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吉林/华侨医院治疗妇科炎症好吗丰满区治疗盆腔炎多少钱吉林/市轻度宫颈糜烂医院 US President Barack Obama took time off at an Asia-Pacific meeting on Wednesday for an unusual task -- putting questions to Chinese internet billionaire Jack Ma and a young Filipina entrepreneur on government-business ties in a panel discussion.本周三,美国总统奥巴马在亚太会议上会见了中国互联网大亨马云和一名菲律宾年轻企业家,他们就政府和商业之间的关系展开了不同寻常的讨论。Obama joked comfortably with the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, which is looking to make inroads into foreign markets, including the ed States.奥巴马和阿里巴巴的创始人及董事长马云打趣称,阿里巴巴可以在美国和其他一些国家寻求出路。During the discussion on the sidelines of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Manila, the US president probed Ma on how he thought government and established businesses could help young entrepreneurs.这次APEC(亚太经合组织)峰会在马尼拉举行,美国总统奥巴马和马云探讨如何让政府和企业帮助更多的年轻的企业家;Government is simple - just reduce the tax, or no tax, for these guys,; Ma responded, to a wave of laughter and applause from the audience of business executives.“这对于政府很简单,政府只需要减少税收或者不收税,这就对这些企业家大有帮助。”马云回答道,引来场下商业人士阵阵欢笑和掌声。Mas remarks come as Alibaba works to invest heavily in ventures abroad. Executives have said its push beyond the China market is a top priority, as the company works to maintain its rapid growth. Alibaba has said some of its larger overseas markets include Brazil and Russia.马云说道阿里巴巴将会大力扩大海外投资。一些商业人士表示,阿里巴巴要保持其快速的成长速度,扩大其海外公司的扩张是极其重要的。阿里巴巴表示其最大的海外市场包括巴西和俄罗斯。Obama also praised the relatively unknown Filipina entrepreneur, Aisa Mijeno, a professor of engineering who invented a lamp powered by salt water. He suggested that Ma should invest in the company of his fellow panellist after she said she was looking for funding to mass-produce the lamps.奥巴马称赞了一位并不出名的菲律宾企业家Mijeno,他也是一名工程教授。他发明了用盐水来供电的电灯。奥巴马建议马云应该投资这家公司并寻求资金大规模生产这样的台灯。Ma added that he thought it was a ;fantastic idea; to invest in clean technology, referring to a recent conversation in which Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates broached the idea.马云表示,投资洁净科技这是个非常好的方法,这也是最近微软创始人比尔盖茨非常赞同的观点。来 /201511/411155吉林/市妇幼保健院妇科人流

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吉林/哪家医院治疗盆腔炎比较好There’s a chance your next smartphone could be assembled by a robot.你的下一部智能手机,很有可能是由机器人组装的。Apple supplier Foxconn is apparently close to replacing some of the assembly-line workers in its factories with robots, called “foxbots,that are in their final testing stages, according to IT Home. Terry Gou, the CEO of Taiwan-based supplier’s parent company, said in a recent shareholder meeting that about 10,000 foxbots are expected to be put to work to help keep up with the demand for Apple’s next smartphone, the iPhone 6, which is expected to hit the market this fall.据台湾媒体IT Home报道称,苹果供应商富士康显然已接近于用机器人取代其生产线上的部分人力。富士康将这些已经进入最后测试阶段的机器人称为“foxbots”。担任富士康台湾母公司首席执行官的郭台铭在最近召开的股东大会上表示,公司预计将引进万台foxbots,来帮助跟上苹果最新手机iPhone 6的供货需求。该机型有望于今年秋季上市。The robots reportedly cost as much as ,000 each and they can churn out roughly 30,000 devices each annually, which would mean a yield of about 300 million devices a year from the first batch. Foxconn currently employs about 1.2 million humans in several factories across China, where workers in the past have protested low wages and poor conditions, with some workers even committing suicide.这批机器人据悉每台的造价高达2.5万美元,一名机器人每年大约能组装近3万部设备。这意味着第一批机器人的年产能将达到约3亿部。富士康目前在中国各大工厂总共雇用了约120万名员工。在中国,富士康员工曾举行过游行示威,抗议低工资和糟糕的工作条件,甚至还出现了数起工人自杀事件。The news from Foxconn is a long time coming, as the company said in 2011 it would begin to use more robots on its assembly lines and even predicted at the time that it would have about a million robots at work by 2014.富士康使用机器人的消息已谈不上是什么新闻,公司011年就曾透露将开始在生产线上使用更多的机器人,甚至预言机器人的数量将在2014年达00万台。In October, Apple said in its annual report that the company planned to spend roughly .5 billion on new supply-chain technologies, including assembly robots.去年10月,苹果曾在年度报告中表示,公司计划投入05亿美元开发新供应链技术,其中包括用于组装生产线的机器人 /201407/310988 吉林/治疗妇科哪个医院最权威吉林/治疗妇科病哪里好



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