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演讲简介:设计师苏珊李和大家分享她的实验成果:用红茶菌培养的生物材料,能被像布料或者植物皮一样用来做衣。实验的过程是迷人的,实验结果是诱人的(尽管还有个小缺陷),而它的潜力,是令人震惊的。201211/209028How To Know You're In Love你确认自己在恋爱吗?If you think you might be in love, watch this film to check if it's the Real Thing. Use VideoJug's expertise to determine if you really are in love, and how long this feeling will last.Step 1: Early Symptoms早期的征兆 In the first flush of love, you will want to know everything about your partner. Who he is What she thinks, What makes him laugh. You feel bad when she feels bad. You want to cheer her up because you can't help it, not because you feel you ought to. You can't remember what you ever saw in your ex, and even being near them feels like a betrayal of your new love. And you don't notice beautiful girls throwing themselves at you.Step 2: Hazards危险 If you're in love, the physical safety of you and those around you may be at risk. Watch out for hazards such as: An inability to perform even the simplest of tasks. Not being to able to concentrate on any job you've been given. And not noticing anything or anyone around you. When you're apart, you may find that you can't stop thinking about her, as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed. She pops into your head for no reason, and you keep wondering what she's up to. And, just occasionally, you let your imagination run away with you.Step 3: Movie Love电影爱情 It feels like you're in a movie. But this movie has a romantic beginning, middle and end. There is no iceberg. It's going to be happily ever after, forever and ever. It's happening to you, and it's REAL. So don't worry, there's no danger of a camera crew stopping the action and interfering just at the wrong moment.Step 4: Ignoring the negatives忽略掉负面的东西 No one's perfect, and you know this about your new love. But you find those quirks of his charming. You're willing to put up with her boring family. You love spending time with her, regardless of what you're doing. And you don't mind compromising or missing other nights out.Step 5: Will it last?这份感情会长久吗? It's looking good so far… but will those feelings fade with time? It may be impossible to predict the future, but you can ask yourself a few key questions: Can you be yourself with her? Does he still love you when you're at your worst? Does she make you feel good about yourself? Do you find that you don't need to test his loyalty? Would you feel the same if she got fat? Or he was destitute? If most of the answers are yes, it sounds like love. And, luckily VideoJug's here to show you 'How to tell someone you love them'.201108/150407When it comes to your love life, are your past and your present on a collision course? Prevent a crash by asking yourself some tough questions.在恋爱生活方面,你的前任和现任是否会碰面?问自己几个严肃的问题,避免冲突。Step 1 Assess the situation1.评估形势Ask yourself why your ex is still enough of a presence in your life to be creating problems in your current relationship.问一下自己,为何你的前任仍然经常出现在你的生活中,以至于可能对现在的恋情造成问题。Unless its because you share children, consider curtailing your involvement with them -- or cutting off contact completely.除非两人有共同的孩子,尽量减少与前任接触,甚至完全切断联系。Step 2 Do some soul searching2.反思自己的心理Do some soul searching: Do you like having rivals for your attention? Are you keeping your ex as a back-up in case things dont work out with your new partner? Do you harbor hopes of getting back together? If the answer is ;ys; to any of these questions, youre not being fair to either person.反思一下自己的想法:你是否喜欢情人为你争风吃醋?你是否想要你的前任作为后备人选,以防现在的恋情失败?你是否还幻想和前任复合?如果以上任何一个问题的是肯定的,你对他们两个人都是不公平的。Step 3 Prioritize3.现任优先Put your current partners needs and feelings ahead of your exs. If you cant, consider what that says about your present commitment.优先考虑现任情人的需求和感受。如果做不到的话,你要考虑一下你的忠诚度了。Step 4 Dont engage the ex4.不要理会前任Dont play along with an ex whos intentionally trying to cause trouble. If they come by unannounced, dont let them in. If they call and text incessantly, ignore them. If you have to call them back, do it in front of your current partner.如果你的前任试图制造麻烦,不要理会他们。如果他们没有提前告诉你就来了,不要让他们进来。如果他们经常打电话或发短信,可以视而不见。如果必须回电话,在现任情人面前。Beware of an ex who only wants you back when you are happily settled into a new relationship.当你开心地开始一段新的恋情时,一定要警惕一心想要复合的前任。Step 5 Be above board5.光明正大Dont contact your ex behind your current lovers back. Live by this rule: If you wouldnt feel comfortable telling your partner about it, you shouldnt be doing it.不要背着现任联系你的前任。要记住这条规则:如果你觉得告诉现任这一切会让你觉得不舒,这说明你根本不应该这样做。Step 6 Present a united front6.出双入对Present a united front when possible: It will show your ex youve moved on, and reassure your partner that your past isnt a threat. Remember: Your ex cant destroy your relationship without your help.在可能的情况下尽量出双入对,这可以向你的前任展示你开始了新的恋情,并且可以向现任保你的前任不是威胁。记住:如果没有你的帮助,你的前任不可能破坏你的恋情。Divorced couples who dont have children get along better than those who do, according to studies.根据研究,没有孩子的离婚夫妇相比有孩子的离婚夫妇相处的更好。 201302/224027

