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河北石家庄/新乐市副乳切除多少钱河北省生殖医学中心脱毛多少钱河北医科大学第四医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱 #39;I#39;ve never seen as much innovation in television as there is right now, #39; says Ulf Ewaldsson, chief technology officer at Swedish telecom-equipment giant Ericsson, which plans to step up its own TV efforts.瑞典电信设备巨头爱立信(Ericsson)首席技术长艾华信(Ulf Ewaldsson)说,目前电视业的创新程度是我从未见过的。爱立信计划加大力度进军电视业。Propelling the activity are changes that have made the Internet a more viable delivery medium, including the growing proportion of customers with broadband service.这背后的推动力量是使互联网成为一种更可行交付介质的各种变化,包括有宽带接入务的用户的比例不断上升。Despite the developments, much is missing from Internet-based services. Popular programming, including live sports and news, is often limited to conventional carriers by licensing restrictions.尽管有了这些进展,基于互联网的务仍有很多不足。包括体育赛事和新闻直播在内的颇受大众欢迎的节目由于许可限制,常局限于传统媒体。When large libraries are available, finding specific programs can be cumbersome -- especially with conventional remotes. Most TV services also lag the Web and mobile apps in helping discover new content.有了大型音像资料库后,找到具体节目可能比较麻烦,特别是用传统远程遥控的方式。在帮忙发现新内容方面,大多数电视务也落后于网络和移动应用程序。#39;The phone, the laptop and the tablet have advanced so dramatically, #39; says Tom Rogers, chief executive of TiVo Inc., the DVR pioneer. #39;Television has been drastically left behind.#39;数字硬盘录像设备先驱TiVo Inc.的首席执行长罗杰斯(Tom Rogers)说,电话、笔记本电脑和平板电脑取得了突飞猛进的发展,电视被远远地落在了后面。Tech companies trying to change that include Apple. Since 2007, it has sold an add-on box called Apple TV for streaming content, but has been mum about new TV offerings. The company has tested designs for its own televisions, executives at Apple suppliers have said.苹果是试图改变这一点的科技公司之一。2007年以来,苹果开始发售名为Apple TV的流媒体机顶盒,但它对提供电视机新产品却一直保持沉默。苹果供应商高管说,苹果已对其电视机设计进行了测试。Apple has explored a number of new features for such a product, people familiar with the situation have said, including integrating DVR storage and its iCloud Internet syncing and data-storage service, and voice-interaction capabilities.知情人士说,苹果探索了电视机产品的很多新功能,包括整合数字硬盘录像设备存储、iCloud互联网同步和数据存储务以及语音交互功能等。Microsoft is also promoting voice recognition as it positions its game consoles and companion Kinect controller for a broad role in home entertainment. The company#39;s Xbox One, due out this fall, allows customers to navigate to programs by speaking commands such as #39;Go to ESPN, #39; or #39;I want to watch #39;Breaking Bad.#39;#39;微软也在推进语音识别功能,欲让其游戏机和kinect控制器在家庭中发挥广泛作用。微软定于今秋发布Xbox One,用户可通过口授命令来观看具体节目,如“打开ESPN(体育节目电视网)”或“我想看《绝命毒师》(Breaking Bad)”。One basic challenge is simply managing the growing array of content options, including movies from Netflix, Web-originated fare like YouTube, conventional live TV and consumers have recorded.一项基本挑战是要管理日益增多的内容选项,包括Netflix的电影、YouTube等网络产物、传统直播电视节目和消费者自己录的视频等。Comcast is promising search advances as well as personalization features in X2, the cable giant#39;s name for a new entertainment operating system.康卡斯特目前承诺,X2将在搜索方面有诸多改善,而且会配备个性化功能。X2是这个电视巨头建立的一个新操作系统。That software, which Comcast plans to begin rolling out by the end of the year, is designed to recommend content currently on live TV based on tracking a customer#39;s past viewing habits as well as topics trending on Twitter and Facebook. Comcast says X2#39;s interface can work on TVs, PCs and mobile devices, and supports voice searching capability.康卡斯特计划今年年底之前开始推出该软件,它可追踪用户以前的浏览习惯并根据推特(Twitter)及Facebook上的热点话题来推荐正在直播的节目内容。康卡斯特说,X2可与电视、个人电脑和移动设备相连,也可持语音搜索功能。One feature Intel has decided not to pursue for now is a camera equipped with facial-recognition software to help personalize offerings for each user in a household. Mr. Huggers says the technology didn#39;t work well enough in the low lighting common when watching TV and raised privacy questions.英特尔决定目前暂不追求的一个功能是配备人脸识别软件的摄像头,该摄像头有助于为家里的每一个用户提供个性化务。哈格斯说,看电视时普遍是低光环境,该技术在这样的环境下工作效果不是很好,并且会产生隐私问题。 /201308/251408河北省民政总医院玻尿酸多少钱

