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When you hear about a man saving his dog from a sinking ship, it’s hard to not be moved by the tale of an animal lover’s heroism. But the story becomes slightly less heroic when you learn that the man saved his dog before his own wife.当你听到一个男人从沉船里救出自己的,你肯定会很感动,觉得这位动物爱好者非常英勇。但我们这个故事里的男士就显得没那么英勇了:因为他是先救的再救的自己老婆。But that’s apparently what happened when Graham Anley and his wife, Cheryl, found their yacht sinking after it hit a reef Aug. 4 while on a voyage from East London to Madagascar.故事是这样发生的:8月4日,格雷厄姆和他的妻子谢丽尔驾驶游艇从南非东伦敦前往马达加斯加岛,但他们的旅行却遭遇事故:游艇撞上暗礁眼看就要沉下去了。National Sea Rescue Institute North London station commander Geoff McGregor said all three were wearing life jackets. The 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier named Rosie was wearing a tailored life jacket equipped with a strobe light beacon.参与救援的全国海难救助会北伦敦站指挥官杰夫-麦格雷戈表示,当时这对夫妻外加都穿着救生衣。他们家的宠物名叫罗西,是一只9岁的杰克罗素梗犬。 罗西当时身上穿着特别定制的救生衣,配有闪光灯信号。;As the incident happened Graham sent a radio distress call and activated the EPIRB (a GPS beacon) but they were immediately forced to abandon ship, ; McGregor said in an interview.麦格雷戈在接受采访时表示:“事故发生后,格雷厄姆立刻发出遇险无线电求救信号,启动了应急无线电示位标,但他们立刻需要弃船逃生。”;He first swam Rosie ashore safely before returning for his wife, whose safety line had snagged on the steering gear, ; McGregor added. The couple and their dog all made it out free of injury.麦格雷戈补充说:“他先抱着罗西游到岸边,确认它安全后才回到妻子身边。当时他妻子的保险绳被勾在了船舵上。” 这对夫妇和他们的宠物都没有受伤。Graham, a longtime volunteer with the National Sea Rescue Institute, said it was ;humbling to have the shoe on the other foot and need to be rescued.;麦格雷戈长期在全国海难救助会做志愿者,他表示:“情况完全不同,(以前是志愿者)现在自己却需要别人来营救,觉得真难为情。”Some details have yet to emerge. So, it#39;s likely that Cheryl was in a position of relative safety and Rosie might have been in a more perilous position had she been left on the boat. The couple did not want to speak with the media about their rescue.事件细节还有待调查。所以当时的情况很可能是谢丽尔当时的位置可能相对比较安全,罗西的情况比较危险,所以麦格雷戈才会做出先救而把妻子留下的决定。这对夫妇目前不想对媒体就此次营救发声。 /201308/252377





  1. Slow down. Usually health starts failing because you’re going too fast. We tend to think that we’ll get healthier by going faster, but I’ve found the opposite is true. We run all day, and this makes us tired. When we’re tired we tend to eat worse, and we want to drink, this is a vicious cycle. Health and rest are intertwined. Stop moving so fast before everything else can begin.1. 放慢速度。通常健康之所垮掉是因为你的节奏太快。我们通常认为节奏越快,我们会变得更健康,但是我发现慢节奏才是。我们每天都会跑步,这使得我们很很累。当我们很累时,我们会暴饮暴食,这就形成了一个恶性循环。健康和休息是错综复杂的。在我们行动之前放慢脚步吧。 /201004/101826Indian police said Thursday that three Nepalese men have been arrested in connection with the rape of an American woman near the northern Indian tourist town of Manali.印度警方周四说,与一名美国女子在印度北部旅游城市马那里附近遭强奸一案有牵连的三名尼泊尔男子已经被捕。The 30-year-old woman was raped and robbed by three men early Tuesday morning after accepting an offer from a truck driver to take her back to her guesthouse in Manali from a nearby town, police said, citing a complaint filed by the woman.警方援引这名30岁女子报案时的话说,她周二早间遭到三名男子的强奸和抢劫,此前一名卡车司机说可以让她搭“顺风车”回自己在默纳利入住的旅馆,这名女子接受了这一提议。Authorities have not formally charged the men. They don#39;t yet have lawyers. Attempts to reach the men weren#39;t successful.有关部门还未正式起诉这几名男子。这些人也尚未聘请律师。记者试图联系这几个人,但未能成功。 /201306/243448



  Two gold toilets were exhibited in the "world's most comfortable bathroom" in Japan Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo on June 2.  The gold toilet is capable of killing bacteria, cleaning and flushing automatically. Besides, it can play jazz and adjust the water flush voluntarily. The cost of the gold toilet is about 100,000 yuan. But it is only for appreciation. The producer will consider whether to sell it in the future according to the amount of interest。  六月二日,上海世园日本产业馆“世界最舒适卫生间”中多了两个“黄金马桶”。  “黄金马桶”不仅有强大的自动杜菌、清洁、冲洗功能,还能播放爵士乐、自动调节冲水量。“黄金马桶”的造价在数十万元。目前只能看不能用,日后将根据受关注程度考虑是否对外销售。 /201006/105416

