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2017年10月20日 18:19:29 | 作者:飞度新闻养生问答网 | 来源:新华社
Standing near an ice sculpture of a phallus encased in a condom, Charlie Sheen took the stage at an event on Monday evening in Manhattan to help introduce a prophylactic called HEX from a Swedish luxury sex-toy brand.周一晚上,查理·辛(Charlie Sheen)在曼哈顿的一场活动中登台。他站在一个套着避套的阴茎冰雕附近,帮助介绍一款由瑞典奢侈情趣用品品牌推出的名为HEX的避套。He emerged through a glass door in the corner of the room, shortly after a of him, speaking frankly about his diagnosis of H.I.V., played on a television in the center of the room.房间中央的一台电视播放了他的一段视频,他在视频中坦率讲述自己被诊断染上HIV。之后不久,他从房间角落的一扇玻璃门中走出来。As the real thing suddenly popped into the room, dressed in a charcoal suit and seeming smaller and far more upbeat than the man who last made public rounds in November, when he announced to the world that he was H.I.V.-positive, the crowd gasped.当他本人突然出现在房间里时,观众们吃惊不小。他身穿黑色西,看起来比他上次公开亮相时更矮小,但乐观得多。他上次亮相是在去年11月,他宣布自己染上HIV。It was a surprise appearance at the Midtown party for HEX, a latex condom with a resilient honeycomb like structure developed by the brand LELO. Before Mr. Sheen’s appearance, the event had consisted of photo booths and party games like pricking a pin through condoms stretched across LELO vibrators.在曼哈顿中城为乳胶避套HEX举办的这场派对上,他的亮相令人意外。HEX是LELO品牌开发的一款富有弹性的蜂巢结构避套。辛亮相前,这场派对布置了一个自动照相棚,还组织了其他一些派对活动,比如,把避套拉伸固定到LELO的振动棒上,用大头针刺破。Mr. Sheen acknowledged the reaction, asking the crowd: What business does a man who has five children and H.I.V. have hawking a contraceptive? Well, he continued, one of those things he wished he never had.辛对人群的反应表示理解,并问道:宣传避套跟一个有五个孩子又有艾滋病毒的人有什么关系?这个嘛,他接着说道,其中一样他希望自己没有。The emergence of Mr. Sheen as a hybrid spokesman-activist at the party, where dancers in hexagon-pattered leotards performed erotic dance routines, signified a new act for the troubled actor.辛以代言人和活动家的双重身份出现在派对上,表明这位陷入麻烦的演员采取了新的行动。身穿六边形图案紧身衣的舞者在派对上表演着色情舞蹈。Since confirming his H.I.V. status on the “Today” show, Mr. Sheen has not just begun to engage in H.I.V./AIDS activism, he has also started to participate in a clinical trial of a new anti-H.I.V. drug and become its de facto spokesman.自从在《今日秀》(Today)节目中实自己感染艾滋病毒后,辛不仅开始参与HIV和艾滋病宣传活动,而且开始参与一款新型抗HIV药物的临床试验,成为它事实上的代言人。Steve Thomson, LELO’s chief marketing officer, said in an email that Mr. Sheen was “the perfect choice for LELO, a tragic reflection of the current situation in sexual health of today, but more importantly, a symbol of change with the strength and the courage to confront key issues head on.”LELO的营销主管史蒂夫·汤姆森(Steve Thomson)在接受电子邮件采访时说,辛是“LELO的最佳选择,他是今天性健康问题现状的一个悲剧性体现,但更重要的是,他也象征着改变,用力量和勇气去直面关键问题。”。After Mr. Sheen’s announcement, internet searches about the disease spiked, Mr. Thomson said. “At this point,” Mr. Thomson said, “he realized that there is potential to do more on the issue, much more than to tend to his personal interests.”汤姆森称,辛宣布染病后,网上关于这一疾病的搜索激增。“这时候,”汤姆森说,“他意识到,在这个问题上,他可以做更多事情,比关心自己的个人利益多得多的事情。” /201606/449659The retelling is not just a compulsion; itmight also help trauma survivors to heal. In an interview, the writer PrimoLevi, who survived the concentration camp at Auschwitz, said: “I told my storyto everyone and anyone, at the drop of a hat, from the plant manager to theyard-man... just like the Ancient Mariner”. According to Garcés, “Telling the story time and time again may havetherapeutic effects; each time you repeat, you change something, as Freudnoted. In the case of Cervantes, I think this led to introspection and to aninterest in the workings of madness. Two of his great works deal with madmen:Don Quixote and The Glass Graduate.”