石家庄/第四人民医院激光去斑手术多少钱China#39;s largest Internet firms have had startling success elbowing their way onto the turf of the state-run banks, but now the country#39;s banks and regulators are pushing back.中国大型互联网企业不仅杀入了国有的地盘,并且取得了令人惊讶的成功,但中国业和监管机构现在开始反击了。The central bank said Monday it would set limits on the amount Chinese can spend using smartphone payment services. In an interview with the official Xinhua News Agency posted to its website, the People#39;s Bank of China said the proposed caps were designed to limit business risks, but it didn#39;t specify what the risks are.中国央行周一说,将对智能手机付务的付款额度设限。中国央行接受官方媒体新华社采访时说,拟此上限的初衷是限制商业风险,但未明说是哪些风险。新华社网站上公布了这一采访稿。The central bank said it hadn#39;t yet determined the size of the limits on mobile spending. It said it had drafted new rules but would weigh input from consumers and Internet firms before finalizing them.中国央行说,尚未确定对移动付额度进行多大规模的限制。该行说已起草了新规定,但在定稿前会考虑消费者和互联网企业的意见。A move to curtail the amounts transferred over mobile-payment services potentially cuts off a multibillion-dollar business for companies such as Alibaba Group Holding, an e-commerce titan, and rival Tencent Holdings Ltd., which have been rushing to release products helping smartphone users shop with their phones. The regulatory blowback comes at a tough time for Alibaba, which is preparing for a listing in the U.S. that could raise as much as billion.限制移动付务转账金额的举措可能会切断电子商务巨头阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding)及其对手腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd.)等企业规模达数十亿美元的业务。这些企业近来纷纷发布产品,帮助智能手机用户通过手机购物消费。中国监管部门出台此举时,阿里巴巴正面临准备赴美上市的严峻时刻,其上市筹资额最多可能达到150亿美元。Last week, responding to Chinese media reports that the central bank had proposed a cap on mobile payments of 10,000 yuan (roughly ,600) a month, Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma said at a Beijing conference: #39;Sometimes you#39;re not defeated by technology; sometimes it#39;s a document.#39;中文媒体报道称,中国央行提出了每月人民币1万元的移动付限额,上周回应相关报道时,阿里巴巴董事局主席马云(Jack Ma)在北京的一场会议上说,有时候,打败你的不是技术,可能只是一份文件。The big state banks aly have moved to cap the amounts depositors can transfer into online products, actions that drew an exasperated response Sunday from Alibaba#39;s Mr. Ma.中国国有大已经采取行动,限制储户对在线产品的转账金额。此举周日引发马云不满。#39;What determines success in the market shouldn#39;t be the monopolies and those with power, but the consumers,#39; Mr. Ma wrote in a post shared on Alibaba#39;s mobile-messaging application.马云在阿里巴巴旗下的移动短讯应用软件上发帖称:“决定市场胜负的不应该是垄断和权力,而是用户。”Although China#39;s central bank has said repeatedly it supports financial innovation, how it tries to regulate the Internet firms is being watched as an indicator of Beijing#39;s commitment to overhauling state-run enterprises. Economists say subjecting protected state-controlled sectors to more direct competition will be key to spurring consumption and putting China#39;s economy on a healthier footing.虽然中国央行反复表示持金融创新,但外界正在密切关注央行对互联网企业金融业务的监管举措,并以此检验中国政府作出的改革国有企业的承诺。经济学家表示,为国有企业控制的行业引入更多竞争,是刺激消费和促进中国经济健康发展的关键所在。Over the past year, Alibaba and Tencent have attracted tens of billions of dollars by marketing online investment products that feature higher returns than those on savings accounts offered by state banks.