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安康长江医院前列腺增生收费标准安康长江皮肤科医院在哪安康中医院泌尿科咨询 A coffee shop in East London has provoked outrage after banning Ugg boots and referring to them as slag wellies.英国伦敦东区一家咖啡店禁止顾客穿Ugg雪地靴入店,并称其为“渣鞋”,这一举动激起了众怒。Brick Lane Coffee in Shoreditch, East London, slated the popular Australian brand on a chalkboard outside its shop earlier this week, with the message: #39;Sorry no Uggs (slag wellies)#39;.近日,这家位于新兴文艺区Shoreditch的“砖巷”咖啡店在店门口的黑板上写下了一则关于澳大利亚著名品牌Ugg的提示:“对不起,穿Uggs(渣鞋)者不得入内”。Passers-by took to Twitter to express their anger and it#39;s not the first time The Goswell Road establishment has caused controversy.路人们随即开始在推特上表达他们的愤怒,这家位于高斯维尔路上的咖啡店已经不是第一次引起这样的争议了。Earlier this year it prompted a similar response with a sign saying #39;sorry, no poor people#39; and another that #39;please don#39;t feed the crackies,#39; referring to drug addicts.今年早些时候,“砖巷”咖啡店曾推出“对不起,穷人勿进”和“请不要喂那些吸毒者”的标语。Brick Lane Coffee are known for their provocative chalk board signs.“砖巷”咖啡店以其极具挑衅意味的黑板粉笔标语而闻名。Previous offerings include: #39;One coffee a day keeps Ebola away,#39; and #39;No Northerners (you couldn#39;t afford it anyway).#39;先前的标语包括:“一天一咖啡,埃拉远离你”和“北方人不得入内(反正你买不起)”。The independent retailer was unapologetic about the latest row.这家独立经营的咖啡店不愿为其引发争议的新标语道歉。In a statement, a spokeswoman said:#39;This criticism is a lot less than the support we get. Our shop is full of happy customers.在一份声明中,一位女发言人说:“我们得到的持比批评多多了,我们店里满是快乐的顾客。#39;All this kind of faux outrage does is give us further publicity.#39;“这样的批评让我们的知名度更高了。” /201511/412149Liu Zongyuan (773~819) was a Chinese writer who lived in Chang#39;an during the Tang Dynasty. He was traditionally classed as one of the Eight Great Prose Masters of the Tang and Song.柳宗元(773~819),中国唐代作家,唐宋八大家之一。Along with Han Yu, he was a founder of the Classical Prose Movement.他居于长安,与韩愈一起发起了古文运动。His civil service career was initially successful, but in 805 he fell from favour because of his association with a failed reformist movement. He was exiled first to Yongzhou (Hunan Province ), and then to Liuzhou (Guangxi Province).柳宗元的官场生活起初非常成功,但是805年他因与一场不成功的改革派运动有关而失宠,首先被贬到永州(湖南境内),之后又被贬到柳州(广西境内)。However, this setback allowed his literary career to flourish: he produced poems, fables, reflective travelogues and essays sythesizing elements of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.然而,官场上的挫折却使得柳宗元的文学事业繁荣了起来: 他创作了诗歌、寓言、游记以及融合了儒释道思想元素的散文。Liu Zongyuan produced many examples of clear and charming prose and became reputed as one of the renowned ;Eight Masters of Tang and Song.;柳宗元写了许多清晰迷人的散文,成为著名的唐宋八大家之一。柳宗元最著名的游记是《永州八记》。His best-known travel pieces are the Eight Records of Excursions in Yongzhou. Around 180 of his poems are extant.现存柳诗约180首。Some of his works celebrate his freedom from office, while others mourn his banishment.尽管他的一些作品中对遭贬表示遗憾,但是他的一些作品也表明他很庆幸自己能够远离官场。 /201601/422051安康市妇保医院割包皮多少钱

平利县医院泌尿系统在线咨询In 1974, a handful of impoverished Shaanxi farmers were digging a well when they stumbled across one of the most incredible archaeological finds in history: thousands of unique terra-cotta warriors standing guard over the tomb of China#39;s first emperor. The legendary Qin Shi Huang united the warring states of China and built the magnificent tomb—and the stories of his life are just as fascinating as you#39;d expect.1974年的某天,陕西省临潼县的几个农民正在打井,却无意中邂逅了考古史上最令人惊叹的奇迹——秦始皇陵兵马俑。数千个风格迥异的兵马俑屹立千年,守护着中国第一位封建帝王的陵寝,规模之宏大,蔚为壮观。秦始皇横扫六国,一统宇内,修建皇陵,极尽奢华。他用自己的一生书写了一部传奇,令人心驰神往。10.Building The Tomb10.