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安康不孕不肓医院One week after its debut, Apple’s new mobile wallet is showing promise with consumers.亮相一周后,苹果(Apple)的全新移动钱包在吸引消费者方面展现了美好前景。Apple’s rivals in the payments industry, meanwhile, are scrambling to prevent it from being too successful.与此同时,苹果在付业的竞争对手正在紧急行动起来,设法阻止它变得太成功。Even before Apple Pay was announced, a coalition of retailers refused to accept it in their stores. More than 50 companies make up this group, the so-called Merchant Customer Exchange or MCX, including global retail giants like Walmart, Best Buy and Gap Inc.在苹果宣布要推出Apple Pay之前,一个零售商联盟已经拒绝在其门店中接受它了。这个名为“商家客户交易”(Merchant Customer Exchange,简称MCX)的组织有50多家公司成员,包括沃尔玛(Walmart)、百思买(Best Buy)和Gap等全球零售业巨头。It’s not that these companies don’t want a mobile wallet to truly catch on with consumers. They see the mobile wallet as a way to help retailers understand more about their customers’ shopping habits and, potentially, let merchants avoid the high fees they pay when processing credit card transactions.这些公司并非不想要一个能真正吸引消费者的移动钱包。在它们看来,移动钱包是一种帮助零售商更好地了解顾客购物习惯的办法,并且有可能让商户规避信用卡交易中需要缴纳的高额费用。But they are working on building a competitor, CurrentC, a mobile wallet app that will connect directly to customers’ bank accounts or store-specific credit card. It won’t be available until 2015.但是它们在开发一种和Apple Pay相抗衡的移动钱包应用CurrentC,这种应用会直接和顾客的账号或针对具体商户的信用卡绑定。它至少要到2015年才能推出。The problem is that under the terms of their MCX contractual agreement, they are not supposed to accept competing mobile payments products like Apple Pay, according to multiple retailers involved with MCX, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. If these retailers break their contracts, they will face steep fines for doing so, these people said.问题是,据多家属于MCX的零售商称,根据MCX的合同规定,他们是不可以接受Apple Pay这种竞争对手的移动付产品的,这些商家要求在本文中匿名。他们说,一旦违反合同规定,会遭到高额罚款。Since Apple Pay was introduced a week ago, consumers have tried to use it in MCX members like Rite Aid and CVS. So those businesses have disabled the technology that supports Apple Pay.Apple Pay是一周前推出的,自那以后有消费者试图在Rite Aid和CVS等MCX会员商户使用它。这些商户因此已经禁用了持Apple Pay的技术。For weeks, Walmart and Best Buy have said they will not support Apple’s payments product. And Target, which has partnered with Apple for online payments, does not accept Apple Pay in its stores.几周来沃尔玛和百思买一直在说,他们不会持苹果的付产品。在在线付上与苹果有合作的塔吉特(Target),在其门店是不接受Apple Pay的。At stake is the future of how consumers choose to pay for things, with technology companies, credit card businesses and retailers all fighting for a piece of what may become a billion mobile payments market, according to projections from Forrester.此事关乎消费者付方式的未来,据弗雷斯特(Forrester)的预计,移动付将形成一个900亿美元(约合5506亿元人民币)的市场,科技公司、信用卡商家和零售商都希望能分得一勺羹。But the clock is ticking. If Apple Pay becomes a hit, MCX member retailers still waiting on CurrentC to begin could miss out on untold mobile payment transactions. Merchants also risk customer resentment if they continue to refuse Apple Pay. And if Apple Pay catches on, consumers may not be interested in a competing product.但是时间不等人。如果Apple Pay大获成功,还在等CurrentC的MCX零售商成员错过的移动付交易是难以估量的。如果商户继续拒绝Apple Pay,还有可能招致顾客的怨恨。而一旦Apple Pay普及起来,消费者可能就不会想去尝试与之竞争的产品了。“These retailers are in a real jam,” said Karen Webster, chief executive of Market Platform Dynamics, a payments industry consulting firm. “The last thing merchants want is ticking off their consumers over payment,” Ms. Webster said.“这些零售商有大麻烦了,”付业咨询公司市场平台动态(Market Platform Dynamics)首席执行官凯伦·韦伯斯特(Karen Webster)说。“因为付款方式的问题惹怒顾客是商家最不愿意看到的事。”First announced in 2012, CurrentC is an effort by merchants to build their ideal mobile wallet. CurrentC is designed to link directly to a customer’s bank account instead of a credit card. This is a strategic move, analysts say; in bypassing the credit card companies, merchants can avoid the high fees that they are required to pay on each credit transaction they process.