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In Spain different set of gift-giving traditions exists. The holiday season extends to Jan. 6, known as Three Kings Day or the Epiphany.1 It is not until Three Kings Day that Spanish children receive their gifts. On the eve of the Epiphany, children set out a pair of shoes to be filled with treats2 by the Three Kings. Usually, three plates of food and three glasses of wine are left out for the visitors, and the waiting shoes are often stuffed with straw for the camels the Magi ride.3   Although gifts are not given until Three Kings Day, the Spanish still celebrate on Christmas Day. One of the most important Christmas traditions is the construction of the Nativity scene, which depicts the stable Christ was born in, complete with parents, angels and animals.4 These scenes are often elaborate and require a good deal of materials and craftsmanship.5 The need for building materials gave rise to6 another Spanish tradition: the Christmas market. These outdoor markets consist of a series of booths7 set up on streets and in squares. The booths sell everything from ornaments and small gifts to figures and building materials for the Nativity scenes.  The Spanish have a number of unique dishes that are traditionally served on Christmas. While some serve turkey, the worldwide favorite, many prefer a distinctly Spanish . This meal would consist of almond8 soup followed by seafood. For desert, a candy called marzipan9 is served. Marzipan is made from almonds, eggs and sugars.  Notes:  1. extend: 延续;Three Kings Day: 三圣节,又称Epiphany(主显节),基督教纪念耶稣向世人显现的节日,通常在每年1月6日。  2. treat: 好东西。  3. 通常,三盘食物和三杯酒是为招待三位访客特意留下的,准备(装礼物)的鞋子中一般都会填满稻草以供东方三士所骑的骆驼食用。Magi: 东方三士,为《圣经》中人物,指向初生的耶稣朝拜献礼的东方三圣,下文中提到的the Three Wisemen与此同义。  4. Nativity scene: 也作Nativity play,圣诞剧,关于耶稣诞生的戏剧,通常由儿童在圣诞节期间演出;depict: 描述;stable: 马厩,根据《圣经》记载,耶稣诞生在马厩中。  5. elaborate: 精心计划或制作的;craftsmanship: 技能,技术。  6. give rise to: 引起,导致。  7. booth: 货摊,摊位。  8. almond: 杏仁。 /200803/29063

CCTV Headquarters央视大楼The CCTV Headquarters is a skyscraper that is the new headquarters of China Central Television. Groundbreaking took place on September 22, 2004. The building is built in two sections that will be completed in December 2007 and in December 2008 respectively. Rem Koolhaas from Holand is the architect. The building will stand at 234 metres tall and will cover 550 thousand m2 of floor space.央央电视台总部大楼位于北京东部CBD,设计师:雷姆·库哈斯(荷兰)2004年10月正式开工建设,此工程B标段将先一步于2007年年底前竣工,2008年初交付使用,这亦将作为北京奥运转播中心和今后中央电视台节目制播中心。A标段于2008年年底竣工,2009年交付使用,此标段主要是电视文化中心、管理中心,地处中央商务区核心地带,总建筑面积约55万平方米,最高建筑234米。The main building is not a traditional tower, but a continuous loop of five horizontal and vertical sections, creating an irregular grid on the building#39;s facade with an open center. Because of its radical shape, it has acquired the nickname dakucha, translated into English as ;Big Underpants; or ;Big Shorts;. The construction of the building is considered to be a structural challenge.主楼建筑外形就像是一只被扭曲的正方形油炸圈;两座竖立的塔楼向内倾斜,倾角很大;塔楼之间被横向的结构连接起来,总体形成一个闭合的环,有人称之为“大裤衩”。它被认为是世界上设计最激进的建筑。 /201603/430108


  英国女性恋上化妆品British womens love affair with cosmeticsBritish women spend the most money on cosmetics, according to a research by Mintel.When it comes on spending money on make-up, it seems that there is just no beating a British woman.Analysts Mintel, in a new survey, have found that the annual amount of money spent by women in the UK on cosmetics such as lipstick, mascara andnail polishhas risen by 40 per cent in the past five years to more than 1 billion pounds.As a part of the research, analysts surveyed 25,000 men and women in the UK and 10,000 in France, Germany and Spain in a bid to reveal attitudes to looks.They found that while French women most wanted to stand out in a crowd thanks to their own "very good sense of style", British