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Dogs with a sweet tooth can finally satisfy their ice cream cravings at the Don Paletto parlor in Mexico City.爱吃甜食的们终于可以在一家名叫Don Paletto的店里满足对冰淇淋的渴望了。Owners can satisfy their pets#39; sweet cravings at the shop in the Mexican capital, which offers a variety of frozen cone and lollipop treats especially made for the animals.这家店位于墨西哥首都墨西哥城,供应多种为犬类特制的蛋卷冰淇淋和冰棒,主人可以在这家店让自家宠物的甜食情结得到满足。Made of natural yogurt and lactobacilli bacteria, it can help digestion while normal ice cream can cause pain and diarrhea in dogs, according to shop owner Mauricio Montoya, who said the food is also safe for humans.店主毛利西奥·蒙托亚称,普通的冰淇淋会导致腹痛腹泻,但店里的冰淇淋由自然发酵的酸奶和乳酸菌制成,有助消化,人类也可以安全食用。Flavors such as ;Gentleman; and ;Lucky Lucky; are advertised on the board in the shop, where the pets lick the treats off a stick, a cone or out of a bowl.店里的布告板写着“绅士”和“幸运女神”等口味,宠物可享用冰棒、蛋卷冰淇淋或碗装冰淇淋。;To eat the same food every day must be pretty boring for them,; customer Liliana said, holding an ice cream lollipop for her dog. ;I come here to pamper him a bit.;为自己的买了一个冰棒的顾客利利亚娜说道:“每天吃同样的食物对它们来说一定很乏味。我来这里给它改善一下。” /201704/504830People with a gene linked to weight gain are just as likely to benefit from weight loss programmes as those without, researchers have discovered.研究人员发现,携带有肥胖基因的人减肥后的效果与未携带该基因的个体减肥的效果基本上是一样的。The findings suggest diet, exercise and drug-based approaches to losing weight can be widely beneficial, even if some people may have a greater risk of piling on the pounds due to their genetics. In short, your DNA is not a barrier to weight loss.该研究表明,虽然有些人可能因为某些基因更容易变胖,但是节食、运动以及以药为基础的减肥方法总体上来说还是很有效果的,总而言之,你的DNA完全不会影响你减肥。While many genes are believed to affect body weight, a particular version of the so-called FTO gene shows one of the strongest associations with fat gain.然而人们相信有好多种基因会影响体重,其中增肥效果最强的就是某种被称之为FTO基因的特殊变异。Those carrying two copies of the genetic variant – about 16% of the population – are on average 3kg heavier than those without, and 1.7 times more likely to be obese.携带这种基因变异的两种副本的人数约占人群的16%,他们会比无变异副本的人平均重3公斤,而且肥胖几率是普通人的1.7倍While it is not known exactly how the genetic variant promotes weight gain, it is believed to increase the appeal of high-calorie foods and reduce the feeling of fullness after a meal.虽然人们并不完全清楚FTO基因突变是如何影响体重的,不过人们相信这些基因段会增加人们对高卡路里食物的偏好、减少餐后的饱腹感。But whether it also affects efforts to shed pounds has been a matter of debate.但是一直以来人们对它是否会影响减肥效果存有争议。;It has become clear that genetics play a part in the reason why some of us get fatter,; said John Mathers, lead author of the research from Newcastle University.该项研究领头人、来自纽卡斯尔大学的约翰·马瑟斯说:;众所周知,基因在我们变胖的过程中扮演着重要的角色。;;The one that has the biggest effect in most people is the FTO gene, so we wondered whether having the high-risk version of the FTO gene would affect how well you could lose weight.;;而其中最有影响力的便是FTO基因,所以我们就想知道,高危FTO突变基因中对减肥会有多大的影响。;Writing in the British Medical Journal, Mathers and an international team of collaborators describe how they analysed eight previously published randomised control trials involving a total of more than 9,500 overweight or obese adults to investigate whether carrying the obesity-linked version of the FTO gene affects the ability to lose weight.