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遵义去颈纹哪家好遵义妇幼保健院治疗疤痕多少钱遵义激光去纹身 SAS has released a report naming and shaming celebrities who have been guilty of promoting health fads with no basis in science. Let#39;s take a look at some of 2010#39;s main culprits:“科学认知”发布的一项报告列举并批评了一些因推销没有任何科学依据、号称能促进健康的时尚产品而自责的名人。让我们来看看2010主要的伪科学都有哪些:(1) Lemon Detox Diet(1)柠檬排毒餐British model Naomi Campbell revealed the secret of her stunning figure was a drink made from lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Campbell claimed she survived on the drink alone for up to 18 days.英国模特内奥米#8226;坎贝尔透露,她的魔鬼身材源于她常一种由柠檬汁、辣椒末、枫糖浆调制而成的饮品。坎贝尔称曾长达18天只喝这种饮料。Expert: Detox is a marketing myth: our bodies detox naturally without any help from pricey drinks or diets.专家提醒:排毒餐是一种营销幌子。人体有天然排毒功能,无需借助任何价格不菲的饮品或者食物。(2)Charcoal Diet(2)木炭排毒法British pop star Sarah Harding told Now magazine in April that she sprinkled charcoal over her food. ;It doesn#39;t taste of anything and apparently absorbs all the bad, damaging stuff in the body,; said Harding.英国歌星萨拉#8226;哈丁四月接受《现代》杂志采访时说,她会在食物里撒一些木炭。哈丁表示:“吃起来没有什么怪味,而且很明显,炭能吸收体内所有有害物质。”Expert: It is unnecessary to eat charcoal because the body is aly quite capable of removing any bad stuff.专家提醒:没有必要吃木炭,因为人体自身已经具备了很强的排毒能力。(3)Blood Type Diet(3)血型饮食British singer Cheryl Cole suggested that people eat foods based entirely on their blood types. For example, those with type O blood should have a high meat intake and consume no dairy. ;It has made such a difference to how I feel and my energy levels,; Cole said.英国歌手谢丽尔#8226;科尔建议,人们应该完全根据自己的血型进食。比如说,O型血的人应该多摄入肉类食品而不要食用奶制品。科尔说:“我的感觉和身体的能量因此都有了很大的变化。”Expert: Your blood group cannot affect digestion or the way food is broken down.专家提醒:一个人的血型不会对食物的消化和分解产生影响。 /201206/184979遵义医学院附属

遵义医学院附属医院去疤多少钱In the August issue of Smithsonian#39;s Airamp; Space magazine, Tom Vanderbilt tests out NASA#39;s new Orion spaceship, which will go deeper into space than anyspaceship has before.在史密森学会8月份的《航天与航空》杂志中,汤姆·范德比尔特测试了NASA最新的猎户座宇宙飞船,该飞船将比以往任何飞船都要深入太空中去。Vanderbilt toured a ;low-fidelitymockup; of Orion at Lockheed Martin#39;s Exploration Development Laboratoryin Houston, and he describes the spaceship as resembling a Star WarsStormtrooper#39;s helmet.汤姆·范德比尔在位于休斯敦的洛克希德马丁公司的探索研究实验室里测试了该飞船的“低保真度模型”,他形容这架飞船很像《星球大战》里突击队员的头盔。Despite massive NASA budget cuts recently,NASA gave the lab .1 billion in 2006 for Orion#39;s construction. When theprogram was canceled, Lockheed Martin created a contact, which has beenextended to 2020, to build capsules for three missions. Orion, Vanderbiltwrites, is ;NASA#39;s most ambitious crewed vehicle ever; and will;carry the human space program for the next 30 years.; NASA hopesOrion will be able to complete everything from lunar exploration to Marsmissions.尽管最近几年NASA的预算得到了大量的削减,但是在2006年的时候给该实验室拨款61亿美元用以研发猎户座飞船。当该计划被取消时,洛克希德马丁公司又与NASA取得联系,于是该计划被延期到2020年,任务是建造太空舱以完成三项任务。范德比尔认为猎户座飞船是NASA最富雄心的飞船,而且将在未来30年内带领人类进行太空探索。NASA希望猎户座飞船能够完成从探月到火星探险等任务。Orion will eventually reach speeds of 20,000 mph, Vanderbiltreports, and will be able to leave low Earth orbit, where the InternationalSpace Station is located. According to NASA#39;s website, Orion#39;s first test flight willoccur by the end of the year, with Orion atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket. Orion#39;sfirst exploration mission, which will be the first to combine Orion with NASA#39;snew SpaceLaunch System, is scheduled for 2017.