women, though spending more on cosmetics, didn't mind looking less distinctive, as long as they looked good."Even though British women are less interested in style and fashion, they retain a desire to look attractive and well-groomed," The Independent ed Michelle Strutton, senior market analyst at Mintel, as saying.The analysts also found that when it comes to their appearance, it's the Spaniards, more than women of any other country in Europe, who are concerned with their image.The results of the research now has analysts predicting that British men and women will be opening up their wallets and spending 940 million pounds just onscentthis year. 如果要问谁最舍得在化妆品上花银子,英国女人应该当之无愧。英国明泰尔市场调查公司所做的一项最新调查发现,过去五年中,英国女性每年在口红、睫毛膏、指甲油等化妆品上的消费增加了40%,达到10亿多英镑。为了了解不同国家的人对于外表的态度,明泰尔调查公司的分析师们对英国的25000名男性和女性、以及法国、德国和西班牙的10000名男性和女性进行了调查。调查发现,拥有很强“时尚感”的法国女性最渴望引人注目;而英国女性尽管在化妆品上投资不少,但她们觉得只要漂亮就行,不一定非得与众不同。《独立报》援引明泰尔公司高级市场分析师米歇尔·斯特拉特恩的话说:“虽然英国女性对于时尚和时装的兴趣没那么浓厚,但她们还是很想把自己打扮得美丽迷人。”此外,调查发现,欧洲的西班牙女性最在意自己的外表。根据调查结果,分析师们预测,今年英国人仅一项香水出就将达到9.4亿英镑。Vocabulary:nail polish: 指甲油scent : 香水 /200803/31196。

  Elon Musk#39;s rocket company, SpaceX, announced last Wednesday morning it planned to send one of its spaceships to Mars by 2018, the most ambitious goal set to date by the burgeoning private space travel industry funded by billionaires instead of governments.上周三早晨,伊隆·马斯克的火箭公司SpaceX宣布其计划在2018年向火星发射太空飞船。这是目前私人公司中最具野心的目标。私人太空旅游产业并非由政府资助,而是由富翁们出资。The mission would be unmanned, Musk said in a Twitter post, but the flights will be used to learn how to land the sorts of large payloads humans would need should they ever colonize the red planet, another SpaceX executive said.马斯克发推表示,这次将会是一艘无人太空飞船。另一位SpaceX的主管表示,这些飞行会被用来研究人类在定居火星时所需的负载量。These days it takes about eight months to get to Mars via rocket, according to Nasa.根据NASA表示,依靠目前的技术,到达火星需要八个月的时间。And as Musk notes, the inside of his Dragon 2 rocket offers about as much space as a sport utility vehicle.马斯克表示,他的龙2飞船内部空间至少得容得下一部运动型多用途车。SpaceX recently made a breakthrough in privatized space flight. In early April it landed a reusable rocket on a robot-controlled floating platform; the idea being that would make it much cheaper to keep sending people beyond the atmosphere.最近,SpaceX公司在太空飞行中取得了新突破。四月初,它成功地使一架可回收火箭在机器人控制的浮动平台上着陆。这个创意能够为持续将人类送出大气层节省了一大笔费用。Nasa meantime is working on its own Mars missions, including an effort to send humans there by the 2030s.同时,NASA也正进行其火星计划。其中就包括在2030年将人类送往火星。But the US government has restricted the space program#39;s funding in recent years, leaving it up to billionaires such as Musk, Amazon.com#39;s Jeff Bezos and Virgin#39;s Richard Branson to fund their own would-be galactic fleets.但是近几年来,美国政府一直限制该太空计划的预算,于是将机会留给了像马斯克、亚马逊总裁杰夫和维珍总裁理查德·布兰森这样的亿万富翁们。他们用自己的资金来打造私人未来舰队。The SpaceX executive said Nasa would offer some technical support, such as use of a deep-space communications network, but its Mars flight would be a “SpaceX mission”.SpaceX的总经理表示,NASA会提供一些包括深空通讯网络的使用方法在内的技术持,但这是SpaceX自己的火星项目。 /201605/442548

  A Japanese tombstone company is using the augmented reality technology made popular by Pokemon Go to allow mourners to catch pre-recorded messages from their deceased loved ones in cemeteries.一家日本墓葬公司正使用增强现实技术使得吊唁者能够在墓地里收到他们去世的爱人或亲人生前录制的视频。口袋妖怪的风行使得增强现实技术近来很流行。Named Spot Message, the new Pokemon Go-inspired app is the brainchild of Yoshiyuki Katori, president of Ryoshin Sekizai, a tombstone company based in Katori, Japan’s Chiba prefecture. 这款受口袋妖怪启迪的新手机软件叫做Spot Message,是一家日本墓葬公司Ryoshin Sekizai董事长Yoshiyuki Katori的创意。该公司位于日本千叶县。He claims that the new technology realizes his longtime dream of preserving realistic memories of the dearly departed for the living. 他声称增强现实技术实现了他长久以来的梦想,为活着的人保留去世之人的真实影像作为回忆。My uncle, who ran a paint store, died eight years ago after he fell from a tall structure at work, 33-year-old Katori said.33岁的Katori说:我的叔叔曾经经营了一家油漆店。