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A vending machine stocked with bottles of summer scented air was assembled at Slough train station to help evoke holiday memories among commuters.英国斯劳火车站安装了一台出售瓶装夏日芬芳空气的贩卖机,意在唤起通勤者的假日记忆。A hundred bottles were filled with distinctive holiday fragrances, including freshly cut grass, BBQ, sun cream and sea air, which were revealed as the nation#39;s favorites. Situated in the station#39;s ticket office, the novelty vending machine invited commuters to enjoy a free pick-me-up on their way to work.100个瓶子盛满了与众不同的假日芳香,包括新切割的草香、烧烤味、防晒霜香味和海洋空气,这些都是英国人最爱的夏日气息。这款新颖的贩卖机安装在火车站售票厅,欢迎通勤者在上班途中免费提神醒脑。OnePoll carried out a survey in July 2015 and found that 69 percent of 2,000 people consider the smell of freshly cut grass to be the most evocative summertime fragrance. While 40 percent said they prefer the smell of a good BBQ, 39 percent enjoy the distinctive fragrance of sun cream and 38 percent find sea air to be the perfect summertime cure.Onepoll在2015年7月进行的一项调查发现,2000个调查对象中有69%的人认为新切割的草香最能唤起他们对夏日的记忆。40%的人认为他们更喜欢美味烧烤的香味,39%的人喜欢独特的防晒霜香味,38%的人认为海边空气是最完美的夏日治愈品。The survey also found that on average Britons start to feel the holiday-blues a mere 16 days after returning to the UK. And the vast majority (82 percent) said that holiday memories offer the perfect pick-me-up for when they are feeling down.该调查还发现,平均而言,英国人在回国仅16天后就会开始感到假日忧郁症。大部分人(82%)认为在心情低落时,假日记忆是他们绝妙的提神醒脑品。Michael Callaghan, of Holiday Autos, the company who commissioned the survey, said: #39;We want to inject as much fun, freedom and frivolity into holidays as possible by giving people back that holiday feeling and something to smile about – we think the Smells of Summer vending machine really does just that. It#39;s likely that we will want to take our newest invention on the road and bring some summer sunshine to commuters around the country.#39;迈克尔·卡拉汉来自委托此调查的Holiday Autos公司,他说:“我们希望人们能重新体会度假时的感觉和一些让他们快乐的事物,尽我们所能为假日增添更多的乐趣、自由、快乐。我们认为夏日芬芳空气贩售机确实致力于此。我们可能会将我们的最新发明推广出去,在马路上也安装这种贩售机,给全国的通勤者带来一些夏日阳光。” /201508/391608A robber in a hurry struck at three banks along a stretch of Kings Highway in Brooklyn in a span of about 30 minutes on Friday afternoon, the police said.警方称,上周五下午,一名抢劫犯在30分钟时间内迅速袭击了布鲁克林区国王高速公路边上的三家。In the first and third robberies, tellers handed over cash to the robber, the police said, but he left empty-handed in the second encounter.警方说,在第一次和第三次抢劫中,出纳员将现金交给了抢劫犯,但在第二次抢劫中该名男子空手而归。The police do not believe that the man displayed a weapon, though they were still gathering information late Friday afternoon.尽管周五傍晚警方仍在收集信息,但警方认为该名男子不曾出示过武器。The mini-crime wave began at around 2:15 pm, when the robber entered a branch of the Apple Bank at 1321 Kings Highway. He handed a teller a note, was given some money and left, the police said.警方说,这一连串小规模犯罪大约始于下午2点15分,当时抢劫犯进入国王高速公路1321号的苹果分行,他递给出纳员一个字条,拿到了一些钱就走了。About 15 minutes later, the man walked into a Capital One branch at 1226 Kings Highway, the police said, and handed over a note, but did not get any cash.大约15分钟后,这名男子走进国王高速公路1226号的第一资本投资分行,递上一张字条,但一分钱也没拿到。About 2:40 pm, the suspect entered an HS bank branch at 1621 Kings Highway. Again, a note was handed over and he obtained some money, the police said.警方说,当天下午2点40分左右,这名嫌疑犯走进国王高速公路1621号的汇丰分行。他再一次递上了字条,这次他又拿到了一些钱。The police did not immediately say how much money the man had taken.警方没有马上透露该名男子拿走了多少钱。The robber#39;s spree shows ;a certain amount of perseverance,; said Thomas W. McKenna, a retired first-grade detective with the New York police.纽约警署已退休的一级侦探托马斯#8226;W#8226;麦肯纳说,这名抢劫犯的疯狂行为显示出“一定程度的锲而不舍”。;It#39;s very unusual for a guy to do three banks in a row, that close together, and to stay in the same area.;“一个人一连抢劫了三家,而且这三家又离得那么近,这个人还敢待在同一个区域,这是很不寻常的。”Mr McKenna added: ;He#39;s looking for a score, there#39;s no doubt about that. And he#39;s nonsectarian about which bank he goes to.麦肯纳补充说:“毫无疑问,他想创造一个纪录。他并不在意自己抢的是哪家。;Any bank is open play for him.;“任何对他而言都是掌中玩物。”The robber was described as Hispanic, about 5-foot-7, and 150 pounds. He wore black pants, a red shirt and a red baseball hat.据描述,这名抢劫犯是西班牙裔人,身高约5英尺7英寸,体重约150磅。他身穿黑色裤子和红色衬衫,头戴一顶红色棒球帽。Bill Giannopoulos, owner of Madison Florist and Decorators, across Kings Highway from the Apple Bank branch, said he did not realize anything was happening until the street was swarming with police officers and a helicopter was circling overhead.位于国王高速公路上苹果分行对面的麦迪逊鲜花和装饰用品店的老板比尔#8226;吉安诺普洛斯说,直到街道上到处都是警察,直升飞机在头顶盘旋,他才意识到有事情发生了。;It#39;s scary,; he said. ;I don#39;t know what#39;s happening in the neighborhood.;他说:“这真可怕,我居然没察觉到街坊里发生的事情。” /201206/185651

