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Doctors at one of Delhi’s top government hospitals will be given daily martial arts training in response to a sharp rise in reports of violence against medical practitioners in India.印度德里一所顶尖公立医院的医生将接受日常武术训练,以应对针对医务人员的暴力事件大幅上升的现状。About 1,500 resident doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (Aiims) in New Delhi will be given taekwondo classes in the hospital’s gym every evening from 15 May.新德里全印医学科学学院(简称Aiims)将近1500名住院医师将从5月15日开始每晚在医院的健身房参加跆拳道训练班。The president of the resident doctors’ association at the hospital, Dr Vijay Gurjar, said violence against doctors was growing “and the government is not taking necessary steps to decrease it”.该医院住院医师协会主席维贾伊?古贾尔士表示,针对医生的暴力行为日益严重,但“政府并没有采取必要措施来减少这种情况的发生”。“Prevention is better than the cure, and if the government is not providing adequate security, then you have to take measures to save your life or vital organs,” he said.他说:“预防胜于补救,如果政府没有提供足够的安全保障,那么我们自己就必须采取措施保护自己的生命或重要器官不受伤害。”According to the Lancet medical journal, a 2016 study carried out in a Delhi hospital found that 40% of resident doctors had been exposed to violence at work in the previous 12 months.据《柳叶刀》医学期刊报道,2016年一项在德里某医院进行的研究发现,40%的住院医师在过去12个月中曾在工作时遭受暴力。The Indian Medical Association (IMA) says 75% of doctors will face physical or verbal violence during their career. Attacks on nurses and other hospital staff are also thought to be endemic but less frequently reported.印度医学协会(IMA)称,75%的医生在其职业生涯中会遭受身体或言语暴力。护士和医院里其他的工作人员也被认为常常遭受袭击,但这类的报道较少。Doctors say there are many reasons for the violence, including massive overcrowding in the public health system, which has contributed to a weakening of the bonds between physicians, the people they treat, and their families.医生说,产生暴力的原因很多,其中包括由于公共医疗系统处理太多病人导致的医生和他们治疗的病人及其家属之间的联系较弱。Corruption and overcharging also mar many Indians’ encounters with the health system.腐败和过度收费也使许多印度人对医疗系统印象恶劣。“India has a large proportion of population that is disenfranchised from health care,” Vivekanand Jha, the executive director of the Delhi-based George Institute for Global Health, told the Lancet.总部在德里的乔治全球健康研究院的执行董事维韦卡南德?杰哈告诉《柳叶刀》:“有很大一部分印度人被剥夺了享受医疗的权利。”“Any encounter with the medical system results in catastrophic expenditure for most people. It should not be hard to understand why people begrudge this and hold the medical community responsible.”“对大部分人来说,只要涉及到医疗系统,就会产生高昂的费用。因此不难理解为什么人们对此不满,而且认为这是医学界的过错。”Doctors at Aiims worked in helmets last month in solidarity with their colleagues in Mumbai, thousands of whom went on strike in the city after three attacks on doctors in as many days.上个月,全印医学科学学院的医生为声援孟买的同事,带着头盔工作。那些在孟买的医生们在三天内遭受三次暴力袭击,数以千计的医生们走上城市街头,举行罢工。According to witnesses, in one incident about 15 people attacked the junior doctor Rohith Kumar after the death of a woman he was treating, who was suffering from chronic kidney failure.据目击者称,在一起袭击事件中,初级医生罗西斯?库马尔治疗的一名患有慢性肾衰的女性患者死亡后,约有15人对该医生进行袭击。The IMA is also running education programmes to encourage doctors to spend more time with their patients.印度医学协会也正在开展教育项目,鼓励医生花更多的时间陪伴患者。It is lobbying for a national criminal law dealing specifically with attacks on doctors and other health professionals.协会还在推动国家将袭击医生和其他医疗专业人员的行为列入刑法。 /201705/508710。