复述不幸经历并不只是一种强迫症,也许它还能帮助创伤幸存者愈合创伤。在访谈中,奥斯维辛集中营幸存者、作家普里莫·莱维(Primo Levi)表示:“一有机会,我就会把自己的经历告诉每一个人、任何人,从工厂经理到院子里的杂工,无一例外......活像是《古舟子咏》(Ancient Mariner)中的古代水手一般。”加尔塞斯认为,“一次又一次地讲述悲惨经历可能有治疗效果;每重复一次,你就会改变其中一些东西,就像弗洛伊德说得那样。对塞万提斯的情况,我想,这样做能带给他的内省,也引发了他对疯狂背后的运作方式的兴趣。他的两部伟大作品都涉及疯子:《堂吉诃德》和《玻璃硕士》(The Glass Graduate)。”It could be this interest which marks outDon Quixote as the first truly modern European novel. “I would argue thatCervantes’s explicit interest in the question of madness emerges from theborderline situations he endured as a captive, from the encounter with deaththat transformed him into a survivor,”writes Garcés in Cervantesin Algiers. His reflection on madness “converts him into apioneer in the exploration of the psyche three centuries before Freud.”也许正因为如此,才使《堂吉诃德》成为欧洲第一部真正意义上的现代小说。加尔塞斯在《塞万提斯在阿尔及尔》(Cervantes in Algiers)中写道,“我想,塞万提斯对疯狂问题的明显兴趣源自他身为被囚徒时所忍受的不确定情况,源自他从死亡威胁中的幸存经历。”他对疯狂的反思“使他成为心灵探索的先驱,比弗洛伊德还要早三百年。”Garcés points out that the writer’s focuson captivity extends to what she calls “figurative incarcerations” such as thedelirium that imprisons Don Quixote, or the madness that captures the derangedscholar Vidriera. Cervantes returned again and again to his time as a slavethrough his characters. “Trauma is a wound in the psyche that has not beenprocessed,” says Garcés. “Cervantes’s works seem haunted by the re-enactmentsof trauma, possessed by the continual images and dreams that assault thesurvivor.”加尔塞斯指出,塞万提斯对囚禁生涯的关注可延伸到她所称的“囚禁比喻”,如堂吉诃德受精神错乱左右、或者《玻璃硕士》中精神错乱学者受疯狂行为所控制。通过作品中的人物,塞万提斯一次又一次地回到自己的囚徒岁月。加尔塞斯指出,“心理创伤是心灵中未被治愈的伤口,塞万提斯的作品似乎被创伤的重演所困扰,充斥着幸存者脑海中反复出现的幻象和梦魇。”Yet for Cervantes, telling the story of histrauma went beyond testimony. Spanish cultural historian Américo Castrodescribed the author’s captivity as “the most transcendental event in hisspiritual career”; for critic Juan Bautista Avalle-Arce, it is “the hinge whichforcefully organises the entire life of Cervantes”. According to Spanish poetand novelist Juan Goytisolo, it was “that void – hole, vortex, whirlwind – inthe central nucleus of the great literary invention”. The five years inAlgiers, says Goytisolo, was a life-changing experience: “Cervanteselaborated his complex and admirable vision of Spain during his imprisonment inAfrican territories, in opposition to the rival model against which he clashed.”但是对塞万提斯而言,讲述自己的心理创伤的意义却超出了见。西班牙文化史学者阿梅里科·卡斯特罗(Américo Castro)将塞万提斯的被囚经历称为“他心灵之旅最重要的先验性事件”;文学批评家胡安·包蒂斯塔(Juan Bautista Avalle-Arce)则称之为“影响塞万提斯一生的重大转折点”。西班牙诗人、小说家胡安·戈伊蒂索洛(Juan Goytisolo)认为,它是“伟大文学巨匠内心中的一个空洞、一个漩涡、一股旋风”。戈伊蒂索洛认为,在阿尔及尔的五年,是影响塞万提斯一生的体验:“在非洲的囚禁岁月,塞万提斯脑海中精心编织着对西班牙复杂而令人钦佩的想象,与他面对的敌手针锋相对。”