  BEIJING - Imported TV series will be barred from airing during prime time on the mainland, according to an announcement from the top broadcasting regulator on Monday.广电总局2月13日发表通知要求,境外影视剧将在黄金时段遭禁播。These series should run for no longer than 50 episodes, according to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT).广电总局还要求,引进境外影视剧的长度原则上控制在50集以内。The aim is to improve the quality of imported TV programs and to enrich the content of shows available in high definition, so high-definition imported TV shows are preferred.该通知要求目的是为了提高引进电视节目质量,丰富高清节目的内容,因此应优先引进高清的境外影视剧。Under the new directive, a channel cannot broadcast imported TV series during prime time - 7:30 pm to 10 pm - and the total running time of imported shows should not exceed 25 percent of the time allocated to TV series that day.根据最新的通知指示,各电视频道不得在黄金时段(19:00-22:00)播出境外影视剧,各电视频道每天播出的境外影视剧,也不得超过该频道当天影视剧总播出时间的25%。Once a channel imports a TV series, it should be first aired on the channel before it can be resold to other channels, according to SARFT.广电总局要求,获得总局批准引进的境外影视剧必须在本台首播,首播之后才可以再次发行在其他电视频道播出。Channels are forbidden from broadcasting unapproved TV shows produced by companies outside the Chinese mainland in the form of shorts and introductory clips.对于未经广电总局审批并获得发行许可的境外影视剧,各电视频道不得以栏目短剧或介绍境外影视剧的形式变相完整播出。According to the statement, the SARFT has asked provincial stations to supervise the content of TV programs made by companies outside the mainland. TV series that contain vulgar and violent scenes should not be imported.根据要求,广电总局要求省级监管引进的境外剧和节目的内容,包含粗俗和暴力镜头的电视节目将不予引进。The statement also said channels should not intensively broadcast TV series from a certain country or a certain region during the same period.通知还要求各家电视频道不得在一段时期内集中播出某一国家或地区的境外影视剧。Severe punishments will be handed out for stations that are found to have violated the rules.如发现某电视台有违规情况,将加大处罚力度。 /201202/171450

  The recent tabloid sting involving the Duchess of York has elicited plenty of schadenfreude in the British press.最近有关约克公爵夫人的八卦消息让英国媒体感到很是幸灾乐祸。The Duchess, it appears, is by her own admission virtually penniless after her divorce from the Duke of York left her with only 15,000 pounds a year. That's a modest income for anyone, but especially so for someone who confesses to an 'overspending disease' and penchant for private jets and luxury goods.据这位公爵夫人自己承认,她在与丈夫离婚后,每年只有1.5万英镑的赡养费,这看来可以说是身无分文了。每年1.5万英镑对任何人来说都只是微薄的收入而已,更何况是对一个承认自己患有“超病”、嗜好私人飞机和奢侈品的人而言呢。In an article on the B News Magazine, U.K. psychotherapist Benjamin Fry, who co-presents B Three's Spendaholics program, says giving up the bling can be traumatic.在B新闻杂志(B News Magazine)上的一篇文章中,英国精神治疗师弗莱(Benjamin Fry)写道,放弃奢侈的生活可能会造成创伤性后果。他是B三台“花钱狂”节目的主持人之一。'It's the change in circumstances that's difficult… She could have accepted she was poor but wouldn't know who she was. The alternative was to do something I'm sure she didn't really want to do.'他说,环境的改变让人难以接受,约克公爵夫人或许可以接受自己穷困的事实,却无法再找准自己的位置。她的变通之道就是做了一些我肯定她并非真想做的事。He says wealth can become an addictive drug, needed most by the insecure.他说,财富可以成为一种成瘾性毒品,是缺乏安全感的人最需要的。'People do overspend because they've got a low sense of self worth. If you feel very small on the inside and present yourself as very big on the outside, it's compensation.'他说,人们大手大脚地花钱,因为他们的自我评价很低。如果你内心感觉很渺小,表面上就会装得很强大,这是一种补偿。'The way to cope is to try really hard to invest in non-material sources of wealth - family, relationships, community or self care.'他说,应对之道就是切实努力投资于非物质的财富来源,比如家庭、人际关系、社区或是自我关爱。Easier said perhaps than done. After all, spending habits die hard - especially among the wealthy.说起来容易做起来难。毕竟,大手大脚花钱的习惯已经根深蒂固,特别是在富人之中。Do you think there are rich (or formerly rich) people in the U.S. being forced to cut back dramatically on spending?你认为美国有富人(或以前曾经富有的人)被迫大幅削减出的事吗? /201006/105347

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