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第一步:原句放送Every man is afraid of something. That’s how you know he is in love with you-when he is afraid of losing you.第二步:译海拾贝每一个男人都有害怕的东西。这就是你知道他爱你的原因-----他害怕的是失去你。第三步:天衣无缝Every man is of something. That’s how you know he is in love with you-when he is afraid of you.第四步:举一反三Every ... That's how you know ...第五步:背诵达人 /201108/150105

视频文本如下:Have you heard someone use this phrase in a discussion? The will tell you all about ;barking up the wrong tree.; /201505/374674

Advice1. Could you give me some advice on how I can make up for the time I've lost?2. I like your advice about my research.3. What would you advice?4. What would you do if you were in my shoes?5. I would appreciate your advice.6. I think you should go on a diet.7. It might be a good idea if you got a part-time job.8. I advice you to see a doctor.9. I advice you not to look down upon him.10. I don't think you should keep silent.Dialogue 1M: I don't know how to adjust my life. Would you give me a piece of advice?W: You look a bit pale, don't you?M: Yes, I can't sleep well every night.W: You should get plenty of sleep.M: I drink a lot of wine.W: If I were you, I wouldn't drink too much.M: I often feel so tired.W: You better do some exercise every morning.M: I sometimes find the shadow of death in front of me.W: Why do you worry about your future? You're very young, and you'll make great contribution to the world. I hope you take my advice.Dialogue 2M: Hi, Jone, how are you?W: Terrible.M: What's wrong?W: Someone robbed my apartment last week. The robber took 0.M: Oh, no! Did you call the police?W: No.M: Why not?W: My English isn't very good. I didn't know what to say to them.M: I'm going to give you some advice, Jone. If this happens again, you should call the police immediately. You should try to remember everything. You should explain everything to the police.Dialogue 3W: I'm afraid I've had a terrible row with my boss. What shall I do?M: I think you'd better apologize.W: Oh, but I can't. It wasn't my fault.M: Maybe not, but I advice you to say it was your fault.Dialogue 4M: You're going to get into a lot of trouble if you do that.W: What makes you say that?M: I don't see anything wrong with what we're doing! That's just the problem. In these kind of things, the trouble doesn't always appear at first.W: But everything has been so easy.M: Everything has gone as smooth as clockwork just like we planned! That may be true,but if you were to do it, you would have trouble on the horizon. You always say that.W: Yeah, you never look at the positive side of things.M: Okay. Have it your way, but don't say I didn't warn you.Dialogue 5W: Are you feeling better today, Bill?M: Well, it's hard to say. I cough a lot in the evening.W: You'd better give up smoking. It's bad for your health.M: You're right, but you know, it's hard to give up an old habit.W: But you should make up your mind first.M: You know, I often have to work til late at night. I need something to keep me awake.W: Why don't you go to bed and get up early? You'll have the same time for work. M: Thank you for your advice! I'll try it.Dilaogue 6W: I can't decide whether to go to university or to get a job.M: Well, if I were you, I'd go on studying.W: But I don't even know what to study.M: If I had chance again, I'd major in English. You're good at language.W: That's what my parents want me to do.M: You should take their advice. They know what's best for you.But my friends will have jobs and lots of fun, while I spend all my time doing ing and writing.M: But if you go to university, you'll still have time for fun.W: Hm, what you say makes sense. But you know, I still have to ask my parents for pocket money, and I hate to do so at this age.M: And if you try to find a part-time job, you'll have some money too.W: You're right. Thank you for the advice.W: Most Americans don't like to get advice from members of their families. When they need advice, they don't usually ask people they know.Instead, many Americans write letters to newspapers and magazines, which give advice on many different subjects,including family problems, ex, use of language health, cooking, children care, clothes, and how to buy a house or a car. Two of the most famous writers of advice are women without special training for this kind of work. Experience is their preparation for giving advice. There's one writer who has not lived long enough to have much experience. She is a girl who started writing advice for newspaper ers at the age of ten. Her advice to young ers now appears regularly in the column called "Dear Angel". 课后题目:旧习惯很难改变。听完原文,你知道这句话怎么说吗? /201109/154637