Arguably, the writer’s enslavement not onlybroadened his vision – it broadened the scope of the novel in general. ForGarcés, Don Quixote signals “the birth of a new era through its incorporationof marginal and culturally ambiguous groups”. They include the Moriscos (formerMuslims who converted or were coerced into converting to Christianity), pícaros(rogues who live by their wits), and renegades “that people its literaryuniverse”. This was a direct result of his enslavement. “His experience as acaptive in the bagnios [slave-houses] of Algiers, his personal relations withMuslims and renegades, his encounter with different cultures and religions inthis multicultural city that welcomed corsairs from every part of the worldoffered him the possibility of examining these issues from a unique perspective.”总之,可以说,被奴役的经历不仅拓展了塞万提斯的视野,也拓展了作家在小说的描写范畴。加尔塞斯认为,《堂吉诃德》标志着“一个新时代的诞生,它纳入了边缘化群体和不同的文化群体”。“其文学世界中的人物”包括了西班牙尔人(前穆斯林,后皈依或被强迫皈依基督教)、流浪汉(靠小聪明度日的家伙)和叛教徒等形形色色的人群。这可谓是奴役生涯对他产生的直接影响。“他在阿尔及尔牢狱中被囚禁的经历、他与穆斯林和叛教徒的个人关系、他在这个欢迎世界各地海盗的多元文化城市所接触到的不同文化和宗教,都使他能够以独特的视角观察这些问题。”Fantasy figure虚构人物Garcés believes that Cervantes’ traumaticexperience “opened the door of creation for him”. And in turn, the traumaCervantes retold through his novels, plays and poetry helped Garcés through themost difficult time of her life. She wrote Cervantes in Algiers in the periodfollowing the death of her eldest son.加尔塞斯认为,塞万提斯的创伤体验“为他打开了一扇创作之门。”塞万提斯通过小说、戏剧和诗歌反复讲述的创伤经历进而又帮助加尔塞斯度过了自己最艰难的人生岁月。在大儿子去世后的一段时间,她在阿尔及尔撰写关于塞万提斯的著述。“The most important resource in this process of grieving and recovery…has been my writing on Cervantes,” she writes in the preface to Cervantes inAlgiers. “More than anyone or anything else, Cervantes has been the greatteacher, the healer who has helped me to reattach ‘el roto hilode mi historia’[the broken th of my life] as I , and wrote about, hisfictions.在《塞万提斯在阿尔及尔》的序言中,她这样写道,“在悲伤和恢复期间,我最重要的动力源泉就是关于塞万提斯的写作,这比任何人、任何事都重要,在阅读他的小说,写关于他的东西时,塞万提斯一直是我了不起的老师,也是我的灵魂医者,他帮我弥合了人生中的伤痕。“The remarkable fertility of his creations that swirl around thevortex of trauma has shown me that it is possible to turn trauma into song…Revealing a truth impossible to assimilate, these are the stories of a woundthat cries out, that addresses us in an attempt to express an indescribablereality.”他围绕心理创伤所创作的大量作品告诉我,化创伤为欢歌是可以做得到的......它揭示了这样一个令人无法同化的事实——这些带着痛苦呐喊的故事帮助我们表达出难以名状的现实。”Viewed in this way, telling a story cantruly save a life. In the words of Coleridge’s ancient mariner: “Since then,at an uncertain hour/That agony returns;/And till my ghastly tale is told/Thisheart within me burns.”从这个角度而言,讲故事真的能拯救一个人。正如英国19 世纪湖畔派诗人柯勒律治在长诗《古舟子咏》中所吟诵的那样:“从此后这无比的痛苦/时时出现,将我折磨/我的心在剧痛中燃烧/直到我把这故事诉说。” /201605/440843Now you can travel anywhere and be able to communicate - genius! 现在你可以走遍世界沟通无忧了——太有才了! The new IconSpeak Global communication tee is SO simple we can#39;t quite believe it didn#39;t exist before now. 这种最新的“用标识沟通全球”交流T恤看起来如此简单,以至于你会惊叹为什么大家之前都没发现这招。 Think about it: how easy would it be if you were on holiday in a foreign country and were just able to point to a symbol explaining the message you intend to get across, without uttering a word of failed language? 想象一下:你到国外度假,想要表达什么信息时,只要指一下T恤上对应的标识就可以了,少了语言不通的烦恼,是不是很爽? For example, wouldn#39;t it be helpful to know how to find the nearest toilet, where the airport is, what the time is and where is the best restaurant to grab a bite to eat without having to reach for your phrase book every time? 比如,想要知道最近的厕所在哪儿、机场怎么走、现在几点了、附近有没有不错的餐厅……再也不用一遍遍翻出词汇小本了,统统信手拈来有木有? Thanks to this ingenious T-shirt, all you need to do is point to the symbol that best represents your problem and hope that you can understand the gist of what the person is saying back to you. 