将推出CurrentC的消息是2012年宣布的,此举的意图是打造一种商家的理想移动钱包。按照CurrentC的设计,应用是和顾客的账户直接联接的,而不是信用卡。分析人士说,这是一个战略举措;绕过信用卡公司后,商户可以避开每次进行信用交易时产生的高额费用。“Retailers are looking for a combination of factors to adopt in stores,” said Mallory Duncan, senior vice president of the National Retail Federation, a retail advocacy group. “And that includes if it delivers a good price to hold down costs for them and their customers.”“零售商在寻找一种门店需考虑的各项因素的组合,”零售倡导组织美国零售联合会(National Retail Federation)高级副总裁莫罗伊·邓肯(Mallory Duncan)说。“这其中包括它是否能给一个好价钱,帮商户和顾客降低成本。”CurrentC would also give retailers the ability to track shopping habits across the dozens of stores that belong to MCX, a data set that has traditionally been held by credit card companies, not merchants. If retailers had access to this data, it could be used to deliver relevant deals and loyalty points to consumers, which could increase these companies’ bottom lines.CurrentC还让商家可以对顾客在MCX旗下所有商户的购物习惯进行跟踪,这组数据通常是由信用卡公司而非商家掌握的。如果零售商能拿到这个数据,就可以用它来推出定位准确的促销活动和积分,从而有望增加公司的收入。That could also amount to in-store experiences centered on the smartphone, an area in which Walmart, one of the biggest partners in MCX, has increasingly dabbled in recent years.同时它还可能营造一种以智能手机为中心的购物体验,作为MCX最大的合作伙伴之一,沃尔玛近年来一直在试水这个领域。“MCX is studying how to make sure all of the things that a customer wants to do in a store can be facilitated in a conscious way,” said Steve Mott, owner of BetterBuyDesign, a payments industry consulting firm.“MCX正在研究如何有意识地让顾客在一个商店里做的所有事都便利起来,”付业咨询公司BetterBuyDesign所有人史蒂夫·莫特(Steve Mott)说。Unlike Apple Pay, CurrentC is months away from beginning. When it is finally introduced, there is no guarantee it will take off.和Apple Pay不同的是,CurrentC还要再过数月才能启用。即使等到最终推出,也不能保会普及起来。Critics of CurrentC say it appears much more difficult to use than Apple Pay. Instead of contactless payment technology, CurrentC will rely on QR codes, a type of bar code that merchants scan to complete the transaction. It will also be an app that users must find and download from Apple’s App store.对CurrentC持批评态度的人说,它看起来比Apple Pay难用很多。CurrentC没有使用无需接触的付技术,而是依靠QR码,商家通过扫描这种条形码来完成交易。同时它也是一个应用,用户必须到苹果的应用商店上找到并下载它。Apple Pay, on the other hand, relies on so-called near-field communication technology built into every iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. In contrast to using CurrentC, customers are not required to open an app or even unlock their iPhones when using Apple Pay.而Apple Pay则依靠所有iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus内置的所谓近场通讯技术。和CurrentC不同的是,顾客在使用Apple Pay时不必打开一个应用,甚至不用把他们的iPhone解锁。Mobile payments are still very young in commerce and shopping. In 2013, mobile proximity payments in the ed States amounted to .6 billion, according to eMarketer, an industry research firm. That is but a fraction of the .26 trillion spent in brick-and-mortar stores that year.移动付在商贸和购物领域仍然是个新鲜事物。产业研究公司eMarketer的数据显示,2013年美国的近距离移动付总额为16亿美元。相比当年实体商铺内付总额的4.26万亿美元只是个零头。And while many industry experts expect mobile payments to rise over the next five years, there is no guarantee that consumers will find mobile wallets any more convenient than paying with cash or a credit card. Google’s payments product, Google Wallet, famously flopped after its introduction in 2011. PayPal’s mobile wallet options have failed to truly catch on as well.虽然很多业界专家预计移动付在未来五年里会有增长,但消费者是否会认为移动钱包比现金或信用卡更便利,却很难说。谷歌(Google)在2011年推出的付产品Google Wallet是个著名的失败案例。贝宝(PayPal)的移动钱包方案也没能真正普及起来。Still, many say they believe that if any company is able to widely influence consumer behavior, it’s Apple. And if that is the case, MCX may have picked the wrong mobile wallet to back.不过,很多人还是认为,如果说有什么公司能对消费行为产生深远影响的话,那就是苹果了。如果真是如此,MCX可能持了一个错误的移动钱包。