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贵阳微创看肛瘘多少钱贵州医科大学附属医院治疗直肠疾病价格Anyone who has ever wanted to inject their dog life with some culture need look no further.想给自家的生活注入点儿文化气息的主人可以得偿所愿了A free bus tour designed specifically canines hit the streets of London.伦敦近日开通了专为设计的免费巴士游Owners and their pets are invited to experience a sightseeing trip around the city complete with stop-offs walkies, at pooch-friendly restaurants and at attractions with a canine theme.主人和他们的宠物受邀体验环伦敦观光游,行驶到可以遛的区域、对友好的餐馆、以及主题的旅游景点时可以稍作停留The route itself centers on a number of London most scenic dog-walking hotspots, including Hyde Park and Green Park, owners to disembark the bus and take their pooch a stroll if they choose.路线集中于伦敦数个风景最优美的遛热门地点,包括海德公园和格林公园主人们可以选择在这些地方下车,带着他们的散散步Along the way, an on-board commentator dog owners lifts the lid on London rich canine history, including spotlights on the ministerial dogs of Downing Street, the many corgis that have shared Buckingham Palace with the Queen and the location of London only dog cemetery.一路上,车上的解说员将向主人们讲述伦敦关于的丰富历史,包括广受关注的唐宁街内阁成员们的、女王在白金汉宫里养过的多只柯基犬以及伦敦唯一的墓地地址Guests will also be provided with a handy leaflet mapping dog-friendly pubs, bars and restaurants in the area, where owner and their pets can refuel together post-walk.游客还会被提供一本小册子,上面标注了一些允许进入的酒吧和餐馆,主人们可以和自己的宠物们在走累之后找到地方休息Over the course of the hour-long route, the customised London Routemaster, aptly numbered the K9, will also drive past an array of points of interest with a connection to dogs in the city, with expert insight provided throughout by the on-board commentator.在一小时的行程中,这辆个性化的K9巴士还将路过几个和有关的著名地点车上的解说员将全程为大家作介绍When driving past Downing Street, you might hear: Chancellor Phillip Hammond Welsh Terrier, Rex, and Daschund, Oscar, were recently pictured posing outside No. the annual Christmas card.当路过唐宁街时,你会听到解说员说:;财政大臣菲利普·哈蒙德家的威尔士梗犬雷克斯和腊肠犬奥斯卡最近被拍到在唐宁街号门前摆姿势,为每年的圣诞贺卡拍照;Or as the bus whistles past Buckingham Palace you might be inmed: Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 corgis during her reign and currently has one named Willow.而在巴士路过白金汉宫时你会听到:;女王伊丽莎白二世养过三十多条柯基犬,现在还有一条叫薇洛; 930贵阳术后痔疮出血治疗医院要多少钱 At the Barbers and Beauty Salon 理发店与美容厅Key Sentences(重点句子)6.Id like to have my hair cut.我想理个发7. How do you want it?您想理什么式样的?8.Just a trim,and cut the sides fairly short,but not so much at the back.修剪一下就行了两边剪短些,但后面不要剪得太多9.Nothing off the top?顶上不要剪吗?0.Well,a little off the top.嗯,稍微剪一点1.Would you like a shave or shampoo?您要不要修面或洗头?.I want a haircut and a shave,please.我想理发和修面3.Very well,and how would you like your haircut,sir?好的,您喜欢什么发式?.Do you want me to trim your moustache?要我为您修剪一下小胡子吗?5.Well, could you cut a little more off the temple?好,能不能把两边鬓角再剪短些?6.Is that satisfactory?您看这样满意吗?7.Anything else I can do you?还要我为您做些什么吗?8.I want a facial.我想做面部美容9.Most facials start with a thorough cleansing.面部美容大都是先彻底清洁面部皮肤0.Ill take the half-hour facial with make-up.我要做半小时美容外加化妆 1971If arbitration is to take place in China, which substantive law will apply? 如果仲裁在中国进行,主要依据哪些法律规定?Arbitration will be carried out in compliance with the commerical law of China. 仲裁将根据中国商法进行What documents must we furnish to arbitration? 进行仲裁时我们必须提供哪些文件?All the relevant documents. 所有的相关材料Just a second. Ill check out you. 稍等,我帮你查一下Do we have to settle the dispute by arbitration? 我们必须通过仲裁解决分歧吗?It is not necessary to submit a case to arbitration as long as our two parties can discuss the matter in a friendly manner. 只要双方能有好协商,就没有必要进行仲裁We wish to sellte this dispute fairly and suggest that we submit is to arbitration. 我们希望能够公平解决争议,建议对争议进行仲裁Arbitration is generally the last resort if there is no alternative. 仲裁通常是在别无选择的情况下的最后手段Does the arbitration have to be done in China? 