猎户座的最终时速将达到2万英里,而且有能力离开低地球轨道,而国际空间站正位于该轨道上。根据NASA网站上的说法,猎户座的首次测试飞行将于年底前完成,运载火箭将是三角洲四号运载火箭。根据计划,猎户座将于2017年进行首次太空探险,到时猎户座飞船将首次与NASA的新空间发射系统相结合。 /201408/317226遵义市习水县激光治疗鸡眼多少钱 A war of words in China has reignited public debate over just how far genetically modified food -- still mostly illegal here -- has aly infiltrated the country.一场口水战再度激起了中国公众对转基因食品已在多大程度上渗透进中国的争论。目前在中国,大多数转基因食品仍是非法的。The spat began as an investigation. In April, following on government reports that illegal GMO corn and cotton had been found on the southern Chinese island of Hainan, the nonprofit Greenpeace, which monitors GMO issues, dispatched two employees to learn more.争论是从一次调查开始的。4月份,在政府发布报告称在海南岛发现非法转基因玉米和棉花之后,一直关注转基因问题的非营利组织绿色和平(Greenpeace)派出两位员工寻找更多。The two visited the area referenced in the report, a GMO development site run by Huazhong Agricultural University, one of the nation#39;s leading research institutes on crop genetics. The pair took three bags of rice seeds just outside the trial-planting area belonging to the university, which is working to develop GMO rice strains. They were planning to see if GMO seeds from the trial site had found their way to adjacent farmland.这两位员工访问了报告中提到的区域──华中农业大学运作的一个转基因开发基地。华中农业大学是中国领先的作物基因研究机构之一。两人在这所大学用于研发转基因水稻品种的试验田外取走三包水稻种子。他们计划观察来自试验田的转基因种子能否进入相邻的农田。Campus staff at the site, though, stopped them and demanded they return the seeds, saying the land outside the trial area also belonged to the university. The Greenpeace employees obliged, and were allowed to leave.但在场的学校员工阻止了他们,并要求退还种子。学校员工说,试验田外的土地也归学校所有。绿色和平的员工答应了要求,并获得放行。That might have been the end of the story. But Huazhong, still upset by the incident, then published an article on its website that accused Greenpeace of thieving GMO rice seeds. Greenpeace shot back, denying the accusations, while also noting that the university#39;s test bed was located less than 20 meters from surrounding farmland--an apparent breach of state law, which requires a minimum buffer of 100 meters.这原本可能是故事的结尾。但华中农业大学仍对上述事件感到不满,之后在其网站上发表了一篇文章,指责绿色和平盗窃转基因水稻种子。绿色和平则进行回击,否认华中农业大学的指控,并指出该校的试验田距离周围的农田不超过20米,明显违反国家法律。根据国家法律,转基因作物试验田最少需要有100米的隔离缓冲带。University officials couldn#39;t be immediately reached for comment.记者无法立即联系到华中农业大学的管理人员置评。The Ministry of Agriculture then weighed in. Without specifying Greenpeace by name, on Sunday, it said in a statement that said security around areas working to develop GMOs should be boosted. Greenpeace again responded, explaining why it had gone to the area, and suggested that #39;problems with the management of GMO seeds planted on a trial basis at the university could have led to GMO seeds #39;drifting#39; to areas outside the university.#39;农业部对此做出了表态。该部门周日发布了一份通知,通知并没有点名绿色和平,但是表示应该加强转基因实验基地周边的安全。绿色和平就此作出回应,解释了为什么会进入该地区,并表示“在调查过程中绿色和平注意到华中农业大学南繁基地存在管理问题,可能导致基因漂移风险”。This isn#39;t the first time Greenpeace has warned that illegal GMO grains may be running amok in China. The country is in the early stages of introducing GMO food into the human diet. While it has not yet allowed public sales of GMO grains, including rice, corn and wheat, it allows related scientific research and limited imports -- as long as the imports are used only for animal consumption. Some forms of GMO food are also permitted for humans if they#39;ve been processed, such as GMO soybeans used to manufacture soy oil. Even under these constraints, Chinese universities and companies do develop their own GMO strains.