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In Antarctica, everyday is (an) Olympic one. These Emperor Penguins are near the end of a two-week fishing marathon, bringing food for their hungry chicks, waiting miles away. But a challenger threatens the entire competition. A Leopard Seal waits at the shoreline. It's hungry too. Some Emperors make the leap onto shore before it can reach them. But the Leopard Seal is patient, it knows it controls the playing field. Superb athletes, they sense the Leopard Seal, and reverse direction in a split second. Seeing opening, more and more penguins stream up and out onto the ice. The momentum seems to turn the way of the penguins. Dozens make the leap to the safety of land, until the Leopard Seal changes the rules of the game. The penguins scramble to get away. Out of the water, both the seal and the penguins lose their speed and agility. Only desperation remains. The Leopard Seal snares a penguin, but the "seal victory" seems certain. But the game is not over yet. Penguins will go limp rather than struggle. When the Leopard Seal loses its grip, the penguin will make a break for it. This one is gone like a shot. It rejoins its teammates safely waiting at a distance. The Leopard Seal ,though ,doesn’t give up. It still has good field position. And now, the element of surprise. The Leopard Seal won’t lose its grip this time and takes its prize into the sea. For all but one, these competitors have won the fight to see another day.200812/58900

Bush, Obama Remember Troops at Christmas布什奥巴马号召过节不忘驻外美军 Both U.S. President George Bush and President-elect Barack Obama are spending a quiet Christmas out of the media spotlight with family and friends. They are urging Americans to remember U.S. troops abroad as they celebrate this holiday season. 美国总统布什和当选美国总统奥巴马都在新闻媒体的视线外与亲友一起静悄悄地欢度圣诞节。他们敦促美国人在庆祝节日佳期时别忘了在国外的美国军人。President Bush is at Camp David - the U.S. presidential retreat in the mountains of western Maryland. President-elect Obama is in Hawaii, where he was born and raised. 布什总统目前在马里兰州西部山区的美国总统度假地戴维营。当选总统奥巴马则在夏威夷,他生长的地方。They are one in spirit on this Christmas - uniting in calling on all Americans to remember and honor U.S. troops who are far from home for the holidays. 他俩在圣诞节期间一致呼吁全体美国人在节日期间要记得并尊重远离家乡的美国军人。Mr. Bush called nine members of the armed forces on Christmas Eve to thank them for their service. All are deployed abroad, primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan. 布什总统在圣诞节前夕打电话给九位军人,感谢他们为国务。这九位军人全都部署在海外,主要是在伊拉克和阿富汗。In his weekly radio address - released early to coincide with the holiday - Mr. Bush reflected on their love of country. 布什总统因为节日而提前发表每周广播讲话。他在讲话中谈到了军人们的爱国精神。"Every one of them has sacrificed to serve our nation. And with their sacrifices, they preserve the peace and freedom that we celebrate during the season," he said. 他说:“他们每一个人都由于为国务而作出了牺牲。他们以自己的牺牲让我们在庆祝节日时享有和平与自由。”President-elect Obama echoed those thoughts in the official Democratic Party response.  当选总统奥巴马在民主党的正式回应中表达了跟布什总统相同的想法。"Our troops and military families have won the respect and gratitude of their broader American family," he said. "Michelle and I have them in our prayers this Christmas, and we must all continue to offer them are full support in the weeks and months to come." 他说:“我们的部队和军人家属赢得了美国大家庭的尊重和感激。我和米歇尔在今年圣诞节的祷告中也会为他们祈祷,我们都必须在今后一段时间内继续向他们提供全力持。”But Mr. Obama went on to stress these are also tough times for Americans hit hard by the nation's economic ills. He said there are many who need a job, struggle to pay bills, and worry that they could lose their homes. 奥巴马接着强调指出,还有一些美国人因为受美国经济弊病的沉重打击而处境困难。他说,有许多人没有工作,挣扎着付账单,并且还担心可能会失去自己的住房。"That is why this season of giving should also be a time to renew a sense of common purpose and shared citizenship. Now, more than ever, we must rededicate ourselves to the notion that we share a common destiny as Americas - that I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper," he added. 奥巴马说:“那就是为什么在这个施予他人礼物的节期,我们也应当再次感受到我们作为美国公民的共同目标。如今我们要比以往任何时候都更加意识到,作为美国公民,我们要有同舟共济的理念,我们要互相帮助。”The Obama family is expected to remain in Hawaii to ring in on January 1. President Bush will travel from Camp David to his Texas ranch on Friday and will remain there until New Year's Day. 奥巴马一家预计将在夏威夷迎来年的元旦。布什总统将在星期五从戴维营前往德克萨斯州的农场,并将在那里庆祝元旦。200812/59629

