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In animals, this part of the brain evolved around the time of the dinosaurs before mammals existed. It's hardwired to beat starvation. For three days Jean-Luc has been trapped underground. He hasn't had a morsel to eat. He doesn't know it, but his brain is changing how his body functions and how he behaves. There are a couple of different brain centers that graduate feeding behavior as well as hunger. They’re in different parts of the central part of the brain called the hypothalamus. And in that part of the brain you are really driven to seek out food to eat almost anything to try to stop yourself from starving to death. To drive Jean-Luc’s search for food his brain first releases a hormone--orexin. Orexin comes in tiny doses, but it has a profound effect. This hormone makes us more alert, improves our muscle efficiency, making us better hunters. It even sharpens our problem-solving skills. For days Jean-Luc scours the caves. He finds water but nothing to eat. He starts to fear the worst. Even if when I had a little hope, I thought obsessively what would happen over the last few days or the last hours before dying. It was a big question: how I would die--was it going to be cold or hunger or… It was a question that I always had in my head. Sure that he's doomed, he records a message. But as hope fades, Jean-Luc’s brain switches strategy to help him survive with no food. With his fuel stores depleted, his body becomes even more efficient. It makes him slow down. Now his muscles use less energy, so do all his internal organs. New cells grow more slowly. Nonessentials—fingernails, toenails, hair—hardly grow at all. Jean-Luc is entering a survival state that evolved to keep starving animals alive until they could get to food. This enforced efficiency which kicks in when we're at our limit may have bigger implications. Some say, it could help us all live longer.参考中文翻译:对动物来说,大脑的这一部分在哺乳动物还不存在的恐龙时代就已经在进化了。它几乎无法打败饥饿的威胁。三天以来,Jean-Luc 都被困在地面一下 ,一口吃的都没有。他并不知道,他的大脑已经使它的身体机能和行为方式发生了改变。在大脑中有两个不同的脑中心来产生进食行为和饥饿行为,他们位于大脑中不同的中心部位,叫做下丘脑。在大脑的这一部分,你被驱使着寻找任何可以吃的东西以免自己被饿死。为了促使Jean-Luc寻找食物,他的大脑首先会分泌出一种荷尔蒙——食欲。所产生的食欲荷尔蒙量很微小,但是却有着深刻的影响。这种荷尔蒙让我们更加警惕,提高肌肉的效率,让我们变成更好的捕食者甚至会提高我们解决问题的技能。几天来,Jean-Luc搜索了所有的洞穴,但是只是找到一点水,没有任何吃的东西。它开始感到前所未有的恐惧。即使我还有一点希望,我也会沉迷地想象死前的最后几天或者最后几个小时会发生什么事。这是个大问题:我会怎么死——会被冻死还是被饿死呢?这是我头脑里一直闪现的一个问题。当然这是他的命运,他记录了一个信息。但是当希望渐渐变得渺茫时,Jean-Luc的大脑开始改变策略,以使自己在没有食物的情况下也能生存下来。随着所储备的能量逐渐匮乏,他的身体变得更加高效。这使他的动作慢下来。现在他的肌肉利用更少的能量,内脏器官也是如此。新的细胞分裂速度减缓,那些不必要的——比如手指甲,脚趾甲,毛发几乎停止生长。Jean-Luc 进入了一种求生的状态,在找到食物之前,都会使饥饿的动物一直生存下来。当我们达到身体的极限时,这种增强的效率作用更大,可以帮助我们生存更长时间。 200812/57703

Red Eye Two Year Anniversary"Red Eye": intentionaly stupid, secretly smart So “Red Eye” viewer Beth Navarra wrote to me yesterday, saying “God, did I ever hate your show when it first came out. But it’s like smoking. It makes you sick at first, but then you are hooked." You are my cigarette.Well, thanks, Beth. Can I say to you that you are my cigarette too. In fact, all “Red Eye” viewers are my cigarettes for they offer me a measure of pleasure in a sometimes difficult world and they give me cancer. But I am especially touched because Beth wrote to me now on our two-year anniversary. True, it’s been two years since “Red Eye” aired its first crappy episode and it was crappy. See when “Red Eye” started, Beth was right to hate it because despite its hidden charms, it was a horror show. Andy, Bill and myself had no idea what we were doing. I came from publishing and I hired Bill simply because he had photos of me. Worse, I found Andy through comments he left on my blogs. I mean, you have to admit that’s kind of stupid. But even though we were incompetent and scared, we showed up everyday, did the job. We listened and we learned, screwed up and succeeded. But thanks to people like Beth, who gave the show a second chance. “Red Eye” was able to grow like a deadly toe fungus, offering you the kind of unbridled truth, disguised in silly pleasure that you only find in prison. But as simple as that concept sounds, “Red Eye” is tough to describe. It is intentionally stupid but secretly smart, a strategy designed to confuse bitter liberals, media hacks and angry activists. We gauged our success on turning groups into sputtering messes whether it be GLAAD, Media Matters or whether armpit-sniffing blogs. I call