这并非绿色和平第一次就转基因谷物或在中国泛滥的问题做出警告。中国在生产人类可食用转基因食品方面正处于初级阶段。尽管中国尚未允许公开销售包括转基因大米、玉米以及小麦在内的转基因谷物,但是该国允许进行相关的科学研究以及规模有限的进口,但这些进口转基因谷物仅用于动物饲料。某些种类的转基因食品也允许被人类食用,但前提是这些转基因食品得到了加工,比如用于生产大豆油的转基因大豆。尽管在这些限制条件下,中国的大学和企业仍在开发自己的转基因品种。But the prevalence of GMO food in China remains a hot potato. Public resistance to GMO continues to run deep, in part because GMOs are closely associated with fears of becoming reliant U.S. technology, which still dominates the GMO industry.不过,转基因食品在中国的推广却是一个棘手问题。公众对于转基因食品仍然有较深的抵抗情绪,其中部分原因在于转基因产品与担心依赖美国技术挂上了钩。美国技术仍然在转基因领域占据主导力量。One might say the feud in Hainan has reached a draw. No law enforcement official has gotten in touch with Greenpeace so far, and there hasn#39;t been any sign of further investigations into the matter, Greenpeace spokesman Damin Tang said. Because the seeds were quickly returned, Greenpeace also had no conclusive evidence on whether GMO seeds had indeed #39;drifted#39; off the Sanya campus.有人可能会说海南的这起争端打了个平手。绿色和平的发言人唐大 说,到目前为止,没有执法人员接触绿色和平,也没有对此事进行进一步调查的任何迹象。由于已经归还了水稻种子,绿色和平也没有确凿的据来说明转基因种子是否已漂移出转基因实验基地。The debate has nonetheless spilled into China#39;s microblogging platforms, with opinions swinging between criticism of Greenpeace and suspicion of China#39;s government. #39;You have invited a thousand people to try to eat genetically modified rice,#39; a blogger wrote, referring to #39; taste tests#39; for the public conducted by officials and academics using GMO rice . #39;What position are you in to talk about stealing materials and keeping secrets? What are you afraid of losing?#39;不过,这场争论已蔓延至中国的微平台,人们在微上发表了从批评绿色和平到质疑政府的各种意见。在提到政府官员和学者组织公众“试吃”转基因大米时,一位网友写道:你们已经邀请了一千人试吃转基因大米,你们站在什么立场上说窃取转基因实验材料和保密?你们害怕丢什么?Others said the police should investigate Greenpeace. #39;Do you know it#39;s an extremist environmental group?#39; another wrote.还有一些人认为警方应该调查绿色和平。另一位网友写道:你知道这是一个极端的环保组织吗?But there#39;s aly a sense of resignation that the sp of GMOs is well underway in China. #39;Illegal GMO products have come into supermarkets, and the agricultural ministry still pretends to be unaware of it,#39; Cui Yongyuan, a former TV commentator, wrote on his verified Sina Weibo account.不过,现在已让人不由得感到转基因作物正在中国推广。前中央电视台主持人崔永元在他实名认的新浪微上写道:非法转基因食品都进了超市,农业部还假装不知道呢。 /201405/295039遵义市余庆县注射丰太阳穴多少钱

遵义正安县激光祛疤多少钱When energy economists gaze into their crystal balls to see what the world will look like in 20 years’ time, some things are clearer than others.当能源经济学家透过水晶球预言二十年后世界的景象时,有些情况要比其他方面更加清晰。Clearest of all is that the global population will grow and with it the world economy. As countries get richer, their demand for energy will rise, placing ever new strains on the planet’s natural resources.最明确的是,世界人口将会增加,世界经济也会随之增长。随着各国变得更加富有,他们对能源的需求也会增加,因而不断给地球自然资源带来新的压力。A closer look at forecasts for energy demand, however, reveals some surprising conclusions.然而,进一步观察对能源需求的预测,就会得出一些令人惊讶的结论。Consider ExxonMobil’s annual energy outlook to 2040. The company says that total energy demand is growing: the world will need 35 per cent more energy in 2040 than it does now. That growth rate pales in comparison with that of the world economy as a whole: Exxon says global GDP will expand by 135 per cent over the same period. What is more, in the world’s advanced economies – Europe, North America and Japan – energy demand will not grow at all.