“When these contracts were signed several years ago, no one knew about Apple Pay, or what mobile wallets were going to look like,” Ms. Webster said. “It just didn’t have the same sort of consumer froth around it.”“几年前签这些合同的时候,大家都不知道有Apple Pay,也不知道移动钱包应该是个什么样子,”韦伯斯特说。“CurrentC可是没有这种让消费者热议的魅力。” /201410/339436安康市医院治疗龟头炎多少钱 If you have ever wondered how Google is able to make so much money each year, this letter offers a part explanation. The website is happy to accept and make income from adverts from companies which take advantage of the unwary.如果你曾经想知道谷歌每年如何能赚那么多的钱,这封信就提供了部分的解释。该网站乐于去接受并从那些利用网友粗心的公司发布的广告中获得收入。For example, type ;Ehic card; into Google and several companies will appear at the top of the listing – in the paid-for ads box. These official-looking sites prey on those who don#39;t know better by charging a fee (typically #163;14.99) to process their application for a European health card.例如在谷歌中输入“Ehic card”,有几家公司将出现在列表顶部——以付费广告框的形式。这些看起来很正规的网站定位在那些不怎么知道要通过付费(通常是14.99英镑)来处理他们欧洲健康卡申请的人。But the truth is that Ehic cards are issued free for UK citizens. The official government site is further down the Google page. What the other sites are doing is getting consumers to pay for a service that is free. It#39;s perfectly legal.但事实是Ehic卡是为英国公民免费发行的。官方网站越发位于谷歌页面的下方。其他网站所做的是让消费者来付一项免费的务。且这是完全合法的。The Passport Application Service works in a similar way. At the top of the website it says: ;Welcome to the UK Passport application assistance service which assists you with an online passport application service through the official Identity and Passport Service (IPS). Our service helps individuals who are entitled to complete a passport application online, to do so correctly.;护照申请务以相似的方式奏效。位于网站的顶部,写着:“欢迎来到英国护照协助申请务,通过官方身份和护照务(IPS)在线护照申请务时协助你。我们的务帮助那些有资格来完成网上护照申请的个人进行正确地操作。”It doesn#39;t claim to be the official passport site. Its fee of #163;24 is for checking your application has been filled out correctly. Nice work it you can get it, although they have to buy the expensive Google ads to enable this to operate.它并没有宣称是官方的护照网站。其24英镑的费用是为了检查您的申请是否正确填完。你可以很好地完成,尽管他们不得不付昂贵的谷歌广告来确保这个操作。 /201211/207682安康包皮手术可以刷医保卡吗

白河治疗男性不育多少钱Working out at the gym might not be enough to stay fit if you spend much of the rest of the day sitting down.如果一天到晚老是坐着,光靠在健身房里做做运动,恐怕是难以保持良好体型的。Americans are more sedentary than ever, government surveys show. That is a problem even among people who exercise regularly.利用日常活动充分运动官方调查显示,美国人久坐不动的情况比以往更加普遍。哪怕是经常锻炼的人,也存在着这样的问题。An increasingly popular way people are trying to coax more exercise into their lives is by tracking their movements using a bevy of small electronic devices from companies like Fitbit Inc., Jawbone and Nike. Some devices are pedometers, tracking steps. More sophisticated gadgets, known as accelerometers, measure the rate at which a person moves and convert this into calories expended.现在越来越流行的一种做法是,用Fitbit Inc.、Jawbone、耐克(Nike)等公司出产的一些小型电子设备跟踪记录自己的运动量,以此鼓励自己多做运动。这其中,既包括记录步数的计步器,也包括一些更复杂的仪器,如加速计,它可以测量走路的速度,并计算出对应的卡路里消耗量。#39;We#39;ve been very focused on exercise and making sure you get your half-an-hour a day of moderate and vigorous physical activity. But what we#39;ve not focused on so much is how you spend the rest of your day,#39; says Bonnie Spring, director of the Center for Behavior and Health at Northwestern University.西北大学(Northwestern University)行为与健康中心(Center for Behavior and Health)主任邦尼#8226;斯普林(Bonnie Spring)说:“一直以来我们都非常关注运动,确保自己每天能有那么半个小时做一些强度适中或较大的运动。但我们没有注意到的是,每天其余的时间我们都在干些什么。”Americans on average take 5,117 steps a day, according to a 2010 study published in the journal Medicine amp; Science in Sports amp; Exercise. A good daily goal, by contrast, is 10,000 steps, according to the American Heart Association and other experts. Research studies have found that such a regimen results in modest weight loss, improved glucose tolerance in people at risk of developing diabetes and other benefits, says David Bassett Jr., co-author of the 2010 study and a professor in the department of kinesiology, recreation and sport studies at the University of Tennessee.