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呼和浩特市第一医院祛痘多少钱清水河县opt嫩肤多少钱Elephants have four distinct personalities that help their herd survive in the African bush, scientists have found.科学家发现,大象有四种性格,帮助它们的群落在非洲丛林中生存下来。With their grey skin, mournful eyes and slow plodding gait, you could be forgiven for thinking elephants are uniformly melancholy creatures. But scientists have now discovered the largest living land animals have personalities to match their size.很多人误以为,有着灰色皮肤、悲伤眼神、迈着缓慢沉重步履的大象性格都是忧郁的。但是科学家现在发现,这种现存最大陆生动物身材不同,性格也不同。In a new study of African elephants, researchers have identified four distinct characters that are prevalent with a herd – the leaders, the gentle giants, the playful rogues and the reliable plodders.在一项对非洲象的新研究中,研究人员发现大象群落中最常见的四种截然不同的性格——领袖性格、温和性格、顽皮性格和可靠耐劳性格。Each of the types has developed to help the giant mammals survive in their harsh environment and are almost unique in the animal kingdom, according to the scientists.科学家称,每种性格都能帮助这种巨型哺乳动物在严酷环境中生存,这在动物王国中几乎是独一无二的。Professor Phyllis Lee and her colleague Cynthia Moss studied a herd of elephants in the Amboseli National Park in Kenya known as the EB family – famous for their matriarch Echo before she died in 2009.菲利斯·李教授和她的同事辛西娅·莫斯研究了肯尼亚安波塞利国家公园里的一群号称“EB家庭”的大象,这个群落因其女家长艾柯而出名,艾柯于2009年离世。Using data collected over 38 years of watching this group, the researchers analysed them for 26 types of behaviour and found four personality traits tended to come to the fore.在观察这个群落并收集了38年的数据之后,研究人员分析了这些大象的26种行为方式,发现了最显著的四种性格类型。The strongest personality to emerge was that of the leader. Unlike other animals, where leadership tends to be won by the most dominant and aggressive individual, the elephants instead respected intelligence and problem solving in their leader. Echo, the matriarch and oldest in the group, her daughter Enid, and Ella, the second oldest female, all emerged as leaders.个性最强的就是领袖性格的大象。其他动物的领导权一般都是最具主导力和侵略性的个体赢得,但大象尊敬的是领导的智慧和解决问题的能力。群落中最年长的女家长艾柯、她的女儿艾妮德、年纪仅次于艾柯的艾拉都是象群的领袖。The playful elephants tended to be younger but were more curious and active. Eudora, a 40-year-old female in the herd, seemed to be the most playful, consistently showing this trait through out her life while playfulness in some of the other elephants declined with age.顽皮的大象一般年纪小些,但是更好奇、更好动。群落中一头40岁的雌象尤多拉似乎是最贪玩的,这种顽皮的性格陪伴了她一生,但其他一些大象的顽皮却随着年龄而消减。Gentle elephants, which included two 27-year-old females Eleanor and Eliot, caressed and rubbed against others more than the others.温和的大象——包括两头27岁的雌象艾琳娜和艾略特——更经常爱抚和触碰其他大象。Those that were reliable tended to be those that were most consistent at making good decisions, helped to care for infants in the herd and were calm when faced with threats. Echo and her youngest daughter Ebony seemed to be the most reliable.那些可靠性格的大象通常总是做出正确决定,帮助照顾群落中的幼象,而且在面临威胁时能保持冷静。艾柯和她最年幼的女儿艾伯妮似乎是群落中最可靠的大象。Professor Lee said that elephants with these traits tended to be the most socially integrated in the group while those who tended to be less reliable and pushy were more likely to split from the herd.李教授说,拥有这些性格的大象通常都是最能融入群体的,而那些没那么可靠、一意孤行的大象则最可能脱离象群。 /201211/206890赛罕区妇幼保健人民中医院打美白针多少钱 呼和浩特哪里割双眼皮好

内蒙古骨科医院割双眼皮多少钱不靠谱的老爸老妈之一Will they never learn? Another set of worrying pictures show how parents can get it so, so wrong.难道他们永远学不会吗?——又一组令人堪忧的照片,许多父母未尽其责Usually, parents will do anything to keep their precious children out of harm#39;s way.通常来说,家长们总是竭尽所能地保护自己珍视的孩子,以免他们受到伤害。Whether it is preventing them from watching violent scenes on TV, or from riding on a white-knuckle ride at a theme park, they do their best to protect them from life#39;s dangers.无论是防止孩子观看电视上暴力血腥的画面,还是阻止孩子在主题公园坐惊险万分的过山车,父母们总是尽其所有来保护孩子免受危险。But, as these shocking pictures show, this rule does not apply to all parents.但是,就这些令人震惊的照片来看,并不是所有的父母都是如此。Disturbing: This father is pictured ing the adult magazine Playboy with his young child.困扰:这位父亲正与自己年幼的儿子共同津津有味地阅读着成人杂志《》。 /201304/234590内蒙古一机医院修眉手术多少钱 呼和浩特玉泉区开眼角手术要多少钱