有了这款创意T恤,你只要指一指上面最能代表你问题的标识,并搞懂对方跟你说的主要意思即可。 Swiss friends George, Steven and Florian who are behind the brand explain on their website: ;In the furthest and deepest corners of our world we were repeatedly left with no words, due to our lacking linguistic talents. 三位瑞士小伙伴——乔治、史蒂芬和弗洛莱恩——是这种T恤的发明者。他们在自己的网站上表示:“因为不懂当地语言,我们经常会在世界最远最深的某个角落失语。” ;Such situations got us thinking about how to bridge language barriers with utmost simplicity, on a global level. The answer came to us after a remarkable experience in the depths of Vietnamese backcountry. Because with ICONs, you can SPEAK, you can SPEAK to the world.; “于是我们就想,怎样用最简单的方式来扫除这种语言障碍,而且全球适用。当我们在越南偏远地区经历了一次不同凡响之旅后,我们终于找到了。有了标识,你就可以说话了,你可以跟整个世界对话了。” Of course, the T-shirts don#39;t exactly help you if you want to try and learn the language, nor will they make your travelling pictures look great if you#39;re wearing the same outfit every day - but there will surely be benefits along the way. 当然,如果你想试着学一下当地语言的话,这款T恤肯定帮不了你。而且因为你要每天穿同一件T恤,你的旅游照片也会看起来不那么多——但它对你的旅行有帮助是一定的。 /201604/438964

You’d think the human race would have sleep down to a science by now, but many of us are still sleeping poorly (and so we need top 10 guides to getting better sleep). Part of the problem is we have outdated information and beliefs about this all-important health need. Let’s set the facts straight. Here are 10 things you might have been told about sleep but aren’t completely true.你觉得人类已经对睡眠了解得很透彻了,但是仍然有很多人睡不好觉(所以我们需要睡眠十大指南)。一部分问题是,睡眠对我们的健康如此重要,但我们掌握的信息和对它的了解已经过时了。来,让我们把事实弄清楚。下面列举了你可能听说过的有关睡眠的十件事,这些都不是完全正确的。10. More Sleep Is Better for You10. 睡得越多越好There could be such a thing as too much sleep. The amount of sleep we need varies by person and also changes as we age. Harvard researchers found that a lot of sleep (9 hours or more) is linked with poor sleep quality. So don’t aim for more sleep—even on the weekends. Aim for better sleep.睡太多可能会导致睡眠过度。每个人需要的睡眠时间都不一样,且会随着年龄增长而变化。哈佛大学研究员发现,睡得过多(9个小时以上)和睡眠质量差有关。所以不要以睡得更久为目标——即便是在周末,而是要力图提升睡眠质量。9. Alcohol Helps You Sleep9. 酒精有助于入睡Alcohol, the original nightcap, can help most people fall asleep. However, it also can cause you to wake up more during the night, wrecking your sleep quality. Consider drinking non-alcoholic beer before bed instead.人们过去常在睡前喝酒,大多数人都会在酒精作用下很快入睡,但是,酒精也会导致你在夜间醒来多次,破坏睡眠质量。考虑一下睡前喝点无酒精的啤酒吧。8. If You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night, Lie in Bed Until You Eventually Fall Back Asleep8. 如果半夜醒来,要躺在床上直到再次睡着Waking up in the middle of the night is the pits, but it happens to all of us. We all hope to quickly fall back asleep, and so we tend to stay in bed hoping it’ll happen any minute now. If that doesn’t happen, though, within 15 minutes, most experts recommend getting out of bed to do something that occupies our bodies and brains without overstimulating us. Try not to check the clock either.半夜醒来最糟心了,但我们都会遇到。我们都希望能很快再次入睡,所以我们会躺在床上期待着分分钟能睡着。如果,过了15分钟后还没有睡着,大多数专家建议我们应该起床做一些不太刺激的体力活或脑力活。也不要看表几点了。7. Insomniacs Have Difficulty Falling Asleep7. 失眠患者入睡困难Insomnia is a complex sleep disorder. Difficulty falling asleep is just one of its four symptoms. The others, according to the National Sleep Foundation are waking up early and not being able to fall back asleep, waking often, and waking up feeling unrefreshed. There are things you can do to alleviate insomnia and other sleep problems. The best treatment for the long-term usually isn’t medication; cognitive behavioral therapy may last longer.