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湖州中心整形医院疤痕多少钱湖州治咖啡牛奶斑要哪家医院好各国热议中国广场舞大妈:你怎么看? -- :5:0 来源:   在中国,广场舞非常受中老年妇女们的欢迎,在城市广场或开阔的地方你经常可以见到她们卖力做动作的身影但因其噪音大又扰民,很多人对此颇有怨言你认为广场舞扰民吗?  Editor’s note: Square dancers in Beijing may be fined if their acts disturb public order, according to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. The square dancing or guang chang wu is a popular pastime among older Chinese women, who can often be spotted displaying their moves in open areas in the city. The practice has generated widesp public complaints about loud music and disruption. Do you think square dancing is causing annoyance? 各国热议中国广场舞大妈:你怎么看  北京市公安局日前已出台管理条例,如果跳广场舞扰乱公告秩序,相关人员将被罚款在中国,广场舞非常受中老年妇女们的欢迎,在城市广场或开阔的地方你经常可以见到她们卖力做动作的身影但因其噪音大又扰民,很多人对此颇有怨言你认为广场舞扰民吗?  Quarrytone (China)  Quarrytone(中国)  There’s a growing chorus of complaints in society about the loud music late at night. If it’s near a mall or public square, there is no problem, but when it’s near apartment blocks and disturbs residents, it would be better if the government regulates it, just like in many western countries  社会越来越多人抱怨晚上吵闹的音乐我认为如果是在购物中心或者公共广场附近,那没有问题但是如果是在住宅区附近,打扰到居民时,政府就应该出面管理一下,很多西方国家就是这样做的  Bebilzebub (UK)  Bebilzebub (英国)  It’s a load of (mostly) older women getting together to do some exercise and, judging by the smiles on their faces, having a good time while they’re at it. I love cycling around a city and seeing people dancing. It’s fantastic. Long may it continue  现在很多中老年(大部分是)妇女们聚在一起做锻炼,从她们脸上的笑容就能看出她们很享受我喜欢骑自行车在城市里瞎转,看大家一起跳舞感觉非常棒希望广场舞可以继续跳下去  Chris (Australia)  Chris (澳大利亚)  I live in China, and find this a rather charming pastime. But there is a need a restriction on the number of loudspeakers in a given area  我住在中国,我认为广场舞是个非常有魅力的活动但是一块区域的喇叭数量应有所限制  Glen (UK)  Glen(英国)  Oh please. The dancing grannies are hardly out there all night long rocking out. Yes, it’s a little loud about an hour somewhere between 7-9 pm. I absolutely love cruising around Shanghai on a nice evening and seeing all the ladies getting their groove on, such as it is. It’s a lovely aspect of life here  拜托,这些跳舞大妈又没有一晚上都在嗨皮的确,7点9点那会儿确实会有点吵但我特别喜欢在舒的傍晚绕着上海市瞎转悠,看见这些女士们开心地跳舞,虽然她们有时跳得并不好这是这个城市生活中很有爱的一面  Smartnova (US)  Smartnova (美国)  I absolutely HATE it because I experienced it. They dance more than hours a day everyday, often ’til midnight, on the ground of your apartment building with loud, noisy music. Is this kind of you life you want to live on daily basis? It becomes so infectious now in the cities throughout China. It’s time to have government step in to regulate it  我真的很讨厌广场舞,因为我经历过她们在楼下一天能跳十个小时以上,经常会跳到深夜,音乐声很大,很吵要是你,你愿意每天在这种环境中生活吗?现在广场舞在中国太泛滥了政府是时候介入来管一管了湖州爱丽微玻尿酸价格多少 解读为何抗战胜利纪念日定在9月3日? -- ::0 来源: Now, let's take a look at why September 3rd was chosen andmade a national holiday.  现在我们一起来看看为何将9月3日定为全国性的纪念日  Japan's announcement of surrender actually happened onAugust th, 195. A little after noon, Japanese emperorHirohito announced his country's acceptance of the terms of thePotsdam Declaration, and its unconditional surrender. Themessage was broadcast across the nation over radio.  