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江汉大学附属第三医院龟头炎症武汉哪家正规医院可做包皮手术俄罗斯全面禁售杜蕾斯,战斗民族用啥“战斗”? -- 19:39: 来源: 俄罗斯卫生部门宣布,杜蕾斯由于产品等级流程不完善,即日起全面禁售战斗民族该用啥“战斗”? Russia has banned the widely popular Durex condoms over a bureaucratic issue regarding the products’ registration, according to the country’s health authorities.俄罗斯卫生部门宣布,俄境内广泛使用的杜蕾斯避套由于产品登记的官方原因,即日起全面禁售“They [Durex condoms] are not registered in the proper manner,” said Mikhail Murashko, the head of the federal healthcare watchdog, according to Russian news agencies. “The company must observe the law.”据俄罗斯新闻机构报道,俄罗斯联邦卫生监督机构高层官员Mikhail Murashko说:“他们(杜蕾斯避套)没有采取正确的登记方式”,“该公司必须遵守法律”Murashko said the condoms could be back on the market if their producer, British household goods firm Reckitt Benckiser, fulfilled the appropriate registration procedures.Murashko说,只要英国日用品公司利时杰正确完成登记流程,杜蕾斯还是可以回归俄罗斯市场的Durex is a leading condom brand on the Russian market and s one-quarter of condoms sale in the country, according to local media.据当地媒体报道,杜蕾斯是俄罗斯避套市场的一个主导品牌,约俄罗斯国内该产品领域四分之一的份额Murashko said there would be no shortage of condoms in the country because Durex is “only one of the brands” among more than 60 available.Murashko说俄罗斯不会出现避套短缺问题,因为杜蕾斯只是60多种品牌中的“其中之一而已“Russia has struggled to control sexually transmitted diseases and infections, with the total number of registered HIV cases in the country exceeded one million in late .年底,俄罗斯登记HIV感染总人数超过0万人,因而俄罗斯也在努力控制性传播疾病和感染The government’s HIVAids prevention policy focuses on treatment while neglecting prevention drives such as sex education in schools, with the number of people infected with the virus soaring as a result, experts say.专家称,政府部门的HIV艾滋病预防政策重点关注的是治疗方面,而忽略了预防措施(比如学校的性教育),导致感染爱滋病毒的人数迅速增加A public health campaign in Moscow urged people to be faithful to their partners rather than promoting condom use.年莫斯科一项公共卫生运动号召人们忠诚于伴侣,而不是推广避套的使用武汉滴虫龟头炎怎么治疗 奥巴马对阵川普:精英的胜利还是普民的逆袭? -- ::3 来源: 美国总统奥巴马和共和党假定候选人川普之间的政治斗争已经进入白热化了 Just a day after Mr Trump gave a speech on immigration and national security that included sweeping condemnations of Mr Obama’s policies, the president responded with some of his harshest criticisms to date.起先川普就移民和国家安全问题发表了一份演说,他对于奥巴马的政策给与了彻底的谴责,然而仅仅一天之后,奥巴马就用他迄今而至最为严重的批评做了回应"Where does this stop?" Mr Obama asked. "The Orlando killer, one of the San Bernardino killers, the t Hood killer - they were all US citizens. Are we going to start treating all Muslim-Americans differently? Are we going to start subjecting them to special surveillance? Are we going to start to discriminate [against] them, because of their faith?"奥巴马问到:“什么时候才是个头啊?奥兰多案凶手、圣贝纳迪诺案的一名凶手、胡德堡案凶手--他们都是美国公民我们现在要开始对所有穆斯林美国人区别对待了吗?我们现在要开始对他们进行特别监视了吗?就因为他们的信仰,我们现在就要开始对他们进行歧视了吗?”Such views, Mr Obama said, are "not the America we want".奥巴马说,这些论点“不是我们想要的美国”As the Obama-Trump clash heats up, here are several things to keep in mind.随着奥巴马和川普之间的对决逐渐升温,有几件事我们需要铭记在心Donald Trump and Barack Obama have a history that predates the current election cycle. In early Mr Trump repeatedly circulated conspiracy theories about the authenticity of the president’s birth certificate and whether he was actually born in the US.事实上在这轮大选开始前,川普和奥巴马之间就结下了梁子早在年的时候,川普就一再流传关于奥巴马出生明真实性的阴谋论,他甚至怀疑奥巴马不是在美国出生的Later that year, at a black-tie Washington event, Mr Obama relentlessly mocked Mr Trump while the New Yorker sat stone-faced in the audience - a permance the New Yorker’s Adam Gopnik said helped motivate Mr Trump to eventually run president.