呼和浩特治疗宽鼻哪家医院好SWEDISH Academy member Goran Malmqvist said yesterday that the existence of few translations is the main reason that Chinese literature is marginalized in the world.瑞典皇家科学院委员马悦然昨天说,翻译缺少是中国文学在世界上被边缘化的主要原因。Malmqvist, one of 18 lifelong judges of the Nobel Prize in Literature, said China aly has many world-class writers. ;What is world literature? World literature is translation,; he added, ing the former permanent secretary of Swedish Academy.诺贝尔文学奖的18个终身评委之一的马悦然说,中国已经拥有许多世界级的作家。 “什么是世界文学?世界文学就是翻译,”他引述前瑞典皇家科学院前常任秘书的话补充说道。Malmqvist, 88, a Swedish linguist and sinologist, made the remarks when promoting a collection of works by Chinese novelist Cao Naiqian.马悦然,88岁,瑞典语言学家和汉学家,在促进中国小说家曹乃谦的作品集传播时说出了此番。Cao, a police officer-turned novelist, is one of Malmqvist#39;s favorite Chinese writers, which include the latest Nobel laureate in literature, Mo Yan.曹乃谦是一个警察出身的小说家,马悦然最喜爱的中国作家之一,其中包括最新的诺贝尔文学奖得主莫言。;So Mo#39;s winning of the Nobel Prize in Literature will help attach more importance to Chinese literature in the context of world literature,; he said yesterday. He also is promoting his latest translation of works of Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer.“莫言获得诺贝尔文学奖在世界文学的背景下将有助于中国文学更受重视,”他昨天说。他也在宣传他最新翻译的瑞典诗人托马斯#8226;特朗斯特罗默的作品。Today#39;s the third day of his short visit to Shanghai. He#39;ll give a lecture in Fudan University this evening about translation.今天是他短暂访问上海的第三天。今天晚上他将在复旦大学关于翻译进行演讲。During his visit, Malmqvist has emphasized Mo#39;s winning the Nobel Prize in Literature ;has nothing to do with politics.;访问期间,马悦然一直强调莫言获得诺贝尔文学奖“与政治无关”。Malmqvist, the only Nobel judge fluent in Chinese, said he was very irritated by ;some biased media; who questioned Mo#39;s award.马悦然,唯一精通中文的诺贝尔奖评委,他很恼火“有些带着偏见的媒体”质疑莫言的获奖。Some Western journalists have questioned the recognition after the Chinese writer was announced as the Nobel laureate on October 11.正如10月11日的诺贝尔经济学奖,在中国作家获奖后,一些西方记者质疑这一认可。Criticism that Mo is not qualified was based on his being a member of the Communist Party of China and vice president of the China Writers Association.莫言没有获奖资格的批评是基于他是中国共产党员和中国作家协会的副主席。Malmqvist described the accusation as ;quite unfair; to Mo. ;Those who criticized Mo Yan haven#39;t even a single one of his books,; Malmqvist told reporters on Sunday.马悦然描述这一指控为“相当不公平”。“那些批评莫言的人还没有读过他的一本书,”马悦然上周日告诉记者。;They know nothing about the quality of Mo#39;s literature. They should not have #39;opened fire#39; on him,; Malmqvist said, adding that the only standard used to decide whether or not to give a writer the prize is the quality of his or her literature.“关于莫言文学的价值他们什么也不知道。他们本不应该对他开火,”马悦然说,决定是否给一个作家授予诺贝尔奖的唯一标准是他(她)文学的价值。;We do not care about politics,; he said.“我们不关心政治,”他说。;Mo Yan is an excellent storyteller. Among today#39;s Chinese writers, no one equals him in the courage to talk about the darkness and unjustness in Chinese society,” he said.“莫言是一个很会讲故事的人,没有人拥有他那样的勇气去描述中国社会的黑暗和不公”,他说。He personally prefers Mo#39;s short fiction to longer work, saying the writer ;has an excellent control of words.;相较于长篇,他个人更喜欢莫言的短篇小说,说这位作家“对语言有一个很好的控制。”Malmqvist said the decision was made through ;heated discussions; and the number of nominees was narrowed from 250 to the final five. Malmqvist explained that Mo was elected for the prize based on a final consensus.