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Jessica 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是吴琼要问的:宅男宅女。Jessica: Wuqiong, 听说你表从上海来看你了,怎么样, Are you two getting along?wq: 唉,她哪是来看我。整天待在家里,根本不理我,每天就知道上网,看电视,也不出去玩儿。标准的宅女! 像这种特别“宅”的人,在美语里叫什么?Jessica: I think you can call them ;homebodies;. A homebody is a person who prefers to stay at home and seldom goes out.wq: homebody? home 就是家的意思,body 是身体,两个词连在一起—身体长在家里了,就是homebody! 宅男宅女! My cousin is totally a homebody! 哈哈,我回家要告诉她这句话!Jessica: Well, you can also call her a ;shut-in;. s-h-u-t, shut; i-n, in--shut-in.wq: 哦,shut-in 也是指不愿意出门和别人交往的宅男宅女! 我要告诉我表,Dont be a shut-in! Go out and get some fresh air!Jessica: 对! 让她出去转转,不然,Her brain will rot if she stays home and stares at a screen all the time!wq: 啊?r-o-t, rot 不是腐烂么?Her brain will rot 就是“她脑子要发霉”的意思吧?Jessica: Thats right! Being a couch potato isnt healthy.wq: 没错。couch potato, 沙发土豆,就是一天到晚赖在沙发上看电视的人。每天不运动,变得圆滚滚的,跟个potato--大土豆一样!Jessica: Im sure your cousin doesnt wan to look like a potato! Now, tell me what youve learned today!wq: 第一,宅男宅女叫 homebody, 或者 shut-in; 第二,一天到晚坐在沙发上看电视的人叫 couch potato;第三,说脑子要发霉了,就是Your brain will rot! /201303/231840Todd: So, Simon, you live in Japan and you were just in Germany. How is the service in restaurants different in Japan than it is in Germany?托德:西蒙,现在你在日本生活,而之前你在德国生活过一段时间。日本餐厅和德国餐厅的务有什么不同吗?Simon: Yeah, I can talk about that. Well, I might be stereo-typing here and Ill talk about maybe Japan, Germany or Europe, and then North America. Ah, I think in Germany there was definitely an emphasis on efficiency, so when I went into a pub and I said, ;I wanna order a beer; and Munich is famous for beer, so theres many kinds, so I was thinking.;What should I order? What should I order?; and the server said, ;Well, you cant decide, Ill come back in a minute. Thank you; and then quickly off. In Japan, if I did the same thing, the emphasis would be on politeness, so the server would wait and if I said, ;Mm, what should I order?; the server would patiently wait and says ;Take your time. Im here,; you know. You know, ;Thank you for deciding,; things like that. And you know, in my home in Canada, Vancouver, you know, they would try to be cool and friendly, so everybody would be like ;Hey, did you try our special? Would you like to drink our special beer today?; you know and smile, you know, and thats that, so Japan the emphasis would be on politeness. In Germany, or Europe, the emphasis would be on efficiency and in North America the emphasis would be on friendliness or being cool.西蒙:有,我可以谈一下。我可能会有些刻板印象,我会谈一下日本、德国、欧洲和北美的不同。我认为德国绝对是注重效率的国家,比如我走进一家酒吧说“给我来杯啤酒”,因为慕尼黑以啤酒著称,所以那里有许多种啤酒,那我就会想“我要点哪种啤酒呢?我要点哪种啤酒?”这时务员就会说,“你现在好像还没有决定点什么,那我一会儿再过来为你点餐。谢谢你”,之后就会快速离开。而日本注重的是礼貌,所以如果我做同样的事情,务员会等在旁边,如果我说,“嗯,我要点什么呢?”务员会耐心地在旁等候,并说“慢慢来,不着急。我就等在这里。”你知道,他们会说“谢谢你的决定”这类的事情。你知道我家在加拿大温哥华,那里的氛围又酷又友好,所以务员会说“嘿,试试我们的特色啤酒吧?今天来杯我们的特色啤酒怎么样?”,他们会微笑着说这种话。所以日本注重的是礼貌。而德国,或者说欧洲注重的是效率,而北美注重的则是友好或是酷酷的感觉。Todd: Interesting.托德:真有意思。 /201408/3172751.昙花一现 a flash in the pan那个歌星也只是昙花一现,出了几张唱片就销声匿迹了。That singer was only a flash in the pan. He disappeared into the air after having made one or two records.

