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吉林/市 包皮环切吉林/治疗手淫早泄要多少钱吉林/网络医院属于几级医院 Argentina and China signed multibillion-dollar infrastructure-financing and currency-swap deals on Friday during a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping, another sign of the Asian countrys growing influence in Latin America.在中国国家主席习近平访问阿根廷期间,阿根廷与中国签署了价值数十亿美元的基建融资和货币互换协议。这是中国在拉美扩大影响力的又一个迹象。The two governments approved 20 agreements, including a 70 billion yuan currency swap between central banks, equivalent to about billion.两国共签订了20项协议,其中包括两国央行签署的人民币700亿元(相当于10亿美元)货币互换协议。The deals are a rare source of positive news for President Cristina Kirchners administration, which is struggling with a recession, high inflation, and a possible debt default at the end of the month. But analysts are skeptical the agreements will provide much relief to Argentinas depleted foreign-currency reserves, which the country uses to pay its creditors and defend the Argentine peso.这些协议对阿根廷总统克里斯蒂#8226;基什内尔(Cristina Kirchner)领导的政府来说是鲜有的好消息。眼下阿根廷政府正在艰难应对经济衰退和高通胀局面,月底还面临债务违约风险。但对于这些协议将在多大程度上缓解阿根廷外汇储备的枯竭问题,分析师们持怀疑态度。目前该国政府正动用外汇储备来偿付债务、捍卫阿根廷比索。The swap doesnt resolve the underlying economic problems that are draining reserves nor can the yuan be converted into other currencies, says Alberto Ramos, senior Latin America economist for Goldman Sachs.高盛(Goldman Sachs)拉美高级经济学家拉莫Alberto Ramos)说,货币互换协议无法解决那些正在抽走外汇储备的深层次经济问题,再说,人民币也无法直接兑换成其他货币If your house is on fire its not like buying more insurance will solve the problem. You need to address the main causes of the fire, Mr. Ramos said.拉莫斯说,如果你家房子着火了,买再多保险也无法解决问题,当务之急是解决着火的原因。Reserves now stand at almost billion, their lowest since November 2006.阿根廷目前的外汇储备规模为近300亿美元,0061月以来最低水平。By most measures, Argentinas reserves are very low compared with other major Latin American countries, said Claudio Loser, an Argentine economist and former Western Hemisphere director at the International Monetary Fund.阿根廷经济学家、前国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund, 简称IMF)西半球部Western Hemisphere)主管洛瑟(Claudio Loser)说,按大多数标准衡量,阿根廷外汇储备规模相比其他主要拉美国家已经显得非常低。China has also agreed to lend Argentina .1 billion to buy railroad equipment, and finance the construction of hydroelectric dams in southern Argentina to the tune of .7 billion, Argentinas Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said.阿根廷内阁首席部长豪尔赫#8226;卡皮塔尼Jorge Capitanich)称,中国还同意借给阿根1亿美元用于采购铁路设备,同时将提7亿美元贷款帮助阿根廷在南部修建水电大坝。Bedeviled by foreign-currency shortages at home and unable to raise money by selling bonds abroad, Argentina has struggled to find funding alternatives for capital-intensive projects.由于缺少外汇储备,加上外债发行困难,阿根廷一直难以为资本密集型项目找到替代融资办法。Mr. Xi arrived in Buenos Aires on Friday following a summit in Brazil of Latin American and the Brics nations, whose members are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. China and Brazil announced a flurry of deals Thursday, ranging from passenger-jet sales to power-grid investments.在参加完巴西举行的拉美国家领导人会晤和金砖国家(巴西、俄罗斯、印度、中国和南非)峰会后,习近平上周五抵达了布宜诺斯艾利斯。中国和巴西上周四宣布了从客机采购到电网投资等一系列协议。In the last decade, Chinas demand for Argentine farm products such as soyoil and soymeal has cemented its place as Argentinas No. 2 trading partner after neighboring Brazil. Bilateral trade rose to .3 billion last year, although heavily in favor of China. Argentinas trade deficit with the Asian country widened 9% from the previous year to .4 billion in 2013.过去十年,对阿根廷豆油和豆粕等农产品的需求巩固了中国作为阿根廷第二大贸易伙伴国的地位(阿根廷最大的贸易伙伴是巴西)。去年中阿双边贸易额升至173亿美元,尽管中国对阿根廷存在巨大顺差。