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2017年12月15日 10:42:25 | 作者:飞度咨询三甲医院 | 来源:新华社
考试长难句翻译练习(3) --5 :3:35 来源: 1. every course that he follows a student is given a grade, which is recorded, and the record is available the student to show to prospective employers.  . All this imposes a constant pressure and strain of work, but in spite of this some students still find time great activity in student affairs.  3. The effective work of maintaining discipline is usually permed by students who advise the academic authorities.  . Much family quarrelling ends when husbands and wives realize what these energy cycles mean, and which cycle each member of the family has.  5. Whenever possible, do routine work in the afternoon and save tasks requiring more energy or concentration your sharper hours.  6. We also value personal qualities and social skills, and we find that mixed-ability teaching contributes to all these aspects of learning.  7. They also learn how to cope with personal problems as well as learning how to think, to make decisions, to analyse and evaluate, and to communicate effectively.来源:考试大  8. The problem is, how to encourage a child to express himself freely and confidently in writing without holding him back with the complexities of spelling?  9. It may have been a sharp criticism of the pupil’s technical abilities in writing, but it was also a sad reflection on the teacher who had omitted to the essay, which contained some beautiful expressions of the child’s deep feelings.  . The teacher was not wrong to draw attention to the errors, but if his priorities had centred on the child’s ideas, an expression of his disappointment with the presentation would have given the pupil more motivation to seek improvement.  1、学生们所学的每一门课程都有分数,而且要被记录存档,这可以用来提供给将来学生的雇主们  、所有这些给学生们施加了很大的压力,尽管如此,学生们还是积极参加学生活动  3、而有效遵守纪律的学生们往往是那些经常给校方提建议的学生  、当丈夫们和妻子们认识到这种能量圈的意思以及各个家庭成员所处的圈之后,许多家庭争吵就结束了  5、只要可能,在下午做那些程序化的工作,把需要更多能量的工作留到你效率最好的时候去做  6、我们也很看重个人品德和社交技能,我们发现混合能力的教育对学习的各个方面都有帮助  7、他们也要学习如何处理个人问题和怎样思考,怎样决策、分析和评估以及有效沟通  8、问题是,怎样鼓励一个孩子在写作时自由自信的表达自己,而不被拼写的复杂所捆绕  9、这可能是对学生在写作中的技术能力的尖锐批评,但也是老师的失败的悲哀反映——忽略了朗读文章,这其中优美的表达可以激发孩子们的深刻感受  、老师注重错误没错,但是如果他更注重孩子的思想的话,他失望的表现会使孩子有提高的动力英语:如何拿高分? --1 :3:1 来源: 下一波六级正在路上,童鞋们准备好了吗?Ready?----gt;Go~~下面给大家带来5个写作拿高分要点,希望能对大家有所帮助!1、字迹清楚,段落明朗(clear) :字体不要太大,也不要太小,以行间距的三分之一到二分之一为合适;另外,大小要一致,不要忽大忽小;字母的倾斜方向要一致,不要东倒西歪;要抵着给出的虚线写,不能上窜下跳;总之,要给阅卷人清楚、工整的感觉段落一般为三段,采用段首缩进式,即每段开头空至8个字母的格,每段段首缩进的量要一致,要让阅卷人一目了然、内容完整,紧扣提纲(complete) :一般来说,六级写作都会给出三点汉语提纲,考生应严格照三点写成三段不要有遗漏,也不要随意改变提纲要点的顺序因为阅卷人要在30秒左右的时间打出分数,所以不希望看到与提纲严重背离的作文3、首保正确,再求闪光(correct) :这一条是最核心的,因为在写作时间和篇幅都比较短的情况下,考生写出的内容几乎是一样的,唯一的判断标准几乎就是语言的质量要首先保语法和拼写正确,哪怕用小词、短句也可以有能力的话再追求闪光的词句例如,有考生在写年6月的作文时,写出了这样的开头句:There is no denying the fact that the vital of name has been a hotly debated topic in China. 这句话是套用我以往范文给过的句子,基本结构是对的,但有两处明显的错误一处为vital,是个形容词,而这里应该用名词作者可能想用一个牛词来替换importance以显示用词多样,结果弄巧成拙另外一处错误为name之前应该有冠词a,其实题目中都给了,结果这位同学忽略了,缺乏基本的语法意识其实作文中常犯的语法错误除了冠词错误,还包括时态错误、名词和动词单复数错误、代词不一致错误、词性错误以及句子主谓不完整错误下笔时一定要谨慎篇幅关系这里不能赘述、先总后分,连词用上(coherent) :这里说的是段落的结构和连贯性的问题英语文章特别喜欢先总后分或开门见山的格局,另外,段落之间和句子之间的形式连接手段特别明显,即关联词用的很多在写作的时候,几乎就是把给出的三点提纲作为每段的开头句,然后再加上两三个扩展句即理由或例句就可以了当然有时候为了论自然或扩展字数也可以加上一点铺垫的句子如年6月作文开头一句既可以是Some people claim that names are of great importance. 也可以是There is no denying the fact that it is a controversial topic whether names are important or not. 然后再说Some hold the positive view.后面再加上两三句论的话论句或扩展句之间最好有连接词,如First, Second, Besides, Also, Similarly, In the same way, However等等5、语言简练,论据得当(concise) :不要啰嗦,不要过于重复和堆砌有些考生背诵了一些经典的句型,为了凑字就全用上了,给人低层次的感觉如最后一段用同学写道:As far as I am concerned, weighing the pros and cons of the arguments, I am inclined to agree with the latter point of view. 其实As far as I am concerned和weighing the pros and cons of the arguments用一个就行了另外,尽管内容不及语言重要,但也肯定会影响分数的考生应尽量平时多练,以期在考场上也能很快想到一些有力的理由和贴切的例另外,要敢于表达自己的思想,不要一味地为了保语言正确而裹步不前,只说一些小学生的话如有同学写年第一段时写道:Some people think that names are important. They say that, if a person has a name, we can remember him. If he does not have a name, we cannot remember him. 这样的作文倒是没有语言错误,但肯定也得不了高分  四、姓名方面:作文:机器人(新东方版) --1 :51:55 来源: 作文:机器人(新东方版)作文:Directions: this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the use of robots. Try to imagine what will happen when more and more robots take the place of human beings in industry as well as people daily lives. You are requried to write at least 0 words but no more than 0 words.点评:第一段:引出文章话题.说明技术的发展对人类生活的改变.第二段:针对此现象作出观点的阐述第三段:得出结论.:It is held bysome people that knowledge is power, especially scientific and technologicalknowledge. Science and technology are the motive power of the socialdevelopment, which constitute a primary productive ce. The use of robots isthe produce of development of science and technology.People’s viewson the use of robots vary from person to person. Some hold that human life cannotcontinue without the use of robots. many years, human society has developedwith the use of science and technology. So the life with the use of robots we areliving now is more efficient than that of our e fathers. They go on to pointout that the use of robots has brought about many changes in people life. example, through the use of robots can improve the work efficiency and avoiddangerous events happening in our life in that we can require robots to do someworks with danger instead of human beings.Science andtechnology of robots are the crystallization of human wisdom. It brought aglorious past to humanity, also will bring bright future to mankind.