The decision by Theresa May, the new UK prime minister, to postpone approval for Hinkley Point nuclear power station, apparently because of security concerns about Chinese investors involved in the project, raises questions about another of her predecessors’ flagships: George Osborne’s “Northern Powerhouse”.英国新首相特里萨#8226;梅(Theresa May)推迟批准欣克利角(Hinkley Point)核电站项目,显然是因为中国投资者参与该项目而对安全方面感到担忧。她的这个决定使人对上届政府的另一个旗舰项目产生疑问:英国前财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯本(George Osborne)的“北部振兴计划”(Northern powerhouse)。Wooing Chinese investment was central to the former chancellor of the exchequer’s plan to harness the collective strength of northern England’s cities and so to rebalance the economy and devolve powers from Whitehall. If Hinkley is cancelled and a promised “golden era” of UK-China commercial relations comes to nought, the Powerhouse will look underfunded.对于奥斯本这一旨在利用英格兰北部城市的集体力量、推动经济再平衡和政府权力下放的计划来说,吸引中国投资是关键所在。如果欣克利角项目被取消,同时承诺的中英商业关系“黄金时代”无果而终,“北部振兴计划”看上去将陷入资金不足的局面。Jim O’Neill, Treasury minister and former Goldman Sachs chief economist, a driving force behind the Northern Powerhouse, is considering quitting the government over Mrs May’s approach to China.鉴于梅的对华姿态,英国财政部商务大臣、高盛(Goldman Sachs)前首席经济学家吉姆#8226;奥尼尔(Jim O#39;Neill)正考虑辞去政府职务。他是推动“北部振兴计划”的人士之一。Before the Hinkley announcement, Mrs May had reaffirmed the government’s commitment to the Powerhouse and spoke of a “gaping chasm” between London and the rest of the country. However, she sees the project a bit differently from her predecessors. She pledged to help “not one or even two of our great regional cities, but every single one of them” — an implied rebuke to Mr Osborne’s focus on Manchester and its near neighbours, such as(notably Leeds andincluding Sheffield.在宣布推迟评估欣克利角核电站协议之前,梅重申了政府对“北部振兴计划”的承诺,并谈到伦敦与国内其他地区“日益扩大的差距”。不过,她对“北部振兴计划”的看法与上届政府官员有些不同。她承诺要帮助的“不是一两个大型地区性城市,而是每一个城市”,言外之意是不苟同奥斯本对曼彻斯特及邻近城市的关注,例如谢菲尔德。The UK’s Brexit vote has added political urgency to the issue. The greatest support for leaving the EU was in predominantly working-class areas of the north and Midlands, where many felt let down by the political establishment. We should not be surprised. Even in the 1975 referendum, when the UK voted by two to one to stay in the European Economic Community, the leave vote was particularly strong in south Yorkshire and the north-east. This timeMore than two-thirds of voters in towns such as Hartlepool, Doncaster, Barnsley and Blackpool voted to leave.英国的退欧公投给这个问题增加了政治紧迫性。持退欧的最大力量来自英格兰北部和米德兰地区以工人阶级为主的地区,在这些地区,很多人对政治当局感到失望。对此我们不应感到意外。在1975年英国以2:1的投票结果持留在欧洲经济共同体(European Economic Community)的公投中,约克郡南部和英格兰东北部持退出的投票尤其踊跃。这一次,在哈特尔浦、唐卡斯特、贝恩斯利和布莱克浦等地,超过三分之二的投票者持退欧。Parts of the north, notably city centres, have recovered from deindustrialisation, but the region’s economic output per head remains about 25 per cent below the average for the rest of England. The north lags behind in health, life expectancy, employment, earnings and productivity.英格兰北部的部分地区(特别是中心城市)已从去工业化中复苏,但该地区的人均经济产出仍较英格兰其他地区的平均水平低25%左右。在健康状况、预期寿命、就业、收入和生产率方面,北部地区处于落后地位。The Brexit vote highlighted a criticism of the Northern Powerhouse: that it benefits cities more than small towns and rural areas. Mr Osborne’s aim was to improve transport links and research collaboration between cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle, areas thatwere among the few in the north that voted to stay in the EU. People elsewhere in the north fear being left even further behind.退欧公投突显出针对“北部振兴计划”的批评:比起小城镇和乡村地区,城市地区受益更大。奥斯本的目标是改善利物浦、曼彻斯特、利兹和纽卡斯尔等城市之间的交通联系和研究协作——这些城市是英格兰北部少数几个持留在欧盟的地区。北部其他地区的人们担心自己所在地区以后会落后得更多。Understandable as those concerns may be, it would be wrong to backpedal on the Northern Powerhouse or its equivalent, the “Midlands Engine”. These regions have suffered too often abortive plans. There is substantial business support for the schemes involved and crucial infrastructure decisions, notably on a trans-Pennine fast rail link and road tunnel are yet to be made.那些担忧或许可以理解,但在“北部振兴计划”上变卦将是错误的。相关项目获得了企业的大力持,而关键的基础设施决定迄今仍未做出。