Jessica在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是Lulu要问的:来电。JESSICA:Lulu, I heard you went on a couple blind dates. How did they go?Lulu:没错! 我是去见了几个。给你看照片,在我手机里呢。JESSICA:Wow, 这个真帅! 长得像王立宏! Did you guys hit it off? 你们谈得来么?Lulu:这个长得是不错,可是,我跟他就是不来电! We dont have electricity!JESSICA:Haha, Lulu,You should use the word ;chemistry;. Theres no chemistry between you two.Lulu:Chemistry? 化学? 也对,不都说爱情是一种化学反应嘛! 说俩人“没感觉,不来电”,就是Theres no chemistry!JESSICA:Thats right. Now lets look at the next guy. (wait for a while) Hmm, this one... How old is he? I bet hes over 40!Lulu:哈哈,这个是挺老的,可是我觉得我们俩挺来电的。We have chemistry!JESSICA:Really? You saw sparks flying around?Lulu:Spark? 我知道,s-p-a-r-k, spark,是火花,你说 “sparks flying around”,就是“火花乱飞,瞬间来电”,是不是?JESSICA:Yes. For example, the first time my boyfriend and I kissed, I saw sparks!Lulu:这么说,There are definitely sparks between us!JESSICA:Thats great! So you are seeing this, er, mature guy, arent you?Lulu:Am I seeing him? 我看他?JESSICA:Actually, to see someone means to date someone.Lulu:哦, to see someone就是和某人交往。我正在和他交往,就是Im seeing him.JESSICA:Correct. 不过,I think this guy is a bit too old for you.Lulu:我就喜欢成熟的! 年龄不是问题!JESSICA:Well, if you say so. Now I see why people say ;love is blind.;Lulu:Love is blind? 爱情是盲目的?JESSICA:对啊! Anyway, I wish you good luck! Lets see what youve learned today!Lulu:第一,来电可以用chemistry 或者sparks第二,和某人交往是to see someone第三, 爱情是盲目的,说Love is blind. /201304/236162

William: Hello, Im William Kremer and this is The English We Speak.威廉:大家好,我是威廉·克莱默,这里是地道英语节目。Wang Fei: Hi there. Im Wang Fei.王飞:大家好。我是王飞。William: So, Wang Fei, today is 3 May.威廉:王飞,今天是5月3日。Wang Fei: Yes.王飞:是啊。William: Do you know what 3 May is?威廉:你知道5月3日是什么日子吗?Wang Fei: Hmm… a Tuesday?王飞:嗯……星期二?William: Yes, its a Tuesday, but its not just any Tuesday. Today is World Press Freedom Day. This is the day that the ed Nations has chosen to highlight the importance of a free press around the world.威廉:对,就是星期二,不过并不是指所有的星期二。今天是世界新闻自由日。今天是联合国选定的日子,用来突显全世界新闻自由的重要性。Wang Fei: A free press. So, newspapers that are free to write anything they think the public need to know and TV news that can report anything?王飞:新闻自由。那报纸可以自由的报道他们认为民众需要知道的事情吗?电视新闻也可以报道任何事吗?William: Yes they can report anything, including things that look bad for the government! Scandals.威廉:是的,他们可以报道任何事,包括那些对政府不太好的事情!可以报道丑闻。Wang Fei: A scandal, so something very bad that damages someones reputation.王飞:丑闻,就是非常糟糕的事情,它会损害某人的名声。William: Exactly. And one of the most famous scandals from American history is the Watergate scandal of the early 1970s.威廉:没错。美国历史上最著名的丑闻之一就是上世纪70年代早期发生的水门事件。Wang Fei: Watergate… that was why President Nixon had to resign wasnt it?王飞:水门事件……那就是导致尼克松总统辞职的丑闻吗?William: Exactly, yes, because he was shown to have lied to the American people and basically obstructed the course of justice. The whole thing started when five men were arrested for breaking into an office block called Watergate. This was where the Democratic Party had their headquarters. Later on, the men were linked to the campaign to re-elect President Nixon, who was in the Republican Party.威廉:完全正确,因为他对美国人民说谎,而且阻挠了司法公正。事件的起因是五名男子因闯入名为水门的办公大楼而被捕。这座大楼是民主党的总部。之后,这些男子被发现和共和党总统尼克松的连任有关系。Wang Fei: Well, this is very interesting but what has it got to do with The English We Speak, William?