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Holly: Taylor, I dont know if Ill speak tomorrow, and I had to let you know how I feel. You are my best friend. My life will never be the same without your smile to light my day.Yi-jun: Dont hang up, Holly. Keep talking.Holly: You will always be with me in my heart. When I have a hard day, Ill think of how you could always make me laugh. There is so much more I want to say to you. Words fail to express all of my emotions. So, Ill say goodbye to you tomorrow at Wells Church....Yi-jun:That was beautiful, Holly.参考译文:荷莉: 泰勒,我不知道明天是否要上台说话,可是我一定要让你知道我的感觉你是我最好的朋友少了你的笑容来为我的生活增添色,我的人生从此就变了怡君: 别挂断,荷莉继续说荷莉: 你永远在我心里当我难过的时候,我会记得你是怎么逗我开心的我还有好多话想告诉你话语却无法尽诉我的心情所以,我明天要到威尔斯教堂跟你道别……怡君: 说得真美,荷莉重点词汇:answering machine电话录音机My answering machine is broken, so I cant get any messages.我的录音机坏了,所以我无法接听任何留言express (v.)表达I have a hard time expressing my feelings.我很不会表达情绪emotion (n.)情感Emotions are often more complicated than thoughts.情感经常比理智复杂得多 3768Driver:Maam, where would you like these suitcases?司机:太太,您这些箱子放在哪里?Leona:The three wheeled suitcases should go next to the bed, and the garment bag should be hung up in the closet.利昂娜:三轮式行李箱放床边,装袋挂壁橱里Where is my expandable bag?我的可扩展包在哪里?Driver:Do you mean this duffel bag?司机:是这个行李袋?Leona:Yes. You can leave that right there.利昂娜:是的你就放这里Hmm, where is my carry-on? All I see is my checked baggage.嗯,我的随身行李在哪里?我看到的都是托运行李I thought I gave you my carry-on, too.我想是交给你安排了Driver:You did, maam, and it right here.司机:的确如您所说,太太,就在这里Leona:Oh, good. When can I expect my trunk to arrive?利昂娜:哦,好我的箱子什么时候到?Driver:Your trunk? You had a trunk?司机:您的箱子?您有箱子吗?Leona:Yes, I had a trunk. Didnt you see it at the airport?利昂娜:是的,我的确有个箱子你在机场没看到?Driver:Uh no, I must have overlooked it.司机:哦不,我肯定是遗漏了Leona:You mean you left behind my trunk?! Who knows what has become of it by now!利昂娜:你把我的箱子丢了? 谁知道现在它会变成什么样!Driver:Im sure Ill be able to find it and deliver it here to you.司机:我相信自己能找到并交付给你Leona:I knew I should have used a luggage warding service.利昂娜:我就知道自己该用行李运输务Driver:You might consider traveling light next time, maam.司机:您下次可以考虑轻装前行Leona:What did you say?!利昂娜:你说什么?Driver:Nothing! Im going to fetch your trunk as we speak.司机:没有!我要听您的去取箱子Leona:I should hope so!利昂娜:我希望如此! 55Part . Self-esteem.Keywords. self-esteem, respect, ability, value, tests observations, active, express ideas, relations with other people, love.Vocabulary. investigate, self-esteem, observation, harsh, democratic.In this part, youre going to hear a science report on self-esteem.Listen carefully and complete the experiment report....... ......Scientists have learned a great deal about the parts of brain and their functions.Theyve also study the development of the personality. example, how a baby learns to love.In recent studies at two universities in the ed States, scientists have investigated the development of self-esteem.Self-esteem is the respect to a person has himself, his belief in his ability and in the value of what he does.The scientists studied self-esteem in young boys, they gave them many tests.These tests measured boys abilities and also how they felt about their own abilities.After the tests, boys were divided into three groups, those with high self-esteem, those with middle self-esteem, and those with low self-esteem.The scientists continued to study the boys in all situations, they studied them at home, at work, in school and with their friends.From their studies, the scientists made some observations.Boys with high self-esteem were active, they were able to express their ideas.They were successful in school and in their relations with other people.In discussions, they led, they didnt just listen.They were interested in world problems.They were creative and believe that they could finish whatever they started.They seldom became tired and sick.In many ways, the boys with middle self-esteem were like the boys with high self-esteem.They, too, express their ideas freely and saw the world as a good and happy place.However, they were not sure of their own value as people.They did their best work when they were sure that other people like them.The boys with low self-esteem were different from the other two groups.They were sad most of the time.They were afraid to start activities.They felt that no one loved them.They could not express their ideas.They were afraid of anger.In a discussion, they listened, but they didnt talk.The scientists asked ;how do some boys develop high self-esteem, what is difference in their lives?;Some of the answers were surprising.High self-esteem did not depend upon physical appearance or money or size of family.It did not depend upon how much the mother was at home.The scientists found that there was a closeness between the boys with high self-esteem and their parents.Their parents showed real interest in them and spend time with them.They listened to their sons and gave them help when the boys asked it.They knew their sons friends.The sons knew that they were important to their parents.These parents demanded good behavior.They made definite rules.They were strict but not harsh.They corrected their sons behavior by rewards, not by punishment.They never took away their love.On the other hand, the parents of boys with low self-esteem let their sons almost anything.If a boy made a mistake, the parents punished him harshly.The boys believed that their parents didnt love them.There were no definite rules.The family life of the boys with high self-esteem was democratic.The parents made rules, but they led in a kind and thoughtful way.They showed respect their children ideas, even when they did not agree with them.They let the boys give their opinions in discussions of family plans.These boys were productive citizens.Now these scientists are studying other groups of children.They want to learn how to help children with low self-esteem feel better about themselves.In this way, these children can become productive citizens, too. 3558

