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The US Federal Reserve must do a better job of responding to the rising tide of economic anger in America that is leading to a surge in protectionist rhetoric on the presidential campaign trail, according to the newest member of its policy committee.美联储(Fed)政策委员会的最新成员表示,美联储在回应美国国内日益高涨的经济愤怒浪潮时必须做得更好,这股愤怒正导致总统竞选过程中保护主义言论升温。In an interview with the Financial Times, Neel Kashkari, who took over as head of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve at the start of the year, warned the Fed must work harder to rebuild public trust and communicate with US citizens. Economic anger, he said, was “all around the country and it is non-partisan”.在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,今年初接任明尼阿波利斯联邦储备(Minneapolis Federal Reserve)行长的尼尔愠什卡利(Neel Kashkari)警告称,美联储必须在重建公众信任、与美国公民沟通方面更加努力。他称,经济愤怒“遍布全美,不分党派”。Mr Kashkari’s first public forays this week have quickly positioned him as an outspoken voice among policymakers.卡什卡利在本周的首次公开发难,使他迅速树立起直言不讳的政策制定者的形象。As a senior Treasury official during George W Bush’s administration and the first term of Barack Obama, Mr Kashkari was a key architect of Wall Street’s 2008 bailout. But on Tuesday, in his first speech since joining the Minneapolis Fed, he called for regulators to consider breaking up the largest US lenders, which were still “too big to fail”.作为乔治圠布什(George W. Bush)政府时期以及奥巴马第一任期时的财政部(Treasury)高级官员,卡什卡利是2008年华尔街纾困计划的关键设计师。但在本周二,在他加入明尼阿波利斯联储后的首次演讲中,他呼吁监管部门考虑拆分美国规模最大的一些,称它们仍然“太大而不能倒”。In his FT interview he blamed the bailouts he oversaw as one of the “root causes for the loss of trust” in the US’s economic managers. Those actions had “really violated a core American belief” that risk takers had to bear the consequences of things going wrong, he said, and “it really leads to great anger if you violate the core beliefs of a society”.在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,他指责当年由他负责的纾困计划是民众对美国经济管理者“失去信任的根源”之一。他称,那些举措“确实违反了美国的核心信念”,即风险承担者不得不承担事情出错的后果,“如果你违反一个社会的核心信念,确实会造成极大的愤怒”。The impact, he said, had been made worse by a history of opacity at the Fed and a past institutional reluctance to explain monetary policy clearly.他称,这股冲击波因美联储不透明的历史和以往在机构层面不愿明确解释货币政策而变得更糟。The Fed was now paying the price for decades of “very poor” communications as it “adopted this Wizard of Oz routine that ‘We are so mysterious and you can’t understand what we are doing’”, he said, “and that really hurt trust between the people and the institution”.他称,美联储正在为数十年来“采取‘我们那么神秘,你搞不懂我们在干什么’这一绿野仙踪般的套路”、导致“非常糟糕”的沟通付出代价,“而这确实损害了人们与这个机构之间的信任”。Anger about the economy was also fuelling support for those advocating new barriers to protect US industry. “I don’t think protectionism is the right path. I think we need to promote free markets around the world. But some of the anger is understandable,” he said.对于经济的愤怒也使那些提倡设置新壁垒来保护美国产业的人得到更大持。“我不认为保护主义是正确的道路。我认为我们需要在世界各地促进自由市场。但是其中一些愤怒是可以理解的,”他称。“We need to promote free markets on both sides. It can’t just be the American economy that is free and our trading partners are not free. So I understand that anger that is there. We need to push back against that [protectionist rhetoric] but also push out globally for free markets everywhere.”“我们需要促进双方的自由市场。不能只有美国经济是自由化的,而我们的贸易伙伴的经济不自由。所以我理解当前存在的愤怒。我们需要顶住(保护主义言论),但也要在全球各地推动自由市场。”His words come amid a presidential election campaign dominated by frustration about sluggish growth since the 2007-09 financial crash. Some 72 per cent of people feel the economy is still in recession, according to the American Values Survey released in November, even though economic analysts say the Great Recession ended in mid-2009.他发表言论之际,人们对自2007-09年金融危机以来增长乏力的沮丧感主导着美国总统竞选的氛围。