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He decides he will lead the Jews out of exile他决定带领被流放的犹太人And back to the promised land.重回应许之地But many dont want to go,但很多犹太人并不愿回去They have lived their entire lives in Babylon,他们一生都居住在巴比伦And the journey will be dangerous.而且他们相信回去的路必定危机重重Zerubbabel persuades a hundred families to leave.所罗巴伯说了一百户人家和他同行Their departure from Babylon will become a new chapter他们离开巴比伦后将开启人类历史上In the story of mankind:一个新的篇章;Go out from Babylon, flee from the Babylonians.;离开巴比伦 逃离巴比伦人的统治;Declare this with a shout of joy,;仰天长啸 告诉整个世界;Proclaim it, send it out to the end of the earth:;向他们宣告 让这声音传遍世界的每个角落;Say, The Lord has redeemed his servant.;;我们要说 上帝拯救了祂的仆人们An epic journey of 500 miles长达五百公里史诗般的旅程Back to the sacred city they have never seen:只为回到那片他们从未见过的圣地:Jerusalem.耶路撒冷201510/401683。

The ed Nations has unanimously approved new sanctions on North Korea. 联合国一致通过对朝鲜进行新的制裁。But when it comes to the average North Korean, not a whole lot is going to change.但是,对于朝鲜普通民众并没有很大变化。These fresh sanctions, which are some of the toughest yet, are the product of around two months of negotiations between the U.S. and China after North Korea tested a nuclear weapon and launched a satellite.新的制裁是朝鲜进行核试验和发射卫星后,美中两国经过长达约2月的谈判结果。The sanctions hit valuable exports from Pyongyang, like rare earth materials, gold and iron. They also prevent North Korea from snatching up aviation fuel and various weapons.制裁措施打击平壤贵重品出口,如稀土材料、黄金和铁矿。还阻止朝鲜夺取航空燃料和各种武器。To top it off, all cargo going in and out of North Korea must be inspected. Previously, the cargo was only to be inspected if there was reason to believe it could have contraband aboard.最重要的是,所有进出朝鲜的货物必须进行检查。以前,如果有理由相信船上可能有违禁品,那才要检查货物。All fairly bad news for North Korea and its military aspirations. But for the average North Korean?对朝鲜及其军事野心是坏消息。那对朝鲜普通民众呢?The sanctions aren’t supposed to affect North Korean citizens. Instead, they’re targeting North Korean higher-ups and the regime’s nuclear program.制裁不应该影响朝鲜平民。相反,他们的目标是朝鲜的高层和核计划。North Korean laborers abroad aren’t affected, and the sanctions don’t target the country’s agriculture or food sectors either.朝鲜国外劳工没有受到影响,而制裁也不会针对该国的农业或食品部门。That’s not to say North Koreans are in a good spot right now — as much as 41 percent of the country is chronically undernourished, according to the ed Nations. 这并不是说朝鲜现在处境很好,根据联合国报道,朝鲜有高达百分之41的人长期营养不良。译文属。201603/429304。

Cracked, chipped polish looks bad. Learn how to make your manicure last longer.破裂脱落的指甲油很影响美观。学习如何让你的美甲持续更长时间。You Will Need你需要Base coat底层护甲油No-chip polish不脱屑的指甲油Top coat表层Gloves手套Moisturizer保湿霜Steps步骤STEP 1 Get a good base coat1.涂好底层护甲油Get a good base coat when youre getting your fingernails manicured. A high-quality base coat will hold polish as well as promote healthy nails.为你的指甲做美甲护理时,先涂一层好的底层护甲油。优质的底层护甲油可以更好地固定指甲油,还可以促进指甲健康。STEP 2 Buff instead of polish2.抛光指甲Have your nails buffed instead of painted. You wont have to touch up any scratches or chips. If you prefer color, be sure to use no-chip polish.抛光而不是涂抹指甲。这样不会造成刮伤或脱落。如果你喜欢有色指甲,确保使用不脱落的指甲油。STEP 3 Keep nails short3.指甲不要太长Maintain short nails. Long fingernails are more prone to chipping and breaking.保持较短的指甲。太长的指甲更容易脱落破裂。STEP 4 Apply top coat4.