秦始皇陵兵马俑Most people are familiar with the terra-cotta warriors, each with their own unique features and armed with a variety of weapons. But the true scale of the tomb is almost impossible to comprehend, especially considering its construction began around 246 B.C.秦始皇陵兵马俑被誉为;世界第八大奇迹;,闻名遐迩。每个陶俑都具有独特的风格与迥异的武器配备。事实上,秦始皇陵兵马俑规模之宏大远超大家想象,这点从其修建时间便可见一斑:秦始皇陵始建于公元前246年,修建时间共持续37年。The entire complex hasn#39;t even been excavated yet, but archaeologists believe it sprawls over 56 square kilometers (21 mi2) and includes around 600 individual sites. In addition to the terra-cotta soldiers, with their horses and chariots, there are sections of the tomb dedicated to less militaristic figures. There are terra-cotta government officials, terra-cotta musicians with their instruments, acrobats captured in mid-tumble, and even a section mimicking the emperor#39;s worldly court—complete with terra-cotta birds. Work on the complex began when the future Qin Shi Huang rose to a princely throne at the age of 13. Craftsmen from across China were recruited for the massive project and as many as 720,000 laborers were drafted to build it.While Qin Shi Huang#39;s own final resting place hasn#39;t been found yet, it#39;s rumored to be even more incredible than the rest of the complex. Legend claims it#39;s surrounded by deadly rivers of mercury. Worryingly, high levels of mercury have actually been found in the soil around the tomb complex. Not content with rivers of death, Qin Shi Huang#39;s successor ordered that many of the tomb#39;s craftsmen be sealed inside it, ensuring that the first emperor#39;s burial place would be shrouded in secrecy.秦始皇陵至今尚未全部发掘,考古学家认为该陵墓绵延56平方千米,共包含各类陪葬坑约有600处。秦代主张以武力强国,因此秦始皇陵中有大量配备马车与双轮战车的陶俑,富有;战国主义;色。除此之外,陵墓中还有代表不同风格的陶俑,比如:朝中大臣、演奏乐器的伶官、翻滚跳跃着的杂技演员,甚至用陶俑再现了秦代法庭的模样。秦始皇自13岁即位,就开始在骊山修建大型奢华陵墓。全国各地的精兵巧匠参与了这场浩大的工程,有72万人被征募参与了陵墓的修建。尽管秦始皇的;寝宫;陵墓至今尚未发现,但据说其;寝宫;比已发现的陵墓更奢华百倍。传说秦始皇骊山陵有象征汪洋大海川流不息的;水银之河;,是用机械灌注水银而成。唯一令人担忧的是,秦始皇陵附近的土地被检测水银含量超标。为了确保秦始皇的;寝宫;骊山陵的位置能成为永久的秘密。秦二世将参与修建的工人全部埋葬在陵墓之中,无人逃脱陪葬的命运。9.The Dynasty Only Lasted 15 Years9.秦朝统治仅持续了15年When the Warring States period ended in 221 B.C., the victorious King Zheng of Qin renamed himself Shi Huangdi. Today, he#39;s usually referred to as Qin Shi Huang, or ;First Qin Emperor.; But in spite of his massive achievement in unifying China, his dynasty only lasted 15 years. In other words, construction work on his tomb lasted longer than the Qin dynasty ruled China.公元前221年,战国时代结束,中国步入封建大一统.秦国嬴政一统六国,建立秦朝,自称;始皇帝;.今天,我们通常称他为;秦始皇;或;秦朝第一位皇帝;.尽管秦始皇一统中国,功勋卓越,但秦代统治在历史上仅延续了15年,是名副其实的短命王朝.换句话说,秦朝统治时间竟比秦始皇陵兵马俑的修建时间还要短。Qin Shi Huang died suddenly in 210 B.C., leaving almost nothing in place to dictate what should come after him. It was only on his deathbed that he declared his oldest son his heir, a decision that didn#39;t sit well with his closest advisers. Needing to keep the emperor#39;s death a secret while they maneuvered to get his second son into power, his advisers subsequently hid his body in a wagon of rotting fish, knowing that the smell would mask the scent of his corpse.Spurred on by a string of natural disasters and the brutal Qin rule, the people revolted. Civil war ensued, and it wasn#39;t until 202 B.C. that the Han Dynasty would be established and life truly went on. Ironically, during his short reign Qin Shi Huang had dubbed his dynasty ;the Empire of a Thousand Generations.;公元前210年,秦始皇还来不及指点秦代未来江山社稷,就在第5次东巡途中暴毙死亡。令人疑惑的是,秦始皇即位后未立太子,直到死前才在病榻上宣布其继承人。遗憾的是,秦始皇死前宣布的继承人并不符合秦代丞相赵高与李斯的心意。为了帮助秦二世胡亥篡权,他们需要隐瞒秦始皇死亡的事实,于是赵高与李斯将秦始皇的尸体丢在放死鱼的马车上,以死鱼的腐尸味道掩盖秦始皇尸体的气味。秦二世继承皇位后实施残虐暴政,自然灾害频发,百姓生活于水深火热之中。随后人民奋起反抗,陈胜吴广揭竿而起。直到公元前202年,汉朝建立,人民才能安宁地生活。秦始皇即位后,曾多次宣称秦朝统治将延续千年,如今想来,不禁有几分讽刺。