马瑟斯在《英国医学杂志》里描述了他和一个国际合作团队,如何通过分析前人曾发表过的八项随机对照试验的结果,来调查携带肥胖FTO基因突变是否会影响人们减肥的能力。这八项实验共涵盖了9500多个超重或肥胖的成年研究对象。In all of the studies, the participants were tested to discover whether they carried the genetic variant, and whether they had one copy or two, but the results were not disclosed to the participants.在所有的研究中,研究者们均测试了研究对象是否携带该基因变异,以及他们是否携带有一个或两个变异基因副本,但测试结果并没有告知被测试者。The researchers found that for each copy of the high-risk gene the participants possessed, they were, on average, almost 0.9kg heavier.研究人员发现,平均每一个携带高危基因者比未携带者重约0.9kg。TThe participants took part in a variety of weight-loss programmes, including diet-based, exercise-based and drug-based approaches.被测试者参加了各种各样的减肥活动,包括以节食,运动和药物为基础的方法。;To our surprise, we discovered that carrying the high-risk FTO gene made no difference to your ability to lose weight.;;让我们吃惊的是,我们发现携带高危FTO突变基因并不影响人们减肥的能力。;;So people lost weight at just the same rate if they had the high-risk version of the FTO gene as if they didn#39;t,; said Mathers.;因此不管人们是否携带该突变基因,他们减肥的速度是一样的。;马瑟斯说。;There was no link between the type of the intervention – so whether the people were losing weight through diet or physical activity – and the gene. It seemed to work equally well.;;实验的干扰项和基因没有任何关系,因此,不管基因是怎样的,无论是通过节食还是运动,人们减肥的效果好像都一样的。;Sex and ethnicity, the authors said, did not affect the rate of weight loss, although they noted there was a lack of participants of Asian descent.虽然文章作者有提及,该项研究中并没有亚洲居民参与进来,但是他们声称,人的性别与种族对减肥速度并没有什么影响。The studies, added Mathers, did not show whether carrying the obesity-linked version of the FTO gene affects whether weight loss was sustained, as the longest follow-up time was three years.而马瑟斯补充说,在该项研究中,实验随访时间最长的是3年,但是也并没有发现携带有肥胖相关的FTO基因对减肥效果有任何影响。Dr Jude Oben, co-founder of the Obesity Action Campaign and senior lecturer in hepatology at University College London, welcomed the results.英国对抗肥胖运动的发起人之一,伦敦大学学院肝脏科高级讲师裘德·奥本士对这项研究结果表示欣慰,;Obesity is costing the NHS 16bn pounds a year. We at Obesity Action Campaign are alarmed by this.;他说:;每年由于肥胖引发的问题需要花英国国民健康保险(NHS)160亿英镑。;;Obesity causes cancer, diabetes, heart disease and liver cirrhosis. It is the HIV of our age. It is killing millions of our patients,; he said.;在对抗肥胖运动中,我们对这个现状感到震惊。肥胖会导致癌症、糖尿病、心脏病以及肝硬化,肥胖就是我们这个时代的艾滋病毒,数以百万的人正因此丧命。;;That this size of study and its robust statistical methodologies support common sense is great. ;;这项研究通过庞大的调查规模以及详实可靠的统计数据来撑一个常识,这一点很了不起。;;It means that general weight loss strategies which must involve the psychological, nutritional, physical and policy changes should be developed.;;由此我们可知,我们应该制定出会给人们的心理健康、养生观念、身体健康甚至政府政策带来改变的原则性的减肥策略。; /201609/469192

Look at the sun going down...看太阳下山了……Speaking of going down...说到下山……Ricky had a superb ability to ruin any romantic moment瑞奇有毁掉任何浪漫时刻的超能力 /201609/468236