去年11月发布的《美国价值观调查》(American Values Survey)显示,大约72%的人觉得经济仍然处于衰退状态,尽管经济分析人士称“大衰退”已在2009年年中结束。That frustration has spilled over into antipathy towards the Fed itself, and on both sides of the political divide. Democratic lawmakers have questioned the central bank’s decision to lift interest rates, warning it could stifle wage growth, while Republicans are calling for greater scrutiny of the Fed’s decisions amid lingering anger over the scale of its interventions during the crisis.这种沮丧感已弥漫为人们(政治分界线的双方都是如此)对美联储本身产生厌恶。民主党议员质疑美联储加息的决定,警告它可能抑制工资增长,与此同时,共和党人士呼吁对美联储的决策加强审查,其背景是人们仍对金融危机期间美联储的干预规模耿耿于怀。But above all it has helped fuel the rise of populist candidates such as Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, who have both urged greater effort to protect US industry from cheap imports and foreign competition.但最重要的是,这助长了民粹主义候选人的气焰,比如自称民主社会主义者的伯尼儠德斯(Bernie Sanders)和共和党领跑者唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)。他们二人都敦促为保护美国产业免受廉价进口商品和外国竞争的冲击付出更多努力。Mr Kashkari praised the work of Janet Yellen, the Fed chair, but said the central bank needed to go further.卡什卡利称赞了美联储主席珍妮特耶伦(Janet Yellen)的工作,但是他称美联储需要更进一步。Ms Yellen was “trying to do the right thing for the country”, and if people got to know her and other people in the Fed system “they would be very proud we have this institution in our country”, but “we don’t really let them see in”.耶伦“正尝试着为国家做正确的事”,如果人们了解她和美联储系统内的其他人员,“他们会为我们国家拥有这样的机构感到非常自豪”,但是“我们没有真的让他们了解”。“I think we could do a better job,” he said. “The press conferences [held quarterly by the Fed chair] are a step in the right direction and Chair Yellen is very candid in those press conferences and addresses the questions directly. That’s positive.” But the Fed needed to “look for more opportunities like that. It has to happen on all levels.”“我觉得我们能做得更好,”他称,“(美联储主席每季度举行一次的)新闻发布会是向着正确方向迈进的一步,耶伦主席在新闻发布会上非常坦诚,直接回答问题。这是积极进展。”但是美联储需要“寻找更多这样的机会。进步必须体现在所有层面。”Monetary policy was hugely complicated and it was not possible to explain every twist and turn to the whole population. That meant it was critical the public trusted the Fed, he said.货币政策非常复杂,不可能向所有人解释清楚政策制定的每个环节。他称,这意味着公众信任美联储很关键。“You are not going to have the population as a whole understand all the nuances of what we are talking about here. They need to trust us. They need to know that we care. If they trust us and know that we care, they are going to give us the benefit of the doubt on some of the complexities they may not fully understand.”“你没法让所有人都理解我们现在所讨论的每个细微之处。他们需要信任我们。他们需要知道我们在意。如果他们信任我们,知道我们在意,他们就会在一些他们可能不能完全理解的复杂问题上对我们‘疑罪从无’。” /201602/427486

Innovation is an essential yet elusive ingredient in corporate success, and one that is notoriously difficult to measure.创新对于企业的成功至关重要,但它往往难以实现,而且众所周知,它也很难衡量。But for the past decade, the Boston Consulting Group has picked up the challenge, publishing a ranking of the 50 most innovative companies in the world and an accompanying analysis of successful innovators. The 2015 ranking and report, published on Wednesday, shows the top two companies, Apple and Google, are the same pair as last year.但是在过去十年,波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)直面这项挑战,持续发布全球最具创新力企业50强榜单,同时也对最成功的创新者进行分析。周三发布的2015年榜单和报告显示,排名最靠前的两家公司,仍是去年高居榜首的苹果(Apple)和谷歌(Google)。American corporations account for six of the top 10. In addition to Apple and Google, they are Tesla (ranked third), Microsoft (fourth), Gilead Sciences (eighth) and Amazon (ninth). But the company that has climbed the most since last year, up 35 places to the 12th spot, is the Chinese company Tencent.排名前十的公司,有六个都是美国公司。除了苹果和谷歌,还有特斯拉(Tesla,排名第三)、微软(Microsoft,第四)、吉利德科学(Gilead Sciences,第八)和亚马逊(Amazon,第九)。但和去年相比,排名上升最快的是中国公司腾讯,它今年上升了35个位次,排名第12位。