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Dan Buettner must be very used to being called “young man” by now– despite being nearly 50 years old and quite well-accomplished, he’s been researching the communities with the oldest citizens in the world, and has begun to unlock the secrets to a long and full life.So what is it, exactly, that makes people in some parts of the world (Buettner calls them “blue zones”) live so long?There are five things he has found as a common th from Japan to Costa Rica to Loma Linda, California.5. A Sense of FaithLoma Linda, California, boasts the highest concentration of Seventh-Day Adventists in the world, and the average Adventist man lives 11 years longer than the average American man. This is also a factor in Sardinia, where a large Catholic population fuels one of the “Blue Zones” and lives far longer than the average Italian.4. A Sense of PurposeJapan possesses an overwhelming sense of purpose, Buettner reports, and the concept has a name: ikigai. Loosely translated, it means “that which makes one’s life most worth living.” It strikes him then, as no coincidence that Okinawa has the longest disease-free life expectancies in the world.3. Low-Intensity ActivityLow-intensity activity does a phenomenal job of keeping the body in working order without placing too much stress on an aging system: getting out an walking, or enjoying some form or recreation also contributes to a sense of independence that allows the mindset needed for the other points to flourish.2. An Investment in FamilyFamily, like the previous item, helps develop support structures, as well as an essential mindset of caring; Buettner simply states that he’s never met a mean centenarian.1. A Plant-based DietFinally, yes, there is one essential oddity– a diet that’s drastically different from that of most Americans.Consistently, Buettner reports people eating small portions and not much meat in their diets. This accounts for the widesp success outside of the ed States, especially in places like Italy, Japan, and Costa Rica, where culture has embraced a different style of cooking. 丹·布特尼(Dan Buettner)肯定已经很习惯别人称他为“年轻人”了--尽管他已年过半百,成就卓越,他对世界上最长寿的地区做了不少研究,向人们揭开了生活丰富、健康长寿的秘诀。那么秘诀到底是什么呢?确切地说,是什么让世界上这些地区的人们(布特尼称他们为“蓝色宝地”)寿命如此之长呢?他认为有五点秘诀,这些是居住在日本,哥斯达黎加及加利福尼亚的罗玛琳达的人们的共同之处。5. 信仰加州的罗玛琳达以其高度集中的基督复临安息日会教友闻名于世,而在那里信仰基督再临的人比一般美国人的平均寿命要长11岁。在另一块“蓝色宝地(意大利的)”撒丁岛,居住着大量的天主教信仰者,他们的平均寿命也比一般的意大利人长许多,信仰也是这块宝地人口长寿的一大因素。4. 目标日本人的目标感是全世界无与伦比的。布特尼称,这种概念有一个名称:ikigai,笼统翻译过来的意思是“目标使人的生命充满价值与意义。”而让布特尼震惊的是,不出意外的是冲绳岛的人口寿命长度为世界之首。3. 低密度运动低密度的运动对保持身体正常运作有着显著的成效,它能抵抗压力对衰老的影响:出门散散步,或是进行一些消遣。同时,这也能促使心智的独立,使它在其他时间活力充沛。2. 对家庭的重视和前面提到的因素一样,家庭能建立起一个人情感上的最大持,同时它也是心智舒缓的一个重要源泉;布特尼只是很简单地说到,他从未见过一个吝啬的百岁老人。1. 遵循素食为主的饮食原则对,最后一个重要的特点就是--他们的饮食原则,这与大多数美国人是截然不同的。布特尼始终说道,长寿的人的饭量都不大,饮食中肉类含量也很少。这种做法对健康的重要性在美国以外的地区已经广泛得到实,特别是在意大利,日本和哥斯达黎加这些地方,那里的文化奉行的是一种不同于美国的烹饪方法。 /200805/38707