过去一年,因为提供比国有存款账户更高的收益率,阿里巴巴和腾讯推出的互联网理财产品吸引了数百亿美元的资金。The success has sent ripples through China#39;s state-dominated and heavily regulated financial industry, as many younger Chinese have transferred their savings from the banks into the online products.许多年轻人用存款账户资金购买了互联网理财产品,这些产品获得的成功在中国国有企业主导、受到严格监管的金融行业引发了震动。On Saturday, China Construction Bank Corp. became the latest of the major banks to impose limits on transfers to mobile products. It issued a cap of 5,000 yuan, or about 0, per transaction -- and a total of 50,000 yuan a month -- for deposits to Alibaba#39;s Yu#39;E Bao fund, meaning #39;Leftover Treasure,#39; according to the bank#39;s customer-service department.上周六,中国建设(China Construction Bank Corp.)也对向互联网理财产品转账设定了额度,成为最近一家采取此类措施的大型。据该行部门称,该行设定了储户向阿里巴巴“余额宝”进行快捷付的额度,单笔最高为人民币5,000元(约为800美元),每月不超过5万元。For Tencent#39;s online product, the limit is 10,000 yuan per transfer and 50,000 yuan a month, the department said.该部门称,对腾讯互联网理财产品的额度为每笔人民币1万元,每月不超过5万元。#39;No one knows who gave the banks the power to hurt depositors#39; rights to distribute their capital,#39; Alibaba#39;s Mr. Ma said in his Sunday post, which was viewed by The Wall Street Journal before it was taken down. #39;No one knows who will regulate the legitimacy of the big state banks to join hands and force out#39; Yu#39;E Bao.阿里巴巴的马云在周日发布的文章中称:“也不知道谁给们权力,可以伤害储户配自己资金的权力。更不知道谁来监管四大‘国手’联合封杀的合法性?”这篇文章随后被删除,在它被删除前《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)看到了这篇文章。In the past two weeks, the central bank has also temporarily suspended online payments using QR codes -- which enable fast recognition of transactions -- and virtual credit cards.过去两周,中国央行还暂时禁止使用二维码进行网上付和虚拟信用卡业务。二维码可以加快网上交易确认。The bank also has suggested that online investment products could be forced to hold reserves on the funds that they attract -- much like banks must do on their deposits.另外,中国央行还暗示,可能要求互联网理财产品像存款那样留存准备金。 /201403/281823石家庄/美联臣整形美容医院提眉手术怎么样 4G hype: Time for a reality check By Stephanie N. Mehta Wireless carriers tout a new wave of wireless technology but it will be years before most consumers benefit — and before carriers make money. Verizon Wireless, a joint venture of Verizon (VZ) and Vodafone (VOD), last week announced it had completed data "calls" using its flavor of so-called 4G technology, a new generation of radio upgrades that promises to improve the throughput and capacity of wireless phone networks. Rival Sprint Nextel (S) immediately responded with a flurry of news releases touting its 4G network, which uses a competing technical standard. In proclaiming its ability to deliver peak downlink speeds of 10 Mbps, one release gushed: "At these speeds, Sprint 4G breathes new life into wireless Internet." Um, wasn't that what 3G was supposed to do? Okay, that was a little harsh. But some analysts say the wireless carriers and their suppliers are hyping 4G technologies way before the services –and devices–are y for prime time. Indeed, many carriers globally still are building out their third-generation networks, and are only now starting to see returns on their investments, which included substantial payments for additional spectrum licenses. 3G all over again? "Yay, Verizon made a test call on LTE," deadpans Jane Zweig, CEO of the Shosteck Group, a telecommunications consulting firm. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, and it is the technology Verizon and many other incumbent phone operators are using to transition to yet another generation of broadband networks. Zweig, whose firm has predicted that global wireless giant Vodafone won't make a return on its 3G investment (including spectrum) until 2013, sees 4G as a replay of 3G: a long, painful slog that will take many years to get up and running–and many more after that to produce financial gains for the carriers. "Let's replay 3G," she says. "Where are the devices? What is it that people are going to do? How much is the build out going cost? What's the resturn on investment. Is this a vendor dream or a carrier's nightmare?" The carriers' 3G experience in the U.S. and abroad certainly offer clues as to how long it will take for 4G to become pervasive (and useful) to consumers. When carriers started rolling out 3G systems in the early part of the decade–Japan's NTT DoCoMo (DCM) in 2001 became the first operator of a 3G network; Verizon followed two years later as the first major carrier in the U.S. to offer 3G–there was a lot of excitement (ample press releases, white papers and briefings by breathless executives) but not a lot for consumers to do with the network. Some road warriors procured wireless data cards to hook their laptops up to the new network, but the first wave of 3G phones didn't offer much of a multimedia experience. If you build it… A few executives at U.S. wireless operators admitted at the time that 3G mainly allowed them to handle high volumes of voice calls at peak times. Not exactly what the futuristic data network was intended for. Along came Apple's (AAPL) iPhone: More than five years after 3G launched in the U.S. consumers finally had a device that showed them the power of mobile broadband networks. (Ironically the first iPhone ran on ATamp;Ts (T) less robust EDGE network, sometimes referred to as a 2.5G network.) Other 3G devices started hitting stores, and today there's a real consumer case for 3G: almost a decade after carriers pledged billions of dollars to acquire wireless spectrum and build out networks. And, still, as Zweig and other analysts point out, 3G coverage in the U.S. remains spotty and service problems persist. Will 4G help? Many operators (and the vendors that hope to sell them expensive new gear) are aly touting 4G as the solution to issues of data overload they are now facing as consumers spend a growing amount of time downloading applications and doing heavy-duty computing on their mobile devices. But as with 3G, fully formed 4G systems–the networks, the devices, the applications–are years away. Telecom executives like to e the 1989 movie Field of Dreams: "If you build it, they will come." They'll come, alright, just not any time soon. /200908/81942河北石家庄/新乐市第二医院光子嫩肤多少钱

石家庄/美联臣医院去疤痕多少钱 Researchers in South Korea may soon have a natural, portable answer -- a "Kiss Apple" tiny enough to be stashed in a pocket or purse for quick eating prior to locking lips.Apples help freshen breath naturally and remove pieces of food stuck in the teeth, but the ping-pong ball-sized apple would be easier to carry around, and far less filling to gulp at a critical moment."We can mass produce the species with stronger functions that control food odors in as few as two years," Hwang added.韩国农业发展部的 Hwang Hye-sung 研究人员欲培养一种新品种的苹果(kiss apple),它的特点是小巧、切有治疗口臭的作用。据说这种苹果将只有乒乓球大小,便于携带,你可以随时随地的拿出来咬一口,它就像口香糖一样具有清新口气的作用。当然,同时也可拥有苹果的营养价值。Hwang Hye-sung 说该苹果可以帮助口气清新自然,同时还可以移除牙缝的残渣。目前计划这种苹果在2年内批量上市。 /201105/135415石家庄/和平医院激光去痘多少钱石家庄/除晒斑多少钱



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