那年晚些时候,在华盛顿一场正式活动上,奥巴马无情地嘲弄了川普,当时川普面色铁青地坐在宾客中间--据亚当·高普尼克透露,正是那场活动让川普最终下定决心竞选美国总统Over the past year Mr Trump has questioned Mr Obama’s competence and openly speculated about his allegiances in what he labels the war on radical Islam. As recently as Sunday, he cryptically noted that Mr Obama was either "tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind".在过去的一年里,川普质疑了奥巴马的能力,并将其所领导的战争打上了“激进伊斯兰”的标签,公开质疑奥巴马对国家的忠诚就在上周末,他隐晦地指出奥巴马既不“强硬,也不聪明,脑子里什么其他东西都没有”Mr Obama has criticised Mr Trump in the past, but his remarks on Tuesday were the sharpest, most direct of this political season. His tone was stern, his language blunt.奥巴马之前也曾批评过川普,但是周二的讲话是他这一任期内最尖锐、最直接的发言他的语气很严厉,他的措辞很直接A few hours later, Mr Trump shot back, effectively accusing Mr Obama of treason.几个小时之后,川普反击了,直截有力地指控奥巴马叛国罪The president, he said in an email to the Associated Press, "continues to prioritise our enemy over our allies, and that matter, the American people".在发给美联社的一份邮件中,川普说总统“继续把我们的敌人摆在优先于我们盟友的地位,更甚者,摆在优先于美国人民的地位”The president clearly does not like the presumptive Republican nominee - and the feeling appears to be mutual.很明显奥巴马总统不喜欢这位共和党假定候选人--而相互的,川普也不喜欢奥巴马There’s very little precedent in modern US political history a sitting president to directly and sharply criticise the opposing party’s standard-bearer in the run-up to a general election.在美国现代政治史上,很少有现任总统在大选开始前,直接、尖锐地批评反对党的候选人的先例In part that’s because there simply haven’t been many two-term presidents in recent memory - George W Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower are the only ones since World War . And of those, only Reagan and Eisenhower left office with high approval and largely free from scandal.一部分原因是因为近年来,没有多少连任两届的美国总统--乔治·W·布什、比尔·克林顿、罗纳德·里根和德怀特·艾森豪威尔是二战以来仅有的几位连任两届的总统在这些人之中,只有里根和艾森豪威尔在卸任之时获得了很大的赞誉,并且几乎没有丑闻Mr Obama is currently above 50% in most opinion polls and has been trending upward, so he is in a position to be an active and eager participant in the campaign fray. Because he’s not the nominee, he has a free hand in what he can say, and he can bring the full weight of the presidency to bear on Mr Trump.在大多数民调中奥巴马的持率都在50%以上,并且这一数据一直曾上升趋势,所以他将来能够在竞选辩论中成为一个积极、热心的参与者因为他不是提名人,所以在他的发言上没有束缚,而且他可以调动身为总统的所有优势来击败川普The Republican nominee will be effectively campaigning against two candidates - Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama. And, at least now, Mr Trump can only count on the tepid support of many of his fellow Republicans. Following Mr Obama’s remarks on Tuesday, the Republican National Committee issued a press release that made no mention of Mr Trump or his proposed immigration measures, instead focusing on the Second Amendment and firearm rights.川普实际上将要和两位民主党候选人竞争--希拉里和奥巴马然而,至少从现在来看是这样,川普只能够依靠他众多共和党同僚不温不火的持在奥巴马于周二发表讲话过后,共和党全国委员会发布了一篇新闻稿,新闻中没有提及川普和他提出的移民措施,反而关注于宪法第二修正案和权利夏天——凉面的季节 -- ::53 来源: 夏天是人们享受各种冷餐凉菜的好时候其中,过程简单、易于制作的凉面便是炎炎夏季中的最佳选择 Summer is the season to enjoy cold dishes, and cold noodles are among the easiest dishes to prepare in the hot weather.夏天是人们享受各种冷餐凉菜的好时候其中,过程简单、易于制作的凉面便是炎炎夏季中的最佳选择Cold noodle dishes in China are served as mains rather than as starter salads like the pasta salad in the Western cuisine. Making cold noodles takes only five to minutes if the sauce is aly made.