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One day a ten-year-old child asked his mother, ;Mom, what is a synonym?; ;What? You even don#39;t know what a synonym is? How foolish you are. When I describe you as foolish, I mean you#39;re silly, stupid. Now you know what a synonym is ?; ;Yes, a synonym is using bad language.; The child concluded.一天, 一个10岁的孩子问母亲:;妈,什么是同义词?; ;你说什么?竟然连同义词都不懂!真是个笨蛋。我说你是个笨蛋,就是说你是个傻瓜,是个蠢货。你现在明白同义词的意思了吗?; ;明白了。同义词就是骂人。;内容来自: /201211/207420A recent article suggests the period for making BFFS the way you did in your teens and 20s is over – so have I accumulated the right kinds of friends?最近的一篇文章提到,结交最好朋友的阶段是在青少年时期和20多岁这段期间,过了这段时间,结交朋友的方式会发生变化,也很难交到好朋友了。——那我现在有没有积累够合适的朋友呢?Once, after spending four straight days alone in my flat, communicating only with an editor (via email) and myself (via the bathroom mirror), I asked myself (in the back of a spoon): ;Do you really need friends? You seem to be doing just fine all by yourself.; It was my cue to drop the spoon, get dressed and make plans to see a friend as soon as possible.曾经有一次,我一个人在公寓里呆了整整四天,只和编辑交流(通过电子邮件),再就是自我交流(对着镜子),我问我自己(对着勺子的背面):“你真的需要朋友吗?你看起来自己一个人就挺不错的了。” 这提醒我扔掉勺子,穿上衣,尽快安排和朋友见面。Earlier this week, I Alex Williams#39;s New York Times piece in which he explores the difficulties of making friends after the age of 30. Actual close friends are in shorter supply, argues Williams. ;No matter how many friends you make, a sense of fatalism can creep in: the period for making BFFs, the way you did in your teens or early 20s, is pretty much over. It#39;s time to resign yourself to situational friends: KOF#39;s (kind of friends) ...;本周早些时候,我读了作家阿莱克斯-威廉斯在《纽约时报》发表的一篇文章,在文章里他探讨了30岁以后交朋友的难处。威廉斯认为,很多人实际上都缺少亲密的朋友。“无论你有多少朋友,一种宿命感会潜入到你心底:遇到最好朋友的时机过了,在青少年时或20岁左右交朋友的方式也已经结束了。现在是时候重新调整自己,结交情境式朋友:我们称其为 KOF(准朋友)。”The article made me think. I will be 30 this November, and while I have a stable of friends accrued over a lifetime, I began to worry about the looming deadline, this most depressing of cut-off dates. Are my true friend-making days numbered? Have I collected all the real friends I am likely ever to have? Most important, have I accumulated the right kinds of friends? Who among my friends is the Rachel to my Monica?这篇文章引发了我的思绪。今年的11月份,我就30了,按照文章中的理论,我一辈子的所有朋友也就是我现在的这些朋友了,我开始担心这不断逼近的生日,它太让人沮丧了。我结交朋友的天数屈指可数了吗?我已经拥有了可能有的所有真正的朋友了吗? 更重要的是,我的这些朋友交的恰当吗? 我的朋友中,谁和我的关系是像瑞秋和莫妮卡那样?My oldest and best friend is my sister, born three years before me. The key factor in our becoming friends was clearly proximity, but our friendship is one that endures outside our sisterly bond, and in spite of our many differences. My school years were easy; I was a confident child, and managed to form a series of intense friendships that hallmark youth. At boarding school, I got so close to another girl that we shared the same bed for several months – a fact that was more or less forgotten by the time we returned in the new term and both moved on to greener friendship pastures.我的和我做朋友时间最长,也是我最好的朋友,她比我大三岁。我们成为朋友的关键因素显而易见,但我们的友谊超过了我们的情感,尽管我们之间存在着很多的差异。我上学的时候很轻松;我是一个自信的孩子,收获了标志着青年时期的一系列亲密友谊。在寄宿学校里,我和另一个女孩走得很近,我们几个月都用一张床——这件事新学期我们就或多或少给忘了,我们又各自开拓新的朋友领地去了。