195年8月日,日本宣布投降当天中午时分,日本裕仁天皇宣布日本接受《波茨坦公告,无条件投降这一消息通过电台广播传遍全国  However, without the mal signing over the terms of the surrender, it didn't have any legalstanding. So, on September nd, representatives from Japan, China and eight other Allied powersgathered on the deck of the USS "Missouri" in Tokyo Bay. They signed on the Japaneseinstrument of surrender. The ceremony over minutes, and it was broadcast throughout theworld.  不过,投降协议尚未正式签署,日本的投降尚不具备法律效力,9月日,在停泊于东京湾的美国“密苏里号”战列舰上,日本代表同中国及其他八个同盟国的代表签署了日本降伏文书受降仪式时长多分钟,并以广播形式昭告世界  The next day, September 3rd, the Japanese army in China mally surrendered to the Chinesegovernment. The whole of China was in jubilation. Celebrations were held across the country. Itmarked the first outright victory over a eign invasion in Chinese modern history. Theree,September 3rd was chosen, at the time, as the official victory day.  次日,也就是9月3日,中国境内的日本军队正式向中国政府投降全国人民都沉浸在喜悦之中,举国欢庆这是近代以来中华民族反抗外敌入侵第一次取得的完全胜利,当时,9月3日就被定为抗战胜利纪念日  However, after the founding of New China in 199, the victory day was reset to August th, thedate Japan announced unconditional surrender. But two years later, the then-GovernmentAdministrative Council switched it back to September 3rd.  然而,199年新中国成立后,胜利日一度被改为8月日,即日本宣布无条件投降的日期两年后(1951年),当时的中央人民政府政务院重新将9月3日确定为抗战胜利纪念日  In , China's top legislative body ratified September 3rd as the "Victory Day of ChinesePeople's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression". It then officially became a nationalholiday when it was announced that memorial activities would be held every year going ward.It's hoped the ratification will help people reflect on the war; commemorate the heroic sacrifices;and express China's firm stance of safeguarding national sovereignty, territorial solidarity andworld peace.  年,全国人大通过决议,将9月3日确定为“中国人民抗日战争胜利纪念日”有关部门宣布,今后每年9月3日都将举行纪念活动,9月3日也正式成为全国性的纪念日批准设立抗战胜利纪念日有望帮助人们反思战争,缅怀先烈的牺牲,表达中国坚决维护国家主权、国土完整和世界和平的决心女版乔布斯 全球最年轻美女富豪一年身价降至零 -- ::3 来源: 路透社称,《福布斯杂志周三将其对Theranos医疗科技公司的创始人和CEO、美女富豪伊丽莎白.霍姆斯的净资产的估计从去年的5亿美元降至零 REUTERS - bes magazine on Wednesday reduced its estimate of the net worth of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder and chief executive of health technology company Theranos Inc, to zero from US$.5 billion last year.路透社称,《福布斯杂志周三将其对Theranos医疗科技公司的创始人和CEO、美女富豪伊丽莎白.霍姆斯的净资产的估计从去年的5亿美元降至零Holmes’ blood-testing company has been under investigation by several federal and state agencies and was accused in a suit filed last week of endangering customer health through "massive failures" that misrepresented the accuracy and quality of its blood tests, according to court papers.据法律文件,她创办的血液诊断公司目前正在接受多家联邦和州政府机构的调查在上周的一起诉讼中,该公司被控危害顾客健康,其数据存在“大量错误”,歪曲了其血液测试的准确性和质量bes said private investors had bought stakes in Theranos that implied a US billion valuation but said US0 million is a more realistic figure.《福布斯表示,私人投资家称Theranos的估值达到90亿美元,但实际价值可能只有8亿美元"At such a low valuation, Holmes’ stake is essentially worth nothing," the business publication said.该商业杂志说,“在估值如此低的情况下,霍姆斯所持股份基本已一文不值”Theranos spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan responded to the report saying, "As a privately held company, we declined to share confidential financial inmation with bes. As a result, the was based exclusively on speculation and press reports."Theranos公司发言人布鲁克.