  This milk has gone bad.这牛奶变质了。讲解:gone bad 食物变质了就用这个词。 天气太热,很多东西都容易坏,不过过期但还没变质的牛奶可以用来洗澡。 /201501/352068

  每日一句口语:Happiness is a life-style choice, not a mood.快乐,是一种生活方式的选择,而不仅是一种情绪。【知识点讲解】mood 情绪例句:He faced the press, initially, in a somewhat subdued mood.他最初面对媒体时情绪有点忧郁。 /201412/348614。


  专家称我国只批准转基因棉花、番木瓜进行商业化种植,批准进口用作加工原料的有大豆、玉米、油菜、棉花和甜菜。目前市售圣女果、椒、小南瓜、小黄瓜都不是转基因食品。【新闻】There are only two kinds of genetically modified agricultural products permitted for commercial production in China - cotton and papaya, a news report said.据新闻报道,目前我国只有棉花、番木瓜这两种转基因农产品批准商业化生产。【讲解】genetically modified agricultural products是转基因农产品;commercial production是商业生产。专家表示,截至目前,我国批准了转基因生产(GM produce)应用安全书(grant certificates of safety,批准安全书)并在有效期(term of validity)内的作物(crop)有棉花(cotton)、水稻(rice)、玉米(corn)和番木瓜(papaya)。只有棉花、番木瓜批准商业化种植。此前网上流传一份转基因食品(GM food)名单,包括“圣女果(cherry tomatoes)、大个儿椒、小南瓜(mini pumpkins)、小黄瓜”。专家称这种说法并不准确(inaccurate)。我国批准进口用作工业用途(industrial use)的转基因(genetically modified)作物有大豆、玉米、油菜(rapeseed)、棉花和甜菜(beet)。这些食品必须获得我国的安全书(receive a certificate of safety)。 /201309/256809A: Hello sir, how can I help you?B: I'm looking for a pair of skinny jeans.A: How about these?B: Oh no, not skinny enough. Let's go tighter!Skinny jeans 就是现在正流行的窄腿牛仔裤.这种牛仔裤穿上非常的贴身,就连小腿部分都是紧箍着的. 注:材料来源于B UKCHINA /200908/82450

  英语快餐车 第25课:That is spooky /201304/235190大家好!今天我们看一看恢复精神用美语怎么说? Well-rested 休息得很好 Full night#39;s sleep 睡了一整夜 I feel so well-rested this morning! After feeling jet lagged after returning from a long China trip I finally got a full night#39;s sleep! 我今天早上感觉休息得很好!从中国回来有时差,我终于好好地睡了一整夜!Rejuvenated 精神焕发!Feel like a new person!感觉重生了! /201407/314010