8.Rumors Of Illegitimacy8.私生子的传言According to the official story, the man who would become Qin Shi Huang was the son of King Zhuangxiang and a concubine known as the Lady Zhao. After the death of the king, Lady Zhao took another lover, giving Qin Shi Huang the headache of two half-siblings. To make sure that neither ever challenged him, he had them both killed. For good measure, he also killed his mother#39;s lover and had his mother arrested.据正史记载 ,秦始皇是秦庄襄王与其小妾赵姬之子 。庄襄王薨逝后(译者注:指王侯之死) ,赵姬又有了一个情夫,还给秦始皇生了两个惹事生非的弟弟。为了确保他们不会威胁皇权,秦始皇把两个弟弟都杀了,另外他还处死了母亲的情人并软禁了自己的母亲。Otherwise, not much is known about his early life or family, which may have helped the claims that he was actually illegitimate. Although the story is now considered doubtful, it comes from one of the definitive works of Chinese history, the Records of the Historian by Sima Qian. The author had inherited the position of court historian, choosing castration rather than death after angering a subsequent emperor. After his castration, Sima Qian went on to complete his work, including the story of Qin Shi Huang#39;s true birth. Qin Shi Huang#39;s father, according to the story, was actually a man named Lu Buwei, who would go on to be one of his advisers. A wealthy merchant, one of Lu Buwei#39;s concubines had caught the eye of the king. Naturally, the merchant gave up the concubine—but she was aly pregnant at the time. Lu Buwei knew this, taking solace in the fact that his son would one day inherit the kingdom.另一方面,秦始皇早期的生活及身世不为世人所熟知。而这些情况表明,秦始皇实际上可能是个私生子。尽管这种说法现在广受质疑,但这一说法由司马迁所著的著名史书《史记》所载。司马迁袭父职继任太史令,由于触怒继任的皇帝,在处死和阉割两种刑罚中,他选择了后者。受阉割之刑后,司马迁继续完成他的著作,其中就有关于秦始皇真实身世的故事。据《史记》所载,秦始皇的生父是一个名叫吕不韦的男子,而吕不韦也是他的臣下之一。吕不韦曾是富商,有一次庄襄王看上了他的小妾赵姬。尽管那时赵姬已经身怀六甲,吕不韦也只能主动进献。吕不韦很清楚赵姬怀这一点,他只能自我慰籍他的儿子以后会继位成为诸侯王。7.Mount Taishan7.泰山A UNESCO World Heritage site, Mount Taishan is one of the most culturally important places in China. The majestic mountain has been a sacred site since Neolithic times, and it was in part because of Qin Shi Huang that it continued to be so even after the unification of China.作为联合国教科文组织评选的世界遗产,泰山也是中国最重要的文化景点之一。庄严雄伟的泰山自从新石器时期就是一处圣地。某种程度上泰山一直在扮演这种神圣的角色,甚至延续到秦始皇统一六国后。Even today, the ruins of a massive rock wall can still be seen on the mountain, the last remnant of fortifications built by the State of Qin. After his victory, Qin Shi Huang himself scaled the mountain in order to pay homage for his victory. His pilgrimage began the practice of emperors climbing the mountain after coming to power, firmly establishing it as the cultural center of China. With its 6,600 stone steps, the mountain is host to centuries of historic artifacts, including 1,800 stone tablets and countless inscriptions. Mount Taishan, and the four surrounding mountains later became known as the Five Sacred Mountains, representing the original unification of China.直到今天,山上还能看见大量的岩石城墙的废墟,这些仅存的防御工事是秦国修筑的。统一六国后,秦始皇亲登泰山,以昭示他的丰功伟绩。他的封禅仪式开创了后世皇帝即位必登泰山的先河,由此牢牢树立了泰山是中华文化中心的形象。6600级石阶蜿蜒而上,泰山拥有众多历史悠久的古迹,包括1800块碑碣和数不清的碑文。后来泰山及其余四座大山并称为家喻户晓的;五岳;,共同代表着中国最初的统一。6.The Strange Birth Of Legalism6.法家的奇怪诞生Qin Shi Huang ruled through the principle of legalism. Simply put, legalism dictates that people must earn what they get and pay the price for doing something wrong. Accomplishments lead to promotions and wealth, while making a mistake or breaking the law leads to punishment. Laws need to be clearly stated and public, and the only way to get ahead in life is by following the rules. One of the most famous legalist reformers was Shang Yang, who first presented his theories to King Xiao of Qin. According to the story, the philosopher appeared before the king three times to impart his wisdom. On the first two occasions, the king fell asleep midway through the discussion. The third time, Shang Yang tried a different tack and talked about the use of military might to enforce the law. That got the king#39;s attention, and a fourth meeting for Shang Yang, where the details of legalism were hashed out.