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ed States: Computing boot-camp: Risks and rewards美国:编程训练营:风险与回报Should for-profit crash courses get federal funds?盈利性速成班是否应该得到联邦基金的赞助?Liberal arts degrees and computer savvy rarely sit comfortably together.文学学位和精通计算机很难兼得。But computer-programming is increasingly where the jobs are.然而,工作越来越需要掌握计算机编程。This logic guided Adam Enbar and Avi Flombaum in 2012 to found Flatiron, one of many coding boot-camps sprinkled across America.正出于此,亚当·恩巴尔和阿维弗朗于2012年创办了Flatiron学校,Flatiron只是遍布全美的编程训练营之一。The camps offer intensive courses in web development, usually lasting three to six months.该训练营开设网站开发强化课程,通常为期3到6个月,They aim to prepare students for software-engineering jobs, while offering career advice and the chance to network: in short, vocational school for the information age.旨在为那些寻找计算机工程岗位的学生做准备,给他们进行职业规划,并提供接触计算机网络系统的机会:简而言之,编程训练营是为信息时代量身定做的职业学校。They have emerged to fill a pressing demand for coders.编程训练营的相继涌出满足了对程序员的迫切需求。Software-engineering jobs will grow at a rate of 18.8% by 2024, nearly triple the rate of overall job growth, according to the bureau of Labor Statistics.根据劳工统计局的数据,软件工程岗位的增长率在2024年将达到18.8%,而这一数值几乎是总体岗位增长率的三倍。So boot-camps are multiplying.这也是此类训练营迅猛发展的主要原因。In 2015 more than 16,000 students graduated from them, a 138% increase from the year before, according to Course Report, an organization that tracks the industry.Course Report是一家追踪报道该产业的组织,其数据表明,2015年有超过16,000名学生从训练营毕业,比往年增长了138%。They are also big business: publicly traded for-profit education companies are crowding in.编程训练营中也不乏一些大企业:上市的盈利性教育公司正大量涌入。Most boot-camp students are between 22 and 35 and have a college degree.绝大多数训练营的学员年龄介于22和35岁之间,并且拥有大学学位。Some have developed an interest in programming since graduation, or see it as a route to higher pay.一些人是毕业后对编程产生了兴趣,而另一些人则视编程为获取高薪的途径。Sarah Natow, a Harvard graduate, worked in museum fundraising until, dissatisfied with the non-profit sector, she gave up her job and started a course at General Assembly, a boot-camp in New York.莎拉·诺顿(Sarah Natow)毕业于哈佛,曾经从事物馆筹款工作,然而这一非营利性部门未能让她感到满足,于是她辞去了工作,开始在纽约的培训学校General Assembly学习。She felt she needed ;some skill set that would give me an entree into some other area;, and General Assembly offered a fairly quick fix:她感到她需要“一整套能够让她从事其他领域工作的技能”,而General Assembly为她建议了一个相当便捷的方法:three months for ,500, as opposed to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a two-year masters programme.参加一个价值13500美元为期三个月的课程,而不是耗费几十万美元进行为期两年的硕士课程学习。The first job after a boot-camp may not pay that well, explains Natacha Springer, who worked in biotech for ten years, took time off to bring up children, and then attended Flatiron.从训练营结业后的第一份工作的工资可能不是那么令人满意,娜塔莎·施普林格(Natacha Springer)解释道,娜塔莎(Natacha)曾在生物技术领域工作了10年,随后休假带孩子,之后便加入了Flatiron。But she saw a 40% salary increase when she started her second job, and now works as a software engineer for a salary in six figures.