  You#39;re going too far!你太过分了!Don#39;t bury your head in the sand.不要逃避现实。I have no other choice.我别无选择。I don#39;t have the nerve to do it.我没胆/勇气去做。It#39;s a matter of life and death.事关生死。Nothing works.什么都不对劲儿。Money will come and go.钱乃身外之物。He#39;s been behind bars for almost 30 years.他坐了将近30年牢。If I had known that, I could have helped you.假如我早知道,我就能帮你了。[最实用的虚拟语气]I couldn#39;t care less.我不在乎。You have my word.我保。He hit the ceiling at the news.他听到那消息暴跳如雷/大发雷霆。I don#39;t mind staying up late.我不在乎熬夜。You#39;re too outspoken.你太直率了。I can#39;t afford it.我承担/买不起。I think it#39;s a reasonable price.我觉得这是个合理的价钱。I#39;d like to try on these hats.我想试试这些帽子。He puts me to shame.他使我蒙羞。Every dog has his day.凡人皆有得意时。Don#39;t give me any excuses.不要给我任何理由。Are you out of you mind?你疯了吗?He#39;s been everywhere.他到处都去过了。What#39;s bothering you?什么在困扰你?Who is to blame?该怪谁?There#39;re a lot of rumors going around.很多流言流传着。I don#39;t feel up to that.我觉得不能胜任那工作。I#39;m mad at myself.我生自己的气。It#39;s raining cats and dogs.下着倾盆大雨。The sky is getting very cloudy.天空的云越来越多了。You won#39;t get away with this.你逃不掉惩罚的。I#39;m tired of going to school day after day.我厌倦每天上学。Who am I supposed to see?我应该去见谁?His idea is childish.他的想法很幼稚。I need small change.我需要零钱。Don#39;t try to brainwash me.别想给我洗脑。I don#39;t seem to have any luck today.我今天运气不好。That reminds me.那提醒了我。What the hell are you doing?你到底在做什么?I can#39;t seem to get to sleep.我好象睡不着。You look very serious about something.你似乎有很严重的事。I hope I#39;m not in the way.你似乎有很严重的事。What are you so excited about?什么事让你如此兴奋?Tell me about you trouble.把你的烦恼告诉我。I feel much better now.我感觉好多了。I hope you will get well soon.希望你很快会恢复。She is sick in bed.她卧病在床。I have a slight fever.我轻微发烧。A fool never learns.傻瓜永远学不会。This is the schedule for tomorrow.这是明天的日程安排。How late are you open?你们营业到多晚?I#39;m here on business.我来这里出差。What#39;s Hong Kong famous for?香港以什么闻名?What brings you to Beijing?什么风把你吹到北京来的?She looks blue.她满面忧伤。I just don#39;t know what to say.我就是不知道说什么。Let#39;s have fun tonight.今晚让我们乐一乐。Thank you for coming to see me off.谢谢你来为我送行。 /201412/349740

  为贯彻落实《旅游法》,营造良好的旅游价格环境,降低群众旅游成本,近期,各地价格主管部门按照国家发展改革委部署,在国庆节期间推动全国约1400家景区实行门票价格优惠,平均优惠幅度约20%。【新闻】BEIJING - China has moved to lower ticket prices at 1,400 scenic spots around the country during the coming week-long National Day holiday.北京消息,中国将在七天国庆节假期期间对全国约1400家景区门票价格实行优惠。【讲解】lower ticket prices是降低票价;National Day holiday是国庆节假期。国家发展和改革委员会周五在官网上发表声明,呼吁地方定价部门推动平均降价(price cuts)幅度约20%。此举的目的是营造良好的旅游价格环境(create a sound market environment),降低群众旅游成本(lower costs for tourists)。国家发改委要求地方政府在10月1日前公布优惠方案(unveil discount plans),要密切跟踪监督(closely supervise)有关政策在景点(scenic spots)的执行情况(implementation of those plans)。中国民众将从10月1日-7日享受七天国庆假期,也被称为“黄金周”(Golden Week)假期。这是民众走亲访友、参观旅游胜地(tourist attractions)的绝佳时机(a prime opportunity)。但是,国内许多景点都会在这个时期增加票价(raise ticket prices)赚钱,引发公众不满(causing public discontent)。 /201309/258412。

  I owe you big time: 我欠你一个大人情。不要加a.owe someone big time的意思就是“欠某人情,十分感激某人”,而big time单独使用,则是指“愉快的时光”。比如Jim和他的同伴外出度假,They had a big time there(这个时候加a) /201310/259113

  bargainIt#39;s a bargain意:(对方提出条件时)我同意!好吧!就这样吧!例.That#39;s a bargain, mate! Take it away.伙计,我同意了,把它拿走吧!A: You move the sofa into the sitting room and I#39;ll clean up the kitchen!你把沙发移到客厅里去,我清洗厨房。B: Right, it#39;s a bargain!好,就这么办! /201310/260242


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