Hey, what#39;s up, ladies ...嘿,你们好吗,女士们……The dragon#39;s two other heads were always kind of annoyed by the third one.龙的两个头总是被第三个头搞得恼火不已。 /201610/471621Hunger is more powerful than thirst, fear or anxiety, new research suggests.最新研究表明,饥饿对人的影响比口渴、恐惧或者是焦虑都要大。Scientists at the National Institutes of Health found lab mice would be willing to put themselves in danger or cut themselves off socially if it meant they could eat.美国国立卫生研究院的科学家们发现,如果实验室的老鼠在粮食充足的情况下,它们甚至愿意将自己置身于危险之中,或者切断自己与社会的联系。The mice also picked food over water in every scenario.在不同的实验环境下,老鼠们相对于饮水更倾向于选择食物。The findings have been hailed as a crucial step towards our understanding of eating disorders and how to control food cravings.这项发现已经被视为人们了解饮食失调及如何控制对食物的渴望的至关重要的一步。It is the first research that pits different cravings against each other, looking at how hunger affects us in a more naturalistic setting.研究人员首次在相互竞争的状态下对人类不同的欲望进行研究,并观察饥饿如何在自然环境中对我们产生影响。Previous studies have isolated each craving - hunger, thirst, fear - to work out how the brain triggers such instincts.先前的研究中,人们将不同的欲望进行分开,例如饥饿、口渴和恐惧,同时观察大脑如何触发人类的这种本能。But now experts in diabetes and obesity are looking at how powerful each craving is, in relation to our other survival instincts.但现在糖尿病和肥胖症的相关专家研究的是几种不同生存本能之间的关系,并了解单个生存本能对人体产生的影响。The study, carried out by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), put mice in different scenarios where they would have to choose between cravings. 该研究由美国国家糖尿病、消化及肾脏疾病研究中心(NIDDK)负责承担,研究人员将实验小鼠放在不同的实验条件下,并让其在不同的生存本能之间做出选择。To make them hungry, the scientists did one of two things: deprived the mice of food for 24 hours or activated neurons that are known to cause hunger.为了让实验小鼠处于饥饿状态,科学家们会让小鼠处于饥饿状态24小时,或者激活能够产生饥饿感的神经元中心。A similar process was performed to make them thirsty. To make them scared they would put them in a large space which smelled like foxes.让它们产生口渴感的方式与让其产生饥饿感的方式相同。至于恐惧感,为了让小鼠产生恐惧会将其放置在闻起来有点像狐狸味道的环境中。In one set of experiments, mice that were both thirsty and hungry consumed more food at the expense of drinking water. That, however, was the least surprising result.实验中,又渴又饿的小鼠们在同样的条件下相比饮水消耗了更多的食物。然而,这样的结果却是让人十分惊讶的。To their astonishment, hungry mice placed in a scary situation would overcome their fear and venture ahead if they knew there was food in the danger zone.让实验人员惊讶的是,将饥饿的小鼠们放置在令它们感到害怕的环境中,如果它们知道这里有食物,则会选择克制自己的恐惧。By contrast, sated mice preferred to stay in #39;safe#39; corner zones or in a non-scented chamber rather than venture out into the more risky locations.相比之下,吃饱的小鼠们则会选择待在相对“安全”的角落,而不会冒着风险去探索其它区域。Hunger also drove mice to cut themselves off socially. Hungry mice preferred to spend time in a chamber with food rather than a different chamber containing another mouse.解饿感也会趋势小鼠切断自己于社会间的联系。处于饥饿状态的小鼠宁愿选择自己一个人待在有食物的屋子里,也不去另外一间屋子跟一群小鼠混在一起。Mice that were lonely but not hungry strongly preferred the company of another mouse to a chamber baited with food.具有强烈孤独感但是还不是很饿的小鼠,则会选择寻找自己同伴,而不再独自躲在有食物的屋子里。#39;We interpret this as a unique ability of hunger-tuned neurons to anticipate the benefits of searching for food, and then alter behavior accordingly,#39; lead author Dr Michael Krashes said. 研究项目负责人迈克尔·克拉希斯士表示;“我们认为独特的饥饿调节神经元事先预测到食物的作用,并因此改变了生物体的行为模式。”#39;Evolutionarily speaking, animals that consistently picked the right motivations over others have survived while other animals have not.#39;“从进化论的角度来说,能够活下的动物们都是做出来正确的选择,而其它的动物我们就可想而知了。” /201610/469918