布坎南对福布斯的报道作出了回应,“作为一家私营公司,我们拒绝向福布斯透露机密财务信息,该文章完全就是基于猜测和其他的新闻报道”In bes had named Holmes the richest self-made woman in America. Explaining why it reduced its estimate of Holmes’ wealth the same list this year, bes said her tune was based entirely on her 50 percent stake in Theranos, a stake that has suffered in value amid questions over the company’s diagnostic capabilities.年,《福布斯曾将霍姆斯评为“全美最富有的白手起家的女性”然而在今年的榜单中,福尔斯的身家直接被降为了零《福布斯解释称,霍姆斯的财富完全是基于她在Theranos公司50%的股权,但由于Theranos的诊疗效果受到质疑,这笔股权的估值已大打折扣”"According to VC Experts, investors in Theranos own a particular kind of preferred equity, called participating preferred shares, which take precedence to common stock in the event of a liquidation," bes said. "bes is not aware of any plans to liquidate. If that were to happen, participating preferred investors would get their money back and more bee Holmes gets a cent."《福布斯说,“据VC Experts网站的消息称,投资者持有Theranos公司的优先股,这种股票名为“参与优先股”,它有权在破产清算时与普通股股票一起参与分配目前福布斯并不清楚其清算计划,不过,如果Theranos公司破产清算,参与优先股股东可以拿回他们的钱,而在此之前霍姆斯一分钱都拿不到”Holmes did not immediately respond to a request comment.霍姆斯并未立即回复置评请求Holmes founded Theranos in and it promised ground-breaking methods that would allow quick results a wide range of tests with just one drop of blood. Reports in the Wall Street Journal said the testing devices were flawed and had problems with accuracy.霍姆斯于年创立Theranos公司,公司许诺仅需提取患者的一滴血就能检测各项指标,并且快速得到检测结果但《华尔街日报在此前表示,Theranos的检测设备存在缺陷,其检测结果并不精确The company has been investigated by federal prosecutors, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, state health departments in Arizona and Pennsylvania, the Centers Medicare and Medicaid and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.据悉,美国司法部、美国券交易委员会、宾夕法尼亚及亚利桑那州卫生部、美国医疗保险和医疗补助中心以及美国食品药物监督等机构均在对该公司进行调查湖州第三医院抽脂多少钱

湖州三院整形美容中心[]《惊天魔盗团主创来袭 -- 1:50:53 来源:chinadaily 6月日,《惊天魔盗团登陆中国影院,这是狮门影业年《惊天魔盗团的续集台湾流行歌手周杰伦加盟演员阵容,饰演了一位李姓魔术师,据称还是魔术道具店老板 The sequel of ;Now You See Me;, the original comedy caper produced by Lionsgate in , is scheduled to arrive in Chinese cinemas June th, . Taiwan pop star Jay Chou was also making his global mark in this film by being cast in Lionsgate's sequel Now You See Me and portraying a magician surnamed Li. 近日,美籍华裔导演朱浩伟和主演马克;鲁法洛在首映期间来华宣传电影他们高度赞扬了周杰伦的表演,朱浩伟导演称,“就像在电影海报中一样,你可以看到每个人都很出色,但他(周杰伦)站在那里自然流露出非常酷的气质我也想像他那样” Director of ;Now You See Me ;, Chinese-American Jon Chu, and a lead actor Mark Ruffalo have recently promoted the film during the premiere. Both of them have highly praised Jay Chou's permance. Jon Chu described his admiration in a funny way, ;Like we've been in the poster pictures, you can see everybody's pictures are all nice, but he just stands there and oozes cool. I want to be exactly like him.; 在首映发布会上,马克;鲁法洛在谈起和周杰伦的合作时显得十分谦虚,这令他立刻收获了记者的喜爱他表示,“他(周杰伦)太棒了,我已经演戏三十年了,才知道自己应该做什么,但周杰伦这么轻易就出类拔萃” At the premiere press conference, Mark Ruffalo was very modest in talking about his cooperation with Jay Chou, which immediately makes him win the hearts of the journalists present. ;He was so good, and I've been doing this so long. It's so hard me, it seems so easy him.; 丹尼尔;雷德克里夫、根;弗里曼和丽兹;卡潘也出演了该电影观众们奖看到四骑士再次出现,并被科技天才强行雇佣去实现最不可能的抢劫 Also starring Daniel Radcliffe, Morgan Freeman and Lizzy Caplan, ;Now You See Me ;, will see the Four Horsemen resurface and cibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet.湖州德清县做眼角除皱手术多少钱 朴雅卡·乔普拉:宝莱坞能够做什么 --6 :7:3 来源: 还以为“宝莱坞”就是歌舞电影的代名词吗?