I had a different ;best friend; for every year at secondary school – entirely normal behaviour for teenage girls. We moved continents when I was a child, relocating to Nigeria for a decade, before returning to London as a teenager in Year 11. My Nigerian friendships are all but over – Facebook keeps up the charade – and I have no contact with anyone from secondary school. I don#39;t mourn the loss of those friendships too much.在中学时每年我的“最好朋友”都不相同,青少年期的女孩都这样。当我还是孩子的时候我们家在世界各地不断迁移,搬到尼日利亚过了十年,然后在我读11年级的时候回到伦敦。 我在尼日利亚的那些友谊基本上都结束了,虽然在Facebook上看起来还存在,但我现在和中学时期的朋友没有任何联系。失去了那些友谊,我也并没有觉得很难过。Much as you rarely marry the first person you date, it is inevitable that the friends you make in the early days are not the ones that endure. I think that as you get older, friendships become more utilitarian – ;my kid likes your kid; or ;we met at NCT class; or ;we work together and I don#39;t entirely hate your guts;.就像很少会有人嫁给自己的初恋,很明显大部分的人和小时结交的朋友间的友谊并不长久。 我认为,当你年纪变得越来越大,友谊会变得更加实际:“我的孩子喜欢你的孩子” 或“我们在NCT课上遇见的。” 或 “我们一起工作,我不讨厌你。”The intensity of the friendships of my youth was borne of a lack of baggage and an abundance of time. You have greater emotional reserves when you make those friendships and when they fail, you bounce back, get back out there and try again. For most people, that resilience leaches away over the years.我年轻时的结交友谊通常非常亲密,这是因为没有负担并、也拥有大量的时间。当你在交友时你拥有较多的情感储备;当友谊失败时你会卷土重来,回到原地并重新尝试。对于大多数人而言,这种弹性随着时间的流逝慢慢消失。I look at my parents and their friends: my dad has had the same friends pretty much all his life. These friendships continued across marriages, deaths and continental moves. My mother is the opposite: she has one solid childhood friend – who we call ;auntie; even though we share no blood – but still manages to form friendships: deep, intense and emotional. The cost of such bright-blazing friendships is that they are often short-lived and excised from the record as soon as they end. I find the thought exhausting, even as I admire her way of flinging herself out there time after time.我也观察了我父母和他们的朋友之间的关系:我爸爸一生中的朋友基本不变。这些友谊见了他们的婚姻、死亡和搬迁。我妈恰好相反:她只有一个稳定的童年朋友,我们叫她“阿姨”,虽然我们之间并没有血缘关系。妈妈仍在不断地和他人建立友谊:那种深刻的、亲密的和恳切的友谊。这样炙热友谊的代价是它们通常时间较短,当友谊结束时不久就会忘记。我发现这种方式让人精疲力尽,我甚至很佩她能一次又一次地投入情感。The friendships that have lasted for me are more considered and meaningful. I made my two closest friends at university more than a decade ago, when we would loll in the student union pub for most of the day, eating chips and ogling boys. We all live in different cities now, two are coupled up and one has two children, so it#39;s hard to find the time to see one other very often. Our bond is still strong, but we are also more realistic about our expectations.对我而言,能持续下来的友谊都是经过深思熟虑并富有意义的。十多年前,我在大学里交了两个最好的朋友,那时我们成天懒洋洋地待在学生会的酒吧里,吃着薯片,和男孩们眉目传情。现在我们三个生活在不同的城市里,其中两个人结婚了,还有一个有两个孩子了,所以很难找时间见面。我们之间的感情依然深厚,但是我们的期望也更加现实。I have made friends online – people who started out as anonymous witty sentences on a comment th – who have gone on to become a part of my ;real life;. Nobody#39;s perfect, but we all draw the line on the things we will and will not put up with. The friendships that last are the ones where you both recognise that you have a good thing going. Getting older might mean you don#39;t make that many new friends, but maybe that#39;s a good thing. The payoff is that you treat them with more care.我交过网友,在贴下留下幽默诙谐的语句慢慢成为我“真实生活” 的一部分。没有人是完美的 ,但是我们都会在能忍受和不能忍受的事情中间画上界限。能够持久的友谊,是双方都意识到继续交往下去会感觉不错。年级变大可能意味着不能结交很多新朋友,但这也许是件好事。这样你会更加关心你的老朋友。And why the mad rush to make all these friends in later life? ;Friends: One to three is sufficient.; Good advice.为什么要急着去交以后生活中的朋友呢?“朋友:一到三个足矣。” 这个说法真不错。 /201210/204367

