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杭州牙科医院齿科杭州牙科医院西湖口腔医院烤瓷牙费用 Smoking leaves an ;archaeological record; of the hundreds of DNA mutations it causes, scientists have discovered.科学家研究发现,吸烟会导致DNA突变,给人留下数百种基因突变的“永久记录”。Having sequenced thousands of tumour genomes, they found a 20-a-day smoker would rack up an average of 150 mutations in every lung cell each year.在对数千个肿瘤基因组进行测序后,科学家发现每天吸烟20的人每年每个肺细胞累积平均有150个基因突变。The changes are permanent, and persist even if someone gives up smoking.这些突变是永久且持续的,即使吸烟者戒烟也不可逆。Researchers say analysing tumour DNA may help explain the underlying causes of other cancers.研究人员说,分析肿瘤DNA能帮助解释其他癌症的深层原因。Pamela Pugh, 69, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2013. She started smoking aged 17 and quit in her early 50s.69岁的帕梅拉-皮尤2013年被诊断患有肺癌。她自17岁开始吸烟,近50岁时戒烟。But she said: ;Even though I gave up many years ago, the effects of smoking caught up with me.但她说:“尽管我很多年前就戒烟了,但吸烟的影响一直在。”;Had I known as a teenager that smoking caused mutations which would stay with me for life then I would never had started;.“如果年轻时我知道吸烟导致的基因突变一生都会跟随着我,那么我绝不会开始吸烟。”The study, in the journal Science, was carried out by an international group, including the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridgeshire and the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.这项研究发表在《科学》期刊上,由一个国际研究组研究得出,包括英国剑桥郡的基金会桑格研究院,以及美国新墨西哥州的洛斯阿拉莫斯国家实验室。The analysis shows a direct link between the number of cigarettes smoked in a lifetime and the number of mutations in tumour DNA.研究显示,人一生中吸烟的总数量和肿瘤DNA变异的数量之间存在直接关系。The authors found that, on average, smoking a packet of cigarettes a day led to:研究作者发现,平均来讲,每天吸一包烟会导致:150 mutations in each lung cell every year每年每个肺部细胞中有150个基因突变。97 in the larynx or voice box喉部或喉头97个突变23 in the mouth口腔部位23个突变18 in the bladder膀胱18个突变six in the liver肝脏6个突变Joint lead author Prof Sir Mike Stratton, from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, said: ;The more mutations there are, the higher the chance that these will occur in the key genes that we call cancer genes, which convert a normal cell into a cancer cell.;研究报告的合作主创者、来自基金会桑格研究院的迈克-斯特拉顿教授说:“突变越多,关键基因,也就是我们所说的癌症基因发生突变的几率也就越大,这会将正常细胞转变为癌细胞。”There are 35,000 deaths a year in the UK from lung cancer, and it is estimated that nine out of 10 cases are preventable.英国每年有3.5万人死于癌症,据估计其中九成可以预防。 /201611/476503杭州儿童口腔医院口腔美白好吗

杭州口腔医院总院看儿童口腔牙病牙周炎牙龈炎价格The person in the picture is holding a real ball, covered with Vantablack S-VIS图中人手中拿着一枚喷涂了Vantablack S-VIS颜料的球Finally, I can paint my surroundings to reflect my dark soul.我终于能将自己黑暗的灵魂,赋予画笔之下的周遭事物了!British artist Stuart Semple has developed a batch of super-black paint that’s also affordable and easily accessible for every artist!英国艺术家斯图尔特·森普尔发明了一种巨黑无比的颜料,这种颜料不仅价格低廉,还方便获取。You might recall Surrey NanoSystems’ “world’s blackest color” pigment Vantablack which is regarded as the blackest material in the world, but it costs a lot, users outside the UK require a government export license, and it smells like chemicals.也许你会想到萨里纳米系统公司(Surrey NanoSystems)研发的“世界最黑颜料”垂直排列纳米管阵列(Vantablack,全称Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Arrays),这种颜料不仅花费高,英国境外用户须得到政府的出口许可才能所使用,还有浓烈的化学物质味道。Stuart, however, collaborated with thousands of artists around the globe to create BLACK 2.0, an abysmally dark acrylic paint that smells like cherries and can be shipped to anyone anywhere.然而,斯图尔特携手数千名世界各地的艺术家,共同打造出的这款黑到飞起的丙烯颜料 — BLACK 2.0,不但拥有近似樱桃的气味,而且运送方便,人人可得。“With just one coat almost any object (even really shiny ones) become super-black and reflect next to no light, giving a fantastic black hole type effect.”