然而当她从事第二份工作,她的薪酬涨了40%,而如今,她成为了一名能拿到6位数工资的软件工程师。Boot-camps claim that over 95% of graduates find jobs as software engineers; starting salaries, they say, average around ,000.这些训练营声称,超过95%的学生毕业后以软件工程师为职,并且起薪平均都在6万5千美元左右。Such claims are seldom independently verified.然而此类言论很少经过独立查。As the camps proliferate and more second-rate schools enter the market, quality may suffer.训练营的激增以及进入该市场的二流大学的增多,教学质量难以保。Critics also argue that no crash course can compare with a computer-science degree.批评家们也议论说,没有速成班可以与一个计算机学位相提并论。They contend that three months’ study of algorithms and data structures is barely enough to get an entry-level job.他们认定,三个月中学习到的算法和数据结构连从事入门级工作都不怎么够。Until now, worries about quality have mattered only to those who can afford boot-camps or can secure private loans to attend: tuition fees range from ,000 to ,000.直到如今,有关教学质量的担忧仅存在于那些付得起训练营学费以及能获得私人贷款的人身上:训练营的费用从1万美元到2万美元不等。That is about to change.但这种情况即将发生改变。Last year the Department of Education announced a pilot programme to make federal funds available to boot-camps, which are currently unaccredited and whose students are therefore ineligible for federal aid.去年,教育部公布了一个试点项目,使得联邦基金同样适用于那些当前还未得到认可,其学员也因此没有资格获得联邦补助的编程训练营。As part of the programme, up to ten accredited colleges will work in partnership with ;non-traditional providers;, like boot-camps, and the quality of the camps will be assessed by a third party.作为项目的一部分,多达10所经过认可的大学将与“非传统教学机构”(如一些集中营)进行合作办学,并且这类训练营的教学质量将由第三方评估。The goal is both to open the boot-camps to students from poorer backgrounds, and to improve oversight of the courses offered.其目的不进是使得这类训练营面向贫困生,也能更好地监管这些市面上的课程。Many who follow the education business worry about federal involvement.许多从事教育事业的人对联邦政府的参与感到担忧。For-profit education companies have a mixed history in America; they have been known to take federal money while overpromising, offering sub-standard instruction and saddling unsuspecting students with debt.盈利性教育公司在美国有一段错综复杂的历史,这些公司接受联邦政府的资助,过分夸大却提供不符合标准的教学,并且将债务强加给那些没有戒心的学生的劣迹已经是众所周知。So far, says Barmak Nassirian of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, boot-camps have not been proved to do much for low-income students without a college degree.美国国家高等院校协会的巴马克·纳西里安(Barmak Nassirian)声称,至今也没有据显示,这些训练营为那些未获得大学学位的低收入学生带来了多大的贡献。Mr Nassirian is right.纳西里安先生没说错。The vast majority of todays boot-camp students are sophisticated consumers who have gone through college.如今参加训练营的学生大多都是念完大学的精明消费者。They view the courses as an expensive but necessary add-on, and judge their quality by how much private investment they attract.他们认为这种课程虽然价格高昂,却是不可缺的附加课程,并且他们会根据这类课程所吸引的学生的投资多少来判别其教学质量。That is how for-profit education companies should work.而这正是盈利性公司赢利的方式。To offer these companies the open spigot of federal funding seems too risky, both for taxpayers and for student borrowers.为这些公司开启联邦资助的“水龙头”,对于纳税人以及贷款学生来说,未免显得过于冒险。