this strategy the “Dean Wormer Effect”, named after the hapless dude from Animal House. For so long in movies and TV,non-liberals were always portrayed as stiff joyless type like Dean Wormer, the stereotype went unquestioned. But it was totally dishonest. My goal of “Red Eye” was to reverse it and to turn the so-called edgy lefties into Dean Wormers, because that’s really what they are. P.C. crybabies determined to stamp out all of the fun in the world. In short, jackasses. And it worked. As you close in on our 500th show, we now have more viewers than ever and an awesome arsenal of great guests. The show continues to expand and thanks to the folks of FOXNEWS, it is our hope that we continue to grow. If anything just to keep Bill off the streets and me off the meth. But just remember like Beth says: Becoming a “Red Eye” fan takes three stages: first revulsion, then confusion, finally, obsession. No, there is a fourth stage which involves fans sending me nude pictures, but I’ll go into that aspect at a later date. And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler. 02/62336

装死的负鼠Playing dead doesn't seem like much of a strategy, but it works for the opossum, commonly known as the possum. The possum is a rather unglamorous creature. It has big, black eyes, a pale pointy face and a hairless tail, like a rat's. Possums aren't finicky about their food, either: they eat fruits, vegetables, insects, reptiles, and even roadkill(路上被撞死动物的尸体). They do have a couple of unique habits, though: as North America's only marsupial(有袋动物), they can carry their young in a pouch(育儿袋,肚囊;颊囊), like a kangaroo(袋鼠), and they can play dead. Possums are famous for "playing dead" when threatened, but this isn't quite accurate. They are not "playing" dead at all: the possum goes into shock when particularly stressed. While not dead, it can be found lying on its side with its legs extended and is, in fact, limp and unconscious during this time, like a person who has fainted. While playing dead discourages predators from chasing the possum, it also makes them vulnerable. When drivers see the limp possum in the road, they don't bother to swerve, since they assume it's aly dead. There are also accounts of people shooting the comatose possum in order to "put it out of its misery(结束它的痛苦)." There is such a thing as overplaying a part.07/78386

Bush to Host Summit on Global Financial Crisis布什拟主办全球峰会讨论经济局势 U.S. President George Bush says he will host a summit of nations soon to address the global economic crisis. Mr. Bush made the announcement as he greeted French President Nicolas Sarkozy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso Saturday at the U.S. presidential retreat Camp David. 美国总统布什说,他不久就要主持由多个国家参与的首脑会谈,讨论全球经济危机。布什是星期六在美国总统度假地戴维营会见法国总统萨科齐和欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐时作出上述声明的。President Bush stood with his two European visitors and said he anticipates hosting a meeting at which world leaders will work to solve the financial problems. 布什总统和两位到访的欧洲贵宾站在一起对记者说,他预期将主持一次会议,同与会的各国领导人一起研究如何解决金融问题。"I look forward to hosting this meeting in the near future," he said. "Both developed and developing nations will be represented. And together we will work to strengthen and modernize our nations' financial systems, so we can help ensure that this crisis does not happen again." 布什说:“我期待着在不久的将来主持这次会议。这次会议是发达国家和发展中国家的领导人共同出席的。我们将携手将我们各国的经济体系加以强化和现代化。我们可以帮助保,这种危机不会再次发生。”The president was meeting with Mr. Sarkozy and Mr. Barroso at Camp David Saturday to look for solutions to the global financial crisis. 布什总统星期六在戴维营会见了萨科齐和巴罗佐,共同寻求全球金融危机的解决方案。European leaders had been trying to persuade Mr. Bush to hold global talks by the end of the year. Mr. Sarkozy, speaking through a translator, called for a swift international response to the crisis, starting in New York. 欧洲领导人一直在试图说布什总统在今年年底前举行全球会谈。萨科齐总统呼吁国际社会对这次危机作出迅速反应,而起点就是纽约。"This must be done forthwith, as President Bush has said, possibly even before the end of the month of November," he said. "And we believe that insofar as the crisis began in New York, then the global solution to this crisis must be found in New York, all of us putting our heads together." 他说:“这项任务必须立即完成,就像布什总统说的那样,很可能就是在11月结束之前完成。我们相信,既然这次危机首先从纽约开始,那么全球性解决这一危机的方案也必须从纽约寻找,我们会共同努力。”