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淳安县第二人民医院治疗肛乳头肥大价格杭州余杭区治疗肛门损伤哪家医院好排名哪里“顺其自然”怎么说 -01-7 00:: 来源: 想要帮别人一把,但却心有余而力不足(The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.),也就只好“顺其自然”了今天我们就来学学这个“顺其自然”怎么说1. Let be大家有没有听过the Beatles 的那首《Let it be?Let be 的意思就是“随它去”,例如:Stop fussing with the tablecloth; let it be.. 听其自然 let itthings slidelet itthings slide 也表示“听任事情自然发展,不管它,随它去”的意思,例如:With things as such, we’ll have to let it slide. 事到如今,我们也只好听其自然了3. 有时候根据语境的不同,还可以用不同的表达方式,比如:无论如何我们也只能听其自然Be that as it may, I'll leave it as it is.(英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 怎么 自然 我们 slide杭州淳安县治疗便秘医院 大千世界中,万物皆有时节,一切自有深意:有诞生,也有死亡的时候有种植也有采摘的时候There is a time everything there is a season and the time every purpose under the heaven-a time to be born and a time to die;A time to plant and a time to pick up what is planted;A time to kill and a time to heal;A time to break down and a time to build up;A time to weep and a time to laugh;A time to mourn and a time to dance;A time to cast with steals and a time to gather steal together;A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing;A time to get and a time to lose;A time to keep and a time to cast away;A time to ramp and a time to soul;A time to keep silient and a time to speak;A time to love and a time to hate;A time of war and a time of peace; 7538我们每个人都可能遭遇困境,并且它时常发生有些大灾难不是即刻发生就是待在角落等待时机忽视逆境其实就是在欺骗自己Success Is a ChoiceAll of us ought to be able to prepare the predictable challenges and setbacks that crop up every day. If we expect that life won't be perfect, we'll be able to avoid an impelling ce to quit. But even if you are strong enough to persist through the obstacle course of life and work, sometimes you will encounter an harmful event that will completely knock you on your back.Whether it's a financial loss, the loss of respect of your peers or loved ones, or some other traumatic event in your life these major setbacks leave you doubting yourself and wondering if things can ever change the better again.Adversity happens to all of us, and it happens all the time. Some m of major adversity is either going to be there or it's lying in wait just around the corner. To ignore adversity is to yield to the ultimate self-delusion.But you must recognize that history is full of examples of men and women who achieved greatness despite facing difficulties so steep that they easily could have crushed their spirit and left them lying in the dust. Moses was a stutterer, yet he was called on to be the voice of God. Abraham Lincoln over- came a difficult childhood, depression, the death of two sons,and constant ridicule during the Civil War to become arguably our greatest president ever. Helen Keller made an impact on the world despite being deaf, dumb, and blind from an early age. Franklin Roosevelt had polio.There are endless examples. These were people who not only looked adversity in the face but learned valuable lessons about overcoming difficult circumstances and were able to move ahead. 3955杭州市维信肛肠门诊部肛肠专科

