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淄博新华医院男性专科淄博第一医院治疗早泄多少钱淄博治疗男性不育一般多少钱 Business.商业。Johnson amp; Johnson.强生公司。Out of the mire?走出困境了吗?The Justice Department may spoil the drugmakers fresh start.司法部可能会毁了这家药厂的新开始。FOR the past few years Johnson amp; Johnson (Jamp;J) has stumbled clumsily through the legal and reputational swamps of contaminated pills and faulty fake hips. Under a new chief executive, it is supposed to be taking a confident stride onto firmer terrain. On April 26th Alex Gorsky, a senior manager who joined the company as a salesman in 1988, was due to take charge. Yet the ground is still worryingly soft. Americas Justice Department wants Mr Gorsky to testify about alleged fraud. Jamp;J says he has nothing to do with the case.过去几年,强生官司不断,毒药丸、假臀缺陷等丑闻频出,公司步履艰难。在新掌门的领导下,公司有望重拾信心,大踏步向更高的目标迈进。4月26日,1988年就进入强生从事销售工作的公司高管亚历克斯?高斯基走马上任。但令人担忧的是,公司境遇依然艰难。美国司法部想要高斯基先生为公司的欺诈指控作。强生方面表示,高斯基先生与该案无关。The governments request, made on April 11th, is the latest stage of a long dispute. The departments lawyers filed their suit in 2010, alleging that Jamp;J made improper payments to boost prescriptions of its drugs. Jamp;J can at least take solace in not being alone. The Justice Department has sued almost every big drug firm.政府4月11日作出的请求不过是这场长期纠纷的最新进展。司法部律师于2010年提请诉讼,他们宣称,强生为了推销他们的药方进行了非正常的付。令强生公司得到慰藉是至少它不是‘孤军奋战,几乎所有的大药厂都受到过司法部的指控。Most suits are brought under the False Claims Act, which since 1986 has encouraged citizens to sue firms that defraud the government. Whistleblowers are fortified not only by righteousness but also by a share of damages. They and the department have forged a model public-private partnership. Since 1986 the team has won more than billion.大多数诉讼的依据是1986年生效的《虚假申报法案》,该法案鼓励公民对那些欺骗政府的公司进行起诉。一些人踊跃揭露黑幕,一是出自正义,二是可以获得一份赔偿。他们和司法部共同打造了一个公私合伙的典范,1986年以来,这队伍的收入超过了300亿美元。Billions have been wrung out of drugmakers. The firms have been charged with marketing drugs for unapproved uses, paying illegal kickbacks to raise sales, or both, cheating the public-health programmes that foot the bill. In the last quarter of 2011 Abbott said it had reserved .5 billion to pay penalties for its marketing practices, Amgen said it had reserved 0m for a similar purpose, and GlaxoSmithKline announced a staggering billion agreement with the department.制药厂被迫缴纳数十亿美元,他们被处罚的理由是未经批准销售药物,为扩大销售付回扣,或者二者兼而有之,有的公司对付患者医药费用的全民医疗保险项目进行欺瞒。2011年最后一季度,雅培表示,他们已为公司的营销行为准备了15亿美元的罚款。安进表示为同样的目的他们也保留了7.8亿美元,葛兰素史克宣布他们们与司法部之间达成了一个金额高达30亿美元的协议。The department says that Jamp;Js questionable antics took place between 1999 and 2004. It alleges that the company used rebates, grants and other kickbacks to encourage Omnicare, a pharmacy for nursing homes, to recommend its drugs to patients. Prosecutors say that Jamp;J continued to push sales of a drug even after warnings that it had not been properly studied in old people. On April 11th the governments lawyers asked a judge to compel Mr Gorsky, who oversaw the implicated business at the time, to testify. If the judge agrees, Jamp;J may find a settlement attractive.司法部表示,强生的不轨行为发生在1999年至2004年间,他们称,强生使用返利、补贴等回扣方式鼓励一家专供养老院的药店“Omnicare”向患者推荐他们的药品。检查官说,在被告知尚不明确这些药物是否适用老年人的情况下,强生依然我行我素,继续推销他们的药品。4月11日,政府律师要求法官迫使当时负责相关业务的高斯基先生出庭作。如果法官同意,强生可能会更希望庭外和解。Such a deal would not be the last. Settlements show no sign of abating, for two main reasons. First, whatever the merits of the case against Jamp;J, it is not clear that companies are changing their ways. The benefits of aggressive marketing often outweigh the cost of settlements. Aaron Kesselheim of Harvard University tracked sales of Neurontin, a drug approved for epilepsy but prescribed for much more. By 2004, when Pfizer paid 0m in penalties, annual sales had reached .7 billion.这样的交易不会是最后一笔,问题的解决并不表明这种情况有所减少,这有两个主要原因,第一,不管这起针对强生的案件价值几何,我们都弄不清楚这些公司是否已改邪归正。积极的营销带来的利益常常超过解决争端的成本,哈佛大学的阿伦?凯泽尔海姆对批准为治疗癫痫、实际上用途更广的处方药“镇顽癫”进行了跟踪后发现,到2004年,辉瑞付的罚款为4.3亿美元,而这种药每年销售已达27亿美元。