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Between a car accident that left her with lasting injuries and announcing plans to divorce, Mayim Bialik strength was really put to the test in .马伊姆·拜力克(Mayim Bialik)度过了不平凡的年,她先是遭遇车祸,手部严重受伤,随后又宣布即将与丈夫离婚,真可谓经历了重重考验;When youve had a like me, things can only get better,; she told PEOPLE on Sunday at the Golden Globe Awards. ;That the glass half-full.;在前日的金球奖上,她对记者说:“当你度过了我这样的一年,未来只会变得越来越好就如同杯子既是半满也是半空,一切都取决于你的心态”Judaism has helped get her through the tough times.犹太教帮助她度过了这段艰难的时光;Im a person of deep religious faith,; the Terani-clad actress, 37, explained. ;I really believe that things will be right in the universe. Things are hard, but Ive really been taught in my tradition that the harder things are, the greater the potential reward. I really believe that.;Adds the Big Bang Theory star, ;I dont want to say everything happens a reason, but every day is lined up right next to the other one a reason. The best you can do is do each day well with kindness and as a good person.;37岁的拜力克说:“我有着深厚的宗教信仰,我真的相信世界会让一切变好世事艰难,但我信仰的传统教导我越多的困难,就有可能带来回报我真的相信我不是说一切皆有原因,但生活一日一日的继续我能做到的就是怀有一颗仁慈之心,好好的生活,好好的做人”Moving ward, Bialik aly has big hopes .谈到年,“艾米”已经许下了愿望;Im planning on climbing a large mountain with a close friend of mine who is a professional climber,; she said. ;It something Ive wanted to do. I took up jogging right around the time [husband Michael Stone and I] announced our divorce. Ive been really putting myself out there physically.;她说:“我想和我的一位好友去爬山,他是一位专业登山员这是我一直都想做的事当我和丈夫选择离婚时,我开始每天慢跑,我一直都在锻炼身体” 376

. Peggy Olson. 佩吉奥尔森Title: Copy Chief at SCamp;P头衔:斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司文案负责人Show: Mad Men电视剧:《广告狂人Played by: Elisabeth Moss扮演者:伊丽莎白莫斯Olson has shattered the glass ceiling over the course of the critically acclaimed series, moving her way up from the Sterling Cooper secretarial pool to copy writer to eventual copy chief at Sterling Cooper amp; Partners (a brief detour at Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough allowed her to assume a leadership position at her old firm). Despite ranking lower than No. 9 Joan, it wouldnt be a surprise if Peggy usurps SCamp;P female partner as Mad Men most powerful woman. Persistence has paid off her so far.在这部广受好评的电视剧中,奥尔森成功突破了事业发展的玻璃天花板,她从斯特林库珀掌管下的秘书室升任公司文案,又一路高升至斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司的文案负责人(她在Cutler, Gleason amp; Chaough公司的短暂经历也令她在之前的公司担任过一段时间的管理职位)虽然她的级别比琼低了9级,但不出意外的话,佩吉将会成为斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司的女性合伙人,也会成为《广告狂人中最具权势的女性不懈地坚持终于得到了回报. Temperance Brennan. 唐普兰希布兰纳Title: ensic Anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institute头衔:杰佛逊研究所法医人类学家Show: Bones电视剧:《识骨寻踪Played by: Emily Deschanel扮演者:艾米丽丹斯切尔Considered the leading authority in her field, Brennan quirky and concise approach toward her work solves many a crime. She now works directly with her husband, Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), though the two have worked side-by-side many years. Brennan leadership inspires a close-knit and collaborative environment among her team.