印度演员带着高颜值进军好莱坞,将宝莱坞也带入了一个新时代一起来听当红影星朴雅卡·乔普拉讲述宝莱坞的故事 Priyanka Chopra is tipped to pick up the Best Supporting Actress gong at this weekend’s International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards, but she currently hasn’t signed any more Hindi films.朴雅卡·乔普拉在本周末的国际印度电影大奖颁奖礼上荣获最佳女配角奖,但她目前并未进一步签约印度电影Instead, Chopra has spent most of this year in the US, shooting her debut Hollywood movie - the Baywatch reboot - opposite Dwayne ’The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Efron.乔普拉今年将大部分时间放在了美国,拍摄她在好莱坞的首部电影-《海滩护卫队-与“巨石”道恩·强森和扎克·埃夫隆搭档She has starred in more than 50 Indian films since being crowned Miss World in 00.自00年摘得世界王冠后,她已出演了50多部印度电影After a short stint as a Universal Music Group recording artist, Chopra found wide fame in America when she signed a talent holding deal with A Studios, leading to her television debut in Quantico.乔普拉在环球唱片公司有过一段短暂的唱片艺术家的经历,当她与A工作室签订了人才培养计划后,在匡蒂科市进行了电视首秀,随即在美国名声大噪The crime thriller has been renewed a second season and bagged Chopra the Favourite Actress in a New TV Series gong at this year’s People’s Choice Awards.犯罪惊悚片已更新第二季,也使得乔普拉在今年的人民选择奖新电视剧奖中获得了最受欢迎女演员奖But despite her success, Chopra says she wouldn’t describe herself as "a Hollywood star" just yet.尽管乔普拉取得了巨大的成功,但她说她还暂时不会把自己当成“好莱坞明星”"I’m still very new, I’m not even a year old in America," she told the B.“我还是个新人,到美国才不到一年”她告诉B"I may be on the cover of Time [Magazine] because of 0 most influential, People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards but I think there is such a long way to go."“也许我因为获得了0位最具影响力人物、人民选择奖、青少年选择奖而上过时代杂志封面,但我觉得还有很长的路要走”Indian actors are not a joke’“印度演员不是个笑话”Chopra now hopes that she can use her wider profile to make Indian Cinema more accessible in the west.乔普拉希望能够利用自己的知名度使印度电影在西方被更广泛地接受"To convince another part of the world that Bollywood is not just jokers who break in to song and dance was very difficult. I’m literally ploughing the ground and making people understand that Indian actors are not a joke."“要说世界上另一部分的人-宝莱坞并不只是一群逗趣的人在电影中间突然插入歌曲和舞蹈-这非常困难我要让人们了解印度演员并不是个笑话,但有些时候真的像是白费功夫”Her time in America has also made her appreciate the campaigning of permers such as Amitabh Bachchan and Shabana Azmi who want to denounce the use of the term Bollywood.她在美国的经历也让她开始持一些演员发起的停止使用“宝莱坞”一词的运动,其中包括阿米塔布·巴沙坎、莎巴娜·阿兹米等"People think we’re a spoof of Hollywood and we’re not. We’re one of the most prolific film industries in the world. We speak Hindi which is spoken in one country, but 0% of our business comes from outside of India."“人们会觉得我们在嘲讽好莱坞,然而我们并没有我们是全球最多产的电影工业之一,我们说印度语-这是我们国家的母语,但我们业务的0%都来自印度以外”In the last five years, Chopra has been at her most experimental in terms of Bollywood roles. She’s played an autistic girl, a boxer and a policewoman; all ground breaking female characters.在过去五年间,乔普拉在宝莱坞中一直进行不同的角色尝试,她演过自闭症女孩、拳击手还有女警察;这一切都打破了传统的女性形象"We want our brains to be stimulated, we want to be entertained, otherwise we’ll not watch it. So now content is king, content is most important because now Indian films are also competing with content from around the world."“我们希望思想受到启迪、希望感到愉悦,不然人们就不会看这些电影所以现在内容才是王道,内容才是最重要的,因为印度电影同时也在和世界上其他国家的电影在内容上进行竞争”Although Chopra says she has only just begun in the States, she’s certainly on the right path to stardom.尽管乔普拉称自己在美国的事业才刚起步,她确信自己走上了通往明星的正确道路In the Baywatch reboot, she plays the antagonist - and she loves the role.