八年前他在一栋高层建筑上工作时不幸坠落身亡。His death was so sudden, and it shattered the lives of his family. 他的去世太过突然,使他的家庭深受打击。I also respected him a lot, so I would often visit his grave, consulting with him in my mind whenever I had issues concerning my business. 我也很尊敬他,所以我经常会去墓地看望他。I wondered how comforting it would be if he could talk to me at his grave, with messages like ‘How are you doing?’ and ‘Hang in there.’ 每当我生意上有问题时,我也会在脑中和他对话,向他请教。如果他能在墓前和我说说话,问问我‘最近过得如何?’对我说‘坚持下去。’这对我来说会是极大的安慰。His desire to hear his uncle’s words at his grave inspired the Japanese entrepreneur to use augmented reality to plant pre-recorded messages from the dead at their graves and other places dear to them, for their living friends and family to discover using their smartphones.他渴望在墓地听到他叔叔的讲话,于是这给了这位日本企业家灵感:利用增强现实技术将逝者事前录制好的信息植入在各自的墓碑前以及其他对他们有意义的地方,逝者的朋友及家人可以用手机在这些地方收到这些信息。The Spot Message app is aimed at people looking to leave s and photos for their loved-ones to discover after they’ve passed away and mixes virtual images with real-life landscapes, just like Pokemon Go. Spot Message的目标人群是那些希望在死后为他们的爱人、亲人留下视频和照片的人。和口袋妖怪一样,这里的虚拟图像和真实环境相结合。However, Katori adds that his service can also be used for other purposes. For example, a husband can plant a message at the place where he proposed, to be discovered by her on their anniversary, or for mountain climbers to leave congratulatory messages for fellow climbers.然而,Katori补充说到他的务也可以用在其他用途上。假如丈夫想在结婚周年纪念日给妻子礼物,他可以在当初求婚的地方留下惊喜信息。或者登山者可以在山上为后来的登山同伴留下祝贺信息。Spot Message is free to download, and users can submit up to 10 messages simply by registering. Spot Message现在可以免费下载,用户只需注册就可以上传最多十条信息。For a larger storage capacity on the company’s cloud servers and up to 30 messages that they can share with up to 200 people, users have to pay a fee.如果想要在此公司的云务器上获取更大的储存容量,用户需要付费,这样他们最多就可以上传30条信息,与多达200人分享这些信息。The augmented reality app was launched on Monday for Android, but an iPhone version will also be available in September.这款增强现实应用于星期一在安卓市场上线,苹果版也将在九月上线。 /201609/4647395 Countries With the Fastest Public Wi-Fi in 20162016年全球五个WIFI最快的国家Wi-Fi technology has only been around for a couple of decades, but demand for high-speed public access has exploded over the last few years.WIFI网络技术出现不过二十年,但在过去的几年里,人们对于高速公共网络的需求却是暴涨。Many of the companies innovating in this space are located in the ed States. However, in terms of how the U.S. compares to other countries in public Wi-Fi speed -- it#39;s barely a contender. The U.S. ranks number 19 on the list of countries with the fastest average public Wi-Fi download speeds according to RottenWifi.很多网络创新公司都位于美国,但是在公共WIFI的速度上,美国的竞争力却并不强劲。在Rotten WiFi发布的全球公共WiFi下载网速排行榜上,美国仅排在第19位。Here are the five countries with the fastest public Wi-Fi as of 2016.以下是截止2016年公共WiFi速度最快的5个国家:Lithuania立陶宛Topping the list of fastest public Wi-Fi is Lithuania, with average download speeds of 16.6 Mbps, nearly double that of the U.S.居于榜首的是立陶宛的公共WIFI网咯,它的平均速度为16.6兆,几乎是美国的两倍。This small Baltic country seems very focused on promoting itself as a good option for businesses to set up shop as it tries to attract more international investment.为了吸引更多的国际投资、让更多的商家进驻,这个波罗的海边上的小国似乎很注重提高它的公共务水平。This seems to be fueling the focus on tech-forward thinking, including investment in helping to sp public Wi-Fi in the country.立陶宛政府特别关注技术前瞻性的想法,包括投资拓展本国的公共WiFi网络。Singapore新加坡Singapore has moved up the list in recent years, which makes sense as this small island-country between Malaysia and Indonesia has become a financial and technological tentpole of the region.最近几年,新加坡在榜单的排名有所上升,这也说得通,这个位于马来西亚和印度尼西亚之间的岛国已经成为该地区经济和科技的柱。The Singaporean government has set up a program offering free public Wi-Fi via thousands of hotspots across the island called ;Wireless@SG.;新加坡政府已经建立了一个名为“Wireless@SG”的项目,通过在全岛设立几千个热点,来为大众提供免费的公共WIFI网络。