布伦南是这个领域内公认的领军人物,她那古怪离奇却又一针见血的工作方式曾令无数罪犯伏法如今,她和自己的丈夫、特工西利布斯(大卫伯瑞纳饰)直接共事,虽然他们二人曾经并肩作战过很多年布伦南的领导风格在团队中营造了一种严谨而又协调有序的工作氛围. Alicia Florrick. 艾丽西亚弗洛里克Title: Partner at FlorrickAgos头衔:弗洛里克阿戈斯律师事务所合伙人Show: The Good Wife电视剧:《傲骨贤妻Played by: Julianna Marguilles扮演者:朱莉安娜马奎利丝Florrick showed her risk-taking side by starting her own law firm with colleague Cary Agos. In so doing, she turned her back on Lockhart amp; Gardner, the firm that hired her after her husband, then state attorney of Illinois most populous county, was embroiled in a sex scandal. Despite a -year absence from the working world, Florrick proved herself a star and worked on cases with ties to the firm important players -- all while juggling ongoing media scrutiny about her marriage and the demands of raising two tech-savvy teenagers. Florrick engaged in some scandalous behavior of her own, starting an affair with named partner Will Gardner.弗洛里克与同事盖里阿戈斯共同创办了一家属于自己的律师事务所,展现了性格中冒险的一面但这样一来,她也就等于是拒绝了洛克哈特加德纳律师事务所在她的丈夫、时任伊利诺伊州人口最稠密郡县的州检察官卷入性丑闻案之后,洛克哈特加德纳律师事务所聘用了她尽管已经离开工作岗位长达年之久,弗洛里克还是明了自己的优秀才干,不但与律所中最优秀的律师在各种案件上强强联手,还不断地应付媒体对自己婚姻生活的种种窥视,以及满足两个正值青春期、对高科技十分痴迷的孩子们的需要弗洛里克自己也有一些不检点的行为,比如与公司冠名合伙人威尔加德纳发生的一段婚外情 6875Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally tying the knot? That what the increasing hullabaloo on their South of France estate - Chateau Miraval - indicates to the media. But other sources say no wedding is happening this weekend. Brad parents reportedly have arrived at Chateau Miraval, and Los Angeles jeweler Robert Procop, who made Angelina ,000 diamond and platinum engagement ring, also is said to be flying in.自从被曝出将于今年9月结婚以来,明星情侣安吉丽娜·朱莉和布拉德·皮特成为了仔们最热衷追踪的目标上周末,两人的婚礼细节浮出水面,朱莉将邀自己的两任前夫出席,但禁止皮特邀请前妻珍妮弗·安妮斯顿Angelina Jolie is likely to choose a ;slinky; bridal gown her wedding to Brad Pitt, friends have revealed.The actress, who is frequently referred to as one of the world sexiest women, is said to prefer a glamorous.据参与婚礼策划的某位知情人士爆料,在自己的第三次婚礼中,朱莉并不打算穿传统的婚纱亮相,;她希望能通过婚纱来展示自己性感的身材,以明自己过去有过的那些‘最性感女人的头衔绝非浪得虚名;而在婚纱设计师的人选上,朱莉正在几位世界知名的大牌设计师中间选择据该曝料者称:;朋友们都认为朱莉的婚纱将会‘紧身又性感wedding dress to a more traditional design.There has aly been a huge amount of speculation, over which designer will be honoured with the task of creating the gown, with Versace being a strong contender the job, a website has reported.此外,皮特还送给朱莉一块价值高达39万美元的高级女表作为结婚礼物据知情人士称,目前皮特位于法国的古堡已经完成了翻新的工作,详细的婚礼策划也出炉了,只等今年9月18日婚礼到来Other fashion houses that have drawn up sketches in a bid to win the coveted commission include the likes of Badgley Mischka, Monique Lhuillier and Reem Acra;Friends think itll be a ‘slinky dress, made by Ange favourite designer Jenny Packham, whose wedding collection is renowned its classy styles,; UK magazine Look reported.The couple are also believed to be opting glamorous wedding bands to match the brunette beauty flashy engagement ring.朱莉特立独行的行事风格在圈内外众人皆知,面临人生大事,她不做出点常人看来;过分;的事情是说不过去的据美国媒体报道,朱莉目前已确定会邀请自己的两位前夫比利·鲍勃·桑顿和强尼·李·米勒出席自己的婚礼,报道称:;朱莉在离婚后与两人都保持着很好的朋友关系,两人将会以女方亲友的身份参加这场婚礼;Designed by Robert Procop, the flawless diamond creation is believed have cost as much as 1 million dollars and could be joined by an equally luxury design from the jeweller when the couple weds this summer;He [Robert Procop] designed her engagement ring and is likely to come up with something quite sparkly,; a source said.有趣的是,虽然朱莉十分;贴心;地邀两任前夫看自己再嫁他人,但当皮特询问自己能否请前妻詹妮弗·安妮斯顿前来观礼时,却得到了朱莉斩钉截铁的一个;NO;值得一提的是,当得知安妮斯顿与编剧男友贾斯汀·塞洛克斯也于日前订婚的消息后,皮特曾亲自打电话给安妮斯顿表示祝贺,不料这件事让朱莉知道后大发雷霆,当时朱莉也向皮特再三下达通牒:绝对不允许安妮斯顿出现在自己的婚礼上 197