在《海滩护卫队中,她饰演了一个反派-她非常喜欢这个角色"First of all, my character Victoria was written a man and second of all, it’s so good to be bad. My character is just evil, delectable and mean."“首先,我的角色-维多利亚是为一个男人写的;其次她是个反派,这点太棒了我的角色是邪恶的、愉快的同时又是卑鄙的”Art is collaboration’“艺术就是合作”Deepika Padukone is another Bollywood star who is gearing up her Hollywood debut. She will be starring alongside Vin Diesel in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.另一位宝莱坞明星迪皮卡·帕度柯妮正为好莱坞首秀做准备,她将与范·迪塞尔联袂主演《极限特工:终极回归Chopra believes the rising number of actresses exploring options globally is a great thing.乔普拉认为越来越多的女演员开始进行全球范围的尝试和探索是件好事"So many people from the west are coming in to India, all the studios have come in to India and they’re making films here, whether that’s Fox, Warner Bros, Disney, everyone. That stands as testament us so why are we afraid of sharing our talent with the world? We must."“西方很多人来到印度,所有的工作室都来到印度在这拍电影,包括福克斯、华纳兄弟、迪士尼,所有人这是对我们最大的明,所以我们为什么害怕和世界分享我们的才华?我们必须这么做”Nonetheless, some critics fear that Hollywood’s growing presence in South Asia could be detrimental the existing film industry. Most recently, Hollywood has begun regularly using Bollywood A-Listers to dub over big blockbusters in Hindi. Chopra replaced Scarlett Johansson in The Jungle Book.然而,有些批判家担心随着好莱坞在南亚的发展,可能会对现有电影产业造成危害最近,好莱坞开始频繁使用宝莱坞一线明星来替代原声给电影用印度语配音乔普拉在《奇幻森林中就替代了斯嘉丽约翰逊的声音However, she says such collaboration is a good thing.然而乔普拉说这样的合作是件好事"Art is collaboration, we are artists all over the world. I believe that people are always going to watch Hindi films… that’s never going to die, but I think it’s amazing that collaborations like that are happening."“艺术就是合作,我们是全世界的艺术家我相信人们会一直看印度电影……这点是不会变的,但我觉得这样的合作一直在进行是很棒的事情”In the past, Bollywood actresses have been limited with offers in America.过去,宝莱坞女演员的发展一直仅限于美国Another mer beauty queen, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, starred in Gurinder Chadha’s Bride Prejudice in and also appeared alongside Steve Martin in the comedy, The Pink Panther .另一位前选美皇后艾西瓦娅·雷在年古莉·查夏的《新娘与偏见担任主演,她还在年的喜剧片《粉红豹与史蒂夫·马丁搭档However, her refusal to do sex scenes or scenes with nudity saw her lose out on big blockbusters like Brad Pitt’s Troy.然而她拒绝拍摄性爱场景或裸体场景,这使得她丧失了一些大红大紫的机会-比如布拉德皮特主演的《特洛伊Chopra’s conditions choosing films are different.乔普拉选择电影的方式则完全不同"I always look the same thing which is a story that I would want to go watch and a character that would inspire me and women around the world."“我总是寻找相同的事情-那就是我想去看的故事,以及会鼓舞我自己以及全球女性的角色”And she now hopes to "divide [her] work" between both film industries, getting the best of both worlds.现在她希望能在两个电影工厂(好莱坞和宝莱坞)“分配工作”,在两边都做到最好"I’m going to be doing one Hindi film and one film in America probably."“我可能会以拍一部印度电影然后再拍一部美国电影这样的方式进行工作”湖州安吉县去咖啡斑多少钱

湖州市激光脱腋毛多少钱英首相梅姨上任 新外长鲍里斯媲美特朗普 -- :: 来源:sohu 随着英国前首相卡梅伦一家离开唐宁街号,英国的大逆转故事还在继续...... 时尚范“铁娘子”特雷莎;梅穿着低胸装和豹纹鞋,坐着捷豹就正式搬进了首相府! The UK has experienced another historic day, just three weeks after the referendum that saw British voters choose to remove the country from the ranks of the European Union. On Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, and was replaced at Downing Street by Theresa May. 梅姨估计都没功夫整理行李,就开始收拾一地鸡毛了:一个小时后,梅姨宣布了新的内阁其中,最让人眼前一亮的是外交大臣约翰逊;鲍里斯-----一个被称为英版“特朗普”的人物,以一头金色乱发和“语不惊人死不休”的风格著称 (曾经有个善良的小朋友送鲍里斯一把梳子呢) 理说,外交大臣可谓是一个国家的门脸呢,打开方式应该是这样的: 但以后英国的外交大臣,我们可能看到的将是这样的: 当然,作为外交大臣还是要看内涵的引用几句他的话,请自行感受一下 1. 