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福州/人流医院好福州/人工流产哪家医院较好Introduction and equipment导言和装备Welcome to your first study on ski.欢迎第一次来滑雪Never ski before,从来没有滑过雪吗we are gonna take through everything you need to know.我们会教你全部的必要知识Firstly, we will have a quick look at equipment首先我们来介绍下滑雪装备to show how to get skis on and off.演示下如何穿脱雪板And then, sliding down the hill nicely and gently on a very easy slope.然后演示下在缓坡慢速滑行The next thing is the first control: a break of a snow pole.然后是如何通过犁式控制雪板减速And finally, put some turns together, so you can control your descent down the slope.最后把转弯连起来,好让你能在下滑时控制速度It is a gorgeous day. Let’s give it a go.天气不错,让我们开始吧First things first. The skis,先来介绍下雪板tipped ski, tailed ski.板头和板尾Binding board goes forward nice and simple.板子很容易向前滑行Bindings,固定器toe binding, heel binding.脚尖部分 脚跟部分These things are gonna hold you on the ski.固定器把你固定在雪板上And here we go to a ski break.这里是止滑器Basically, when you are on a ski that being out of a way,当你踩在雪板上时 止滑器收起you do take a tumble that release, break pop down,当你摔跤雪板脱落的时候 止滑器会释放stop the ski sliding down and killing someone.防止雪板下滑 伤害他人Underneath, plastic pace, you are gonna slide down by this.板底 塑料板底是主要的滑行部分And each side of that, you’ve got a metal edge.两侧是两条金属板刃If anybody refer to the wooden edge,如果有人说到“立刃”they talk about tipping the ski one the side and using that metal edge.是指横向倾斜雪板 以利用金属板刃滑行All you need to know.基本上就是这些The heel binding get two positions: close and open.固定器脚跟部分有两个位置 锁紧和打开when you in the ski, you’ll be closed to get yourself fixed.当你踩在雪板上时 固定器锁紧You are gonna play the ski to hint the hole in the back,需要脱下雪板时 需要用雪杖尖顶在固定器的凹陷处push down firmly, lift the heel, and you’ll up.用力施压 然后抬起脚跟 就脱下雪板了The bare mind, if you do take a tumble. It is a good chance to heel binding.要记住如果你摔倒雪板脱落的话It still be closed,很有可能脚跟固定器仍在锁紧位置so you’ll spend less time trying to get the ski on.It is almost closed.这时候雪鞋是卡不进去固定器的Push down, open the binding,需要压住后固定器使其打开and you let it go again.就可以卡进雪鞋了注:本文翻译由en8848字幕组完成。 Article/201504/367894福州/做子宫肌瘤手术需要多少钱 Five Real-Life Halloween Origin Stories五则真实的万圣夜起源故事Mocking the devil: Back in the days when Christians first co-opted Halloween as All Hallows#39; Eve, they believed the best way to fight the devil was by mocking him with the red horns and a tail, hoping it would cause him to flee.模仿恶魔:过去基督徒最初将万圣夜纳入成为诸圣节前夕时,他们相信要对抗恶魔的最好方法就是用腥红的角和尾巴模仿恶魔,期望那能让恶魔逃开。Jack-o#39;-lantern: Irish legend has it that a thief named Jack could not enter heaven or hell, and was doomed to live a life in darkness if not for a glowing lantern he made out of a turnip. Since then, turnips or beets, and now pumpkins, were used to create jack-o#39;-lanterns to honor lost souls and scare away evil spirits.杰克南瓜灯:爱尔兰传说有一名叫杰克的小偷无法进入天堂或地狱,而且要不是他用芜菁做出的发光灯笼,他就注定一辈子活在黑暗中。自那时起,芜菁或甜菜根,现在则是南瓜,就被用来做杰克南瓜灯,以纪念游魂和吓走恶灵。Daylight savings time: Candy companies lobbied Congress to extend daylight savings time into the first week of November to get an extra hour of daylight for trick-or-treaters. They wanted it so badly that during the 1985 hearings on daylight savings, they put candy pumpkins on each senator#39;s chair.日光节约糖果公司游说国会将日光节约时间延长到十一月首周,好替去讨糖的人们额外得到一小时。糖果公司极度渴望这能通过,所以在 1985 年日光节约时间的听会期间,他们将糖果南瓜摆到每位议员的椅子上。Halloween costumes: During the Celtic festival of Samhain, the dead were said to walk the earth, so the Celts would wear costumes and masks to ward off or befuddle any evil spirits.万圣节装:在凯尔特人的萨温节期间,据说亡者会回到人间,所以凯尔特人会穿上道具和面具来驱散或使恶灵困惑。