《运动与锻炼中的医学与科学》(Medicine amp; Science in Sports amp; Exercise)杂志2010年刊登的一篇研究论文指出,美国人平均每天走5117步。而美国心脏协会(American Heart Association)及一些专家表示,每天的理想走路步数应为10,000步。上述2010年研究论文的作者之一、田纳西大学(University of Tennessee)运动机能学、休闲与体育研究系教授小戴维#8226;巴西特(David Bassett Jr.)称,研究发现,每天的步行数达到理想水平,可以帮助糖尿病患病风险高的人群适当减轻体重、改善葡萄糖耐受性,此外还有其他一些好处。Walking a mile roughly equals 2,000 steps. Climbing a flight of stairs─roughly 10 steps─is equivalent to taking 38 steps on level ground, Dr. Bassett says.巴西特士指出,步行一英里(约1.6公里)需要走大约2000步。爬一层楼梯(大约10级)相当于在平地行走38步。A study that followed more than 240,000 adults over 8#189; years found that watching a large amount of television was associated with a higher risk of death, including from cardiovascular disease─even for participants who reported seven or more hours a week of moderate-to-vigorous exercise. The research, published in 2012 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, used TV viewing and overall sitting time as a proxy for sedentary behavior.一项在八年半的时间内持续跟踪了24万多名成年人的研究发现,看电视时间长的人因罹患心血管等疾病而死亡的风险更高,哪怕是自称一周进行七个小时或更长时间中高强度锻炼的人也不例外。此项研究采用看电视时间和总计坐着的时间作为评估久坐行为的指标,研究结果于2012年发表在《美国临床营养学杂志》(American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)上。#39;Our results suggest that exercise alone may not be enough to eliminate risks associated with too much sitting,#39; says Charles Matthews, lead author of the study and an investigator with the National Institutes of Health. He says estimates from government surveys indicate that people#39;s sedentary time outside of work has increased by about 40% between 1965 and 2009.该研究论文的第一作者、美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)的研究员查尔斯#8226;马修斯(Charles Matthews)说:“我们的研究结果表明,运动本身不足以消除因久坐而导致的(各种健康)风险。”他称,官方调查所得估计数据显示,从1965年到2009年,人们在工作之外的久坐时间上升了大约40%。People who live in Colorado, where obesity rates are relatively low, take an average of 6,500 steps a day, a 2005 study found. By contrast, residents of Tennessee and Arkansas, where the obesity rates are much higher, take an average of 4,500 steps a day. #39;We don#39;t know that it#39;s cause and effect obviously, but the states with lower obesity rates have the higher number of steps,#39; says James Hill, executive director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado.2005年的一项研究发现,在肥胖率相对较低的科罗拉多州,人们平均每天步行6500步。而在肥胖率相对高得多的田纳西州和阿肯色州,人们日均步行4500步。科罗拉多大学(University of Colorado)安秀兹健康中心(Anschutz Health and Wellness Center)执行主任詹姆斯#8226;希尔(James Hill)说:“我们不清楚这其中有什么明显的因果关系,但肥胖率较低州的居民日均步行数确实较高。”All the movements a person does during the day─from getting up to close the garage to rocking in a chair─are non-scheduled physical activities that can make a big difference in terms of daily calorie expenditure by causing a person#39;s metabolism to increase, says Gabriel Koepp, program manager of the Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) laboratory at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. While walking is the main NEAT activity, other things can include washing the dishes instead of using a dish washer, making b dough by hand rather than using a mixer, and even chewing gum, he says.明尼苏达州罗切斯特(Rochester)的梅奥诊所(Mayo Clinic)有一个非运动性日常活动热效应(Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, 简称NEAT)实验室,该实验室的项目经理加布里埃尔#8226;克普(Gabriel Koepp)表示,人们的日常起居活动(从起床到结束一天的工作回家坐到椅子上)不属于既定的体育锻炼,但同样能够加速新陈代谢,因此对每日卡路里的消耗量也会产生巨大影响。他说,除了走路这种主要的NEAT活动,我们可以做的事情还包括不用洗碗机自己动手洗碗、不用和面器自己动手和面,甚至嚼口香糖(也有帮助)。