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New research reveals that the modern man is more image-obsessed than ever, spending over four years of his life perfecting his appearance. Women, on the other hand, spend three years.最新一项调查显示,现代男性比以往任何时候都更注重自身形象,他们一生中有超过4年的时间花在美容美体上。而女性的这个时间仅为3年。The survey also found that men spend a year and three months of their life in the gym perfecting their bodies - that#39;s six times as long as women, who spend two months.该调查还发现男性一生中有1年零三个月的时间在体育馆健身,这个时间是女性的6倍,女性用来健身的时间只有两个月。The nationwide poll of over 2,000 Brits gives an intriguing insight into the regime of a modern man, with the average male spending two years and three months showering and bathing, with women claiming they spend a comparable one year and eight months.这项包括2000多名英国人的全国调查,得出了有关现代男性的一些很有趣的结果。调查显示现代男性一生中花在洗澡沐浴上的时间为2年零3个月,而女性花在这上面的时间只有1年零8个月。Image conscious men spend the most time creating expertly groomed facial hair, dedicating almost half a year of their lives (5.5 months) to shaving.男性们注意自身形象还体现在刮胡子上,调查显示男性一生中有5.5个月的时间在刮胡子。Silky smooth skin is also high on the male grooming agenda with general bodily hair removal taking up a month of their lives.除了刮胡子,男性们也会对身体脱毛,这在他们一生中占据1个月的时间。Elsewhere, men spend five months at the hairdressers quaffing their #39;do and almost a month cutting and taking care of their nails.在理发和美发上男性一生中要花5个月的时间,而花在修护指甲上的只有1个月。Over a year of a man’s lifetime is also spent at the gym sculpting their bodies and honing their muscles.男性一生中有超过1年的时间花在健身房里塑造形体和紧致肌肉。On the other hand, women spend 3.1 years of their lifetime on perfecting their looks, comparably less than men, who are spending significantly more time working out to achieve a beautiful body.相比之下,女性一生中用来美容美体的时间为3.1年,这个时间比爱“臭美”的男性要少。Showing that grooming is an important life lesson, almost a third of men (27 per cent) polled said that learning to shave was the top skill passed on by their fathers.另外,调查显示刮胡子对很多男性来说是重要的一课,几乎有三分之一(27%)的受调查男性表示刮胡子是从自己父亲身上学到的最重要的技能。A spokesperson for Dove Men Care, who commissioned the research, said: #39;Grooming has become increasingly important to the modern man. With the rise of male-focused products becoming available, guys are now taking a bit of ;me time; to enjoy their shave, style hair and work out.#39;发起此项调查的多芬日用品公司的一名发言人称:“对现代男性来说,刮胡子变得越来越重要。随着专门针对男性的美容美体产品越来越丰富,男人们现在也可以自在地享受刮胡子、理发或健身等‘属于自己的臭美时间’了。” AND MEN ARE WARDROBE HOARDERS, TOO!男性也是能把衣柜塞满的“购物狂”。Storage space, in particular the wardrobe, can be a constant source of frustration amongst cohabiting couples and new research reveals that contrary to popular belief, men are the wardrobe hoarders, not women.储物空间尤其是衣柜的空间不够用,是困扰很多夫妻的烦恼之一。最新一项调查显示与大众的流行观点相反,衣多得塞满衣柜的不是女性,而是男性。New research found that a quarter of men surveyed claimed they could fill up to six average-sized bin bags with clothes and shoes they never wear, compared to just 18 per cent of women who suggested they could do the same.新调查发现受调查的男性中有四分之一称他们从未穿过的衣和鞋子能装满6个普通大小的垃圾袋,而这个比例在女性中为18%。When it comes to actually disposing of their belongings, men appeared to be the more sentimental sex, with 73 per cent admitting they felt remorse having had thrown away cherished possessions, compared to 31 per cent of women who said they had no regrets about doing so, reveals the survey by Boxman.而在丢弃物品方面,男性则表现得更加感性。据一项调查显示,有73%的男性承认会后悔曾把很珍贵的东西丢掉,而女性中有31%的人则表示她们从不会后悔。 /201411/3419756. The Constitution is Committed to Liberty and Equality6.