The challenge is this: can the initiative develop in a way that benefits the whole area? Better transport links between and within city regions will help give more people access to jobs in cities. And what is needed in addition is a stronger drive to improve skills and education across the north, which has too few high-skilled workers and too many low-skilled ones. According to think-tank ResPublica, the north’s proportion of residents with higher-level qualifications (31 per cent) is below the national average (36 per cent) and significantly behind London (49 per cent).挑战在于,“北部振兴计划”能以让整个地区受益的方式来推进吗?城市区域之间以及城市内部的交通改善将有助于让更多的人在城市工作。此外我们还需要加大努力提高整个北部地区的技能和教育水平——北部地区的高技能工人太少,而低技能工人太多。智库ResPublica的数据显示,北部地区拥有中高级资格书的居民比例为31%,低于全国平均水平的36%,更是远远落后于伦敦的49%。Skills are harder for politicians to influence than trains and roads, but the north will not catch up without this. The northIt struggles to attract high-calibre teachers: a pay premium for teachers teachers those in poorer areas would help. Northern Its secondary schools have, on average, funding of £1,300 less per pupil than those in London, according to the IPPR North think-tank.对政客们来说,比起火车和道路,要在技能上施加影响更加困难,但缺乏技术,北部地区就无法追赶其他地区。北部地区很难吸引高水准的教师:提高较贫困地区的教师薪资将会有所帮助。智库IPPR North的数据显示,北部地区中学在每位学生身上平均所花经费比伦敦少1300英镑。School standards need a concerted focus by mayors, council leaders and headteachers. That requires restoring local democratic influence over independent state-funded academies: it makes little sense to devolve powers over transport, health, skills and planning while centralising control of schools. The north’s revival cannot be fashioned in Whitehall.提高学校水平需要市长、市议会领导人和校长的共同关注。这需要恢复地方民主对独立的政府拨款的学术机构的影响:移交交通、医疗、技能和规划方面的权力同时集中控制着学校谈不上明智。北部地区的复兴不可能由白厅来完成。 /201608/458432。

Fifty percent of farmers responding to a survey said they have no plans to move to towns and settle down in urban areas, reported 21cn.com on last Thursday.据21CN网上周四报道,在最新一项调查中,50%的接受调查的农民表示,他们没有移居城镇并在城市定居的计划。According to the study released by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), only about 33 percent were positive about the idea of relocating to cities. Around 17 percent expressed neither negative nor positive view.中国社科院发布的这项调查研究显示,只有大约33%的人对在城市定居这一想法反应积极,而大约17%的人则保持中立态度。The farmers cited many reasons for not wanting to move to cities.这些农民引用了很多不想移居城市的理由:Age was cited as the biggest factor, with the majority, 20 percent, saying they were too old to work in towns, while the necessity of taking care of parents and children came in second place (18%), followed by farm work (10%) and unfamiliarity with urban lifestyle (9%).其中,年龄是最大的问题,所占的比例最高。20%的农民表示,他们年龄太大而不能在城市里工作。此外,照顾父母和孩子的必要性占据第二位(18%),接下来是农田劳作(10%)和对城市生活方式不熟悉(9%)。In China#39;s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), the urbanization rate will reach 60 percent in 2020, up 4 percent than 56.1 percent in 2015.在中国的十三五计划(2016-2020)中,2020年中国的城市化率将达到60%,这一数字比2015年的56.1%要增加了4个百分点。However, 66 percent of respondents said they plan to go back to their hometown after a certain age. The report said if the migrants go back to rural areas after a certain period then that means the urbanization drive has not achieved its goals and that impedes the progress of urbanization.不过,受访者中66%的人表示,他们打算呆到一定年龄就返回老家去。该报告指出,如果这些外出人员在特定时间段以后回到农村地区,那就意味着城市化进程没有达标,这将阻碍城市化的发展。In recent years the number of migrants going to towns and looking for jobs has fallen.近年来,进入城镇以及在城镇寻找工作的外出人员数量已经有所下降。Dang Guoying, a researcher at Rural Development Institute of the CASS, said many factors will influence the urbanization rate, including household system, social security, real estate price, minimum wage and land property right.中国社科院农村发展所研究员党国英表示,包括家庭工业制,社会安全,房价,最低收入和土地所有权在内的很多因素都将会影响到城市化率。 /201604/437592。