秦始皇以法家学说治国。法家学说施行虽简单,却规定了劳有所得、有错必罚;提出;功当其事,事当其言,则赏;功不当其事,事不当其言,则罚;;要求法律规定明确、公布于众,而人们晋升的唯一道路就是遵纪守法。商鞅是法家的代表人物之一,他是第一个向秦孝公提出法家的理论的人。传说商鞅三见孝公,畅谈变法治国之策。在前两次见面中,秦孝公都在讨论中昏昏欲睡。第三次,商鞅尝试了用不同的游说方式,他谈论了关于法律在军队中应用的问题。这勾起了秦孝公的兴趣,于是在第四次和商鞅的会面中,律法实施的细节问题在反复讨论中被敲定。In theory, some of the principles Shang Yang advocated don#39;t sound that bad. The old aristocracy was abolished, replaced with those loyal to the central government. The government itself was centralized, and merit was rewarded. Less popular was the division of the population into small family groups of 5 or 10, with the understanding that if one member did something wrong, the others needed to report it to the government or receive the designated punishment of being cut in half. Ironically, Shang Yang ultimately found himself the victim of some aristocratic plotting and was sentenced to be torn apart by five chariots.在理论上,商鞅的一些主张并没有听起来那么糟糕。他提倡废除旧贵族,取而代之的是那些对朝廷忠心的臣民,提出朝廷作为集权的中心,倡导有功必赏,建议家庭人口以更细的单位划分,每个家庭5个或10个人,同时附带一个规则:当一个成员做错了事,另外的人需要向官衙报告,否则就会被处以腰斩的刑罚。讽刺的是,商鞅最后是被一些贵族密谋陷害,五马分尸而死。翻译:小飞侠 来源:前十网 /201511/412693安康长江要预约吗 McDonald#39;s Corp (MCD.N) plans to launch in China this year 150 outlets where clients can customize burgers to suit their tastes, as the world#39;s top restaurant chain aims to grow sales in the country after being hit by a fast-food scandal in 2014.麦当劳公司计划年内在中国开设150家概念餐厅,在这些餐厅里,顾客可以根据自己的口味自创汉堡。而作为世界顶级快餐连锁公司的麦当劳,在经历了2014年食品安全问题的沉重打击后,决心在中国提升销售额。The U.S. burger chain currently has 11 such outlets on the mainland, including in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing, Regina Hui, senior director of communications for McDonald#39;s China said in an email received late on Thursday, in which she also disclosed the plans for the 150 restaurants.麦当劳中国区新闻发言人Regina Hui在周四的一封邮件中公布,麦当劳现在在中国内地共有11家类似的概念餐厅,分别位于上海、广州、深圳以及北京,未来计划在全中国新增150家自助概念餐厅。McDonald#39;s beat analyst forecasts for quarterly same-restaurant sales this week, adding momentum to a global recovery for the chain as demand picked up in China.麦当劳公司这星期公布的四季度同店销售额超出了分析师的预测。中国市场的快速恢复为该公司全球销售力的恢复提供了强有力的动力。Its same-store sales in China rose 4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015, the second straight quarter of growth after four quarters of falling sales.在2015年的第四季度,麦当劳在中国的同店销售额增长了4%,是继连续四季度销售额下降之后,连续第二季度上涨。McDonald#39;s and Yum Brands Inc (YUM.N), the parent of KFC and Pizza Hut, are slowly turning things around in China, although same-restaurant sales for both firms remain below pre-scandal levels, according to a Reuters analysis of available data.根据路透社对已有数据的分析,尽管相比2014年食品安全事件曝出之前,麦当劳和百胜公司(肯德基和必胜客的母公司)的同店销售额仍然要低很多,但两家公司在中国的业绩正在慢慢好好转。The so-called #39;Create Your Taste#39; outlets allow customers to build customized burgers from a wide selection of ingredients.麦当劳所谓的“自创口味”指的是,顾客可以从各式各样的配菜中,搭配出符合自己口味的汉堡。Hui said the chain had seen ;very positive feedback; from local diners, who analysts say are increasingly tough to win over due to greater health awareness and a boom in the range of available dining options.Regina Hui表示,他们已经从当地食客中收到了非常积极的反馈,而分析师认为,由于较高的健康意识和多样的就餐选择,通常来说,这些人非常难以取悦。 /201602/425365安康长江男科医院地址

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