宪法以保人们的自由和平等为前提Same sex couples have the right to the very same benefits that heterosexual or non-LGBT couples enjoy, as they are citizens of the same place. If a city allows its citizens to get married, why should a legal citizen be excluded from the same right simply because of their sexual identification? This is especially true because the American Constitution is committed to liberty and equality for its citizens. Gay marriage is covered under this, as demonstrated in the 1974 Supreme Court ruling that ;freedom of personal choice in matters of marriage and family life is one of the liberties protected by the Due Process Clause;. To promote anti-gay marriage sentiments as well as the banning of same-sex marriage are unconstitutional actions.作为生活在同一地方的居民,同性伴侣应该和异性恋伴侣或者非同志群体享有相同的权利。若一个城市允许其居民结婚的话,那么同样是合法居民,为什么仅仅因为这类人的性取向有所不同就将他们的婚姻视为非法呢?在这种背景下,同性恋婚姻应运而生,以下这点便印了美国宪法是以保公民的自由和平等为前提的。1974年最高法院规定,任何公民都有选择婚姻和家庭生活的自由,而这项自由受到正当程序条款的保护。促使反同性恋婚姻情绪的高涨的行为和颁布同性恋婚姻禁令都是违宪的行为。注:本文转载自前十网,译者:落月,小飞侠,刘洋,瓜瓜,旭旭 /201504/368118Towering stilettos may be the height of fashion – but coping with the pain and discomfort they cause can be a tall order, as millions of women will testify.穿上细高跟鞋可谓登上时尚的顶峰了——但数百万女同胞们可以明,要忍受穿上它的疼痛与不适太难了。Now, though, one entrepreneur claims she has finally found the formula for high heels that are as comfortable as trainers.尽管如此,如今一家公司声称他们终于找到了高跟鞋设计的最佳方案,穿上它就和穿运动鞋一样舒适。Dolly Singh, a former executive with a US space transport company, called on experts including a rocket scientist, an astronaut and an orthopaedic surgeon to help her create the ultimate comfy heels using hi-tech plastics.多莉·辛格(Dolly Singh)是一名美国宇航运输公司的前总监。她召集了包括一名火箭科学家、一名宇航员和一名矫形外科医生在内的专家团队,来协助她设计出这双高科技塑料制成的终极舒适的高跟鞋。Ms Singh managed to convince the scientists to tackle it as a #39;serious engineering problem#39; and their first pair of stilettoes is due to go on sale in a few months#39; time.辛格女士成功说这些科学家把其当成一个;严肃的工程问题;。他们研制出来的第一款细高跟鞋将在未来几个月开售。Unlike traditional stilettoes, which are based on a metal foot plate and rod for a heel, the Thesis Couture shoes are made of high-tech plastics and polymers.与金属鞋底、鞋跟的传统高跟鞋不同,这款Thesis Couture高跟鞋是由高科技塑料和高分子聚合物制成的。Designed to distribute the wearer#39;s body weight from heel to toe, aerospace-grade foams in the sole reduce the impact of each step on the foot by up to 50 per cent.该设计将身体的重量从脚跟分散到脚趾,鞋底运用宇航级别的泡沫减少走路给脚带来的一半压力。But such functional fashion does come at a price – up to 600 a pair, to be precise.但是这种功能性的时尚女鞋售价,准确地说来,每双至少600英镑。The first shoes, with heels around three inches high, are expected to go on sale in the autumn.第一款鞋子的鞋跟有3英寸之高,预计在今秋开售。Ms Singh admits they will not have exactly the same feeling as #39;tennis shoes#39;, but believes women will find them dramatically more comfortable.辛格女士承认鞋子不可能穿起来完全像双;网球鞋;,但女士们会发现它们好穿得不敢想象。She said: #39;It#39;s really important for comfortable and sexy to work together.#39;她说:;舒适和性感兼得很重要。;Ms Singh formed Thesis Couture after convincing scientists to treat the #39;fluffy#39; subject as a #39;serious engineering problem#39;.辛格女士在说科学家把;消遣;的东西当作;严肃的工程问题;后造出了这款Thesis Couture鞋。#39;The key was to make it an interesting problem in their language,#39; Ms Singh said.;关键是要化为他们感兴趣的课题,;辛格女士说道。#39;Asking them to design a high heel isn#39;t interesting. But asking them to design a structure that supports a secondary structure, which is dynamic and has a 180-degree range of motion and happens to be a human body? That#39;s interesting.;要是请他们设计一双高跟鞋并不吸引他们。