和西餐烹饪的讲究不同,凉面在中国通常是作为餐桌上的主菜,并不似诸如意粉沙拉类菜系作为开饭的第一道菜制作凉面的过程也十分简单,在调味汁已经备好的前提下只需要五到十分钟即可完成There are several classic variations of cold noodle dishes across China that use different kinds of noodles, sauces and toppings. The trick to a successful bowl of cold noodles of any kind is to keep the noodles crisp and avoid starchiness and stickiness.在中国,凉面在不同的地域有不同的做法,所使用的面类、调味品和配料也有所差别但归结起来,制作凉面成功的秘诀在于保持面条的韧性与爽脆,避免让面条粘连到一起 those who love hot chilies and Sichuan peppercorns, the Sichuan style cold noodle is the go-to summer dish. Traditional Sichuan cold noodles calls noodles made with baking soda, which helps to prevent the noodles from breaking apart and makes them chewier as well.对于喜欢辣椒和四川胡椒的人们来说,四川式凉面可谓是夏季的必备美食传统意义上的四川凉面制作过程中需要使用苏打粉,防止面条断裂,保持入口的嚼劲儿和韧劲儿The noodles are boiled in hot water until they are roughly 80 percent done. Then they are sp out so they can cool down.面条通常要在沸水中翻滚一段时间,待八成熟之后将其捞出,以便更好地冷却Minced garlic paste is the must-have ingredient the sauce, which consists of minced ginger paste, chopped green onions, peppercorn powder, vinegar and soy sauce mixed together in the homemade hot chili oil, which is cooked with small red chili peppers called chao tian jiao in rapeseed oil and sesame oil seasoned by peppercorns, star anise, green onion, garlic and ginger.蒜蓉一般由姜蓉、切碎的蒜末、胡椒粉、醋和酱油等调料再加上家制的辣椒油混合调制而成,是吃凉面不可或缺的一味调味品这里的辣椒油由小型红辣椒(俗称朝天椒)在由干胡椒、八角茴香、嫩青葱、姜和蒜等调制好的菜籽油和芝麻油中烹制而成The correct layering of Sichuan cold noodles is to place the chilled noodles at the bottom of the bowl, add the mung bean sprouts in the middle and chicken on top, and pour in the hot sauce when serving the dish. One can also add shredded cucumber and radish.四川凉面正确吃法如下:首先将捞出来的冷面放入碗底,中间撒上绿豆芽,最上面铺上几块鸡胸肉,最后将热乎乎的调料汁浇在面上如果有需要还可以撒上些黄瓜丝和萝卜丝Be generous with the vinegar and sugar, the sweet and sour taste is the highlight of Sichuan cold noodles. Local people use traditional Baoning vinegar, which is flavored black vinegar brewed with rice and a number of different herbs and spices.醋和糖这两味调味品是关键四川凉面最大的特点就是口感酸甜当地人一般都使用传统的保宁醋这种醋由大米和一些不同的药草香料制成,是一种口感极佳的黑醋Sesame paste cold noodles is the traditional Beijing style dish that uses a much simpler combination of ingredients.芝麻酱凉面是老北京的地道小吃,只需要一些佐料的简单混合即可制成The most important part is the sesame paste, which must be freshly grounded using pure sesame seeds. Good quality sesame paste often has a layer of sesame oil floating on top.制作芝麻酱凉面,芝麻酱自然是必不可少这种酱料由一些干净的芝麻籽新鲜磨碎制成那些质量上乘的芝麻酱通常会在表面浮有一层轻微的芝麻油Garlic is an indispensable part of the dish. The sesame paste cold noodles uses both minced garlic paste and thinly chopped garlics.大蒜也是这道菜不可或缺的调料之一芝麻酱凉面需要蒜蓉和切得碎碎的蒜末这两味做最后调味湖北省同济医院男科挂号

武汉尿道炎男科医院修订版教科书聚焦中国传统文化 --31 ::5 来源: 从今年秋天起,来自湖南,河南,广东,辽宁和其他省市的四百多万一年级和七年级的学生将会使用修订后的语文教科书 China’s primary and secondary school Chinese language textbooks have been revised to focus more on traditional culture, according to an editor.据编辑称,中国的中小学语文教科书已经改版,更加关注传统文化Starting this autumn, more than four million first and seventh graders from Hunan, Henan,Guangdong, Liaoning and other provincial-level regions will use the new books.从今年秋天起,来自湖南,河南,广东,辽宁和其他省市的四百多万一年级和七年级的学生将会使用新课本According to Wang Xuming, president of the Language and Culture Press under the Ministry of Education,0 percent of the content in the previous edition has been changed.