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  • The B iPlayer enables viewers to watch their favourite shows on their computersOne of the founding fathers of the internet has predicted the end of traditional television.Vint Cerf, who helped to build the internet while working as a researcher in America, said that television was approaching its "iPod moment"In the same way that people now download their favourite music onto their iPod, he said that viewers would soon be downloading most of favourite programmes onto their computers."85 per cent of all we watch is pre-recorded, so you can set your system to download it all the time," said Mr Cerf, who is now the vice-president of the Google, the world's largest search engine."You're still going to need live television for certain things - like news, sporting events and emergencies - but increasingly it is going to be almost like the iPod, where you download content to look at later."Although television on demand has not yet become a mainstream activity in the UK, the B, ITV and Channel 4 have all invested vast sums of money in technology which enables viewers to watch their favourite shows on their computers.But some critics, including some internet service providers, have warned that the internet will collapse under the strain of millions of people downloading programmes at the same time.Over the next four years, it is thought that the number of s watched over the internet will quadruple, with people moving from short clips to hour-long programmes.Broadband companies claim that the service will cause "traffic jams", which will cost millions of pounds to sort out .But Mr Cerf dismissed the warnings as "scare tactics", saying that critics had predicted 20 years ago that the net would collapse when people all around the world started to use it en masse."In the intervening 30 years it's increased a million times... We're far from exhausting the capacity," he said. "It's an understandable worry when they see huge amounts of information being moved around online."Setting out his vision for the future of the internet, he said he wanted it to reach as many people as possible."I want more internet," he said. "I want every one of the six billion people on the planet to be able to connect to the internet." 一位“互联网之父”日前预言:传统的电视时代将结束。温特#8226;瑟夫曾是美国一名研究人员,曾参与过互联网的创建。他说,电视正走向iPod时代。他说,与现在人们将喜欢的音乐下载到iPod里一样,电视观众们很快就能将他们喜欢的大多数电视节目下载到电脑中去了。现任全球最大的搜索引擎公司Google副总裁的瑟夫先生说:“我们观看的85%的视频都是预先录制的,所以可以随时下载。”“尽管人们仍需要新闻、体育比赛和紧急事件等的现场直播,但‘iPod模式’将日益兴起,人们可以把节目下载到里面供以后观看。”尽管电视在线点播在英国仍未成为一种主流模式,但B、ITV和Channel 4已投入大量资金研发能让观众在电脑上看他们喜爱的电视节目的技术。但包括一些互联网务提供商在内的一些批评人士警告说,如果几百万人在同一时间下载节目,互联网会因无法承受压力而崩溃。据预测,在未来四年中,互联网上的视频数量将翻两番,人们所能观看的视频也将从现在的短片“升级”为长达一小时的节目。宽带公司称,这一务会导致“网络交通堵塞”,而“疏通”成本则会达到几百万英镑。瑟夫对这一“恐吓战术”的说法进行了反驳,他说,批评人士20年前预测,如果全世界的人同时上网,互联网会崩溃。他说:“在过去三十年中,互联网的容量增加了一百万倍,我们远没用尽这些容量。看到大量的信息游荡于互联网而产生这样的担忧是可以理解的。”瑟夫先生对互联网的未来进行了展望,他说他希望更多的人能用上互联网。他说:“我希望互联网越来越发达。希望地球上60亿人都能用上互联网。” /200808/45865。
  • It was Christmas and the judge was in a benevolent mood as he questioned the prisoner. ;What are you charged with?; he asked.;Doing my christmas shopping early,; replied the defendant.;That#39;s no offense,; replied the judge, ;How early were you doing this shopping?;;Before the store opened,; countered the prisoner.那天是圣诞节,法官在审讯犯人时也有点恻隐之心。;你为什么而被起诉?;他问。;采购圣诞节物品过早。;被告答。;这不算犯法,;法官回答,;你购物多早?;在商店开门之前,;犯人应道。 /201201/169196。
  • Mrs. Flinders decided to have her portrait painted. She told the artist, "Paint me with diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, emerald bracelets and a ruby pendant."  "But you're not wearing any of those things."  "I know," said Mrs. Flinders." It's in case I should die before my husband. I'm sure he'd remarry right away, and I want her to go nuts looking for the jewelry."   福林德斯夫人决定让人给她画肖像。她告诉那位肖像画家说:“画我带着钻石耳环、钻石项链、祖母绿手镯,还有红宝石垂饰。”  “但你现在没带这其中的任何一样饰品。”  “我知道。”福林德斯夫人说,“万一我先我丈夫死去,我肯定他会立刻再婚。我要让那个女人为寻找这些珠宝而发疯。” /201109/153229。
  • 享有“玉婆”之称的伊丽莎白·泰勒被认为是影史上最优秀的女演员之一,经典作品包括《埃及艳后》和《热铁皮屋顶上的猫》,并曾经两次获得奥斯卡影后桂冠。以下摘录的是伊丽莎白泰勒最有名的20条语录。Marriage is a great institution.婚姻是一所好学校。I've only slept with men I've been married to. How many women can make that claim?我只跟和我结婚的男人上过床。有几个女人敢这么说?If someone's dumb enough to offer me a million dollars to make a picture, I'm certainly not dumb enough to turn it down.如果有人笨到要花100万美元为我拍张照片,我当然不会笨到拒绝他。Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.我的最佳男主角中有一些是和马。Success is a great deodorant.成功是个伟大的除臭剂。 /201108/149177。
  • A nine day old mona monkey is bottle-fed by its keeper on December 19, 2011 at the zoo in Magdeburg, eastern Germany. In the wild, the guenons live mainly in western African forests.在德国东部的马格德堡动物园里,一只9天大的白腹长尾猴正在用奶瓶喝奶。在自然环境中,这种长尾猴一般生活在非洲西部。 /201112/165949。
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