Once upon a time, Americans settled around the television to enjoy a white Christmas together. Nowadays, it seems, they are too entrenched on opposite sides of the “war on Christmas”, or commoditising it to oblivion, to remember Bing Crosby’s crooning. To say the US is a civilisation divided may strike some as an overstatement.曾几何时,美国人围坐在电视机前,一起享受白色圣诞节而今,他们似乎太过沉迷于充当“向圣诞节开战”的攻防双方、或者任由圣诞节被商业化淹没,以至于无心享受宾克罗斯比(Bing Crosby)的低声吟唱对有些人而言,称美国是一个分裂的文明可能有些夸张 the most part, the country still speaks one language. Black and white, straight and gay, Jewish and Muslim all flock to the latest Star Wars movie. Interest in the Oscars and the Super Bowl obliterates sociological distinction. So too does fear of economic insecurity. These things e most Americans.基本上,这个国家仍说着同一种语言无论是黑人或是白人、异性恋者或是同性恋者、犹太人或是穆斯林,大家都涌向影院观看最新的《星球大战(Star Wars)对奥斯卡奖、超级碗(Super Bowl)的兴趣抹平了人们的社会差异对经济上缺乏保障的恐惧也是如此这些事将大多数美国人团结起来Yet the things that divide the country are growing. If you listen to the Republican presidential debate, one message overrides all. Conservatives do not just disagree with President Barack Obama — they hate him profoundly. When asked if they would back a Donald Trump nomination, even the most moderate Republican says anyone would be better than this “feckless, weakling” president, to e Chris Christie, the New Jersey governor.然而,导致美国分裂的事也在日益增多听听共和党总统候选人之间的辩论,一句话就可以涵盖所有内容保守派人士不仅不赞同巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)总统,还对他恨之入骨当被问及是否会持提名唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)为共和党候选人时,甚至最温和的共和党人都会说,任何人都强过这个“软弱无能的”总统——用新泽西州长克里斯克里斯蒂(Chris Christie)的话说Likewise, if you ask a liberal about today’s Republicans, it does not take long bee the word “stupid” is used. People who support Mr Trump are idiots. People who oppose him must be snobs. The two sides neither speak to each other, nor obtain their “inmation” from the same outlets. Facts are what you feel comtable believing. No one in your social group is likely to challenge you.同样,当你问一名自由派人士对当今共和党人的看法时,他们嘴里不一会儿就会冒出“愚蠢”一词持特朗普的人都是白痴反对特朗普的人肯定是势利小人双方阵营从不对话,也不从相同的渠道获取“信息”事实就是你觉得可以相信的事情在你所属的社会群体内部,没人会挑战你Is the idea of America as a republic of shared values under threat? It is tempting to say no. The country has gone through philosophical clashes bee and emerged stronger. It was born in the heat of one. The dispute between Thomas Jefferson, the poet of the American Revolution, and Alexander Hamilton, its chief federalist, predates the republic. It lives on in the m of conservatives who favour states’ rights and liberals who prefer a bigger role federal government.美国作为一个拥有共同价值观的共和国的理念受到威胁了吗?人们很容易说:没有历史上的美国经历过理念之争,之后变得愈发强大当年美国就是在一场白热化的理念之争中诞生的美国革命的奠基人托马斯瀠遧逊(Thomas Jefferson)与联邦党创始人亚历山大汉密尔顿(Alexander Hamilton)之间的分歧在美国独立之前就存在了如今它依然存在于持各州权利的保守派阵营与偏向扩大联邦政府权限的自由派阵营之间History began in 76 and itself within the same reference points. That argument will be on display again in between Hillary Clinton and whichever Republican is nominated. According to this view, it is wise to be complacent. However cacophonous the noise, it will be drowned out by history’s drumbeat to an ever-closer union.