来看看埃克森美孚(ExxonMobil)到2040年的年度能源展望。该公司指出,总的能源需求在增加:2040年,世界能源需求量将比现在增加35%。与世界经济整体相比,这一增长率根本不算什么。埃克森指出,同一时期,全球GDP将会增长135%。此外,在欧洲、北美、日本等发达经济体,能源需求根本不会增长。The reason for this is energy efficiency. “The greatest source of energy in the future will be using it more efficiently,” says Bill Colton, Exxon’s vice-president for corporate strategy, and one of the authors of the outlook. “Huge amounts of energy will be saved in this way.”原因就是能源效率。埃克森美孚负责企业战略规划的副总裁比尔#8226;科尔顿(Bill Colton)说:“未来最大的能源来源就是更加有效地利用能源。通过这种方式将节约大量的能源。”科尔顿也是能源展望的作者之一。In the battle against climate change, renewables were long seen as the silver bullet. The argument was that replacing fossil fuels with wind and solar power would reduce carbon emissions and thereby slow or even stop global warming, as well as curb consuming countries’ huge dependence on expensive imported oil and gas. But in the debate about our energy future, the theme of energy efficiency – called the “invisible fuel” by some – is taking on a new prominence. Consumers are starting to understand that the energy they do not use can have almost as much impact as the energy they do.在应对气候变化的过程中,可再生能源一直被认为是良方。理由就是用风能和太阳能代替化石燃料会降低碳排放,因而减缓甚至阻止全球变暖,并限制消费国对昂贵的进口石油和天然气的严重依赖。但在关于能源未来的争论中,能源效率的主题,也就是一些人所说“隐形燃料”,将更加突出。消费者开始了解,他们没有使用的能源几乎与使用的能源会产生同样的影响。The result is a shift in thinking about everything from building design to street lighting. That means the future of energy is no longer the preserve of oil companies, wind farm developers and government officials, but of everyone from architects and appliance manufacturers to civil engineers and carmakers. Big energy savings have been achieved by seemingly minor technological changes such as moving from gas boilers for space heating to heat pumps.结果就是从建筑设计到街道照明的理念都发生转变。这意味着能源的未来不再只是石油公司、风力发电站、政府官员的节约,还包括从建筑师、设备制造商、到土木工程师和汽车制造商。一个看似很小的技术变化就可以节约大量能源,比如空间加热的燃气锅炉到加热泵的转变。The potential prize is enormous.潜在的收益是很大的。A recent report by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research in Germany found that the EU’s energy requirements could end up being 57 per cent lower in 2050 than they were in 1990, offering the tantalising prospect of 500bn a year in energy savings.德国弗劳恩霍夫协会系统与创新研究所(Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research)最近的一份报告显示,2050年欧盟(EU)的能源需求可能会比1990年还低57%,能源方面每年节约的资金可能高达5000亿欧元。The institute says energy use in buildings could be cut by 71 per cent, mainly through better insulation, modern construction technology and energy efficient heating and hot water systems. In transportation, improvements in traffic management and better logistics could result in energy savings of 53 per cent, while more efficient steam generation and electric motors could help reduce industrial energy demand by 52 per cent.该机构表示,建筑上使用的能源可能会降低71%,主要是通过更好的隔热、现代建筑技术、节能加热、热水系统实现的。在交通领域,交通管理和物流的改善大约能节约53%的能源,而更多的高效蒸发和电机可能会使得工业能源需求下降52%。Cumulative spending on such measures is growing fast. The International Energy Agency (IEA) says that in 2011 0bn was invested globally in projects aimed at improving energy efficiency. Yet that is a paltry sum compared to the money flowing into traditional energy production. The IEA says more than three times that amount – nearly 0bn – was invested the same year in expanding or maintaining the world’s supply of fossil fuels.这些技术的累计出正在快速增加。国际原子能机构(IEA)指出,2011年全球改善能源效率的项目投资为1800亿美元。但与传统能源生产投资相比,这只是一笔很小的数目。