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US private equity firm KKR plans to sell SMCP to China’s Shandong Ruyi in a deal that values the French fashion group at 1.3bn including debt, according to people familiar with the matter. 知情人士称,美国私人股本公司KKR计划将SMCP出售给中国的山东如意,这笔交易对上述法国时尚集团估值13亿欧元(包括债务)。 The owner of the Sandro and Claudie Pierlot brands would become the latest European luxury target to fall into Chinese hands under an arrangement that would see the textile manufacturer buy KKR’s majority stake in SMCP. 拥有桑德罗(Sandro)和Claudie Pierlot等品牌的SMCP,将成为最新一个落入中资囊中的欧洲奢侈品目标。根据交易安排,身为纺织品制造商的山东如意将买下KKR在SMCP所持的多数股权。 The deal, expected to be announced today, would mark an abrupt reversal of plans for KKR. It said this month that it planned to list SMCP on the Paris stock exchange as early as this summer. 预计今日宣布的这笔交易,将标志着KKR的计划发生突变。它在3月早些时候曾表示,计划最早于今年夏天将SMCP在巴黎券交易所上市。 KKR declined to comment. The New York-based private equity group bought 65 per cent of SMCP three years ago from L Capital, the private-equity investing arm of French luxury group LVMH, and Florac, another buyout group, in a deal that valued SMCP at about 650m including debt. KKR拒绝置评。总部位于纽约的这家私人股本集团在三年前收购SMCP的65%股份,卖家是法国奢侈品集团路威酩轩(LVMH)的私人股本投资部门L Capital以及另一家收购集团Florac,那笔交易对SMCP估值6.5亿欧元(包括债务)。 The deal is the latest international foray by Shandong Ruyi, which in 2012 led an international consortium to buy Cubbie Station, an Australian cotton farm, for 2m. It had been in talks with SMCP before the flotation plans. 这笔交易是山东如意最新的境外收购行动。2012年,该公司曾牵头一个国际财团以2.32亿美元买下澳大利亚库比棉花农场(Cubbie Station)。该公司在SMCP上市计划出炉之前就开始与SMCP洽谈。 SMCP has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years as its labels tapped in to the accessible luxury market. SMCP近年享有快速增长,旗下品牌打入轻奢市场。 The group now has more than 1,100 stores worldwide including a recent expansion into Hong Kong and mainland China to cater to the region’s fast-growing middle classes. 该集团目前在世界各地拥有1100多家门店,包括最近扩张进入香港和中国内地,迎合该地区快速发展壮大的中产阶层。 The group was founded by Evelyne Chétrite and Judit Milgrom, two sisters. Ms Chétrite began Sandro, which dresses young executives, in the late 1980s. Mrs Milgrom founded Maje, which targets urban teenagers. The two acquired Claudie Pierlot in 2009. 该集团由埃弗利娜#8226;谢特里特(Evelyne Chétrite)和朱迪丝#8226;米尔格龙(Judith Milgrom)两创立。谢特里特在上世纪80年代后期创立桑德罗,推出面向年轻高管的女装。米尔格龙创立Maje,瞄准城市青少年。2009年,两收购Claudie Pierlot。 According to the registration statement SMCP filed ahead of its planned IPO, the two founders own a little more than 21 per cent of the group, and 14.6 per cent of the voting rights. KKR owns 69.8 per cent, and 78.8 per cent of voting rights. 根据SMCP在原计划的首次公开发行(IPO)之前提交的登记声明,两位创始人如今拥有集团略高于21%的股权,以及14.6%的投票权。KKR拥有69.8%的股权,以及78.8%的投票权。 Group earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (ebitda) last year were 107m, 44 per cent up on a year earlier. Revenues were 675m, 33 per cent more than in 2014. 集团去年的息税折旧及摊销前利润(EBITDA)为1.07亿欧元,较上年增长44%。营收为6.75亿欧元,比2014年高出33%。 Daniel Lalonde, SMCP’s chief executive, said at the time of the IPO registration filing that the listing would include a capital increase of 150m — 175m. He also said that the money raised would help reduce its 290m debt. SMCP首席执行官丹尼尔#8226;拉隆德(Daniel Lalonde)在提交IPO登记声明时表示,上市将包括1.50亿至1.75亿欧元的增资。他还说,筹资所得将帮助减少该集团2.9亿欧元的债务。 The prior negotiations between KKR and Shandong Ruyi reportedly broke down over the price but also over the amount that the founding sisters would be prepared to sell of their stake. The people familiar with this week’s planned sale announcement said it will see the sisters retain a stake in the group. 据报道,KKR和山东如意之前进行的谈判曾经破裂,原因既涉及价码,也包括创始愿意出售多少股权。熟悉本周拟宣布的交易的人士称,两将保留一部分集团股份。 /201603/434376

  We have an intimate relationship with our phones. We sleep with them, eat with them and carry them in our pockets. We check them, on average, 47 times a day — 82 times if you’re between 18 and 24 years old, according to recent data.我们和手机保持着亲密的关系。我们和它一起睡觉,一起吃饭,把它放在口袋里。根据最近的数据,我们平均每天查看手机47次,18岁至24岁的年轻人每天查看手机的次数更是高达82次。And we love them for good reason: They tell the weather, the time of day and the steps we’ve taken. They find us dates (and sex), entertain us with music and connect us to friends and family. They answer our questions and quell feelings of loneliness and anxiety.我们爱它的理由很多:它告诉我们天气情况、时间以及走了多少步。它帮我们寻找约会对象(以及性伙伴),用音乐我们,把我们与朋友和家人联系起来。它回答我们的问题,平息孤独和焦虑的感觉。But phone love can go too far — so far that it can interfere with human love — old fashioned face-to-face intimacy with that living and breathing being you call your partner, spouse, lover or significant other.但我们对手机的爱可能太多了,已经开始干扰对人类的爱,也就是与你称为伴侣、配偶、爱人或重要另一半的那位活生生、会呼吸的生物之间,面对面的老式亲密关系。The conflict between phone love and human love is so common, it has its own lexicon. If you’re snubbing your partner in favor of your phone it’s called phubbing (phone + snubbing). If you’re snubbing a person in favor of any type of technology, it’s called technoference. A popular song by Lost Kings even asks: “Why don’t you put that [expletive] phone down?”