但是要是问他们设计一种撑第二层结构的构造、要灵动、有180度的移动范围,且撑的恰好是个人体结构?那就有意思了。#39;I had to make them see it not as a fluffy problem, but as a serious engineering problem.#39;;我得让他们认为这不是消遣的事,而是个严肃的工程问题。;Her team included British orthopaedic surgeon Andy Goldberg, a virtual reality firm and a #39;fashion technologist#39;.她的团队包括一名英国矫形外科医生安迪·戈德堡(Andy Goldberg)、一个虚拟现实公司,以及一个;时尚设计师;。The shoe#39;s structure will be made in Singapore, with its exterior crafted in Italy and Brazil.鞋子的框架将在新加坡完成,而外壳是在意大利和巴西完成。#39;I#39;ve loved high heels ever since I was young, but as I got older I began to love them less.;我年轻时就爱高跟鞋,但随着年龄增长,我就没那么喜欢穿高跟鞋了。;#39;I found myself in a position where I had two choices: I could either downgrade my shoes and have uglier shoes, or I could keep wearing my really pretty shoes and I would end up with ugly, deformed feet.;我觉得我有两个选择:要么选择矮跟的丑鞋,要么继续穿美美的鞋,然后有一双丑陋变形的脚。;#39;It got to a point that this became an important enough problem in my life where I thought don#39;t complain, do something.;我后来意识到这是我人生中的一个重要问题,不能只抱怨,要有解决方法。;#39;Millions of women for hundreds of years have been wearing the same crappy internal architecture for a long time, so it takes an outside force to prioritise and say actually consumers will reward this and will think it#39;s important if we create it.#39;;数百万女性们几百年来长期穿着一样蹩脚的内部构造,因此需要外力的推动才能让人们重视这个问题。如果我们造出了这样的鞋子,顾客们会真心感激的。;The skeleton of the shoes are due to be manufactured in Singapore and the fashionable outer skin made in Italy and Brazil.鞋子的框架将在新加坡制造,而时尚的外观会在意大利和巴西完成。Initially, 1,500 limited edition pairs will be sold in the autumn for 610, with each numbered and signed by a guest fashion designer.在意大利,1500双限量版高跟鞋将在今年秋天发售,售价为610英镑。每双鞋子都有编号,上面还有一名时尚设计顾问的签名。A few dozen pairs will also be sent to celebrities and VIPs.数十双鞋将会被送到名人和贵宾手中。Ms Singh said, following the launch, the shoes will be marketed at professional women and pairs will cost between 200 and 600 each.辛格女士说,首发之后,鞋子将针对职业女性进行营销。每双售价为200至600英镑。But her ultimate goal is to license the company#39;s technology to other brands.但她的终极目标是让公司的这项技术推广到其它牌子。#39;Five years from now I want every high heel on the face of the Earth to be made the way we make them,#39; Ms Singh said.;五年后,我想让地球上所有高跟鞋都按照我们的方式制造。;辛格女士说道。 /201505/373878

BEIJING — China is spending hundreds of billions of dollars annually in an effort to become a leader in biomedical research, building scores of laboratories and training thousands of scientists.北京——为了成为生物医学研究领域的领军者,中国正在每年投入数以亿计的资金,用来建设上百座的实验室,培养成千上万的科学家。But the rush to the front ranks of science may come at a price: Some experts worry that medical researchers in China are stepping over ethical boundaries long accepted in the West.但是,这种急于跻身科学界前列的做法,可能会带来一些问题:一些专家担心,中国的医学研究人员正在跨越西方长期遵循的伦理界限。Scientists around the world were shocked in April when a team led by Huang Junjiu, 34, at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, published the results of an experiment in editing the genes of human embryos.今年4月,34岁的黄军就在广州中山大学领导的一个科研团队发表了修改人类胚胎基因的实验结果,震惊了世界各地的科学家。The technology, called Crispr-Cas9, may one day be used to eradicate inheritable illnesses. But in theory, it also could be used to change such traits as eye color or intelligence, and to ensure that the changes are passed on to future generations.这项技术名为CRISPR-Cas9,有朝一日或许可以会被用于根除遗传疾病。