Research has shown that the world spent nearly one trillion hours using smartphone apps last year and according to new data, this trend is still on the rise.一项研究称,去年全世界的人在智能手机APP上花费了近1万亿个小时的时间,而最新数据表明,这一趋势仍在上升。App Annie, a business intelligent firm, has discovered that the amount of time had increased by 25 percent in the first quarter of 2017.商业情报公司App Annie发现,2017年第一季度人们使用APP的时间增加了25%。On average, smartphone users were found to access more than 30 apps a month and each person had launched at least 10 apps per day.平均来看,智能手机用户每月使用30多个APP,而每人平均每天都要登录至少10个APP。App Annie recently released its 2017 #39;Spotlight on Consumer App Usage#39; report where it analyzed 10 countries around the world: India, Brazil, China, South Korea, Germany, the US, France, the UK, Japan and Mexico.App Annie公司最近发布了《2017年APP使用报告》,对包括印度、巴西、中国、韩国、德国、美国、法国、英国、日本和墨西哥等10个国家进行了分析。#39;This increase in total time is largely a result of an exploding global user base,#39; App Annie shared in the report. #39;However, user-level metrics, such as the number of apps used and the average time per user, are vital in understanding what lies behind the cumulative hours.#39;App Annie在报告中表示:“APP使用总时间的增加,主要是全球智能手机用户增加的结果。然而,诸如使用APP的数量、每个用户使用的平均时间等用户级别指标在理解这些时间背后的含义方面至关重要。”#39;By and large, they prefer to manage their lives through apps. For many industries, apps are increasingly becoming a must-have.#39;“总的来说,人们更喜欢用APP来管理自己的生活。对许多行业来说,APP正日益成为一个必须的工具。” /201705/508880。

Zaro Bates operates and lives on a 5,000-square-foot farm on Staten Island, which may make her the city’s only commercial farmer-in-residence. But instead of a shingled farmhouse surrounded by acres of fields, Ms. Bates lives in a second-floor studio in a midrise apartment complex built on the site of a former naval base overlooking New York Bay.扎罗·贝茨(Zaro Bates)在斯塔滕岛经营着一个面积5000平方英尺(约合465平方米)的农场,并在那里居住,这使她成为也许是这个城市里唯一的商业农场经营者。但贝茨不是生活在被数英亩农田环绕的木瓦农舍,而是在一个中高层住宅小区的一间二楼工作室内,这个俯瞰纽约湾的地方原本是一座海军基地。The farm itself sits in a courtyard between two buildings at Urby, a development with 571 rental apartments that opened in Stapleton last year. Ms. Bates draws a modest salary and gets free housing, which sounds like a good deal until you discover how much work she has to put in.农场则是尔比(Urby)的两栋建筑之间的庭院,这是斯泰普尔顿去年开盘的地产项目,共有571座出租公寓。贝茨领着一份中等的薪水,有免费住房,这听起来挺划算,但如果你知道她为此付出多少劳动,就不那么想了。The 26-year-old oversees a weekly farmstand on the complex premises from May through November and donates to food banks. In her repertory? Some 50 types of produce — greens, summer vegetables, flowers, herbs and roots. She does this with help from her business partner and husband, Asher Landes, 29.从5月一直到11月,26岁的贝茨在这个小区里每周举办一次农贸市集,同时也给食物慈善机构捐赠食物。她的产出?大约有50种农产品——绿叶蔬菜、夏季蔬菜、花、草本香料和根茎蔬菜。她在自己的丈夫兼生意伙伴、29岁的阿舍·兰德斯(Asher Landes)的帮助下完成这些工作。Let the doubters doubt.信不信由你。“A lot of people instinctively call it a garden, but we really try to manage it for a commercial market,” Ms. Bates said. “It’s funny that people have different kinds of notions of what a farm is. Some people think it needs to have animals, that it needs to have acreage. We intensively crop this space so that we can produce for market, and that’s why we call it a farm.”“很多人习惯性地把它称作花园,但我们的确是在为满足一个商业市场的需求来管理它,”贝茨说。“人们对一个农场应该是什么样有不同看法,这挺有意思。有些人觉得应该有动物,应该有数英亩的土地。我们在这片空间里密集地种植,以便能满足市场所需,这是我们称它为农场的原因。”Farming, of course, is a New York tradition. In the late 1800s, loam and livestock were predominant north of Central Park and in what is now the East 50s. In “Win-Win Ecology,” Michael L. Rosenzweig argues that ecological science has rooted itself in the common ground of development and conservation: the use of rich natural resources in places where we work and live.当然,种植是纽约的一项传统。在19世纪末,中央公园北部和现在被称为“东50s”的地方主要是农田和家畜。