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Right now in Washington, our Senate and House of Representatives are both debating proposals for health insurance reform. Today, I want to speak with you about the stakes of this debate, for our people and for the future of our nation.This is an issue that affects the health and financial well-being of every single American and the stability of our entire economy.It’s about every family unable to keep up with soaring out of pocket costs and premiums rising three times faster than wages. Every worker afraid of losing health insurance if they lose their job, or change jobs. Everyone who’s worried that they may not be able to get insurance or change insurance if someone in their family has a pre-existing condition.It’s about a woman in Colorado who told us that when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her insurance company – the one she’d paid over 0 a month to – refused to pay for her treatment. She had to use up her retirement funds to save her own life.It’s about a man from Maryland who sent us his story – a middle class college graduate whose health insurance expired when he changed jobs. During that time, he needed emergency surgery, and woke up ,000 in debt – debt that has left him unable to save, buy a home, or make a career change.It’s about every business forced to shut their doors, or shed jobs, or ship them overseas. It’s about state governments overwhelmed by Medicaid, federal budgets consumed by Medicare, and deficits piling higher year after year.This is the status quo. This is the system we have today. This is what the debate in Congress is all about: Whether we’ll keep talking and tinkering and letting this problem fester as more families and businesses go under, and more Americans lose their coverage. Or whether we’ll seize this opportunity – one we might not have again for generations – and finally pass health insurance reform this year, in .Now we know there are those who will oppose reform no matter what. We know the same special interests and their agents in Congress will make the same old arguments, and use the same scare tactics that have stopped reform before because they profit from this relentless escalation in health care costs. And I know that once you’ve seen enough ads and heard enough people yelling on TV, you might begin to wonder whether there’s a grain of truth to what they’re saying. So let me take a moment to answer a few of their arguments.First, the same folks who controlled the White House and Congress for the past eight years as we ran up record deficits will argue – believe it or not – that health reform will lead to record deficits. That’s simply not true. Our proposals cut hundreds of billions of dollars in unnecessary spending and unwarranted giveaways to insurance companies in Medicare and Medicaid. They change incentives so providers will give patients the best care, not just the most expensive care, which will mean big savings over time. And we have urged Congress to include a proposal for a standing commission of doctors and medical experts to oversee cost-saving measures.I want to be very clear: I will not sign on to any health plan that adds to our deficits over the next decade. And by helping improve quality and efficiency, the reforms we make will help bring our deficits under control in the long-term.Those who oppose reform will also tell you that under our plan, you won’t get to choose your doctor – that some bureaucrat will choose for you. That’s also not true. Michelle and I don’t want anyone telling us who our family’s doctor should be – and no one should decide that for you either. Under our proposals, if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. If you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance. Period, end of story.Finally, opponents of health reform warn that this is all some big plot for socialized medicine or government-run health care with long lines and rationed care. That’s not true either. I don’t believe that government can or should run health care. But I also don’t think insurance companies should have free reign to do as they please.That’s why any plan I sign must include an insurance exchange: a one-stop shopping marketplace where you can compare the benefits, cost and track records of a variety of plans – including a public option to increase competition and keep insurance companies honest – and choose what’s best for your family. And that’s why we’ll put an end to the worst practices of the insurance industry: no more yearly caps or lifetime caps; no more denying people care because of pre-existing conditions; and no more dropping people from a plan when they get too sick. No longer will you be without health insurance, even if you lose your job or change jobs.The good news is that people who know the system best are rallying to the cause of change. Just this past week, the American Nurses Association, representing millions of nurses across America, and the American Medical Association, representing doctors across our nation, announced their support because