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在经济困难的情况下,我们的探索性科学项目——从太空探索到大型强子对撞器——就会最先遭到预算削减。布赖恩 考克斯解释了以好奇心为导向的科学是如何养活自己,激发创新和对于我们自身生存的深入理解的。201503/362140。

The little scar in the middle of your abdomen marks the place where,for about nine glorious months,all the nutrients you needed to grow and develop and survive flowed straight into your bloodstream,while you just floated around in a sac of amniotic fluid.你腹中央的那道小伤疤就是,那九个光荣岁月里,你赖以生存成长的所有的营养素 直接流入你血液的地方 而你仅仅漂浮羊膜的液体中。But have you ever wondered what was going on with your other bodily functions,while you were in that enclosed space?To put it a little more bluntly.did you,you know,pee and poop in there? The answer to question #1 is yes,definitely:embryos start peeing after just two months of development.around the time they first begin swallowing-and,therefore,drinking-amniotic fluid.但你是否想过,当你处在这个封闭的空间内时,身体的其他部分发生了什么?更直白点说,你有没有在那里尿尿和便便?对第一个问题的是,当然:刚发育两个月的胚胎就已开始尿尿了,和他们第一次开始吞咽的时间大致相同,那么,他们必然会喝羊水。This does essentially mean that fetuses spend seven months drinking their own pee,but thats actually not as gross as it sounds.这的确意味着这些胚胎喝自己的尿足足喝了七个月,但这没有听上去那么恶心。For one thing,urine-unlike feces-is sterile,so it doesnt contain bacteria that could make the fetus sick.Also,the waste products we normally get rid of by urinating,like excess nitrogen,are instead filtered from the fetus and delivered,through the umbilical cord,back to the mother for disposal.And what about the waste we normally get rid of by pooping?首先,与便便不同的是 尿是无菌的,它并不含可导致胚胎生病的细菌。同时,我们通常靠尿排出体外的废物,比如多余的氮 被胚胎过滤 通过脐带,运送到母亲的体内 进而排出体外。那么 我们通常通过便便排泄的废物呢?Well,mom takes care of that,too-indirectly.She digests food before it gets to the baby.absorbing nutrients like sugar and protein into her bloodstream and then passing those nutrients to her fetus through the umbilical cord.So most of the potential poop products stay with the mother.The fetuss digestive system isnt totally empty,though:some waste does go there and get broken down by acidic bile in the small intestines,producing a slimy,sticky greenish mass called meconium.哦,母亲也一样照顾到了,不过是间接地。食物到达婴儿前,母亲先做初步消化,将糖类 蛋白质等营养物质吸收到自己血液内 之后通过脐带将这些营养物质传给婴儿。因此,大多数“致便物”仍留在母亲体内。而胚胎的消化系统中并非什么也没有:一些废物会到达那里 被小肠内的胆汁酸分解,产生黏糊样的,粘粘的物质,胎便。But,unlike the large intestine of everyone outside a womb.a fetuss large intestine is mostly sterile and devoid of the billions of bacteria that break down our waste,and make up as much as 50% of the brown pulp known as feces.So the green,sticky mass that forms in a fetuss small intestines eventually becomes a green,sticky,and mostly bacteria-free mass inside the babys first dirty diaper.但是,和每个脱离子宫的人的大肠不同的是,胚胎的大肠内几乎是无菌的。没有数十亿细菌来分解体内产生的废物 同时组成了50%的屎黄色的黏黏排泄物 便便。那么 在胚胎小肠内形成的绿色粘稠物,最终成为了绿油油的,粘粘的,几乎无菌的物质 并驻留在宝宝第一个尿布里。And in a way,its the first-and last-clean poop in anyones life.同时,这也是人生命中第一泼,也是最后一泼干净的便便。201503/363275。





