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渭南妇幼保健院男科电话渭南中医男科医院割包皮多少钱When it comes to cute animal pictures, there#39;s no beating this cheeky creature, who may as well have wandered straight out of a feel-good kids#39; movie.要论起最可爱的动物图片的话,没有什么比得上这种“厚脸皮”的生物,说不定它就是直接从电影里蹦出来的:活像一个自我感觉良好的小孩!Meet the Quokka, a marsupial that seems to have come straight from an animator at Disney, but is actually native to a small corner of southwestern Australia.短尾矮袋鼠是种有袋类哺乳动物,看起来就好像是迪士尼里的卡通形象一样,而它实际上是澳大利亚西南角一小块区域的一种特有动物。Unlike a frightening number of Australian animals, the Quokka poses no threat to humans, and -- as these pictures make abundantly clear -- can be quite friendly.在澳大利亚,能对人类构成威胁的动物多得可怕,但短尾矮袋鼠却不具有威胁力,而且,正如照片里看起来的那样,它们非常友好。That friendliness may partially explain why, according to the Perth Zoo, the once-plentiful Quokka was drastically reduced in number after the dingo and foxes found their way to Australia.根据澳大利亚珀斯动物园的说法,正是因为它们很友好,也在一定程度上可以解释了:为什么在澳洲野和狐狸来到澳大利亚后,一度众多的短尾矮袋鼠数量急剧下降。The animal is currently listed as ;vulnerable,; according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Thanks to conservation efforts and fox control programs, their populations are recovering in some areas.世界自然保护联盟濒危物种红色名录目前将短尾矮袋鼠列为“中度濒危物种” 。多亏了保护措施和控制狐狸数目的项目,短尾矮袋鼠数量在某些地区正在恢复。I went to Rottnest island a couple years ago, these things are everythere! I went for a run at nights, and I tripped over one and he just looked at me, smiled and kept going about his business.几年前我去过一次澳大利亚的洛特尼斯岛,这种短尾矮袋鼠到处都是!我晚上出去跑步的时候被一只小家伙给绊倒了。它微笑地看了看我,然后继续自己该干嘛干嘛去了。First time I went to Rottnest I didn#39;t know you had to hide your food in the chalets. I got home one day to find quokkas had gotten in through the back door and had eaten all the chocolate biscuits.第一次去洛特尼斯岛的时候,我还不知道得把食物藏起来,一天我回家,发现短尾矮袋鼠从后门溜进来了,吃光了我所有的巧克力饼干。 /201301/220206渭南欧亚医院在哪 France#39;s new First Lady, keen to remain a journalist despite her tie to President Francois Hollande, has drawn inspiration from one of the most popular American women of the 20th century, Eleanor Roosevelt.作为法国新一任第一夫人,弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德总统的女友乐于继续当一名记者,因受到20世纪美国最有影响力的女性之一——美国前总统罗斯福的妻子埃莉诺的鼓舞。;A journalist First Lady is nothing new,; Valerie Trierweiler, Hollande#39;s partner, said in her first article for weekly magazine Paris Match since he was elected president on May 6.瓦莱丽#8226;特里埃维勒在奥朗德5月6日当选后的首篇发表于《巴黎竞赛画报》杂志的文章中称:“第一夫人是记者并不新奇。”;Naturally, you need to look across the Atlantic to discover this unique case, instead of crying scandal.;“你只需看看大西洋的另一头,你就会发现这种独特的例子原本就存在,没必要大惊小怪。”The 47-year-old Trierweiler, who has worked for more than 20 years as a journalist for the magazine, has struck a deal to keep her job but switched from covering political affairs to arts and culture.现年47岁的瓦莱丽任该杂志的记者已有二十多年。她与该杂志达成协议,继续担任记者,但是报导的方向由政治转为艺术和文化。Paris Match says the new focus on book and arts reviews will avoid any conflict of interest with her personal life as the unmarried partner of 57-year-old Hollande.《巴黎竞赛画报》称,瓦莱丽的关注方向转为书籍和艺术,这将避免与她作为奥朗德女友的个人生活产生利益纠葛。奥朗德现年57岁。