they’ve seen first-hand the need for health insurance reform.They know we cannot continue to cling to health industry practices that are bankrupting families, and undermining American businesses, large and small. They know we cannot let special interests and partisan politics stand in the way of reform – not this time around.The opponents of health insurance reform would have us do nothing. But think about what doing nothing, in the face of ever increasing costs, will do to you and your family.So today, I am urging the House and the Senate, Democrats and Republicans, to seize this opportunity, and vote for reform that gives the American people the best care at the lowest cost; that reins in insurance companies, strengthens businesses and finally gives families the choices they need and the security they deserve.Thanks.07/78246President's Radio AddressTHE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Our Nation is dealing with a serious financial crisis. Over the past month, Americans have witnessed fast-moving events involving complicated financial issues. I know many of you are concerned about your finances. So this morning, I want to tell you how we're addressing the uncertainty in our economy.The federal government has responded to this crisis with systematic and aggressive measures to protect the financial security of the American people. These actions will take more time to have their full impact. But they are big enough and bold enough to work.The primary focus of our efforts is addressing the underlying problem behind the freeze in our credit markets. Earlier this month, Congress passed bipartisan legislation authorizing the Treasury Department to use up to 0 billion to help banks rebuild capital. This week, I announced that the Treasury will use a portion of that money to inject capital directly into banks by purchasing equity shares. This new capital will help banks continue making loans to businesses and consumers. In addition, the Treasury will use part of the 0 billion to purchase some of the troubled assets that are weighing down banks' balance sheets and clogging the financial system. This extraordinary effort is designed with one overriding purpose: to help banks get loans flowing to American consumers and businesses, so they can create jobs and grow our economy. I know many Americans have reservations about the government's approach, especially about allowing the government to hold shares in private banks. As a strong believer in free markets, I would oppose such measures under ordinary circumstances. But these are no ordinary circumstances. Had the government not acted, the hole in our financial system would have grown larger, families and businesses would have had an even tougher time getting loans, and ultimately the government would have been forced to respond with even more drastic and costly measures later on. So I decided that government had to move, but that government's involvement in individual banks had to have prudent limits.The government's involvement is limited in size. The government will only buy a small percentage of shares in banks that choose to participate, so that private investors retain majority ownership.The government's involvement is limited in scope. The government will not exercise control over any private firm, and federal officials will not have a seat around your local bank's boardroom table. The shares owned by the government will have voting rights that can be used only to protect the taxpayer's investment -- not to direct the firm's operations.The government's involvement is limited in duration. It includes provisions to encourage banks to buy their shares back from the government when the markets stabilize and they can raise money from private investors. This will ensure that banks have an incentive to find private capital to replace the taxpayer's investment -- and to do so quickly.I know many of you are also concerned about the price tag of this rescue package. Ultimately, we believe the final cost will be significantly less than the initial investment. Many of the troubled assets that the government buys will increase in value as the market recovers. That means the government eventually will be able to resell them for a higher price. In addition, the government will receive quarterly dividends from the equity shares it purchases in financial institutions. If banks do not repurchase these shares within five years, the dividends they owe the government will increase substantially. This provides a clear incentive for banks to buy back their shares, thus returning the money to taxpayers, as soon as possible.In the long run, the American people can have confidence that our economy will bounce back. America is the best place in the world to start and run a business, the most attractive destination for investors around the globe, and home to the most talented, enterprising, and creative workers in the world. We're a country where all people have the freedom to realize their potential and chase their dreams. This promise has defined our Nation since its founding, this promise will guide us through the challenges we face today, and this promise will continue to define our Nation for generations to come.Thank you for listening.200810/53311