历史始于76年,如今在相同的参照标准下重新上演——这种争论将在年希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)与最终获得提名的共和党总统候选人之间重现照这种看法,自满是明智的无论杂音有多么刺耳,都会被迈向更紧密联盟的历史鼓声淹没And yet. It is hard to listen to today’s poisonous exchanges and imagine them petering out any time soon. Mr Trump cannot be uninvented. The last Republican debate sounded more like the launch of the Tenth Crusade than a question of which candidate had the best ideas to stabilise the Middle East.然而,听一听如今这些恶毒的相互攻击、并想象它们会在短时间内逐渐消停是很难的特朗普的影响是不可逆转的共和党最近的一场辩论听起来更像是要发动一场十字军东征,而非哪个候选人有最好的办法使中东实现稳定Reconquering the Christian holy sites from Islam was not the sole aim of the crusades. The papacy’s other motive was to consolidate Rome’s hold over Europe. It worked. Crusaders slaughtered almost as many Jews and heretics en route to the Mediterranean as they did Saracens. By the same token, America’s debate over how to uproot Islamist terrorism is as much about defeating political enemies at home as it is coping with ground realities in the Middle East.从伊斯兰世界夺回基督教圣地并非十字军东征的唯一目的教皇的另一动机是要巩固罗马对欧洲的控制这一策略成功了在向地中海进军途中,十字军屠杀的犹太人和异教徒的数量几乎与他们屠杀的伊斯兰教徒一样多同理,美国对于如何根除伊斯兰恐怖主义的辩论不仅关乎应对中东的现实,还关乎击败国内敌手 evidence, look at Republican candidates’ solutions Syria. Leave aside their vows to “destroy”, “carpet bomb” or “obliterate” Isis. There is little practical difference what most hawkish Republicans want to do and what the Obama administration is doing. Almost no one wants to send US troops.至于据,不妨看看共和党候选人为叙利亚提出的解决方案撇开他们誓言要“消灭”、“地毯式轰炸”或“清除”伊斯兰国(ISIS),大多数鹰派共和党人想做的与奥巴马政府正在做的没有多少实际差别几乎没人希望派遣美国地面部队The debate has less to do with Syria than with Mr Obama, the most un-American president in history, according to his revilers. Whoever replaces him, even the cavalier Mr Trump, would take America back and make it great again. Aside from a little more bombing here, and a few more special ces there, it would bring about little change of policy in Syria.相比叙利亚,这场辩论在更大程度上关乎奥巴马——反对者称他是史上最欠缺美国含量的总统(反对奥巴马的人认为,)不论谁接替奥巴马(即使是傲慢的特朗普),都将重振美国,使其再度伟大但实际上,除了多进行一些轰炸,多出动一些特种部队,美国的叙利亚政策不会发生太大变化Alleging weakness on terrorism is just another rock to throw in the battle America’s soul. In their hearts, liberals think they have aly won that battle. Much like in Star Wars, the ces of demography are with them. By the early s, the US will be a majority-minority nation. With each election, whites dwindle as a share of the electorate. A liberal intellectual recently told me it will be a “mathematical impossibility” a Republican to win the White House.宣称对方在打击恐怖主义的问题上软弱,只是又一块扔进争夺美国人心之战的石头自由派人士在心中暗自认为,自己已赢得了这场斗争很像在电影《星球大战中,美国人口结构的发展方向有利于他们到本世纪0年代初,美国将成为一个少数族裔占多数的国家每次大选,白人选民的比例都会缩小一名自由派知识分子最近对我说,共和党入主白宫将是一件“在数学上不可能”的事情Such certainty brings impatience, even contempt, those who disagree. It also reinces the cultural divide. Liberals believe Tea Party conservatism is implicitly racist — and, with Mr Trump’s input, explicitly so. Yet, by assuming the loyalty of non-white Americans, liberals are guilty of racial stereotyping. By the same token, little eft is made to understand why so many white middle-class Americans have drifted away from them.