在《双赢生态》(Win-Win Ecology)一书中,迈克尔·L·罗森茨魏格(Michael L. Rosenzweig)指出,生态科学植根于共同的开发与保护:把我们工作和生活的地方的丰富自然资源利用起来。Farms like Ms. Bates’s, in addition to more traditional farmland, have been around for quite some time. Thomas Whitlow, an associate professor of horticulture who specializes in urban plants at Cornell University, Ms. Bates’s alma mater, said that in the 1940s some 40 percent of fresh market produce in New York was grown in victory gardens.除了较传统的农田之外,像贝茨经营的这种农场早就已经有了。在贝茨的母校康奈尔大学(Cornell University)专门研究都市植物的园艺学副教授汤马斯·惠特洛(Thomas Whitlow)表示,在1940年代,纽约生鲜市场上有大约40%的农产品来自“胜利园”(战争期间在私人宅院和公园里开辟的蔬菜种植地。——译注)。“Certainly, urban populations in general are very adaptable as conditions change,” Dr. Whitlow said. “They can change within the space of a year. Just a hundred years ago we were almost a hunter-gatherer society and did indeed have farming in major metropolitan areas.”“当然,城市人口整体上十分适应环境变化,”惠特洛说。“在不到一年的时间里,他们就可以实现改变。仅仅100年前,我们几乎还称得上一个狩猎采集社会,而且的确在大都会地区进行农业种植。”Ms. Bates had hardly seen farmland as a child. Her parents, who moved to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, in the early 1990s, rarely took the family upstate. They had the backyard of their home, but no green thumbs between them. The yard was a play space.贝茨小时候基本没看见过农田。她的父母在1990年代初移居布鲁克林的卡罗尔花园,很少带家人到纽约州北部去。家有个后院,但没人懂农业种植。那个院子就是个玩耍的地方。After graduating from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell, where she studied developmental sociology, Ms. Bates volunteered as a groundskeeper at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Mass.贝茨在康奈尔大学农业和生命科学学院(College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell)学发展社会学。毕业后,她自告奋勇地到马萨诸塞州斯托克布里奇市的克里帕鲁瑜伽及健康中心(Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health)当了一名园地管理员。“That was the first time that I drove a tractor, did wood chipping, shoveled heaps of snow in the Berkshires winter, then planted in the springtime and just worked outside with a team of people through the seasons,” she said. “That was my first experience with that type of work and really falling in love with that.”“那是我第一次用拖拉机、碎木机,第一次在斯托克布里奇的冬天铲成堆的雪,然后在春季种植,跟一群人一年四季在户外忙活,”她说。“那是我第一次做这类工作,并真正爱上了它。”Afterward she intended to travel, maybe visit South America. Her plans were postponed by an apprenticeship at Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop and urban farming consultancy group, where Ms. Bates farmed under the tutelage of the chief operating officer, Gwen Schantz.她原本打算之后出去旅行,或许到南美看看。因为接到屋顶和都市农业咨询机构布鲁克林农庄(Brooklyn Grange)的学徒工作,那项计划推迟了。在农庄里,贝茨在首席运营官格温·尚茨(Gwen Schantz)的指导下进行种植。“We love designing and installing green spaces for clients, but it’s equally exciting to see others taking this work up, especially young, savvy farmers like Zaro,” Ms. Schantz said.“我们喜欢为客户设计和布置绿色空间,但看到其他人开始从事这项工作也同样让人兴奋,尤其是像扎罗这样年轻能干的农场主,”尚茨说。“What we did was similar to other farmers’ markets in the city,” Ms. Bates said. “But because it was enclosed in a space that invites hanging out for a while, we really invited people to make it more of a Saturday afternoon activity. That was not just for Urby residents, but also anyone from the general public.”“我们所做的和市里其他农贸市场是差不多的,”贝茨说。“但因为它是设在一个让人想在里面闲逛的封闭空间里,我们就真的邀请人们过来,让它变得更像一个周六下午的活动。它不仅仅针对尔比的住户,也向公众开放。”Ms. Bates and Mr. Landes try to plant according to requests from local residents. The proceeds go to the couple’s company, supplementing the annual salary they each receive from Urby. (Urby and Ms. Bates declined to disclose the amount.) They also host workshops and a book club.贝茨和兰德斯尽力按照当地居民的要求种植。农场的收益归这对夫妇的公司,此外还有他们从尔比获得的年薪。(尔比和贝茨拒绝透露薪资的数额。)他们还会举办工作坊和读书俱乐部活动。“The priority is to residents,” Ms. Bates said, “but also to build community.”“最重要的不仅是满足居民的需求,”贝茨说,“还有营造一个社区。” /201703/498475。