译者:玲玲201611/479767特别声明:该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解文稿为可可签约编辑编写,版权归可可玩站所有。第一、迷你对话A: Mary, I heard you moved again.玛丽,我听说你又搬家了。B: Yeah. I could not stand living here. There is always much noise in the neighborhood.是呀,我再也受不住住在那里了,那里总是有那么大的吵闹声。A: You mean noise? How could it be?你是说噪音吗?怎么会这样呢?B: You know, on weekends when we wanted to have late rise in the morning, our neighbour started to raise Cain.你知道,周末早上,我们想玩起一会儿,结果我们的邻居就开始吵吵嚷嚷起来。第二、地道表达:1. 习语raise Cain2. 解词释义Cain是人名“该隐”,该隐是基督教《圣经》中亚当的长子,他曾经杀害自己的弟弟,短语raise Cain现在用来指“引起骚乱”,主要强调“大吵大闹”的场面。第三、持范例He said hed raise Cain if they wouldnt give him a refund. 他说如果他们不还钱给他的话,他就要搞点动作。 Im going to raise Cain if I do not get my fair share. 假如我得不到公平的一份,我就要生气。 My wife is going to raise Cain if she see me in conversation with you. 我妻子定看到我和您在一起说话会大吵大闹的。第三、词海拾贝1. stand doing something:忍受做某事范例:I cannot stand being cheated.我无法忍受被欺骗。I could not stand waiting for such a long time.我受不了等这么久。2. in the neighborhood:在附近范例:Youll find it somewhere in the neighborhood of the park. 你会在公园附近找到它。 All the residents and storekeepers in the neighborhood were on hand. 邻近的居民和店主们全都闻声赶来。 He was the poorest farmer in the neighborhood. 他是附近最穷的农夫了。She spies out everything that goes on in the neighborhood. 她暗中调查着这附近发生的一切。3. on weekends:周末范例:He is such a couch potato on weekends. 他一到周末就成天看电视看个不停。 Students often go Dutch in these restaurants on weekends. 周末,学生常凑份子去这些饭馆吃饭。 This store opens at 9 A.M. on weekdays but at 10 on weekends. 这家店平日上午9点开,但周末10点开。 I seldom watch TV. But I always surf the Internet on weekends. 我很少看电视。但周末我总是上网。 4. have late rise:晚点起床范例:I used to have a late rise,but now I am used to getting up early. 我曾经起床很晚,但现在已习惯早起了。He had a late rise so that he missed the first bus.他起床晚了,以至于误了头班车。第五、口语句型How could it be?使用情境:当你对一件事情感到琢磨不透会是这样糟糕的情况时,可以用。例如您的朋友换上了精神疾病,你觉得不可能,感到惊奇。这时候就可以用这个句型。 /201303/228174前些天我们刚刚学习了;锦上添花;的用法,icing on the cake; 那么,与锦上添花相反的词就该是;雪上加霜;了。那么,;雪;和;霜;可以选用哪两个词来表达呢?Injury, 损害,伤害;insult,侮辱,辱骂。已经受了伤,再挨一顿辱骂,就不就是;雪上加霜;了。我们今天要介绍的短语就是add insult to injury.小对话:A: Irsquo;m afraid her parents wonrsquo;t approve of their relationship. 我担心她父母不会同意他们交往。B: Why is that? 为什么?A: Her boyfriend arrived late to the dinner with her parents, to add insult to injury, he was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. 她的男友和她父母一起吃饭不仅迟到,更糟糕的是,他竟然只穿T恤和短裤。B: Thatrsquo;s too bad. Her parents are old-fashioned. And that is definitely impolite and inapt. 这可太糟糕了。她的父母很传统。这样的做法肯定是不礼貌,不合适的。更多例句: We started off late, to add insult to injury, our car broke down on the way. 我们出发本来就晚,更糟的是,我们的车又在路上抛锚了。He fell at the beginning of the race, to add insult to injury, he came in last. 他在比赛开始时就摔了一跤。更丢脸的是,他是比赛的垫底者。First, the basement flooded, and then, to add insult to injury, a pipe burst in kitchen. 先是地下室被水淹了,接着厨房的水管爆了,真是雪上加霜。We started on a picnic, and first it rained; then to add insult to injury, the car broke down. 我们去野餐时,先是下雨,接着车子又抛锚了,真是雪上加霜。本期短语add insult to injury您掌握了吗?同时,还希望大家能记住例句中 ;抛锚;的表达法,break down。好了,本期我们就说到这里吧。 /201203/175046