Too many people say that they do not have enough time in their day to get their stuff done. Yet, they let their time slip by bit-by-bit. Minute-by-minute.很多人都说他们在一天里没有足够的时间去完成一些事情。然而,他们却在不知不觉中让时间一分一秒的流逝。For many people, it is this “in-between” time that becomes a major source of lost productivity.对很多人来说,这就是造成效率下降的一个主要原因——零碎时间没有利用好。Let’s not underestimate what we can get done in just 10 minutes. These little bursts of productivity can drive your whole day.我们不要小看短短的10分钟可以完成的事情,完成这些小事可以提高你整天的工作效率。So, here are 10 things you can do with those 10 minutes:所以这里给大家列出了在10分钟内可以做的10件事情:Respond to 10 emails 回复10封邮件Keep it short, and remember that not all email messages deserve a response. 10? Yes, and be ruthless with that inbox.回复要简单一些,记住并不是所有的邮件都需要回复。10封?是的,对于收件箱内的邮件要知道取舍。Respond to 3 phone calls回复3个电话Return that call. Reach out to that colleague that you need to meet up with. And schedule that doctor’s appointment that you have been putting off for 6 months.要回复电话,给那个需要见面的同事回个电话。并且要安排好已经推迟了6个月的与医生的会面。Pay some bills online在线付账单In just a few minutes, you can pay your bills with online billpay. You’re not still dealing with paper bills, are you?只需要几分钟,你就可以在网上完成付款。你不会一直还在处理纸质账单吧?Catch up with a co-worker和同事聊聊天10 minutes early to that meeting? This can be one of the best times to have a meaningful conversation with another colleague. Re-connect with someone. At a recent meeting I had the chance to reconnect with one of our executives. Someone who I might not normally have a chance to chat with on a personal level.会议开始之前还有10分钟?这可能是你和同事展开一个有意义的会话最佳的时间段了,可以重新和一些人取得联系。在最近的一次会议上我就有机会重新联系上了我的一位主管。他是那种我一般私下不会有机会能与之攀谈的人。Read 10 pages in a book读十页书Whether it is in the doctor’s office or the car dealership, use that time to a few pages. Some people carry a book with them for these moments. Personally, with my iPhone or iPad, I always have books at my fingertips to keep me occupied.不管是在医生的办公室还是在汽车专营店,用这点时间来读几页书。有些人会随身带一本书来利用这段时间。就我个人而言,我会把书籍下载到我的iphone或者ipad里面,随时充实自己。Write写点什么You will be surprised how much you can write in 10 minutes. Write a memo. Start a blog post. Whatever you need to get done.你可能会疑惑,这十分钟能写什么啊。写一下备忘录。写点客。任何你想写的东西都可以。Prepare准备Get y for a future appointment. Look at tomorrow’s calendar. Is there any prep work you need to do? It could be as simple as getting some documents together or researching a topic.为一会要来的约会做准备。看下明天的日历表,有没有什么需要你准备做的事情吗?有可能会是像把一些文件准备到一起,或者准备研究一个话题这样简单的事情。Reflect反思Spend the few moments, reflecting on your day. What you have accomplished? What has made you happy today? What you still need to address?花几分钟来反思一下这一天。你完成了什么?什么事情让你今天很开心?还有什么事情需要你处理?Reach Out amp; Touch Someone走出去和某人说说话In these days of email, Twitter, text msgs, and more… it has become increasingly rare to actually communicate in person. When I find I have a 10 minute block of time to spare, I will walk down the hall and speak to someone face-to-face that I normally would not see.在今天,邮件、推特、短信还有更多和人联系的方式,人们缺乏与别人面对面的交流。当我发现我还有10分钟的时间时,我会在大厅里走走,和一些我平时不怎么碰面的人面对面交流。Do Nothing什么也不做Of course, you could just waste the 10 minutes surfing the net or checking the news. Unfortunately, too many people choose this last option.当然,你也可以完全用上网和刷新闻来打发时间。不幸的是很多人都选择了这样做。What do you do with your 10 minutes? Or do you let them slip by?你在这10分钟内会做什么呢?还是让时间从你指尖溜走? /201301/222679

