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Enjoying a lie-in at the weekend makes you sleepier during the week, according to new research.一项新研究显示,周末睡懒觉会让你越睡越懒,精神更疲乏。Experts say that contrary to popular belief, sleeping in on the weekends does not help catch up on sleep lost during the week, but rather makes you even dozier come Monday morning.我们都认为周末睡懒觉能把上周的睡眠都补回来,其实恰恰相反,专家们说这反而会让你下周一感到更加的疲惫。They say that a lie-in on Saturday or Sunday disrupts the body#39;s internal clock so much that it can be more difficult to wake up for work on Monday.专家们认为,周六或周日的懒觉会打乱身体内部的生物钟,从而周一会感到更难醒过来。That is the finding of a study lead by Dr Gregory Carter, a sleep medicine specialist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre.来自德克萨斯大学达拉斯西南医学中心的睡眠医学专家Gregory Carter士带领研究这一项目。He said: ;A great myth of sleep deprivation is that if we miss sleep over the course of the working week, we need to catch up on an hour-by-hour basis on the weekend.;他表示:“睡眠缺失一大奥秘在于:如果我们在工作日睡眠不足,我们需要在周末一小时一小时的慢慢补回来。”The daily, or circadian, cycles guide the body#39;s internal clock. People can delay their circadian clock, up to one hour, by sleeping in one hour or more over the weekend.日常的生理节奏的循环调控着体内的生物钟。人们最多可以在周末多睡一个小时来延迟生物钟。The problem is that after sleeping in on weekends, the brain#39;s circadian clock can be delayed up to two hours, making it tough to get to sleep Sunday and even more difficult to wake Monday morning.但问题在于,周末睡得太多之后,大脑的生物钟就会延迟长达两小时,这样你周日的晚上就很难入睡,从而周一早晨更加难以起床。Dr Carter says going to sleep earlier is more effective than sleeping in later. Balancing any ;sleep debt; from the work week can be accomplished by spending eight hours in bed.Carter 士说睡得早比睡得晚效率要高很多。要想平衡自己工作日和周末的睡眠,最好的办法就是睡眠满足8小时。He said that when people are really sleepy, their brains rest more efficiently.他说,当人们真正感到困了,大脑才能休息的更好。Dr Carter said: ;To maintain our internal clock, we need to go to bed eight hours before our usual time for getting out of bed in the morning.Too many of us, however, stay up later on Friday and Saturday nights and choose to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday mornings.Carter士还说:“要想保持身体内部的生物钟,我们需要保有8个小时的睡眠。我们大部分人都会选择周五或周六晚上熬夜,然后周六周日猛睡。”;This pattern - combined with sleep-defeating actions that may include alcohol consumption and late-night checking of e-mails just prior to bedtime - makes for a painful Monday wake-up call.;“这种不健康的模式再加上一些耗费睡眠的行为(比如喝酒,或者临睡前熬夜查看邮件等),都会让你周一的起床变得痛苦无比。” /201211/207355FOREVER ended up being a very short time for three couples who vowed ;until death do us part#39;#39; on the auspicious marriage day of January 4 but divorced just days later.对三对在结婚吉日1月4日宣誓“至死不渝”但几天后离婚收场的夫妻来说,永远并没有多远。They were among some 7,300 couples who drew marriage certificates at civil affairs bureaus across the city that day, which witnessed a marriage boom for its auspicious meaning. The date sounds like ;forever love#39;#39; in spoken Chinese.他们是那天在市民政局领取结婚的7300对夫妻中的几个,见了一场吉祥意义的结婚盛况。日期在汉语口语听起来像“永远爱你”。A couple who declined to be identified divorced only four days after January 4.一对不愿透露姓名的夫妇1月4日之后仅4天就离婚了。They called the marriage ;a hasty decision; resulting from following the craze that day.他们称结婚是源于那天狂热跟风的“一个仓促决定”。The young couple rejected counseling from staff workers at the Xuhui marriage registration center who tried to dissuade them from divorcing.这对年轻夫妇拒绝了徐汇婚姻登记中心的工作人员试图劝阻他们离婚的咨询。But they said they had made up their minds without further explanation.但是他们说已经下定决心,没有进一步的解释。If a wife or husband remains silent or cries when asking for a divorce, it means it may still be possible to change their minds, according to officials providing free marriage counseling services at the Xuhui center.如果妻子或丈夫在要求离婚时保持沉默或哭泣,这意味着仍有可能改变他们的想法,据徐汇中心提供免费婚姻咨询务的办公人员说。But in most cases, the efforts fail.但大多数情况下努力会失败。Seven couples in the city who registered for marriage on December 12, which means ;want to love; twice in Chinese, also divorced.市里有七对夫妇在12月12日登记结婚,这在中文中意味着“想爱”,也离婚了。;Nowadays, divorce is such an easy thing compared with years ago when the procedure was complicated with both the spouses, working units probably getting involved,; said Leng Li, a marriage counselor.“如今,离婚是这样一件容易的事情,而几年前程序对配偶双方都是复杂的,工作单位可能牵扯进来,”婚姻顾问李棱说。Lin Kewu, deputy director of Shanghai Civil Affairs#39; marriage administration office, said the number of flash marriage and flash divorces among young couples is on the rise as their love does not have a strong foundation and they don#39;t take their marriage vows very seriously.上海市民政事务行政办公室副主任林克武说年轻情侣中闪婚闪离的数量正在上升,因为他们的爱没有一个坚实的基础,他们没有严肃对待婚姻誓言。;Many young couples do not know tolerance and their parents intervene, making things worse,; he said.“许多年轻夫妇不知道宽容,他们父母的干预使事情变得更糟,”他说。Leng said those born after 1980 were pampered by their parents as China#39;s one-child policy took effect, and they tend to be more self-centered and less tolerant in a marriage than those born earlier.李棱说由于中国的独生子女政策生效那些被父母纵容的80后他们在婚姻中比那些更早出生的人往往更自私且缺少宽容。;When disputes erupt, neither the husband nor the wife is willing to compromise because they grew up in a similar environment of a one-child family,” she said. ;So quarrels escalate into divorces, sometimes with parents#39; intervention.;“当争端爆发,无论是丈夫和妻子都不愿意妥协,因为他们成长在独生子女家庭这样一个类似的环境中,”她说,“所以争吵升级为离婚,有时有父母的干预。”Couples also sometimes divorce to purchase one more apartment under housing purchase restrictions and they remarry later, Lin said.在购房限制下夫妻有时也会为再购买一套公寓而离婚,之后他们复婚,林说。 /201301/221479

How much stuff is in your wallet, right now?现在你的钱包里装有多少东西呢?Is it bulging at the seams? Do you even know what is in there?看起来鼓鼓的吗?你知道都装了些什么东西吗?Make today the day you empty out that overstuffed wallet once and for all.今天就把你钱包里那些没用的东西清理掉吧。What#39;s in Your Wallet (Or Purse)?你的钱包里都装了哪些东西?Recently, I got back from business trip and noticed that my wallet was a little heavier than it should be.最近,我出差回来才发现我的钱包比以前重了不少。In fact, I was having trouble fitting it in my pocket.事实上,我很难将那些东西装到其他的口袋里。When we are on the go, we tend to cram all kinds of things into our wallets and purses.在路上的时候,我们总是爱把东西装到钱包里。Don#39;t let yours become a mobile pile of disorganization.不要把你的钱包搞得一团糟。I was guilty of stuffing all kind of things in there from hotel keys, to receipts, to business cards.看到我把旅店钥匙,收据,名片都装到了钱包里就觉得很内疚。 /201308/253835

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