马悦然说,这一决定经过了“热烈的讨论”,并候选人提名人数从250位压缩到最后的五位。马悦然解释说,莫言被选获奖是基于最终的共识。;However, the Nobel prize is not a world champion,; the scholar said. ;We just awarded the prize to a good writer. There could be 1,000 good writers ... but the winner is just one.;“不过,诺贝尔文学奖不是一个世界冠军,”这位学者说。 “我们只是把奖颁给一个好作家。可能有1000名好作家......但获奖者只有一个。”He said the choice ;is completely subjective.;他说这一决定“完全是主观的。”The acclaimed sinologist, who s extensively in Chinese and has made profound studies about Chinese characters and literature, has devoted years to introducing Chinese literature to the world.这位著名的汉学家,览群书,对中国的文字和文学作出了深入的研究,一直致力于向世界介绍中国文学。According to Malmqvist, Mo#39;s works have been translated into the greatest number of foreign languages among the current Chinese writers.据马悦然说,在现在的中国作家中莫言的作品是被翻译成外语最多数量的。 /201210/205243 Do you ever wander through the grocery store and end up spending more than you were budgeting for? Don#39;t beat yourself up over it — supermarkets actually have several different strategies to trick customers into blowing bucks. Be on the alert and watch out for the sneaky psychology tactics these stores will try to use on you.你有过在超市里逛来逛去,最后却发现买的比预计要多吗?对此你不用自责——事实上,超市为了诱导消费者买更多东西,有很多不同的策略。对这些超市试图用在你身上的心理学诡计,你可要保持警惕。1. 10 For 1. 10元钱买10样10 for sounds like a great deal. However, you#39;ll get the same savings even if you only buy one item, according to the New York Times. A grocery store survey recently found that people bought way more items when they see 10 for deals vs. five for and one for sales. Even if you aren#39;t buying 10 items, your mind will trick you into thinking that the item is such a great deal that you end up buying more of it.10元钱买10样听起来很合算,然而,据纽约时报报道,你就算只买一样也同样能省钱。最近一项针对百货店的调查发现,当人们看到“10元买10样”、“5元买5样”、“1元买一样”时,他们会买更多东西。即使你没有买十样,但你会想既然东西这么划算,那就多买一些好了。2. Growing Carts2. 变大的购物车No, you#39;re not shrinking; it#39;s the grocery carts that are growing. The larger the cart, the more likely you#39;ll end up spending more, so try to stick to a hand basket instead.不,不是你在缩小,是超市的购物车在变大。购物车越大,你就越有可能消费得更多,所以你还是拿手提篮子吧。3. Pre-Cut Vegetables and Fruits3. 事先切好的蔬菜和水果Pre-cut veggies look so attractive, with their colorful packaging and its promise of less work (no need to wash or chop!). However, they aren#39;t exactly a good deal. Consumer Reports found that pre-cut veggies and fruits can be a lot more expensive than the whole items. The team noted that a .50 six-ounce bag of shredded carrots costs about five times more than a similar amount of whole carrots.Not to mention, these pre-cut veggies and fruits go bad faster than their whole counterparts.事先切好的蔬菜看起来很诱人,有色鲜艳的包装,并且也省去我们不少功夫(不需要清洗和切了)。然而,他们却并不划算。消费者报告发现事先切好的蔬菜和水果要比未经处理的贵不少。该报告指出,一包1.5美元切好的6盎司胡萝卜比没切过的要贵5倍。更不用说这些处理好的蔬菜水果,比那些完整的坏得更快。4. Items at the Checkout Counter4. 收银台前的商品Ever wonder why all those magazines and yummy candy are crammed in the front of checkout counters? It#39;s one of the supermarket#39;s tricks to get you to succumb to last-minute purchases while you#39;re waiting in line.你有想过为什么这些杂志和美味的糖果都摆在收银台前卖吗?这是超市的诡计之一,当你排队等候时,还能抓住最后的机会让你买东西。5. Where Is Everything?5. 东西摆在哪?You think you have the layout of your local supermarket down pat when you find out they changed shelves again! The stores are actually doing it on purpose, because if you don#39;t know where the items are, you#39;ll end up spending more time in the store. More time to browse means more chances to tempt you into buying more items.当你认为对超市布局了如指掌时,他们又把货架换了地方!事实上,超市是有意这样做的,因为如果你不知道东西在哪儿,就要花更多时间在超市里找,找的时间越长,就越可能诱惑你买更多东西。 /201302/224920呼市二附院做去疤手术多少钱呼和浩特激光脱毛




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