Last year, the government announced that it is upgrading the hotspots to faster speeds and that they will double the number to 20,000 across the country by 2018.去年,政府称他们正在提高这些热点的网速,并争取在2018年前将WIFI热点的数量增至2万个,是之前热点数量的两倍。Switzerland瑞士Switzerland is serious about its public Wi-Fi -- locals and visitors can access the internet in public areas like parks, beaches, museums, public squares, and other open areas.瑞士很重视他们的公共WIFI,不论是本地人还是游客,都可以在诸如公园,沙滩,物馆,公共广场及其他公共露天场所享受到WIFI网络的覆盖。The country is also known for its skiing, and one operator there is combining the two.瑞士还以滑雪运动闻名,瑞士一家运营商打算将滑雪和公共WiFi结合在一起A resort near Davos recently opened a new chairlift that comes equipped with sensors that adjust the seat height before the skier boards, heated seats -- and free public Wi-Fi for the 8 minute ride to the top.最近,达沃斯附近的一个度假村开设了一种新型缆车,上面装有传感器,可以在游客进入缆车车厢之前调整座椅高度,并加热座椅,同时在短短8分钟车程内提供免费的WIFI网络。Denmark丹麦Denmark wants to expand its public Wi-Fi reach further through an initiative that would see thousands of new lamp posts across the country connected with services beyond just offering light.丹麦倡导将国内的几千个灯柱连接到务器,使其成为WIFI热点——而非仅作照明功能,他们想借着此项工程将公共WIFI网络覆盖面积进一步扩大。As announced in 2014, the long-term vision is to have the lamp posts see coming bicyclists and increase their brightness accordingly, sense when there#39;s a dumpster that needs to be emptied -- and also serve as free public Wi-Fi hot spots. The program is being developed in Copenhagen in conjunction with Cisco as part of its ;smart cities; initiative.丹麦在2014年就公布了这一长期计划,他们是这样设想让路灯灯柱在感应到行人或骑自行车的人靠近时可以相应调高路灯亮度,还可以感应到附近的垃圾箱是否已经装满需要清理了,当然它们还可以提供免费公共WIFI热点。目前,丹麦政府与思科公司正在哥本哈根合作开发该项目,这是“智能城市”计划的内容的一部分。ed Kingdom英国Though the U.K. makes the top five on this list, the government there wants to upgrade its connectivity infrastructure, particularly in London as a means to keep its status as a financial center of Europe.尽管英国位列榜单第五,英国政府仍旧想对其连接性设备进行升级,以保英国作为欧洲金融中心的地位。Partner companies are working to install hundreds of devices in government fixtures (like lamp posts, etc.) throughout the City of London in 2017 to bring better connectivity to the area.今年,合作伙伴公司将在伦敦市安装大量新设备(如灯柱等),进一步改善伦敦地区的连网务。Those hotspots will reportedly have speeds up to 1Gbps -- nearly 100 times as fast as average download speeds across the U.K. now.据称,这些热点的网速将会达到1千兆比特——几乎是英国现行网速的100倍。 /201704/506023Carrefour(福) Auchan (欧尚)   AIRBUS(空中客车) PSA(标致雪铁龙)Renault(雷诺) LV(路易维登)ELLE(艾丽) Etam(艾格)MORGAN(根) DUPONT(都彭) Balenciaga(巴黎世家) Montagut (梦特娇) Cartier(卡地亚) GIVENCHY(纪梵喜) Lacoste(鳄鱼) Loreal(欧莱雅)Vichy(薇姿) Lancome(兰蔻)Christan Dior(迪奥) Chanel(香奈儿)Hermes(爱玛仕) Chloe(克洛伊)Clarins(娇韵诗) YSL(圣罗兰)Biotherm(碧欧泉) Clinique(倩碧) Guerlain(娇兰) Avene(雅漾)Evian(依云) Martell(马爹利)Remy Martin(人头马) Hennessey(轩尼诗) /200804/36088

  (一)美国货币  美国货币由美元dollar和美分cent组成,one dollar等于100 cents。其纸币bill有一、二、五、十、二十、五十和一百美元等面值;硬币(coin)有一美分(或a penny)、五美分(或a nickel)、十美分(或a dime)和二十五美分(或a quarter)等。在数字前加$表示美元,如:0表示五百美元;在数字后加C表示美分,如:50C表示50美分;表示由美元和美分组成的钱数时,常用$表示,如:.50。   (二)英国货币   英国货币由英镑(pound)和便士(pence)组成,也分为纸币notes和硬币coins。纸币有面值五镑、十镑、二十镑和五十镑;而硬币,即金属货币有一便士、二便士、五便士、十便士、二十便士、五十便士和一镑等。若指一定数额的硬币,通常用piece,如2P(pieces);随身带的硬币可用change表示。100 pence等于1 pound。在数字前加£表示多少英镑,如:£800为800英镑;在数字后加P表示多少便士,如:5P表示五便士(penny的复数);表示由英镑和便士组成的钱数时通常不说出pence,如3镑50便士可说成£3.50或three pounds and fifty。


  A hospital has been forced to ban Pokemon Go players from the site after a monster hub was found in the Aamp;E department.“口袋妖怪”玩家在一家医院急诊部创立了妖怪枢纽站,随后医院不得不发布规定,禁止玩家再入内。Royal Stoke University Hospital discovered that its casualty unit is on the same spot as a Pokemon Go ‘gym’ – where players can train their newly caught Nintendo creatures.英国斯托克大学皇家医院发现其病房成为了“口袋妖怪”(现实增强宠物养成对战类RPG手游)的道馆,玩家可在道馆中训练其新捕捉的任天堂精灵。The University Hospitals of North Midlands Trust agreed last week that patients can play Pokemon Go on wards because walking around is healthy. But the trust has been forced to post a warning on its website about public access to Aamp;E.