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;I can always tell a graduate class from an undergraduate class,; observed the instructor in one of my graduate engineering courses at California State University in Los Angeles.;When I say, #39;Good afternoon,#39; the undergraduates respond, #39;Good afternoon.; But the graduate students just write it down.;“研究生班和本科生很容易就能区别开来,”在洛杉矶加利福利亚州立大学给我们研究生上工程学课的老师如此说。“我说‘下午好’,本科生们回答说‘下午好’。研究生们则把我说的话记在笔记本上。”内容来自: /201304/235572

Do you enjoy dancing? The fact that you do probably means that you're probably not a complete introvert, but your style of dance may reveal more about your personality that you might think. Dancing is a form of self expression and a way of communicating with your dance partner and with the world at large on a social basis. Here's what your style of dance reveals about you:Clapping Your HandsClapping your hands when you dance may indicate that you're an extroverted, outgoing, vivacious type who loves to be the center of the social scene. The noise associated with the clapping movements may be a subconscious or conscious attempt to call attention to yourself. In fact, this can be true if you make any type of noise when you dance such as snapping your fingers or stomping your feet repeatedly.Wearing Revealing Dance AttireThis one should be rather obvious. If you tend to pick the skimpiest or the brightest outfit to wear out on the dance floor, you're probably, at least subconsciously, trying to seek attention. If your outfit is revealing enough, there's a good chance that you will attract attention. Before you wear a mini dress and heels out onto the dance floor, make sure you're y for the response.Repeating the Same Steps Over and OverIf you tend to repeat the same dance steps over and over with little variation, you're probably a rather conventional person who's averse to risk and change. Although it's nice to play it safe, you might enjoy learning some new moves to jazz up both your dance style and your life.Shaking Your Hips with Wild AbandonIf you shake your hips with wild abandon on the dance floor, you're probably a passionate, uninhibited soul who welcomes change and embraces new experiences. You're also likely to be a risk taker both in your social life and in your business dealings.You Avoid the Dance Floor EntirelyYou're probably a shy, introverted person who doesn't feel comfortable in social situations. More men fall into this group than women. Chances are you have to be coerced into attending a social event and feel very ill at ease once you get there. Your idea of entertainment is an evening in front of the television set or catching the latest flick in the dark at the movie theater.You Only Slow DanceYou're probably a laid back, easy going, romantic soul who spends a lot of time day dreaming and fantasizing. You probably appreciate a good romance novel or love story and would make a good marriage partner. Either that or your joints won't allow you to swing your hips on the dance floor anymore.Your style of dance may say more about you than you know. What's your dance style saying about you? 你喜欢跳舞么?事实是,你可能并不是一个完全内向的人,但是你跳舞的风格却可能会揭示出比你想到的还要多的性格。舞蹈是一种自我展示,也是和你舞伴的一种交流方式,也是这个世界上社交的基本。以下就是你的舞蹈所揭示出关于你的一些事情:拍手:在跳舞的时候拍手,表示你可能是一个那种喜欢在社交场合成为中心的外向的,活泼的人。拍手的声音可能是你潜意识或者有意识的想到吸引别人注意到你。事实上,如果你在跳舞的时候真的重复发出的了如打响指或是跺脚之类的声音,你的确可以吸引到别人的注意。身着与众不同的舞衣这一点应该是相当明显的了。如果你打算在舞池中身着很暴露或是很鲜艳的舞衣,你很可能,至少在潜意识里,想要吸引别人的注意。如果你的舞衣足够出挑,那将会是一个你吸引注意的好机会。在你穿上迷你裙和露脚跟的鞋子之前,请确保你已经准备好应对大众可能会有的反应。一遍一遍的重复舞步如果你一遍一遍的重复舞步而很少有改变的话,你可能就是那种不愿意冒险和改变的传统派人士。尽管这样选择安全的做法很好,但是你也会享受学到新舞步来刺激一下你的舞蹈风格,活跃一下你的生活。疯狂扭胯如果你在舞池中疯狂扭胯,你也许就是那些乐于迎接改变和新的经历的,充满的不安定灵魂。在生活上和事业处理上,你也很可能是一个愿意冒险的人。你完全对跳舞避之不急你可能是一个害羞,内向的人,这类人在这叫场合通常会觉得浑身不舒。在这类人群中,男人比女人要多。很有可能的情况就是,你是被迫要去参加一个社交活动,而你一到活动现场,就会觉得不自在。你所认为的,就是一个晚上泡在电视机前,或者是到黑漆漆的电影院里看场最新上映的片子。你只跳慢舞你也许是个迂回的人,很好相处,并且十分浪漫。这种人会花很多时间在做白日梦和幻想上。你可能会欣赏一部浪漫的小说或是爱情故事,也会是一个好的结婚对象。无论是这种性格还是你的身体,都不会允许你在跳舞的时候有太大的动作。你舞蹈的风格可能会告诉你很多你自己都不知道的东西,你的舞蹈方式告诉了你些什么呢? /200804/34940