失眠是很复杂的睡眠障碍。难以入睡只是四大症状之一。根据美国国家睡眠基金会,其它症状是:醒得过早、醒来以后难以再次入睡、经常中途醒来、醒来之后疲惫无力。你可以采取一些措施减轻失眠和其它睡眠问题。但治疗长期失眠的最有效的方法不是药;认知行为治疗的效果也许会更持久一些。6. Everyone Should Get 7-8 Hours of Sleep Per Night6. 每个人每晚都要睡够七八个小时Everyone’s sleep needs are different, and the quality of your sleep matters more than how much time you spend asleep. That said, the National Sleep Foundation offers recommendations based on age group, from newborns who need 14-17 hours of sleep each day to adults 18-64 who should get 7-9 hours each day, and older adults who should get 7-8 hours each day. Children generally need more sleep. A Jawbone study found that people who sleep 8-9.5 hours each night report happier moods the next day.每个人的睡眠需求是不一样的,你的睡眠质量比睡觉时间长短重要得多。因此,国家睡眠基金会根据不同的年龄段提出建议,新生儿每天需要14-17小时的睡眠,18-64岁的成人每天7-9小时,年龄更大的人每天7-8小时。孩子一般需要更多的睡眠。Jawbone公司的一项研究发现每晚睡8-9.5个小时的人第二天情绪会更好。One night of bad sleep—or no sleep—can definitely make you feel awful the next day, but if you’re consistently tired or feel sleepy during the day, sleep might not be the issue. Your diet, stress, or an underlying medical problem could be the cause. Even allergies or the medications you’re taking could zap your energy. Consider your sleep quality, of course, but also look into other possible causes.一晚上没睡好,或没睡,第二天一定会心情不好。但是如果你白天总是疲惫不堪或昏昏欲睡,也许就不是睡眠的问题了。饮食、压力、潜在的健康问题都可能是原因。即使是过敏或正在用的药物都可能击溃你的能量。当然要关注你的睡眠质量,但也要找找有没有其它因素。4. Power Naps Will Make You Feel Refreshed4. 打个高质量的盹可恢复元气Naps are awesome, but they’re not all equally restorative. Depending on how long you nap, you might end up feeling groggy when you wake up. Aim for about 20 minutes if you want a boost in energy and mental alertness.打盹的作用很神奇,但并不总能让你恢复活力。这要看你睡了多长时间,也许你醒来还是昏昏沉沉。如果你想变得精力充沛、头脑清醒,就睡20分钟吧。3. You’re Either a Morning Person or a Night Owl (and Morning People Are More Productive)3. 你要么是个早起的鸟儿,要么是个夜猫子(且早起的人效率更高)Most people think of themselves as either morning “larks” or night owls, but there’s more to sleep cycles than that. People have different energetic times during the day that aren’t necessarily tied to our preference for sleeping late or getting up early. And you know that saying “the early bird gets the worm”? While our society—the workplace and school systems—seem to reward morning people, night owls can be just as productive and creative as their counterparts. In fact, doctors say schools should start later in the day for the health of students, who aren’t getting enough sleep. (I’d be up for later workday start times too.)大多数人都认为自己不是早起的鸟儿就是夜猫子,但睡眠周期不只是这些。人们一天之中精力充沛的时间各不相同,与喜欢睡得晚一点或早一点关系并不大。你知道有句俗话叫“早起的鸟儿有虫吃”吗?我们的社会——工作单位和学校,似乎都鼓励早起,但是夜猫子可以像早起的人一样高效且富有创造力。实际上,医生说现在的学生睡眠不足,学校应该把上学的时间推迟一点,这样有益于学生健康。(我觉得也应该把上班的时间推迟一点。)2. You Can Catch Up on Sleep on Weekends2. 周末可以补觉When we lose sleep during the week, we accumulate a kind of sleep “debt.” Think you can pay that debt back by sleeping in on Saturday and/or Sunday? Not so fast. This might actually make you sleepier the next week. Instead of waking up later on the weekends, you’re better off going to sleep earlier or perhaps taking a nap in the afternoon.如果我们工作日期间没有睡够,我们就欠下了睡眠“债”。你想的是周六日多睡一点就可以偿债吗?