上周,英国北中部大学医院NHS信托医院允许其病患在病房内玩“口袋妖怪”游戏,因为四处走走有益于身体健康。但该信托医院被迫在其官网上发布急诊室公众准入的相关消息。It said if Pokemon Go becomes a major nuisance it would ask Nintendo - which decides on the locations of the virtual gyms according using GPS - to have it removed from the premises.院方表示,如果“口袋妖怪”游戏对周围的环境造成较大困扰,它会让任天堂用GPS确定虚拟道馆的所在地,把道馆从现在的地址挪走。Kevin Parker, associate chief nurse, said: ‘Members of the public who do not need to be at Royal Stoke should not attempt to enter Aamp;E or any other part of the hospital building to play the game. The Aamp;E department is incredibly busy this summer.副护士长凯文·帕克说道:“身体健康的普通民众不应该来医院的急诊室或者其他科室玩‘口袋妖怪’游戏,今年夏天急诊部非常忙碌。‘We want the public to understand that anybody who visits the hospital solely to play the game will provide an unwanted distraction to the important work of the hospital. I’m also aware of various reports in the media of unsafe areas that the game has been played in.“我们想让大家知道如果大家来到医院仅是为了玩游戏,这将妨碍医院开展重要工作。我注意到了许多新闻报道,讲有人曾在一些危险的地方玩这个游戏。‘Royal Stoke University Hospital is a safe area where gamers can enjoy Pokemon Go.’“但是斯托克大学皇家医院是个安全地带,玩家们可安心地在这里玩‘口袋妖怪’游戏。”Michelle Harris, the trust’s sustainability manager, said the game could still be played by those aly in hospital.米歇尔·哈里斯是该信托医院的可持续发展经理。她表示,那些已住院的病患依然可以玩这一游戏。#39;We recognise that the Pokemon GO game encourages walking and exercise, which is something that the Trust is equally keen to promote,#39; she said.她说:“口袋妖怪游戏可让病患们多走动,这点我们认同。同时运动与锻炼也正是信托医院积极提倡的。”#39;There are a number of ;walking routes; established throughout the Trust that can be used to combine walking and playing the game.“整个医院内修建了不少‘步行线路’,从而使得病患能够步行、玩游戏两不误。#39;Walking just 30 minutes, five times a week, can help reduce the risk of preventable illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.#39;“一周步行五次,一次持续三十分钟,这有助于降低患可预防疾病的风险,如肥胖、糖尿病与心脏病。”There have been several warnings about the game since its UK release.自这款游戏在英国发布以来,已有不少关于它的警告消息。Last week a group of teenagers in Wiltshire were left stranded almost 100ft underground after they got carried away searching for Pokemon Go characters.上周,威尔特郡的一群青少年忘乎所以地寻找“口袋妖怪”游戏精灵以至于被困在地下近100英尺的地方。The four boys, aged 16 and 17, ended up getting lost and had to wait to get a phone signal before they could call for help.这四名年龄十六七岁的男生因为玩游戏迷了路,只能干等手机信号才可以打电话求救。Eventually, they contacted Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue team, who took them to safety. Damien Bence, of the fire and rescue team, said: ‘Pokemon Go is obviously leading people into dangerous situations.’最后,他们同多塞特与威尔特郡的火警救援队取得联系而获救。救援队队长达明·本斯说道:“很显然,‘口袋妖怪’这款游戏会将人们陷入危险的境地。”Three students were also robbed of their phones as they played Pokemon GO in Manchester, after the suspects used a ‘beacon’ to encourage other players to head to a specific venue.在曼彻斯特,有三名学生在玩“口袋妖怪”游戏时手机被抢,嫌疑犯利用“灯塔指引”吸引其他玩家前往某一具体地点,从而得手。After that incident, Detective Superintendent Joanne Rawlinson, from Greater Manchester Police#39;s public protection division, urged players to be cautious about alerting strangers to their locations.在此案件之后,曼彻斯特警署公共保护部的侦探警司若阿纳·罗林森告诫玩家们应该保持警惕,留神那些突然出现的陌生人。A player also sparked outrage after she called 999 to tell police that someone had stolen one of her virtual monsters.还有一名玩家居然拨打999报警称有人偷走了一只她的虚拟怪兽,引起了公愤。 /201607/456728。

  The Federal Bureau of Investigation#39;s secret method for unlocking the iPhone 5c used by one of the San Bernardino shooters will not work on newer models, FBI Director James Comey said.美国联邦调查局局长詹姆斯·科米近日表示,FBI用于破解圣贝纳迪诺击案案犯的iPhone 5C的方法并不适用于新款的iPhone。;We have a tool that works on a narrow slice of phones,; Comey said at a conference on encryption and surveillance at Kenyon College in Ohio late on last Wednesday.上周三晚,科米在肯尼恩学院召开的秘密监控会议上表示:“我们的方法仅仅适用于几款机型。”Comey added that the technique would not work on the iPhone 5s and the later models iPhone 6 and 6s. The iPhone 5c model was introduced in 2013 and has since been discontinued by Apple as newer models have become available.