但在理论上,它也可以用来改变眼睛颜色和智商这样的遗传特征,并让这种变异传递到后代身上。Dr. Huang and his colleagues tried to modify a gene that causes a blood disorder called beta-thalassemia. The experiment failed in 85 embryos. Even so, to many in global science, it was a line that should not have been crossed.黄军及其同事试图修改导致血液疾病β-地中海贫血的一个基因。在85个胚胎上,实验都失败了。即便如此,在全球科学界的很多人看来,这条界限不应该被跨越。Scientists in the West generally abjure this sort of research on the grounds that it amounts to genetic engineering of humans. In any event, the technology is still in the earliest stages of development.西方科学家普遍止步于这一类研究的门外,理由是它相当于开展人类基因工程。无论如何,这项技术仍处于发展的最早期阶段。“The consensus among the scientific community is, ‘not for now,’ ” said Huso Yi, the director of research at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Centre for Bioethics.“科学界的共识是,‘现在不要做,’”香港中文大学生命伦理中心研究总监李湖树表示。Yet Chinese scientists seem in no mood to wait.然而,中国的科学家似乎无心等待。“I don’t think China wants to take a moratorium,” Mr. Yi said. “People are saying they can’t stop the train of mainland Chinese genetics because it’s going too fast.”“我认为中国不会想要中止行动,”李湖树说。“大家在说中国大陆遗传学的滚滚车轮无法阻止,因为跑得太快了。”China is quickly building infrastructure for scientific research.中国正在快速推进科研基础设施的建设。In 2013, the last year for which statistics are available, the state invested more than 1.18 trillion renminbi, or 0 billion, which is more than 2 percent of its gross domestic product, in “the development of scientific research and experimentation,” according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics.现已公布的最新统计数据来自2013年。中国国家统计局的资料显示,中国在“科学研发和实验”上投入了逾1.18万亿元人民币,超过国内生产总值的2%。In 2011, the state invested about 0 billion, or 1.84 percent of its G.D.P., the bureau said.国家统计局的资料还显示,2011年,中国在这方面的投入为8680亿元,相当于国内生产总值的1.84%。“The gap between China’s new bioscience technologies and that of the West is closing,” said Zhao Xiaomei, a member of the country’s National Medical Ethical Committee and a professor at Peking Union Medical College.“在新的生物科学技术上,中国跟发达国家的差距,是日益在缩小,”中国医学伦理委员会成员、北京协和医科大学教授翟晓梅说。But the research juggernaut is gathering momentum in a country where training in ethics for scientists was introduced, under pressure from the West, only a dozen years ago.不过在中国,这股宏大的科研力量正在不断向前推进。仅仅从十几年前开始,中国才在西方的压力下对科学家进行伦理教育。“The ‘red line’ in the West and in China are not too similar,” Deng Rui, a medical ethicist at Shanxi Medical University, said in a telephone interview. “Ethics are a question of culture, and that is about tradition, especially where it touches on human life.”“西方国家和中国的“红线”不太一样,”山西医科大学医学伦理学专家邓蕊接受电话采访时表示。“伦理是文化问题,与传统有关,特别是在人类生命方面。”“Confucian thinking says that someone becomes a person after they are born. That is different from the ed States or other countries with a Christian influence, where because of religion they may feel research on embryos is not O.K.”“儒家思想认为生而为人。这与美国或其他受基督教影响的国家不同。由于宗教的关系,这些国家可能感觉做胚胎研究是不可行的。”The state does set limits, Ms. Deng said: “Our ‘red line’ here is that you can only experiment on embryos that are younger than 14 days old.”邓蕊表示,国家确实设定了限制,“我们的‘红线’是只有14天以内的人类胚胎可以用于实验研究。”The proscription is contained in a document issued by the health and science ministries in 2003. It now urgently needs updating, she said.卫生部和科技部2003年联合颁布的一份文件下达了上述禁令。邓蕊表示,这一规定现在亟需更新。Chinese scientists adhere to globally accepted ethical and scientific norms, said Ms. Zhai Xiaomei, a member of the country’s National Medical Ethical Committee and a professor at Peking Union Medical College.