IEA表示,同一年,在扩大或者维持全球化石燃料供应上的投资将近6000亿美元,是这一数目的三倍多。The problem is that there are still significant barriers. With assets such as buildings, the payback time for investing in an improvement in energy efficiency can be several years – often longer than the buyer plans to own the asset.问题的关键在于,提高能源利用效率仍然面临巨大障碍。对于像楼房这样的资产而言,投资于改进能效的回报周期可能长达数年——常常比买方计划持有这一资产的时间还要久。Also, it can be hard to measure success. The EU recently said it would not meet its target of saving 20 per cent of its primary energy consumption by 2020, partly because of the “lack of appropriate tools for monitoring progress and measuring impacts on the member state level”.此外,节能投资的成效也难以衡量。欧盟表示,或无法实现在2020年以前将主要能源消耗量缩减20%的目标,部分原因在于“缺乏成员国层面的监控节能进展以及评估节能举措影响的合适工具”。There is another potential danger – the so-called “rebound effect”. If you save money on electricity by installing a heat pump, for example, but spend what you save on air travel, the improvement in energy efficiency is meaningless. The EU has identified rebound losses of 10-30 per cent.此外还有一个潜在风险——即所谓的“反弹效应”。例如,假设你通过安装热力泵在电费上省了一笔,但把省下来的钱花在了乘坐飞机旅行上, 那么这种能效提升将毫无意义。欧盟认为,反弹效应造成的能效损失在10%至30%之间。Still, despite the potential dangers, companies involved in energy efficiency are becoming a new and attractive asset class for investors. Alastair Bishop, portfolio manager of BlackRock’s natural resources team, singles out companies such as Schneider Electric and Johnson Controls, specialists in building automation systems that monitor and control the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting in an office block. Such companies install sensors that turn off lights in a room when it is empty or shut down heating overnight, steps that can contribute to big savings. “If you look at the larger energy story, before the financial crisis it was all about producing more energy,” Mr Bishop says. “But since the crisis, there’s been more awareness of the sustainability and affordability of power.”虽然存在这些潜在风险,参与能效提升的企业现已成为对于投资者充满吸引力的一个新的资产类别。贝莱德(BlackRock)自然资源股团队投资组合经理阿拉斯泰尔#8226;毕晓普(Alastair Bishop)将施耐德电气(Schneider Electric)、江森自控(Johnson Controls)等企业单列出来。这类企业擅长建造自动化系统,能够监控一栋办公大楼内的取暖、空气流通、空气调节以及照明。这类公司可以通过安装感应器在房间内空无一人时关闭照明,或者在夜间关闭暖气装置,此类举措能够节约大量能源。毕晓普表示:“如果你用一种广义的视角来看能源行业,那么在金融危机发生前,生产更多的能源是这一领域的主要目标。但自金融危机发生以来,人们对于能源可持续性以及可承受性的意识日趋增强。”Nevertheless, he stresses that investments need government support to work. This is happening – on a large scale. In recent years, all the major energy-consuming countries have passed laws to encourage energy efficiency. The US has introduced new fuel-economy standards for vehicles; the EU has its target of reducing energy demand by 20 per cent by 2020; Japan wants to cut electricity demand by 10 per cent in 2030 compared to 2010; and China has a goal of cutting energy intensity by 16 per cent between 2011 and 2015.他强调,在能效领域的投资需要政府持才能真正发挥作用,而后者已经在较大的范围内开始推行。近年来,所有主要的能源消费国都通过了旨在促进提高能源利用率的法案。美国引入了针对汽车的燃料利用率新标准;欧盟的目标是在2020年以前将自身的能源需求规模缩减20%;日本希望在2030年实现电力需求较2010年下降10%;中国则定下了在2011至2015年间将单位产值能耗降低16%的目标。“There’s a theme here,” says Exxon’s Mr Colton. “The improvement in efficiency that we’ve been seeing is mostly being driven by government policy. Consumers would not get there on their own.”埃克森的科尔顿表示:“能效领域已经形成了一种主导模式。目前为止我们所见到的绝大部分能效提升都是在政府政策的推动下实现的。消费者不会自发要求提高能效。”