LIKE a tired marriage, the relationship between libraries and publishers has long been reassuringly dull. E-books, however, are causing heartache. Libraries know they need digital wares if they are to remain relevant, but many publishers are too wary of piracy and lost sales to co-operate. Among the big six, only Random House and HarperCollins license e-books with most libraries. The others have either denied requests or are reluctantly experimenting. In August, for example, Penguin will start a pilot with public libraries in New York.就像是一个令人疲惫的婚姻,图书馆和出版商之间长期存在着无聊的关系。然而,电子书的出现引起了它们的心痛。图书馆知道,如果它们想保持自己存在的价值,就需要数字化的设备,但对于许多出版商而言,由于在盗版和失去销量问题上太过谨慎的态度,而不予合作。在最大的六家出版商中,只有兰登书屋和哈珀?柯林斯出版社授予了绝大多数图书馆电子书的许可。其它出版社或是拒绝了这项要求,或是在勉强进行试用。例如,在八月份,企鹅出版社将在纽约的公共图书馆开始试验。Publishers are wise to be nervous. Owners of e-ers are exactly the customers they need: book-lovers with money (neither the devices nor broadband connections come cheap). If these wonderful people switch to borrowing e-books instead of buying them, what then?出版商感到紧张是明智的。电子阅读器的所有者们恰恰是他们需要的顾客:有钱(而既不是设备或是便宜的宽带连接)的爱书人。如果这些了不起的人们由借阅电子书而变为购买电子书,将会怎样呢?Electronic borrowing is awfully convenient. Unlike printed books, which must be checked out and returned to a physical library miles from where you live, book files can be downloaded at home. Digital library catalogues are often browsed at night, from a comfy sofa. The files disappear from the device when they are due (which means no late fees, nor angst about lost or damaged tomes).电子借阅非常方便。与印刷版书籍不同,电子书籍文件在家就可以下载,而不需要去离家几英里外的实体图书馆借阅和还书。人们常在晚上在舒适的沙发里浏览数字图书馆目录。当文件到期时,它们将自动从设备上消失(这意味着没有滞纳金,也无需担心丢失或损坏煌煌巨著)。Awkwardly for publishers, buying an e-book costs more than renting one but offers little extra value. You cannot resell it, lend it to a friend or burn it to stay warm. Owning a book is useful if you want to savour it repeatedly, but who s ;Fifty Shades of Grey; twice?这对出版商而言却很尴尬。购买一本电子书比租用一本的花费更多,然而带来的收益增加却相当微小。你不能把电子书二次售出或是借给朋友,甚至不能将它烧了以取暖。如果你想重复品味一本书,那么拥有一本书是非常好的,但谁愿意读第二遍《格雷的50道阴影》?E-lending is not simple, however. There are lots of different and often incompatible e-book formats, devices and licences. Most libraries use a company called OverDrive, a global distributor that secures rights from publishers and provides e-books and audio files in every format. Some 35m titles were checked out through OverDrive in 2011, and the company now sends useful data on borrowing behaviour to participating publishers. Yet publishers and libraries are worried by OverDrive#39;s market dominance, as the company can increasingly dictate fees and conditions.然而电子借阅并不简单。电子书的格式、设备和许可之间有极大不同,并常常不能互相兼容。大多数图书馆所采用的是OverDrive公司提供的电子书,这家全球性经销商确保了来自出版商的版权,并提供所有格式的电子书和音频文件。2011年,高达三亿五千万的条目通过OverDrive公司借出,这家公司现在正通过输出借阅行为相关的有用数据参与到出版商中来。OverDrive的市场占有率让出版商和图书馆担忧,因为这家公司可以提高授权费用和条件。Publishers were miffed when OverDrive teamed up with Amazon, the world#39;s biggest online bookseller, last year. Owners of Amazon#39;s Kindle e-er who want to borrow e-books from libraries are now redirected to Amazon#39;s website, where they must use their Amazon account to secure a loan. Amazon then follows up with library patrons directly, letting them know they can ;Buy this book; when the loan falls due.