ed Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon offered Saturday to host the meeting at U.N. headquarters in New York in early December. Mr. Bush did not announce a time or place for the summit.  联合国秘书长潘基文提议于12月稍早在纽约的联合国总部举办这个会议。布什总统没有宣布这次首脑会谈的具体时间和地点。Mr. Barroso agreed with the presidents of the two nations that the U.S. and Europe should take the lead in seeking economic solutions, but that other nations should be involved as well. 巴罗佐同意两位总统的意见,让美国和欧洲带头寻找经济的解决方案,不过他呼吁其他国家也要参与进来。"Around 77 percent of world wholesale finance is from the ed States and from Europe," he said. "The Europeans and Americans must now join efforts and extend our cooperation to major developing and emerging economies. We must act swiftly to respond to the urgency. But we must also look forward at the medium and long term." 巴罗佐说:“全世界大约77%的批发融资来自美国和欧洲。美国和欧洲人现在必须共同努力携手合作,将这种合作推广到发展中国家和正在崛起的经济体。我们必须迅速就这一紧急状况作出反应。但是我们也必须顾及中期和长期的发展。”Both European leaders want widesp reforms in the world's financial system, but U.S. officials said they did not expect any breakthroughs on that at Camp David. 这两位欧洲的领导人都希望对金融体系进行范围广泛的改革,但是美国官员说,他们并没有期待在这次戴维营会晤中得到任何突破性的发展。Meanwhile, some economists say they see signs that the frozen credit markets, which are at the heart of the crisis, are beginning to improve. 同时,一些经济学者也说,他们看到这次金融危机的核心--冻结的信用市场开始出现缓解的迹象。200810/53330

A Look Back At 1950s Style Fashion Institute Of Technology's Valerie Steele and Warren-Tricomi Studio's Joel Warren showed Julie Chen which styles and fashion trends were hip for the whole family in the 1950s. Julie Chen: The style of 1950s is one of extremes, conservative at one hand and glamorous on the other. Joining us now Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Joe Warren of the Warren-Tricomi Studio. Good morning to you both. Valerie Steele and Joe Warren: Good morning. Julie Chen: Valerie, let me begin with you by bringing out our first model (Yeah) which is what a mum looked like in the 50s. Tell me what was going on historically that would influence the fashions that we saw then. Valerie Steele: This is the cold-war period, so it s conservative, conformist, but it s also the revival of the French Haute Couture. So there is a lot of elegance and glamour. Chen: And Joe looking at her hair and her makeup, those red red lips, tell me. Joe Warren: well, the red lips were, everybody wears red lips , eye brows are very prominent, everybody penciled them in or they shaved them. When it came to hair, it was really influenced by Hollywood. You have famous brunette Elizabeth Tyler Audrey Hepburn, think about the most famous blond who is Marilyn Monroe on a cover of Playboys, she became blond and bush , she became the biggest star of all. And then of course with the hair color who else can you remember but Louise Obal and **. And she really made a statement . But it was all influenced by Hollywood, the hair. And this is what we call the plural cut Chen: Very glamorous, it looks so beautiful. Valerie Steele: and look at that waist, it s a real hour-glass shape. That s Dior s look.Chen: They were so skinny then too. OK. Thank you. Let s bring out our next look which is what a father figure looked like in the 50s. well, a pretty hip father.Valerie Steele: Yes, The hip and casual father. If you imagine him going to work, he d be the man in the great flannel suit. But they styled him as if he s going to an outdoor barbecue in the backyard and suburbia . Chen: And Joe he has a little bit of shadow on his face. Is that...Joe Warren: A little bit, but no most man clean shaven. But I think he is a little more reminisce of Paul Newman. You knew the brooding actor; you know you had Marlon Brando. It really was a time when men become more emotional. You know, it really stayed in the way they looked. (yes) Valerie Steele : You have to remember too, though, because of the conformity there was once a men s clothing advertisement that said" Dress right, you can t afford not to. " You know, people were watching you, in every pageant... judging. Chen: thank you. Let me bring out the younger look, what the young kids were wearing in the 50s. First we have what, maybe a teenage girl looked like. This I recognize a lot. Talk to us about this look, Valerie.Valerie Steele: Well she is a bobbysoxer / . You know the little bobbysoxer /instead of nylon stockings. The sandaled shoes that sort of sweeping skirt, cute little sweater. It s a very girlish look and it s a teenage