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鹰潭市龙潭区妇幼保健院人流医院鹰潭市栏目简介:More students will graduate from Chinese universities and colleges this year than ever before. An education consulting company that tracks graduates says the education sector saw the biggest increase in job opening last year. Yuan Chenyue has more.201706/510987鹰潭希正做人流 Actually,much better cooked than they are raw.事实上 这比生吃要美味的多And I love crabs.I often catch them with the kids at home.我爱死螃蟹了 在家经常和孩子们捉螃蟹Mmm. This is a good meal.Time to get up into the tree.这顿饭真不错 该到树上去了Its important to get as much sleep as you can.尽可能多的睡眠十分重要Its the bodys chance to recuperate,y for another day in the jungle.夜晚是恢复体力的大好时机 好为第二天的丛林冒险做足准备Feels a bit precarious, this.But at least Im out of reach of any jaguars.这东西也不怎么安全 但至少 不用担心美洲豹什么的了Actually, its not too uncomfortable.Mad day.其实 睡着也不是太难受 疯狂的一天Its a new day, new beginning,And Im feeling good.全新的一天 全新的开始 神清气爽的感觉Guatemala really means the land of the trees危地马拉真是一块育着林木的and a kind of pretty special land that is. Look at that.瑰丽神奇的土地As beautiful as it is,the jungle can also be a very hostile environment.但美丽的外表下 也可能暗藏杀机You can never drop your guard here.所以不能放松警惕You see, Im not the only,the only thing that likes hanging out in trees.你能看到 不是只有 只有我喜欢跑树上来You see in the crock there?A little green pit viper.看到那边了吗 一条绿色的小蝮蛇Get bitten by that, and youre gonna be dead in two hours.被它咬到了 活不过2小时201609/466366Me and the crew are in a narrow tunnel,and theres a train coming.我和摄制组当时正在一条狭窄的隧道 有一列火车开了过来Within a minute, come on, go, go, go, go, go!马上就开过来了 快跑 快跑啊In the tunnel, were running away from this thing.在隧道里的时候 我们怕被火车撞到Its entered the tunnel. And its just the blackness and this light,and then the ;Ernn; the sound of the horn.火车开了进来 突然一黑 然后一道灯光 紧跟着传来了汽笛的声音Very disorientating and very, very intimidating.辨不清方向 十分吓人Keep following me! Run!Were running, and Im behind Bear, running.跟紧我 快跑 我们一直在跑 我在贝尔后面I trip and land on the tracks.Get up, get up, get up, get up!我突然摔倒在铁轨上 快起来 快 起来And it does occur to me,and you know this thing cant stop.我当时脑子一懵 想到这火车肯定停不下来and Bear turns around, and then,literally in a heartbeat,hes grabbed me, throws me in front of him,贝尔反身回来 就在这时 毫不夸张的说 电光石火间 他把我抓起来 扔到他前面and were running out, and the cameras now pointing backward.Run!然后我们往外跑着 摄像机一直对着后面 快跑Hot and crazy, and were legging it out of this tunnel.我们浑身大汗疯了一样地逃出隧道We get to the end of the tunnel, dive out.到隧道口的时候 赶紧扑到外面So, immediately, weve hit dirt,Bears up on his heels again, and hes running.刚落到地上 贝尔就爬了起来 继续跑We can make it!Get board this train.还来得及 跳上了火车And we both climb onto the train,and then he does the classic sort of wild west thing where hes jumping between carriages to carriages.我们也跟着爬了上去 然后他做了经典西部片的动作 从一节车厢跳到另一节车厢And, finally, he runs on the flatbed cars and gets up to the train,最后终于跑到了车皮上 走到火车头那里and you see this beautiful Montana vista in front of you.然后就是这一幅美丽的蒙大纳原野美景So it was a really successful pickup,a really dramatic ending to a great show.这是一次很成功的获救 也给这集摄制留下了一个完美的结尾The end of the journey or the trip is always a highlight.拍摄的最后阶段往往都是全片的高潮所在Everyone takes a deep breath and thinks that, that was good,and theres always something great to reflect on.每个人都深呼一口气 想着 这下好了 而且总会有一些特别的闪光点When we come to the end of the show,and Bear gets on the plane, helicopter, or train,每当摄制进入尾声 贝尔成功登上 飞机 直升机 或者火车的时候Its such a good feeling. We know its a wrap,and we know were going home.A nice feeling.我们都会如释重负 我们知道都结束了 我们就要回家了 感觉真的很好Its been a privilege, fantastic journey.Its a really exciting,really exciting job to do.那是一场美好 刺激的旅程 这是一份非常令人兴奋的工作The truth is, I absolutely love doing the show.You know,we go to amazing places,face some pretty intense adventures and challenges.说实话 我很爱制作这档节目 如你所见 我们去了各种神奇的地方 面对各种激烈的冒险与挑战And theres no doubt in my mind, without the crew,this show would never happen.而且我脑海里始终铭记 没有这个团队 就不会有这档节目201611/477686鹰潭市哪家人流医院最好