去年,当OverDrive公司与世界上最大的在线图书销售商——亚马逊合作之后,出版商们有点恼火。亚马逊Kindle阅读器的所有者们现在如果想从图书馆借阅电子书,就将被带入到亚马逊的网站上,在那里,他们必须使用他们的亚马逊账户来为他们的借阅提供担保。亚马逊还进一步与图书馆的老主顾们直接交涉,告诉他们若是借阅过期,则他们可以直接;购买这本书;。This arrangement nudged Penguin to end its deal with OverDrive earlier this year. The publisher#39;s new pilot involves 3M, a rival distributor that does not yet support the Kindle. ;Ultimately Amazon wants to control the library business,; says Mike Shatzkin, a publishing consultant.这一约定迫使企鹅出版社在今年早些时候终止了它和OverDrive的合约。这家出版商的新合作者包括3M公司,OverDrive的竞争对手之一,一家尚未持Kindle的经销商。;亚马逊最终想控制图书馆事务。;出版业咨询师麦克?肖特金说。Library users-nearly 60% of Americans aged 16 and older, according to Pew, an opinion researcher-are a perfect market for Amazon. It woos them by making loans on the Kindle uniquely easy. Late last year Amazon also unveiled its Kindle Owners#39; Lending Library, which lets its best customers (called ;Amazon Prime; members) borrow free one of thousands of popular books each month.根据民意调查研究机构皮尤的数据,16岁以上并占美国人口数近60%的图书馆使用者,是亚马逊最好的市场。它通过在Kindle上极其便利的借阅程序,从而取悦了他们。去年晚些时候,亚马逊还推出了Kindle所有者的借阅图书馆,这个图书馆允许亚马逊最好的客户(被称为;亚马逊会员;的成员)每月在上千本畅销书中免费借阅一本。Library boosters argue that book borrowers are also book buyers, and that libraries are vital spaces for ers to discover new work. Many were cheered by a recent Pew survey, which found that more than half of Americans with library cards say they prefer to buy their e-books. But the report also noted that few people know that e-books are available at most libraries, and that popular titles often involve long waiting lists, which may be what inspires people to buy.图书馆的持者认为,借阅图书者也就是购买图书者,而图书馆则是这些读者发现新作品的重要根据地。许多人为皮尤研究机构最近的调查而感到欢欣鼓舞,这项调查发现,超过一半拥有图书馆卡的美国人说,他们更喜欢购买他们的电子书。但是这项报告也指出,几乎没有人知道电子书在大多数图书馆都是可借阅的,而那些畅销书籍常常有着很长的等候借阅名单,这也许将促进人们的购买行为。So publishers keep tweaking their lending arrangements in search of the right balance. Random House raised its licensing prices earlier this year, and HarperCollins limits libraries to lending its titles 26 times. Penguin plans to keep new releases out of libraries for at least six months, and each book will expire after a year. Hachette is engaged in some secret experiments, and the others are watching with bated breath. In Britain the government will soon announce a review of the matter. The story of the library e-book is a nail-biter.因此出版商在不断微调他们的借阅合约以找到最恰当的平衡点。兰登书屋在今年早些时候提高了授权价格,哈珀?柯林斯出版社限制图书馆借阅条目的次数为26次。在企鹅出版社的计划中,新书从出版后到进入图书馆,至少要等六个月的时间,且一年后就到期。阿歇特出版社正在进行一些秘密实验,而其它出版社则在屏息观望。在英国,政府不久将宣布一份这一事项的报告。电子图书馆的故事实在是一个令人高度紧张的故事。 /201208/193704;If you were concerned about identity theft,you shouldn#39;t have left your private information lying around where I could find it!;如果你担心你的帐号被盗,你就不该把你的个人信息放在我能找到的地方。 /201508/392553

翻来覆去睡不着,好不容易睡着又噩梦不断?早晨比闹钟醒的还早,结果一整天无精打采?你需要深度睡眠!深度睡眠对人体的健康起决定作用,6小时的深睡眠远比12小时的浅睡眠质量高很多,简单的说,深度睡眠就是一种高效又省时的睡眠,来看看怎么做吧:  1. Relaxing Rituals to Rest Easy 放松调节助你轻松入睡  In Chinese Medicine, nighttime is yin time—or, simply, when the body takes care of itself instead of your desires. Proper sleep is required for your body to repair itself and regenerate. To reach deep, restful sleep, your spirit and heart must be calm. Excessive worry, anxiety, and depression can all disturb the spirit and activate the mind—making it near impossible to fall asleep and stay asleep. Rituals to sooth your spirit and induce a sleep response before bed include soaking your feet in Epson salts for 15 minutes, writing all of your thoughts in a journal to get them out of your head, and practicing relaxation before bed, like the Stress Release meditation below。 