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  • North Koreas reclusive leader Kim Jong Un looks set to travel to Russia in May for his first foreign visit since succeeding his late father in office in 2011.朝鲜深居简出的领导人金正恩看来将于5月前往俄罗斯。自2011年接替他去世的父亲的职位以来,这将是他首次出访。The South Korean news service Yonhap confirmed Wednesday Mr. Kim is among the North Korean delegation accepting an invitation to ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Germany in World War II.韩联社星期三实,朝鲜接受邀请,准备派团参加苏联在二战中战胜德国70周年纪念活动,而金正恩将是朝鲜代表团成员。Yonhap ed the Russian government as saying ;about 20 state leaders have confirmed their attendance, and the North Korean leader is among them.;韩联社援引俄罗斯政府的话说,“大0位国家领导人已确定出席,朝鲜领导人也在其中。”If Mr. Kim does attend, it will be his first foreign visit since taking office. But Pyongyang could instead send Kim Yong Nam, North Koreas nominal head of state.如果金正恩参加纪念活动,这将是他自掌权以来首次出国出访。但平壤也可能派朝鲜名义上的国家元首金永南前往俄罗斯。China was also a likely candidate for Kim Jong Uns first official foreign visit, but relations with North Koreas strongest ally have grown more tense since he took over from his father Kim Jong Il.中国也可能是金正恩首次正式出访的国家,但自金正恩从去世的父亲手中接掌权力以来,朝鲜与这个最强有力的盟友之间的关系趋于紧张。Both China and Russia have signed ed Nations agreements punishing North Korea for continuing its nuclear arms development, but China has taken the stronger stance.中国和俄罗斯都签署了联合国协议,就朝鲜继续发展核武器对其进行惩罚,但中国采取了更强硬的立场。Sanctions drafted jointly by the ed States and China were approved by the Security Council in March 2013. Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council.2013月,美国和中国联合起草的制裁方案在安理会获得通过。俄罗斯是安理会常任理事囀?来 /201501/357182。
  • U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the ed States is ;deeply committed to Bulgarias security, prosperity, and the health of its democratic institutions.;美国国务卿克里表示,美国“全力持保加利亚的安全、繁荣及其民主体制的健康。Kerry, who is on his first trip to Sofia as Secretary of State, made the comment in a joint news conference with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. He also met with President Rosen Plevneliev and foreign Minister Daniel Mitov, discussing diversification of Bulgarias energy resources, defense cooperation, and bolstering the rule of law.克里首次以国务卿身份访问保加利亚。他在与鲍里索夫总理举行的一次联合记者会上发表上述讲话。克里还会晤了普列夫内利耶夫总统和米托夫外长,就保加利亚能源多样化、防务合作以及强化法治等问题交换意见。A senior State Department official said earlier that Bulgaria’s ;significant; energy dependence is on the agenda because of Russia’s cancellation of the South Stream pipeline project last month.美国国务院一名高级官员早些时候说,由于俄罗斯上个月取消了南溪管道项目,因此保加利亚对能源的高度依赖是克里与保加利亚官员讨论的议题之一。来 /201501/355500。
  • The CIA repeatedly misled the White House, Congress and the US public over the torture of suspected al-Qaeda terrorists, according to a damning report by the Senate intelligence committee.根据美国参议Senate)情报委员会公布的一份报告,在对基地组织(al-Qaeda)恐怖分子嫌疑人实施酷刑的问题上,美国中央情报局(CIA)曾多次误导白White House)、美国国Congress)和美国公众。In a fiercely critical assessment of the CIA’s use of torture in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the report concluded the agency’s interrogations were “far more brutalthan it had told policy makers or the public and were “not effective该报告对9#8226;11袭击之后CIA的虐囚行为作出了十分严厉的评价,结论是,CIA的审讯手段比该机构告知决策者或公众的情况“残忍得多”,而且这些审讯也“并不有效”。Torture did not lead to any intelligence about an “imminent threatof a terrorist attack the sort of information that had been used to justify the interrogations, the report said.报告称,虐囚并没有让CIA获得任何关于“迫在眉睫的(恐怖袭击)威胁”的情报,而获取这类情报正是CIA使用此类审讯方式的借口。The CIA’s use of torture was “a stain on our values and our history said Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who heads the intelligence committee and was the driving force behind the report.加州民主党议员黛安娜#8226;范斯Dianne Feinstein)表示,CIA的刑讯逼供是“我们价值观和历史的一个污点”。范斯坦是参议院情报委员会主席,也是这份报告的幕后推动人。Despite criticism from Bush-era officials for her decision to make public so many details about the torture programme, Ms Feinstein said the release of the report “says to our people, and to the world, that America is big enough to admit when it is wrong and confident enough to learn from its mistakes多位小布什时代的官员曾批评范斯坦的决定,认为她不该让公众了解太多虐囚细节。然而范斯坦却表示,报告的公布“告诉我们的人民和全世界:美国是个足够大的国家,愿意承认自己的错误;美国也是个足够自信的国家,能够从错误中吸取教训”。President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that CIA torture had done “significant damage to America’s standing in the world and made it harder to pursue our interests with allies and partners周二,美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)表示,CIA的刑讯逼供“严重损害了美国的全球声望,令美国更难与盟国和合作伙伴一道,追求美国的利益”。Ms Feinstein released a 525 page executive summary of the committee’s report, which took five years to prepare and is more than 6,000-pages long. The committee’s staff looked through millions of CIA documents detailing its interrogation techniques.范斯坦就这份篇幅000页、筹备历年的报告发布了一25页的概要。在准备报告的过程中,情报委员会的员工曾审阅过成百万的CIA文件,这些文件详细记载了CIA的审讯手段。The report has been the subject of an intense political dispute, with the CIA disagreeing strongly with many of its conclusions and some Republicans saying it would provide a propaganda triumph for terrorists. The Obama administration increased security at embassies and bases around the world before the report’s release.该报告一直处于激烈的政治争论之中。CIA强烈反对报告的许多结论,部分共和党人(Republican)则表示它会令恐怖分子赢得宣传战。在报告公布之前,奥巴马政府加强了美国全球使领馆和军事基地的安保工作。The most scathing criticism of the report came from six former directors of the CIA, including George Tenet, who ran the agency during and after 9/11. In an article in the Wall Street Journal, they called the report a “one-sided study marred by errors of fact and interpretation对报告最严厉的批评来名CIA的前局长,包括曾经#8226;11期间和之后掌管CIA的乔#8226;特尼George Tenet)。在写给《华尔街日报WSJ)的文章中,他们称该报告是“被事实性错误和解释性错误毁了的单方面研究报告”。The former directors concluded: “The al-Qaeda leadership has not managed another attack on the homeland in the 13 years since, despite a strong desire to do so. The CIA’s aggressive counterterrorism policies and programs are responsible for that success.”这些前CIA局长声称:“在9#8226;11之后3年里,虽然基地组织的领导层一直很想向美国本土再次发动袭击,却始终没有成功。这一成就要归功于CIA激进的反恐政策和计划。”来 /201412/348049。
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