对手机的爱与对人类的爱之间,冲突非常普遍,甚至有了专门的词来形容它。偏爱手机、冷落伴侣的行为被称为“电话冷遇”(phubbing,“电话”[phone]和“冷落”[snubbing]的结合)。因为任何种类的技术而冷落一个人的行为被称为“技术插足”(technoference)。Lost Kings乐队的一首流行歌曲甚至问道:“你为什么就不能放下那[脏字]手机?”“A key to a healthy relationship is being present,” said James Roberts, author of “Too Much of a Good Thing: Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?”. When one partner constantly checks his or her phone it sends an implicit message that they find the phone (or what’s on it) more interesting than you.“在一段健康的关系当中,最重要的是陪伴,”詹姆斯·罗伯茨(James Roberts)说。他是《水满则溢:你对智能手机上瘾吗》(Too Much of a Good Thing: Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?)”一书的作者。如果一个伴侣不停地看手机,潜台词就是,他(她)觉得手机(或手机上的内容)比你更有趣。In a 2016 study published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 70 percent of women revealed that smartphones were negatively affecting their primary relationship. More than one-third of the 143 women in the study said their partner responded to notifications mid-conversation; one out of four said their partner texted during conversations. The women who reported high levels of technoference in interactions with their partners were less happy with their relationships and with their lives overall.《大众传媒文化心理学》(Psychology of Popular Media Culture)杂志2016年发表的一项研究发现,70%的女性表示,智能手机对其主要关系产生了负面影响。参加该研究调查的143名女性中有超过三分之一的人表示,她们的伴侣会在谈话过程中查看手机通知;四分之一的人表示,她们的伴侣会在谈话过程中发短信。认为在与伴侣的互动中存在更多“技术插足”的女性对亲密关系和整体生活更不满意。It’s not just women who are feeling dissed. Dr. Roberts, who is a professor of marketing at Baylor University, asked 175 men and women questions about their partners’ smartphone use. Nearly half of respondents, 46 percent, reported being phone snubbed (phubbed) by their partner. People who reported higher levels of phubbing also reported higher levels of relationship conflict.不只是女性觉得受到了轻视。贝勒大学(Baylor University)的市场营销学教授罗伯茨士在175位男性和女性中调查伴侣使用智能手机的情况。近半数的受访者(46%)表示,因伴侣频繁查看手机而感觉受到冷落。感觉受冷落程度更高的人也表示双方关系中的冲突更多。In our quest to be connected through technology, we’re tuning out our partners and interrupting a kind of biological broadband connection.我们希望通过技术与他人取得联系,但在这个过程中,我们把自己的伴侣排挤出去,切断了生物意义上的宽带连接。“People are beginning to realize that something is amiss,” said Sherry Turkle, an M.I.T. technology professor and author of “Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age.” “They don’t necessarily know what to do about it, but they are open to change.”“人们开始意识什么事情不对头,”麻省理工学院(MIT)的技术教授谢丽·特克尔(Sherry Turkle)说。她也是《找回对话:数字时代交谈的力量》(Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age)一书的作者。“他们不一定知道该怎么做,但他们愿意做出改变。”Judith Bell, a leadership coach and co-founder of Relationships That Work in Novato, Calif., has noticed that her clients are starting to respect phone boundaries. “Now they turn off their phones when they are in session. A few years back, they would let themselves be interrupted.”加利福尼亚州诺瓦托“有效的关系”项目(Relationships That Work)的领导力教练兼联合创始人朱迪思·贝尔(Judith Bell)注意到她的客户们开始尊重使用手机时的界线。“现在,他们上课时会关掉手机。几年前,他们允许自己上课时被手机打断。”If you’re feeling frustrated by phone interference in your relationship, talk to your partner but be positive. “Emphasize the benefits of being more connected,” Ms. Bell said. Rather than dictate to your partner what they should or should not do, try an approach such as, “I love talking with you, but when you’re constantly checking your phone it’s hard to have a great conversation.”如果你为亲密关系中的电话干扰感到沮丧,那你可以跟伴侣谈谈,但要保持积极的态度。贝尔说:“要强调感情更亲密的好处。”而不是规定你的伴侣应该做什么、不该做什么,比如你可以说,“我喜欢跟你聊天,但如果你不停地看手机,那就很难好好说话。”“The first step is awareness,” Dr. Roberts said.“首先要意识到这个问题,”罗伯茨说。Here are some suggested ways to break up with your phone long enough to connect with your partner.下面这些建议能帮你跟手机分手足够长的时间,以便同伴侣多多交流。Designate “no cell” zones in your home. With your partner, decide which areas of your home, such as the living room and the kitchen, should be technology-free. And consider eliminating phone use in the car so that you can use that time to talk to your partner about whatever is on your mind.在家里指定一个“无手机”区域。和伴侣一起决定家里的哪些地方应该划为无技术区域,比如客厅和厨房。还可以考虑在车上不用手机,你可以利用在车上的时间与伴侣谈论任何想法。Try a phone-free bedroom for one week. Yes, it’s fun to check Twitter just before bed, or when you’re sleepless at 2 a.m., but you might be more likely to converse with your partner if the phone were elsewhere. And just the act of favoring your relationship over your phone sends a clear message to your partner.尝试一个星期在卧室里不用手机。是的,入睡前或凌晨2点失眠时看Twitter很有趣,但是如果手机在别的地方,你就更有可能与伴侣交谈。只需要表明你更看重你们的关系而非手机,就能给伴侣发送一个明确的信息。“Buy some old-fashioned alarm clocks for your bedside table,” Dr. Turkle suggested. “Put your cellphones in a basket in the kitchen.”“买个老式闹钟放在床头柜上,”特克尔士建议,“把手机放在厨房的篮子里。”