Bean: Not bad. Hed probably make a better model than president.Jess: We were thinking the same thing. How about using those images your new line of T-shirts?Bean: What do you mean? Wouldnt that be kind of controversial?Jess: Yes, but think of all the free advertising that will bring-with world politics as they are, the shirts will market themselves!Bean: Yes, yes, that perfect! I always knew sending out all those wards would help. Im going to send out even more!Three: NO! STOP, PLEASE!参考译文:炳:不赖啊或许他当模特儿会比当总统好洁丝:我们也有一样的想法你的新款T恤用这些图样如何?炳:你是什么意思?不会太具争议性吗?洁丝:会呀,不过想想它所带来的免费广告——随着世界政治局势的状况,这些T恤自己就可以行销自己了!炳:对、对,太赞了!我就知道寄这些转寄信会有帮助我未来还要寄更多!三人:不!别寄了,拜托重点词汇:controversial有争议的A: Why did Madonna not release her latest music ?玛丹那为何不发行她的音乐录像带?B: She was worried that its anti-American themes would be controversial.她担心反美主题会引起争议politics (n.)政治(固定加s)当「政治学,策略」解释时,做单数;做「政治现状,政治局势」时,单复数均可It a good idea not to talk about politics with strangers.不要跟陌生人谈政治是一个好主意 37

Plane in the Hudson哈德逊飞机The passenger plane landed a year ago. It was a famous landing. It was on TV and the radio. It was in the papers. The plane landed in the Hudson River in January. The pilot had no choice. Both engines were damaged. He couldnt go back to the airport. He couldnt land in New York City. He had to land in the river. The plane landed gently. It was a soft landing. The plane didnt flip over. It landed on its belly. No one died. Everyone survived. Everyone got out of the plane. They stood on the wings of the plane. Everyone was cold and wet. Boats rescued them all. It was the ;Miracle on the Hudson.; Today the same passengers got on two boats. The two boats went to where the plane had landed. They stopped on that spot in the Hudson. Everyone hugged one another. Life was good.一年前,客机降落这是一次成功的降落此次降落上了电视和广播还登了报纸这架飞机是于一月份在哈德逊河降落的飞行员别无选择两个引擎都受到了损害他无法飞回飞机场并无法降落在纽约城他不得不在河中降落飞机缓慢降落这是一次软着落飞机没有发生侧翻机腹着陆没有人死亡所有人成功获救所有人走出了飞机他们站在机翼上所有人都感到寒冷,潮湿船只营救了他们这是一场“哈德逊奇迹”如今,当年的乘客乘坐两艘船两艘船来到了当年飞机降落的地方他们停留在了那里所有人热情相拥生活真美好译文属原创,,不得转载 396361

B. Keywords. redesign, alleviate hunger, ask questions.Vocabulary. zip code, alleviate, donate, National Geographic, Hunger Site, ed Nations World Food Program, Ask Jeeves Site.Youre going to hear the descriptions of three websites, listen carefully, complete the main features listed.1. National Geographic, the magazine, has redesigned its website with its new features.Among them, an opporty ers to help choose the magazine cover, interviews with National Geographic photographers, and lots and lots of pictures.More pictures in fact than there was room in the print version.There also Zip USA, the feature you can find both online and in print.It a focused look at one zip code in the US.. Now there a website created to help alleviate world hunger called the Hunger Site.Contributions, generated when computer users visit the site on the World Wide Web, are donated to the ed Nations World Food Program.The beauty of the site is that when the web surfer clicks on, they dont pay a penny.This is Abby Spring, a World Food Program official.She says that funds to purchase the food come from corporate donors who make a financial contribution each time an individual logs on to Hungersite, that one word, dot com.Abby Spring says that so far, thanks to Hungersite dot come, the World Food Program has been able to distribute food valued at approximately 00,000 dollars.3. The Ask Jeeves Site on the Internet is one of the most useful Internet sites asking questions in simple English and getting direct answers.Ask most search engines a question these days and they will return a result which gives thousands of pages you to search.The Ask Jeeves Site gives you half a dozen where you can find the exact answer.The Ask Jeeves Site owners say they have dealt with more than 0 million questions since Ask Jeeves was set up in 1997.Just this month, people were asking Jeeves the following questions: What are the latest score baseball?What is the address of the website Coca-cocla? Where can I find a list of airfare travel bargains?Tell me the names of the TOP universities and colleges in the US. 06

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