据教育部语言文化出版社主席王旭明称,新教材修改了0%的内容Traditional material makes up 30 percent of the revised primary school textbooks, while it increases to about 0 percent secondary school textbooks.修订的小学课本包括30%的传统文化材料,初中课本增至0%"We did so to address the needs of parents, who want their children to learn more about traditional culture," said a senior editor surnamed Zhu in charge of the middle school textbooks.一位姓朱的掌管中学课本的高级编辑说:“我们这样做是为了迎合家长的需求,他们希望孩子学习更多的传统文化”"Now many people cannot even understand the language in classical Chinese books,and parents compete to send their children to commercial training centers traditional culture,"she said.她说:“现在,很多人甚至不懂传统中文书上的语言,父母们争先恐后地把孩子送到商业性培训中心学习传统文化”China has seen a renewed interest in traditional education. A report by the Southern Metropolitan Daily said that China has more than 3,000 Sishu, or traditional private schools, in addition to training centers teaching students classical essays.中国对传统教育的兴趣已经重燃《南方都市报的一份报道称,中国有3000多家私塾或者传统私立学校作为补充培训中心,教授学生经典篇章"Demand private education grows when teaching of traditional culture in public schools is not enough," Zhu said.朱说:”当公立学校教授传统文化能力不足时,对私人教育的需求就增加了”She told Xinhua that the poetry and essays in the new books were selected not only sostudents can learn the language, but also to instruct them on philosophy.她告诉新华社,新课本中筛选出的诗歌和篇章不仅仅为了让学生学习语言,也是为了给予他们哲学上的指导Primary and middle schools in China had unim textbooks bee an education rem in 01, which allowed schools in different provinces to use different textbooks. More than ten publishers have released their own textbooks, including the Language and Culture Press.年教育改革之前,中国的中小学拥有统一的教科书,教育改革使得不同省份的学校可以使用不同的教科书十多家出版商公布了自己的教科书,包括语言文化出版社This is the first revision the press has made in more than a decade.十多年以来,这是出版社第一次修订教科书They have replaced some outdated s.他们替换了一些过时的文章Editors substituted an about the Nanjing Massacre with a better-known version by Chinese-American writer Iris Chang.编辑们用一篇更广为人知的美籍华裔作家 Iris Chang的作品替代了《南京大屠杀武汉早泄这么办 韩流天团Big Bang又来点燃舞台了 -- :6:58 来源:i1st 导读:刚刚结束一轮世界巡演,男子天团Big Bang又马不停蹄地赶来中国为粉丝们献上视听盛宴,或许这是成员们兵役前最后一轮巡演了哦,大家且听且珍惜啊~It is one of the biggest boy bands in the world. Big Bang, as US’ Fuse TV channel put it, is the South Korean pop group with “arguably the most international recognition and awards”.他们是全球最具影响力的男子组合之一Big Bang“可能是国际认可度最高,获得国际奖项最多的韩流组合”,美国音乐电视台Fuse TV这样评价道Though the band only just wrapped up its world tour with a blowout concert in Seoul, the boys are back on the road this month. Starting on March , Big Bang will once again perm in China, its Made [V.I.P] tour.虽然Big Bang刚刚在首尔以一场火爆的演唱会结束了世界巡演,但本月他们即将强势回归从3月日开始,Big Bang再次来到中国举办 Made [V.I.P]巡回演唱会This latest concert series marks Big Bang’s th anniversary as a band, but that’s not the only incentive fans to attend this time around. Rumor has it that some of the band’s members may have to enlist in military service this year, as required by South Korean law. Some fans fear that this means Big Bang is disbanding.本次巡演是为了庆祝Big Bang组合成立周年,但这并不是粉丝们观看巡演的唯一原因有传闻说,照韩国法律,部分成员将于今年开始兵役一些粉丝担心这意味着Big Bang可能面临解散Big Bang has built a large fanbase, arguably thanks to one thing: its members’ diverse personalities. Big Bang is made up of five artists: T.O.P., ; G-Dragon, 7; Taeyang, 7; Daesung, 6 and Seungri, 5.