翟晓梅教授称,中国科学家遵从国际认可的伦理和科学规范。But many scientists experience pressure not to do so, she acknowledged.但她承认,很多科学家承受着要他们不这么做的压力。“Inside China, there are people who are opposed to international standards, citing cultural differences,” Ms. Zhai said. “This force is actually quite powerful sometimes.”“我们国内有一些人以文化差异背景不同为由来反对国际准则,”翟晓梅说。“国内这个势力有的时候挺强大的。”“For example, they say we should use our homegrown Confucian thoughts to solve problems, as those international standards are from the West while we have our Eastern culture. But we absolutely disagree with this point of view.”“比如说我们要用儒家的思想,可以解决很多东西,要用我们本土的,国际准则是西方的东西,我们是东方的文化。但我们是坚决不同意这个观点的。”In the case of Dr. Huang’s experiment, the national committee decided that it was ethically acceptable because it “was not for reproductive purposes,” Ms. Zhai said, a stance that surprised some overseas scientists.翟晓梅表示,对于黄军就的实验,中国医学伦理委员会判定这在伦理上是可以接受的,因为它“并不是以生殖为目的”。这种立场出乎了一些外国科学家的意料。“They chose to use embryos that would soon be destroyed. So far, we have been regarding it as a very fundamental research, instead of interventions in or editing of germ cells,” Ms. Zhai said.“他们选择的是马上就要毁掉的胚胎。所以到目前为止我们把它看作是非常非常基础的一个研究,而没有把它看作是对生殖细胞的干预,或者叫‘编辑’,” 翟晓梅说。But she struck a warning note: “If you want to edit genes in germ cells with the intention of using this right away, it’s absolutely not O.K., because the technology has yet to become mature.”但她也发出了警告,“如果你要做生殖细胞的编辑,而且要马上把它用上,那绝对是不行的,因为你现在技术是不成熟的。”Disturbed by the recent study, Rao Yi, a professor of biology and director of the four-year-old Center of Life Sciences at Peking University, run jointly with Tsinghua University, warned that scientific research in China urgently needed more effective ethical oversight.最近的这项研究让北京大学-清华大学生命科学联合中心主任、生物学教授饶毅备受困扰。他警告称,中国的科学研究亟需更加有效的伦理监督。该联合中心成立了四年。“The more technology we have, the more dangerous we are to ourselves and entire humankind,” Mr. Rao said.“我们掌握的技术越多,我们对自己和整个人类来说就越危险,”饶毅说。Chinese scientists are generally poorly paid, he said, but may receive a bonus of up to ,000 per article from the state for publishing in international scientific journals, providing financial incentives for pushing the boundaries.他表示,中国科学家通常收入较低,但如果在国际科学期刊发表文章,可能会收到国家发放的奖金,最多可达每篇20万元。这为推动他们突破限制提供了资金激励。“Do first, talk later” is the attitude of many, Mr. Rao and two colleagues wrote recently on iScientist, an online community for Chinese researchers.饶毅和另外两名华人科学家为面向中国科研人员的微信公众号“赛先生”担任主编。他们近期在上面写道,很多人抱有“先做了再说”的态度。A global medical ethics body run by the World Health Organization or the ed Nations should be set up to regulate scientific experimentation, Mr. Rao said.饶毅认为,世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)或联合国应该成立一家全球性的医学伦理监督机构,对科学实验加以规范。More unpleasant scientific surprises are looming, several scientists said. “Right now, human gene editing is the main thing,” Mr. Yi said. Geneticists in China “don’t want to be guided by Western people.”一些科学家表示,即将出现更多令人不快的科学新发现。“目前,人类基因编辑是焦点所在,”李湖树说。中国的遗传学家“不想受西方人的领导”。The mind-set among Chinese researchers, according to Mr. Yi: “ ‘We’re going to do it, then see what’s wrong, then fix it. But the conceptual discussion may be missing.’ ”李湖树称,中国研究人员的想法是,“我们先去做,然后看看有什么问题,再解决问题。但这中间可能缺少对观念的讨论。” /201507/383693