Technology companies occupy the most slots at the top of the list, but car companies are a rising presence. Besides Tesla, the top auto innovators include Toyota (sixth), BMW (seventh) and Daimler (10th). The automotive ascent on the list has been evident for the last three years, said Andrew Taylor, a senior partner at Boston Consulting Group and co-author of the report.榜单顶端的位置大多被科技企业占据,但汽车厂商的排名正在上升。除了特斯拉,最具创新力的汽车企业还有丰田(Toyota,第六)、宝马(BMW,第七)和戴姆勒(Daimler,第十)。波士顿咨询集团高级合伙人、同时也是这份报告共同作者的安德鲁·泰勒(Andrew Taylor)表示,过去三年,汽车企业排名上升非常明显。“Cars have become delivery systems for technology,” Mr. Taylor explained, including hybrid and electric power systems, driver-assisting safety features, heads-up displays and touch screens for entertainment and information. “The amount of consumer-facing technology is incredible compared with five years ago,” he added.“汽车已经成为技术应用的载体,”泰勒解释说,比如混合动力和电力系统、安全驾驶辅助功能、平视显示器和用来提供和信息的触摸屏。“相比于五年前,面向消费者的技术数量之多,让人难以置信,”他接着说。The rankings are determined largely by a survey of 1,500 chief executives and senior executives worldwide. They are asked what companies in their own industry and in general they consider most innovative. They can’t name their own company. The rest of the ranking formula, 40 percent, is based on a company’s total return to shareholders over five years.这些排名主要基于对全球1500名企业首席执行官和高管进行的问卷调查。他们需要回答在自己所在领域,以及在普遍意义上,哪些企业最具创新力,还需要将自己所在企业排除在外。剩余40%的排名依据是各企业在过去五年的股东权益总回报率。But the ranking questions are only a few of the dozens included in the annual survey. The Boston Consulting Group report is grounded mainly in answers to the wider set of responses, supplemented by the management consultant’s other research.但有关排名的问题,只是这个年度问卷中出现的几十个问题中的少数。波士顿咨询集团的报告主要是基于高管们针对更广泛问题的回答,然后再结合该咨询公司的其他研究。Reading the report, two themes seem most prominent: speed and technology. The executives were asked which of more than a dozen “areas of innovation, research and development or product development will have the most impact on your industry over the next three to five years?” The top three choices were “speed of adopting new technology,” “big-data analytics” and “technology platforms.”这份报告似乎有两个最为显著的主题:速度和技术。高管们被问到,在所列出的十多个“创新、研发或产品开发领域中,哪一个会在未来三五年对你所在行业产生最大影响?”被提到最多的前三个选项是“采用新技术的速度”、“大数据分析”和“技术平台”。In the survey and in follow-up interviews with executives, Mr. Taylor said, “The word that keeps coming up is speed” — accelerating traditional innovation processes to rapidly develop products and experiment with ideas.泰勒表示,在对高管们进行的问卷调查和后续采访中,“不断被提到的词是速度”——加速传统创新过程,以快速开发产品和实践新想法。Technology, Mr. Taylor noted, opens the door to faster innovation — as even industrial companies, for example, use sensors and software to build more intelligence and flexibility into their products. And techniques originally employed by software engineers, like agile programming and quickly building prototypes and testing them on customers, are being embraced in many industries. “It’s all about learning fast,” Mr. Taylor said.泰勒还指出,技术可以带来更快的创新——比如,即使是工业公司,也可以利用传感器和软件使自己的产品更智能、更灵活。而且,原先只有软件工程师使用的技术,如敏捷编程、快速建模和在消费者中进行测试,也正被很多行业采用。“重要的是快速学习,”泰勒说。However achieved, innovation seems to be increasingly valued by senior executives. This year, 79 percent replied that innovation was either their company’s top priority or among the top three. That is the highest percentage since the survey began in 2005, when the innovation priority share was 66 percent.无论以什么方式实现,创新似乎都越来越被高管们看重。今年接受采访的高管有79%都回答,创新是他们所在企业的第一要务,或者头三要务之一。自2005年进行这项问卷调查以来,今年这个比例是最高的。在2005年,这个数字是66%。Have they just browbeaten by the term over the years, so that nearly everyone would say yes? That is not the explanation Mr. Taylor offered.是不是因为他们在过去数年被创新这个词给唬住了,所以几乎所有人都给了肯定的回答?泰勒可不是这么解释的。