Truck Attack in Nice, France: What We Know, and What We Don’t关于尼斯袭击,我们目前知道什么A large truck plowed into a crowd gathered to watch Bastille Day fireworks in Nice, France, on Thursday, killing at least 84 people.周四,一辆大货车在法国尼斯冲入聚集观看法国国庆烟花的人群,造成至少84人死亡。What We Know目前我们知道的: Around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, the truck sped down the promenade in the seaside city of Nice. French officials said that one man was identified as driving the truck, and he was shot dead by police.周四晚间10点30分左右,卡车加速驶入海滨城市尼斯的一条人行道。法国官方称,一名男子被指认为卡车司机,他已被警方击毙。 At least 84 people were killed, and dozens others injured, some of them severely, officials said Friday morning.官员于周五上午表示,袭击已造成至少84人死亡,数十人受伤,其中一些人伤情严重。 President Fran#231;ois Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls convened an emergency meeting at the Interior Ministry in Paris to discuss the situation. The interior minister, Bernard Cazenueve, traveled to Nice.法国总统奥朗德和总理曼纽尔·瓦尔斯(Manuel Valls )在巴黎召开紧急内政部(Interior Ministry)会议,以讨论袭击事件的情况。内政部部长伯纳德·卡泽纳夫(Bernard Cazenueve)已前往尼斯。 The Paris prosecutor’s office, which oversees counterterrorism investigations in France, has taken charge of the inquiry.监督法国反恐调查的巴黎检察官办公室负责对此事的调查工作。 France was aly reeling from a string of terrorist attacks since the start of last year, including attacks in and around Paris in January and November that killed 147 people. Islamist extremists claimed responsibility for those attacks.去年年初以来,法国已经受到一连串恐怖袭击,包括1月和11月在巴黎及周边共造成147人死亡的袭击。伊斯兰极端分子称对这些袭击负责。 The attack in Nice occurred on France’s national holiday — 227 years since the storming of the Bastille prison, a pivotal moment in the French Revolution — and in one of France’s most populous cities, during peak vacation season.尼斯袭击发生在法国的国家假期——法国大革命的关键性事件攻占巴士底狱227周年纪念日。尼斯是法国人口最多的城市之一,且正值当地度假季的高峰期。What We Don’t Know目前我们尚未得知的: Who committed the attacks, and why.是谁发起了袭击,为什么要发动袭击。 The extent and adequacy of the preparations that French officials had put in place to handle large crowds during the Bastille Day celebrations, especially in cities outside of Paris, the capital. Extensive security, including the hiring of private security agents, had been put in place for the recent UEFA European Championship soccer tournament.在法国国庆庆典期间,尤其是针对首都巴黎以外的城市,法国政府在管控大量人群方面准备的有多充足、范围有多广。在近期的欧洲杯足球联赛期间,法国政府投入了包括雇佣的私家安保人员在内的大量安保力量。 Whether France’s intelligence and security agencies had received any hints of the danger. On July 5, a parliamentary inquiry examining the attacks in January and November 2015 found widesp failures in the collection and analysis of information that could have helped prevent those assaults.法国的情报与安全部门是否收到过任何危险预警。7月5日的一次议会质询调查了发生在2015年1月和11月的两场袭击,发现在情报的收集和分析过程中出现了大量的失误。这些情报本可以在阻止袭击中发挥作用。 /201607/454774。

It was thought to only lay eggs but experts have provided the first ever evidence that an ancient ancestor of the crocodile also had live births.A remarkable 250 million-year-old fossil has been discovered which contains an embryo inside the mother.鳄鱼一般被认为是只下蛋的,但专家提供了一个远古鳄鱼胎生的据-----一个两亿五千万年前含有胚胎的母鳄鱼化石被发现。The new fossil is from a distant ancestor of the crocodile that flourished in shallow seas of South China in the Middle Triassic.Live birth is well known in mammals where the mother has a placenta to nourish the developing embryo.It is also very common among lizards and snakes where the babies sometimes #39;hatch#39; inside their mother and emerge without a shelled egg.新化石来自一个生活在三迭纪华南浅海的远古鳄鱼。胎生在哺乳动物中是众所周知的,哺乳动物母亲具有滋养胚胎发育的胎盘。蜥蜴和蛇中也非常普遍有时婴儿在他们的母亲体内“孵化”而没有壳蛋的出现(蝮蛇等,也叫卵胎生)。Until recently the third major group of living land vertebrates the crocodiles and birds only laid eggs.直到最近,作为第三种主要的陆生脊椎动物:鳄鱼和鸟类都被认为是只下蛋的。