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Standing near an ice sculpture of a phallus encased in a condom, Charlie Sheen took the stage at an event on Monday evening in Manhattan to help introduce a prophylactic called HEX from a Swedish luxury sex-toy brand.周一晚上,查理·辛(Charlie Sheen)在曼哈顿的一场活动中登台。他站在一个套着避套的阴茎冰雕附近,帮助介绍一款由瑞典奢侈情趣用品品牌推出的名为HEX的避套。He emerged through a glass door in the corner of the room, shortly after a of him, speaking frankly about his diagnosis of H.I.V., played on a television in the center of the room.房间中央的一台电视播放了他的一段视频,他在视频中坦率讲述自己被诊断染上HIV。之后不久,他从房间角落的一扇玻璃门中走出来。As the real thing suddenly popped into the room, dressed in a charcoal suit and seeming smaller and far more upbeat than the man who last made public rounds in November, when he announced to the world that he was H.I.V.-positive, the crowd gasped.当他本人突然出现在房间里时,观众们吃惊不小。他身穿黑色西,看起来比他上次公开亮相时更矮小,但乐观得多。他上次亮相是在去年11月,他宣布自己染上HIV。It was a surprise appearance at the Midtown party for HEX, a latex condom with a resilient honeycomb like structure developed by the brand LELO. Before Mr. Sheen’s appearance, the event had consisted of photo booths and party games like pricking a pin through condoms stretched across LELO vibrators.在曼哈顿中城为乳胶避套HEX举办的这场派对上,他的亮相令人意外。HEX是LELO品牌开发的一款富有弹性的蜂巢结构避套。辛亮相前,这场派对布置了一个自动照相棚,还组织了其他一些派对活动,比如,把避套拉伸固定到LELO的振动棒上,用大头针刺破。Mr. Sheen acknowledged the reaction, asking the crowd: What business does a man who has five children and H.I.V. have hawking a contraceptive? Well, he continued, one of those things he wished he never had.辛对人群的反应表示理解,并问道:宣传避套跟一个有五个孩子又有艾滋病毒的人有什么关系?这个嘛,他接着说道,其中一样他希望自己没有。The emergence of Mr. Sheen as a hybrid spokesman-activist at the party, where dancers in hexagon-pattered leotards performed erotic dance routines, signified a new act for the troubled actor.辛以代言人和活动家的双重身份出现在派对上,表明这位陷入麻烦的演员采取了新的行动。身穿六边形图案紧身衣的舞者在派对上表演着色情舞蹈。Since confirming his H.I.V. status on the “Today” show, Mr. Sheen has not just begun to engage in H.I.V./AIDS activism, he has also started to participate in a clinical trial of a new anti-H.I.V. drug and become its de facto spokesman.自从在《今日秀》(Today)节目中实自己感染艾滋病毒后,辛不仅开始参与HIV和艾滋病宣传活动,而且开始参与一款新型抗HIV药物的临床试验,成为它事实上的代言人。Steve Thomson, LELO’s chief marketing officer, said in an email that Mr. Sheen was “the perfect choice for LELO, a tragic reflection of the current situation in sexual health of today, but more importantly, a symbol of change with the strength and the courage to confront key issues head on.”LELO的营销主管史蒂夫·汤姆森(Steve Thomson)在接受电子邮件采访时说,辛是“LELO的最佳选择,他是今天性健康问题现状的一个悲剧性体现,但更重要的是,他也象征着改变,用力量和勇气去直面关键问题。”。After Mr. Sheen’s announcement, internet searches about the disease spiked, Mr. Thomson said. “At this point,” Mr. Thomson said, “he realized that there is potential to do more on the issue, much more than to tend to his personal interests.”汤姆森称,辛宣布染病后,网上关于这一疾病的搜索激增。“这时候,”汤姆森说,“他意识到,在这个问题上,他可以做更多事情,比关心自己的个人利益多得多的事情。” /201606/449659IS this the world#39;s first ever #39;slofie#39;?这是世界上第一张“树懒拍”吗?A man used his selfie stick for a brilliant snap with an a happy creature while trekking through the forest in South America.一名男子在南美丛林徒步旅行时,用自拍杆与一只欢乐萌物树懒拍了一张绝妙的合影。The photo has since been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media , including Imgur and Russian social media site Pikabu.这张照片已在社交媒体上吸引了数十万次分享,包括图片分享网站Imgur和俄罗斯社交网站Pikabu。Commenting on the photo, one person described it as ;the only reason one should own a selfie stick,; while another poster came up with an ingenious name for the rare pic - a ;slofie.;有网友照片,表示这是“人们应该拥有自拍杆的唯一原因”。还有人为这张罕见的照片创造了一个新词——“树懒拍”。PR manager Andrew Bloch seems to claim taking the picture while on a trek through a rain forest.公关经理安德鲁#8226;布洛赫称自己在雨林徒步时拍下了这张照片。Alongside the picture he wrote: ;I#39;m totally against the selfie-stick but every now and then an exception comes along.;他在图片旁写道:“我是完全反对使用自拍杆的,但有时会出现例外。”The typically shy creatures are hard to spot - and definitely hard to take a photo with as they spend more than 70 percent of their time snoozing or moving slowly through the trees.树懒以“害羞”出名,很难捕捉到它们的身影,与其合影绝对是难上加难。它们有超过70%的时间都在打盹儿,或者在树枝间缓慢移动。But they are actually clever - keeping slow and stationary protects them from predators.但树懒其实非常聪明,保持缓慢不动帮助它们躲避掠食者。Selfie sticks have been banned at numerous high-profile events and venues in the past year - including Wimbledon and at Disney theme parks and at Arsenal and Tottenham stadiums.过去一年,自拍杆已经在无数备受瞩目的活动和场馆中遭到封杀,其中包括温布尔顿网球赛场,迪士尼主题公园,以及英超阿森纳和托特纳姆的球场。People who used selfie sticks were also listed as the fourth biggest tech sin in a poll of 1,500 adults for The Gadget Show Live.在英国高科技电子产品展一项基于1500名成年人的调查中,那些使用自拍杆的人还被列为第四大科技罪恶。The Tech Commandments listed ;thou shalt not walk and text at the same time; in at number one, but the fourth big #39;do not#39; is using selfie sticks.“科技戒律”里,名列第一的是“不可边走路边发信息”,而第四大“不可”则是不可使用自拍杆。 /201607/453062

And you are sure that this is a really risky trip, and we only have food for 5-6 weeks?你们确信这是一次非常危险的旅行吗?我们只有5-6周的食物。Polar expeditions have always been popular with cannibals极地探险一直是受食人族欢迎的 /201608/462059

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