Instead, he suggested that so many of the other steps to create higher corporate value — like acquisitions, cost-cutting and outsourcing, restructuring and financial engineering — have run their course at many major companies. “As the toolkit gets narrower, innovation rises to the top,” he said. And Wall Street investors, he added, bid up the shares of companies that produce strong organic growth through innovation, like Apple and Google.相反,他表示,很多其他的创造更高企业价值的方法,比如收购、削减成本、外包、重组和金融工程,都已经被很多大公司采用过。“当可选择的工具选项减少时,创新就一跃成为首选,”他说。他还表示,华尔街投资者也会抬高通过创新实现有机增长的企业的股价,比如苹果和谷歌。 /201512/414142

Apple sent out press invites for its fall iPhone event on Thursday. The event will take place on Sept. 9, 2015 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco。星期四,苹果向媒体发出了秋季iPhone发布会的邀请。发布会将于2015年9月9日在旧金山的比尔·格雷厄姆市政礼堂举行。At the event, Apple is expected to show off new iPhone models as well as a new Apple TV。在发布会上,苹果将要展示新的iPhone型号和Apple TV。The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is a new venue for Apple. Historically, the company holds iPhone events at Moscone West or at its campus in Cupertino. The auditorium has a capacity of 7,000 people。比尔·格雷厄姆市政礼堂是苹果的新场地。过去苹果公司一直在莫斯考尼西中心或者库珀蒂诺总部举行iPhone发布会。这次的礼堂可以容纳7000人。Typically, the company launches its products at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, which holds 757 attendees. The Flint Center, where Apple held its 2014 event, holds up to 2,405. Upping the capacity to 7,000 people implies Apple has something extra planned。苹果公司通常会在旧金山的芳草地艺术中心发布新产品,那里可以容纳757人。2014年的苹果发布会在弗林特中心举行,容纳人数增加到2405人。这次容纳人数增加到7000人意味着苹果有个特别的计划。The clue for the event, ;Hey Siri, give us a hint; suggests that Siri may be involved. We#39;d previously heard that HomeKit wouldn#39;t be a big part of the launch, but the location, the Siri tie-in and the capacity of this event imply there has to be something beyond updated iPhone devices, a new Apple TV and the launch of watchOS 2.0.这次发布会的标语“嘿Siri,给我们点提示吧”暗示着这个计划可能跟Siri有关。我们早前听说HomeKit不是发布会的重要内容,而这次的场地、密切相关的Siri和场地的容纳量都说明除了升级iPhone设备、新的Apple TV和Apple Watch 2.0操作系统,发布会上一定还会有什么其他东西。 /201509/396556

  Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will this week push ahead with plans to loosen rules governing the military, even as analysts warn this could squander political capital needed to pursue tough economic reforms.日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)本周将推行多项计划,放宽有关军事的法规——尽管分析师警告说此举或耗尽安倍的政治资本,而这些政治资本又是他推行艰难的经济改革所需的。The military reform, a significant shift in Japan’s pacifist outlook, is just one piece of legislation scheduled for approval this summer.这次军事改革虽然只涉及要在今年夏天通过的一项立法,却是对日本和平前景的一次重大转变。Parliament normally closes in June but, according to political analysts, Mr Abe is set to prolong the current session into August as he pursues economic reform. The summer of legislation will be crucial for the prime minister’s Abenomics stimulus, which is aimed at ending 20 years of on-and-off deflation and restoring the country to sustainable growth.日本议会通常会在6月份闭会。然而根据政治分析人士的说法,由于要开展经济改革,安倍会把目前的会期延长到8月份。对于安倍的“安倍经济学”(Abenomics)经济刺激举措来说,今年夏天的立法至关重要。安倍推行安倍经济学的目的,是为了结束日本20年内不时出现的通缩,令日本经济恢复可持续增长。But if Mr Abe sacrifices too much political capital on the security changes, it could threaten his ability to pass structural economic reforms — the so-called “third arrow” of Abenomics.然而,如果安倍牺牲太多政治资本用于防务改革,可能会威胁到安倍令结构性经济改革举措(即所谓安倍经济学“第三只箭”)在议会通过的能力。“This could well lead to a 10 percentage point fall in the approval rating for the Abe cabinet,” said Takao Toshikawa, editor of the political newsletter Tokyo Insideline.东京《内幕》(Insideline)杂志主编岁川隆雄(Takao Toshikawa)表示:“这很可能导致安倍内阁的持率下降10个百分点。”