  Together, we discovered that a free market only thrives when there are rules to ensure competition and fair play.我们一起发现,只有确保竞争和公平的法规健全,自由市场才能欣欣向荣。 Together, we resolved that a great nation must care for the vulnerable, and protect its people from life’s worst hazards and misfortune.我们一同决定,一个伟大国家必须关照弱者,并保护我们的人民免受生活中最严重的危险和不幸。Through it all, we have never relinquished our skepticism of central authority,在做这一切的时候,我们从来没有放弃对政府集中权力的怀疑,nor have we succumbed to the fiction that all society’s ills can be cured through government alone.我们也没有屈就于那种相信只靠政府就可以解决所有社会弊病的幻想。Our celebration of initiative and enterprise, our insistence on hard work and personal responsibility, these are constants in our character.我们一直保持着自己的秉性,推崇创造力和企业家精神,坚持辛勤工作和个人责任。But we have always understood that when times change, so must we;但是我们也很明白,随着时代的变化,我们也必须变化;that fidelity to our founding principles requires new responses to new challenges; that preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action. 我们出于对基本原则的忠诚,需要对新的挑战做出新的回应;我们为保护个人自由就最终需要集体作出努力。For the American people can no more meet the demands of today’s world by acting alone than American soldiers could have met the forces of fascism or communism with muskets and militias. 美国人民如果再单打独斗去应付当今世界的挑战,等于让美国军队以长和民兵组织去面对法西斯主义或共产主义的武装。No single person can train all the math and science teachers we’ll need to equip our children for the future,没有任何一个个人有能力训练出我们后代的教育需要的所有数学和科学教师,or build the roads and networks and research labs that will bring new jobs and businesses to our shores. 或者建造出能把新的工作和商业机会带给我们的道路、网络、实验室。Now, more than ever, we must do these things together, as one nation and one people.现在比以往任何时候都需要我们共同努力,作为一个国家人民的整体,来做这些事情。This generation of Americans has been tested by crises that steeled our resolve and proved our resilience. 我们这一代美国人经历过危机的考验,这些危机坚定了我们的决心,也明了我们的耐力。A decade of war is now ending. An economic recovery has begun. 长达10年的战争即将结束,经济复苏已经开始。America’s possibilities are limitless, for we possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands: 美国的潜力是无限的,因为我们拥有这个全球化的世界需要的所有特质:youth and drive; diversity and openness; an endless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention.我们年轻有动力,多元而开放,我们有应对危机的无限能力和创新发展的天赋。My fellow Americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it so long as we seize it together.美国同胞们,我们为这个时刻而生,只要我们共同努力,我们就能牢牢抓住这个机会。For we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it.我们美国人知道,我们的国家不可能在只有越来越少的人富有、越来越多的人捉襟见肘的情况下取得成功,04/438461

  President Bush Departs for EuropeTHE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Im just about to leave for Europe. Im looking forward to my trip. Im looking forward to meeting with our friends and allies. Weve got strong relations in Europe, and this trip will help solidify those relations. And we got a lot to talk about.First, Im looking forward to talking about the freedom agenda with the European nations. Got a lot of work to do in Afghanistan. The countries Im going to have committed troops to Afghanistan, and, of course, want to thank them, and remind them theres a lot of work to be done. I talked to Laura yesterday, who, as you now know, took a trip to Afghanistan. I want to thank her for going. She gave me a good assessment about what she saw. She saw progress, but she also saw there needs to be a lot of work to be done -- theres a lot of work to be done. And so shes going to go to the Paris Conference, along with Secretary Rice, on our behalf to ask nations to contribute to the development of Afghanistan, which will mean theyll be contributing to peace.Then, of course, well be talking about the economy. A lot of Americans are concerned about our economy. I can understand why. Gasoline prices are high; energy prices are high. I do remind them that we have put a stimulus package forward that is expected to help boost the economy. And of course, well be monitoring the situation.Well remind our friends and allies overseas that were all too dependent on hydrocarbons. We must work to advance technologies to help us become less dependent on hydrocarbons. Ill also remind them, though, that the ed States has an opportunity to help increase the supply of oil on the market, therefore, taking pressure off gasoline for hardworking Americans, and that Ive proposed to the Congress that they open up ANWR, open up the Continental Shelf, and give this country a chance to help us through this difficult period by finding more supplies of crude oil, which will take the pressure off the price of gasoline.These are global issues well be discussing. Secretary Paulson will be also discussing issues at the G8 -- the G8 ministers in Japan this week.As well, Ill talk about our nations commitment to a strong dollar. A strong dollar is in our nations interests. It is in the interests of the global economy. Our economy is large and its open and flexible. Our capital markets are some of the deepest and most liquid. And the long-term health and strong foundation of our economy will shine through and be reflected in currency values.The U.S. economy has continued to grow in the face of unprecedented challenges. We got to keep our economies flexible; both the U.S. economy and European economies need to be flexible in order to deal with todays challenges.Im looking forward to my trip and Im looking forward to seeing Laura. Thank you.200806/41928。


  THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. This Memorial Day weekend, kids will be out of school, moms and dads will be firing up the grill, and families across our country will mark the unofficial beginning of summer. But as we do, we should all remember the true purpose of this holiday -- to honor the sacrifices that make our freedom possible.   On Monday, I will commemorate Memorial Day by visiting Arlington National Cemetery, where I will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. The tomb is the final resting place of three brave American soldiers who lost their lives in combat. The names of these veterans of World War I, World War II, and the Korean War are known only to God. But their valor is known to us all.   Throughout American history, this valor has preserved our way of life and our sacred freedoms. It was this valor that won our independence. It was this valor that removed the stain of slavery from our Nation. And it was this valor that defeated the great totalitarian threats of the last century.   Today, the men and women of our military are facing a new totalitarian threat to our freedom. In Iraq, Afghanistan, and other fronts around the world, they continue the proud legacy of those who came before them. They bear their responsibilities with quiet dignity and honor. And some have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their country.   One such hero was Sergeant First Class Benjamin Sebban of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division. As the senior medic in his squadron, Ben made sacrifice a way of life. When younger medics were learning how to insert IVs, he would offer his own arm for practice. And when the time came, Ben did not hesitate to offer his fellow soldiers far more. (%bk%)  On March 17, 2007, in Iraq's Diyala province, Ben saw a truck filled with explosives racing toward his team of paratroopers. He ran into the open to warn them, exposing himself to the blast. Ben received severe wounds, but this good medic never bothered to check his own injuries. Instead, he devoted his final moments on this earth to treating others. Earlier this week, in a ceremony at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, I had the honor of presenting Sergeant Sebban's mom with the Silver Star that he earned.   No words are adequate to console those who have lost a loved one serving our Nation. We can only offer our prayers and join in their grief. We grieve for the mother who hears the sound of her child's 21-gun salute. We grieve for the husband or wife who receives a folded flag. We grieve for a young son or daughter who only knows dad from a photograph.   One holiday is not enough to commemorate all of the sacrifices that have been made by America's men and women in uniform. No group has ever done more to defend liberty than the men and women of the ed States Armed Forces. Their bravery has done more than simply win battles. It has done more than win wars. It has secured a way of life for our entire country. These heroes and their families should be in our thoughts and prayers on a daily basis, and they should receive our loving thanks at every possible opportunity.   This Memorial Day, I ask all Americans to honor the sacrifices of those who have served you and our country. One way to do so is by joining in a moment of remembrance that will be marked across our country at 3:00 p.m. local time. At that moment, Major League Baseball games will pause, the National Memorial Day parade will halt, Amtrak trains will blow their whistles, and buglers in military cemeteries will play Taps. You can participate by placing a flag at a veteran's grave, taking your family to the battlefields where freedom was defended, or saying a silent prayer for all the Americans who were delivered out of the agony of war to meet their Creator. Their bravery has preserved the country we love so dearly.   Thank you for listening. 