这样的确定性带来了对那些持不同意见者的不耐烦,甚至是蔑视它还加剧了文化隔阂自由派人士认为,茶党保守主义是一种隐蔽的种族主义,而特朗普的加入使其变成公开的种族主义然而,通过假设非白人美国人的忠诚,自由派人士同样抱有种族成见同理,没几个自由派人士努力去理解为什么那么多美国白人中产阶级与他们渐行渐远Mr Obama has never been given saying poor white Americans are suffering from Marxian false consciousness: “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.” He has wisely never repeated that sentiment. But in the age of Trump, it has become a liberal of faith. Blue-collar Americans are either too dumb to know they are voting against their economic interests, or else knowingly prejudiced. Such are the markers of a nation that talks past itself.奥巴马曾说,贫穷的美国白人正遭受马克思主义错误意识之害:“他们变得满腹怨恨,寄望于用、宗教或者厌恶来对待与他们不一样的人”他的此番言论从未被原谅他明智地再也没有重复这种看法但在特朗普时代,这已变成自由派的一个信条蓝领美国人要么笨得不知道自己在投票损害自己的经济利益,要么故意保持偏见这些都是一个民族在自说自话的标志Which brings us back to Star Wars. Few things are more fun than watching the ces of darkness lose. That much es liberal and conservative Americans. But during this season of goodwill, it would be wise to avoid probing that analogy any further. The ce is awake and y. Let us leave it at that.这些让我们回到《星球大战没有什么能比看到黑暗势力落败更有趣这一点能够团结美国的自由派和保守派但在新旧交接之际,避免进一步做这种类比是明智的力量已经苏醒,而且已经准备好让我们到此为止 038Just yesterday we found out that Steven Soderbergh was being lined up to direct an adaptation of 60s TV series The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which followed the adventures of American and Russian members of a secret agency called the ed Network Command Law amp; Encement (U.N.C.L.E.). Now The Playlist has uncovered some more details on the adaptation including word that George Clooney, who has worked with Soderbergh on Solaris, The Good German, Out of Sight and all the Ocean's Eleven films, is aly in talks to lead the project. However, it's not coming together immediately since development has only begun.   继昨日消息,导演史蒂文-索德伯格即将开拍电影版《秘密特工之后,今日又有男主角人选浮上水面据国外电影媒体报道,大帅哥乔治-克鲁尼或在此片中担任男一号,而克鲁尼和导演史蒂文已经是名副其实的“老搭档”了,两人合作的影片包括了《飞向太空、《柏林迷宫、《战略高手以及所有的《十一罗汉系列另据消息称,这部电影不仅仅是简单的重拍上世纪六十年代同名电视剧集,而计划早于十多年前已经启动,而华纳影业摒弃了之前编剧的所有剧本与索德伯格合作《告密者的编剧斯科特-Z-本恩斯目前正在重新撰写剧本   Good news comes from the fact that this won't be an adaptation that simply modernizes an old TV series, but rather will stay in the 1960's and go back to the roots of what made the original series great. Though this project has been in the works since the 90's, Warner Bros. is apparently starting from scratch and will likely not use any of the previous scripts from Max Borenstein or David Campbell Wilson. Remember, Scott Z. Burns (who wrote The Inmant! Soderbergh) is writing the new version of the script, and if we're looking at a combination of the period feel of The Limey, the star and action of Ocean's Eleven and the subtle, satirical humor of The Inmant!, then I think we're in quite a great flick.   