去年阿根廷对中国的贸易逆差较上一年扩%4亿美元。Sino-Argentine ties run deeper than the soy that fattens Chinese hogs. Chinese firms have made significant investments in Argentine banking, mining, oil and agriculture in recent years. Argentina is also home to a thriving Chinese immigrant community, which now accounts for a significant share of supermarket sales in Buenos Aires.中国从阿根廷进口用于猪饲料的大豆,但这远非中阿关系的全部内容。在阿根廷的、矿业、石油和农业等领域,中国企业近年来都进行了相当可观的投资。阿根廷的中国移民也越来越多,布宜诺斯艾利斯超市销售额中有很大一部份是中国移民贡献的。Mr. Xis visit is shaping up to be far more beneficial for the Kirchner administration than Russian President Vladimir Putins brief stop in Buenos Aires on July 12. Mr. Putins visit yielded agreements in the areas of nuclear energy, communications and judicial cooperation, but little in the way of actual money.相比72日俄罗斯总统普京(Vladimir Putin)的短暂访问,看起来习近平此次访问给基什内尔政府带来的好处要大得多。普京在访问期间与阿根廷在和能源、通讯以及司法合作领域达成了一系列协议,但在提供实际资金方面成果寥寥。Argentina needs all the help it can get in the months ahead. Even a recession hasnt been enough to tame galloping consumer prices. Mrs. Kirchners reliance on the printing of money to finance spending has spawned one of the highest inflation rates in the world, which some private-sector forecasts put as high as 40%.未来几个月,阿根廷将竭尽所能筹措资金。即便是经济衰退也不足以缓和阿根廷国内的物价飙升。基什内尔政府依靠印钞为财政开提供资金的做法催生了高通胀,使阿根廷成为全球通胀率最高的国家之一。一些私营部门经济学家预计未来阿根廷的通胀率将高达40%。Dollar shortages and inflation have taken a toll on the economy. The Kirchner administration is expected to report that gross domestic product shrank 0.7% this year, according to the latest survey of analysts by FocusEconomics.美元供应短缺和高通胀严重损害了阿根廷经济。FocusEconomics最新调查显示,分析师们预计基什内尔政府将公布今年阿根廷国内生产总GDP)萎缩0.7%。Mrs. Kirchner also has less than two weeks to resolve a high-stakes dispute over unpaid debts or risk seeing her country default for a second time in 13 years.基什内尔还必须在两周不到的时间里解决一场围绕未偿债务的高风险纠纷,否则,阿根廷将面临13年来第二次债务违约。A U.S. judge has barred Argentina from paying its current bonds unless it also pays hedge funds that have sued to collect on debt affected by the countrys 2001 default. Argentina has until July 30 to get some 9 million in interest payments to investors or will likely be declared in default.一名美国法官裁定,禁止阿根廷偿付现有国债,除非它付一批对冲基金欠款。这批对冲基金此前起诉阿根廷政府,要求其赔偿2001年债务违约给它们带来的投资损失。阿根廷需要在70日之前向投资者付约5.39亿美元的债务利息,否则,政府可能被宣布违约。A default would make the recession worse, but nothing like the 2001 crisis, which ranked as Argentinas worst recession since the 1930s, Mr. Loser said.洛瑟说,债务违约将加深阿根廷的经济衰退,但不会001年危机时那样严重,当时阿根廷经济陷入了上世纪30年代以来最严重的衰退。来 /201407/313954吉林/治疗前列腺肥大大概需要多少钱

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吉林/哪家医院割包皮手术 Many Federal Reserve policy makers want to see more evidence that the US economy is strengthening before pulling the trigger on rate rises, according to minutes of a meeting marked by concerns over the Greek stand-off and the potential for a Chinese slowdown.美联Fed)议息会议的会议记录显示,多名美联储政策制定者希望在启动加息前看到更多美国经济走强的据。这次议息会议以对希腊对峙局面和中国放缓可能性的担忧为特征。Minutes from the meeting from June 16-17 struck a broadly positive tone about developments in the US economy, highlighting stronger consumer spending, corporate hiring, housing market activity and signs of wage growth. The stabilisation of oil prices and the dollar would reduce downward pressure on inflation, the Federal Open Market Committee noted.这次议息会议6日到17日召开。在该会议记录中,人们对美国经济发展的语气普遍比较积极,其中重点提到了美国消费出增大、企业用工人数增加和楼市交易活动增强,还有多种迹象表明薪资水平也出现了增长。联邦公开市场委员Federal Open Market Committee)指出,油价和美元的趋稳,会减轻通胀率的下行压力。