200806/41816THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. This is an historic time for our Nation's economy. Last week, we learned that September was America's 49th consecutive month of job creation -- the longest uninterrupted period of job growth on record. And on Thursday, we learned that the American economy set a new record for exports in a single month. Millions of American jobs depend on exports. More exports support better and higher-paying jobs -- and to keep our economy expanding, we need to keep expanding trade. This week, I traveled to Miami to discuss the importance of trade and to call on Congress to pass new free trade agreements. In January of 2001, America had trade agreements in force with three countries. Now we have agreements in force with 14 countries, including seven in Latin America. And Congress now has an opportunity to increase America's access to markets in our hemisphere by passing three more free trade agreements in Latin America with Peru, Colombia, and Panama. These three agreements will expand America's access to 75 million customers. These 75 million customers are the equivalent of the populations of California, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and Massachusetts combined. The first of the new Latin American trade agreements that my Administration negotiated is with Peru. This agreement would level the playing field for American businesses and workers and farmers. While almost all Peruvian exports to the ed States now enter duty-free, most American exports to Peru face significant tariffs. The free trade agreement would immediately eliminate most of Peru's industrial tariffs, as well as many of its barriers to U.S. agriculture exports, and make American products more affordable and more competitive in that country. The second of the new Latin American trade agreements that my Administration negotiated is with Colombia. Colombia is now our fifth largest trading partner in Latin America and the largest market for U.S. agricultural exports in South America. The free trade agreement with Colombia would immediately eliminate tariffs on more than 80 percent of American industrial and consumer exports. It would provide significant new duty-free access for American crops. And for the first time in history, U.S. companies would be able to compete on a level playing field. The third of the new Latin American trade agreements that my Administration negotiated is with Panama. This agreement will immediately eliminate tariffs on 88 percent of our industrial and consumer goods exports to Panama. It will increase access for American farmers and ranchers. And it will open opportunities for American businesses to participate in the multi-billion dollar project to expand the Panama Canal. As we work to pass these trade agreements with nations in Latin America, we'll also work to pass a landmark free trade agreement with an ally in the Far East -- South Korea. This agreement would open up one of the world's most powerful economies to more American goods and services exports. This agreement is projected to add more than billion to America's economy. And like our agreements in Latin America, this agreement would strengthen our relationship with a democratic partner in a critical part of the world. I know many Americans feel uneasy about new competition and worry that trade will cost jobs. So the Federal government is providing substantial funding for trade adjustment assistance that helps Americans make the transition from one job to the next. We are working to improve Federal job-training programs. And we are providing strong support for America's community colleges, where people of any age can go to learn new skills for a better, high-paying career. Expanding trade will help our economy grow. By passing these trade agreements, we will also serve America's security and moral interests. We will strengthen our ties with our friends. We will help counter the false populism promoted by hostile nations. And we will help young democracies show their people that freedom, openness, and the rule of law are the surest path to a better life. So I call on Congress to act quickly and get these agreements to my desk. Thank you for listening. 200801/23814

  President Bush Attends Dedication of 9/11 Pentagon MemorialTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Mr. Vice President; Secretary Gates; Madam Speaker; Justices of the Supreme Court; members of my Cabinet and administration; members of Congress; Admiral Mullen and the Joint Chiefs; Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, a first responder on September the 11th, 2001; directors of the Pentagon Memorial Fund -- Mr. Chairman, congratulations; families and friends of the fallen; distinguished guests; fellow citizens: Laura and I are honored to be with you.Seven years ago at this hour, a doomed airliner plunged from the sky, split the rock and steel of this building, and changed our world forever. The years that followed have seen justice delivered to evil men and battles fought in distant lands. But each day on this year -- each year on this day, our thoughts return to this place. Here, we remember those who died. And here, on this solemn anniversary, we dedicate a memorial that will enshrine their memory for all time.Building this memorial took vision and determination -- and Americans from every corner of our country answered the call. Two young architects in New York City came up with the design. A foundry near St. Louis cast the steel. An Iraqi immigrant in Illinois gave the metal its luster. And citizens from across our nation made contributions large and small to build this graceful monument.The Pentagon Memorial will stand as an everlasting tribute to 184 innocent souls who perished on these grounds. The benches here bear each of their names. And beneath