中医认为,夜间属于阴时——即清心寡欲并让你的身心得到彻底放松的时间段。你的身体需要恰当的睡眠进行自我修复和调节。你的身心需彻底放松才能进入安然的深度睡眠中去。过度担心、焦虑和忧虑会干扰你的精神状态并让你思绪愁闷得无法入睡。放松调节可以缓解你劳累疲倦了一天的心灵,具体的做法有:在爱普生盐水里泡脚15分钟,将你头脑中的所有想法写在纸上释放出来,睡前做会儿释放压力的冥想。 /201109/154482最;风光;的工作:澳大利亚守岛人Queensland launched the #39;Best Job in the World#39; campaign onJan 12,calling for applications from people interested in a0,000contract to relax on Hamilton Island in the GreatBarrier Reef for six months while writing a blog to promote theisland.昆士兰州于上月12日发起了号称;世界上最好工作;的招聘活动,并要求应聘者提交视频申请。该职位的薪水高达10万美元,主要职责就是在大堡礁的汉密尔顿岛放松6个月,同时撰写客宣传该岛。现在,这一职位已经被英国人本;绍索尔获得,他可以自由的享受阳光沙滩海浪,写写客拍拍照片,轻轻松松赚10万美元,羡慕吧。男人梦想的职业:啤酒品尝师Helen Moores, chief buyer of world and speciality beers at Tesco,has a job that most men couldonly dream of. Ms Moores tastes beer.Often as early as 9.30am and is employed to drink ndash; andswallow ndash;beers from around the world. ;Sometimes I sample more than 20 beersin a session ndash; soI have to watch it. My boyfriend is very jealousof my job.;海伦;莫尔斯是英国超市乐购的全球采购员也是啤酒专家。她的工作是大多数男人梦寐以求的;;品尝啤酒。她通常从早晨9:30开始工作,品尝来自世界各地的啤酒。她说自己有时候一次要品尝20多种啤酒。她男朋友非常嫉妒她。最;寒;的工作:南极电工Tony McLaughlan would argue that his role as an electrician in Antarctica for the British Antarctic Survey is the best. The -50C temperatures and the fact that Mr McLaughlan is 9,000 miles from home in an almost uninhabitable wilderness mean that demand for an electrician will be low. However, the £23,000 salary, free food and paid rent meant that thousands of people jammed phone lines when the job was first advertised on the B.Tony McLaughlan也许不太同意他在南极为英国南极科考队做的工作是最好的。毕竟在这种零下50度的低温,离家9000公里远,不太适合人类生存的地方当个电工意味着你有钱赚都没地方花。不过2.3万英镑的薪水包食宿的待遇还是在这份工作刚在B登广告招聘的时候就让英国人挤破了头。最清凉的工作:水上滑梯测试员For those who prefer warmer climes, then work as a water slide tester might be more appealing. Tommy Lynch spends his working days touring his holiday firm#39;s ;splash resorts; to monitor quality control. For some of these he has to struggle to locations in Cyprus, the Algarve, Egypt and Mallorca. ;I do have the best job in the world,; said Mr Lynch, ;but no one believes me when Itell them what it is.;对于那些更喜欢暖和天气的人来说,做一个水上滑梯测试员就很有吸引力了。TommyLynch的工作就是测试各地水上乐园的滑梯质量。他已经玩过了塞浦路斯、阿尔加夫、埃及等等国家,他说;我的工作的确是世界上最好的,但是我告诉别人我是做什么的时候没人相信我。;最适合懒人的工作:酒店床铺测试员Leigh McCarron is paid to take a night#39;s rest at a Travelodge three or four times a week to ensurethat the beds are up to standard. The position of director of sleep pays a salary of £60,000 a year.谁说睡觉不能赚钱?LeighMcCarron的工作就是每周在Travelodge酒店睡三四个晚上确保酒店的床都符合标准。这一职位的年薪是6万英镑。最养眼的工作:人体绘师perhaps the job that really takes the biscuit when it comes to ;job satisfaction; belongs to BettoAlmedia, during the Rio de Janeirocarnival. The Brazilian goes to work at 11am each day and spends his time painting the bodies of some of the carnival#39;s most beautiful women.说起最让人满意的工作,恐怕非贝托;阿米尼亚的工作莫属了。贝托在巴黎狂欢节前,每天11点开始工作,他的任务就是在最美的女人身上画画。It takes about two hours to paint each living art work, and most days he will have two blank canvases to turn into masterpieces, for which he charges £660 a day. ;You wouldn#39;t believe how many applications I get for an assistant,; Mr Almedia said. ;But it#39;s hard work, man, I take my job seriously.;通常一个艺术品的完成要花费两个小时,一天收费660英镑,他说,;你们都不知道有多少人申请给我做助手,不过这活不好干,我是认真在工作的。; /201112/166196