Keep phones off the table. When you’re eating at home or in a restaurant, keep phones off the table. The mere presence of a cellphone — with the possibility of it chirping or buzzing at any moment — can inhibit the free flow of conversation, according to a study published last year in the journal Environment amp; Behavior. Researchers examined how conversations between two people were influenced by cellphones. When a phone was present during a conversation, the partners rated the conversation as less fulfilling and reported less feelings of empathic concern than when phones were absent.不要把手机放在餐桌上。在家里或餐馆吃饭时,不要把手机放在餐桌上。去年发表在《环境与行为》杂志(Environment amp; Behavior)上的一项研究称,单是手机的存在就可能阻碍谈话的自由发展,因为它随时可能响铃或震动。研究人员研究了两个人之间的对话可以如何受到手机的影响。当谈话中出现电话时,双方都感觉谈话不如没手机时那么令人满意,并表示有手机的时候,对人的共情心更少。Practice phone etiquette. If you must look at your phone, announce that you are doing so. “I am just checking the score/weather/playlist for two minutes,” shows courtesy and indicates to your partner that you are aware that your attention is shifting. It may also make you more aware of how often you pick up your phone when your partner is present.遵守手机礼节。如果你必须查看手机,那就告知对方你在做什么。“我只是花两分钟时间看一下比分/天气/播放列表”——这样的话能体现你的礼貌,同时向伴侣表明,你意识到你的注意力在转移。它也可以让你更清楚地意识到伴侣在场时你拿起手机的频率。If your partner’s job demands round-the-clock availability, discuss reasonable boundaries that would satisfy both the job and you.如果伴侣的工作要求随时能联系上,那么你们就要协商出一些合理的规矩,以便同时满足工作需求和你的需求。“The big challenge is that people are not talking about these issues enough,” said Daniel Ellenberg, a psychotherapist and partner with Ms. Bell in Relationships That Work. “We need to open up the social intercourse.”“最大的挑战是人们对这些问题讨论得不够,”心理治疗师丹尼尔·埃伦伯格(Daniel Ellenberg)说。他是“有效的关系”项目中贝尔的合伙人。“我们需要扩大社会交流。”Should your partner seem reluctant to let go of ingrained phone habits, consider turning to an objective source. Rather than wag your finger, you might suggest that you both take a closer look at your phone habits.如果你的伴侣似乎不愿放弃根深蒂固的手机习惯,那么你可以考虑借助一些客观的消息来源。与其责备对方,不如建议你们双方都仔细留意一下自己使用手机的习惯。“Couples need to form an alliance and decide together what are the new rules,” Dr. Turkle said.“夫妻需要结成同盟,共同制订新的规则,”特克尔士说。Dr. David Greenfield, a University of Connecticut psychiatry professor and founder of the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction developed a simple quiz, the Smartphone Compulsion Test, to help determine if a person’s phone use is problematic. Let the score be the judge, rather than you.康涅狄格大学(University of Connecticut )的精神病学教授、互联网和技术成瘾中心(Center for Internet and Technology Addiction)的创始人戴维·格林菲尔德士(David Greenfield)开发了一个简单的测验,名叫智能手机强迫症测验(Smartphone Compulsion Test),它可以帮助确定一个人使用手机的习惯是否有问题。让分数来评判,你不要去评判。 /201705/507749

  Water diverted from the Yangtze River in southern China has helped ease thirst in northern China for more than 80 million people, a senior official said last Monday.一位高级官员上周一表示,从长江调过来的水资源已经缓解中国北方超过8000万人的缺水问题。Water transported northwards from the Yangtze in the South-to-North Water Diversion Project has enabled 87 million people in Beijing, Tianjin and 33 cities in provinces including Hebei, Henan, Shandong and Jiangsu to get access to ;southern water,; said E Jingping, director of the Office of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project Commission of the State Council.国务院南水北调办公室主任鄂竟平介绍称,通过南水北调工程向北调引的长江水让8700万人喝上;南水;,受水区覆盖北京、天津及河北、河南、山东、江苏等省的33个地级市。The massive project also plays an important role in ecology, combating drought, flood drainage and improving water quality in northern regions, he said.他表示,这项浩大工程也对生态环境、抗旱排洪、改善北方水质起到了重要作用。Last Monday marks the second anniversary of the start of water diversion through the middle route of the project, though the eastern route was put into use more than three years ago.上周一是南水北调中线工程通水两周年,而东线已在三年多以前通水。The project has supplied Shandong with about 1.1 billion cubic meters of water over the past three years. Beijing and Tianjin have been supplied with 1.1 billion and 910 million cubic meters of water respectively, over the past year, data from the office showed.国务院南水北调办的数据显示,过去三年来,通过南水北调工程调入山东境内的水量约为11亿立方米;过去一年来,调入北京、天津的水量分别为11亿立方米和9.1亿立方米。The project was officially approved by the State Council in 2002, five decades after the late Chairman Mao Zedong proposed the idea.该项目于2002年获得国务院的正式批准,是已故的毛泽东主席在五十年前提出的想法。 /201612/484410。

  In Miami, there was jubilant celebration over Fidel Castro’s death; in Havana, shock and disbelief.在迈阿密,人们热烈庆祝菲德尔.卡斯特罗(Fidel Castro)的去世;在哈瓦那,人们的情绪是震惊和不相信。In La Tropical dance spot in Havana, a salsa band suddenly stopped playing on Friday night when the news of Castro’s death became public. An announcer came on stage and said simply: “Force majeure. We have to suspend the activities. Fidel Castro has died.”在哈瓦那的“热带”(La Tropical)舞场,上周五晚当卡斯特罗去世的消息逐渐传开时,一萨尔萨乐队突然停止演出。一名报幕员来到舞台上,简要地说道:“不可抗力。我们必须暂停活动。菲德尔.卡斯特罗去世了。”“There was no audible response. Just quiet. Any Cuban in the audience younger than me has never known any other reality,” said Ned Sublette, the 65-year old US jazz critic and author of a history of Cuban music. “I stood there with my jaw open; a woman came up to me and pushed it shut.”