Suffering from persistently weak economies, governments and central banks are experimenting with ever more aggressive – some say dangerous – monetary treatments. Countries are being enrolled, like it or not, in the economic equivalent of clinical trials.由于患上了长期经济萎靡之症,各国政府和央行都在以前所未有的力度试验激进的货币疗法(有人会称之为危险的疗法)。无论愿意与否,各国纷纷开始了经济“临床试验”。Before embarking on a new course of treatment, the doctors ought to inspect the patients in the wards next door. I found myself last month visiting two countries following diametrically opposite courses of treatment: Portugal, perhaps the least demonstrative sufferer on the eurozone periphery; and Argentina, which has long injected economic drugs not registered elsewhere. Both are instructive – and discouraging.医生们在采取新疗法之前,不妨看一下隔壁病房患者的病情。上个月,我去了两个所用疗法截然相反的国家:一个是葡萄牙,这可能是受困的欧元区最死气沉沉的国家;另一个是阿根廷,该国长期以来都在注射其他地区不敢用的经济“药物”。这两个例子都有启示意义,也都令人沮丧。Portugal belongs to a strong currency bloc – its money functions as a real store of value, and convertibility is not in question. But the place is stony broke, and these advantages, so dear in the abstract to business people, have little appeal to residents with no money at all. The new roads built with EU funds are deserted, since they carry a toll; traffic has been displaced on to the roads they were designed to relieve. People prefer double-parking their ageing cars in the narrow streets to paying a euro or two at the shiny new car park. The receptionist in the empty hotel arrives, after a long wait, to serve you a drink in the bar; he later turns up as a waiter in the restaurant. Though they have the gentlest manners in Europe, the Portuguese have begun to express their frustration in a frank and vivid style of graffiti. Everything is on sale and no one is buying.葡萄牙属于一个强势货币区,其货币可充当真正的保值物,可兑换性也不成问题。但葡萄牙一贫如洗,商务人士非常看重的那些抽象优势,对于口袋空空的当地居民根本没有吸引力。用欧盟(EU)资金建造的新公路无人问津,因为那是收费公路;新路本希望分流交通流量的老路,却引来了许多车辆。人们喜欢把自家老旧的轿车并排停放在狭窄的街道上,而不愿花上一两欧元把车开进明亮的新停车场。酒店里空荡荡的,等上好久后前台接待才珊珊到来,到酒吧间给顾客端上一杯饮料;后来,此人又成了餐厅的侍者。尽管葡萄牙人的温文尔雅当属欧洲之最,但他们已开始用直白、生动的涂鸦来表达内心的沮丧。各种商品都在打折销售,但买者寥寥无几。So poor Patient Fado, placed on an austerity-plus regime, is semi-comatose. The state spends as little as it can, and tries to extract ever more from its citizens, who seem to spend most of their time working out how to avoid paying. Fado’s ratios of indebtedness remain stubbornly high but the expensive foreign doctors believe a higher dose of the present medicine will, in the end, prove to be the right answer.也就是说,在极度紧缩政策的作用下,可怜的病人法多(Patient Fado,指葡萄牙)已陷入“半昏迷”状态。政府尽可能减少开,并努力从国民身上榨取越来越多的财富,而国民似乎把大部分时间用于算计如何避免花钱。法多的债务比率仍居高不下,但收费高的外国医生认为,只要加大当前用药的剂量,最终可以治好法多的病。In Argentina, by contrast, the currency is on a managed slide. There is plenty of it, though, and since it is fast losing its internal value – the government says inflation is at roughly 10 per cent a year; everyone else tells you it is more than 25 per cent – people are in a hurry to spend it. It is rather like Britain in the 1970s: you can buy air tickets and holiday packages in your own currency at the official exchange rate but you have no foreign currency to use once you arrive abroad. There are no new money flows coming into the country (though companies reinvest the profits they make there), Argentina has few external assets earning foreign currency, and it has no access to the credit markets, following a default still fuelling lawsuits 10 years later. So minor fluctuations in the trade account, which the government is obliged to micromanage, are all-determining. Banks are required to lend a substantial proportion of their deposit base at 15 per cent for “productive investment”: no pussy-footing about with persuasion here.