how bad it is until it gets worse." (我们这些可怜的消费者一定要等到事情演变到无法收拾了,才知道原来的情况有多糟)

考研英语 考研英语:必考核心词汇坚持练(第二十二天) -- :58: 来源: 我们知道,复习贵在持之以恒,尤其像考研英语这种学科,单词、翻译、作文都需要坚持定时定量的练习,才会有效果具体每天该如何复习、复习多少,考研的同学们应该根据自身的实际情况来制定,我们可以定期给你提供一些小练习,坚持读下去,也会对你有不小的帮助  genetica.遗传(学)的Genetic engineering is perhaps the most recent exciting development in biology.遗传工程也许是生物学中最激动人心的新发展gene(基因)+-tic(形容词后缀)→基因的→遗传的genetics n.遗传学 genetically ad.由基因决定地Death is normal: we are genetically programmed to disintegrate and perish, even under ideal condition.死亡是正常的;我们的基因决定我们即使在最理想的环境里也会解体和灭亡 propelv.推进,推动;激励,驱使Up to know, it is only the rocket which can propel a space vehicle.至今,只有火箭才能推进宇宙飞行器We should energetically promote IT application and use IT to propel and accelerate industrialization.我们应该大力推进信息化,用信息化带动并加快工业化进程pro-(向前)+pel(驾驶)→向前驾驶→推动,推进push, stimulate, impelpropellant a.推进的,起推动作用的It now appears that they also have an important influence on the geophysical processes that propel the plates across the globe.现在看来,它们还对推动板块在地球表明漂移这一地球物理过程有着重要的影响 prosperv.成功,兴隆,昌盛,使成功,使昌隆,繁荣The farm prospered through good management.由于管理有方,农场兴旺发达The railway prospered the west of the country.铁路使这个国家的西部繁荣起来pro-(向前)+sper(希望)→充满发展的希望→繁荣flourish, thriveprosperous a.成功的,兴旺的,繁荣的(尤指经济上) prosperity n.成功,富足,繁荣 attachv.系,贴,装,连接;使成为一部分;(to)使依恋They attach great importance to education.他们十分重视教育I advise you not to attach yourself to the Socialist Party.我劝你不要参加社会党at-(加强)+tach(拴)→拴上,缚上fasten, adhereattachment n.依恋;信仰;附件 attached a.依恋的;附属于A survey of news stories in 1996 reveals that the anti-science tag has been attached to many other groups as well…1996年的一个新闻报道的调查显示,反科学的标签也贴到了许多其他团体身上……耐心之树,结黄金之果前进的路看似曲折,但只要认准方向,并抱着坚定的信念“耗”到底,就终会得到自己想要的,怕就怕半途而废马克思说过一句话:生活就像海洋,只有意志坚强的人,才能到达彼岸考研也一样,祝各位考生都能成为最后的胜者



long term.

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