Second, there is ample appetite to sue. Barack Obamas health-care law included new measures to fight fraud. For every spent in such cases, the Justice Department boasts it gets in return. Whistleblowers keep coming forward: last year they tooted in record numbers. And states are getting fiercer: a judge in Arkansas recently ordered Jamp;J to pay .1 billion for violating the states version of the False Claims Act.第二,上诉者往往会狮子大开口且乐此不彼,奥巴马的保健法为打击欺诈增添了新的内容。在类似案例中,每出一美元,司法部就会得到7美元的回报。报料揭丑者前赴后继:去年,他们战果空前。各州也愈加猛烈,最近,因违反州颁发的《虚假申报法案》,阿肯色州的一位法官要求强生付11亿美元。Drug executives may find one penalty especially scary. In March Eric Holder, the attorney-general, said the Justice Department would go after people as well as companies. For example, they might be banned from business with any government health-care programme. In a country where spending on health is nearly 18% of the economy, that could finish some amply remunerated careers.不过有一项处罚条款会让制药公司的老总们吓出一身冷汗。三月份艾立克?胡尔德总检查长表示,司法部将在处理此类案件时,不仅对公司,也会对当事人追查到底。例如,他们可能被禁与政府“公共健康计划”有关的所有业务。在一个健康出占经济收入18%的国家,这可能会终结一些具有可观报酬的职业。201208/194744CAPITAL punishment has been meted out in Connecticut since colonial times, when convicted witches were sentenced to death. In recent years it has been used sparingly . Of the 4,686 murders committed between 1973 and 2007, only 66 led to convictions of a capital felony, according to a 2011 study of capital punishment in Connecticut by John Donohue of Stanford Law School. And only nine of the culprits actually received the death sentence. Indeed, the execution in 2005 of Michael Ross, a serial killer who waived further appeals, was the first since 1960. Eleven people are in various stages of appeal on death row , including two who have been there for two decades. “Keeping it without using it doesn’t make a lot of sense,” notes Richard Dieter, head of the Death Penalty Information Centre.自从殖民时代宣判有罪的巫婆被处以死刑以来,死刑就存在于康涅狄格州了。近年来,死刑却很少执行。根据斯坦福法学院的约翰#8226;多诺霍在2001年的研究,1973年到2007年期间的4868起谋杀案中,只有66起定罪为死刑。而且仅有9位罪犯真正的处以死刑。事实上,连环杀人案凶手迈克尔#8226;罗斯放弃上诉,于2005年执行死刑,这是1960年以来首例死刑案例。死囚区中有11人在不同的上诉阶段,其中包括两位上诉二十年的囚犯。死刑信息中心主任理查德#8226;迪特指出“保留死刑却不执行并没有多大意义”Connecticut lawmakers agree, including some Republicans. Earlier this month the state’s two legislative chambers voted to repeal capital punishment. Dannel Malloy, the governor, has pledged to sign the bill when it reaches his desk, perhaps as soon as next week. But Arthur O’Neill, a Republican state legislator, wants to put the matter to the people and has asked the governor to schedule a referendum.康涅狄格州的立法者同意这一观点,包括一些共和党人。本月早些时候,该州参众两院投票废除死刑。州长丹侬#8226;马洛伊承诺当法案到他的案头时,他就会签署的,也许最快就在下周了。但是共和党议员阿瑟#8226;欧尼尔希望将这个问题交予民众决定,并建议州长安排一次全民公投。He points to polls which indicate that a majority of voters in Connecticut, a Democratic state, support the death penalty. This is partly because of the notorious “Cheshire murders” case of 2007, which is still on the public’s mind. A mother and her daughters, aged 17 and 11, were murdered at their home. The mother was raped; the younger daughter was sexually assaulted. The invaders, Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky, both out on parole, then set the house on fire. Hayes was sentenced to death in December 2010. Komisarjevsky, his accomplice, was sentenced to death in January. Both are still alive.他提出调查显示民主州康涅狄格州的多数选民持死刑。这部分原因是因为2007年臭名昭著的柴郡谋杀案仍然留在人们的记忆里。一位母亲和她17岁和11岁的女儿在家被谋杀。母亲被强奸,年轻一点的女儿被性侵。嫌疑犯斯蒂文#8226;海斯和约书亚#8226;科米萨耶夫斯基当时都身处假释,他们纵火烧了那座房子。哈斯于2010年12月判处死刑,帮凶科米萨耶夫斯基于一月判处死刑,但两人都没有执行死刑。201204/179650淄博什么男科医院最好