The ruling Liberal Democratic party and its Komeito coalition partner signed off on the package of security bills on Monday. They are set for cabinet approval on Thursday and could reach parliament by Friday.周一,日本执政党自民党(LDP)及其盟友公明党(Komeito)签署了一系列防务法案。这些法案将在周四由内阁审批通过,并可能在周五提交议会。The security bills will put into effect a new US-Japan defence agreement and last summer’s reinterpretation of Japan’s pacifist constitution by Mr Abe. They are based on the principle that Japan can and should fight to protect its allies, rather than merely fend off direct attacks on its territory.这些防务法案将落实美日新的防务协议,以及安倍去年夏天对日本和平宪法的重新解释。它们的出发点,是日本能够、也应该为保护其盟国作战,而不是仅仅抵御对其领土的直接袭击。One bill creates a framework for Japan’s military to provide logistical support for multinational peacekeeping forces. Another revises ten different laws governing Japan’s military and its response to armed attacks.其中一个法案为日本军方向多国维和部队提供后勤持划定了框架。还有一个法案则对十条约束日本军队及其对武装袭击的回应方式的法律做了修改。The security changes are unpopular with the public. A recent poll for JNN showed 46 per cent of the public against the changes compared with 36 per cent in favour. That may get worse as the measures go through parliament.公众对这次防务改革并不欢迎。最近,日本新闻网(JNN)的一次民调显示,46%的公众反对这次改革,持这次改革的则只有36%。随着这些改革举措进入议会讨论阶段,公众的持率可能会进一步下降。“Opposition parties will likely leverage public sentiment to prolong the debate,” said Tobias Harris, an analyst at Teneo Intelligence.特尼欧情报公司(Teneo Intelligence)分析师托拜厄斯#8226;哈里斯(Tobias Harris)表示:“反对党很可能会借助公众情绪,将争论拖延下去。”Mr Abe’s approval ratings are hovering above 50 per cent and he has generally moved cautiously on reforms in order to keep it there. He has tried to show the public he is prioritising the economy rather than his own goal of security and constitutional reform.目前,安倍的持率维持在50%以上。为确保持率不变,安倍在行动时通常会十分小心。他试图向公众明,他把经济摆在了首位,而不是自己在防务和宪法改革方面的目标。But after a strong LDP performance in April’s local elections, Mr Abe has a breathing space before his own re-election as party leader in September, and then upper house elections next year. That makes it one of the best opportunities he will have to pass legislation to reform the economy.不过,4月份自民党在地方选举中的出色表现,为安倍赢得了一段喘息时间,9月份安倍才会再次竞选自民党领导人,接着会在明年举行众议院选举。这也成为了安倍通过经济改革立法的最佳机遇期之一。Attacked in parliament for telling the US Congress he would pass the law this summer before submitting it to the legislature, Mr Abe said he had been signalling his intention since last year. “In no way is this contempt for parliament,” he said.在日本议会,有人抨击安倍不该在将法案提交立法机关之前,就在美国国会表示会通过这一法案。安倍表示,他从去年起就一直在表达他的意图。他说:“这对议会没有任何不敬之意。”Mr Toshikawa said the prime minister would try to push a series of less popular economic measures, such as agricultural and labour market reform, through parliament during the next few months on top of the security legislation.岁川隆雄表示,今后几个月里,除了防务方面的立法,安倍还会试图向议会提出一系列不太受欢迎的经济举措提案,比如农业及就业市场改革举措。Mr Abe will hope the sense of economic momentum from a rising stock market sustains his support. He could then turn to more popular areas of policy in the autumn, such as measures to support families, and seek to rebuild his popularity with the public.安倍希望,不断攀升的股市催生的经济乐观情绪,能维持住他的持率。接着,他可能会在秋天转向更受欢迎的政策领域——比如持家庭的举措,并试图重建在公众中的人气。 /201505/375049

  The anti-Uber global alliance of ride-hailing companies has now officially taken shape.由叫车公司组成的全球反优步联盟正式成立。On Thursday, Lyft, a ride-hailing start-up based in the ed States, announced a coalition with GrabTaxi, Ola and Didi Kuaidi, three of the largest ride-hailing companies in Asia. Under their partnership, the companies can operate in each others’ home countries, forging new pathways for each in markets they have yet to tap into.周二,总部在美国的叫车初创公司Lyft宣布,与亚洲最大的三家叫车公司GrabTaxi、Ola和滴滴快的结成联盟。通过合作,这几家公司能够在彼此所在的国家开展业务,以新的途径进入各自尚未踏足的市场。