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Nokia, the company that made a huge bet on the Windows Phone operating system and will be formally acquired by Microsoft within months for .4 billion, is about to launch a new smartphone this month running an operating system based on Google#39;s Android.诺基亚,下了大赌注在微软Windows Phone上,而且将要正式被微软以74亿美元收购了。就在此时,诺基亚却打算在本月推出搭载谷歌安卓系统的智能手机。The Wall Street Journal reports that Nokia#39;s new phone, which has leaked a few times during the last few months under the codename Normandy, will run a modified version of Android that doesn#39;t include Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, and the Google Play store for Android apps and other content. That means Google won#39;t generate any revenue from Nokia#39;s phone, even though the operating system is based on Android.华尔街日报报道表示,在过去几个月里,一直有消息传出,诺基亚将这个智能手机计划命名为诺曼底计划。在诺基亚版的安卓手机中,部分谷歌开发的功能将不会出现,比如Gmail,谷歌地图和谷歌应用商店等。这就意味着,谷歌将不会从诺基亚的安卓智能手机中获得任何收益。The so-called Nokia Normandy will be formally announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Nokia is scheduled for a press event on February 24, which is when we should get our first look at the phone.诺基亚的这次诺曼底计划将在2月24日举行的巴塞罗那全球移动大会上正式宣布。届时,我们将一睹诺基亚的安卓手机风采。Nokia#39;s phone will likely be targeted at emerging markets where cheap smartphones are more popular than top-tier devices like the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4. The Normandy will have Microsoft and Nokia services like Nokia#39;s Here maps and a separate Nokia app store, according to the WSJ report.诺基亚的安卓智能手机将主要面向新兴市场。新兴市场中,价格便宜的智能手机比高端手机如iPhone 5S和三星Galaxy S4更受欢迎。根据华尔街日报的报道,该手机将安装有微软和诺基亚所研发的一套务产品,如Here地图,以及诺基亚安卓应用商店。 /201402/275493

According to the Dailyexpress of October 10, Swedish scientists are on the brink of a womb transplant which will let infertile women become pregnant. Following successful animal trials, doctors hope to try the transplant with a human within two years。 据英国《每日快报》10月10报道,瑞典科学家已经找到了成功移植子宫的奥秘,可以让不妇女怀上身。科学家已经在动物身上成功进行移植手术,他们计划两年内在人体上尝试此项手术。  The results of the trials, which involved highly complex surgery and new anti-rejection drugs, will be announced at a meeting with potential patients next week。 此项试验涉及高复杂性的手术和新发明的抗排异药物,试验结果将在下周举行的“潜在病人”会议中被公布出来。  "Until now no one has been able to prove pregnancy is possible after transplantation. We have overcome one of the last steps in achieving this and our aim is to get a human pregnancy using these techniques within two years," said Professor Mats Br?nnstr?m, chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg, "This is a clinical situation comparable to transplantation between unrelated humans."  瑞典哥德堡大学产科和妇科系主任马茨?布兰斯特罗姆教授宣布:“到目前为止还没有人可以明移植手术后能带来妊娠的可能。我们已经克了实验最后阶段的困难,目标是在两年内使用此项技术实现人体受。就让两个不想关的人实现受来说,此项试验还处于临床阶段。”  The work has raised the prospect of creating a male pregnancy with a donor's uterus and fertility treatment, however Dr Diaz-Garcia insisted: "We are not carrying out work in this area." The doctor predicted that in the future wombs could be harvested from people who are brain-dead, living donors or even relatives to minimize the risk of rejection。  此次试验还提出建议利用捐赠的子宫和受治疗,让男性怀上身。但是迪亚兹?加西亚士声称还未将此项试验用于男性受。教授预测未来将会有大量脑死亡但是活性子宫捐赠者,甚至还有亲属捐赠者以降低移植排斥的风险。  The transplanted womb would be connected to the recipient's blood supply and would stay in place only long enough for a woman to have the children she wanted。  (通过手术),将捐赠子宫上的血管和不妇女体内血管连接起来,从而使捐赠子宫获得充足的血液供应。捐赠子宫会在不妇女体内呆上足够长的时间,直到她成功怀上身。  Any baby would have to be delivered by Caesarean section as a transplanted human womb would be unlikely to withstand natural labour. During the C-section the womb could be removed at the same time, thereby minimising the risk of side effects from longer term use of anti-rejection drugs。  由于移植子宫不能承受自然分娩造成的肌肉压力,所以通过移植子宫育的婴儿,都必须通过剖腹产手术接生出来。子宫移植妇女一旦通过移植子宫生儿育女后,她体内移植的捐赠器官必须在接受剖腹产的同时被摘除,以降低长期用抗排异药产生的副作用。 /201010/115559