涂抹表层Apply top coat to your nails every few days. This will protect your polish from chipping.每隔几天为指甲涂抹一下表层。这样可以保护指甲油不会脱落。STEP 5 Avoid soaking5.避免浸泡Avoid prolonged soaking. Water can lift away polish, so wear gloves when you wash dishes.避免长时间浸泡。水会使指甲油脱落,所以洗盘子的时候要戴上手套。Dont spend too much time soaking in the bath or shower.沐浴或淋浴不要太长时间。STEP 6 Apply moisturizer6.使用保湿霜Use moisturizer that contains vitamin B and aloe. Massage the moisturizer into your cuticles to keep them hydrated.使用含有维他命B和芦荟的保湿霜。保湿霜,使之渗入表层,起到保湿作用。STEP 7 Dont use nails as tools7.不要把指甲用作工具Avoid using your nails to pry things or twist screws. Using your nails this way invites cracks and chips.不要用指甲撬东西或拧螺丝。否则指甲会破裂。Did you know? The blood vessels underneath the nail make them look pink.你知道吗?指甲下的血管让指甲看上去呈粉红色。201501/357172。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201512/413569。


In the first 24 hours, 2.65 million books are bought in the ed Kingdom and 8.3 million books are sold in the ed States.在发售的头24个小时内,英国共卖出265万本新书,美国共卖出830万本。Thats over 7000 copies a minute.每分钟卖出7000本以上。What ers find at the end of the last book is that this has been a story about the redemptive power of love.读者在最后一本书的结尾会发现什么,这是一个关于赎回爱的力量的故事。But if you dont want to know the ending this is the time to look away for a couple of minutes.不过你要是不想知道结局就让目光离开几分钟吧。I felt it would be a betrayal of the character if I showed Harry doing anything other than living what all along he has discovered to be true which is that love is the strongest power there is.我觉得如果我让哈利做了其他任何事都是对人物的一种背叛,他活在他一路上所发现的真谛里,即爱是最强大的力量。And I thought a lot about people who had been through terrible things like wars and having to come home and rebuild and espouse normality after seeing horrors has always seemed to me such a courageous thing to do.我考虑过许多经历过悲惨事件的人们,比如战争。他们回到了家,重建家园,在见恐慌以后追求正常的生活,这对我来说是多么勇敢的事。And climbing back to normality after trauma is much, much harder... Its much harder to rebuild than to destroy.在受创后恢复常态是加倍困难地去重建比直接毀灭还困难。In some ways, it wouldve been a neat ending to kill him某方面,直接杀死他是个更简单的结局。A neater ending to kill him.杀死他会更加简单。But I thought it wouldve been a betrayal because I wanted my hero, and hes my hero to do what I think is the most noble thing.但我想这会是一次背叛,因为我想让我的主人公,他就是我的英雄,让他去做我所认为最高贵的事。So he came back from war, and he tried to build a better world, I suppose as corny as that sounds.所以他从战场返回,我想他试图去建立一个更美好的世界,虽然听起来寡淡无味。Both on a small scale, for a family, and a larger scale.同时具有小范围如家庭和大范围的意义。Jo ends the series by giving Harry a family.乔给了哈利一个家庭以此作为结尾。Shes worked out the future of all the surviving characters and draws out a family tree for the Potters and the Weasleys.她已经安排了所有幸存人物的未来去向,还画了一幅波特家和韦斯莱家的家谱。Victoire, whos in the epilogue, she is so named because she was born on the anniversary of the battle that finished it all.维克托娃,她在尾声那一章就是这么叫的,因为她在那场结束一切的战斗纪念日出生。Which is the second of May, if anyones been paying attention.也就是5月2日,如果有人注意到的话。And then, Charlie hadnt children or marriage.然后是查理,他没有结婚生子。Is he gay? Dumbledores gay.他是同性恋吗?邓布利多是同性恋。I told a er that once, and I thought she was gonna slap me.我就告诉过读者一次,我觉得她当时想抽我。But I always saw Dumbledore as gay.但我一直把邓布利多设定为同性恋。Um, no, I dont think Charlies gay. Just more interested in dragons than women.不,我觉得查理不是同性恋。相对于女人,他只是对龙更感兴趣 。Percy married Audrey. Dont you think thats a very Percylike wifes name? And they had Molly and Lucy.珀西和奥黛丽结婚,你不觉得这名字就是珀西妻子的类型吗?他们之后生了莫莉和露西。And then Fred. Poor Fred died in 1997.然后是弗雷德,可怜的弗雷德死在了1997年。201511/412501。