“听不到什么反应。只有寂静。观众中任何比我年轻的古巴人从来不知道有其他任何现实,”65岁的美国爵士家、曾就古巴音乐史著述的奈德.萨布利特(Ned Sublette)表示。“我呆站在那里,嘴张着;一位女士走上前来,把我的嘴合上。”By contrast, in Miami, home to most of the US’s 2m strong Cuban-American exile community, there was noisy jubilation. Margarita Fernández, a university student, was at home when she heard the news late on Friday. She rushed down the stairs and into Calle 8, the heartland of Miami’s Cuban community, where a programmed Friday street party was aly taking place.相比之下,在居住着200多万流亡到美国的古巴裔美国人的迈阿密,人们欢欣鼓舞。大学生玛格丽塔.费尔南德斯(Margarita Fernández)上周五晚间在家里听到这条新闻。她冲下楼梯,来到迈阿密古巴社区的心脏地带——第八街(Calle 8),那里有一个原先安排的周五街头派对正在举行中。“There was hugging, celebrating, hooting of horns, everyone — young and old — were whopping it up,” she said. “It was incredible, there was an uproar.”“人们拥抱,欢呼,按喇叭,每个人——无论老幼——都欢欢喜喜,”她说。“那一幕令人难以置信,人群简直沸腾了。”Similar scenes were repeated around Miami as news of Castro’s death sp. Meanwhile, on Saturday morning, thousands of miles away in Madrid, pro- and anti-Fidel Castro groups scuffled outside the Cuban embassy, witnesses said.随着卡斯特罗去世的消息传开,类似的情景在迈阿密全市各地出现。另据目击者介绍,上周六上午,在几千英里以外的马德里,拥护和反对菲德尔.卡斯特罗的人群在古巴大使馆门外发生肢体冲突。Castro’s death comes as no surprise. Aged 90, he was rarely seen in public and, when he did appear, it was only briefly and looking weak and infirm. Fidel’s younger brother Raúl, 85, formally took over the reins of power in 2008 as president, and his government has long planned for this moment.卡斯特罗的去世并不让人意外。90岁的他近来已很少在公共场合露面,而当他难得露面时,他看起来虚弱和衰老,而且总是匆匆离去。菲德尔的弟弟、现年85岁的劳尔(Raúl)在2008年正式接掌大权,出任总统,他的政府为这一刻已经准备了好久。As Saturday dawned in Cuba, there was no opposition activity reported on the streets, nor any visible sign of increased state presence — unless you count the carpenters building a stage in Revolution Square for a memorial service scheduled for Tuesday.上周六拂晓时分,没有传出反对派在古巴街头活动的报道,也看不到明显的政府活动迹象——除非你把在革命广场(Revolution Square)搭建一座舞台的木匠们算进去,这里将在周二举行追悼会。But state-run media poured forth endless tributes — including the start of nine days of mourning; the sale of alcohol was banned; and community organisations linked to the Communist party, such as the Woman’s Federation, held rallies where chants of “Viva Fidel” rang out weakly.但是官方媒体没完没了地表示哀悼——包括九天哀悼的开始;禁止出售酒类;共产党的社区组织(例如妇联)举行集会,反复低声呼喊“万岁菲德尔”(Viva Fidel)。“Cuba became a country of silent people this Saturday,” tweeted Yoani Sánchez, publisher of the independent news website, 14yMedio.com.“古巴在本周六成了一个由沉默的人们组成的国家,”独立新闻网站14yMedio.com的站主雅尼.桑切斯(Yoani Sánchez)在Twitter上写道。“It is like everyone is just sad,” added Anaida Gonzales, a retired nurse in the central province of Camaguey. Castro’s death “was expected but it still came as a shock”.“就像每个人都沉浸在悲伤中,”居住在中部省份卡马圭(Camaguey)的退休护士阿纳伊达.冈萨雷斯(Anaida Gonzales)补充道。卡斯特罗去世“是意料之中的事情,但它的来临仍然让人震惊”。Amid the uncertainty, at least what happens immediately next is clear. Castro’s body was cremated on Saturday and, after the memorial service in Havana on Tuesday, his ashes will move in a procession east across the country to Santiago, the country’s second biggest city, known as the “cradle of the revolution”. There they will be put to rest on Sunday, December 4.在充满不确定性的大背景下,至少接下来的安排是清楚的。卡斯特罗的遗体已在上周六火化,周二在哈瓦那举行追悼会之后,载着他的骨灰的游行车队将一路东行,最终抵达古巴第二大城市、有“革命的摇篮”之称的圣地亚哥。他的骨灰将在12月4日(周日)在那里下葬。Beyond the memorial plans, however, there is uncertainty. Cuba and its 11m people find themselves at a crossroads. Mr Castro’s death comes as Venezuela, facing its own economic crisis, has scaled back its aid to Cuba. Castro’s death also comes as the policy of rapprochement led by Barack Obama — which has relaxed but not ended the longstanding US embargo — could be rolled back by Donald Trump.然而,除了悼念计划外,其他事情都处于不确定状态。古巴及其1100万人民正处于一个十字路口。卡斯特罗去世之际,正值面临本国经济危机的委内瑞拉减少了对古巴的援助。与此同时,美国现任总统巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)主导的和解政策——该项政策放松(但没有终结)长期的美国禁运——可能被候任总统唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)逆转。The president-elect has blown hot and cold on Mr Obama’s policy of détente, at first saying during his campaign that he supported it but would seek “a better deal”, then pledging to “reverse” Mr Obama’s approach.特朗普对奥巴马的缓和政策表现出忽热忽冷的态度,在竞选期间最初表示持,只不过会寻求“更划算的交易”,后来则承诺“扭转”奥巴马的政策。For now normalcy rules. In Miami, there were neither reports of violence nor arrests, and officials told the Associated Press there were no plans to activate the emergency operations centre either – another sign of the generally subdued reaction.就目前而言,局面大致正常。迈阿密没有传出暴力或逮捕的报道,同时美国官员们告诉美联社(Associated Press),没有计划启动紧急行动指挥中心(Emergency Operations Center)——这是总体反应平静的又一个迹象。The US coast guard also ran regular patrols and has not taken emergency measures, despite a recent rise in the number of Cubans seeking to arrive in Florida by sea. More than 7,400 attempted the perilous crossing in the 12 months to September 30, versus 4,400 the year before.美国海岸警卫队也仅执行常规巡逻,没有采取紧急措施,尽管近期寻求从海上抵达佛罗里达的古巴人有所增加。截至9月30日的12个月里,逾7400名古巴人投奔怒海,而上一年为4400人。In Cuba, state-newspaper Granma, despite thousands of words of praise, notably avoided using the word “death”. Instead, in a sign of how Havana plans to close ranks around Castro’s memory, the paper wrote how “Cuba’s great baseball slugger” had “left the realm of this world for immortality”.在古巴,官方的《格拉玛报》(Granma)连篇累牍地发表赞美之词,但明显避免提到“死亡”这个字眼。相反,突显哈瓦那计划如何以追忆卡斯特罗来号召众人的一个迹象是,该报写道,“古巴的伟大棒球手(卡斯特罗)”已经“离开尘世,得到永生”。 /201611/480260