因为成员迥异的个性,Big Bang建立起了庞大的粉丝群乐队由5名歌手组成:岁的崔胜贤;7岁的权志龙;7岁的东永裴;6岁的姜大声和5岁的李胜贤Each member contributes his own musical specialty to the group. Seungri is enthusiastic about pop, while Daesung is good at soaring power ballads. Taeyang specializes in RB, G-Dragon is known his hardened, rock ’n’ roll voice, and T.O.P. is an established rapper. As US director Leroy Bennett told The Sydney Morning Herald, “They’re a group of five very talented individual artists who, when solo, are very strong, but as a group they are massive.”每个成员都为组合贡献了自己的音乐专长李胜贤痴迷流行音乐,姜大声擅长演唱电音民谣,东永裴的专长是蓝调,权志龙以他硬朗、摇滚的声线而闻名,崔胜贤则是队内的饶舌担当正如美国著名演唱会设计师勒罗伊?班尼特在接受澳大利亚《悉尼先驱晨报采访时所说,“这是一个由5名极具天赋的独立歌手组成的乐队,当他们独唱时,每个人的实力都很强,而成为一个组合后,他们的能量则更是不容小觑”During concerts, each member gets a solo moment to walk up to the front of the stage and showcase his musical talents. The boys also do their own choreography, and they show off their individual dancing skills on different parts of the stage.在演唱会上,每个成员都有一段独唱部分,他们分别走到舞台前方展现自己的音乐才华他们还会自己编舞,在舞台的各个角落展示他们独特的舞技“Big Bang is at equal strength in every position. It’s terrifying how good each member is,” US music critic Rembert Browne wrote on the website Grantland. “They have found a way to make it seem like you’re at Drake, Usher, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift concerts all together. It is quite a sight to see.”“从各个角度看,Big Bang都是一个实力均衡的组合,更可怕的是他们每一个人都异常优秀,”美国音乐人伦伯特?布朗在新闻网站Grantland上写道“他们总有办法让观众觉得听他们的演唱会就像听了一场德雷克、亚瑟小子、水果和霉霉合体表演This equal sp of talent is what makes Big Bang a K-pop trailblazer. Though the group is a product of South Korea’s star-making system, notorious pretty faces and lip-synching, Big Bang’s members have broken the mold by developing their own musical styles and looks. This is rare in K-pop.均衡的才艺让Big Bang成为了韩国流行音乐先锋韩国造星体系以卖脸和假唱闻名,虽然他们也是这种体系的产物,但Big Bang成员通过塑造自己独特的音乐风格和造型,打破了这种旧模式这在韩国流行乐坛十分罕见“Big Bang’s members consider themselves artists, not idols. They create their own songs and their own messages,” Jamaica dela Cruz, the host of SBS PopAsia, an Australian music show, noted. “That authenticity could definitely contribute to their global success.”“Big Bang的成员们认为自己是艺人,而不是偶像他们打造自己专属的歌曲和形象,”澳大利亚音乐节目《亚洲流行音乐的主持人牙买加?德拉?克鲁兹说“他们在全球范围内的成功离不开他们的真实表达”武汉医院咨询电话

武汉荆州医院男科医院双语:神奇动态椅实现“人体鼠标 ” --31 :56: 来源: We’ve had tmill desks and even human hamster wheels, each designed to stop us sitting hours on end.But the latest design, dubbed Dynamic Chair, turns the user’s whole body into a mouse so even when they’re sat down, they’re still moving.Sensors built into the exoskeleton design recognise pressure and movements, which are then used to control an on-screen pointer.The Dynamic Chair was created by designer Govert Flint from Eindhoven University, with help from programmer Sami Sabik.It was designed and built Mr Flint’s ‘Creatures with Creations’ research project.‘Although our bodies are evolved to move, we tend to design objects based on monofunctional use and posture,’ explained Mr Flint.‘Furthermore, as technology takes over more functions that merly required exertion on our part, we are left with a less useful body.