Cooking 美式烹饪 At a local supermarket, two women push half-filled grocery carts. The ladies are good friends, but they couldn't be more different. One is a stay-at-home housewife who loves to create culinary masterpieces from scratch. The other is a training supervisor at a prestigious advertising agency. Household chores, particularly those in the kitchen, are not her idea of fun. The two ladies stop for a moment in the frozen foods section. "I'm so tired," sighs the professional woman. "I don't know what to do about supper." Her friend suggests, "What about a microwave dinner?" The weary professional sighs, "No, I don't feel like cooking tonight." 在一间本地的超市里,两位女士推着半满的购物车。这两位女士是好朋友,但两人之间的差异是大得不能再大了。一位是持家的主妇,她喜欢大展厨艺,从全生的作料,一步一步创造佳肴杰作。另一位是在一家颇具声望的广告公司任职人事训练主管。家务琐事,特别是厨房事,并非她乐趣所在。二位女士在冷冻食物区前停了一会儿。职业妇女叹道:「我好累,我不知晚餐要作什么好。」她的朋友建议说:「何不来一顿微波炉晚餐。」这位疲惫的职业妇女又叹道:「不,我今晚不想作饭。」 If you think American cooking means opening a package and tossing the contents into the microwave, think again. On the one hand, it's true that Americans thrive on cold cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and instant dinners. From busy homemakers to professional people, many Americans enjoy the convenience of prepackaged meals that can be y to serve in 10 minutes or less. On the other hand, many Americans recognize the value of cooking skills. Parents-especially mothers-see the importance of training their children-especially daughters-in the culinary arts. Most Americans will admit that there's nothing better than a good home-cooked meal. But with cooking, as with any other skill, good results don't happen by accident. 假如您以为美式烹饪就是打开一个料理盒而将里头的东西拋进微波炉加热,那你得改变想法了。从某一方面来说,美国人以早餐的冷麦片,午餐的三明治及快餐晚餐而发育健壮,这倒是真的。从忙碌的家庭主妇到上班族,许多美国人喜欢享受事先包装好的便餐所带来的方便,这些速餐在不到10分钟内就可上桌。从另一个角度来看,许多美国人都认同厨艺的价值。父母亲--特别是妈妈看到训练孩子,尤其是女儿,烹饪艺术的重要性。大多数的美国人都承认没有什么比得上一顿自家做的餐点。而谈到烹饪,一如其它的技巧,好的成果并非偶然天成的。 Probably every cook has his or her own cooking style. But there are some basic techniques and principles that most people follow. For example, baking is a primary method of preparing food in America. The dinner often has casseroles, roast meats and other baked goods. For that reason, Americans would find it next to impossible to live without an oven. American cooks give special attention to the balance of foods, too. In planning a big meal they try to include a meat, a few vegetables, some b or pasta and often a dessert. They also like to make sure the meal is colorful. Having several different colors of food on the plate usually makes for a healthy meal. 大概每一位厨师都有他自己的烹饪方式。但仍有一些基本方法和原则是大多数的人遵行的。例如,烘培在美国是烹饪的一种主要方法,晚餐菜单上通常有「焗烤菜」,烤肉及其它的烘培食物。因此,美国人会觉得没有烤箱几乎是无法过活。美国厨师们也特别留意食物的均衡。在计划一顿大餐时,他们会试着加入肉,几样蔬菜,一些面包或面食,而且通常有甜点。他们也喜欢使餐点色亮丽。若盘中有不同色的食物,通常令人觉得是健康的一餐。 For those who need guidance in their cooking, or for those who have just run out of ideas, recipes are lifesavers. Recipes list all the ingredients for a dish (generally in the order used), the amount of each to use, and a description of how to put them together. Finding recipes in America is as easy as pie. Most good cooks have a shelf full of cookbooks ranging from locally published recipe collections to national bestsellers like the Betty Crocker Cookbook. Magazines devoted to home management, such as Good Housekeeping and Family Circle, are chock-full of scrumptious selections. Friends often augment their recipe collection by passing around their favorites written on cards. 对于那些在烹饪方面需要指导、或已江郎才尽的人,食谱就是救星。食谱列出做每一道菜所需要的所有材料(通常是依照使用的顺序列出),每一种的用量以及如何将它们搭配的说明。在美国寻找食谱可谓易如反掌。大多数的好厨师们都有一架子的食谱,从本地出版的各式食谱到像「蓓蒂?克劳克」的全国畅销食谱。一般理家杂志,如「好管家」及「家庭圈」都满满地刊载很多美味的精选食谱。