只能在中国进行仲裁吗?No, we can have arbitration in other countries. 不,可以在其他国家进行仲裁You dont have to. But since we do business in China, having arbitration here is convenient. 不用,但既然我们在中国经商,在这里仲裁方便些Arbitration can be concluded either in China or in other countries. 仲裁可以在中国进行,也可以在他国进行We dont oppose the matter be submitted to arbitration. Then in which country? 我们不反对将此问题交仲裁解决,那么在哪个国家仲裁呢?We insist that arbitration be carried out in the country of the defendant. 我们坚持仲裁应在被告所在的国家进行We hope that the arbitration be conducted in China. 我们希望仲裁在中国进行What kinds of dispute do you usually handle? 你们通常处理哪些类型的纠纷?We handle many kinds of commercial disputes. 我们处理很多种商业纠纷Well, there are many kinds, such as disputes arising m eign trade and transport of goods, cargo insurance, transfers of technology, leasing and so on. 嗯,很多例如,由对外贸易,货物运输,货物保险,技术转让,租赁等引起的纠纷 00贵州医科大学附属医院治疗肛周疾病价格

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贵阳治疗大便困难医院A: Hi, do you know a place that sells cheap cashmere sweaters?你好,你知道卖便宜羊绒毛衣的地方吗?B: An outlet carries cheap cashmere sweaters.批发商场有便宜的毛衣A: That a good idea!好主意B: Ive always had good luck at outlets.在批发商店我总能交到好运气A: Thank you the suggestion.谢谢你的意见B: I hope you find a nice sweater.愿你能找到漂亮的毛衣 000 A river that shatters like glass? A dog that floats like a balloon?一条河流看起来像玻璃一样四分五裂?一只看起来像气球一样漂浮了起来?These bizarre visuals may seem like magic at first glance, but they are the careful handiwork of Swedish artist Erik Johansson, who edits images to create beautifully peculiar collages.乍一看,这些奇特的视觉效果宛如魔法,但是事实上,他们都是瑞典艺术家埃里克·约翰松的精心杰作,他编辑图像从而创作出这些精美独特的拼贴画;I create these pictures in order to find a connection between two everyday objects in an unexpected way,; says Johansson. ;It a look into another world -- one that is much like ours, but just a little bit odd and different.;约翰松说:“我创造这些图片,是为了将两个很常见的物体以一种意想不到的方式连接起来这是另一个世界的样子--一个和我们的很相似,只是有一点奇怪和不同的世界”A master photo manipulator, Johansson Perspective Illusion series uses photography and photo editing to bend landscapes out of proportion, twist objects beyond comprehension, and create images that depict the impossible.作为一个大师级的照片处理高手,约翰松的透视错觉系列,利用摄影和照片编辑来处理景观的比例、以超出人们理解的方式扭曲画中的对象,创作出的图片,描述了一切不可能的景象Each collage can take anywhere from one month to half a year to create, but the process begins with a simple sketch of an idea that Johansson pulls straight from his imagination onto a scrap of paper.每幅拼贴画都需要花费一个月到半年的时间去创造,但是这个过程是从一个简单的草图开始的约翰松把他的灵感直接画到图纸上From there he sources locations and objects that are representative of the idea he has drawn and takes multiple photographs.接下来,他就找寻能代表他绘制出的草图的想法的地点和对象,并拍摄了大量的照片;This is the part that takes the most time, because often Im trying to source locations and objects multiple ideas at the same time,; says Johansson, who has been working on the series since .约翰松从年就开始着手创作这个系列,他说,“这是最耗时的部分,因为我经常想为多样化的构思在同一时刻尝试多个地点和对象”It is what he calls ;putting the pieces of the puzzle together.;这就是他所谓的“把各种难题放到一起来”The third and final step of his creative process involves hours of editing a multitude of images into one seamless impossible shot, transming his sketch into a surrealist image.第三步,也就是最后一步,是长达数小时的创作过程:把大量的图片拼贴制作成天衣无缝的看似不可能的镜头,将草图变成现实Once this puzzle is complete, Johansson leaves it to the viewer to perceive the mind-bending illusions as they please.一旦解决了这个难题,约翰松就任由读者们随心所欲的去感悟他们各自离奇的解读;I usually dont talk too much about my work. Id rather hear what other people have to say. I just present my idea and put a title on it, and leave it up to the viewer -- I just hope that people will be be inspired to see and think in a different way.;他说,“我通常不会对我的作品谈论太多我更多的是去听别人说什么我只是提出我的想法,并给出一个标题,然后就把它留给观众--我希望人们会受到启发,以一种不同的方式去欣赏和思考它” 98贵州电力职工医院看大便异常好不好贵阳老年人便秘治疗医院要多少钱



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