Health experts say people still need moderate to vigorous exercise, which has been shown to reduce risks of cardiovascular disease and other disorders. Dr. Bassett says a doctoral student in his department conducted a study in which 58 people watching 90 minutes of television marched in place in front of the TV during commercial breaks. #39;They increased their steps by about 3,000 per day just by doing this during commercials,#39; says Dr. Bassett. #39;That#39;s equivalent to about 30 minutes of walking.#39; The study was published last year in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.健康专家表示,人们还是需要进行一些适度或高强度的运动,事实表明这种运动有助于降低罹患心血管和其他疾病的风险。巴西特士称,他们系一个士生进行过一项研究,要求58名参与者看电视90分钟,中间遇到广告时就进行原地踏步运动。巴西特士说:“通过在广告时间这么做,他们每天的步行数增加了3000步左右。这相当于大约30分钟的走路时间了。”这项研究成果已于去年发表在《国际行为营养与体力活动期刊》(International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity)上。Pedometers have been shown, at least in the short term, to motivate some people to increase their daily activity if they chart progress toward a goal in a diary. More sophisticated accelerometers, with wireless synchronization, effectively log your progress for you.实践表明,计步器至少可以在短期内鼓励一些人增加日常活动量,只要他们能用计步器记录自己在锻炼上每天所取得的进步。更复杂、带无线同步功能的加速计可以有效地记录使用者每天的进步情况。In a 2007 analysis of several studies, people who used pedometers increased the number of steps taken by an average 2,491 a day and boosted overall physical activity by about 27% from previous levels, says Dena Bravata, a senior science affiliate at the Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research at Stanford University.斯坦福大学(Stanford University)基础护理与效果研究中心(Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research)的高级研究员德娜#8226;布拉瓦塔(Dena Bravata)介绍说,2007年一个基于几项研究的分析显示,使用计步器者可日均增加步行数2491步,总体活动量较使用计步器前水平提高约27%。Participants#39; body-mass index, a common measure of healthy weight, and blood pressure also declined, she says. The analysis, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, involved a total of 2,767 participants who were followed on average for 18 weeks.她说,参与者的体质指数(BMI,一个衡量人体体重是否健康的常用指标)和血压也均有所下降。该分析发表于《美国医学会杂志》(Journal of the American Medical Association),共涉及2767位参与者,他们平均被跟踪研究的时长为18周。Eric Lent, of Atlanta, says starting to use an accelerometer made him #39;aware of how much time I was sitting in my office.#39; The device─after he lost his Nike FuelBand, he replaced it with a Jawbone UP─motivates him to regularly work out and to be less sedentary through the day, says the 44-year-old chief marketing officer for an entertainment company.亚特兰大的埃里克#8226;伦特(Eric Lent)表示,开始使用加速计令他“意识到自己坐在办公室的时间有多久”。他先是使用的Nike FuelBand,丢失后换成了Jawbone UP。这种仪器鼓励他定期锻炼,减少一天当中坐着的时间。伦特今年44岁,在一家公司担任首席营销长。Mr. Lent says he makes a point of parking in the farthest spot from the entrance to work. And he sets the Jawbone UP to vibrate if he is idle for 30 minutes or more. He aims to do 10,000 steps each day.伦特表示,他会把车停在离办公楼入口最远的车位上。他还把Jawbone UP设置成“偷懒”30分钟以上就发出振动提醒的状态。伦特的目标是每天行走10,000步。Carrie Mundy, a stay-at-home mom and photographer in San Diego, bought her Fitbit in February. She says she is regularly hitting 15,000 steps a day and has aly lost 4#189; pounds. To accumulate more steps, the 36-year-old says she walks down every aisle in the grocery store and makes extra trips back and forth when folding and putting away her laundry.圣地亚哥的卡丽#8226;芒迪(Carrie Mundy)现年36岁,是一个居家妈妈和摄影师,她在2月份买了个Fitbit。她说自己每天定量走15,000步,已经减掉了4.5磅(约两公斤)的体重。她说,为了提高自己的步行数,她会把杂货店里的每条过道都走上一遍,还会在洗衣机前边收拾衣边在原地颠步走。Ms. Mundy says her Fitbit also motivates her to get out and walk. #39;I#39;m constantly chasing these two people who I haven#39;t caught up to,#39; she says, referring to two friends whose total number of steps she can view on her device#39;s display screen.芒迪说,Fitbit还促使她更多地出去走动。她说她可以在自己的Fitbit显示屏上看到两个朋友的步行数,“我一直在追赶这两个我还没有赶上的家伙”。#39;It#39;s like a game. I have such a competitive personality, so I#39;m going to beat these people today.#39;她说:“这就像玩视频游戏。我这个人非常好强,今天我就要打败他们。” /201304/235047 安康市长江医院治疗龟头炎多少钱安康结石病专科医院




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