One of the largest and most meticulous studies of mammography ever done, involving 90,000 women and lasting a quarter century, has added powerful new doubts about the value of the screening test for women of any age.历史上规模最大、最严格细致的乳房X光检查研究之一,对所有年龄段的女性进行这种筛查的价值提出了强有力的新质疑。这项研究持续了四分之一个世纪之久,涉及9万名女性。It found that the death rates from breast cancer and from all causes were the same in women who got mammograms and those who did not. And the screening had harms — one out of five cancers found with mammography and treated was not a threat to the woman#39;s health and did not need treatment like chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.该研究发现,在做过乳房X线检查和没有做过它的女性中,乳腺癌导致的死亡率和所有原因导致的死亡率并无二致。而且这种筛查本身具有危害——通过乳房X光检查发现并进行了治疗的癌症肿块中,有五分之一对女性的健康并不构成威胁,也不需要进行化疗、手术或放疗等治疗。The study, published Tuesday in The British Medical Journal, is one of the few rigorous evaluations of mammograms conducted in the modern era of more effective breast cancer treatments. It randomly assigned Canadian women to have regular mammograms and breast exams by trained nurses or to have breast exams alone.这项研究本周二发表在《英国医学杂志》(BMJ)上,在如今这个乳腺癌治疗手段更加有效的时代,对乳房X线检查进行的严格评估寥寥无几,它就是其中一个。在这项研究中,加拿大女性被随机分配给训练有素的护士,进行定期乳房X光检查和乳房检查,或者只进行乳房检查。Researchers sought to determine whether there was any advantage to finding breast cancers when they were too small to feel. The answer was no, the researchers report.研究人员希望确定,在乳腺癌肿块太小,患者感觉不到它的时候,发现乳腺癌是否有任何优势。是否定的,研究报告称。The study seems likely to lead to an even deeper polarization between those who believe that regular mammography saves lives, including many breast cancer advocates and patients, and a growing number of researchers who say the evidence is lacking or, at the very least, murky.这项研究很可能会导致更深的两极分化:一方是相信定期做乳房X光检查可以挽救患者生命的人,包括很多乳腺癌关爱活动倡导者和患者,另一方是越来越多的研究人员,他们认为这种说法缺乏据,或者至少是据不明朗。;It will make women uncomfortable, and they should be uncomfortable,; said Dr. Russell P. Harris, a screening expert and professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina. ;The decision to have a mammogram should not be a slam dunk.;“这会让女性感到不舒,她们也理应感到不舒,”筛查专家、北卡罗莱纳大学(University of North Carolina)医学教授拉塞尔·P·哈里斯(Russell P. Harris)说。“决定做乳房X光检查本来也不应该是一桩乐事。”The findings will not lead to any immediate change in guidelines for mammography, and many advocates and experts will almost certainly dispute the idea that mammograms are on balance useless, or even harmful.这些研究结果不会立刻导致乳房X光检查准则的更改,很多倡导者和专家几乎肯定会对“乳房X线检查总体无用,甚至有害”的观点进行质疑。Dr. Richard C. Wender, chief of cancer control for the American Cancer Society, said the society has convened an expert panel that is reviewing all studies on mammography, including the Canadian one, and would issue revised guidelines later this year. He added that combined data from clinical trials of mammography showed it reduces the death rate from breast cancer by at least 15 percent for women in their 40s and by at least 20 percent for older women.理查德·C·文德(Richard C. Wender)士是美国癌症协会(American Cancer Society)癌症控制主任,他说该协会已经召集了一个专家小组,正在审查和乳房X光检查有关的所有研究,加拿大的这项研究也包括在内,今年晚些时候,他们将发布修订后的准则。他还说,乳房X光检查的临床试验的综合数据显示,在40多岁的女性中,乳房X光检查至少降低了15%的乳腺癌死亡率,在年龄更大的女性中降低了至少20%。That means that one woman in 1,000 who starts screening in her 40s, two who start in their 50s and three who start in their 60s will avoid a breast cancer death, Dr. Harris said.这意味着,在40多岁开始筛查的1000名女性中,有一名将避免死于乳腺癌,50岁开始的有两名,60岁开始的有三名,哈里斯士说。Dr. Wender added that while improved treatments clearly helped lower the breast cancer death rate, so did mammography, by catching cancers early.