科米补充说道,FBI所采取的破解方法并不适用于iPhone 5s和其后推出的iPhone6以及6s。iPhone 5c于2013年推出,在苹果公司推出新产品之后停产。The Justice Department said in March it had unlocked the San Bernardino shooter#39;s iPhone with the help of an unidentified third party and dropped its case against Apple Inc , ending a high-stakes legal clash but leaving the broader fight over encryption unresolved.今年三月份,司法部门表示,在匿名第三方的帮助下已经解锁了击案案犯的iPhone手机,并且停止了和苹果公司的诉讼。虽然这一结果结束了一场高风险法律冲突,但是也为未解决的加密问题留下了更多的争议。As the technique cannot be used to break into newer models, law enforcement authorities will likely have to lean on Apple to help them access the devices involved in other cases.鉴于当下技术并不能破解新款机型,执法部门在别的案子中还将可能要依赖苹果公司替他们破解嫌疑人的手机。The Justice Department has asked a New York court to force Apple to unlock an iPhone 5s related to a drug investigation.此前,司法部还要求纽约一家法院强行让苹果公司破解一台涉及毒品调查的iPhone 5s手机。If the government continues to pursue that case, the technology company could potentially use legal discovery to force the FBI to reveal what technique it used, a source familiar with the situation told Reuters.一位熟悉情况的人士告知路透社,如果政府选择继续追查这个案子,苹果公司很可能会使用合法查询手段来迫使PBI公布其破解方法。 /201605/440770


  HONG KONG — Snapchat and Kik, the messaging services, use bar codes that look like drunken checkerboards to connect people and share information with a snap of their smartphone cameras. Facebook is working on adding the ability to hail rides and make payments within its Messenger app. Facebook and Twitter have begun live-streaming .香港——在通讯应用Snapchat和Kik里,人们用仿佛毫无章法的棋盘一样的条码建立联系,用智能手机拍照分享信息。Facebook打算在其Messenger应用内增加叫车及付款功能。Facebook和Twitter已经开始提供视频直播。All of these developments have something in common: The technology was first popularized in China.所有这些新动向都有一个共同点:相关技术最初是在中国流行起来的。WeChat and Alipay, two Chinese apps, have long used the bar-codelike symbols — called QR codes — to let people pay for purchases and transfer money. Both let users hail a taxi or order a pizza without switching to another app. The -streaming service YY.com has for years made online stars of young Chinese people posing, chatting and singing in front of cameras at home.微信和付宝这两个中国应用很早就开始利用名为二维码的条码式符号,让人们方便地付购物款项或转账。两者的用户都无须切换到其他应用,就可以叫一辆出租车或者一份披萨。视频直播务YY.com多年来一直让年轻的中国网红可以在家里的摄像机镜头前拗造型、聊天、唱歌。Silicon Valley has long been the world’s tech capital: It birthed social networking and iPhones and sp those tech products across the globe. The rap on China has been that it always followed in the Valley’s footsteps as government censorship abetted the rise of local versions of Google, YouTube and Twitter.硅谷是长期以来的世界科技之都:它育了了社交网络和iPhone,并让这些科技产品在全球范围内流行开来。中国则一向遭到指责:它总是对硅谷亦步亦趋,在政府审查推波助澜之下,中国版谷歌(Google)、YouTube和Twitter纷纷崛起.But China’s tech industry — particularly its mobile businesses — has in some ways pulled ahead of the ed States. Some Western tech companies, even the behemoths, are turning to Chinese firms for ideas.但中国的科技行业——尤其是移动业务——在某些方面已经领先于美国。一些西方科技公司,甚至包括某些大公司,正从中国企业那里寻求创意。“We just see China as further ahead,” said Ted Livingston, the founder of Kik, which is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario.“我们认为中国是走在前面的,”Kik创始人泰德#8226;利文斯顿(Ted Livingston)说。该公司总部设在安大略省的滑铁卢。The shift suggests that China could have a greater say in the global tech industry’s direction. Aly in China, more people use their mobile devices to pay their bills, order services, watch s and find dates than anywhere else in the world. Mobile payments in the country last year surpassed those in the ed States. By some estimates, loans from a new breed of informal online banks called peer-to-peer lenders did too.这种转变表明,中国在全球科技产业的发展方向上可能享有更大的话语权。 在中国,用移动设备付账单、定购务、观看视频、寻找数据的人,比全世界任何地方都要多。去年,中国的移动付交易总额超越了美国。据一些人估计,一种叫做“P2P借贷”的新型非正规网上的贷款总额也已经超过美国。