Her choice of first book to review, ;Eleanor Roosevelt - First Lady and Rebel;, could hardly have been more relevant.她选择的第一本书籍是《埃莉诺#8226;罗斯福——第一夫人和叛逆》,这本书与她的个人处境再相似不过了。Trierweiler, a twice-divorced mother of three who has said she doesn#39;t want to be boxed into the role of ;second fiddle, first lady; - focused on the independence of a woman who refused to live silently in the shadow of US wartime President Franklin Roosevelt.瓦莱丽离过两次婚,生育了三个孩子,曾表示不愿被禁锢于“第一夫人这个次要角色”。她在中重点关注埃莉诺的独立。埃莉诺拒绝安静地生活在美国战时总统富兰克林#8226;罗斯福的阴影下。;This mother of six comes to terms with having sometimes different opinions than FDR and refuses to be reduced to silence,; wrote Trierweiler about Eleanor.瓦莱丽提到埃莉诺时写道:“这位六个孩子的母亲不得不接受自己和罗斯福有时候意见会相左,而她拒绝保持沉默。”She went on to explain how America#39;s First Lady began writing for various publications before embarking on a syndicated daily newspaper column that chronicled her life at the White House.她还解释道这位美国前第一夫人如何开始为多家出版物写稿,在那之后又为报业联盟的一家日报写专栏,记述自己在白宫的生活。;Not only did the whole American press find no grounds for controversy, but quite the reverse, thanks to this chronicle she wrote until her death, Eleanor became extremely popular,; Trierweiler wrote.瓦莱丽写道:“美国出版界不仅没有从中发现争议之处,而且恰恰相反,正是这部她一直坚持写作直到去世的编年史书,让埃莉诺变得十分受欢迎。”A Harris Interactive poll published last month found that three out of four people found Trierweiler ;independent; but only a third said they found her ;close to the people.;上个月哈里斯互动民意机构发布的一项调查报告发现,四分之三的人认为瓦莱丽“很独立”,但只有三分之一的人觉得她“亲民”。Some media outlets have dubbed her the ;Iron Lady;, and caricaturists have portrayed Hollande as under her thumb.一些媒体报道授予她“铁娘子”的称号,讽刺漫画家将奥朗德画成了“妻管严”,被瓦莱丽管得死死的。 /201206/186284蒲城县人民医院割包皮手术价格

白水县治疗阳痿多少钱Once a man confessed, ;The great question I have not been able to answer is What does a woman want?; Many husbands and boyfriends wonder the same thing today. But modern psychologists—and women—know the answer. A woman wants most everything a man wants: success, power, status, money, love, marriage, children, happiness, and fulfillment.一位男士曾坦白地说;;一个我无法回答的大问题是:女士想要的是什么?;今天,许多丈夫和男朋友仍为这同一问题而感到困惑。不过,现代心理学家——和女士们知道。女士们想要的同男士们想要的几乎没有什么两样。她们需要的是:成功、权力、地位、金钱、爱情、婚姻、孩子、幸福以及自我价值的实现。Women need to communicate this more clearly. Here are five things that should be told to men.女士们需要的是将这些要求明确地说出来。这里有五点该对男士们谈一谈。1. Women need genuine, personal displays of affection.1. 女士们需要真诚的、发自内心的感情。The breed of women who lives off the expensive gifts a man gives her is vanishing. A woman who values love for its own sake tends to be wary of gifts that are too costly. An expensive gift can make her feel that a man is trying to buy her affections and sees her as a prize rather than a person.那类以男士送贵重礼品为其择偶标准的女性正在销声匿迹。珍视爱情本身价值的女性对太昂贵的礼物持审慎的态度。贵重的礼品使她们感到男士是在试图购买她们的感情,把她们看成是赢得的奖品而不是一个人。Gifts that give women genuine pleasure are those with a personal touch-an item of clothing, for example—because such gifts, when chosen properly, are statements of caring and high form of flattery, demonstrating recognition of a loved one#39;s special tastes. The best gifts, from a woman#39;s point of view, are those that are on going, rather than flamboyant. In fact, what#39;s missing from a lot of lives is romance, such as doing small chores for her, sharing a laugh with her. These are the ;gifts; that really count.