朋友们经常把自己最爱的食谱写在卡片上,相互传阅,来增加自己的食谱收藏。 For experienced cooks, true artists that they are, recipes are merely reference points. They often make adjustments as they go along, depending on the quantity of people they need to serve, the ingredients they have available and their personal taste. Some cooks use recipes very little, preferring instead to depend on their intuition as they add a pinch of this and a dash of that to create just the right flavors. 对于经验丰富的厨师,他们是真正的艺术家,食谱仅仅是作为参考,他们常常一边做菜,一边依照他们宴请的人数,现有的作料以及个人的口味,来调整食谱。有些厨师们很少参照食谱,反而比较喜欢凭自己的直觉加一点这个,加一点那个,来作出刚好的味道。 Of course, Americans don't have a corner on the market when it comes to good cooking. Wherever you go in the world, people love to eat. As a result, every culture and nationality has its own share of mouth-watering delicacies. And America, as a "land of immigrants," has imported practically all varieties of cooking. Most good cooks in America are "fluent" in several cooking "dialects": Mexican, Italian, Chinese and good old American style, just to name a few. But whatever the dialect, cooking is a language everyone understands. 当然,谈到好厨艺,美国人并非独占鳌头,无论您到世界何处,人们总是爱吃。所以,每一个文化及国家都有它特有的、令人垂涎三尺的佳肴。而美国,这个「移民之地」实际上也引进了各式的烹调。在美国大多数的名厨对于几种烹饪「方言」都很「流利」。随便举几个例子:墨西哥、意大利、中国以及传统美国风味。且不论那一种「方言」,烹饪是一种人人皆懂的语言。 /200803/32559

Prophet, a global brand and marketing consultancy, recently released a report on the most favored brands of Chinese consumers.全球品牌和营销咨询公司丰于日前发布了一个关于中国消费者最喜爱的品牌的报告。Data showed that Alipay ranks first and WeChat ranks second among the top 10 brands in the Chinese market. In electronics, Chinese local brand Vivo comes in 17th, leaving Microsoft and Apple behind.数据显示,在中国市场十大品牌中,付宝排名第一,微信排名第二。在电子行业,中国的本土品牌Vivo超越微软和苹果,位列第17。Based on Prophet#39;s analysis, Alipay has completely reformed the idea of electronic financing. Alipay#39;s market share is up to 70 percent of the national electronic payments market.基于丰的分析,付宝彻底改革了电子融资的理念。其市场份额高达全国电子付市场的70%。Its active users have reached 450 million, and the company#39;s average daily transaction volume has reached 175 million RMB.付宝的活跃用户已经达到4.5亿,公司日均交易额已达1.75亿元人民币。Moreover, Prophet attributed the success of Vivo to its focus on China#39;s high-end market, rather than the low-end and low-profit part of the market, as its competitors emphasize.此外,丰将Vivo的成功归功于其对中国高端市场的关注,而不是竞争对手强调的市场的低端和低利润部分。Samsung ranks 45th on the list, though its ranking may have been influenced by the recent incidents of explosions.三星在该榜单上排名第45位,虽然它的排名可能是受到最近的爆炸事件影响。Prophet interviewed nearly 10,000 Chinese consumers and selected the top 50 brands among 279 brands in 24 industries around the world.丰此次采访了近万名中国消费者,并选择了世界上24个行业的279个品牌中的前50个品牌。The criteria it used include customer obsession, pragmatism, inspiration and innovation. This is the first time that Prophet has reported on the Chinese market.其使用的标准包括客户至上的理念、实用主义、灵感和创新。这是丰关于中国市场的第一次报道。 /201611/480503Kids mature faster due to diet, porn 吃出来、看出来的“性早熟”Kids are growing up faster because of nutritious food and access to pornography, doctors claim.The number of children experiencing the early onset of puberty has doubled over the past 10 years, according to a survey analyzing children's endocrine diseases by the Women and Children's Hospital of Guangdong Province.The survey found the average age for the onset of puberty of Guangzhou's children dropped to 11 years old from the previous age of 13.Based on those figures, the frequency of earlier puberty among children in Guangzhou also rose to 1.3 percent this year, from 0.5 percent 10 years ago. This is 0.3 percent higher than the national average.This means that in some cases, boys as young as nine-and-a-half, and girls as young as eight are developing secondary sexual characteristics."There are a few reasons why more children are experiencing the early onset of puberty," said Zeng Ke, a senior doctor at the incretion department of the Women and Children's Hospital of Guangdong Province.He said Guangzhou's citizens have a rich diet, including nourishing soups, seafood and animal innards.Parents also give their children supplements, such as deer antler and ginseng extracts.These foods, Zeng said, are high in protein or essential elements and accelerate children's growth."Western fast foods, such as burgers and fries from McDonalds or KFC, are favored by children and can increase their development," Li Wangen, a doctor at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said.The other reason for early development is improper sex education, Zeng said. Children have easy access to books, movies or music that are pornographic.If parents do not protect their children from exposure to pornographic material they will become sexually precocious, Zeng said.The survey found the number of children with the onset of early puberty was less in rural areas than in the city.(China Daily) 医学专家称,由于饮食营养丰富以及接触色情资料,如今的儿童开始早熟。据广东省妇幼医院一项有关儿童内分泌疾病的调查显示,早熟儿童的数量在过去十年中翻了一番。调查发现,广州儿童进入青春期的平均年龄从之前的13岁下降到了11岁。此外,数据表明,广州儿童的早熟率从十年前的0.5%上升到了今年的1.3%,高出全国平均水平0.3%。也就是说,在某些情况下,9岁半的男孩和8岁的女孩便会开始出现第二性特征。广东省妇幼医院内分泌科高级医师曾可说:“有一些因素造成了性早熟儿童增多。”他说,广州人饮食丰富,人们常摄入滋补汤、海鲜和动物内脏。家长也不忘给孩子们进补,让他们吃鹿茸、人参精华等营养品。曾医师说,这些食物里富含蛋白质及生命必需元素,能够加速儿童的生长发育。广州医学院第二附属医院的李万根医生说:“麦当劳、肯德基的汉堡和炸薯条等洋快餐深受儿童喜爱,而这种食物会使他们发育增快。”曾医师说,导致儿童早熟的另一个原因是性教育不当。现在的孩子很容易接触到色情书刊、色情电影和音乐。他说,父母应采取措施使孩子免受色情侵害,防止孩子性早熟。调查发现,农村地区早熟儿童的数量要少于城市。 /200803/29224

Y:大家好。我是杨晨。欢迎来到美语咖啡屋。   J: Hello everyone! I’m Jody. Welcome to American Cafe!   Y: 我们今天要为您讲一个非常感人的故事。   J: It is a very moving story about two characters: Ann Jones, from Washington D.C. and her friend, Bella.   Y: 里面的主人公一位是Ann Jones,一位是Bella.   J: Now, I think it’s important to tell people that Bella is a dolphin.   Y:Bella是一只海豚。那Ann和Bella怎么会成为好朋友呢?   J: Well, it started about four years ago and recently Ann made a trip to see her old friend. Now, it’s my pleasure to introduce Ann Jones as she explains the purpose of this special reunion trip.   实录1: ANNIE: I’m Ann Jones and I’m from Washington D.C. in the ed States, the capital. The purpose of the trip was to go back and swim again with a dolphin that helped save my life almost four years ago. It was wonderful. It was very emotional. I cried a lot. I don’t know if dolphins cry or not but she was ... she was just so excited.   Y:四年前海豚Bella挽救了Ann的生命,所以Ann每次提到Bella都非常动感情。我想大家一定很想知道这到底是怎么一回事。  J: It’s a wonderful story. And it starts with the fact that a dolphin is very sensitive and can see everything in your body with their sonar.   Y:是吗?我听说过海豚都很聪明。