Day of the Dead: People often attribute Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, as a Mexican version of Halloween. However, this holiday embraces death rather than fears it. On this day, the spirits of the dead return to earth, guided by the aroma of marigold and incense to the shrine set up for them by their families, celebrating their return.亡灵节:人们常将亡灵节,或 Dia de los Muertos,视为墨西哥版本的万圣夜。不过,这个节日接受死亡而非畏惧死亡。在这天,亡灵回到人世,由万寿菊和焚香的香气指引到家人为他们设置的圣坛,庆祝亡者们的归来。For more Halloween fun, head over to Life Noggin for the History of Trick-Or-Treating. Or watch our on tainted Halloween candy, or...it just might kill you. Thanks for watching.想知道更多万圣夜趣事,前往 Life Noggin 看《不给糖就捣蛋的历史》。或看看我们关于被动过手脚的万圣糖果的影片,不然的话...那糖果很可能就害死你。谢谢收看。 Article/201511/407086地方政治 -- 学校、分区、议会选举 -- 与我们的生活息息相关。那为什么我们中多数并没参与其中?是冷漠吗?戴夫·梅斯兰说,不是冷漠。他识别出了七个阻碍我们参与其中的障碍,即使我们真的在乎。 Article/201509/396603福州/哪家医院妇科整形比较好

福州/市第一人民医院在哪里Germany introduces tougher asylum rules德国新难民法提前生效 加快遣返不合资格难民Facing an unprecedented number of migrants and refugees, Germany has adopted tougher asylum rules, a week ahead of schedule.面临难以预期的移民,德国新难民法提前一周生效。Under the new laws, asylum seekers will be required to stay longer in reception centers, while economic migrants from south-eastern Europe will face quicker repatriation.新法规定,难民需延长在接待中心的停留时间,与此同时来自欧洲东南部的经济移民将会面临更快的遣返。The new asylum rules come as Chancellor Angela Merkel faces pressure from an increasingly disgruntled German public.面对德国民众的不断升级的不满情绪,德国总理默克尔终于公布此项新举措。 译文属 Article/201510/405912福州/怀孕一个月做人流多少钱 The first four programmes this week have been about religions that have millions, or hundreds of millions, of followers, but 1,700 years ago there were far more religions in the world than today, and many, many more gods. Gods at this date tended to have strictly local responsibilities, not the worldwide embrace that we#39;re used to now. In Mecca, for example, before Mohammed, pilgrims worshipped in a temple which had a statue of a different god for every day of the year. Today#39;s programme is about one of those numberless Arabian gods, that didn#39;t survive the coming of Mohammed.本周我们为您带来的前4件物品有数百万或成千上万的追随者,约1700年前,世界上的宗教与神远比现在要多。当时的神多具有地域性,而非像现在一样通常为全球各地的人民信仰。例如在麦加,在人们追随穆罕默德之前,朝圣者们进神庙敬拜,每天敬奉的神像都不相同。我们这部分的最后一件文物便是献给后来被穆罕默德禁信的众多阿拉伯本土神祇之一的。His full name was Ta#39;lab Riyam, meaning ;the strong one of Riyam;-a Yemeni hill town-and he protected the local hill people. Yemen in the third century was a prosperous place, a hub of international trade that produced some of the most sought-after commodities for the vast market of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and India. It was Yemen that supplied the whole Roman Empire with frankincense and myrrh.他的全称是塔拉布·里阳,意为“里阳的神”。里阳是也门的一座山丘城镇,而塔拉布庇佑着这里的山区百姓。公元三世纪的也门是个繁华之地,它是一个国际贸易集散地,出产一些在地中海、中东和印度市场都需求极大的物品,并为整个罗马帝国提供乳香和没药。I#39;m in the study room of the British Museum, and I#39;m holding the hand of a man called Wahab Ta#39;lab. It#39;s a life-sized hand, just slightly smaller than my own, made of bronze, and it is surprisingly heavy. It#39;s very lifelike, but as it#39;s got no arm attached to it, it does look as though it#39;s been severed. But according to Jeremy Field, orthopaedic and hand surgeon at Cheltenham General Hospital, this is not the case:我现在正身处大英物馆,我们这只铜手的原主人名为瓦哈·塔拉布。它的大小与真人的手相当,仅比我的略小一号,由青铜制成,很有分量。这手看起来惟妙惟肖,但没有手臂,仿佛是从手臂上切下来一般。但切尔滕纳姆综合医院的整形外科及手外科医生杰瑞米·费尔德认为,事实并非如此: Article/201507/385834福州/人工流产费用多少

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