  China’s most coal-dependent province has moved to ease rising pressure on seven of its largest coal miners by extending the maturity on up to Rmb400bn (bn) in loans, in a sign of the severity of the bad-debt crisis gripping the country’s coal sector.中国最依赖煤炭的省份采取行动缓解省内七家大型煤碳企业日益上升的压力,延长多达4000亿元人民币(合600亿美元)贷款的期限,这个迹象突显席卷中国煤炭行业的债务危机的严重程度。The move by Shanxi province marks the first time a local regulator has asked banks for leeway on loans for a select group of companies. It is the latest in a series of tactics employed by the country as it tries to pare bad debt, which by some analysts’ estimates has reached epidemic levels.山西省此举标志着地方监管机构首次要求对一组挑选出的企业放一马。这是中国在试图削减坏账方面一连串战术的最新一例;一些分析师估计,中国的坏债已达到可怕的程度。The central government last year launched a Rmb4tn-and-counting programme that pushed banks to swap debt from many local government businesses for longer-maturity bonds. This year, Beijing announced a controversial plan in which banks would trade corporate debt for equity in companies.中央政府去年推出了一个4万亿元人民币甚至更大规模的计划,推动把众多地方政府企业的债务置换为更长期限的债券。今年,北京方面宣布了一个有争议的计划,要求把它们对企业拥有的债权置换为股权。Corporate debt is a concern across China but the situation is particularly desperate in Shanxi. A four-year slowdown in coal prices has left miners in the red and private companies unable to repay high-interest-rate shadow-banking loans that date back to a boom in coal prices a decade ago.企业债务在中国各地都是令人关切的问题,但形势在山西尤为严峻。持续四年的煤炭价格低迷使煤炭企业陷入亏损,同时民营企业无力偿付高利率的影子贷款,这些贷款可追溯到10年前煤炭价格繁荣的时期。A collapse in the chain of credit in the shadow-banking sector is reverberating through the province, which accounts for about a quarter of coal production in China, the world’s largest coal industry. The Shanxi branch of the China Banking Regulatory Commission will allow the province’s seven biggest coal companies to restructure short-term debt into medium and long-term loans, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.影子业的信贷链在山西各地正纷纷崩溃。该省占中国煤炭产量约四分之一,而中国煤炭行业是全球规模最大的。据官方的新华社报道,中国业监督管理委员会(CBRC)山西监管局将允许全省七大煤炭企业把短期债务重组为中长期贷款。Shares in the seven state-owned companies soared yesterday — several by their 10 per cent daily trading limit — with a weekend report by respected business news magazine Caixin that Beijing was considering debt-to-equity swaps for the sector adding a tailwind.这七家国企的股价昨日飙升——其中数家触及10%的单日涨幅上限。受到尊敬的财经新闻杂志《财新》周末有关北京方面正考虑在煤炭行业进行债转股的报道,起到了进一步的提振作用。The CBRC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.中国银监会没有立即回应记者的置评请求。The move comes after the deputy provincial government led the seven coal miners on a roadshow to Beijing this summer in an attempt to convince investors to subscribe to their bonds. One company in May offered five-year bonds at nearly double the yield on comparative notes but the initiative on the whole showed few positive results.此举出炉之前,山西副省长今夏曾带着七大煤炭企业到北京路演,以求说投资者认购它们的债券。一家公司在5月份以接近两倍于可比债券的收益率发行五年期债券,但此举整体而言没有展现出什么积极成果。“Coal is an important industry to Shanxi, therefore the government has to step in to alleviate the problem,” said Fitch Ratings analyst Alvin Cheng, noting that companies kept on life support worsen China’s glut of coal and other industrial capacity.“煤炭是山西的一个重要产业,因此政府不得不介入,以缓解这一问题,”惠誉评级(Fitch Ratings)分析师成皓(Alvin Cheng)表示。他指出,勉强维持的企业加剧中国的煤炭和其他工业产能的过剩。At the end of last year, Shanxi’s seven largest coal groups had Rmb1.18tn in debt, almost as much as the province’s Rmb1.28tn gross domestic product in 2015, according to Everbright Securities. Fitch estimates current combined debt stands at Rmb1.1tn, and according to Chinese media the companies have about Rmb600bn in short-term debt.根据光大券(Everbright Securities)的数据,截至去年年底,山西省七大煤炭集团的债务总计达到1.18万亿元人民币,几乎相当于全省在2015年1.28万亿元人民币的国内生产总值(GDP)。惠誉估计,当前债务总计为1.1万亿元人民币,另据中国媒体报道,这些公司有大约6000亿元人民币的短期债务。“If the banks support this, they may be able to get back some of these loans. If not, then most of it will become non-performing loans,” said DBS analyst Chen Shujin.“如果持贷款重组,他们或许能够收回其中一些贷款。否则大部分将变成不良贷款,”星展(DBS)分析师陈姝瑾表示。 /201608/459573Speculation about Ali al-Naimi’s retirement has been a favourite guessing game in the oil market for well over a decade. Many Saudi-watchers have been forced into embarrassing recantations after predicting the oil minister’s demise. As government reshuffles have come and gone, the octogenarian technocrat has remained the one constant presence.十多年来,阿里#8226;纳伊米(Ali al-Naimi,见上图)何时退休一直是石油市场最爱猜的一个谜。许多沙特观察人士都曾在预测这位沙特石油部长即将去职后被迫尴尬地收回前言。沙特政府成员不断洗牌,然而这位年逾八旬的技术官僚一直稳居其位。