Some policies are highly specific. In 2010, the EU adopted a directive on the energy performance of buildings. It requires all new buildings to be “nearly zero energy” by 2021. On a national scale, too, governments are coming up with evermore innovative ways of encouraging energy savings. Under the UK’s Green Deal scheme, for example, consumers can take out a loan for home improvement measures such as getting rid of an old boiler and pay it back through a surcharge on their electricity bills.某些政策本身高度细化。2010年,欧盟施行了一项有关房屋能效的规定。该规定要求,所有新建房屋必须在2021年以前实现“净能耗接近于零”。在单个国家的范围内,各国政府也采用了越来越多富有创意的办法来鼓励民众节约能源。例如按照英国的Green Deal计划,消费者可以为替换老旧锅炉等房屋整修举措申请贷款,并通过付溢价电费的形式予以偿还。Although energy conservation is a big concern in the west, some parts of the world have made little or no progress. The abundance of fossil fuels in the Middle East and the low cost of energy – with heavily subsidised prices for petrol and gas – gives the region little incentive to husband resources. The IEA says the average efficiency of fossil fuel power generation in the Middle East is just 33 per cent – 9 per cent lower than in the west. That is why some are sceptical that global energy intensity – the amount of energy consumed per unit of GDP – will come down drastically soon. Futurologist Jorgen Randers, in a report offering a global forecast for the next 40 years, expects energy intensity to fall by only a third compared to 2010 – not enough to stop catastrophic climate change. Still, Maria van der Hoeven, the IEA’s executive director, believes: “The most secure energy is the barrel or megawatt we never have to use”.虽然节约能源在西方是一个颇为引人关注的问题,世界上的某些地区在节能方面却几乎没有取得任何进展。中东地区充裕的化石燃料资源以及低廉的能源成本——汽油和天然气价格因为来自政府的大额补贴而处于低位——导致该地区几乎没有动力来节约能源。国际能源机构表示,中东地区化石燃料发电的平均效率仅为33%,较西方国家低了9个百分点。这也正是为什么某些人怀疑全球单位产值能耗——生产每单位GDP所需消耗的能源数量——能否在短时间内显著下降。未来学家乔根#8226;兰德斯(Jorgen Randers)在一份预测未来40年全球面貌的报告中预计,单位产值能耗相对于2010年时仅会下降三分之一——不足以阻止灾难性的气候变化发生。但国际能源机构总干事玛丽亚#8226;范德胡芬(Maria van der Hoeven)依然认为:“最安全可靠的能源是我们节约下来、永远不必用到的石油或电力。” /201306/245343 Seventeen-year-old Nick D#39;Aloisio is taking some time off from school in London, where he lives with his parents. He will let mom and dad manage his money.17岁的达洛西奥(Nick D#39;Aloisio)与父母在伦敦一起生活,这段时间他请了假,没去上学。他会让父母管理自己的钱。Those are the decisions of a newly minted teenage millionaire.这些都是一位刚刚晋身千万富豪的少年所做的决定。Mr. D#39;Aloisio has sold the free newser app he began developing at age 15 to Yahoo Inc., which announced on Monday it bought Summly without disclosing a price. A person familiar with the situation said Yahoo paid tens of millions of dollars for the company.达洛西奥把自己15岁时开始开发的免费新闻阅读软件卖给了雅虎公司(Yahoo Inc.)。雅虎周一公布了买下Summly的消息,不过没有披露交易价格。知情人士说,雅虎为收购这个公司付了数千万美元。Not bad for a team that will bring just two other employees to Yahoo and generates no revenue.对于一个仅会给雅虎增添两名员工而且还没有收入的团队来说,这是个不错的价码。Plenty of teenage entrepreneurs have built companies that later have success, but very few strike it rich so quickly.青少年时期创立公司、后来公司获得成功的人有很多,但很少有人会如此迅速地致富。Yahoo was attracted to Summly#39;s core technology for automatically summarizing news articles. The technology, which included an algorithm for deriving the summaries, was created with help from SRI International, a Silicon Valley research-and development firm that has an artificial-intelligence lab and has an ownership stake in the startup.吸引雅虎的是Summly可自动将新闻稿件浓缩成概要的核心技术。该技术是在硅谷研发机构SRI International的帮助下开发出来的,其中包括一种生成摘要的算法。该研发机构有人工智能实验室,并持有这个初创企业的股权。