each bench is a shimmering pool filled with the water of life -- a testament to those who were taken from us, and to their memories that will live on in our hearts.For the families and friends of the fallen, this memorial will be a place of remembrance. Parents will come here to remember children who boarded Flight 77 for a field trip and never emerged from the wreckage. Husbands and wives will come here to remember spouses who left for work one morning and never returned home. People from across our nation will come here to remember friends and loved ones who never had the chance to say goodbye.A memorial can never replace what those of you mourning a loved one have lost. We pray that you will find some comfort amid the peace of these grounds. We pray that you will find strength in knowing that our nation will always grieve with you.For all our citizens, this memorial will be a reminder of the resilience of the American spirit. As we walk among the benches, we will remember there could have been many more lives lost. On a day when buildings fell, heroes rose: Pentagon employees ran into smoke-filled corridors to guide their friends to safety. Firefighters rushed up the stairs of the World Trade Center as the towers neared collapse. Passengers aboard Flight 93 charged the cockpit and laid down their lives to spare countless others. One of the worst days in America's history saw some of the bravest acts in Americans' history. We'll always honor the heroes of 9/11. And here at this hallowed place, we pledge that we will never forget their sacrifice.We also honor those who raised their hands and made the noble decision to defend our nation in a time of war. When our enemies attacked the Pentagon, they pierced the rings of this building. But they could not break the resolve of the ed States Armed Forces. Since 9/11, our troops have taken the fight to the terrorists abroad so we do not have to face them here at home. Thanks to the brave men and women, and all those who work to keep us safe, there has not been another attack on our soil in 2,557 days. (Applause.)For future generations, this memorial will be a place of learning. The day will come when most Americans have no living memory of the events of September the 11th. When they visit this memorial, they will learn that the 21st century began with a great struggle between the forces of freedom and the forces of terror. They will learn that this generation of Americans met its duty -- we did not tire, we did not falter, and we did not fail. They will learn that freedom prevailed because the desire for liberty lives in the heart of every man, woman, and child on Earth.We can be optimistic about the future because we've seen the character and courage of those who defend liberty. We have been privileged to live amongst those who have volunteered to sp the foundation of peace and justice, which is freedom.Seven years ago this morning, police officer Cecil Richardson was on duty here at the Pentagon. He saw the terror that day with his own eyes. He says on some nights he can still smell the burning metal and smoke. Not long ago, he wrote me saying, "I remember the reasons we fight. I remember the losses we felt. And I remember the peace we will have."That day of peace will come. And until it does, we ask a loving God to watch over our troops in battle. We ask Him to comfort the families who mourn. And we ask Him to bless our great land.And now it's my honor to dedicate the Pentagon Memorial. (Applause.)200809/48374Remarks by the President on ProcurementRoom 350Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building10:20 A.M. ESTTHE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Even if these were the best of times, budget reform would be long overdue in Washington. And we have here some folks who have been working on these issues for a long time.But these are far from the best of times. By any measure, my administration inherited a fiscal disaster. When we walked in the door we found a budget deficit of .3 trillion, the largest in American history. And this fiscal burden has been compounded by the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression. It's a crisis that requires us to take swift and aggressive action to put Americans back to work, and to make the long-delayed investments in energy, health care and education, that can build a new foundation for growth.As we get our economy moving we must also turn the tide on an era of fiscal irresponsibility so that we can sustain our recovery, enhance accountability and avoid leaving our children a mountain of debt. And that's why even as we make the necessary investments to put our economy back on track, we're proposing significant changes that will help bring the yawning deficits we inherited under control. We are cutting what we don't need to make room for what we do.The budget plan I outlined next week includes trillion in deficit reduction. It reduces discretionary spending for non-defense programs as a share of the economy that -- by more than 10 percent over the next decade, to the lowest level in nearly