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used between the 19s and 1950s, is among props from the movie up sale next week.美国在线零售商吉尔特集团上周五表示,这艘救生艇是根据世纪年代到50年代期间真实存在的救生艇复制而来的从下周开始,这一电影道具将与其它影片中的道具一起出售The lifeboat is priced at Miss Piggy appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, and Marge Simpson famously posed on the cover of Playboy. Now Smurfette has followed in their footsteps by modelling Harper's Bazaar.  都说顶级模特的代言费高得让厂商们承受不起,这不,聪明的厂商们想出了一个“新招”---接二连三让卡通人物穿上自己旗下品牌的饰和配饰为自己做宣传首先是猪登上了《时代杂志的封面、其次是全美最受欢迎的卡通长寿剧《辛普森一家的女主人玛吉·辛普森(Marge Simpson)在《杂志上崭露头角,最后就连“蓝精灵”都登上了《时尚芭莎封面 Kate Moss eat your heart out: Smurfette models Marc Jacobs' latest collection in the August's Harper's Bazaar.  蓝精灵替代名模凯特·斯:国际品牌马克·雅可布请“蓝精灵”代言最新秋冬季时尚展品,登上《时尚芭莎封面  The blue-skinned beauty, who is voiced by Katy Perry in the upcoming Smurfs movie, shows the supermodels how its don as she strikes a pose in the season's hottest new accessories. Each photograph sees her model a different designer's autumnwinter look.   据悉,这个拥有着蓝色皮肤的小美人儿也同时“肩负”了为即将上映的卡通电影《蓝精灵做宣传,时尚厂商与电影厂商所谓的强强联手创造的“双赢广告效益”让人不可忽视此外,蓝精灵这一系列的造型都在“山寨”顶级模特的经典造型达到宣传设计大师秋冬季时尚理念的效果 38,000 in the sale starting on November 19. Proceeds will go toward the Orangutan Foundation International, in recognition of one of the other animals who initially survives with title character Pi in the film.售价为万美元的救生艇已于月19日正式发售所得收益将捐赠给国际红毛猩猩基金会,用来纪念在电影中最初与少年派一起生存的其它动物们Other items up sale include movie posters signed by the director Ang Lee, a collection of vibrant saris, and other props valued between and more than ,000.其它出售的物品当中还包括有李安导演亲笔签名的电影海报,一批色鲜艳的莎丽,还有一些其它电影中出现的重要道具这些物品大部分在0美元左右,少数部分超过了6千美元Life of Pi , which stars newcomer Suraj Sharma, opens in US movie theaters on November 1 and is set to screen on the Chinese mainland on November .电影将于月1日在美国上映,中国内地的上映时间为月日,本片启用了新人Surai Sharma担当男主角The movie is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Canadian novelist Yann Martel. The book won the Man Booker Prize Fiction in .这部电影是根据加拿大小说家扬·马特尔的同名畅销小说改编,此书曾获得年英国布克奖It tells the adventure of an Indian boy Pi, the story protagonist, who spends over 0 days with a Bengal tiger on a lifeboat, drifting in the Pacific Ocean, after experiencing a shipwreck.本书讲述的是一个名叫Pi的印度男孩和一只孟加拉虎经历海难之后一起在太平洋上漂流了0多天的故事 6。

Rihanna and Drake appeared to be having a musical time together at a French nightclub on Monday night.小天后蕾哈娜和小天王德雷克在星期一晚上一同出现在一家法国的酒吧里狂欢The 5-year-old beauty showed more of that zest living as she arrived at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Percy in Paris, France on Tuesday just hours bee Drake was set to take the stage.而星期二,在德雷克巴黎演唱会开唱前几个小时,这位5岁的美人穿着靓丽地现身法国巴黎的贝西体育馆现场,对德雷克的热情显而易见Rihanna was an eye-catcher in a Miu Miu quilted orange coat, black leggings and Converse trainers as she strolled the short distance from car to backstage area.蕾哈娜全身打扮很是抢眼,上身穿着一件Miu Miu品牌的橘色棉,下衬黑色的打底裤,脚上穿着匡威帆布鞋她从车上下来后走了几步就进了贝西体育馆的后台区域This was where 7-year-old rapper Drake - and her rumoured love interest - was perming that night, another sign that these two are dating.7岁的说唱歌手德雷克,也就是现在和蕾哈娜传绯闻的那个男人,当天晚上演唱会的地点就在此处这更加实了他们正在交往Rihanna had confidence in every step, looking glamourous in a Cleopatra-inspired black wig.蕾哈娜一头似埃及艳后的黑发看上去很是光照人,每走一步大牌范十足,自信满满The pair fueled even more speculation that theyre an item after being spotted the night bee partying into the early hours at Soixante Dix Neuf nightclub.这两个人在前些时间被目击在法国一夜店狂欢到第二天凌晨,而现在又同时出现,引来了人们更多的揣测 7898。

No. 1  David Beckham  Age: 33  Nationality: English  Club: Los Angeles Galaxy  Earnings (m): .9, . pounds, 35.7 euros  第一名  大卫#86;贝克汉姆  年龄:33  国籍:英格兰  俱乐部:洛杉矶  收入:890万美元0万英镑3570万欧元  After appearing in his milestone 0th match England, Becks marked his second season at the Galaxy’s home opener with a win. Off the pitch, Beck’s brain trust is making sure he benefits from the jersey and ticket sales incentives in his new contract. His Armani underwear campaign has soccer moms taking notice. His Sharpie deal makes sure he can sign all the No. 3 merchandise their kids bring to the Home Depot Center.  在完成为英格兰代表队出场0次的里程碑后,小贝在队本赛季第一个主场比赛中用一场胜利开始了自己在美国的第二个赛季在场下,小贝的智囊团帮他在新合同中谋求到了更多利益:他将在队销售球衣跟球票的收入中获得提成他代言阿玛尼内衣的举动吸引了“足球妈妈”们的注意他精明的交易确保了这些孩子带到“家库体育中心”(洛杉矶队的球场)的所有3号商品都能得到他的签名 0199。

Chandler Bing Gay? I think not.7.许多人一开始都认为钱德勒是同志Chandler Bing Gay? I think not.钱德勒是同志?我可不这么认为Could Chandler Bing be any more heterosexual? Apparently that wasn’t a widely held sentiment. Lisa Kudrow was surprised during the show’s first table to learn that Chandler wasn’t gay, as that was her original interpretation of him. During the show’s early days, many fans speculated about Chandler’s sexual orientation as well.钱德勒·宾是异性恋吗?显然大多数人不这么认为丽莎·库卓(Lisa Kudrow)第一次读台词时发现钱德勒不是同志,感到非常惊讶,因为她从一开始就认为小钱钱很有同志气质其实在本剧刚开播时,剧迷们也在猜测钱德勒的性取向No, Chandler wasn’t gay, just a master of sarcasm to a somewhat flamboyant extent at times. Of course, to e another popular 90s sitcom, there would be “nothing wrong with that” if he was, but then we wouldn’t have had the glorious romance of Monica and Chandler and the grating yet hilarious story arc between Chandler and his on-again off-again girlfriend, Janice.钱德勒不是同志,他只是擅长讽刺,有时表现得浮夸罢了当然了,小编于此想引用90年代另一部热门情景喜剧的台词,即使他是同志也“没什么问题”,但那样一来就不会有莫妮卡和钱德勒的浪漫故事,也不会有他与詹妮丝(Janice)几经分合、既烦人又搞笑的剧情了 389。