And oddly, the most notable letter of rejection I ever received came from Walt Disney World,a seemingly innocuous site.奇怪的是,我所收到的所有拒信中,最值得注意的一封,来自于迪斯尼世界,一个看起来完全无害的地方。And it -- Im just going to a key sentence:我只打算读读最关键的一句:Especially during these violent times,I personally believe that the magical spell cast upon guests who visit our theme parks is particularly important to protect and helps to provide them with an important fantasy they can escape to. 尤其实在现在这样一个恐怖时期,我个人相信,在游览我们主题公园的客人们身上带有的神奇魔力,特别重要, 它为帮助人们实现逃离现实进入一个想象中的神奇世界提供了保障。Photography threatens fantasy.摄影会威胁想象力。They didnt want to let my camera in because it confronts constructed realities, myths and beliefs,and provides what appears to be evidence of a truth.他们不想让我的照相机进入迪斯尼,因为照相机能挑战了他们所建立的现实、神秘以及信仰,并提供了真正事实的据。But there are multiple truths attached to every image,depending on the creators intention, the viewer and the context in which it is presented. 但每幅照片,都被赋予了不止一个真相,这取决于拍摄者的目的,以及观看者以及照片本身所处的环境。Over a five year period following September 11th,when the American media and government were seeking hidden and unknown sites beyond its borders,most notably weapons of mass destruction,I chose to look inward at that which was integral to Americas foundation,mythology and daily functioning.在911之后的五年多,当美国媒体和政府在寻找美国境外隐藏的和不为人所知的地点,和著名的大规模杀伤武器,我选择去探究一些更深层次的东西—它们对美国的国家基础、神话和国家机能来说,是不可或缺的。I wanted to confront the boundaries of the citizen,self-imposed and real,and confront the divide between privileged and public access to knowledge. 我自愿并真诚地,希望去突破公民的边界,突破特权和公共介入信息之间的鸿沟,突破特权和公共介入信息之间的鸿沟,It was a critical moment in American history and global history where one felt they didnt have access to accurate information.这在美国历史乃至世界历史上,都是重要的时刻—人们发现他们无法触及精确的信息。And I wanted to see the center with my own eyes,but what I came away with is a photograph. 我希望我能亲眼看见这一切的核心,但随我上路的,只是一部相机。And its just another place from which to observe,and the understanding that there are no absolute, all-knowing insiders.那只是另一个让我观察的地方,并让我了解到,世上没有绝对的、无所不知的知情人。And the outsider can never really reach the core.而局外人则永远也无法真正触及事情的核心。Im going to run through some of the photographs in this series.我将展示这一系列中的一些相片。Its titled, An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar,and its comprised of nearly 70 images.这个系列取名为:探寻隐藏的美国。它由将近70幅照片组成。In this context Ill just show you a few.在今天的演讲里,我只能展示其中的一些。This is a nuclear waste storage and encapsulation facility at Hanford site in Washington State,where there are over 1,900 stainless steel capsules containing nuclear waste submerged in water.这是一个存储、封装核废料的基地位于华盛顿州的汉福德,这里有超过1900个浸入于水中的不锈钢容器,它们盛有核废料。A human standing in front of an unprotected capsule would die instantly.如果一个人站在毫无任何保护措施的容器前,他将立刻死亡。And I found one section amongst all of these that actually resembled the outline of the ed States of America,which you can see here.我发现其中的一部分正好勾勒出了美国领土的轮廓。正好勾勒出了美国领土的轮廓。你可以在这里看到。And a big part of the work that is sort of absent in this context is text.在这样的情况下,作品里缺失的,是文字。So I create these two poles.因此,我创建了两个部分:Every image is accompanied with a very detailed factual text.每幅图片都配有一段非常详尽的、确凿的文字说明。And what Im most interested in is the invisible space between a text and its accompanying image,and how the image is transformed by the text and the text by the image.而我最感兴趣的是,存在于文字和对应图片之间的隐形的距离,以及照片如何被转述为文字,文字又如何由照片阐释。So, at best, the image is meant to float away into abstraction and multiple truths and fantasy.所以,最理想的情况,照片也注定要转变为抽象的概念、真相和想象。And then the text functions as this cruel anchor that kind of nails it to the ground.而文字则如同锐利的锚将这些漂浮的东西牢牢地按在地上。But in this context Im just going to an abridged version of those texts.今天时间有限,我只能读缩略的版本。This is a cryopreservation unit,and it holds the bodies of the wife and mother of cryonics pioneer Robert Ettinger,who hoped to be awoken one day to extended life in good health, with advancements in science and technology,all for the cost of 35 thousand dollars, for forever. 这是一个冷冻保存单元,里面保存了人体冷冻法先驱罗伯特爱丁格的妻子和母亲的尸体。罗伯特希望有一天能唤起并延续她们的生命,用先进的科学技术使她们重新获得健康。这项技术一次性收费35000美元。201504/372138Im going to make an argument today我今天要提出一个新思想,that may seem a little bit crazy:它听上去有一点儿疯狂:social media and the end of gender.社交传媒和性别消失。Let me connect the dots.让我把这两件事情联系起来。Im going to argue today我今天要讲的是that the social media applications那些我们从了解到喜爱,又从喜爱到痛恨的that we all know and love, or love to hate,社交传媒are actually going to help free us其实在帮助我们from some of the absurd assumptions从社会中有关性别的that we have as a society about gender.一些荒谬假设中摆脱出来。I think that social media我认为社交传媒is actually going to help us dismantle正在帮我们消除some of the silly and demeaning stereotypes这些愚蠢和带有贬低的关于性别的刻板印象that we see in media and advertising我们在媒体和广告中都能看到about gender.这些关于性别的陈规。