关于为什么女人要上大学 'They've got to find men to marry'. “她们就该找个男人嫁了” . 关于为何人们搬去城市 'We seek cities because there are a greater range of girls at the bar, of reproductive choice. “我们搬去城市,因为那里的酒吧里有更多子,属于生育抉择” 'But above all, talented people seek cities fame. They can't get famous in the f***ing village.' “但最重要的是,有才能的人到城市寻求出名他们在破乡村不可能出名” 其实鲍里斯前一段刚上过头条了,先是他背叛了卡梅伦成为脱欧派主角,一度被视为是首相热门人选后来被好基友Gove背叛,然后就突然宣布“不玩了”当全世界都在感慨以后可能再也看不到鲍里斯了的时候,梅姨就做出了这样大胆的决定,相信以后大家还会一直关注他,就像以前关注他的“雷人照”一样 在刚组建的新内阁里,前外交大臣菲利普;哈蒙德担任财政大臣,前能源与气候变化大臣安布尔;拉德被任命为内政大臣,英国国防大臣迈克尔;法伦将继续留任原职,曾担任过国防大臣的莱姆;福克斯将出任英国贸易大臣新内阁还设立了一个脱欧事务大臣,专门负责英国脱欧的事务该职位由对欧盟持怀疑态度的保守党议员戴维斯出任 戴维斯、鲍里斯、哈蒙德、法伦、福克斯、拉德(从左到右、从上到下) 美国玉米乙醇航空燃料 你的下一次航班可能就用它 -- :33: 来源: 周二,美国阿拉斯加航空进行了两次特殊的载客飞行,飞行使用了新型燃料——航空煤油和玉米制造的生物燃料的混合体 Fancy a corn-powered flight?玉米还能制成燃料供飞机飞行呀?Alaska Air (ALK) carried paying passengers on two flights Tuesday using a mix of jet fuel and a biofuel made from corn.星期二,阿拉斯加航空(ALK)的两个商业航班都使用了喷气燃料和由玉米制造的生物燃料混合而成的燃料The airline said the flights were the first ever to use fuel based on alcohol made from fermented corn. Both departed from Seattle -- one flew to San Francisco, the other to Washington D.C.该航空公司说,这两个航班是首次采用由发酵玉米制成的醇基航空燃料的商业航班两架飞机都从西雅图起飞,一架飞到了旧金山,另一架去了华盛顿The biofuel was developed by Colorado-based Gevo (GEVO). The production process is similar to that used to make ethanol -- the type of alcohol used in alcoholic beverages.这次航班采用的醇基航空燃料是由科罗拉多州的Gevo公司开发的制作过程与制取乙醇(一种用在酒水饮料中的酒精)的过程相似Gevo said it buys field corn directly from farmers in South Dakota. It separates the nutritional protein animal feed and then converts the starch to isobutanol, a kind of alcohol that is then converted to jet fuel.Gevo公司表示,他们直接从南达科他州的农场买来玉米,接着将营养蛋白分离出来作为动物饲料,再把淀粉发酵成异丁醇——乙醇的一种,最后异丁醇会被转化为飞机燃料Jet fuel derived from isobutanol was only approved use on commercial flights by U.S. regulators in March.美国监管机构在三月份表示,由异丁醇转化成的生物燃料只能用于商业航班Other aviation biofuels have been tested bee. The first commercial flight powered by a mixture of conventional fuel and biofuel took place in .此前,也测试过其他的航空生物燃烧第一次使用常规燃料和生物燃料混合物的飞行是在年But airlines have been reluctant to adopt alternative fuels because they’re expensive. At the same time, the price of oil has been falling, making conventional fuels cheaper the carriers.但是,一直以来航空公司都排斥采用替代燃料,因为它成本高昂与此同时,原油价格一直在下跌,使得传统燃料的价格更为低廉Depending on the type, biofuel can cost between a third more and three times more than conventional fuel, according to RDC Aviation Economics.根据RDC航空经济学分析,依据品种差异,生物燃料价格比传统燃料高出三分之一甚至三倍不等Gevo said its new fuel could address those concerns because it can be derived from other, cheaper inputs such as sugar or waste wood.Gevo公司称,他们的新的料可以解决这些问题,因为他们可以使用较为廉价的原材料如糖,乃至下脚料来生产燃料"Gevo’s jet fuel product is an important step ward, in that it has the potential to be scalable and cost effective, without sacrificing permance," said Joseph Sprague, Alaska Airlines’ senior vice president.阿拉斯加航空资深副总裁斯普拉格表示:“Gevo的飞机燃油产品是一个重大的进展,拥有强大的成本节约前景,同时不会对引擎性能造成损失”The airline estimated the % biofuel blend it used the two flights reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.该公司估计,他们在两次飞行当中使用了%的生物燃料,减少了50%的温室气体排放湖州哪家医院整形比较好湖州自体脂肪丰胸多少钱




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