并不尽然,而且你下周很可能会更困倦。与其周末睡懒觉,你还不如早点上床,或者睡个午觉。1. Snoozing Buys You Sleep Time1. 小睡会增加睡眠时间Finally, this might be painful to admit, but snoozing your alarm will only make you feel worse. It doesn’t give you more time to finish sleeping but instead jolts you out of an even deeper part of your sleep cycle after you’ve dozed off between snoozes. And then you’re a zombie for the rest of the day. So stop snoozing and drag yourself out of bed. You’ll have a better day and perhaps sleep better at night.最后,尽管承认这点可能挺痛苦的,但把闹钟设置为催醒模式,你只会感觉更糟。小睡并不会增加完整的睡眠时间,闹钟响了你又睡过去,甚至会睡得更熟,闹钟再次响起会吓你一跳。然后这一天都是迟钝呆滞的状态。所以不要再睡了,挣扎着起床吧。这样你白天会过得更好,晚上也许还睡得更香。 /201605/441983

4月3日一女子在某酒店入住时,被陌生男子跟踪后强行拖拽, 整个过程持续五六分钟,没有任何安保人员和酒店管理人员出面阻止。直到围观者逐渐增多,一名女房客搭救,才没有受到更大的伤害。该女子@弯弯_2016 4月5日在微爆料了她所遭遇到的一切,该事件瞬间刷爆朋友圈和各大社交媒体热门头条,网民们也都呼吁女孩独自外出旅行时一定要注意自我防范。全文看到每个人心惊肉跳有没有!  遭遇人身袭击的几率比有些人想的往往比较大。我们遭遇袭击的事情还是时常会发生。防御任何可能的袭击的最好的办法就是你要保持谨慎和提防。如果你能具备这些,你就可以足够聪明去应对这种情况了。为大家整理了一些外网上给出的tips:独身女子在外遇袭如何自卫?  1.Make a Scene  1.当众造势  If an individual is being physically attacked the first thing to do in order to prevent further injuries is to make a scene. The individual being attacked should scream as loud as possible and try to gain the attention of others around them so that they can get help. The more noise one makes, the more likely it will be that someone will help.  如果一个人遇到身体攻击,为免继续被伤害,首要的一件事就是要当众造势。被袭击者应当极力大声呼喊,试着去吸引周遭人的注意力,进而获得帮助。噪音越大,被人帮助的可能性就越大。  2.Fight Your Attacker if Safe to Do So  2.在安全的情况下与袭击者搏斗  People may be amazed to find the strength that they possess in the midst of being physically attacked. Some may find that they will kick, punch, scratch or do whatever is necessary to break free from the grasp of the attacker. However, each situation is different and the individual being attacked may feel that it is best to cooperate so as to prevent possible serious injury or death. One must analyze their individual situation to determine what the best way to proceed may be.  在遇到身体攻击的时候,人们会发现他们拥有惊人的力量。为了挣脱袭击者的魔爪,一些人可能会脚踢、猛击、抓挠以及有其他一些必要的行为。然而,每个状况都是不同的,遇袭者也可能会感觉到为免遭受到进一步的伤害或者触及死亡,最好是配合袭击者。必须分析个别状况去决定最好的行动方法。  3.Try All Possible Ways to Get to Safety  3.尽可能往安全的地方去  The victim should always be thinking of the best way to free themselves from their attacker. Whether they divert the attention of the attacker or strike out at them to throw them off guard, it is important to get to safety as soon as possible so that the attack will stop.  受害者应该经常思考以最好的方法从袭击者手中脱逃。不管是转移袭击者的注意力或者是在他们猝不及防的时候反击他们,最重要的就是尽量去往安全的地方使得袭击停止。  4.Call the Police and Obtain Medical Attention  4.呼叫警察并且获得医疗救助  Once the individual has freed themselves from the attacker, they should go directly to the nearest police station and file a report. The sooner they get to the police station, the fresher the information will be in their minds and the more likely it will be that the police officers can locate and arrest the attacker.  一旦受害者逃离袭击者,他们应该直接去最近的派出所报案。去派出所的速度越快,受袭者所记忆的信息就会越清晰,那么警察也会越快找到并抓捕袭击者。  5.Consider Counseling  5.考虑进行心理咨询  Being the victim of a physical attack can leave an individual feeling scared, vulnerable and uneasy. Counseling is something which may help to alleviate these problems caused by the physical attack.  遭遇人身攻击会使人感觉到恐惧,脆弱和不安。心理咨询可以帮助人缓解这些由人身攻击带来的问题。 /201604/435728

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