If you hadnt noticed,如果你还没注意到,our media climate generally provides我们的媒体常常制造a very distorted mirror有关我们生活和我们性别的of our lives and of our gender,一个非常歪曲的镜像。and I think thats going to change.我认为这应该改变。Now most media companies --现在多数媒体公司--television, radio, publishing, games, you name it --电视,电台,出版社,游戏,你能讲得上名字的媒体 --they use very rigid segmentation methods他们使用非常刻板的细分方法in order to understand their audiences.来了解他们的观众。Its old-school demographics.这是老派的人口统计学。They come up with these very restrictive labels to define us.他们想出这些非常带有限制性的标签来定义我们。Now the crazy thing最疯狂的是is that media companies believe媒体公司相信that if you fall within a certain demographic category如果你属于某种统计类别then you are predictable in certain ways --他们就可以按某种方式来预测你(的行为)。you have certain taste,你就会有某种口味,that you like certain things.你就会喜欢某些特别的东西。And so the bizarre result of this所以这奇怪的结果是is that most of our popular culture我们最受欢迎的文化is actually based on these presumptions是建立在这些about our demographics.有关统计的假象上。Age demographics:年龄统计学说:the 18 to 49 demo从18岁到49岁的人,has had a huge impact对我国on all mass media programming in this country自从1960年代起所有大众媒体since the 1960s,的节目安排有一个巨大影响力,when the baby boomers were still young.也就是当婴儿潮一代人还年轻时。Now theyve aged out of that demographic,现在他们已经过了那人口统计年龄段,but its still the case但这还有个例子that powerful ratings companies like Nielson像Nielson这样评级优秀的公司dont even take into account把年龄段viewers of television shows over age 54.超过54岁的电视用户没有考虑在内。In our media environment,在我们媒体环境中,its as if they dont even exist.这就好比他们不存在似的。Now, if you watch ;Mad Men,; like I do --假如你和我一样看“MadMen广告狂人” --its a popular TV show in the States --这是在美国的一个流行电视节目 --Dr. Faye Miller does something called psychographics,士费伊·米勒研究所谓的消费心态学,which first came about in the 1960s,它在1960年代第一次出现,where you create these complex psychological profiles用来描绘消费者的of consumers.复杂的心理概况。But psychographics really havent had a huge impact on the media business.但是消费心态学对媒体行业却没有多大的影响力。Its really just been basic demographics.它仅是基础的人口统计。So Im at the Norman Lear Center at USC,我在南加州大学诺曼·李尔中心,and weve done a lot of research over the last seven, eight years在过去七八年,我们做了很多on demographics关于人口统计学的研究and how they affect media and entertainment以及在我国和全球范围内in this country and abroad.人口统计学是如何影响媒体和界的。And in the last three years,在过去三年weve been looking specifically at social media to see what has changed,我们一直仔细观察社交传媒,看它如何变化。and weve discovered some very interesting things.我们发现一些非常有趣的事。All the people who participate in social media networks参与社交传媒网的所有人belong to the same old demographic categories都能被归入以前旧的人口统计学里的种类that media companies and advertisers那些媒体公司和广告商们have used in order to understand them.以前用来了解人们的统计种类。But those categories mean even less now但是这些旧的统计分类和以前相比,than they did before,简直无足轻重。because with online networking tools,因为有了在线网络工具,its much easier for us要跳出to escape some of our demographic boxes.旧的人口统计的陈规变得容易多了。201510/405525

I am optimistic that we can do this, but I talk to skeptics who claim there is no hope. They say: ;Inequity has been with us since the beginning, and will be with us till the end-because people just dont care.; I completely disagree.在这个问题上,我是乐观的,我可以做到。但是,我也遇到过那些感到绝望的怀疑主义者。他们说:“不平等从人类诞生的第一天就存在,到人类灭亡的最后一天也将存在——因为人类对这个问题根本不在乎。”我完全不同意这种观点。I believe we have more caring than we know what to do with.我相信,问题不是我们不在乎,而是我们不知道该怎么做。All of us here in this yard, at one time or another, have seen human tragedies that broke our hearts, and yet we did nothing-not because we didnt care, but because we didnt know what to do. If we had known how to help, we would have acted.此刻在这个院子里的所有人,生命中总有这样或那样的时刻,目睹人类的悲剧,感到万分伤心。但是我们什么也没做——并非我们无动于衷,而是因为我们不知道做什么。如果我们知道如何做是有效的,那么我们就会采取行动。The barrier to change is not too little caring; it is too much complexity.改变世界的阻碍,并非人类的冷漠,而是世界实在太复杂。To turn caring into action, we need to see a problem, see a solution, and see the impact. Bu complexity blocks all three steps.为了将关心转变为行动,我们需要发现问题,找到解决问题的方法,评估影响。但是世界的复杂性使得所有这些步骤都难以做到。Even with the advent of the Internet and 24-hour news, it is still a complex enterprise to get people to truly see the problems. When an airplane crashes, official immediately call a press conference. They promise to investigate, determine the cause, and prevent similar crashes in the future.即使有了互联网和24小时直播的新闻,让人们真正发现问题所在,仍然十分困难。当一架飞机坠毁了,官员们会立刻召开新闻发布会,他们承诺进行调查、找到原因、防止将来再次发生类似事故。But if the officials were brutally honest, they would say: ;Of all the people in the world who died today from preventable causes, one half of one percent were on this plane. Were determined to do everything possible to solve the problem that took the lives of the one of one percent.;但是如果那些官员们敢说真话,他们就会说:“在今天这一天,全世界所有可以避免的死亡之中,只有0.5%的死者来自于这次空难。我们决心尽一切努力解决这个造成0.5%的人死亡的问题。”201405/298028

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