Behind the app was Mr. D#39;Aloisio, who taught himself how to create computer programs at age 12, and previously created several apps, including Facemood, which analyzed a person#39;s Facebook FB -2.33% account to determine their mood, and a service that helps people discover new music.软件的幕后英雄是达洛西奥,一位从12岁开始自学计算机编程的少年。他以前也开发了几款应用程序,如分析一个人Facebook账户以判断其心情的Facemood,还有一种帮助人们发现新音乐的应用。In 2011, Mr. D#39;Aloisio founded his company, at the time called Trimit. He redesigned the app to automatically boil news articles down to 400-word summaries and re-launched it as Summly in late 2012 with help from SRI.2011年,达洛西奥创建了自己的公司,当时叫作Trimit。在SRI的帮助下,他重新设计了那款软件,使之能自动将新闻浓缩为400字的摘要,并在2012年底将其命名为Summly再次推出。To help with the launch, Mr. D#39;Aloisio raised funding from Zynga Inc. ZNGA -0.29% CEO Mark Pincus and the investment firm owned by Hong Kong business mogul Li Ka-shing, who Mr. D#39;Aloisio said #39;contacted me out of the blue#39; after Trimit began to receive accolades.为协助这次软件发布,达洛西奥从在线游戏开发商Zynga Inc.首席执行长平克斯(Mark Pincus)以及香港商业巨头李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)持有的某投资公司那里募集到了资金。达洛西奥说,Trimit受到好评后,李嘉诚突然联系了我。That opened the door to other high-profile investors, who collectively gave him a total of .5 million in funding, including actors Ashton Kutcher and Stephen Fry. Besides its effectiveness in summarizing content, Summly has drawn attention for its slick design. The colorful app#39;s features different types of news content that are refreshed by swiping them to the side.此举引来了其它知名投资者,其中包括演员艾什顿?库彻(Ashton Kutcher)和斯蒂芬?弗雷(Stephen Fry)。他们投给达洛西奥提供的资金总额为150万美元。除在总结内容方面具有很高的效率外,Summly的巧妙设计也吸引了人们的注意。这款色鲜艳的软件菜单上有各种不同类型的新闻内容,向侧面划动即可刷新。Mr. D#39;Aloisio became a minor tech celebrity, and his efforts garnered numerous print-media articles and TV appearances.达洛西奥成了年少有为的科技界明星,他也成为了众多纸媒文章报道的对象并在电视上露面。#39;It#39;s been an amazing journey,#39; he said of the past few months. #39;I didn#39;t expect this to happen after launching [Summly] in November.#39;他说:过去几个月是一段美妙的旅程,去年11月推出Summly后,我没想到会有这样的事。Mr. D#39;Aloisio, who lives with his parents and younger brother near the southwest London suburb of Wimbledon, said he will stay at home for the time being and remain on a kind of sabbatical from King#39;s College School while continuing to take some #39;exams outside of school#39; in order to prepare for eventual university enrollment. He said he is planning to study humanities rather than computer science.达洛西奥现在与父母和弟弟生活在伦敦西南郊区温布尔登(Wimbledon)附近。他说,自己还会在家住一段时间,会继续从学校King#39;s College School告假,同时为准备最后的大学入学参加一些校外考试。他说,自己打算读人文专业,而不是计算机科学。Mr. D#39;Aloisio said his parents are Australian and that he spent ages one to seven there before returning to the U.K., where his father works as an analyst for a commodities division of Morgan Stanley MS -0.95% . His mother is a lawyer.达洛西奥说,他的父母是澳大利亚人,他七岁以前一直生活在澳大利亚,后来才回到英国。他的父亲在英国是根士丹利( Morgan Stanley)大宗商品部门的一名分析师。母亲是律师。He said he doesn#39;t have any special plans for the funds he will earn from the acquisition other than to work with his parents to manage it.他说,对于从这笔收购中获得的收入,他将和父母共同管理,没有什么特别的计划。He also said it would be #39;reasonable#39; to spend a few years at Yahoo but added that #39;I have no limits on time. I want to go in with open eyes and try to innovate.#39;他还说,在雅虎待上几年是理所当然的,但是他补充说,我对自己没有时间限制。我想要在那里观察学习和努力创新。Last fall, when Mr. D#39;Aloisio was seeking financing, he said #39;a number of companies approached us#39; about a possible acquisition. Mr. D#39;Aloisio was attracted to Yahoo because of its #39;scale#39; and Chief Executive Marissa Mayer#39;s #39;real focus to beautify content when you#39;re on a mobile device.