With last year’s change of regime in the world’s largest oil exporter, however, it was only a matter of time before the ministry welcomed a new face.但去年这个世界最大石油出口国发生政权更替后,沙特石油部长之职迎来新面孔就只是时间问题了。Mr Naimi’s position had become untenable in recent weeks after he appeared to have been overruled by Mohammed bin Salman, the 30-year-old son of King Salman and the man who holds the main levers of power in the state today.最近几周,纳伊米的地位似乎变得难以为继。此前,沙特国王萨勒曼(King Salman)30岁的儿子、现在掌握着该国主要权柄的人——穆罕默德#8226;本#8226;萨勒曼(Mohammed bin Salman)看上去推翻了纳伊米的决定。In the opaque world of Saudi politics, it is hard to know for certain what went on between the minister and the deputy crown prince during last month’s Doha meeting of leading oil producers, called to agree a production freeze and give a boost to the price.在沙特不透明的政治世界里,很难确定在上个月主要产油国的多哈会议中,这位沙特石油部长和副王储之间发生了什么(该次会议的目的是就石油冻产和油价提升达成一致)。But perceptions matter. And Mr Naimi was seen to have consented to a freeze even if Iran — Saudi Arabia’s arch-foe — insisted on raising its own output. The deputy crown prince was adamant that no deal should be struck without Iran. He made his views public.但外界看法很重要。在外界看来,纳伊米已同意冻产,即使沙特的死敌伊朗坚持要提高本国的石油产出。副王储则坚持没有伊朗的参与就不能达成任何协议。他公开了他的观点。Although the Saudi statement replacing Mr Naimi with Khalid al-Falih was silent on the circumstances of the change, the departing oil minister had been hoping for some time to go into retirement but had been held back by King Salman. Either way, the seasoned veteran whose stewardship of the oil market had won widesp respect would probably have preferred a more glorious exit.尽管沙特方面对哈立德#8226;法立赫(Khalid Falih)接替纳伊米的声明在变动原因上保持了沉默,这位即将离职的石油部长希望退休已有一段时间,但被萨勒曼国王阻止。不管怎样,这位经验丰富的部长对石油市场的管理赢得了广泛的尊敬,很可能他宁愿用一种更荣耀的方式退场。Having proposed a radical shift in policy in late 2014, when Saudi Arabia shocked the markets with a decision to protect market share rather than the price of oil, he has watched the price slump far further than his ministry or the government had predicted. Officials say their expectation was that the price would settle at - a barrel.2014年末,沙特保护市场份额而非石油价格的决定让市场为之震惊,当时提出根本性政策转变的纳伊米见了石油价格的暴跌,跌幅远超他所在的沙特石油部或者沙特政府所预测的程度。官员们表示,他们当时的预测是油价会稳定在每桶60到70美元。The crash has jolted Riyadh into action to wean the country off its reliance on oil but it has also sparked domestic criticism that the gamble was not worth taking. The rebound since January — oil has gained about 50 per cent from its low — has been a small consolation for Mr Naimi.这次冲击促使利雅得采取行动逐渐减少该国对石油的依赖,但也引发了国内批评,称这次不值得进行。1月以来油价的反弹——从每桶30美元的低点上升了约50%——对纳伊米来说是一个小小的慰藉。Markets will be relieved that the oil ministry will remain in the hands of a well-regarded technocrat — Mr al-Falih, chairman of state oil company Saudi Aramco, had previously been tipped for the position. Unlike Mr Naimi, he is part of the inner circle of Prince Mohammed. Both he and the deputy crown prince agree with Mr Naimi on the broad direction of oil policy, and believe the strategy has been vindicated by the pain suffered by US shale producers, which were always the main target. Those hoping for a change of direction will be disappointed.将让市场放心的是,沙特石油部将继续由风评良好的技术官僚执掌——沙特阿拉伯国家石油公司(Saudi Aramco)董事长法立赫此前就曾被传将接替这一职位。和纳伊米不同,他是副王储核心圈子中的成员。在石油政策的大方向上,他和副王储都认同纳伊米,并且相信沙特一直以来的主要目标——美国页岩油生产商遭遇的痛苦明这一策略是正确的。那些希望沙特石油政策发生方向性变化的人会感到失望。The departure of Mr Naimi, however, underlines that the new order has upended the traditional relationship between the oil minister and the palace. MbS, as the deputy crown prince is known abroad, has proved hurried and brazen, willing to go where other senior princes have feared to t. While Mr Naimi had a relationship of trust and a large degree of independence under the late King Abdullah, in the past year his ministry had come under the purview of a council chaired by Prince Mohammed.然而,纳伊米的离开凸显出新秩序颠覆了石油部长和王室之间的传统关系。副王储(在海外被普遍称为MbS)已明了自己的鲁莽和大胆,愿意去其他更年长的王子害怕涉足的地方。在已故国王阿卜杜拉(King Abdullah)执政时,纳伊米曾享受信任关系和很大程度上的独立性,而过去一年,他领导的石油部受到了由副王储担任主席的一个委员会的辖制。Saudi royals tend to comment little on oil policy, leaving it to the technocrats. Not so under Prince Mohammed, who is deliberately outspoken as he charges ahead with an ambitious economic restructuring plan to diversify away from oil. He has said he pays little heed to gyrations in the oil price; he wants Saudi Arabia to thrive without oil.沙特王室成员往往很少石油政策,会把这个问题留给技术官僚。而副王储就不是这样了,在他大力推进雄心勃勃的经济结构调整计划以实现从依赖石油转向多元化的过程中,他有意直言不讳。他曾说过,他很少留意油价起伏,他希望沙特能在没有石油的情况下繁荣发展。More worrying for the oil market, however, is that recent Saudi actions, not least in Doha, suggest willingness by the palace to allow regional politics and the power struggle with Iran to intrude on oil policy.然而,更让石油市场忧虑的是沙特最近的动作,尤其是在多哈。这些动作表明王室愿意让地区政治和与伊朗的角力影响石油政策。The departure of Mr Naimi from the Saudi oil scene marks the end of an era, for the oil market as well as for Saudi Arabia.纳伊米退出沙特石油舞台标志着一个时代的结束,对石油市场和沙特本身来说都是如此。 /201605/442603