鹰潭治疗宫外孕的医院And, the further away they are,距离越远的星系the faster theyre moving away from us.远去的速度就越快The galaxies arent like landmarks on normal maps.这些星系不同于普通地图上的地标They dont stand still.它们并不是静止不动的Everywhere we look,不论我们望向何方the most distant galaxies are moving away from us.最遥远的星系都在背离我们而去This is a strange universe,宇宙很奇妙and the explanation is even stranger.对于这种现象的解释也更加奇妙People want to imagine a central point人们习惯想象出一个中心点with everything exploding out from that point,认为所有物体由此迸发而出moving away only from that one central location.从这一中心点向四周扩散Thats really the wrong picture here.这种想法是错误的That makes it sound like were in a special place,这听起来像是我们所处的位置很特别like somehow were at the centre,仿佛位于正中心and everything is moving away from us.所有的事物都在离我们远去But actually its not like that.但事实并不是这样的Theres nothing special about our place in the universe.我们在宇宙中的位置并不特别If we went to another galaxy,换做别的星系wed see exactly the same thing.这一现象依旧不变If you went to a distant galaxy,如果身处遥远的星系they would have the same perspective.你还是会见到同样的景象They would look at all the galaxies around them观察到周围所有的星系and see that they were moving away.都会向远处运动重点解释:1.sound like 听起来像例句:That sounds like an agelong story.这听起来像个久远的故事。2.move away 搬开;搬走例句:Please move away the desk and the chair.请把那个桌子和那把椅子搬开。201706/512277鹰潭市医院打胎 Hey there kiddo, back again?嗨,小鬼,你又来啦?Thats a nasty case of gang violence youve got there.你遇到的帮派暴力实在是太恶心了。Have they been using you as a lookout again?他们有利用你把风了?Well, dont you worry.不过你不用担心。Take a drop of this on a cube of sugar, and itll keep you safe, okay?用一块方糖配一滴药水喝下去,它会保你周全,知道了吗?And if anyone says otherwise, send them to me.如果有人跟我讲得不一样,叫他们来见我。Remember, take one drop on a cube of sugar. It worked for teddy.记得,要和方糖一起吃下去。它对泰迪熊也管用。201703/495100鹰潭做处女膜修复最好的医院

鹰潭妇科哪家医院最好 And for just what exactly had Becket laid down some would say thrown away his life?而对于贝克特被杀害的原因 有人表示 算了吧 他这种人Some fantastic notion, aly out of date,that the church could lay down the law to the state?自认为教会凌驾于法律之上 这种天真的想法早就过时了All our modern instincts seem to say, Oh, come on!Look at Henry and you find reality.我们现在回头看也许会说 得了吧 看看亨利 他带来的才是现实the guardian of the common law, the engineer of government,;the smasher of anarchy.;And youd be quite wrong.《普通法》的守护者 国家的引路人 ;混乱的终结者; 那你可就大错特错Becket, headstrong, infuriating, over the top,theatrical Becket, made a huge difference.贝克特顽冥不化 令人愤怒 夸大其词 但正是他 带来了戏剧性的巨大改变His view of the church lasted.The Angevin Empire did not.他对教会的主张延续了下去 比安茹王朝更长命百岁The actual murderers got off pretty lightly,hiding out in Yorkshire, excommunicated,told to go on crusade.真正的凶手们只受到从轻发落 犯人被逐出教会 躲藏在约克郡 之后受令参加了十字军东征But the real judgement, Henry reserved for himself and the verdict was guilty as charged.但亨利将真正的审判留给了自己 并被判为有罪In 1174, he made a pilgrimage to Canterbury,where Beckets blood was said to work miracles.1174年 他前往坎特伯雷朝圣 在那儿 传说贝克特的鲜血能行奇迹Over the last miles, Henry walked barefoot in a hair shirt,as Becket had done four years earlier.距离教堂最后几英里时 亨利穿着刚毛衬衣光脚步行 就像四年前的贝克特那样At the tomb, he confessed his sins and was whipped by the monks.在贝克特的墓前 他供认了他的罪行 并接受了教士的鞭打However tough his punishment, though,the blood would never wash away.尽管他遭受了严厉的处罚 但依然无法洗刷他的血债Henry, the hero of the common law, will always be remembered as the biggest of Englands crowned criminals.The murderer in the cathedral.亨利二世 《普通法》的典范 将会永远被刻上英格兰最大国王罪犯的烙印 大教堂里的刽子手 /201609/468151余江县第二人民医院在那儿鹰潭市华桥医院



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