Still, the minutes revealed a committee that remained divided over when the conditions would be right to raise rates from their current near-zero levels, noting that while some thought the conditions for a rate rise had nearly been met, a number of members were cautioning against a “premature decision不过,据会议记录披露,对于何时把利率从目前接近零的水平提升上来,委员会依然存在分歧。该会议记录指出,虽然部分人认为加息条件已接近成熟,还有多名与会人员则提醒人们不要“过早做出决定”。Participants gave “a number of reasons to be cautious in assessing the outlook the minutes said, with some members citing the possibility that consumer spending stays sluggish, or that there could be persistent drags on the economy from the high dollar and weak oil prices.会议记录表明,与会者提出了“多个谨慎评估前景的理由”。一些委员会成员提到了消费者出保持低迷的可能性。还有人提到,美元高企和油价疲软可能会持续拖累美国经济。Janet Yellen, the Fed chair, stressed last month that rate rises would be “gradualas she insisted the first rise could come this year. Projections unveiled by the committee showed a shallower path of tightening in the coming years, as well as an FOMC that was divided over whether there should be one, two or, indeed, no rate moves this year.美联储主席珍妮特#8226;耶伦(Janet Yellen)上月强调,加息将是“渐进式”的,并坚称首次加息将在今年启动。委员会披露的预测表明,未来几年紧缩将以较小的幅度展开。而且,在今年到底应该开展一次、两次还是根本不开展利率调整的问题上,委员会还存在分歧。The Fed in June left its target range for the Fed funds rate at zero to 0.25 per cent, the historic low it has occupied since 2008.6月,美联储偏离了其对联邦基金利率设立的目标区间——零利率.25%。自2008年以来美联储一直将目标区间保持在这一历史最低水平。Internationally, a great deal has changed since the FOMC’s June meeting.在联邦公开市场委员月会议后,国际事务发生了很大的变化。The chaos in Greece worsened sharply as the country imposed capital controls and bank closures and held a referendum in which official creditorsbailout terms were rejected. In China, a stock market rout has prompted Beijing to take drastic actions aimed at steadying the market, including bans on share sales by big stakeholders and the use of central bank money to bolster the market.希腊的混乱局势急剧恶化,该国实施了资本管控,关闭了,并举行了公投。在这次公投中,希腊拒绝了官方债权人的纾困条款。在中国,一轮股市崩盘已促使北京方面采取强力措施稳定股市。这些举措包括禁止大股东卖出股票,以及动用央行资金提振股市。Greece was a concern for many of the Fed policy makers in the meeting, the minutes showed. There was a risk of disruptions to euro area financial markets if the sides failed to resolve their differences, with “possible spillover effects on the ed States会议记录显示,许多美联储政策制定者担忧希腊问题。一旦各方未能解决分歧,欧元区金融市场存在瓦解的风险,“可能会对美国产生溢出效应”。Not all FOMC members appear overly concerned, however. John Williams, the president of the San Francisco Fed, said in a speech on Wednesday that events in Greece were unlikely to overturn the “strong fundamentalsof the US economy, adding that a recent trip to China had made him less worried about that economy.不过,并非所有委员会成员都对此极为忧虑。旧金山联邦储备(San Francisco Fed)行长约翰#8226;威廉姆斯(John Williams)周三发表讲话说,希腊发生的事件不太可能扭转美国经济“强劲的基本面”。他还补充说,最近对中国的访问,令他减轻了对中国经济的忧虑。Some FOMC members said the conditions for raising rates had aly been met or would be met “shortly Labour market conditions had improved, with solid hiring levels, low unemployment insurance claims, and a shift of workers into more stable, higher skilled jobs. Several FOMC members said there were signs of improvement in the inflation outlook, especially after a stabilisation in the dollar and energy prices, which have been drags.一些委员会成员表示,加息的条件已经成熟,或者“很快”就会成熟。劳动力市场状况已经好转,用工人数稳步增长,领取失业救济的人数处于较低水平,就业者也已转向更稳定、更高技能的工作岗位。几名委员会成员表示,通胀前景也有改善迹象,尤其是一直是拖累因素的美元和能源价格趋于稳定。For most FOMC members, however, it was still too soon to advocate a rate move, even if conditions continued to improve steadily.然而,对于多数委员会成员来说,即使情况继续稳步改善,持利率调整仍然为时过早。来 /201507/385255蛟河妇幼保健医院割包皮多少钱吉林/最好医院



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