  John Morris — so old his father was born just after the American civil war — has seen plenty of US history. 约翰.莫里斯(John Morris)活了一大把年纪了——他的父亲出生在美国内战刚结束的时候——也见了大段的美国历史。Yet this American abroad feels that last month, aged 99, watching TV all night in Paris, he witnessed the worst political event of his lifetime. 然而这位身在异乡的美国人觉得,今年11月他算是目睹了他毕生所见的最糟糕的政治事件,当时99岁的他在巴黎观看了整晚的电视。I was with my granddaughter, she was in tears, he says. 我的孙女和我在一起,她泪流满面,他说,我不像她那么难过。I’ve been through other tragedies, usually somebody’s death. 我经历过其他悲剧,通常是有人离世。But I think Trump’s election makes it easier for me to contemplate an early death. 但是我想特朗普当选让我更容易去思考早点死这件事。In my case, you can’t exactly call it early but, at any rate, I’m glad I’m going to be through!在我身上说早不太准确,但无论如何,我很庆幸我快走了!The number of American centenarians — a cohort that had an outsize role in shaping modern history — has burgeoned in recent years to more than 70,000 and counting. 近年来,美国百岁老人——该群体在现代历史的发展进程中发挥了重要作用——的数量增加到了7万人以上,并且还在增加之中。Morris will join their ranks on December 7, though you’d never guess it from his spookily unlined face and thick white hair. 莫里斯于12月7日跨入了百岁老人之列,但从他脸上异常平滑的皮肤和浓密的白发上你丝毫猜不出他的年纪。He is possibly the photo-editor who did most to depict the 20th century: he started with the Spanish civil war, published his friend Robert Capa’s 11 D-Day pictures in Life magazine and, in 1972, put the Vietnamese Napalm Girl photo on The New York Times’ front page. 他可能是在记录20世纪的历史方面贡献最大的图片编辑:他从西班牙内战时开始投身这行,在《生活》(Life)杂志上刊登了他的朋友罗伯特.卡帕(Robert Capa)拍摄的、诺曼底登陆日(D-Day)的11张照片,1972年他在《纽约时报》(The New York Times)头版刊登了越南烧夷弹的女孩(Napalm Girl)照片。He still beavers away. 他现在仍然坚持工作。We meet in his home office, where there are piles of newspapers — A Startling New Political Reality, says a US headline — and neat inboxes marked Urgent and Thank You. 他在家里有办公室,我们就在那里见面,屋里摆着成堆的报纸——一张美国报纸的头条标题写着《令人震惊的新政治现实》(A Startling New Political Reality)——和整齐码放、标着紧急和谢谢的文件篮。Yet post-Trump, Morris is left wondering whether his twin life-long endeavours — political activism and photojournalism — achieved anything.不过在特朗普胜选后,莫里斯不由得开始琢磨他毕生奋斗的两项事业——政治行动主义和新闻摄影——是否有任何意义。His life changed on his 25th birthday, when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. 他的人生在25岁生日时出现了转折,当时日本轰炸了珍珠港(Pearl Harbor)。Life magazine sent him on a Norwegian freighter to wartime London, where he witnessed the first drones, Hitler’s pilotless V1 missiles. 《生活》杂志派他搭乘一艘挪威货船前往战时的伦敦,他在那里亲眼见到了最早的无人机——希特勒的V1飞弹。We wasted a lot of time trying to photograph the drones. 我们浪费了很多时间想要拍摄无人机,The story was in the faces of the people looking up.其实故事都写在人们抬头看天的脸上。In 1944, after D-Day, Morris followed the Allied armies into France. 1944年,在诺曼底登陆事件后,莫里斯跟随盟军进入法国。He hung out with Capa and Ernest Hemingway, took spellbinding photographs — his favourite is of a captured young German soldier, almost a child, glaring into the lens — 他和卡帕、欧内斯特.海明威(Ernest Hemingway)一起,拍摄了许多精照片——他最喜爱的一张是一个被俘虏的年轻德国士兵的照片,那个看起来还是孩子模样的士兵盯着镜头。and reached Paris days after the Liberation. 解放巴黎几天后,他来到了这座城市。Shown around by a local photographer named Henri Cartier-Bresson, he fell for the place. 一位名为亨利.卡蒂埃-布列松(Henri Cartier-Bresson)的当地摄影记者带他四处参观,他爱上了巴黎。Someday we must live in Paris, he wrote to his wife in the US. 有朝一日,我们一定要在巴黎住,他给当时身在美国的妻子写信说道。He finally moved here long after her death, in 1983.1983年,在他妻子去世后很久,他终于迁居巴黎。He plans to die in Paris but there is so much to do first. 他计划在巴黎终老,但在这之前还有太多未了之事。He still hosts campaign events for Democrats Abroad, and feels sick that Bernie Sanders didn’t win the party’s nomination. 他仍然主持着民主党海外部(Democrats Abroad)的竞选活动,并且对于伯尼.桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)没能获得党内提名耿耿于怀。He was cheated by the money people who have the Democratic Party as their instrument of power. 他被那些把民主党当成权力工具的有钱人坑了。My attempt now will be to try to reform the party.我现在的目标是试着改革民主党。And so Morris gives political speeches, when he isn’t staging exhibitions or working on new books. 因此,如今莫里斯只要不是在布展或写新书,就是忙着发表政治演讲。We leaf through the dummy of his photobook My Century: beautiful people smoking, flirting, having fun, almost all of them now dead. 我们翻阅了他的摄影集《我的世纪》(My Century):一张张抽烟、调情或取乐的漂亮面孔,差不多所有人都已经离世了。Even his Republican sister finally went, aged 103.就连他那共和党籍的也终于离世了,享年103岁。In the early 1970s, The New York Times prepared Morris’s obituary, thinking he was about to die, but he’s a survivor. 上世纪70年代初,《纽约时报》准备了莫里斯的讣告,以为他不久人世了,但他至今健在。I’ve lost two children. 我有两个子女过世了。I had four. 我有4个子女。The first girl died as an infant, and the second one at age 72. 第一个女孩在襁褓中夭折,第二个活到了72岁。I’ve been a widower three times. 我三次失去了伴侣。I have times when I think, ‘God, if I could just get finished with this.’有时我会想,‘上帝啊,让我就这样了此一生吧。 On the other hand, I have happy moments. ’不过我也有快乐的时光。I have a wonderful lady. 我太太老好了。She can be a pain in the neck sometimes. 她有时很让人头疼。She gets thinking about things which seem unimportant to me, like what shirt I’m wearing. 她总想一些对我来说不太重要的事情,比如我穿了什么衬衣。