可是我不知道它们还能用声纳来诊断一个人是否有病。这太神奇了!   J: And also when given a choice between a sick or well person, a dolphin will swim with a sick person. Again here’s Ann.   实录2: ANNIE: The dolphin’s very sensitive and, um, they can see everything in your body. And they know if you’re sick or if you’re well. And almost four years ago the one dolphin, Bella, swan with me all the time to let me know — she was protecting me — that I was sick.   Y: Jody, 那么说Bella选择在Ann的身边游泳。这就说明Ann的身体出了毛病,对不对?   J: That’s right.   Y: Ann在这之前有没有去看过医生呢?   J: Oh, of course. For years she complained to her doctor about a pain in her chest. And the doctor kept telling her to go home.   实录3: ANNIE: Before I went to swim with the dolphin, I went to a doctor and he told me I was well. I kept telling him I had a pain in my chest. And the doctor kept saying go home. And this went on year after year.   Y: Wow, 真的很难相信。这个医生一直坚持说Ann没有生病,叫她放心地回家去。   J: Can you believe it? That’s why Ann turned to the dolphin. When she came back from swimming with Bella on the first trip, she immediately had — what she calls a medical miracle — a body scan.   Y: Body scan就是全身扫描。那通过这种全身扫描发现了什么问题呢?   J: The body scan revealed that Ann had a cancerous tumor in her lung the size of an egg.   实录4: ANNIE: And it was the dolphin that tried to tell me that something was wrong. When I came back I had one of these new medical miracles called a body scan and there was this tumor, large as an egg, sitting in my lung. And I would’ve died within possibly six months and Bella the dolphin helped save my life.   Y: 这么说,Ann的第一个医生诊断失误,而Bella是对的。Ann确实有病,而且是严重的肺癌。我觉得海豚不仅可爱,聪明,而且非常有爱心,真可以说是人类的好朋友。这个故事最后的结局是什么?   J: Well, I think we should hear that straight from Ann.   实录5: ANNIE: I’m doing great! I’ve passed all my cancer tests and I go for tests every three months. And I’m doing great. And I think I may make it forever! (laughter) So, that’s it. Thanks to Bella the dolphin!   J: Isn’t that great! Ann has passed all her cancer tests! I’ll tell you what, she is one tough cookie.   Y: 没错,我真的是替Ann感到高兴。她是一位非常坚强的女性,而且这个故事不仅感人,还是一个happy ending!   J: And don’t forget, a big “Thank You!” goes out to Bella the dolphin. And thanks to all of you for joining us on American Cafe!   Y: 谢谢大家收听美语咖啡屋。我们下次再见。 /200808/45780

PALO ALTO, Calif. — It was not so long ago that the aroma of Moroccan spiced prawns and wood-oven pizzas wafted out to a downtown street here from the open-air patio of a once popular eatery called Zibibbo.加利福尼亚州帕洛阿尔托——不久前,洛哥辣虾与木炉披萨的香味还会从一家名为Zibibbo的昔日热门餐馆的露天院子里飘到这里下城的街头。Today that patio is behind locked doors, obscured by frosted glass. 如今,院子大门紧闭,里头长满了冻坏的杂草。The pizza oven is gone. 披萨烤炉不见了踪影。The formerly crowded bar has been converted into a sparsely populated startup space of a dozen engineers, their bikes and whiteboards. 当初人声鼎沸的酒吧区变成了空旷的初创企业办公区,有稀稀拉拉的十来名工程师,以及他们的单车和白色书写板。After 17 years in operation, the restaurant closed in 2014. 营业17年之后,Zibibbo餐厅于2014年关门大吉。The space is now an American Express venture capital office and a startup incubator.腾出的地方如今是美国运通公司(American Express)旗下的一处风险投资办公室和一个创业孵化器。All told, more than 70,000 square feet of Palo Alto retail and restaurant space were lost to office space from 2008 to 2015, as the tech bubble drove demand for commercial space downtown.