王飞:嗯,这非常有趣,不过威廉,这和地道英语节目有什么关系?William: Well, because Watergate was such a massive scandal, Wang Fei, the word -gate is now sometimes used as a suffix to suggest that something is a scandal. So, to give you an example from last year, when Gordon Brown was trying to get re-elected as British Prime Minister, he was overheard calling an old lady a ;bigot;–a very strong word for somebody who is intolerant and close-minded. Anyway, this was a big scandal and it came to be known in the media as bigotgate.威廉:因为水门事件是大规模的丑闻,王飞,单词-gate现在用作后缀,用来形容某件事是个丑闻。给你举个例子,去年戈登·布朗试图寻求连任英国首相,有人听到他称一名老妇人是“偏执者”,这是一个非常强烈的词,用来形容某人偏执而且思想封闭。不管怎么样说,这是一个大的丑闻事件,媒体称之为“偏执门”。Wang Fei: Bigotgate. That sounds almost a little bit funny.王飞:偏执门。这听起来有点好笑。William: Yes, youre right. I think using -gate on the end of a word can make it seem a little humorous. This term -gate is used more in the USA, but another recent example from the UK is Climategate–that was when some emails and other documents from a university in England led to people asking questions about the way that scientists researched climate change. Climategate.威廉:你说得对。我想在词的后面加上后缀-gate听上去会有一些滑稽。后缀-gate在美国应用的更广,不过近期英国发生了“气候门”丑闻,英国某大学的一些电邮和文件被公开,这使人们质疑科学家研究气候变化的方法。这就是气候门。Wang Fei: So, can we use -gate in normal English conversation too?王飞:那-gate这个后缀也能用在一般的英语对话中吗?William: Yes, you can–if you want to make a joke. Listen to this:威廉:是的,可以,如果你想开玩笑的话。来听这个例子:Man A: Have you seen Mark recently?男A:你最近见过马克吗?Man B: Mark–he hasnt spoken to me since beergate!男B:马克,啤酒门之后他就不跟我说话了!Man A: Beergate? What do you mean?男A:啤酒门?你什么意思啊?Man B: We had a big argument because I said Mark never bought a round of beer in the pub! He got very upset and went home.男B:我们大吵了一架,因为我说马克从来没在酒吧请我们喝过啤酒!他非常难过,然后就回家了。Wang Fei: So in that example, the speaker coined the word beergate to describe an argument about paying for beer!王飞:在这个例子中,说话者创造了啤酒门这个词来形容因为付啤酒钱而爆发的争吵!William: Yeah, which is obviously very silly. But of course, this suffix -gate is used in very serious situations too. And it was thanks to members of the free press, including the Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, that the public came to know about Watergate.威廉:对,显然这非常傻。不过当然,-gate这个后缀也用在非常严肃的场合中。多亏新闻自由组织的成员,《华盛顿邮报》的记者鲍勃·伍德沃德和卡尔·伯恩斯坦,公众才了解了水门事件。Wang Fei: Yes. Check our website this week for more information and learning English programmes about World Press Freedom Day. Goodbye.王飞:好的。大家可以在本周浏览我们的网页了解更多有关世界新闻自由日的信息并学习英语节目。再见。William: Bye!威廉:再见! /201407/31292713. I hate swallowing pills.我讨厌吃药。还能这样说:I dont like taking medicine. I have a great abhorrence of medicine.谚语:Truth is a hard pill to swallow.忠言逆耳。14. I am giving you an inhaler to use when you feel breathless just to clear up your lungs.我会给你一个呼吸器,每次你感到呼吸堵塞时可以用它来清下肺部。还能这样说:Ill give you an inhaler to make your lungs clear in case of shortness of breath.The inhaler I give you will help you breathe more easily when you feel breathless.应用:be clear from (suspicion) 没有(嫌疑);get clear away 逃掉,完全离开;clear away 把……清除掉,收拾15. Are you sensitive to antibiotics?你对抗生素过敏吗?还能这样说:Are you allergic to antibiotics?Are you a kind of allergic constitution to antibiotics?应用:be sensitive to 对……敏感,易感受;a sensitive skin 易受伤的皮肤;a sensitive plant 含羞草16. I need some medicine for my toothache.我想买点儿治牙疼的药。还能这样说:I want to buy some medicine for my toothache.Id like some medicine to cure my toothache.应用:get a taste of ones own medicine 遭报应;take ones medicine 受到应得的处罚;甘愿受罚17. How many pills for each time?每次要吃多少粒啊?还能这样说:How should I take the pills?How many pills should I take?应用:pill and poll 掠夺,使破产;sweeten the pill 降低某事物令人厌恶的程度 /201305/242254