Back at Meis house, were going to prepare our river catch.回到梅的家里,我们开始处理这些河鲜A lot of the fish are still alive.很多鱼还是活着的Did you see that? Just with one knife cut,看到没,就一刀she guts it.她取出了内脏And gets rid of the intestines, and the belly,肠子肚子这些都不要了in one fell knife swoop, even though the fish is so small.就一刀,即使这些鱼那么小She just rips the head off, and the tail off the sort of centipede.她把那种蜈蚣的头和尾巴都去掉了I came to China to expand my knowledge of Chinese cooking.我来到中国,想加深自己对中国烹饪文化的了解Learning how to gut a centipede is certainly doing that.比如怎样取蜈蚣内脏这种She said women know how to cook,她说女人都会做饭and also that the men wash the dishes. I understood that bit.而男人则负责洗盘子,我听懂了那部分Men dont understand -男人不懂这些they only know how to eat.他们就知道怎么吃So Ive got here the small river fish and local garlic,我这里有一些小河鱼和傣族本地的大蒜wild garlic, some ginger,是野生大蒜,还有一些姜some small chillies, the local chillies,小辣椒,也是当地产的辣椒and then theres the Vietnamese mint,还有越南薄荷and then theyve got here some coriander as well,他们还加了一些香菜and then some spring onion.然后是葱Im going to make a classic Dai dish of fish cooked in banana leaves.我准备用鱼和香蕉叶做一道正宗的傣族菜Just finely chop it.要仔细的剁碎My grandmother would always peel it,我奶奶通常是剥掉姜皮and the Chinese believe that when you peel ginger,中国人都这么认为,把姜剥皮it becomes more heat-giving property, more Yang. More fiery.做出来的饭就是偏阳性If you keep the ginger skin on, then it makes the dish more Yin,留着皮就是偏阴性its more cooling.是凉性的First, I put chopped ginger, garlic and chilli onto a banana leaf,首先我把剁碎的姜蒜和辣椒涂在香蕉叶上closely scrutinized by my sous chef, who is keen to offer tips.我的副厨仔细的检查着,并给我提建议She said, ;Chop it, chop all the herbs together她说 “要剁碎,把所有佐料剁碎掺在一起;so its really fine.; I would have just thrown it all together,剁得碎碎的” 换了我就都直接掺一块儿了but this is the way theyre used to doing.他们也通常这么做OK, so we put this all on the leaf, like that.我们把这些都放在香蕉叶上,像这样Wrapping the food in a banana leaf用香蕉叶裹住食物seals in moisture and flavour, much like foil or oven-proof paper.像烤箱用的箔纸那样锁住水分和香味And then, you just tie it.然后扎住Being here with Mei and her family takes me back to my childhood同梅和她家人的相处把我带回了under the supervision of two other formidable family cooks -被两个严厉的家庭大厨监管的童年——my grandmother and mother.我的奶奶和妈妈So shes just securing the package within some bamboo?她用竹子固定住包裹Im planning to steam the fish, but my sous chef has other ideas.我打算清蒸,但是我的副厨却有其他建议Oh, then thats how they would normally cook it!这就是他们平时的烹饪方式She said its tastier like this than steaming it.她说这样会更好吃She said, if you steam it, it doesnt taste very good!她说蒸的不太好吃While it cooks for 20 minutes, Mei offers me an appetiser.20分钟了,梅给了我一道开胃菜This is a baby. This is the centipede.这是小蜈蚣The water centipedes she caught at the river have been她抓的水蜈蚣boiled in a spicy broth of chillies, ginger and herbs.用辣椒姜和草药等香辛料煮着She said, ;Dont be afraid, just eat it!;她说,别害怕,尝尝Its like texture like prawns.吃起来像对虾Its like river prawn texture, river shrimp.像小河虾那样Its not bad. Its not bad, actually.实际上并不那么糟糕201510/402213。

Now, an acre of land can feed 100 times as many people现在 一英亩地可以养活的人数As hunting and gathering.是捕猎和收割的一百倍Farming is a game-changer, its the difference between;农耕;改变了游戏规则 这就是there being only a few million humans on the planet地球上只有几百万人and there being billions of humans on the planet.和有几十亿人时的区别所在A new crop conquers the globe: wheat.一种新的作物掌控着地球 那就是小麦From a single 60-lb bushel, 70 loaves of b.每60蒲式耳小麦可以做出70条面包By 3000 , farming reaches Southern England,公元前三千年 农耕延伸到南英格兰Creating a blueprint for the future:创造了一幅未来的蓝图The village.那就是村庄Mankinds first settled communities.人类首次以社区形式定居And a new figure: the leader.随之出现的是个新的角色:领导者Smart, outspoken, charismatic.他智慧过人 坦诚率真 魅力四射The first farm animals: 同时也出现了首批农畜 pigs, sheep, goats, cattle.比如猪 绵羊 山羊 牛Its a turning point.这是个转折点201508/394503。

2013 Boston bomber guilty of all 30 charges波士顿爆炸案凶手30项指控全部成立After more than 11 hours deliberation, a federal jury on Wednesday found 21-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a Kyrgyzstan-born US citizen, guilty of the 2013 Boston bombing attacks, which killed three people and injured more than 260.11个多小时的反复推敲过后,一个联邦陪审团于周三判处吉尔吉斯斯坦的21岁美国公民焦哈尔·察尔纳耶夫罪名成立。他是2013年波士顿进行炸弹袭击的主要行凶者,3人因此死亡、260多人受伤。Because the death penalty is a possible punishment in the case, the trial will move to the next phase, in which the same jury will decide whether Tsarnaev should be executed or serve a life sentence in prison.因为本案可能牵涉判处死刑,所以审判将进入下一阶段,同样是该陪审团决定察尔纳耶夫是被执行死刑还是被判终生监禁。201504/369153。