杭州脱肛的最佳治疗方法用英语如何“打开天窗说亮话”? -- :59: 来源: If you are willing to talk turkey, the dispute between us can be easily settled.  这一典故源自北美相传在北美殖民地时期,一天,一个白人和一个印第安黑人一起外出打猎,事先约定好了要平分所得猎物然而他们的运气不佳,一天下来,仅打到一只火鸡(turkey)和一只鹧鸪(partridge)白人盯着火鸡,想把它据为己有,但又不敢直接说于是假装大方地对印第安人说:“如果你想要火鸡,就拿去吧!鹧鸪虽小了些,味道却很鲜美;如果你喜欢鹧鸪,我就拿火鸡了”印第安人早已看穿了他的心思,于是针锋相对地说:“你一直在跟我讲火鸡,那好现在让我也对你讲讲火!”后来人们就用talk turkey这一成语指“直率地说、谈正经事、打开窗户说亮话、开诚布公”  Don't beat about the bush. Let's talk turkey.  别转弯抹角了,坦白点说吧  To talk turkey with you,I didn't lose my wallet.  实话实说吧,我并没有丢失钱包  Let’s talk turkey, how much money do you want per week?  坦率地说,你每周要多少钱?  talk turkey也可以指以严肃的态度和某人谈话,如果有人认真的和你讨论某事,就可以说成:He talks turkey with me.  有些人平时看来挺随便,可是他也有不能开玩笑的话题,比如下面这个虔诚的信徒就是这样:  When it comes to religious belief he talks turkey.  一谈到宗教信仰,他就正经起来 用 英语 如何宁波治疗腹胀哪家医院好排名哪里 A Beautiful MemoryEr...the loveliest house that I've ever lived in was one that I lived in with my grandparents when I was a child. And the name of the house was Crosslands. And I have some very happy memories of Crosslands. It was, it seemed, so huge to me as a child. And it had a lovely living room with a piano in it and a lovely sort of hall with lots of carpets and chests and antiques and so on. And there was a mysterious room, it was the drawing room, and we only used it on Sundays, or when the vicar came tea, or Christmas Day or Easter Day, and I was used to be amazed about this room because it had the best furniture in it but it was covered up with sheets- it was as if all the furniture was wearing clothes- and it seemed to me ridiculous that we couldn't enjoy this beautiful furniture all the week through really.And probably my favorite room was the kitchen. It had a lovely red flagstone floor, which was always highly polished, and an Aga, you know, one of those big cookers that heats the whole room so it was always warm there, and there was a kind of clothes horse above it that we used to hang all our clothes on, and it was just lovely. It was a very warm room with baked b and my grandmother used to make ice cream and we'd eat it in there and... there was a vegetable garden leading from thereso I spent a lot of time in the vegetable garden picking peas and eating them—my grandmother used to get really cross with me because I used to pick all the vegetables and the fruit our meals and then I'd eat half of them, because they tasted so delicious coming fresh from the garden.Now, I went back to it a few years ago and it was a big mistake. They've modernized it inside, they've got rid of those lovely old fire-places...have just gone. And they've knocked a wall down so the drawing room and the living room have become one big modern plastic kind of room.But I think what upset me most about it was the feeling that the house had shrunk, it had become smaller and that my memory of this lovely large warm comtable house had turned into an old house with modernized rooms inside it. And it taught me a lesson really, that you can't go back on the past and recapture it. But there's a beautiful memory there. 675杭州新华医院看脓肿多少钱

浙江医院看便秘好不好Difficulties arise in the lives of us all.生活中困难在所难免What is most important is dealing with the hard times, coping with the changes, and getting through to the other side where the sun is still shining just you.最重要的是要挺过艰难的时刻,积极应对种种变故,冲破黎明前的黑暗,你终会看到只属于自己的灿烂阳光It takes a strong person to deal with tough times and difficult choices. But you are a strong person.只有强者才能勇敢直面困难时刻,做出艰难抉择而你正是这样一位强者It takes courage. But you possess the inner courage to see you through.要有勇气你拥有披荆斩棘的勇气It takes being an active participant in your life. But you are in the driver seat, and you can determine the direction you want tomorrow to go in.你必须在这场游戏人生中积极主动,而且你正在驾驭这场游戏,并决定着自己明天前进的方向Hang in there, and take care to see that you dont lose sight of the one thing that is constant, beautiful, and true 坚持再坚持,别让你的视野迷失了那不变的美好真理:Everything will be fine, and it will turn out that way because of the special kind of person you are.一切都会好转的,因为你是如此的与众不同So...beginning today and lasting a lifetime through;Hang in there, and dont be afraid to feel like the morning sun is shining just you.到生命的终点;;坚持住,不必怀疑,朝阳为你而升起 88 Chimpanzee The most striking single fact about chimpanzees is the flexibility of their social life, the lack of any rigid m of organization. It represents about as far a departure from the baboon type of organization as one can find among the higher primates, and serves to emphasize the great variety of primate adaptations. Chimpanzees are more human than baboons, or rather they jibe better with the way we like to picture ourselves, as free-wheeling individuals who tend to be unpredictable, do not take ily to any m of regimentation, and are frequently charming. (Charm is relatively rare among baboons.) Two researchers have described what they found during more than eight months spent among chimpanzees in their natural habitat the est"We were quite surprised to observe that there is no single distinct social in chimpanzee society. Not only is there no 'family' or 'harem' organization; neither is there a 'troop' organization - that is to say, no particular chimpanzees keep permanently together. On the contrary, individuals move about at will, alone or in small groups best described as bands, which sometimes m into large aggregations. They leave their associates if they want to, and join up with new ones without conflict. " The general practice is best described as "easy come, easy go", although there are certain group-ming tendencies. As a rule himpanzees move about in one of four types of band adult males only; mothers and offspring and occasionally a few other females; adults and adolescents of both sexes, but no mothers with young and representatives of all categories mixed together. The composition of bands may change a number of times during the course of a day as individuals wander off and groups split or combine with other groups. On the other hand, certain individuals prefer one another's company. One of the researchers observed that four males often roamed together over a four-month period, and mothers often associated with their older offsprings. 661浙江省杭州治疗肛门疣病医院杭州市第三人民医院看肛裂多少钱



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