But love gives me the courage to continue.但是爱给了我继续下去的勇气。He sees hard years ahead. 他预感未来日子不太平。Looking ahead to President Trump, he recalls the president who bombed Hiroshima. 展望未来的特朗普总统,他回想起了那位下令轰炸广岛的总统。Harry Truman was a fine man, he was honest, but he was far from the most qualified man to have become president. 哈里.杜鲁门(Harry Truman)是个好人,诚实,但他绝不是最适合当总统的那个人。The first thing he did was drop not one but two atom bombs. 他做的第一件事是扔原子弹,不是一颗、而是两颗。It was just absolutely unnecessary. 这完全没必要。I keep thinking back to Truman, which was a political disaster although it was not recognised as such at the time.我常想起杜鲁门,那是一场政治灾难,尽管当时没人意识到这点。Other disasters followed: Morris considers America’s wars from Korea onwards unnecessary. 其他灾难接踵而至:莫里斯认为,美国从越战起经历的所有战争都没有必要。I hold that against my own country, he says. 这一点我对我的祖国有看法。So he doesn’t consider himself part of the greatest generation? I feel that my generation failed. 这么说他不认为自己属于最伟大的一代?我觉得我们这一代人失败了。I think we should have been the greatest generation, but we were a very fortunate generation as long as we kept within our own shores.我想我们本该成为最伟大的一代,但如果我们待在自己的国土,我们是非常幸运的一代。Morris’s credo was always that photography could improve the world by showing it. 以前莫里斯一直抱着这样的信念:通过展示世界,摄影可以让世界变得更好。Now he’s no longer so sure. 如今他不那么确定了。I worry about the overuse of pictures. 我担心照片被滥用了。Trump is flamboyant, and if he could not have been photographed continuously I don’t think he’d be president. 特朗普是个惹眼的人,如果他不是老被拍照,我不认为他能当总统。I’m afraid photojournalism helped him achieve the presidency.我担心新闻摄影帮他当上了总统。Looking back, did all Morris’s work make any difference? OK, that’s my point. 回首往事,莫里斯的作品是否起到了什么作用?好吧,这就是我的症结。This is what I keep asking myself. 我一直在问自己这个问题。If we really get into another cold war, I’ve got to say, ‘What the hell am I doing around?’ I was opposed to the first cold war. 如果我们真的再一次陷入冷战,我会说,‘我到底做了什么?’我反对第一次冷战。The most important thing to me has been war and peace. 对我来说,最重要的事就是战争与和平。I don’t think we’ve made enough difference. 我不认为我们带来了足够大的改变。But he will keep trying.但是他会继续努力。 /201612/483159


  Philip Hammond, the UK chancellor, has said Britain must adopt a realistic negotiating position with the rest of the EU or face years of damaging economic uncertainty.英国财政大臣菲利普#8226;哈蒙德(Philip Hammond)表示,英国必须对欧盟其余部分采取现实的谈判立场,否则将面临多年有害的经济不确定性。Speaking to journalists at the G20 meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors in Chengdu, China, Mr Hammond said the way to send a reassuring signal to business and restore UK confidence was to get a “positive” EU response to Britain’s negotiating stance on terms for leaving the bloc.哈蒙德是在中国成都举行的20国集团(G20)财长和央行行长会议上对记者们发表这一言论的。他表示,让企业放心和恢复英国信心的方式,是争取欧盟方面对英国的退欧谈判立场作出“积极”回应。The G20 pledged to use “all policy tools” to support growth, saying they were y to respond to any negative fallout from Brexit amid uncertainty over protectionism and Britain’s future relations with the EU.20国集团承诺使用“所有政策工具”来持经济增长,称它们准备应对英国退欧造成的任何负面冲击波。围绕保护主义和英国与欧盟的未来关系,目前存在不确定性。“The outcome of the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU adds to the uncertainty in the global economy,” a joint communiqué released by China’s finance ministry. “Members of the G20 are well positioned to proactively address the potential economic and financial consequences stemming from the UK referendum. In the future, we hope to see the UK as a close partner of the EU.”“英国脱欧公投结果也加大了全球经济的不确定性,”由中国财政部发布的联合公报表示,“G20成员已经准备好积极应对英国公投带来的潜在经济和金融影响。今后,我们希望看到英国作为欧盟的密切伙伴。”Global risks from Brexit dominated the two-day meeting.英国退欧带来的全球风险笼罩着为期两天的G20会议。The G20’s call to use “all policy tools” echoes similar language at a meeting in Shanghai in February and contained no concrete commitments on fiscal stimulus. Policymakers broadly agree that scope for further monetary policy stimulus is limited but faultlines remain over more aggressive moves.G20有关使用“所有政策工具”的呼吁,呼应了今年2月上海会议的类似措辞,在财政刺激方面没有具体承诺。政策制定者大体上承认,进一步的货币政策刺激空间有限,但各方对于更激进的行动存在分歧。In addition to Brexit, full-throated protectionism expressed by Donald Trump, US Republican presidential nominee, is also rattling global confidence.除了英国退欧以外,美国共和党总统候选人唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)发出的裸保护主义言论也动摇了全球信心。The G20 communiqué cited “geopolitical conflicts, terrorism, and refugees” as further sources of economic uncertainty.20国集团的公报提到“地缘政治冲突、恐怖主义和难民流动”是经济不确定性的进一步来源。Mr Lew and his Chinese counterpart Lou Jiwei agreed to work together to cut global excess capacity in sectors including steel and aluminium. They will also work on new global guidelines on government provision of export credit, amid complaints that Chinese companies unfairly benefit from government support. Mr Lew expressed support for multilateral negotiations on cutting steel capacity.美国财长杰克#8226;卢(Jack Lew)和中国财长楼继伟同意共同努力,在钢铁和铝等行业削减全球过剩产能。他们还将共同拟定针对政府提供出口信贷的新版全球指引,目前有人抱怨中国企业不公平地获益于政府持。卢对削减钢铁产能的多边谈判表示持。 /201607/456429



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