There as many types of girlfriends as there are types of boyfriends.女朋友有很多种,有多少种类型的男友也就有多少种类型的女友。Fortunately for you, we are not going to break them down according to their sun signs! We shall however, tell you more about the various kinds of girlfriends you are expected to come across in your dating life. Their nuances, their positives, their obvious negatives and why they could be just the one#39;s for you. So on, and you might just discover your type in this list.对你们来说幸运的是,我们不会根据她们的太阳星座来给她们归类!然而,我们会告诉你更多关于你在约会中可能遇到的各式女友:她们的细微差别、她们的优点以及明显的缺点,以及为何她们会是适合你的那一类型。看看下文,你可能就会在其中发现你中意的类型哦。1.Individualistic amp; Indian1.个性鲜明的印度女人型The ;Iamp;I; girlfriend is the one who has brains which she uses and who is culturally rooted. She wants her space, has a strong independent identity, cultivates opinions and cannot be pushed around. At the same time, she knows her boundaries; she accepts the good as well the bad that comes with living in a male-dominated Indian society and has her head on her shoulders. She will be a sane partner; one who will respect your individuality as she treasures her own.Iamp;I类型的女友是那种有思想、文化教养根深蒂固的那种。她需要自己的空间,有强烈的独立特性,培养自己的见解,不受他人摆布。同时她知道自己的界限。对于生活在由男性主宰的印度式社会,好坏方面都能接受,且精明能干。她将会是一个理智的伴侣,会像对待自己的个性那样尊重你的个性。2.Domestic amp; Docile2.温顺居家型She is the girlfriend who will always put her boyfriend ahead of her. She has opinions and a mind that she can use, but she chooses to stir the way her partner wishes her too. She is certainly not dumb, but she chooses to believe or has been raised in a manner which suggests that the man is alpha, omega and everything in between. This does not mean she will not put you in your place should you go overboard, but you can expect her to support you no matter what in whatever you chose to do or believe.这种女友总是先顾及自己的男友再考虑自己。她有自己的看法和思想,但是她也会选择按照伴侣的期望行事。她当然不是木讷的,但是她选择去相信,或者从小受到的教养就是——男人就是一切。不过你要明白,如果你太过火了,她也还是会让你规规矩矩的。不过无论你选择去做什么或是相信什么,她都会在你的身边持你。3.Demanding amp; Dominating3.苛刻专横型If this type is your girlfriend, then you can forget almost all other aspects of your life. She will demand that she be the centre of your universe and she will be dominating enough to make sure she gets what she demands. If your personality is not strong headed enough, she might over-ride you and your choices/decisions.如果你的女友是这一类型,那么你就几乎可以忽略掉你生活中的其他所有方面了。她会要求你完全围着她转,她会足够专横来实她得到自己想要的。如果你的性格不够强硬,那么她或许就会压倒你,主宰你的选择或是决定。4.Possessive amp; Paranoid4.占有欲强偏执型Remember Lara Dutta from No Entry? Yes, that#39;s the type we are talking about. She is loving and caring and sweet. But then she also is possessive and compulsively cross-checks. You will find yourself answering the ;where you are; and ;what you are doing; questions 10 times a day, and still might have to face a barrage of questions after you;ve done all answering.还记得电影《勿入雷池》中的拉娜杜塔吗?对了,她就是我们正在谈论的那种女友。她钟情、有爱心且甜美可爱。然而她也是一个占有欲强、有点强迫症多疑的人。你会发现自己一天十遍地回答“你在哪里”、“你在做什么”这样的问题,并且可能在回答完所有问题之后,你仍要面对她源源不断地提问。5.Money amp; More Money5.拜金主义型This type is as old as humanity itself. She is with you for the money. She wants you to spend every time you;ll go out and won#39;t do with anything cheap. In case you run out of money, you can be sure she won#39;t be by your side anymore. She is not the one if you#39;re looking for love; a fling is what will work best.这种类型的女友自人类出现以来就存在。她为了金钱才跟你在一起。每次你跟她出去她都希望你破费,而且不要任何廉价的东西。万一你没钱了,她肯定就不会再跟着你。如果你寻找真爱,她绝对不是那一类型;最好的处理方法就是跟她们逢场作戏。 /201206/186658

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