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic: 小睡一会提到;小睡一会;的英文表达,可能很多人会想到have a nap,今天的;E聊吧;,Ukki跟大家分享其他两种表示;小睡一会;的英文表达。I have to catch some Zs.我想小睡一会。【讲解】你注意过没有?漫画里的人睡觉,画的都是;Z,Z,Z;;。这里的;catch some Zs;就是这样来的。;I have to catch some Zs.;也可以说成;I have to take a nap.;或;I need to snooze.;现在睡觉已经成为很多人的;爱好;了,懒得出街,懒得做运动,在家里没事情做就睡觉。但是,;小睡;跟;睡觉;毕竟不大一样,中午小睡一会对身体好,尤其是对于下午的工作来说,起着关键的作用。希望大家养成午间小睡一会的好习惯。A: Excuse me. I have to catch some Zs.抱歉!我想小睡一下。B: I thought you just woke up. Sleepy head.我以为你才刚睡醒。爱睡虫。 /201203/175110

Subject:I arrived at the eleventh hour. 迷你对话 A: There was a heavy traffic jam this morning. Did you miss the lecture? 今天早上堵车很严重,你错过了学术报告了吗? B: No. I arrived at the eleventh hour. 没有,我及时赶到了。 第一、地道表达 the eleventh hour 1. 解词释义 The eleventh hour的意思是“在最后的关键时刻,刚好,及时”。其英文解释为:the latest possible time。这是个与时间有感的词语。古时候,犹太人将白昼分为12个小时。根据圣经中的一段故事说:天国里的桃园内劳动力十分不足,需要每天从外面公用工人干活,一天之内要雇佣三四批。最后一批是11点钟入桃园的。不过所有雇工的工资却都在一天的劳动结束时一起发放。有个心眼多的人就钻了这个空子,他每天和最后一批雇工到桃园内干活。但是在领工资时,他却也和其他人一样得到了全天的工资。所以,便有了“I arrived at the eleventh hour.”的说法,其意思就是“我及时赶到了。” 2. 典型范例 e.g. If any guest failed at the eleventh hour, Todd was asked to dine. 如果有什么客人到时不能来,托德就会被请来凑数。 e.g. The president s visit was called off at the eleventh hour. 总裁的这次访问及时取消了。 e.g. The fire engine came to the fire spot at the eleventh hour before it began to sp. 在火势还未蔓延之前救火车及时赶到了火场。 e.g. The patrol was almost surrounded and then, at the eleventh hour, reinforcements arrived. 这巡逻队几乎被包围了,而值此危急之时援军赶到了。 第二、句海拾贝 语义表述:交通堵塞。 There is a traffic jam. /201311/263809Its not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.我们要战胜的大山是我们自己。单词记忆:mountain n.山;山脉n. (Mountain)人名;(英)芒廷 conquer vt. 战胜,征;攻克,攻取vi. 胜利;得胜not but不是...而是 /201606/450394

特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写,版权归可可网站所有。第一、迷你对话A: I often recalled the days when Tom and I were madly in love.我经常回忆起我和Tom热恋的日子。B: Very romantic?非常浪漫吗?A: Yeah. He always tickled my finny bone with his college stories.对,他总是用大学的笑话逗我笑。B: You married him for that reason.你就因此而嫁给他。A: Definitely not. The most important thing was we loved each other.当然不是,最主要的是我们彼此相爱。第二、 地道表达【地道短语】tickle someone’s funny bone【解词释义】funny bone是指“尺骨端”,即通常说的“麻经儿”,这里是尺神经极为敏感处,碰撞时产生的麻醉感。动词tickle的意思是“胳肢”,因此,此语的意思是“胳肢某人使得某人发笑”。【持范例】For 50 years,;Peanuts;has tickled Americas funny bone. 50年来,《花生》逗得美国人发笑。 第三、 词海拾贝1. madly in love热恋【范例】Griffiths did not know the delight of being so madly in love. 格里菲思不懂得疯狂地堕入情网的喜悦。 If I said I was madly in love with you, youd know I was lying. 如果我说我很疯狂地爱你,那我肯定是在说谎。 2. for that reason因此【范例】For that reason I wish to keep him in prison, as an example to evil-doers. 正因为那个原因,我希望让他呆在监狱里,给干坏事的人做个反面教员。And for that reason his grandmother dotes on him. 因而乃祖母便先爱如珍宝。 /201305/239201A new study has found that foods rich in potassium lower blood pressure.一项新的研究发现富含钾的食物能降低血压。