It’s nearly nine a.m. on a workday but Noah Kaufman, volunteer manager of the 113th Street Play Garden, cannot help stopping at the 12-by-30-meter green space. Grabbing a hand trowel, he turns over the pebbly loam looking for worms for his plot.这是一个普通工作日,早上大约9点,第113街“游玩花园”的志愿者主席诺厄·考夫曼情不自禁地停在这个3千平方米的绿地上,用一把小铲子挖开铺满砾石的土壤,看看土里有没有害虫。"New York City is, if anything, the built environment. We have plenty of concrete. We have plenty of bricks. We have plenty of steel," says Kaufman. "We have little, little places like this vest pocket park, which are a small oasis, a piece of green, a place where there are trees, where there are weed trees, fruits trees which have been planted by humans or planted by nature provide a little refuge from the city. So for the neighbors here on 113th street, this is our front yard and we share it."考夫曼说:“纽约市高楼林立,到处都是混凝土、砖、钢铁。但我们没有很多地方象这个袖珍小公园一样,作为一个小小的绿洲,长满了人类种植或者是大自然种下的、能够为市民们带来些许庇护的大树、野生树和果树。对第113街的居民来说,这里就是我们的前院。我们保护它,分享它。”The community garden has been a refuge for Alexandra Patz and her 7-year-old son ever since her family moved to New York from the suburbs where they had their own yard.亚历桑德拉·帕策和7岁的儿子从郊区一个带后院的房子搬进纽约市后,常常躲到这个小公园里来。"When we moved to the city, I was glad to find on this block that there was this little garden where we could become involved, and where my son could experience digging and growing things," says Patz. 她说:“如果我儿子想做一个鸟窝,或者在树上挂一个鸟窝,他至少有一个地方可以这么做。这也算是一种户外活动,我们可以听到小鸟叫。”201105/135036

Green Tricks And Treats Danny Seo of Better Homes And Gardens magazine showed Maggie Rodriguez some eco-friendly tricks and treats for a greener Halloween. Not everything about Halloween has to be dark and scary. You can also be green as an eco-friendly. Here with some great ideas with Dany , a living green contributor for Better Homes an Gardens. Hello.Happy Halloween to you.The same to you, Danny.Let’s start with your solar power ghosts. Yeah, we can all have solar lights and say as super energy fission because you use the power this charge up. So why not take old bed sheet and look at I am gonna do. You hang it over the solar light, you take a little sharpy draw on the face of the ghost. Look, you’ve got an illuminated ghost, so at night, when some ghosts down and the solar lights turn on, you’ve got this glowing ghosts hanging in the trees.We have some , there you go.That is beautiful. That’s look like, that is pretty awesome. How gorgeous that is! And paint spooky and uses the power of the super energy fission lights in a very creative way. Can be that. Ok, let’s talk about this little ghost lights. This is ally D, right?Yes, this is the newest thing in this string right now. Alle D since for a light and made in deal. It’s basically these lights with irregular string lights, it is pumpkins. Here is a scary bat. They can last 25,000 hours because of the math. What? So if you do the math like 20,000, three and a half years will stay illuminated. If you plug it today, three and a half years from now, you have to up/ because it will finally burn out. That is wonderful.A 999 you can be with ouch. I was just to say how it compared to regular lights.Yeah, so for the long carats gray and it also feels very safe, cos it don’t get too hot to touch. I don’t reach. Yeah. Ok, that we go.Maga//. So let’s talk about these, these are painted with nontoxic paint, which is the great idea?Not just nontoxic paint, glue and dark paints. And better homes and gardens, we are obsessed with glue and dark paint, because it is nontoxic but also it uses the power of sun to charge up this special paint here, then you do little path where you glue the dark rocks they glue in great path right in your front door.Do we have of that? No, no . We can imagine of that. Ok, let’s go over to the jack-o-lanterns. Then once you put candles in, you recommend using soy candles. Yeah, soy we know is getting fit in environment, because it is to be a newable soy beans that it’s not para for base and really inexpensive now. This is the five one from math, because you right here to soy, the last one in a half times longer and burn in traditional candles. Meaning you jack-o-lantern into your parties if outdoors. It could say illuminated a lot longer, so a really good choice. (and price?)And there getting much more comparative in price with regular candle. So if you think about how long it actually can burn, it can save money in the long run. And they come with this / almost pumpkin chips. I think it poor containers will do a great idea for a parple.Well, what will you do after Halloween with your jack-o-lantern? Actually we cycle the pumpkin as a planter. You should never throw away your pumpkin. Because believe it or not, all these seeds if you don’t actually germen it and then fears having problems for the vines. Yeah, and it’s actually horrific for / . so you actually should chap it up buried it in your garden if you can. All you set is a plan. That’ a good idea, all right. Let’s talk about recycling and cartons, carbons. That’s a great idea too.Well, who doesn’t have this regular carbon like a cut sharpy, or some black paint, if you make this scary a little bats. Here, this is the fun kids project. ( yeah) I’ll take all the carbon cards cut them into the shape of shines and clipping message on it and put it outside.You are recycling. Speaking of recycling, this is the best, let’s go through the chocolate facial. How you could use your candy if you don’t need it at all.Well, believe it or not, chocolate is good to fill because the antioxidant in dark chocolate. It’s incorporated into lots of facials are chance sparse.Exactly, so why spend a lot of money use a little bit of milk, rich dark chocolate, / do you know. Put my hands. And actually put it on my skin is gonna more straight skin. The antioxidant likely calm the redness on it (and then you can let it get out. ) It’s also get pretty to. Yummy, taste too special I have ever had. I know, and it is so easy to deal out your kids Halloween trick and treat bats and also hard candy too, you can recycle too. Just put like better /it into a clean coffee grinder. Take a little bit of your flavor, pat of sugar put inside the coffee and you’ve got flavor trip. It’s nice to see you. Thank you, Happy Halloween.Thank you. 200811/55504