文德士指出,改善后的治疗方法显然有助于降低乳腺癌死亡率,做乳房X光检查也是一样,因为可以提早发现癌症。But an editorial accompanying the new study said that earlier studies that found mammograms helped women were done before the routine use of drugs like tamoxifen that sharply reduced the breast cancer death rate. In addition, many studies did not use the gold-standard methods of the clinical trial, randomly assigning women to be screened or not.但跟这项新研究同时发表的一篇社论说,那些发现乳房X光检查有利于女性的早期研究,是在如今常规使用的药物大幅降低乳腺癌死亡率之前进行的,这些药物包括他莫昔芬(Tamoxifen);此外,很多研究没有采用标准最高的临床试验方法,随机分配女性是否接受筛查。Dr. Mette Kalager, an epidemiologist and screening researcher at the University of Oslo and the Harvard School of Public Health who wrote the editorial, said there was a reason its results were unlike those of earlier studies. With better treatments, like tamoxifen, it was less important to find cancers early. Also, she said, women in the Canadian studies were aware of breast cancer and its dangers, unlike women in earlier studies who were more likely to ignore lumps.这篇社论的作者梅特·卡拉格(Mette Kalager)士是奥斯陆大学(University of Oslo)和哈佛大学公共卫生学院(Harvard School of Public Health)的流行病学家和筛查研究员,她表示,这项研究的结果不同于早期的那些研究是有原因的。有了更好的治疗手段,比如他莫昔芬,提早发现癌症肿块就不那么重要了。此外她还表示,加拿大那项研究中的女性了解乳腺癌及其危险,而早期研究中的女性更有可能会忽视肿块。;It might be possible that mammography screening would work if you don#39;t have any awareness of the disease,; she said.“如果你完全没有乳腺癌的意识,乳房X光检查就有可能效果不错,”她说。The Canadian study reached the same conclusion about the lack of a benefit from mammograms after 11 to 16 years of follow-up, but some experts predicted that as time went on the advantages would emerge.在进行了11到16年的复查随访后,加拿大这项研究得出了乳房X线检查没有裨益的同样结论。但一些专家预计,随着时间的推移,乳房X线检查的优势将会显现。That did not happen, but with more time the researchers could, for the first time, calculate the extent of overdiagnosis, finding cancers that would never have killed the women but that led to treatments that included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.这种情况还没有出现,但因为多花了一些时间,研究人员首次计算出了过度诊断的程度,即针对绝不会令女性丧生的癌症肿块,实施手术、化疗和放疗等治疗手段。Many cancers, researchers now recognize, grow slowly, or not at all, and do not require treatment. Some cancers even shrink or disappear on their own. But once cancer is detected, it is impossible to know if it is dangerous, so doctors treat them all.研究人员现在认识到,很多癌症肿块生长缓慢,或根本不生长,也不需要治疗。有些癌症肿块甚至会萎缩或自行消失。但是,一旦癌症肿块被检测到,你就不知道它是否会带来危险,所以医生会统统进行治疗。In the ed States, about 37,000,000 mammograms are performed annually at a cost of about 0 per mammogram. Nearly three-quarters of women age 40 and over say they had a mammogram in the past year. More than 90 percent of women ages 50 to 69 in several European countries have had at least one mammogram.美国每年大约要做3700万例乳房X线检查,每次检查的费用约为100美元(约合人民币600元)。40岁及以上的女性有四分之三表示曾在过去一年里进行过乳房X光检查。在几个欧洲国家,年龄在50至69岁的女性中有超过90%至少进行过一次乳房X光检查。Dr. Kalager, whose editorial accompanying the study was titled ;Too Much Mammography,; compared mammography to prostate-specific antigen screening for prostate cancer, using data from pooled analyses of clinical trials. It turned out that the two screening tests were almost identical in their overdiagnosis rate and had almost the same slight reduction in breast or prostate deaths.卡拉格士关于这项研究的社论标题是《乳房X光检查泛滥》(Too Much Mammography),文中使用来自临床试验的汇总分析数据,把乳房X光检查跟前列腺癌的前列腺特异性抗原(PSA)筛查相提并论。数据显示,这两种筛查的过度诊断率几乎相同,在降低乳腺癌或前列腺癌死亡率的效果方面也几乎同样轻微。;I was very surprised,; Dr. Kalager said. She had assumed that the evidence for mammography must be stronger since most countries support mammography screening and most discourage PSA screening.“我感到非常惊讶,”卡拉格士说。她原以为持乳房X光检查的据肯定会更加有力,因为大多数国家都持乳房X光筛查,反对PSA筛查。 /201409/331474