“This is the right international expansion strategy — for us, our users and our investors,” said John Zimmer, president and co-founder of Lyft, which is based in San Francisco and operates entirely within the ed States.“对我们自己、用户和投资者来说,这都是正确的国际扩张战略,”Lyft总裁、联合创始人约翰·齐默尔(John Zimmer)说。该公司总部位于旧金山,只在美国境内运营。The alliance takes aim at Uber, the world’s largest ride-hailing company. Uber, which is currently seeking funding at a valuation of more than billion, operates in 67 countries and has become synonymous with the business of people ordering rides from their smartphones.该联盟剑指世界最大的叫车公司优步(Uber)。正在逾600亿美元估值的基础上融资的该公司,业务遍及67个国家,已经成了智能手机叫车业务的代名词。Many of Uber’s competitors are far smaller and operate in just one or two markets. By banding together, the companies aim to achieve more scale and more service adoption in relatively short amounts of time. Partnerships are less expensive than having to spend to establish operations in multiple markets.优步很多竞争对手的规模都要小得多,业务仅限于一两个市场。通过这样的联合,它们意在用相对较少的时间提升规模,增加用户数量。而建立合作的成本,要比自行在多个市场展开运营低。The companies declined to reveal financial details of their partnership.几家公司拒绝透露合作的财务细节。The alliance has been forming over the last few months. In September, Lyft teamed with Didi Kuaidi, the Chinese ride-hailing behemoth, to provide service to Chinese Didi Kuaidi app users who enter the ed States. The move also let Lyft users find rides in China using the Lyft app; the requests are fulfilled by Didi Kuaidi drivers.过去几个月,这个联盟一直处于酝酿过程中。9月,Lyft与中国叫车务巨头滴滴快的合作,为进入美国的滴滴快的用户提供务。此举也让Lyft用户能够在中国用Lyft应用叫到车,这些乘车需求则由滴滴快的司机来满足。Ola is a ride-hailing company in India, and GrabTaxi operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Under the partnership, Lyft users traveling to India will be able to open up the Lyft app in India and be served local rides supplied by Ola. In Southeast Asian countries, Lyft will have a similar arrangement with GrabTaxi.Ola是印度的一家叫车公司,Grab Taxi的业务范围则在新加坡、马来西亚、菲律宾、泰国、越南和印度尼西亚。根据合作协议,Lyft用户去印度时,能够在印度打开Lyft应用,享受Ola在当地提供的用车务。在东南亚国家,Lyft也与Grab Taxi达成了类似的安排。 /201512/414576。


  Google’s new chief financial officer on Thursday promised to bring greater discipline to the company’s cost controls, as well as to its ballooning capital spending on its most ambitious “moonshot” projects.周四,谷歌(Google)新任首席财务官露丝波拉特(Ruth Porat)承诺,要对公司的成本控制和最雄心勃勃的“Moonshot”项目不断膨胀的资本出,实施更严格的管理。The comments came as shares in the internet search company jumped almost 12 per cent in after-market trading, adding more than bn to its market value, after it topped most analysts’ earnings forecasts and met expectations for net revenues in its latest quarter.在她做这番表态之际,这家互联网搜索公司的股价在盘后交易中暴涨近12%,市值增加逾400亿美元。此前,谷歌发布了最近一个季度的财报,该公司盈利超出多数分析师的预期,净收入则符合分析师的预期。Financial analysts have looked to Ruth Porat, a former Morgan Stanley CFO, for a more Wall Street-friendly approach from Google, which pledged at its IPO more than a decade ago that it would keep its sights firmly set on the long term rather than on quarterly earnings.金融分析师们期待这位根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)前首席财务官能使谷歌变得对华尔街更友好。在10多年前上市时,谷歌发誓将牢牢着眼于长期、而非季度盈利。Besides keeping a closer eye on how the company prioritises its spending, Ms Porat said she was looking into extending Google’s financial disclosure. The company’s refusal to give more information about its ever-widening range of new businesses, even as its costs have risen and its growth slowed, has become as source of frustration on Wall Street.波拉特说,除了更密切关注公司出的优先顺序外,她还准备扩大谷歌财务披露的范围。谷歌拒绝就其不断扩展的新业务披露更多信息(即便是在它的成本已经上升、增长已经放缓之际),这让华尔街感到沮丧。However, Ms Porat stopped short of setting targets that limit cost growth and expressed strong support for the financial objectives set by chief executive Larry Page, who has repeatedly brushed aside Wall Street’s concerns and stressed the growth potential in new markets ranging from life sciences to the “smart home” of the future.