Researchers from Hefei University of Technology in China discovered the new fossil of an unusual long-necked animal called Dinocephalosaurus - a creature that flourished in shallow seas of South China in the Middle Triassic.来自中国合肥工业大学的研究者们发现了新的化石——一种罕见的叫做“东方恐头龙”的长颈动物,这一生物在三叠纪中期时在华南浅海曾经大量繁衍。An embryo was found inside the rib cage of the mother and facing forwards.在恐头龙妈妈的胸腔里面发现了一个面朝前方的胚胎。This suggests that the animal was not eaten - as swallowed animals generally face backwards because the predator swallows its prey head-first to help it go down its throat.这表示这个动物可能不是被捕食的。通常被吃下的动物是面朝后的,因为食肉动物为了顺利吞咽那些被捕食的动物,经常先从脑袋吞起。 /201702/493096。

The tobacco industry should be dead by now. 烟草行业到现在应该已经死亡。Billions of dollars in lawsuits, public health campaigns, heavy restrictions on advertising, none have succeed in killing it. 数十亿美元的诉讼、公共卫生宣传、严格的广告限制,都没有成功掐灭这个行业。Forty million Americans still smoke — 15 per cent of women and about 20 per cent of men. 美国仍有4000万人吸烟,占女性的15%,占男性的20%左右。Chances are they’ll die a decade before non-smokers but they keep lighting up.他们可能比不吸烟者早死10年,但他们仍在吞云吐雾。Around the world, antismoking campaigns have succeeded in stabilising the rise in the number of smokers. 在全球范围内,禁烟运动成功稳定了吸烟者数量的增加。In China, sales are falling. 在中国,香烟销售额在下滑。In Australia, cigarettes must be sold in drab green packages covered in pictures of tumours, diseased hearts and lungs, and dying smokers. 在澳大利亚,香烟必须以单调的绿色包装销售,包装上有肿瘤、患病心脏和肺以及垂死吸烟者的图片。The brand name can only appear in small font on the front. 品牌名称只能以小字体出现在包装正面。The logic is that unbranded cigarettes are less appealing to the young who might otherwise see them as a statement of fashion or rebellion.其逻辑是,无品牌香烟不那么吸引年轻人,否则他们可能视其为一种时尚或反叛的声明。Yet, for all this, tobacco companies have proved crafty and resilient. 然而,尽管如此,烟草公司已被明足智多谋且灵活善变。This week John Boehner, the Republican former speaker of the House of Representatives, joined the board of Reynolds American, the makers of Camel and Newport. 最近,美国前众议院议长、共和党人约翰#8226;纳(John Boehner)加入雷诺美国(Reynolds American)董事会,该公司是骆驼香烟(Camel)和新港(Newport)香烟的生产商。Mr Boehner is a Camel Ultra-Lights man and his job will be to speak for tobacco in Washington.纳是骆驼超醇香烟(Camel Ultra-Lights)的爱好者,他的工作将是在华盛顿为烟草公司辩护。During the summer, Newport engaged in its first direct-to-consumer marketing campaign in 15 years, promoting its menthol cigarettes at music festivals around the country using the Newport Pleasure Lounge, an air-conditioned trailer for smokers. 今年夏季,新港展开了15年来首次直接面向消费者的营销活动,利用为吸烟者准备的一辆配有空调的拖车Newport Pleasure Lounge,在全国各地的音乐节上促销其薄荷香烟。Menthols, Newport reckons, have new potential among younger consumers who crave flavour. 新港估计,薄荷香烟在渴求风味的较年轻消费者中具有新的潜力。They provide all the hit of a traditional cigarette with a cool blast of mint. 它们提供传统香烟的所有提神效果,同时加上了一种清凉的薄荷浓香。Anyone willing to drink Budweiser’s Lime-A-Rita beer margarita, goes the theory, will be willing to take up menthols. 按照这种理论,任何一个希望饮用百威(Budweiser)青柠丽塔啤酒(Lime-A-Rita)的人都愿意尝试薄荷香烟。Whether these are the deranged ravings of product marketing or truth, only the market will tell.这些是产品营销的疯言疯语还是事实,只有市场能够作出评判。Japan Tobacco recently entered the US market with its inexpensive LD cigarettes. 日本烟草公司(Japan Tobacco)最近进入美国市场,推出了价格不高的乐迪(LD)香烟。In North Carolina, the home of US tobacco, where prices are among the lowest, a pack of LD costs just over half the price of a pack of Marlboro. 在美国烟草的故乡北卡罗来纳州,一包乐迪香烟的售价仅为万宝路(Marlboro)的一半多一点,而该州的香烟价格处于全球最低之列。Japan Tobacco’s logic is that the antismoking movement in the US is waning. 日本烟草公司的逻辑是,美国的禁烟运动正在衰落。There are fewer lawsuits, prices keep rising and the decline in the number of smokers seems to have slowed.诉讼数量减少,价格持续上涨,吸烟者数量的下滑趋势似乎已放缓。It feels as though, after years of hiding in plain sight, the tobacco industry is once again y to strut. 