1.God commanded, ;Let there be light,; but it didn#39;t happen for nearly half a million years. That#39;s how long after the Big Bang the universe took to expand enough to allow photons (light particles) to travel freely.1.神说:;要有光。;但是光直到50万年之后才出现;;大爆炸之后50万年,宇宙终于膨胀到足够大,可以让光子在其中自由穿行。2.Those photons are still running loose, detectable as the cosmic microwave background, a microwave glow from all parts of the sky.2.这时光子的运动仍然是无规则的,以宇宙背景辐射的形式存在;;就是从宇宙的各个部分发出的微波。3.Light moves along at full ;light speed;;186,282.4 miles per second;only in a vacuum. In the dense matrix of a diamond, it slows to just 77,500 miles per second.3.光只有在真空中才以;光速;,即186,282.4英里/秒(299,792,458米/秒)运动,在钻石这样的高密度物质中,光速会下降到77,500英里/秒(124,724,160米/秒)。4.Diamonds are the Afghanshy;istan of gemstones: Any entering photon quickly gets bogged down. It takes a lot of pinging back and forth in a thicket of carbon atoms to find an exit. This action is what gives diamonds their dazzling sparkle.4.钻石是宝石中的阿富汗:任何进入其中的光子都会被迫放慢速度。光子要在错综复杂的碳原子间反复冲撞才能找到出路。而这就是钻石闪耀着令人眩目的光辉的原因。5.Eyeglasses can correct vision because light changes speed when it passes from air to a glass or plastic lens; this causes the rays to bend.5.眼镜可以校正视力是因为光从空气射入玻璃或塑料的镜片时速度会改变,于是光线就发生了弯折。6.Plato fancied that we see by shooting light rays from our eyes.6.柏拉图认为,我们之所以看得见,是因为我们的眼睛会发射光线。7.The Greek philosopher was not completely wrong. Like all living things, humans are bioshy;luminescent: We glow. We are brightest during the afternoon, around our lips and cheeks. The cause may be chemical reactions involving molecular fragments known as free radicals.7.古希腊哲学家的看法并非完全错误。人类和所有其他生物一样,都有着;生物发光现象;,也就是说人体确实会发光。我们在下午最明亮,最明亮的部位则是嘴唇和脸颊。这一现象的原因可能是名为;自由基;的分子片段参与化学反应造成的。8.Bioluminescence is the largest source of light in the oceans; 90 percent of all creatures who live below about 1,500 feet are luminous.8.生物发光是海洋中的最大光源:生活在距海平面1500英尺以下的生物有90%都会发光。9.World War II aviators used to spot ships by the bioshy;luminescence in their wakes.9.二战中的飞行员曾通过船只尾流中的生物发光现象来定位船只。10.Incandescent bulbs convert only 10 percent of the energy they draw into light, which is why Europe will outlaw them by 2012. Most of the electricity turns into unwanted heat.10.白炽灯只能将通过自身的电能的10%转化为光能,而大部分电能都转化成热能浪费掉了。因此欧洲将在2012年禁用白炽灯。11.In the confined space of an Easy-Bake oven, a 100-watt bulb can create a temperature of 325 degrees Fahrenheit.11.在一个封闭空间;;比如Easy-Bake玩具烤炉里,一个100瓦的白炽灯泡可以达到华氏325度(约163摄氏度)的高温。12.Visible light makes up less than one ten-billionth of the electromagnetic spectrum, which stretches from radio waves to gamma rays.12.在覆盖了从无线电波到伽马射线的电磁光谱中,可见光只占不到百亿分之一的比例。13.Goldfish can see infrared radiation that is invisible to us. Bees, birds, and lizards have eyes that pick up ultraviolet.13.金鱼可以看见我们看不见的红外线。蜜蜂,鸟类和蜥蜴则有着可以看见紫外线的眼睛。14.Photography means ;writing with light.; English astronomer John Herschel, whose father discovered infrared, coined the term.14.摄影其实就是;用光来书写;。这个说法是英国宇航员John Herschel(他的父亲发现了红外线)创造的。15.Shoot now: The ;golden hour,; just after sunrise and before sunset, produces the prettiest shadows and colors for photographs.15.摄影的;黄金时间;是日落后和日出前的短暂时间,此时能拍出光影和色都堪称完美的照片。16.Auroras light up the night sky when solar wind particles excite atoms in the upper atmosphere. Oxygen mostly shines green; nitrogen contributes blue and red.16.当太阳风激发了高层大气中的原子,就会产生极光。氧气产生的极光多半是绿色的,氮气则是蓝色和红色。17.But to the Inuits, auroras are spirits of the dead kicking around the head of a walrus.17.但是对于居住在北极地区的因纽特人来说,极光是死者的灵魂在把海象头当球踢;; /201201/169118