然而,波拉特没有设置成本目标来限制成本上升,并对首席执行官拉里椠奇(Larry Page)设定的财务目标表示强烈持。后者一再对华尔街的担忧表示不屑,并强调了从生命科学到未来“智能家居”等一系列新市场的增长潜力。“To be clear, the priority is revenue growth, but pursuing revenue growth is not inconsistent with expense management,” Ms Porat said on a call with investors on Thursday.“需要明确的是,最优先的是收入增长,但追求收入增长与出管理并不矛盾,”波拉特周四与投资者通电话时说。Google reported pro forma earnings per share of .99, up from .99 a year before, and higher than the .74 analysts had been expecting, amid signs that the inflation in its operating costs was moderating after recent quarters.谷歌的预估每股收益从一年前的4.99美元升至现在的6.99美元,高于分析师此前预期的6.74美元。目前迹象表明,经过最近几个季度,该公司营业成本的膨胀正在放缓。Google used its latest earnings call to fight back against recent fears on Wall Street that YouTube has been losing ground to Facebook in online . Total views on the site were up 60 per cent, the highest growth rate in two years, with mobile views doubling, Ms Porat said.谷歌利用此次财报电话会议回击了华尔街最近的担忧,华尔街近来一直担心YouTube在在线视频领域正在输给Facebook。波拉特说,YouTube网站的总浏览量增加了60%,为两年来的最高增速,而移动端的浏览量翻了一番。Google’s gross revenues, at .73bn, came in slightly below analysts’ consensus view.谷歌177.3亿美元的总收入略低于分析师的共识预期。 /201507/386335

  Australian flag carrier Qantas has been named the world`s safest airline in a report published by AirlineRatings.com on Wednesday.国际独立航空评级网站AirlineRatings.com于本月6日发布了一份含(2015年)全球十大最安全航空公司榜单的报告,澳大利亚航空蝉联榜首。Using a system that takes into account audits from aviation governing bodies and governments, as well as fatality records, Qantas was named as the safest and most experienced airline going into 2015.根据美国联邦航空、国际民航组织等航空监管机构和各国政府的安全审计,以及各航空公司的失事纪录组成的评价体系,AirlineRatings.com分别评选出了2015年最安全航空公司和最安全的廉价航空公司榜单。Qantas, who is in its 95th year of operation, was hailed for“an extraordinary record of firsts”in terms of its safety history and ranked the best of 449 airlines, including low-cost carriers, assessed by the website.拥有94年运营经验的澳大利亚航空从该网站监控的449家航空公司(含廉价航空)中脱颖而出,再次高居最安全航空公司榜首。它蝉联的理由是:在飞行安全史上“非凡的记录”。The website went on to marvel at Qantas’ fatality-free record in the jet era, given the aforementioned statistics.该网站认为,根据统计数据,澳航最令人惊讶的成绩莫过于自喷气式飞机时代至今零死亡率的飞行记录。AirlineRatings.com praised Qantas for the way in which it monitors the engines of its aircraft using satellite communications, saying“doing so allows the airline to detect problems before they become a major safety issue.”AirlineRatings还称赞了澳航使用卫星通信监控飞机发动机的技术,称其“可在出现严重安全事故之前及时监测到安全问题。”The remainder of the top 10 in terms of the world`s safest airlines was Air New Zealand, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Finnair, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines.其余九大世界最安全航空公司为:新西兰航空、国泰航空、英国航空、阿联酋航空、阿提哈德航空、长荣航空、芬兰航空、汉莎航空和新加坡航空。The report follows the worst year for fatal air accidents over the last decade, with AirlineRatings.com mentioning the Malaysian Airlines Flights MH370 and MH17, in addition to the AirAsia Flight QZ8501, as the industry’s worst incidents.该报告还表示,过去的一年无疑是近十年来航空史上最黑暗的一年:马航MH370(失踪)、MH17(被击落),以及亚航QZ8501(失联)都是航空史上最悲惨的空难。However, despite the record amount of deaths, the overall number of accidents throughout 2014 was at an all-time low. ;Certainly, 21 fatal air accidents with 986 fatalities -- higher than the 10-year average -- is sickening,;the report said. ;However, the world`s airlines carried a record 3.3 billion passengers on 27 million flights.; ;Two of the crashes last year -- MH370 and MH17 -- were unprecedented in modern times and claimed 537 lives.; ;Flashback 50 years and there were a staggering 87 crashes killing 1,597 when airlines carried only 141 million passengers -- 5 percent of today`s number.;虽然2014年全年的空难数量创下历史新低,但是空难死亡人数很高。报告称“21次空难, 986人遇难,这一高于过去十年的平均纪录无疑令人胆寒。去年一年共有航班2700万次,运送旅客33亿人次。仅马航MH370和MH17这两次空难就造成了537人遇难。即使回到 50年前,飞行旅客人数(1.41亿)只有今天的5%,空难数量高达87次,死亡人数才只有1597人。” /201501/353290