‘We relegate our movements to leisure time.'Movement becomes a choice and a lifestyle, segregated from our regular lives.Sensors in the seat detect pressure and the angle of the body, while accelerometers measure and track the movement of the user’s legs.These movements are interpreted digitally, using software created by Mr Sabik, and are translated into movements on screen.Moving the hips and lowering the body’s centre of gravity, example, scrolls through pages and moves the mouse around the screen.Kicking the left and right leg corresponds with left and right clicks, and in the future, arms could control swipe pages and open windows.This vision is demonstrated in a that accompanies the researcher project.To master the type and range of movements, Mr Flint studied dancers at the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.‘Full body movement correlates with feelings of happiness,’ continued Mr Flint. ‘And yet, we spend days sitting behind a computer.’To make this more dynamic, Mr Flint’s exoskeleton chair allows the body to move freely.‘With this chair, our bodies are once again functional, stimulating regular movement.'After all, that’s what we were designed to do.’相关新闻:人们越来越注意久坐问题,各种设计也应蕴而生,跑步机办公桌、人类“仓鼠轮”等层出不穷据英国《每日邮报月3日报道,近日,又出现了一款新型动态椅(Dynamic Chair),可以把使用者的整个身体变成鼠标,这样即使坐着也在运动这套外骨骼设计中嵌入了传感器,可以识别压力和动作,由此来控制电脑屏幕上的指针荷兰埃因霍芬理工大学的设计者霍弗特·弗林特(Govert Flint)在程序员萨米·萨比克(Sami Sabik)的帮助下创造出这款动态椅这款椅子是弗林特是为“生物与创造”课题时设计和制造的弗林特解释道,“虽然我们的身体进化到可以运动,我们倾向于设计只需一种功能或姿势的物件“而且,现代科技已经取代了身体的许多功能,因而我们的身体越来越缺少运动,它越来越没用了”只有在闲暇时间我们才会运动“运动变成了一种选择,一种生活方式,离我们的日常生活越来越远”动态椅子内的传感器会感知压力以及使用者身体的角度,加速度计也会测量跟踪使用者双腿的运动使用者的每个运动都会被萨比克设计的软件解读为电脑能理解的信号,并翻译成电脑屏幕上指针运动例如,移动臀部或者降低身体重心可以控制电脑翻页,移动电脑屏幕上的鼠标踢左右腿分别相当于左击与右击鼠标,未来手臂可以控制刷新页面,打开窗口弗林特在这个研究项目的附带视频中展示了他的畅想为了掌握人体运动的种类以及范围,弗林特甚至特意研究了芭蕾舞者“全身运动会让人愉悦,但是大部分人现在整天都坐在电脑前,”弗林特称为了使这款设计更动态,弗林特将外形设计成外骨骼式,便于使用者随意运动他表示,“有了动态椅,我们的身体就又能变得实用,它促使身体就能不断的运动“毕竟,我们的身体就是用来运动的” 一名外国留学生眼中的中国学生宿舍---“史上最脏女生宿舍” -- :38:58 来源: 近日;史上最脏女生宿舍;被报道出来后,网友直呼直接秒杀男生宿舍对此,一外国留学生发表了自己的看法A recent aptly titled ;dirtiest female dorm room ever,; of a dormitory at a Chinese university, was recently uploaded and shared on social media, which attracted attention from netizens around the world the studentsrsquo; blatant display of filth and neglect.最近名为;史上最脏女生宿舍;的视频被上传到网上,因其极度脏乱吸引了全世界网民的热议The room, strewn ankle-deep with rubbish and refuse, was inhabited by female students, one whom filmed the and can be heard proclaiming, ;Our room stinks so bad that two people have decided to leave.;视频显示,某学校女生宿舍内,地面被垃圾堆满,人只能在垃圾周围勉强落脚其中一名女生正是拍摄此视频的人,说着:;我们宿舍已经熏走两个人了;Comments from concerned netizens asked how any human could live in such a place, as it was nearly impossible the students to walk through the room without tripping on the trash. As a eign student who attended Shanghairsquo;s Fudan University over six years, I can answer this question: Chinese students donrsquo;t mind living in such messy environments.对此表示关注的网友在中问道,怎么会有人能住在这样的地方,不踩在垃圾上走,都不能出宿舍而作为一名在上海复旦大学学习了6年多的外国留学生,我可以回答这个问题:中国学生并不介意住在这么脏的环境中Based on the countless dorms of Chinese classmates I visited over the years, disorderly rooms were quite common. Books and papers were everywhere, laundry was hung on clotheslines inside the rooms and old takeaway food cartons, garbage and dirty tissues were also just left around the room weeks or even months. Windows were rarely opened fresh air.这些年来,我去过无数的中国学生宿舍,杂乱的房间是相当普遍的书籍和纸张到处摆放,衣挂在宿舍内的绳子上,外卖盒、垃圾、脏纸巾在房间里已经了放了数周甚至数月窗户很少打开通风换气Chinese students often give the excuse that they are ;so busy; with their classes when asked why they donrsquo;t tidy up their living space, but usually these same students spend all their free time sleeping or playing computer games, so the truth is that they are just too lazy to clean.