In the past few months, I started noticing that I’ve become a slave. I’m a slave to the internet, and I’m a slave to my phone. I tried remembering how many times I haven’t used my phone for more than an hour in the last few years, but I couldn’t.在过去的几个月里,我开始察觉自己俨然成了一个奴隶。一个被英特网和手机驱使的奴隶。我试图回想在前几年里究竟有多少次远离手机超一小时,但我无能为力。Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the internet. I hear the old-schoolers talk about how the internet is killing everything, how we humans are deteriorating because of it. I hear them say that bloggers are not journalists and that social connections are not relationships, but I think they are wrong.不要误解,我其实是英特网的拥簇者。但却听起守旧派说网络是如何如何地摧毁一切,我们人类又是如何如何地被其腐蚀。还听说客写手不是新闻工作者,网络社交也不算社交,可我却不敢苟同。Technology, including in large part the internet, alongside human relationships, is one of the connections that moves our society forward. The innovation that appears in all aspects of our daily lives allows us to be smarter, faster, better. So every time I hear the old-schoolers talk about how the internet is a bad thing, I wonder why they wouldn’t want to be better.人类关系和科技,也包含广泛应用的网络,相辅相成,它们共同推进社会进步。日常中各领域的革新,促使我们的生活更智能,更迅捷,更美好。所以每当我听见守旧派讨论网络是个坏东西的时候,我就好奇难道他们不想过得更好么?The BIG problem with the internet is that it makes us dependent. Quite often, I see people (and I’m one of them) that actually look and act like junkies. They can’t stop playing with their phone, iPod, PC, or tablet. They can’t disconnect themselves from the non-stop stream of information that the internet provides us. Like everything in life, when you find yourself dependent on something, it might be the right time to start thinking about whether you need to stop and restart yourself.网络头号问题就是它把我们变得更依赖它了。好些时候,我看人们(我也是其中一员)的气色和行为都像瘾君子。他们离不开电话,iPod,或者平板电脑。也无法脱离网络给予我们不断流动的信息流。正如身边的任何事物,当你发觉你对它们产生了依赖,就是时候开始考虑是否需要停下来,或重新来过了。Here are a few tips to help you take a break from your digital addiction:这里的小贴士可以帮你戒掉数码瘾:1. Put your phone face-down.把手机面朝下放I recently had the good fortune of discovering a fantastic project called undigitize.me. This project is a creation of a young entrepreneur who had enough. He wanted to focus on the things that mattered the most, mainly the people he encountered and his thoughts. One day he realized that the phone was his biggest obstacle.最近我很幸运地发现了一个叫做“摆脱数码”的项目。这个项目是由一个曾经历许多的年轻企业家创办。他希望将精力集中在重要的事情,还有平时遇见的人物和思考上面。某天他意识到手机是他最大的障碍。So what does it mean to put your phone face-down? It means that you are preventing your mobile device from capturing your attention every time you receive an email, message, or any other stream of information. It’s not just a statement; it’s a way of life. Keeping your phone face-down means that you are trying to normalize the way you think and act, it means that once again you are in control of your time and focus and will not let any app or service control you.那么把手机面朝下放是什么意思呢?就是说你要让你的移动设备与你的注意力分开,无论是顾盼电子邮件、短信还是其他的信息流。这不是说说而已;这是一种生活方式。把手机向下放意味着你在努力回归正常的思维方式和表现行为,说明你再次获得了控制时间和集中精力的力量,再也不会让任何软件和电子务操控你。2. Go back to sleep.继续睡眠Since moving to New York (while my team remains in Tel Aviv), I have been suffering from severe jet lag. This basically causes me to wake up at least three times throughout the night.自从搬到了纽约(而我的团队留在特拉维夫),我就一直被严重的时差困扰着。基本上每晚我都会至少醒来3次。The big problem with waking up in the middle of the night, is that while its 3:30 AM in New York it’s also 10:30 AM in Tel Aviv. This means that in the middle of the night, I wake up to at least thirty emails, messages, and push notifications. For some reason, I can’t help but check each one of those notifications until I’m so awake that sleep has become impossible. One thing leads to another, and I suddenly find myself answering emails and going on Facebook and Twitter, all because I picked up my phone instead of going back to sleep.当纽约时间是凌晨3:30时,特拉维夫正是上午10:30,这就是午夜醒来的大问题的原因。意思就是说每到午夜,我就会失眠,然后查收少则30余封的信件、短信和发送报告。不知怎地,我会不由自主地查看每条报告,直到彻底清醒,最后难以入睡。接二连三下去,我便猛然发现自己在回电邮,刷新Facebook和Twitter,这一切皆因我拿着手机而不是回到床上继续睡觉。 /201307/247960

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