沂源县人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱Could life have been forged in the same way on both planets?生命在两个行星能以同一方式形成吗?When we sent the first probes to investigate in the 1960s, almost anything was possible.当我们在20世纪60年代发射第一个探测器进行调查时,几乎认为任何事都是可能的。Originally in the popular imagination we thought that the Mars might be inhabited by whole civilizations building canals and so on.原来的想象力让我们认为火星上可能有整个文明,有人居住并且建立运河等等。And then the Mariner fly- by missions really painted a very grey, black and white, deal of Mars is being barren.然后火星探测任务真的描绘了一幅只有灰色、黑和白色的照片,这表明火星只是不毛之地。Still, NASA was eager to look for signs of life. In 1976,但是NASA在1976年仍然急于寻找生命的迹象。The Viking spacecraft arrives from earth for our first close encounter.来自地球的维京太空船为我们带来了一次亲密接触。And therere still hopes of welcoming committee.虽然委员会仍然对此表示充满希望。But both Viking spacecrafts send back photos of nothing but rocks and sand.但维京航天器除了石头和沙子的照片外没有带回任何东西。We had a camera so obviously if there was a yarke plane ,如果是一架飞机的话,我们显然会用配备的相机进行拍摄,I was hoping therell be a free way in the descents,我希望会有一种自由的方式,but what the main trust of Viking was actually was some chemical laboratories, and they look for the chemical signs of life.但维京的主要信念是一些化学实验室,他们寻找生命的化学迹象。Even the dirt seems devoid of life.即使是看起来缺乏生命迹象的污垢。There was always a chance that when they were so busy looking for microbes,他们这样忙于寻找微生物,总会有一次把握住机会,there could be a larger organism looking over their shoulder that they completely miss it.可能会有个庞然大物曾和他们擦肩而过,而他们则完全不知。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/177284邹平县好生镇卫生院阳痿早泄价格 淄博治疗非淋医院哪家好

淄川区妇幼保健院泌尿科咨询 So a lot of rumors were: would it have Xbox live? Would it have a zune interface: would it have the pulling down from Facebook and has all of those?有许多传言,这款手机包括在线Xbox,zune界面吗,适用于Facebook,是这样吗?Yes, that is correct. And so I can show you those today. Whats that of your Xbox live? So here the one thing weve done here is we integrated Xbox live into the phone and so you can see all different games you want to play. This is your collection once youve downloaded from the Internet or put from your PC.是的,你说得没错。今天我可以向你展示。我们在这款手机中加入了Xbox,因此你能看到所有的游戏。只要从网络上下载,或从电脑上拷贝,你就可以收藏这些游戏。And there is also its information that you want to see about your games in sort of thing, you know some insider tricks about how to play the games.此外,你还能看到一些你下载游戏的相关信息,比如教你如何过关的游戏攻略。This is your Avatar. So my kids actually spent hundred tons of time customizing their Avatar. And there is like lots of people love being able to do things with your Avatar, also shows how many points you have in Xbox live. But here is where it gets really interesting. So you and I can be playing a game of Scramble. And I can be here in Barcelona and you can be back in London and through our Internet we can play turn-by-turn based games. So thats the Xbox live experience.它就是你的头像。我的孩子们花了很多的时间在他们的头像上。许多人喜欢用头像,头像也能显示出用户在Xbox中的积分。但这里才是更有趣的地方。也许我在巴塞罗纳,你在伦敦,但我们能玩双人游戏。这才是在线Xbox的最棒体验。And here I will show you the zune experience. So we have brought zune to the phone, and its like what you would think. Essentially, anything with the play button can be played here. So, all of your music, all of your s, podcasts and podcasts, FM radio or radio, wifi sync is interesting for a couple of reasons. One is lets say if I have subscribed to a specific channel. So my kids like Taylor Swift. (OK.) So they have...there is a technology called smart DJ, so they have Taylor Swift come in and music thats like her comes over the phone. And anytime this phone comes into my wireless at home, new music will come over the phone. So that is actually exposed not here but in new section. So anything thats new, it just comes over wirelessly. You dont have to connect it anymore, it shows up there.接下来我要带你体验zune界面。就和你想的一样,我们已经购买了zune到手机中。基本上任何需要播放按钮的文件都可以被应用,比如音乐,视频,视频客,有声杂志,广播。无线同步功能受到广大欢迎,原因之一是它有一项叫做智能DJ的功能,如果你订阅了一个频道,比如我的孩子们喜欢泰勒·斯威夫特,所有泰勒·斯威夫特和其他类似歌曲都会在手机上提示。一旦手机回到我家的无线网络环境中,新的音乐就会下载到手机中。因此,这项功能并不是在这里应用的,一旦有新歌,有无线网络,它就会开启,你不用再去手动连接,在这里就能显示。While wifi sync also works really well is on the camera. So when I take pictures on the camera, they will automatically be sent back to my PC. So now I can just be wandering in my house taking pictures and dont have to worry about plugging it in because its automatically sent back to my PC.无线同步功能也能应用于手机相机上。当我用手机相机拍照,照片会被自动传送到电脑上。现在我只要在家里等照片,而不用传输线传输照片了。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201205/183687淄博正规医院包皮手术淄博哪个医院做包皮手术专业

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