A bit of a curveball comes along with this news though since The Playlist says The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is apparently being viewed as the last film Clooney and Soderbergh will make together. If that's the case, it sounds like Soderbergh might follow through on his talk of retirement in July of . He's certainly been firing off a lot of different projects lately, so maybe he's just making one last marathon run of features bee leaving the film industry. It'll be quite disappointing to see him go, but at least he still has Liberace and hopefully this new project with Clooney to keep him around a few more years. We'll keep you posted as this project continues development. Interested in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with George Clooney?  而另有媒体报道,这部《秘密特工或许是乔治-克鲁尼与史蒂文-索德伯格的“合作绝唱”,这不禁让人联想起导演在年7月时谈到自己的退休计划索德伯格最近推掉了不少电影计划,看起来《秘密特工或许真是他告别影坛之作 8668

A new study suggests the proliferation of gay and transgender characters in films and television shows has not prevented gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender actors from experiencing discrimination in Hollywood.最新的一项研究表明,好莱坞影视剧中同性恋、变性人的角色变多,并没有改善他们在圈子里被歧视的状况The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists commissioned the survey, released Friday. It found that more than half of the actors who identify as gay, bisexual and transgender think directors and producers are biased against them.美国演员公会美国电视和广播艺术家联合会发起的这项调查,调查结果于周五发布结果显示,有一般以上的同性、双性和变性演员认为导演和制作人对他们有偏见More than one-third of the actors who dont fall into those categories agreed with that perception.有三分之一以上异性恋和非变性人的演员认同这样的看法Only percent of the gay, bisexual and transgender respondents, however, said they had experienced discrimination. Gay men reported the most, with about one-fifth saying they had been discriminated against.不过,只有%的同性恋、双性恋和变性人演员表示他们自己受到过歧视而这其中有五分之一的人是同性恋身份The online survey of nearly 5,700 SAFTRA members also found that more than half of the gay, transgender and bisexual respondents had heard producers and directors make anti-gay comments while working on-set.共有5700位美国演员工会(S)和美国电视与广播演员联合会(AFTRA)的成员参与了这次网络调查有一般以上的同性、变性和双性参与者表示曾在片场听到过制作人和导演反对同性恋的言论;The survey results show both progress and indications that more work will be necessary to make the workplace an equal and fully welcoming place LGBT permers,; M. V. Lee Badgett, a University of Massachusetts, Amherst economics professor said. ;The good news is that almost no one thought that opporties LGBT actors were getting worse.;“调查结果不仅显示了我们在为 LGBT(同性恋、双性恋及变性者群体)演员营造公平和友好的环境中取得的进步,同时也表明了我们的诸多不足”马萨诸塞州大学(艾莫斯特市)经济学教授 M.V. Lee Badgett 说,“好消息是没有人认为对 LGBT 演员来说环境变得更差了”Of the 5,69 participants, 65 identified as gay men, 61 as lesbians, and seven as transgender. Another 301 men and women described themselves as bisexual.在569名参与者中,有65名男同性恋、61名女同性恋和7名变性人另有301位男性和女性表示他们是双性恋The survey also revealed that despite concerns about being typecast, two-thirds of the gay actors who had played gay characters felt that it had not harmed their careers or limited the roles they were offered. Nine percent of the gay men and lesbians said they had been turned down roles during the past five years because of their sexual orientations.调查显示尽管同性恋饰演同性恋角色可能会有被定型的风险,三分之二的演员表示他们的职业生涯并没有被影响,他们并未被局限在某种角色中百分之九的男女同性恋演员表示在过去的五年中,他们有过因为性向被退角的经历 5863

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