从2008年到2015年,随着科技泡沫推高对帕洛阿尔托下城商业空间的需求,共有超过7万平方英尺(约合6500平方米)的零售与餐饮空间让位于办公空间。It is a story playing out across Silicon Valley, where restaurateurs say that staying afloat is a daily battle with rising rents, high local fees and acute labor shortages. 硅谷处处在上演同样的故事。餐饮从业者表示,为了求生,他们每天都要与不断攀升的房租、高企的当地税费及严重的劳动力短缺做斗争。And tech behemoths like Apple, Facebook and Google are hiring away their best line cooks, dishwashers and servers with wages, benefits and perks that restaurant owners simply cannot match.此外,苹果(Apple)、Facebook和谷歌(Google)这样的科技界巨头在拿餐馆老板们无法匹敌的薪水、福利及其他一些好处来挖走他们最出色的后厨员工、洗碗工和务员。Silicon Valley technologists love to explain how they have disrupted the minutiae of daily life, from our commutes to the ways we share family photos. 硅谷的技术专家喜欢说,他们如何颠覆了我们日常生活的方方面面,从交通出行到分享家人照片的方式。But along the way, they have also managed to disrupt their local restaurant industry.然而与此同时,他们也做到了颠覆本地的餐饮行业。That may not be an issue for tech workers with access to free, farm-fresh cuisine in corporate cafeterias, but for everyone else here it is leaving a void between the takeout cuisine popping up around Palo Alto — picture bento boxes ordered on iPads at a counter — and 0 meals at high-end restaurants.对于能在公司餐厅吃到农场新鲜采摘的食材做成的免费菜肴的那些科技业人士而言,这大概不是什么问题,但对这里的其他人来说,却要面临一片真空地带:帕洛阿尔托提供的,要么是在各处冒出来的外卖店——想象一下,在柜台用iPad点单的便当——要么是吃一顿要花上500美元的高档餐厅。Restaurants as we know them will no longer exist here in the near future, said Howard Bulka, a chef and owner of Howie’s Artisan Pizza in Palo Alto and another restaurant in nearby Redwood City. 在不久的将来,我们了解的这种餐馆就会在当地不复存在,霍华德#8226;布尔卡(Howard Bulka)说。他是帕洛阿尔托的Howie’s Artisan Pizza店和附近雷德伍德城的另一家餐厅的主厨兼老板。Palo Alto is just too tough a row to hoe. 帕洛阿尔托实在是太艰难了。A lot of people are looking into getting out in one piece or are thinking of leaving the business entirely.很多人在想着怎么全身而退,或者是在考虑完全退出餐饮业。With razor-thin profit margins, restaurateurs find they can increase wages only so much. 餐厅利润菲薄,业主们发现能给员工涨薪的空间十分有限。Paying a livable wage is a struggle in Palo Alto, where the average one-bedroom apartment rents for ,800, the same as in New York City, according to Rent Jungle. Rent Jungle的数据显示,帕洛阿尔托一居室公寓的平均月租达2800美元,与纽约城平齐,想在这里给出能过得去的薪酬并不容易。Workers have also been driven out of surrounding towns that were previously affordable, like Cupertino and San Jose, where demand from a new influx of tech workers has driven up the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment to more than ,500.员工也在被迫搬离曾经宜居的周边市镇,比如丘珀蒂诺和圣何塞。新近涌入的大批科技从业者带来的需求,将这些地方的一居室公寓的平均月租推高至2500美元以上。Understaffed fast casual restaurants — frozen yogurt, cupcake and tea shops; poké bars; and salad stations where customers order from the counter — have replaced older mom-and-pop restaurants. 人手短缺的休闲快餐——冻酸奶、杯子蛋糕与茶饮店;海鲜沙拉吧;柜台点餐的沙拉店——在逐渐取代老式的夫妻餐饮店。Other newcomers are well-heeled chains like Nobu, the global sushi empire that announced plans to open a restaurant in Palo Alto, and Sweetgreen, the salad chain startup that has raised million in venture capital funding and can offset the costs of doing business in Palo Alto with sales from its more than 50 other locations.其他一些新来的店铺包括Nobu和Sweetgreen之类的阔气的连锁餐厅。前者是足迹遍布全球的寿司帝国,已宣布计划在帕洛阿尔托开店,后者则是初创连锁沙拉店,从风险投资公司那里筹措了9500万美元,可以用其他逾50家店的收益来弥补在帕洛阿尔托做生意的成本。Not everyone is so fortunate. 