Researchers at USCs Keck School of Medicine added that fruits and vegetables with loads of potassium can also play a key role in lowering blood pressure.南加州大学凯克医学院补充道,含有大量钾的水果和蔬菜在降血压方面也能起到关键作用。The team studied the connection between blood pressure, dietary sodium, potassium, and the relationship between sodium and potassium.研究小组研究了血压、膳食钠、钾的联系,以及钠钾之间的关系。Their results showed that regardless of sodium-intake, higher dietary potassium correlated with lower blood pressure.他们的研究结果表明,无论摄入多少钠,高膳食钾与降低血压相关。A press release stated that this study offers evidence that increasing dietary potassium may have an important effect on reducing hypertension as well.一份新闻稿称,这项研究提供的据表明,增加膳食钾可能对降低高血压也有重要影响。译文属。201704/502354可可网友们,大家好。说起;职场;,总让人觉得光怪陆离,里面太多是是非非,看不清,理不顺,让人欢喜也让人忧。今天,我们就来了解一下,生活或职场中常常会遭受的;不公平;待遇吧。Steal someonersquo;s thunder 窃取某人的方法;抢某人的风头Others may want to steal your thunder when they realize your ideas are pretty solid. 要是别人意识到你的想法很好的话,他们可能会抢走你的想法。Today is your day! I donrsquo;t want to steal your thunder. 今天是你大喜的日子,我不想抢你的风头。Stab someone in the back 背后下毒手;冷箭黑Stab,刺;戳。背后的一刀。让人脊背发凉的词儿。Such a vicious lie could be nothing but a stab in the back. 这样恶毒的谎言简直就是背地里向人捅刀子。He would find every opportunity to stab in the back of others. 他一有机会就在背后中伤他人。Below the belt 暗箭伤人;违规行为拳击比赛中不允许选手打击对手腰带以下的部位,如果打了就属于违规的,使用不正当手段的。它和stab in the back意思相近。比如:Most of the criticism hit below the belt. 大多数的批评都是恶意中伤。It is not the time for you to hit below the belt. 现在不是你玩手段的时候。恶性的竞争让人胆寒,但是对于帮了自己的人却bite the hand that feeds you,就让人心更寒了。Bite the hand that feeds you 恩将仇报字面意思为;咬喂你饭的人的手;。比如:I canrsquo;t understand why you should have spent so much time helping Lucy. Donrsquo;t you know that shersquo;s the one who would bite the hand that feeds her? 我真搞不懂你干嘛花那么多时间帮Lucy。难道你不知道她是那种恩将仇报的人吗?越是看多了是非恩怨,越渴望能拥有公平竞争的环境。也就是a level playing field.A level playing field公平竞争的环境Money doesnrsquo;t interest me as much as a level playing field. 和金钱相比,我更关心一个平等竞争的平台。相信每个人都希望自己所处的是一个a decent society with a level playing field and fair competition under the rule of law. 一个廉洁,机会均等、公平竞争的法治社会。好了,了解了这么多;手段;,该呼吸点轻松空气了。Letrsquo;s call it a day. /163992

特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: How about the matter?那件事情怎么样了?B: I heard it has been finally settled under the rose.听说最后私下了结了。A: It’s the only way to preserve her reputation.为了保全她的声誉只有这么做了。B: Yeah, fortunately it did not case a disaster.对呀,幸亏没有引起灾祸。第二、对话精讲1. 地道表达【地道短语】under the rose【解词释义】这个是状语性的习惯用语,在句中修饰动词。字面意思是“在玫瑰花下”,引申为“私下地”“秘密地”的意思,相当于“in secret“或者是“privately”。【持范例-1】We heard under the rose that they are not legally married.我们私下里听说,他们并未合法结婚。 【持范例-2】The details were given to him under the rose. 这些细节是私下告诉他的。 【持范例-3】I heard that Mary was born under the rose.我听说玛丽是私生子。【持范例-4】The senator told me, under the rose, that there is to be a change in the cabinet. 参议员偷偷地告诉我说,内阁将要改组。 /201306/243062

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