能给女士们带来真诚快乐的礼物是那些具有个人感情特色的物品,比如一件衣,因为这类礼物若挑选得当,能体现出关心和爱慕之情,表明你了解心爱人的特殊喜好。从女性角度来看,最好的礼物是那些普通的小礼品,而不是什么花哨艳丽的东西。实际上,生活之中缺乏的是浪漫之情,比如说,为她做些家务,同她一起开怀大笑。这些;礼物;才是真正有价值的。2. Women need a sympathetic ear.2. 女士们需要一位具有同情心的听众。A simple conversation can be different event to a man and a woman. For a man, a conversation is a way to define a problem, debate the rights and wrongs, and find a solution. To do that, he may repeatedly interrupt the woman until she ;understands; the point he#39;s making. But a woman would rather have a friendly ear from a man, instead of advice. Women more often view conversation as a way of sharing their emotions with the listener. They talk until they feel better. A man who wants to get through to a woman conversationally needs to tap into emotions rather than solutions. And, often, that can mean just listening.一次普通的谈话对男士和对女士来说可以是两码事。对男士来说,谈话是弄清问题,明辨是非,找出解决问题办法的方式。为了达到此目的,他可能多次打断女士,直到她;明白;他的意图为止。但是,女士却宁愿男士友好地听她谈话,而不要给她提意见。女性常常把谈话看作是同听者分享情感的方式.她们往住要说到自我感觉较好的地步才收住话题。男士若想在交谈中与女士沟通,就需要把注意力集中在情感上,而不是在解决问题的办法上。这常常就意味着应当做一个好的听众。3. Women don#39;t fall in love as easily as men do.3. 女士不像男士那样快地坠入情网。Men tend to be romantics, often falling in love more quickly than women, who tend to focus on practical considerations in choosing a mate. Women are looking for long-term qualities in a partner. Far more than men, they allow their heads to control their hearts. Even though women may ache for love, they carry around an inner evaluator who asks, Can I count on this man? So any man who hopes to sweep a woman off her feet had better lengthen his timetable, and pay as much attention to characteristics such as kindness and dependability as he does to his hair, his clothes and his adaptability.男士在爱情上倾向于浪漫,比女士更易坠入情网。女士的择偶倾向则侧重于许多实际的考虑。她们重视伴侣身上持久的好品质。与男士相比,她们更多的是用理智控制自己的情感。即使女士们在遭受爱情的折磨不能自拔时,她们也会在内心问自己:;我能够指望这个男人吗?;所以,任何希望很快就能赢得女士芳心的男士最好放慢速度,延长自己的日程表,并且对善良、可靠性此类方面的人身品质给予足够的重视,就像注重自己的发型、穿着和适应性一样。4. Women are good problem-solvers.4. 女性善于处理问题。Men and women solve problem in different ways. A man tends to be direct—line up all his options, select one, then proceed. Women are more likely to simply let problems solve themselves-for example, by giving a child more time to adjust to a new teacher, rather than insisting on an immediate classroom change.男士和女士以不同的方式处理问题。男士倾向于直接的方法-一摆出所有的观点,选择一个,然后去处理问题。女士更有可能只采取让问题自行得以解决的方法。例如:给予孩子更长点时间去适应一位新老师,而不是坚持要求立刻换班。5. A woman wants to be friends with her husband.5. 女性想要的是成为丈夫的朋友。;Few women relish being a mother, secretary or general picker-upper for their husbands. A woman wants the man in her life to be a true equal, someone who respects her strength, treats her weaknesses with kindness, and expects her to be the same for him. In short, she wants a friend, a lover and a partner who understands her.没有多少女性乐于当专业妈妈,当丈夫的专业文秘,或者当个临时凑合的女人。女士希望她生活中的男士是她真正的平等伙伴,他会尊重她的长处,用善意对待她的短处。同时,他希望她也这样对待他。总而言之,她想要的是一位朋友,一位爱人和一位理解她的伴侣。 /201205/181815渭南那家医院能查精子质量 渭南切割包皮

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