Why did the chichen cross the road?We may never know,since she probably never got to the other side,In the US alone,about a million animals are flattened by passing motorists each day-and that doesnt count all the bugs!Animals are constantly confronted with barriers,some of them completely natural,and others that we build that are barely barriers at all.鸡为何要横穿马路?我们大概无从得知,因为牠很可能根本到不了路对面,仅美国,每天大概就有100万只动物被压扁在马路上,这还没算上虫子们,动物活在各种屏障之间,有些障碍物是天然的,有些则是人造的----大多是栅栏。As we build our own infrastructure,were also adding to this obstacle course without meaning to,and these unintentional fences are some of the most effective animal barriers out there.Roads are just the beginning.Take high-tension power lines,for example.They may look harmless to us,but many other creatures steer clear.在我们进行基础建设时,我们也无意中增加了障碍场所,这些无意建成的栅栏,成了最有效的动物屏障,道路仅仅是开始,以高压电线为例,它们于我们似乎是无害的,但是许多其他动物避开它们。We cant say why for sure,but these animals ultraviolet vision may mean that the UV flashes discharging from the cables make for a very scary sight.And even weirder stuff can get in animals way.Many hoofed mammals are hesitant to cross linear features ,like clear-cut corridors,pipelines-even rows of rocks or painted lines on the ground-leaving them psychologically stranded on one side or the other.我们无潮法准确说出个中缘由,但是这些动物的紫外视觉大概说明了,电缆释放的紫外光波在视觉上是超级可怕的,动物眼里的世界与我们有所不同,许多有蹄类动物会对穿过线性特征的东西产生迟疑,例如轮廓清晰的廊道,管道,甚至成排的岩石或是道路上的划线,它们会因为心理作用卡的两侧。While one stranded cow might not be a huge problem,if enough animals become isolated from food,mates,and protection,entire populations can dwindle and even disappear.One solution would be to get rid of all these obstacles,but we arent likely to give up roads,power,or pipelines any time soon.如果只是一只牛被困住,问题还不大,如果足够多的动物因此而与食物,伴侣和防护相隔离,那么整个种群就会减不甚至消失,解决办法之一就是去掉所有的障碍,但是短时间内我们不可能会放弃道路,电力或是管道。And even when we remove physical barriers,their stopping power can stick around.The ;Iron Curtain;between the Czech Republic and Germany was torn down more than 20 years ago,but red deer still wont corss that divide.Generations of fawns learned to avoid the barbed wire fence,and even with it gone,the lessons live on.而且即使我们移除了物理障碍,阻滞力依然存在,捷克共和国和德国之间的;铁幕;,撤除已有20多年了,但是赤鹿(马鹿)依然不会穿过这条分水岭,一代代的小鹿学会了避开那道倒刺铁丝围栏,即使现在它消失了,经验教训依然还在。Luckily,a little ingenuity goes a long way in guiding animals over,under,or around the obstacies we put in their way.Just as a footbridge helps us cross dangerous roads,we can build overpasses that help deer,monkeys,and crabs do the same.Elephants go underneath,and weve even engineered salmon cannons to help fish sail past dams on their way upriver.好在,有个小妙思在引导动物,越过,爬过和绕过我们所设的障碍方面会大有帮助,就如人行天桥有助于我们穿行道路,我们可以建立天桥帮助鹿,猴子和螃蟹过马路,大象就走地下通道,另外再建立鲑鱼炮帮助鱼儿顺利通过上游的水坝。We can bridge mental barriers too,encouraging animals to cross obstacles that could otherwise psych them out.In the end,even if we dont know why the chicken crossed the road,at least we can help her get there safely.我们还可以进行精神建设,鼓励动物穿过那些吓坏它们的障碍物,最后,虽然我们不知道鸡为何要过马路,但至少我们可以帮牠安全到达对面。201504/371203。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201602/426593。