并非每个人都有这样的运气。We’re competing more for staff than we are for guests at this point, said Craig Stoll, a James Beard Award-winning chef and co-owner with his wife, Annie Stoll, of Delfina.现阶段,我们更多地是在争夺人手,而不是顾客,克雷格#8226;斯托尔(Craig Stoll)说。他是拿过詹姆斯#8226;比尔德奖(James Beard Award)的主厨,与妻子安妮#8226;斯托尔(Annie Stoll)一起开设了名为Delfina的餐厅。The Stolls own four restaurants in San Francisco and two in Silicon Valley — one in Burlingame and the other in Palo Alto. 斯托尔夫妇在旧金山开了四家餐厅,在硅谷开了两家——一家位于伯灵格姆,另一家位于帕洛阿尔托。They have not been able to fully staff their Silicon Valley locations since they opened about two years ago. 硅谷的这两家店大约两年前开张,却一直没有招够员工。They used to require their line cooks to have particular experience. 他们本来要求后厨拥有一定的工作经验。Now we’re just selling ourselves on Craigslist, posting pictures of cooks butchering pigs, sautéing, and good-looking waitresses to recruit staff, Stoll said.现在我们直接在Craigslist上推销自己,为了招人,贴些厨师在杀猪啊,烹饪啊,漂亮女招待之类的照片,斯托尔说。In the last year, the Stolls have lost several of their best servers and their director of operations to Twitter and Airbnb in San Francisco. 去年的时候,斯托尔夫妇手下最出色的几名务员和运营总监跳槽去了旧金山的Twitter和Airbnb。To compete, the couple have been increasing pay and perks as much as possible, but they say they still often have to close off entire sections of their Silicon Valley restaurants simply because there is not enough staff to service them.为了保持竞争力,二人尽量在提高薪资和补贴水平,但他们表示,在硅谷的两家店还是经常得关闭整片的就餐区,而原因就是没有足够的务员。Recently, they have resorted to hiring their 14-year-old daughter and her friends to step in. 最近这段时间,他们不得不请14岁的女儿带着她的朋友来帮忙。We’re breeding our own workforce at this point, Stoll joked.我们目前在培育自家的劳动力,斯托尔开玩笑称。Just a few blocks from Pizzeria Delfina in Palo Alto, JC Andrade, an owner of Vino Locale, a family-run wine bar, said his bar lost its previous chef to Facebook. 在离帕洛阿尔托的这家Pizzeria Delfina仅几个街区的地方,有一座家庭经营的葡萄酒吧,名为Vino Locale。店主J#8226;C#8226;安德雷德(JC Andrade)表示,之前的主厨跳槽去了Facebook。His family increased workers’ pay and now offers a 401(k) program, but Facebook and Google continue to offer his staff higher wages than Andrade said he makes as owner. 他们家给员工增加了工资,现在还提供401(k)退休福利计划,可Facebook和谷歌给安德雷德手下员工提供的薪资总是比他自称作为老板挣的钱还多。Increasingly, he said, he has to beg his 15-year-old brother to pick up shifts.他表示,自己在越来越多地去请求15岁的弟弟来帮忙轮班。Last year, Brigette Lau and Chamath Palihapitiya, founders of the venture fund Social Capital, opened Bird Dog, a stylish restaurant downtown. 去年,风险基金社会+资本合伙公司(Social Capital)的创始人布里盖特#8226;刘(Brigette Lau)与查马斯#8226;帕里哈皮蒂亚(Chamath Palihapitiya)在下城开了一家名为Bird Dog的时髦餐厅。They had backing from other Silicon Valley investors eager to bring a slice of younger, innovative and relatively affordable San Francisco-style cuisine to downtown Palo Alto.他们拥有其他一些硅谷投资人的持,这群人热烈期望将新派、创新而又相对物美价廉的旧金山式菜肴带到帕洛阿尔托下城。But even with Silicon Valley’s backing and their own substantial means — Palihapitiya is part owner of the Golden State Warriors basketball team — Lau said operating a restaurant in Palo Alto was not for the faint of heart.不过,就算拥有硅谷的持,二人又财力雄厚——帕里哈皮蒂亚是金州勇士队的老板之一——刘女士仍然表示,在帕洛阿尔托经营餐厅可不适合心脏不好的人。I’m supportive of the startup community, but not at the expense of the community, she said.我本人持创业群体,不过这不应该以当地的民众与企业作为代价,她说。 /201609/467303

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