ICRC Disinfects Houses to Counter Cholera in Zimbabwe红十字会为津住宅消毒防霍乱蔓延  The International Committee of the Red Cross said it has begun disinfecting homes in Zimbabwe's capital in an effort to battle the cholera epidemic. Red Cross officials said the number of cases is soaring and more needs to be done to halt the sp of the disease. 国际红十字委员会表示,该组织开始对津巴布韦首都哈拉雷的住宅进行消毒,以抗击霍乱疫情,据信这种流行病已经夺走1100多人的生命。红十字官员说,霍乱病例正在急速增加,需要采取更多的措施控制疾病蔓延。The ed Nations reported there now are more than 20,000 cases of cholera and more than 1,100 deaths from the disease in Zimbabwe. The largest number of cases have been in the capital, Harare. 联合国报告说,津巴布韦现在有两万多个霍乱病例,1100多人死亡。津巴布韦首都哈拉雷的死亡人数最多。That is one of the principal reasons the International Committee of the Red Cross is mounting its disinfecting campaign there. 这是国际红十字委员会在哈拉雷进行消毒的主要原因之一。Red Cross Spokeswoman, Anna Schaaf, said the Red Cross has been providing assistance to cholera victims since the outbreak of the disease in August. But, she said, it has decided to broaden its response to prevent more people from becoming infected. 红十字会发言人安娜.夏芙说,自从津巴布韦8月爆发霍乱疫情以来,红十字会一直在为霍乱病人提供帮助。不过她说,红十字会决定扩大应对霍乱的措施,防止更多的人染病。"We are basically joining forces now with health workers from Beatrice hospital and Budiriro Polyclinic in Harare to go to the homes of those who are patients in those clinics and disinfect the homes and talk to the communities in the suburbs of Harare in order to explain to them how they can avoid getting infected. So, we are spraying the homes and basically trying to break the transmission cycle of the cholera bacteria," she said.  夏芙说:“我们现在基本上跟哈拉雷的比阿特利斯医院和比迪利罗综合医院的医务人员一道去病人的家里,对他们的房子进行消毒,并向哈拉雷城郊社区讲解避免感染霍乱的知识。所以,我们正在对住户喷洒消毒剂,争取从根本上阻断霍乱传播循环。”Schaaf said toilets, blankets and clothing are being sprayed with a chlorine-based disinfectant. 夏芙说,用针对霍乱的消毒液给卫生间、毯子和衣物消毒。Zimbabwe's crumbling health care system has faced difficulty dealing with the crisis, which President Robert Mugabe's government has blamed on the West. Earlier this month, the president denied there was a cholera outbreak, but officials have since said that he was being sarcastic. 津巴布韦陷入瘫痪的卫生系统在应对这场危机中遇到困难,穆加贝总统的政府认为是西方国家造成的。这个月早些时候,穆加贝否认爆发霍乱疫情,不过有关官员此后说,他是以讽刺的口吻说的这番话。In addition to disinfecting the homes, she said Red Cross staff and city health workers are advising the families of patients and neighborhood residents on how to avoid catching the disease. She said aid workers also take people who have contracted cholera to treatment centers. 除了对住处进行消毒之外,夏芙说,红十字会工作人员和哈拉雷的医务人员一道向病人家属和左邻右舍的居民进行宣传,教他们预防措施。夏芙说,援助人员还把病患送到治疗中心。In the coming days, she said aid workers will distribute water-purification tablets, buckets and soap to promote sanitation in affected communities. The ICRC also is providing protective clothing, as well as other supplies and transportation for people working in this campaign. 夏芙说,今后几天援助人员将向爆发疫情的社区分发净水药片、水桶和肥皂,让人们注意卫生。红十字会还向参加宣传行动的人员提供防护装等物资以及交通工具。Cholera can sp from contaminated water and bad sanitation. This week, the Red Cross donated pumps, water-testing equipment and spare parts to the Zimbabwe National Water Authority.  霍乱可以经由受到污染的水和不良的卫生环境传播。这个星期,红十字会向津巴布韦国家水务部门捐赠了水泵、化验水的设备,以及维修配件。The main water-treatment plant serves Harare and the surrounding area. The Red Cross said the equipment will improve the plant's efficiency. 这家主要的水处理厂负责处理哈拉雷以及周边地区的水处理。红十字会表示,这些验水设备会提高这家水处理厂的效率。200812/59299

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