  For a mature tech company, the trick of the trade is to choose what to exit, and when. Qualcomm, founded 30 years ago, has made some smart exits, such as selling its handset business in 1999 and its infrastructure business that same year. Is it now time for the company to bow out of its chipset business, too?对于一家成熟的高科技企业来说,交易中的难点往往在于放弃什么以及什么时候放弃。30年前成立的高通(Qualcomm)曾做出一些明智的放弃决定。比如,1999年该公司出售了手机业务,并在同一年出售了基建业务。那么,该公司现在退出芯片业务是否正当其时呢?Qualcomm has openly considered this idea in the past, and recently investors have started clamouring for it as well. The most valuable part of Qualcomm is considered by analysts to be its licensing business, which supplies most of the IP for 3G and 4G wireless in smartphones. These licensing royalties account for just a quarter of revenue, but two-thirds of profits. Meanwhile Qualcomm’s chipset business brings in the bulk of revenue but less than half of profits. The businesses can complement each other when a new wireless communication standard is being introduced: for example Qualcomm can develop the IP behind a new standard like LTE (Long Term Evolution), and then simultaneously develop chipsets that incorporate LTE to prove how the technology works. But this synergy matters less at a time like the present, when Qualcomm aly licenses a large majority of global handset, Credit Suisse points out.高通过去曾公开表示考虑过这一想法,而最近投资者同样也开始大声呼吁这么做。分析师认为,高通最有价值的业务是其许可业务,智能手机的3G和4G无线技术使用的大多数知识产权都是由该部门提供的。这些许可带来的版权费只占高通营收的四分之一,却占了其利润的三分之二。与此同时,高通的芯片业务为其带来了大部分营收,带来的盈利却不到一半。在引入新的无线通信标准时,这两种业务之间是能够相互补充的。比如,对于长期演进(Long Term Evolution,简称LTE)这样的新技术标准,高通可以研发其幕后的种种专利技术,并同步开发植入LTE技术的芯片,以明这种技术的有效性。然而,瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)指出,在如今这样的时代,高通已经在为全球绝大部分手机发放许可,这种协同效应已不那么重要了。Breaking up a company can make sense if one part of the company is weighing the other down, or if different segments have different growth trajectories. But in this case, both of Qualcomm’s business are facing similar headwinds, which has helped drive its share price down 17 per cent in the past 12 months. The licensing business has suffered declining revenues and profits, due to falling prices for smartphones (royalties are paid on the price of the phone) and to smaller royalty rates (such as the recent settlement in China). The chipset business has also seen growth slow, and is under pressure from increased competition from companies like MediaTek. Nevertheless chipsets are Qualcomm’s only source of profit growth.拆分一家企业的合理原因,要么是由于该企业的某一业务限制了其他业务的发展,要么是由于不同业务拥有不同的增长轨迹。但就高通而言,芯片业务和许可业务都面临着类似的不利局面。在过去12个月里,这种不利局面令其股价下跌了17%。高通的许可业务遭遇了营收及利润的下滑,原因一方面是由于智能手机的价格正在下跌(高通的版权费是以手机价格的一定比例收取的),另一方面则是由于版权费的抽成比例降低(比如中国最近的和解案)。与此同时,高通芯片业务也出现了增长放缓的现象,而且来自联发科技(Mediatek)等企业的竞争,使其面临越来越大的压力。不过,芯片业务目前仍是高通唯一的盈利增长来源。Sure, the company might want to consider selling if a willing buyer for the chipset business came along at the right price (CS puts the enterprise value of the chipset business at bn). And Qualcomm’s shares do look cheap right now; its enterprise value is 15 times 2014 free cash flow, near five-year lows. But splitting up would not help fix the challenges, or the valuation, of either the chipset or the licensing business. In times of trial, Qualcomm’s businesses may in fact be better together.当然,如果出现愿以合理价格收购芯片业务的买家(瑞士信贷估计该业务的企业价值为430亿美元),高通也许会想要考虑卖掉该业务。高通股价目前看起来确实很便宜,其企业价值只有2014年自由现金流的15倍,接近5年来的最低点。不过,拆分高通不会帮助芯片业务或许可业务解决所面临的挑战,也无助于修复它们的估值。在面临考验的时期,事实上高通各业务部门在一起可能更好一些。 /201504/371152





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