When was the last time you told your parents how grateful you are just for being their children? When was the last time you told your parents how sorry you are for the troubles you have caused in the past? When was the last time you bought a present for your parents outside their birthday? When was the last time you were on your way home with the thought of seeing your parents?最后一次告诉父母作为他们的孩子你是多么地感恩是在什么时候?最后一次告诉父母你对过去犯下的错误感到抱歉是在什么时候?最后一次送父母礼物(除生日)是在什么时候?最后一次只是为想见父母而回家是在什么时候?Remember, your parents did all this for you, long before you could say a word. They did it, not because they had to, but because they loved you and they will keep doing it forever. For them, loving you is like breathing, how can they stop?记住,在你会说话之前,你的父母为你做了这一切。他们做了,不是因为必须做,而因为他们爱你,以后也会继续做。对他们来说,爱你就像呼吸,他们怎能停下来?The weekend is finally here, but don#39;t get carried away and start spending like there#39;s no tomorrow. No matter what you do this weekend, there are plenty of ways to save, so be sure to keep these budget-friendly tips in mind.周末终于来了,但别忘乎所以,把周末过得好像世界末日似的。无论你周末干些什么,有很多省钱的办法,所以要记着把这些节约的建议。If you#39;re grocery shopping . . .如果你正在购物……Practice simple tips like buying store brands, not falling for supermarket tricks that get you to spend more, and avoid overbuying. If you bought too much, you can share them with a friend before it goes stale. Be sure to skip the nongrocery items because the prices are often marked up!运用一些简单的小贴士,比如购买商店品牌,不让超市花言巧语骗你多花钱,避免买得太多。如果买多了,东西变质之前也可以分享给朋友。要注意别买非商店品牌的货物,因为这些货物的价钱经常被标得过高!If you#39;re looking for a good book to . . .如果你正找好书看……Go to your local library and pick out a book to . If you rather from the comfort of your own laptop or Kindle, check out ebooks by indie authors on Amazon.走到当地图书馆,选出一本书来读。如果你更青睐于在自己的笔记本或者阅读器上方便地阅读,可以在亚马逊花1美元购买独立作家的书籍。If you#39;re going out to eat . . .如果正要出去吃饭……Skip the alcohol and the soda, and choose a dish that the restaurant specializes in; for example, seafood at a seafood restaurant and steak at a steak restaurant. If you#39;re not ordering the specialty, you might end up paying for a poorly made meal.别喝酒和碳酸饮料,选个饭店的拿手好菜,比如,在海鲜饭馆吃海鲜,在牛排餐馆吃牛排。 如果没有点店里的特色菜,你可能是给难吃的饭菜买单收场。If you#39;re planning a trip . . .如果打算出游……You usually do all your vacation planning on the weekends, because trying to juggle that with work during the weekdays can get too hectic. Be sure you know the best travel sites to scour for deals; check out Airbnb for cheap accommodations, and learn to save money after you#39;ve booked and paid.你经常在周末规划假期,因为工作日要干活,太忙了。自己要知道最佳旅游线路。在网站找实惠的住宿,预定和付款完了以后学着省钱吧。If you#39;re driving . . .如果正要出行……Consider taking public transportation or carpooling with someone to get to your destination. If you need to rent a car and only need to use it for an hour or so, be sure to check out services which lets you rent by the hour. Use apps like Cheap Gas! or the website GasBuddy.com to check out where the cheapest gas around you is.考虑搭乘公共汽车,或者和同一目的地的人拼车。如果要租车,且只用一小时左右,那就去找按小时租车的务公司。运用一些如Cheap Gas的软件,或GasBuddy.com这样的网站,找出所在地最便宜的汽油贩售点。 /201301/222559

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