#39;达洛西奥说,去年秋天寻找融资时,多家公司主动与我们接触,洽谈收购交易的可能性。达洛西奥之所以被雅虎所吸引,是因为雅虎的规模,而且首席执行长梅耶尔(Marissa Mayer)真正地专注于美化移动设备上的内容。The deal is at least the sixth startup acquisition since Ms. Mayer became Yahoo#39;s CEO last year. Yahoo said it is shutting down the Summly app, which was downloaded less than one million times, and incorporating its technology into other Yahoo services.这笔交易是梅耶尔去年担任雅虎CEO以来的第六宗收购初创公司的交易。雅虎说,该公司将关闭Summly应用程序,并把该技术整合于雅虎的其他务。这款应用程序的下载次数不到100万次。Adam Cahan, a Yahoo senior vice president, said in an interview on Monday that Mr. D#39;Aloisio was an #39;exceptional#39; talent and that Yahoo did #39;extensive#39; testing of Summly#39;s algorithm, or mathematical formula, for condensing news articles.雅虎的高级副总裁卡恩(Adam Cahan)周一在接受采访时说,达洛西奥是一个杰出的人才,雅虎对Summly压缩新闻报道的算法进行了大量测试。Mr. D#39;Aloisio has met with a number of Valley luminaries, including Apple#39;s senior vice president of industrial design Jonathan Ive, according to people familiar with the conservations.熟悉这些谈话的人士说,达洛西奥已经与不少硅谷名人见了面,包括苹果负责工业设计的高级副总裁伊夫(Jonathan Ive)。Other investors in Summly, Mr. D#39;Aloisio said, include Wendi Murdoch, wife of Rupert Murdoch, the chief executive and chairman of Wall Street Journal owner News Corp., NWSA +0.33% which signed a deal with the startup so that its content could easily be integrated with the app.达洛西奥说,Summly的投资者还包括默多克(Rupert Murdoch)的妻子邓文迪(Wendi Murdoch)。默多克是《华尔街日报》的母公司新闻集团(News Corp.)的首席执行长和董事长。新闻集团已经与这家初创公司签订了协议,以使该公司的内容能够轻易地整合进这款应用程序。Ms. Mayer has said the company is looking to create services for mobile devices that fit into people#39;s #39;daily habits.#39; She said she is focused on increasing the amount of time people spend on Yahoo, which in time will lead to greater revenue.梅耶尔说,公司正打算推出能够融入人们日常生活的移动设备的务。她说,她正在专注于增加人们在Yahoo上所花费的时间,进而制造更多营收。The company also is in talks to buy a controlling stake in France Télécom SA#39;s FTE.FR -1.88% online- site Dailymotion, which is valued at around 0 million, according to people familiar with the talks. If the deal materializes, it would be Ms. Mayer#39;s first major acquisition since taking over the Internet pioneer last year.雅虎还在就购买法国电信(France Télécom)旗下在线视频网站Dailymotion的控股权进行谈判。熟悉谈判的人士说,Dailymotion的估值大约在3亿美元左右。如果交易达成,这将是梅耶尔接掌这家互联网先锋公司后实施的第一笔大规模收购交易。Yahoo, which generates the bulk of its billion in annual revenue from selling ad space on its websites and apps, also has been examining numerous advertising-technology firms that it could snap up, people familiar with the matter have said.知情人士说,雅虎50亿美元的年度营收中,大部分来自网站和应用程序上广告空间的销售,雅虎正在对大量广告技术公司进行研究,以寻找收购目标。The move by Yahoo into news-ing technology for mobile devices comes less than a year after the company shut down its Livestand app, which it created in 2011 to compete with companies such as Flipboard Inc. and Alphonso Labs Inc., the maker of the Pulse app.此前不到一年,雅虎关闭了应用程序Livestand,该公司2011年打造了Livestand,目的是与Flipboard Inc.和Alphonso Labs Inc.竞争。Alphonso Labs Inc.开发了应用程序Pulse。#39;There is a consumer behavior around ing and finding information and articles on mobile devices, and lots of people have innovated in this space,#39; Mr. Cahan said.卡恩说,在移动设备上阅读以及寻找信息和文章会产生一种消费者行为。许多人已经在该领域进行创新。 /201303/232417遵义赤水市切双眼皮多少钱遵义韩式三点双眼皮的价格




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