与此形成反差的是,阿根廷货币一直处于有管理的贬值中。不过货币量很充足,而且随着货币快速失去内在价值(政府表示,每年的通胀率大概为10%;但其他人都会告诉你,通胀率高于25%),大家都急匆匆地把钱花掉。这跟上世纪70年代的英国很相似:你可以按官方汇率使用本国货币购买飞机票和度假套餐,但出国之后没有外币可用。没有新的资金流入阿根廷(尽管企业把在那里赚到的利润进行再投资),也几乎没有能赚取外汇的外部资产,同时由于10年前违约引发的官司至今未了结,该国被信贷市场拒之门外。所以,即使贸易账户(政府不得不对其实施微观管理)发生细微的波动,也能产生决定性的影响。必须把很大一部分存款以15%的利率贷给“生产性投资”项目;这里可没有循循善诱的劝说。Patient Tango receives repeated stimulation. She is economically hyperactive, rushing to get her constantly increasing wages in the hospital shop (she is rarely allowed to go out). Her doctors say her ratios are wonderfully improved since her debt restructuring. Rather like Britain’s Patient Morris – now in a seedy hospital after a spell in the casualty department – she had been living way beyond her means. In the eurozone, Fado has been forced to stop and seems barely to be living at all. Tango has tried a different response, deciding those to whom she owes money are vultures, and it would be outrageous to pay them back, which has done wonders for her debt-to-gross domestic product number. They, in turn, do not seem that keen to pay for her treatment.病人探戈(Tango,指阿根廷)不断接受刺激疗法。现在她患上了经济“多动症”,虽然薪水不断升高,但一拿到手就往医院的商店跑(她几乎不能离开医院)。她的医生表示,自从实施债务重组以来,她的债务比率已神奇地大幅降低。与英国病人莫里斯(Patient Morris)很相像的是,探戈以前花钱如流水,过着入不敷出的生活;莫里斯经急救科诊疗一段时间后,已被转到一家破旧的医院。在欧元区,法多被迫停止,看上去毫无生气。探戈则尝试了不同的诊治思路,她认定自己的债权人是趁火打劫的家伙,还债给他们是没有道理的,于是,其债务对国内生产总值(GDP)比率奇迹般地降低。反过来,债权人似乎也不愿意为她付治疗费用。Morris has been for many years a patient under Dr King, an old-fashioned GP who used to tell him he was in fair health while warning him not to eat and drink so much. Now, after his heart attack, Dr King says he had been urging him to lose weight for years. Dr King is retiring and Dr Carney, new to the practice, is considering electroconvulsive therapy. He believes patients feel better if they are told they will be flat on their back for a long time. From time to time the saturnine registrar, a Mr Osborne, drops in and discusses amputation.多年来,莫里斯一直在接受金医生(Dr King)的诊治。金医生总是一边告诉莫里斯他的身体非常健康,一边又警告他不要暴饮暴食。如今,在莫里斯心脏病发作之后,金医生说,自己多年来一直在敦促他减肥。金医生就要退休了,即将上任的卡尼医生(Dr Carney)正在考虑施用电休克疗法。卡尼医生相信,如果告诉病人们他们需要卧床很长时间,他们会感觉好一些。每隔一段时间,脸色阴郁的专科住院医生奥斯本(Osborne)会过来查房,讨论是否要截肢。Dear old Morris was put on a version of Fado’s regime, but with a much lower dose. Unlike Fado, he is not in a near-comatose state but he is not getting much stronger either. The temptation to switch to something more like Tango therapy, though without the un-British excess of default, is clearly growing.吃尽了苦头的老莫里斯被迫接受了法多那样的疗法,但用药剂量要低得多。与法多不同的是,莫里斯还没到接近昏迷的状态,但他也没有变得更有气力。对莫里斯来说,探戈式疗法(剔除违约这种英国人不齿的过激行为之后)的诱惑力显然在不断增长。In Portugal, the quantity and velocity of money in circulation are both down; in Argentina, both are rising rapidly. Neither presents an attractive example. In Britain the Bank of England has prevented the quantity from falling too far, but seems unable to get the money moving. A little well-targeted fiscal relaxation feels less risky at this stage than more monetary experimentation. Doctors are enjoined, above all, to do no harm.在葡萄牙,货币流通量和流通速度都在下降;在阿根廷,两者都在快速上升。这两种状况都不令人向往。在英国,英国央行已采取措施阻止货币流通量下降太多,但似乎无力加快货币流通速度。现阶段实施少量有针对性的财政宽松政策,比更多货币政策试验的风险要低一些。毕竟,医生的使命首先是不加重病情。 /201303/231748

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