half a century. I want to repeat that. I want to make sure everybody catches this, because I think sometimes the chatter on the cable stations hasn't been clear about this. My budget reduces discretionary spending for non-defense programs as a share of the economy by more than 10 percent over the next decade, and it will take it to the lowest level in nearly half a century.In addition, today I'm announcing that part of this deficit reduction will include reforms in how government does business, which will save the American people up to billion each year. It starts with reforming our broken system of government contracting. There is a fundamental public trust that we must uphold. The American people's money must be spent to advance their priorities -- not to line the pockets of contractors or to maintain projects that don't work.Recently that public trust has not always been kept. Over the last eight years, government spending on contracts has doubled to over half a trillion dollars. Far too often, the spending is plagued by massive cost overruns, outright fraud, and the absence of oversight and accountability. In some cases, contracts are awarded without competition. In others, contractors actually oversee other contractors. We are spending money on things that we don't need, and we're paying more than we need to pay. And that's completely unacceptable.This problem cuts across the government, but I want to focus on one particular example, and that is the situation in defense contracting. Now, I want to be clear, as Commander-in-Chief, I will do whatever it takes to defend the American people, which is why we've increased funding for the best military in the history of the world. We'll make new investments in 21st century capabilities to meet new strategic challenges. And we will always give our men and women the -- in uniform, the equipment and the support that they need to get the job done.But I reject the false choice between securing this nation and wasting billions of taxpayer dollars. And in this time of great challenges, I recognize the real choice between investments that are designed to keep the American people safe and those that are designed to make a defense contractor rich.Last year, the Government Accountability Office, GAO, looked into 95 major defense projects and found cost overruns that totaled 5 billion. Let me repeat: That's 5 billion in wasteful spending. And this wasteful spending has many sources. It comes from investments and unproven technologies. It comes from a lack of oversight. It comes from influence peddling and indefensible no-bid contracts that have cost American taxpayers billions of dollars.In Iraq, too much money has been paid out for services that were never performed, buildings that were never completed, companies that skimmed off the top. At home, too many contractors have been allowed to get away with delay after delay after delay in developing unproven weapon systems.03/63772

  If I had a magic wishHonorable judges, ladies and gentlemen,The fairytale of Aladdin has always been my childhood favorite. I was mesmerized by how Aladdin used his three magic wishes. As a small girl, I dreamed of having the magic wishes to go wherever I wanted to go and see whatever I wanted to see. As you can probably guess, I haven’t found my genie in the lamp yet, however, I have found something just as exciting and it has made marvelous changes in not only my life, but the lives of all human-beings. It is called technology.I still remember how my father told me about his childhood back in those days when China was not as open and developed as it is now. Children would run for kilometers to school, make toys with wood by themselves, and the biggest dream of a child was holding two jars of sugar, one white, the other brown in each arm and having the choice of eating whichever he wanted. Just look at what we have now. Magnificent technological advancement has opened up a whole new world to us.However, just as our lives become more convenient, problems arise from this new life style. We seem to be caged in the modern technology; we are thinking alike as a result of using the same search engine, we are getting lazy as most of our work can be done by machines, and we are alienating people around us for we are more comfortable talking on phones and typing in front of a computer.If I was given the chance to make my magic wishes now, I would wish we could go back in time and live for three days without advanced technology. I wonder what we would do in those three days. Here is what I imagine:On the first day, people would be feeling so uncomfortable with the new situation that they would probably be confused and just not know what to do. The world would be in a mess for the whole day.On the second day, as life goes on, people would have to find alternative ways to deal with their daily rituals: students would have to go to libraries for information they wanted instead of searching on Google; boys would have to express their affection to girls in person instead of sending an annoying txt message; and the