How To Photograph A Home For A Real Estate Listing. Even the loveliest house wont bring buyers out if the photos in the listing are lacking. Heres a guide to taking pictures that will make an impression- and hopefully, a sale.房产上市出售时怎样拍照。如果照片效果不佳,即使最好的房产也不能吸引买主。按照以下指引来拍照可以使房产给人留下良好印象,甚至有可能促成房产的出售。Step 1: You Will Need1.所需工具Digital cameraComputer数码相机电脑Step 2: Get a Tripod2.寻找一个三脚架Even a cheap tripod will give you a steadier shot than free-handing it.即使一个廉价的三脚架拍摄的镜头也比徒手拍摄更加稳定。Step 3: Clear Out the Exterior3.清理Trash cans and any other clutter should be taken out of the way. If your house faces the street, move any cars out of the driveway and away from the front of your home. If you have a brick or tile patio, wet it down so the color looks rich and the glare is minimized.将垃圾箱和其他所有凌乱的东西都清理掉。如果你的房子面向街道,将车道上的所有车辆开走,不要挡在房子前面。如果你有一个砖头或瓷砖的天井,洒一些水,这样可以使色更加绚丽,使刺眼的阳光减弱。Step 4: Shoot The Exterior4.拍摄外部Now that youve cleared out, pick a good time of day to shoot so that you avoid stark shadows. Take a good, wide shot of the house. Zoom in and photograph any nice features too, like a pretty pathway or bay windows. Now walk around the house and shoot other details, making sure to shoot another wide shot of the backyard and the view if you have one. Finally, youll want to crop your photos appropriately once theyre on your computer. Even the simplest programs will let you crop out the street and other houses.现在已经做好了清理工作,选择一天中最好的时间来拍摄,这样就可以避免明显的阴影。选择房子一个良好的,宽阔的视角。拍摄这座房子所有有特色的地方,比如漂亮的小路或飘窗。现在,在房子周围行走,拍摄其他细节,如果有院子的话,确保拍摄下院子另一端广阔的视角。最后,将照片复制到电脑之后,你希望将照片进行适当的剪辑。即使最简单的程序也可以让你看到街道和其他房子。Step 5: Prep The Place5.准备好场地Before you shoot the interior, declutter. Clear off all tables, and organize your shelves. If theres a surplus of furniture in the rooms youre shooting, move it out of the way.拍摄房屋内部之前,整理房间。清理干净所有的桌子,整理书架。如果你要拍摄的房间里有多余的家具,将其转移。Step 6: Light Right6.适当的光线According to a recent article in the L.A. Times, one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is to close the blinds and turn on all the lights, creating uneven lighting. Daylight is your friend- just make sure to face away from the windows to avoid backlighting. Also, use your cameras flash to create an even light.根据洛杉矶时报一篇最新文章,业主最大的错误之一就是关上窗帘,打开所有的灯,造成不自然的光线。日光是你的好朋友——确保背对窗户,避免逆光。使用照相机的闪光灯,使光线均匀。Step 7: Shoot The Interior7.拍摄内部Shoot every room- even a small room may surprise you and photograph well. Focus on details like a nice mantlepiece or new floors. Avoid shooting into the backs of chairs or bookcases. In the breakfast nook or dining room, set the table and make sure the chairs at the table are spaced evenly. In the bathroom, get rid of trash cans and close the toilet lid.拍摄每一个房间——即使一个小房间也可能给你惊喜,拍摄出良好的效果。注意细节,例如壁炉台或新的地板。注意不要拍摄到椅背或书箱。在餐厅,确保餐桌前的椅子摆放均匀。在浴室,清除掉垃圾,关上马桶盖。Home photography is a learned skill, so practice a little, and hopefully, the next picture you take of your house will have a ;Sold; sign in it.家庭摄影是可以学习的技巧。所以进行一下练习,很可能你拍摄的下一张照片上会贴上“已出售”的标签。Thanks for watching How To Photograph A Home For A Real Estate Listing感谢收看“怎样为房产拍摄照片”视频节目。201209/198538

Today in History: Friday, November 30, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月30日,周五On Nov. 30, 1874, British statesman Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.1874年11月30日,英国政治家丘吉尔在牛津郡布伦海姆宫出生。1782 The ed States and Britain signed preliminary peace articles in Paris, ending the Revolutionary War.1782年,美国和英国在巴黎签署了初步和平条款,结束革命战争。1804 Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase went on trial, accused of political bias. (He was acquitted by the Senate.)1804年,最高法院大法官Samuel Chase 因被指控政治偏见出庭受审。1835 Author Mark Twain was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens in Florida, Mo.1835年,作者马克·吐温在佛罗里达州萨缪尔克莱门斯出生。