感觉好像是,在经过多年在人们眼皮底下藏身后,烟草行业正准备再次昂首阔步。Yet, for investors, the product has never stopped churning out returns. 然而,对于投资者而言,这种产品从未停止产生利润。A recent report from Credit Suisse covering industries with data going back to 1900 showed that tobacco had performed best, with an annualised return of 14.6 per cent compared with an average of 9.6 per cent. 瑞信(Credit Suisse)最近一份报告囊括了各种行业,数据回溯到1900年。A dollar invested in tobacco companies in 1900 would have grown, with reinvested dividends, to ,255 by the end of 2014. 报告显示,烟草行业表现最佳,年化回报率达到14.6%,而平均水平为9.6%。如果你在1900年投资烟草公司1美元,并将股息用于再投资,到2014年底这笔投资将增值至3.8255万美元。If you had invested the same dollar in shipbuilding and shipping, you would have a measly ,225.如果你用同样的钱投资造船和航运业,你只能拿回区区1225美元。The California Public Employees’ Retirement System sold its tobacco holdings 16 years ago, in the thick of the litigation against tobacco companies, but has said it may reconsider its decision.16年前,加州公务员养老体系(California Public Employees’ Retirement System)出售了其在烟草公司的持股,当时抵制烟草公司的诉讼非常多,但该机构表示,可能会重新考虑其决定。So what’s the secret? At one level, it’s simple. 那么秘诀是什么?从一个层面来说,很简单。Cigarettes are cheap to make and highly addictive, which allows for fat margins. 香烟生产成本廉价,而且很容易让人上瘾,达到丰厚利润率的空间巨大。And customers are loyal to their brands. 消费者忠于品牌。Snag them when they are young and chances are you’ll have them until they give up or die.如果在消费者年轻时就抓住机会,那么他们就很有可能会一直吸这种品牌的香烟,直到他们戒烟或死去。But tobacco companies have also proved remarkably innovative in the face of apparently existential threats. 但事实还明,面对貌似生死存亡的威胁,烟草公司具有惊人的创新能力。Chewing tobacco sales have been creeping up. 嚼烟的销售额一直在缓慢攀升。The market in ecigarettes, which heat tobacco fluid rather than burning cured leaves, is rapidly growing as companies figure out how deliver more nicotine per puff and send it deep into a smoker’s lungs. 电子香烟市场(加热烟草液体,而不是燃烧卷烟)正迅速壮大,烟草公司琢磨出如何增加每口吸入的尼古丁含量并令其深入吸烟者的肺。Sixteen per cent of school pupils aged 17-18 had smoked ecigarettes in the past year, according to US government estimates.根据美国政府的估计,过去一年,在17至18岁的学生中,有16%吸过电子香烟。Cigarette companies have even ridden the organic wave. 烟草公司甚至搭上了有机的浪潮。Reynolds American makes Natural American Spirit cigarettes, which it describes as natural, additive free and made with organic tobacco. 雷诺美国生产了Natural American Spirit香烟,称其为天然、无添加剂而且用有机烟草生产。The packets show a figure of a native American smoking a long pipe.香烟包装上是一张美国原住民抽旱烟的图片。Antismoking campaigners say, call them what you like, the cigarettes are just as bad for you as any other. 禁烟活动人士(你怎么称呼都行)表示,这种香烟和其他香烟一样对人体有害。But the marketing message — that somehow in smoking them you are tapping into some ancient, herbal ritual — goes down especially well with hipsters. 但这种营销信息(吸这种烟会让你重拾一些古老的、草本的仪式)尤其受到潮人的欢迎。A packet of Natural American Spirit is acceptable in environments where Marlboro is not.在万宝路不被接受的某些环境,一包Natural American Spirit可以让人接受。Tobacco companies also benefit from rising incomes in emerging economies. 烟草公司还受益于新兴经济体收入的日益增加。Even if the number of smokers is stagnant or falling in many places, you can keep pushing up the price of cigarettes as wages rise in emerging markets to compensate. 即便很多地区的吸烟者数量不增或下降,随着新兴市场的薪资上涨,你仍可以推高香烟价格作为弥补。If you put aside the health consequences, a pack of 20 remains a cheap thrill.如果你抛开健康后果,一包20的香烟仍然是一种廉价的刺激。For those who have rightly been banging on for years about the iniquity of tobacco companies, it must be maddening. 对于那些多年来正当抨击烟草公司罪恶的人而言,这肯定令人恼火。For every blow they land, the industry feints into new areas of profitability. 每当他们展开抨击时,该行业都会虚晃一,进入新的盈利领域。It seems quite possible that, 100 years from now, it will still be churning out cash at a rate to turn the rest of the Dow Jones green.100年后,该行业仍将实现高额利润,而其利润率将让道琼斯指数(Dow Jones)其他股票艳羡。 /201610/469782。