young people of today would have the chance to experience the childhood of their parents. On this particular day, we could recover all we had lost in the modern world.Then comes the third day. After the previous two days, we would gradually come to realize that we should have paid more attention to our studies and work as we actually have so much creativity and potential within ourselves. We would also realize that we should have spent more time with a friend, a parent or a child as we do love them, but we don’t really understand them due to the lack of personal communication. We shouldn’t have been so dependent on modern technology as it wasn’t invented to confine us, but to inspire us. This last day would be spent in sparks of new ideas and sweet moments with our loved ones.Maybe some would argue that it is just my imagination, and that magic would never work in our world. True, but magic can always work in our hearts, helping us understand that we, instead of the machine, are the masters of the world. The key is to treasure our human initiative and connections, to see the world with our own eyes, explore the unknown with our minds and treat others with our hearts. Just like Aladdin didn’t choose to use magic to gain a happy life, we can make our choice, too. And when we do, we will live, as in the fairy tales, happily ever after. Thank you.05/71901

  President Obama lays out his priorities for the coming discussion about tax cuts, calling for compromise but making clear he cannot accept 0 billion in deficits or an increase in middle class taxes.Download Video: mp4 (106MB) | mp3 (3MB) 201011/117495。


  In our whole system,national and State,在我们的整个体系中,无论是国家的还是州立的,we have shunned all the defects which unceasingly preyed on the vitals and destroyed the ancient Republics.我们已避免了所有那些不停地危及利害,颠覆古代共和国的缺陷。In them there were distinct orders,a nobility and a people,它们中有明显的不同制度:或是一个贵族和一个民众,or the people governed in one assembly.或是由一个议会来管理民众。Thus,in the one instance there was a perpetual conflict between the orders in society for the ascendency,这样,在一个情况下社会的各阶级之间存在着无休止的冲突,in which the victory of either terminated in the overthrow of the government and the ruin of the state;其中任何一方的胜利都会造成推翻政府和国家覆亡;in the other,in which the people governed in a body,而在另一个情况下,人民由一个政体来统治,and whose dominions seldom exceeded the dimensions of a county in one of our States,而且其领土极少超过我们某个州的一个县的大小,a tumultuous and disorderly movement permitted only a transitory existence.喧闹而混乱的运动只允许一个短暂的生存。In this great nation there is but one order,that of the people,whose power,在我们这一伟大的国家只有一个制度,人民的制度;by a peculiarly happy improvement of the representative principle,is transferred from them,通过一个对代表制度非常完善的改进,按自由,开明,高效的政府的需要。without impairing in the slightest degree their sovereignty,to bodies of their own creation,他们的权利完全地被转移到他们自己所创立的多个政体,and to persons elected by themselves,in the full extent necessary for all the purposes of free,enlightened and efficient government.和他们选出的人员中,而没有丝毫损害他们的主权。The whole system is elective,the complete sovereignty being in the people,整个体制以选举为基础,主权彻底属于人民,and every officer in every department deriving his authority from and being responsible to them for his conduct.而且每个部门的每个官员的权力都来自于他们,并要对他们负责其行为举止。Our career has correspond with this great outline.我们的事业和这一宏伟的大纲相一致。Perfection in our organization could not have been expected in the outset either in the National or State Governments or in tracing the line between their respective powers.不能期望一开始在国家或州立的政府中,或是在它们各自权力之间的界线追溯中就完善我们的组织。But no serious conflict has arisen,nor any contest but such as are managed by argument and by a fair appeal to the good sense of the people,但是,我们没有严重的冲突,也没有任何纷争;而且这些可通过辨论处理,也通过公正地求助于民众的理智来解决。and many of the defects which experience had clearly demonstrated in both Governments have been remedied,并且我们也医治了许多以往经历中以上两种政府所显示出的缺点。By steadily pursuing this course in this spirit there is every reason to believe that our system will soon attain the highest degree of perfection of which human institutions are capable,通过坚定地以此精神实行此路线,我们完全有理由相信,我们的体制将很快达到人类机构所可能达到的最高程度的完善,and that the movement in all its branches will exhibit such a degree of order and harmony as to command the admiration and respect of the civilized world.并且,其所有分部的发展将展示一定程度的条理和谐调,以致引来文明世界的羡慕和尊敬。Entering with these views the office which I have just solemnly sworn to execute with fidelity and to the utmost of my ability,带着这些想法,即将进入我刚庄严宣誓要以忠心并尽我所能来履行的职责,I derive great satisfaction from a knowledge that I shall be assisted in the several Departments by the very enlightened and upright citizens from whom I have received so much aid in the preceding term.我因确信我将在多个部门中得到一组非常开明和正直的公民的辅助而感到非常满意。我的前任已给了我很多帮助。With full confidence in the continuance of that candor and generous indulgence from my fellow citizens at large which I have heretofore experienced,完全相信我至今为止所受到的同胞们普遍的坦诚和慷慨宽容会延续下去,and with a firm reliance on the protection of Almighty God.并坚定地依靠全能上帝的保护,I shall forthwith commence the duties of the high trust to which you have called me.现在我就将开始你们召唤我上任的被赋予如此高度信任的职务。01/436176


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