GYM健身房Weclome! Here, you pay a monthly fee and you#39;ll be allowed to lift heavy things and push your physique to the limit!欢迎!在这里,你每月付费用,你就可以举起重物,达到你的体格极限Harry was always ahead of his time哈里总是走在时代的前面 /201609/463446Long-term use of antibiotics increases the risk later in life of developing colon polyps, often a precursor of bowel cancer, researchers said Wednesday. The findings, published in the journal Gut, boost evidence that the digestive tract#39;s complex network of bacteria may play a key role in cancer emergence.研究人员于周三说道,长期用抗生素会增加以后患结肠息肉的风险,这往往是肠癌的前兆。发表在《消化道》(Gut)期刊上的研究结果明:消化道细菌的复杂网络可能在癌症出现中起着重要作用。Earlier research has linked antibiotic use to developing bowel cancer but the potential association with these abnormal growths had not been explored. To find out more, Andrew Chan of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston combed through health records for 16,642 women who were 60 or older in 2004.早期研究表明用抗生素与患肠癌之间存在联系,但并未探索用抗生素与息肉异常生长的潜在关系。2004年,为了解更多信息,波士顿马萨诸塞州总医院的陈志辉梳理了16642名60岁或60岁以上女性的健康记录。The women were enrolled in the Nurses Health Study, which has been following the health of 121,700 nurses in the ed States since 1976. The nurses#39; medications are included in the monitoring. The women examined in the new study had had at least one colonoscopy between 2004 and 2010. During that period, 1,195 cases of polyps were diagnosed.这些女性参加了护士健康研究,这项研究自1976年以来一直都在关注美国121700位护士的健康。护士用的药物也被列入监测范围。在2004至2010年间,新研究中检查的这些女性至少进行了一次结肠镜检查。在这个时间段,1195人被确诊长了息肉。The researchers found an increased risk of polyps among women who had taken antibiotics for a total of two months or more over a two-decade span. Women who did so in their 20s and 30s had a 36-percent greater chance of polyps forming compared to counterparts who did not extensively use antibiotics.研究人员发现:在20年的时间内,那些用抗生素总时长达两个月或以上的女性,更容易长息肉。相比没有大量用抗生素的女性,那些在二三十岁大量用的女性,她们患息肉的风险增加了36%。The risk jumped by 70 percent in women who took antibiotics for at least two months while they were in their 40s and 50s. ;Long-term antibiotic use in early-to-middle adulthood was associated with increased risk of colorectal adenoma,; the study said, using the technical term for polyps.而四五十多岁的女性,若她们用抗生素的时长超过两个月,那患息肉的风险则增加了70%。该研究说道,;中青年妇女长期用抗生素会导致患结直肠腺瘤的风险增加,;结直肠腺瘤是息肉的术语。The study was not based on a controlled experiment, so the evidence that antibiotics somehow lead to the appearance of polyps remains circumstantial, the researchers noted. But there is a plausible explanation for how this might happen, they added.研究人员指出,该研究并不是基于对照实验进行的,所以抗生素会以某种方式导致息肉的据依然是间接的。但他们补充说,这一现象的发生是有合理解释的。Antibiotics fundamentally alter the population of bacteria in the digestive tract -- the microbiome -- by killing some germs and reducing the population of others. Even when they work as intended by eliminating a disease-causing bug, antibiotics also reduce the gut#39;s resistance to other ;hostile; bacteria. This disruption of the natural balance of bacteria, earlier work has shown, is common in patients with bowel cancer.通过杀死细菌并减少其它细菌的滋生,抗生素从根本上改变了消化道内的细菌群体--微生物菌群。即使抗生素能消除致病的蠕虫,但它同时也降低了肠道对其它有害细菌的抵抗力。早期的研究表明,细菌自然平衡的破坏在肠癌患者中十分常见。译文属 /201704/503287

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