1929 Producer and ;American Bandstand; host Dick Clark was born in Mount Vernon, N.Y.1929年,生产商和“美国音乐台“主持人迪克·克拉克在纽约弗农山庄出生。1962 U Thant of Burma was elected secretary-general of the ed Nations, succeeding the late Dag Hammarskjold.1962年,缅甸的吴丹当选联合国秘书长,接替已故的哈马舍尔德。1966 The former British colony of Barbados became independent.1966年,前英国殖民地巴巴多斯独立。1979 The album ;The Wall; by Pink Floyd was released.1979年,Pink Floyd的专辑《墙》发布。1982 Michael Jacksons ;Thriller,; the best-selling album of all time, was released by Epic Records.1982年,迈克尔·杰克逊最畅销的唱片《颤栗者》由史诗唱片公司发布。1993 President Bill Clinton signed into law the Brady bill, which requires a five-day waiting period for handgun purchases and background checks of prospective buyers.1993年,比尔·克林顿总统签署布雷迪法案成法律,法律规定购买手需要等待五天并对预期的买家进行背景调查。1993 Authorities in California arrested Richard Allen Davis, who confessed to abducting and killing 12 year-old Polly Klaas of Petaluma.1993年,加州当局逮捕了理查德·艾伦·戴维斯,他承认绑架和杀害12岁的佩特卢马Polly Klaas 。1995 President Bill Clinton became the first U.S. chief executive to visit Northern Ireland.1995年,比尔·克林顿总统成为美国第一个访问北爱尔兰的首席执行官。1999 The opening of a 135-nation trade gathering in Seattle was disrupted by at least 40,000 demonstrators, some of whom clashed with police.1999年,在西雅图一个聚集135个国家参与的贸易被40000名示威者中断,他们中的一些人与警察发生冲突。2010 Pentagon leaders called for scrapping the 17-year-old ;dont ask, dont tell; ban after releasing a survey about the prospect of openly gay troops.2010年,五角大楼领导人在公布一项有关公开同性恋士兵前进的调查后,呼吁废除这项17岁“不要问,不要说”的禁令。 /201211/211645

Step 1: Sow the seedIf you are trying to get 2 of your friends together, develop the idea that they'd be great together without explicitly explaining you want to match-make them. Let them believe it's their idea. Remember to focus on their positive traits such as his sensitivity and love of animals, and her style and sophistication. This may involve missing out certain details, or embellishing the truth slightly.Step 2: Arrange a meetingOnce you've established how fantastic each of your friends would be for each other, arrange a spontaneous, informal get together where they can meet in a relaxed environment. Don't work them up into a frenzy of anticipation, and turn it into a 'big night'. Avoid lines such as 'I think you'll be really good together, so try not to be too weird'. If one of your friends doesn't seem interested in the potential match, but you're still convinced they'd make the perfect couple, you may have to be more devious. Persuade them to come out for a quick drink and... ooh look, what a surprise! Well as you're there, it would be rude not to join them. To make sure they don't suspect anything, make sure the introduction itself is natural, breezy, and casual.Step 3: Make them look goodYour role is to make your friend look witty, interesting and intelligent. Let them be themselves, but just a little bit better. Laugh at that joke you've heard several times before. Remember to bring up her triumph as Miss East Anglia 2003 and how caring he is to his elderly relative. Mention her young journalism award, and the time he saved a child from a burning building. And her grade 5 piano, and his skill at thumb war. And her Baga swimming award for 50 metres, and his full clean driving licence.Step 4: Bring them closerFind a place to sit down, to bring the potential Romeo and Juliet, the potential Scarlet and Rhett, the potential Batman and Robin closer together. Bring them physically nearer to each other with some gentle encouragement or by severely limiting their options... But don't go too far. If they're not talking to each other, make sure they have to. As the evening progresses, and everyone is feeling more relaxed, you could try to use a photo opportunity to encourage a bit more closeness.Step 5: Know when to leaveIf one of your friends still isn't convinced about the match, don't abandon them to an evening of misery. Offer them an escape route. If things look like they are going to plan, have 'the chat' with both of them to find out exactly what their true feelings are. Don't get too excited if it seems like everything's fitting into place… there's still time for it to go horribly wrong. But if it doesn't look like it's doing so, retreat gracefully and watch the fruits of your labours flourish.12/93338

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