Situation 9 Ill keep my ears open.Hi,Sue.Did you graduate this year?Yes,and now Im looking for a job.As a secretary?Yes,If you hear of something.Let me know.Sure,Ill keep my ears open.Thanks.Hi,Sue.Did you graduate this year?Yes,and now Im looking for a job.As a secretary?Yes,If you hear of something.Let me know.Sure,Ill keep my ears open.Thanks.I need to buy a good used car.Whats wrong with the car you have?Nothing.Its for my son.On,did he get his drivers license?Yes,and now he wants his own car.Ill keep my ears open and if hear of something,Ill let you know.I need to buy a good used car.Whats wrong with the car you have?Nothing.Its for my son.On,did he get his drivers license?Yes,and now he wants his own car.Ill keep my ears open and if hear of something,Ill let you know.How long to the next town?I dont know.I hope its soon.Why?Were almost out of gas.Ill keep my eyes open for a gas station.How long to the next town?I dont know.I hope its soon.Why?Were almost out of gas.Ill keep my eyes open for a gas station. /201208/196044Todd: James, I saw on your desk you have a nice picture of a dog.詹姆斯,你桌上的照片里是一只很棒的。James: Yes.是的。Todd: OK. Tell us about your dog.好的,跟我们说说你的。James: My dogs name is Piper. He was a mutt, a homeless dog that we picked up off the street about four and a half years ago.我的名叫Piper。它是一只杂种的流浪,4年半前我们领养了它。Todd: Oh, wow! So what kind of dog is he now?哇!它现在是一只什么样的?James: Hes a yellow lab, golden retriever mix. Hes very very sweet, very very fun to play with, really really nice.它是一只拉布拉多犬和黄金猎犬的混合体。它很聪明,和它玩十分有趣,真的很棒。Todd: Oh, thats great. Can he do any tricks?太棒了。他会什么特技吗?James: No.不会。Todd: No.不会。James: We can do one trick where we point our finger at him and go Bang Bang Bang Bang and he falls over dead, but that is the only trick he can do and he only does that maybe half the time.它会的唯一特技就是,当我们用手指指着它,并发出嗙嗙嗙声音时,它会倒下装死。这是它会的唯一特技,而且这个特技只有50%的成功几率。Todd: OK. Does he bark a lot?你经常犬吠吗?James: Usually no. Usually hes pretty good.通常不会。它是只好。Todd: Pretty quiet.很安静。James: Mm,hm!是的!Todd: OK. Is it a male dog or a female dog?它是公的还是母的?James: Yeah. Its a male dog.是公。Todd: So, no puppies.那么,就不会有小了。James: No, puppies.不会带来小的。Todd: OK. Would you like to have another dog, another puppy?好的,那么你还想再养只吗?James: It would be fun in the future but not for awhile.将来再养一只会很有趣,但最近还不行。注:译文属原创,,。 /201302/225333

1. Wow哇!(叫绝声) /201409/327723直言不讳-----call a spade a spadeHello, everyone! 欢迎大家来到小强英语!在生活中我们经常会遇到一些直言直语的爽快人,他们毫不隐瞒自己的看法,总是直言不讳。那么今天我们来学习一个短语——call a spade a spade,意思是“有啥说啥,直言不讳”,;to speak frankly and to say exactly what you think without trying to hide your opinion ;.我们来看一下例句:You know me, I always call a spade a spade.你知道的,我总是有啥说啥。Well, I believe its time to call a spade a spade. We are just avoiding the issue.我认为是时候直言不讳了。我们现在只是在回避这个问题。好了,本期我们学习了;call a spade a spade;这个短语,意为“直言不讳,是啥说啥”。本期的节目到此结束,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请关注新浪微@小强英语!本栏目由原创,。 /201407/313167

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