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【Warm up】Warm up 热身练习Comprehension 1 Choose the correct word(s) in each sentence 选择下列句子中正确的词1 Harry Johnny plays football Harry likes doesn’t like his job 3 There are vacancies computer human resource experts in Johnny’s company Olivia sells cheap expensive shoes 5 Fadi prepares sells food 6 Fadi’s uncle father owns the business Comprehension Fill the gaps with one of the following words: 用所给单词填空solutions exclusive alone online job workaholic 1 Johnny is a ………….. Olivia’s shoes are …………. 3 Harry has had three ….. offers Harry is ……… in the café when Olivia arrives 5 Olivia has thought about selling shoes …………. 6 Harry finds ………….. companies with computer problems 198我们生活在这个世界上,都有自己的处世态度因为人生观念不同,生活经历不同,处世态度也往往大相径庭 Six years ago my younger brother Peter, who was my closest friend and the only remaining member of my immediate family, ended his life. Nothing I have ever experienced, or have experienced since, has had such a powerful impact on what I believe.‘Til then life often slid by me, my mind lost in reviewing what had just happened or anticipating what was to come. The present seemed to disappear between the past and the future. The life most of us lead is short to begin with; the more we miss, the shorter it gets.I vowed to myself that I would honor my brother’s death by being present in my own life. I found a new world opened up bee me — a life of richer detail, and both wider and wilder. The autopilot I’d been running on God knows how long finally shut off. I began to see new possibilities thought, vision, caring, and action: to say what too often remains unsaid, to admit that often I have no idea what to do.Being present isn’t easy. On a good day, I’d say I’m conscious one to two percent of the time. The rest of the time I’m reacting. Usually those reactions are not particularly thoughtful. They’re just responses, old patterns, or the repetition of what I did yesterday.Now I try to ask questions, not give answers. This isn’t easy me to do. I’m someone with a lot of answers. I have to restrain myself. Not reacting takes a lot of work, but the more I’m able to do it, the more I feel like I’m being the person I aspire to be.I see that my own mind can be my greatest limitation (and on bad days, it always is), or the gateway to what matters most to me — the big stuff — environmental sustainability, world peace, the end to hunger, the beginning of true social justice all. I used to think that these possibilities were beyond our reach, impossible to hope , silly to believe in. But if we don’t believe in our own ability to make them happen, they never will.I’ve found that my decision to be present, that is, filled with attention to what is, is foundational.I often cry when I think about my brother. It’s one of the few things I let myself cry about. I missed opporties with him because I wasn’t present — missed opporties I will never have again. In some ways he was almost always fully present. He didn’t know any other way to be. I don’t want to miss any more of my life, any more than I aly have. By being present and conscious, aware and awake, I believe that I can honor my brother, just a little bit, every day.

Ann is orderingAnn: Barista, pull me a ristretto.Jess:What? Youre suddenly some kind of coffee snob now? What a ristretto anyway?Ann: It basically a very strong espresso. Half the water pulled through the same amount of beans. Pure coffee essence.Jess:Sounds like it must be just full of caffeine. I want one of those instead!Ann: You fiend. It about the flavor, not the fix. Why dont you just crush some caffeine pills and start doing lines?参考译文:小安在点咖啡小安:吧台,给我来杯芮思崔朵洁丝:怎么,你现在突然变成咖啡专家啦?芮思崔朵是啥东东?小安:基本上它是非常浓的浓缩咖啡相同份量的咖啡豆,只加入一半的水纯正咖啡精华洁丝:听起来一定充满咖啡因我要换喝这种!小安:你这个咖啡鬼这是为了香味,不是在追求快感你何不干脆把咖啡因片弄碎,开始用鼻子吸算了?重点词汇:ristretto (n.)(咖啡名)芮思崔朵,这种咖啡是浓缩咖啡的再浓缩hammerhead (n.)(咖啡名)榔头咖啡drip cofffe (n.)(口语)一般加滤纸的咖啡壶煮出来的咖啡而hammerhead是指「榔头用来敲打的那端」,所以文末James才会故意说他想拿「榔头」 hammer捶客户脑袋Can you tell the difference between ristretto and espresso?你能分辨出芮丝崔朵和义式浓缩的不同吗?caffeine (n.)咖啡因caffeine pills是将咖啡因制成的药锭,用后可提神I like caffeine in the morning.我喜欢早上的咖啡因滋味pull (v.)(从义式咖啡机中)汲取(咖啡)Can you pull me a double shot of espresso, please?可否麻烦你倒杯双份浓缩的义式浓缩咖啡给我?strong (a.)(味道)浓的weak (a.)(味道)淡的This coffee is really strong.这杯咖啡好浓fiend (n.)(口)嗜好成癖者,…迷John is such a chocolate fiend. He eats it all the time!约翰真是一个巧克力鬼他老是吃巧克力吃个不停!fix (n.)(俚)毒品注射I cant wait to get my fix.我等不急来个一针了do lines(把毒品的粉末)排列成线用鼻子吸入这里Ann是在开玩笑,说Jess对咖啡因上瘾的程度,就好象是在吸毒Doing lines of anything is bad your nose.不管是什么东西,只要排成线状吸进鼻子里,都对鼻子不好snob (n.)假内行的人,自以为了不起的人A: She never talks to anyone.她从不和任何人说话B: Yes, either she shy or a real snob!对啊,她不是害羞,就是装高贵!essence (n.)本质,精华A: How do you like the author, James Joyce?你喜欢这个作家,詹姆斯乔依斯吗?B: He amazing. He captured the essence of human thought.他太神奇了他抓住人类思维的本质 357887

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