China’s largest internet companies are the only ones in the world that rival America’s in scale. The purchase this week of Uber China by Didi Chuxing after a protracted competition shows that at least domestically, Chinese players can take on the most sophisticated and largest start-ups coming out of America.在全球范围内,只有中国最大的互联网公司在规模上能与美国最大的互联网公司相提并论。滴滴出行在和优步中国展开旷日持久的竞争之后,于本周将后者收入麾下。这表明,至少是在国内,中国玩家可以跟运作最成熟、规模最大的美国初创公司一较高下。The future of online payments and engagements can be found at Liu Zheng’s noodle shop in central Beijing. Liu Xiu’e, 60, and her neighbor, Zhang Lixin, 55, about the noodle shop on WeChat. Then they ordered and paid for their lunches and took and posted selfies of themselves outside the restaurant, all using the same app.从刘正在北京市中心开的面馆,可以窥见在线付和宣传的未来。60岁的刘秀娥和她的邻居、55岁的张立新,在微信上看到了这家面馆的信息。他们点了午餐,付了款,在店外自拍并把照片发到了网上,用的都是同一款应用。Liu Zheng, who is not related to Liu Xiu’e, said the automated ordering and payments meant he could cut down on wages for waiters. “In the future, we will only need one waiter to help in the restaurant and one to help with seating,” Mr. Liu said.刘正说,自动下单和付意味着他可以削减雇佣务生的开。“以后我们就只需要一个人在餐厅,一个人帮忙找座。”Industry leaders point to a number of areas where China jumped first. Before the online dating app Tinder, people in China used an app called Momo to flirt with nearby singles. Before the Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos discussed using drones to deliver products, Chinese media reported that a local delivery company, S.F. Express, was experimenting with the idea. WeChat offered speedier in-app news articles long before Facebook, developed a walkie-talkie function before WhatsApp, and made major use of QR codes well before Snapchat.行业领导者指出,中国在很多领域都是最先试水者。线上约会应用Tinder出现前,中国人就在用一款名叫陌陌的应用跟附近的单身人士调情了。亚马逊(Amazon)首席执行官杰夫#8226;贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)开始谈论用无人机送货前,中国媒体就报道说,当地的顺丰快递公司正内测无人机配送务。微信推出应用内即时新闻比Facebook早很多,它还在WhatsApp之前开发出了对讲功能,在Snapchat之前开始大量使用二维码。Before Venmo became the app for millennials to transfer money in the ed States, both young and old in China were investing, reimbursing each other, paying bills,and buying products from stores with smartphone-based digital wallets. 此外,在美国的千禧一代通过Venmo这款应用转账之前,中国的老老少少已经在使用基于智能手机的数字钱包投资、销账、付账单、从商店里买东西。“Quite frankly, the trope that China copies the U.S. hasn’t been true for years, and in mobile it’s the opposite: The U.S. often copies China,” said Ben Thompson, the founder of the tech research firm Stratechery. “For the Facebook Messenger app, for example, the best way to understand their road map is to look at WeChat.”“坦白讲,中国抄袭美国这种说法好多年前就过时了,在移动领域事实恰恰相反:美国常常抄袭中国,”科技调研公司Stratechery的创始人本#8226;汤普森(Ben Thompson)说。“例如Facebook Messenger,要弄清它的发展路线,最好是以微信为鉴。”A Facebook spokesman declined to comment. Tencent did not respond to requests for comment.Facebook的发言人拒绝置评。腾讯未回复置评请求。Executives from companies like Facebook and smaller rivals like Kik are trying to replicate what has emerged in China: dominant online platforms where users will spend much of their time. Much of that effort is focused on chat.Facebook等公司的高管以及Kik等规模较小的竞争对手,正努力复制已经在中国出现的东西:占据绝对优势的在线平台,用户会花很多时间待在这些平台上。它们的许多努力都以聊天为重心。“The cool thing about chat is it becomes an operating system for your daily life,” Mr. Livingston said. “Going up to a vending machine, ordering food, getting a cab: Chat can power those interactions, and that’s what we’re seeing with WeChat.”“关于聊天很酷的一点是,它已经成为你日常生活中的一种操作系统,”利文斯顿说。“来到一台自动贩售机前,点餐,叫车:聊天可以为这些互动提供驱动力,这就是我们在微信中看到的。”China still lags in important areas. Its most powerful, high-end servers and supercomputers often rely in part on American technology. Virtual-reality start-ups trail foreign counterparts, and Google has a jump on Baidu in driverless car technology. Many of China’s products also lack the polish of their American counterparts.中国在一些重要的领域还处于落后位置。性能最强的高端务器和超级计算机在某种层面上常常要仰仗美国的技术。虚拟现实初创企业落后于国外的同行,谷歌的无人驾驶技术领先于百度。中国的许多产品也不像美国的同类产品那样精良。