When most fathers discover their daughter is getting married, they set to work planning a witty speech.大多数父亲在得知女儿要结婚的时候,都会精心准备一份婚礼致辞。But when John Butcher#39;s little girl tied the knot, he wanted to go one better than that.但是约翰·布彻的小女儿结婚的时候,他给出的惊喜显然要比致辞好得多。So the 50-year-old from Allington, Kent, spent 200 hours learning to sing so that he could surprise his daughter, Natalie, by serenading her on her wedding day.这位来自英国肯特郡的父亲今年50岁,他花了200多个小时学习唱歌,为的是在女儿娜塔莉的婚礼上为她献唱一首小夜曲,给她个惊喜。John had secret singing lessons for more than six months and practised for 180 hours at home so he could be pitch perfect when he performed in front of 100 people on the big day.约翰瞒着大家,共用了6个多月学习唱歌、180个小时在家练习,目的就是希望在女儿生日那天自己能够在100多人的面前有个完美的表现。The father-of-two then belted out a version of the Elvis classic #39;Always On My Mind#39; to his shocked daughter during her wedding reception at The Orangery at Turkey Mill, Maidstone, in October.十月份,在女儿的婚礼现场上,约翰深情演唱了埃尔维斯的经典曲目《永远在我心中》,让女儿惊喜不已。Natalie, 26, who married software developer Ian Wright, 29, said her father#39;s song was the icing on the cake of their special day.26岁的娜塔莉嫁给了29岁的软件工程师伊恩·怀特,她说父亲的演唱给她的婚礼锦上添花。She said: We had the most amazing day which was finished off perfectly with the surprise of my dad singing after the speech. I was in shock but touched by the choice of song and the amount of effort that had gone into the preparation. Everyone seemed to be as blown away as I was and it is something I will never forget.#39;“那天真的是美妙无比的一天,婚礼进行得很顺利,而爸爸在致辞后的演唱又给了我们一个大大的惊喜。爸爸选的那首歌曲,以及他这么长时间的准备,都令我非常吃惊和感动。大家看起来也都和我一样,这天令我终身难忘。”娜塔莉说。John#39;s wife, Mel, 47, was equally as shocked and touched by her husband bursting into song.约翰的妻子47岁的梅尔,也被丈夫的突然献唱感动了。John said: #39;My wife Mel was in tears as she knew nothing about the performance and my daughter told me afterwards that it was the closest she came to crying throughout the whole ceremony.#39;约翰说:“梅尔热泪盈眶,因为她事先也不知道我的表演。后来女儿跟我说那个时刻是她整个婚礼中最想哭的时刻。”The father-of-the-bride said he came up with the idea to sing at the reception in April but as he confessed he wasn#39;t previously able to carry a tune, he signed up for lessons to help him impress the wedding guests.约翰说他是在4月份想到要在婚礼上唱歌的主意的,但他承认在此之前他唱歌是会走调的,所以他专门报了唱歌学习班以帮助他能在婚礼上好好表现。He said: #39;I really can#39;t sing and don#39;t pretend to. I spoke to Darren in April about the idea and started lessons in May.他说:“我真的不会唱歌也不想隐瞒这点。4月份的时候我告诉达伦老师我的想法,然后在5月的时候开始了学习。”#39;I#39;ve had a lesson every other week and have practised the song for an hour a day since then.#39;“我每隔一周去上一次课,然后每天都在家练习一个小时。”His hard work paid off and people clapped and cheered John#39;s performance - which was filmed in full by one of the guests and then uploaded to YouTube.约翰的努力得到了收获,大家都为他的表演欢呼鼓掌,其中一位宾客还将整个过程录了下来并上传到了YouTube上。John said: #39;Everyone thought the DJ had mucked up, but then I got up and started singing. People were laughing and crying and standing up waving their hands.约翰说:“当时大家都以为是DJ搞错了,但就在这时我起身开始演唱。大家哭着,笑着,并站起来挥舞着手臂。”Housewife Mel, said she was proud of her husband#39;s efforts to make their daughter#39;s day even more memorable.妻子梅尔说她为自己的丈夫感到骄傲,是丈夫的这一举动使女儿的婚礼更加具有纪念意义。She said: #39; I can#39;t believe he managed to keep it a secret for so long.梅尔说:“我没想到他会瞒着我们这么久。”#39;I was laughing and crying, I had my face in a serviette, it was very emotional and I was very proud of him especially as he#39;s not the kind of person to put himself at the centre of attention.#39;“我当时高兴和感动得都哭了,不停地用餐巾纸擦眼泪。这真是太感人了,我为约翰感到骄傲,尤其是他并不是那种擅长在众人面前表演的人。” /201411/343032

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