look. This is really important, so not dressing like the mom but having her own style. Chen: Joe, everyone has ponytails back then.Joe: Ponytails, pigtails, you know all the women were saving their hair. And the younger women were trying to do something different, so it s a little bit more casual, jut pulled up, easy going, the makeup was easy, clean, you know, not too much. The eyebrows were an asset, the lips were always red, not too shiny. Chen: Yeah, cuz she s younger. Ok, now let s bring out her counterpart. A teenage boy,in a look that he may have had in 1950s. Valerie Steele: Yeah, this is the rebel look. Absolutely rebel without a cause. The blue jeans, the T-shirt, all like Marlon Brando. The black leather jacket all like James Dean, the Marlon The Converse sneakers. This is not the preppy look. (no, not at all)This is the bad boy look. Chen: Now, Joe would you say that the teenager of 1950s was the original metro-sexual / since they put in hair products back then. Joe: Yeah, you know, that s where the **came very popular, it was called the quaff . you know, but I think the person that influenced that most was Elvis Presley. You know, in really rock and roll looking. They were rebels, James Dean, I mean, it really reminisce of what they looked like.Chen: Yeah, We have one final look to bring out. And talk to me about what this model represents. Did she glamorous evening look. Is this only Hollywood stylists? Valerie Steele: no, this is a mix of Hollywood and Paris Haute Couture. But it s a look that ordinary American women copy that t all price point. So it s a very couturely looking dress. A lot of dress maker details and a little mink stole, that was what everyone was inspiring to. Chen: and Joe, just the final seconds. Joe: This is Audrey Herpun at her finest moment. You know, just gorgeous , glamorous, pretty holidays. I mean it really was shorter and all sides of pieces . And she had a clip on / / . Chen: I love that, looks so good. accessorize / . Chen: Valerie Steele and Joe Warren, thank you both. We like to thank. What comes around goes around for providing us with these beautiful vintage pieces. :200811/56936

The.First.Emperor 秦帝国Qin Shi Huangdi remains a controversial figure in Chinese history. After unifying China, he and his chief adviser Li Si passed a series of major economic and political reforms. He undertook gigantic projects, including the first version of the Great Wall of China, the now famous city-sized mausoleum guarded by a life-sized Terracotta Army, all at the expense of many lives. To ensure stability, Qin Shi Huang outlawed Confucianism and buried many scholars alive. All books other than those officially decreed were banned and burned in what is known as the great Confucian purge. Despite the tyranny of his autocratic rule, Qin Shi Huang is regarded as a pivotal figure.... 听力文本‘This kind of opportunity only comes once in 10,000 years.’‘There’s only one way for Chin to survive, and that is through conquer.’ He founded a mighty country—China. He was its first emperor, and his empire became his fortress protected by a Great Wall. The legend says he was a tyrant, driven mad by power. ‘Find out who’s responsible and have him killed.’ He cheated death, ‘Assassin, assassin.’ and built the tomb the like of which mankind has never seen. But it wasn’t enough, he wanted to live forever. ‘Immortality, and if I do not have it, who does?’ A man with one extraordinary vision. ‘How big is this supposed to be? How big is this going to be?’ and he left a legacy that has lasted over 2,000 years. ‘Your divine son speaks.’ ‘Here I am!’‘The First Emperor of China.’ When the first emperor was laid to rest, the legend says he was the most powerful man on earth, that for 30 years, he’d subjected China to the most violent and bloody phase in its history. He had achieved the impossible: He unified the people, ten times as many subjects as the Pharaohs of Egypt, across an empire that would outlast Rome by 1,000 years. China was his. When the doors of his tomb were closed for the final time, the most fantastic part of that legend was born. 注释:outlast: to continue to exist or be effective for a longer time than something elsepharaoh: 法老tomb: a stone structure above or below the ground where a dead person is buried07/77435

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