“任何物体(发光的也不例外)只需抹上一层(BLACK 2.0),就能轻松达到“黑洞”效果 — 黑到无法反射一丝光线。”The paint is non-toxic and one pop of 150ml (about 5 oz) will cost you around .此款颜料系无毒颜料,150毫升(约5盎司)价格大概为15美元。British artist Stuart Semple has developed super-black acrylic paint英国艺术家斯图尔特·森普尔发明了一种巨黑无比的颜料It’s called BLACK 2.0, and Stuart calls it “simply the best flat, matt, black paint on the planet”它名叫;BLACK 2.0;,斯图尔特称它为;地球上最黑暗的颜料;Its unique acrylic co-polymer binder enables more pigment load than any other acrylic paint.它所含有的一种特殊丙烯酸共聚物粘合剂,使之较其它丙烯颜料能够着色更深。 /201704/506021 Sales of the Apple Watch more than halved in the second quarter, with new figures from researcher IDC suggesting chief executive Tim Cook’s first significant product is failing to live up to expectations.Apple Watch第二季度的销量下滑了一半以上。研究公司IDC的新数据表明,苹果公司(Apple)首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)上任以来推出的首款重要产品或有负众望。The sharp decline is highly unusual for a new Apple product so early in its life and will compound Wall Street concerns about the company’s overall growth prospects this year.对于一款刚推出不久的苹果新产品而言,销量急剧下滑的情况极为罕见。这将使华尔街对该公司今年整体增长前景的担忧进一步加深。The iPhone posted nine years of uninterrupted growth from its launch in 2007 until the first quarter of this year, when unit sales fell 16 per cent to 51m.自从2007年面世后,iPhone的销量连续9年保持增长,直到今年第一季度销量下滑16%至5100万部。IDC said yesterday that Apple sold 1.6m of its watches in the second quarter of 2016, down 55 per cent compared with 3.6m in the same period last year. The drop dragged down the entire smartwatch market despite rapid growth from Samsung, up 51 per cent to 0.6m watches, and Lenovo’s Motorola brand, up 75 per cent to 0.3m.IDC昨天表示,2016年第二季度苹果共售出160万块Apple Watch,与去年同期360万块相比下滑了55%。Apple Watch销量下滑拖累了整个智能手表市场,尽管三星(Samsung)以及联想(Lenovo)旗下托罗拉(Motorola)品牌的智能手表销量都大幅增长,前者增长了51%至60万块,后者增长了75%至30万块。“Despite a down quarter, Apple remains far and away the market leader in smartwatches,” said IDC analyst Ramon Llamas, with traditional watchmakers such as Casio, Fossil and Tag Heuer’s recent attempts to break into the wearable-tech market making only a limited impact.“尽管季度销量下滑,但是苹果在智能手表市场仍然遥遥领先,”IDC分析师雷蒙#8226;利亚马斯(Ramon Llamas)称。卡西欧(Casio)、Fossil以及豪雅(T Heuer)等传统手表制造商最近尝试打入可穿戴科技市场的举动只带来了有限的影响。“Every vendor faces similar challenges related to fashion and functionality, and though we expect improvements next year, growth in the remainder of 2016 will probably be muted,” Mr Llamas added.“每个厂商都面临着与时尚和功能性相关的类似挑战,尽管我们预计明年会有所改善,但是2016年接下来的增长可能会放缓,”利亚马斯补充称。Apple has not released any sales figures for the Apple Watch since it first went on sale in April 2015.自从Apple Watch于2015年4月上市以来,苹果从未公布过任何有关该产品的销售数据。Analysts have estimated that it sold 12m units in its first year, more than the iPhone during its initial 12 months on sale, but below many observers’ initial expectations for the first launch into a new hardware category since Mr Cook took over as Apple’s chief executive.分析师预计,Apple Watch在上市第一年的销量为1200万块,超过了iPhone在上市头12个月的销量,但是并未达到很多市场观察者对库克接任苹果CEO之后推出的首款新硬件产品的预期。Apple declined to comment on IDC’s figures, ahead of its earnings report next week.苹果拒绝就IDC的数据置评。该公司将于下周公布财报。The Apple Watch, a revamped Apple TV and new Apple Music service have so far failed to offset the declines in iPhone and iPad sales, which Tuesday’s figures are expected to show have continued in recent months.迄今为止,Apple Watch、新款Apple TV以及新推出的Apple Music务都未能弥补iPhone和iPad的销量下滑——下周二公布的数据预计将显示最近数月这两款产品销量继续下滑。 /201607/456275杭州维信口腔医院矫正牙齿不齐费用萧山牙科医院冷光美白价格




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