China’s biggest advantage, according to many analysts, is that it essentially started many industries from scratch at the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976. Unlike the ed States, where banks and retailers aly have strong holds on customers, China’s state-run lenders are inefficient, and retailers never expanded broadly enough to serve a fast-growing middle class.许多分析师表示,中国最大的优势在于,它基本上是在1976年文化大革命结束后从零开始发展出许多行业。与和零售商已经对消费者有很强掌控力的美国不同,中国国有放贷机构效率低下,零售商的扩张始终跟不上规模迅速增大的中产阶级的需求。Many Chinese also never bought a personal computer, meaning smartphones are the primary — and often first — computing device for the more than 600 million who have them in China.许多中国人从未购买过个人电脑,这意味着对中国6亿智能手机用户而言,智能手机是他们的主要的——而且往往是第一个——计算设备。“The U.S. was first to credit cards, and everyone there has a personal computer. But China, where everyone is on their phones all the time, is now ahead in mobile commerce and mobile payments by virtue of leapfrogging the PC and credit cards,” Mr. Thompson said.“美国是信用卡普及度最高的国家,而且几乎所有美国人都有个人电脑。但在中国,所有人都是时刻在使用手机。在移动商务和移动付方面,中国已经领先于美国,因为它跳过了PC和信用卡的阶段,”汤普森说。Chinese companies also approach the internet in a different way. In the ed States, tech firms emphasize simplicity in their apps. But in China, its three major internet companies — Alibaba, Baidu and the WeChat parent Tencent — compete to create a single app with as many functions as they can stuff into it.中国企业对待互联网的方式也有所不同。在美国,科技企业重视应用的简洁性。而在中国,三个最大的互联网公司——阿里巴巴、百度及微信的创造者腾讯——则争相打造一个单一应用,然后将尽量多的功能融入其中。On Alibaba’s Taobao shopping app, people can also buy groceries, buy credits for online games, scan coupons and find deals at stores nearby. Baidu’s mapping app lets users order an Uber, reserve a restaurant or hotel, order in food, buy movie tickets and find just about any type of store nearby.在阿里巴巴的淘宝购物应用中,人们可以购买食品杂货,买网络游戏卡,搜寻附近商铺的折扣。百度的地图应用可以让用户约优步(Uber)平台上的车,预定餐厅或酒店,订餐,买电影票,还可以找到所在位置附近几乎所有类型的商铺。Tencent has opened up WeChat to other companies, allowing them to create apps within WeChat. Ebaoyang — a start-up that enables people to order oil changes for their cars directly on smartphones — was at first almost totally reliant on WeChat to attract business. Gao Feng, one of Ebaoyang’s founders, said the company still relied on the app for 50 percent of its payments and 20 percent of new customers.腾讯向其他企业开放了微信端口,允许它们在微信平台上开发自己的应用。E保养是一家让用户可以在智能手机上直接下单预定汽车保养务的创业公司,在创立之初它几乎完全依赖微信招揽生意。E保养创始人之一高峰表示,公司目前依然很依赖微信,有50%的付和20%的新客户来自该应用。“We started from WeChat. So it was our main, original source for getting customers,” he said.“我们是从微信开始的,它原来是我们主要的客户来源。”他说。Between fees for its services and money it makes through online games, WeChat manages to generate in revenue per user each year, according to Nomura. The app has roughly 700 million users, more than the total number of smartphone users in China, in part because some users are outside the country and in part because people have multiple accounts.据野村券(Nomura)统计,通过售卖务和在线游戏,微信每年可以从每个用户身上获得7美元的收入。微信有大约7亿用户,超过了中国智能手机用户的总量。出现这种情况,有一部分原因在于一些用户身在国外,还因为有些人有多个微信账户。Much of that comes not from ads, as it might in the ed States, but from spending on games, services and goods sold on the app. Those models may not translate from one market to the other, but the two can still borrow from each other, said Carmen Chang, a partner at the venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates.这些营收有相当多并非来自广告——这可能跟美国有所不同——而是来自微信上销售的游戏、务和商品。风险投资公司恩颐投资合伙人周一华(Carmen Chang)表示,这两种模式或许无法从一个市场移植到另一个,但它们可以相互借鉴。“China was able to develop a lot of innovative business models, which arose in a different kind of economy,” said Ms. Chang, who spends time in both China and in Menlo Park, Calif. “Whether or not we admit it here in Silicon Valley, it’s had an impact on us and our thinking.”“中国能发展出许多有富有创意的商业模式,它们出现在一个与美国不同的经济环境里,”在中国和加州门洛帕克两地生活的周一华说。“不管硅谷是否承认,它已经对我们和我们的思维产生了影响。” /201608/458420

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