当问及为何不整理居住空间时,中国学生经常借口说他们学业;太忙了;,但通常这些学生把所有的空余时间用来睡觉或玩电脑游戏,所以事实是,他们只是懒得清理Having said that, I think that therersquo;s a bigger issue behind why Chinese dormitories are so disgusting and why these students donrsquo;t cherish their living space or adopt their rooms as their second home.话虽如此,为什么这些学生不珍惜自己的生活空间,把宿舍作为自己的第二个家?这背后存在着一个更大的问题First, most Chinese university dorms donrsquo;t have any central heating systems or air-conditioning s. These rooms become unbearably cold in the winters and sweltering in the summers so that nobody can bear to study in them. Instead, students usually spend their days in the well-heatedcooled library and only go back to their rooms to sleep.首先,大多数中国大学宿舍没有任何中央暖气系统或空调设施这些宿舍冬天寒冷难耐,夏天闷热至极,以至于没人忍受得了在其中学习于是,学生们通常白天在有空调的图书馆度过,只有晚上睡觉时才会回宿舍When I first arrived at Fudan, I got a kick out of seeing so many ;towelheads; walking around. And no, I donrsquo;t mean this as a derogatory insult to turban-wearing Middle Easterners but rather all the Chinese students who have to cross campus in their bath towels, sandals and basins of shampoo and soaps to and from the schoolrsquo;s showers. I learned that the Chinese students did not have their own bathrooms and had to go to another building just to bathe. Whatrsquo;s worse is that there were no private shower stalls but only public, open shower rooms where all the boys or all the girls had to bathe together.当我第一次来到复旦时,看到很多;毛巾头;,我惊呆了不,当然我这不是对戴头巾的中东人的侮辱,我指的是那些去往学校澡堂或从中出来的中国学生,他们头戴浴巾,穿着拖鞋,拿着装有洗发水和香皂的脸盆我了解到,中国学生没有自己的浴室,只好去另一栋楼洗澡更糟糕的是,澡堂里有没有私人淋浴间,所有的男孩或所有的女孩都不得不在公共的区域一起洗澡Meanwhile, eign students such as myself were entitled to extra-special treatment: we had air conditioning s in our rooms as well as our own private showers and bathrooms. My dormitory at Fudan Handan Campus was surrounded with a wire fence in order to isolate us from Chinese students (and prevent them from seeing how well we lived).与此同时,正如我一样的外国学生则有权享有特殊待遇:我们的房间里有空调,也有自己的私人淋浴间和卫生间我所在的复旦大学邯郸校区的宿舍周围都是铁丝网,将我们与中国学生隔开(防止他们看到我们优越的生活条件) sure, accommodation fees eigners and Chinese cannot be compared; they paid much, much less than us, so really it was a case of getting what you pay . But an educational institution that proclaims itself to teach ;socialist values; to its students, it was hard to see any equality in our living standards.可以肯定,中国学生和外国留学生的食宿费是不能比拟的;他们所付费用比我们少得多,所以,这其实是一种你为你的生活条件买单的情况但是对于一个宣扬 ;社会主义价值观;的教育机构,却很难看到生活水平上的平等I personally always believed that eign students at Fudan (and any other university in China that matter) should be allowed to live with the Chinese. And not just allowed, it should be a rule. Ethnic diversity in the dorms would benefit everyone, as it would allow our best habits to rub off on each other - e.g. the intense study habits of Chinese students and the cleanliness and good hygiene of eign students.我个人始终认为,在复旦的外国留学生(其他任何中国的大学也是如此)应该被允许和中国学生住在一起而且不只是允许,应该成为一种惯例校园宿舍的种族多元化将使所有人受益,因为我们每个人都会表现出自己的最佳习惯,互相磨合,互相感染;; 例如中国学生勤奋的学习习惯和外国学生良好的卫生习惯Sure, individual students can be criticized being untidy and lazy, but really itrsquo;s the mismanagement of Chinese universities and the misappropriation of funds that have led to their practically uninhabitable dormitory conditions.当然,个别学生可以批评为邋遢懒惰,但实际上这是中国大学的不善管理和资金的不善利用导致了中国学生宿舍无法居住的事实武汉怎么能够延长阴茎武汉早泄怎样治疗



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