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嘉兴男士激光脱毛浙江嘉兴激光脱毛医院Subject:You have to be kept in line. 迷你对话A: Sorry, mom. I came late again today.对不起,妈妈,我今天又回家晚了。B: You’re too playful. You have to be kept in line.你太贪玩了,你需要好好管束自己了。 地道表达keep in line 1 解词释义Keep in line经常用于部队,在军事集训中keep in line是“保持队形”的意思。保持队形就意味着要遵守纪律,要受约束,不能随意站着或坐着。后来,keep in line中所包含的“受约束”这层意思就被人们广泛运用在生活中。对话中,“You have to kept in line.”的意思就是“你需要被好好管束一下了”。 2 典型范例e.g. He could never seem to keep his temper in line.他好象很难控制住自己的脾气。e.g. Does she count on suave bullying to keep the visitors in line?他指望靠温和的威吓来使客人们循规蹈矩吗?e.g. You keep him in line and report on him to someone else.你负责督促他遵守章程和向有关人士汇报他的工作。 /201310/258722嘉兴曙光整形美容医院打瘦脸针好吗 海宁去除胎记要多少钱

浙江嘉兴狐臭医院See that you think the guys have you everything.No,you brought some else and here I do have things.看到他们 你觉得这就是我所带的一切么 不会吧 你还带了别的 我还真的有There are things,their clips are everything.I know you also do a context where you ask people.他们的录像就是一切了 我知道你办了个比赛Because you want your pictures taken of your.There were very few picture of me growing up.因为你想要别人给你照的一些 我小时候的照片很少And so I started this context,that I said I will finally pick a winner today.所以我办了这个比赛 最后的赢家会在今天揭晓We call the picture worth 5,000 dollars,because we given them 5,000 dollars for a picture I hadnt seen myself,价值5000美元的照片 如果连我自己都没见过那张照片的话 我们会给赢家5000美元And um,so,Thats great,because I actually would love to get that 5,000 dollars.所以 太好了 我也好想要那5000美元呐And I hope its not too late to enter the context,I do have a picture.Of me?希望现在参加还不算太晚 我有张照片 我的么Yeah,actually of us we have that photograph,I dont know.That,ok,thats a,事实上是我们一起的照片 我可不记得 好吧 那是A girl of verse,I forget about that.Thats a pretty well night.yeah,that was.一个有诗意的女孩 我都忘记了 那是个美妙的夜晚 是啊They even has colse the motel down,But I took all the pictures from the context and put it all together in a montage.他们甚至关了汽车旅馆 但是我把参赛的照片都放到一起做了一个剪辑To tell what I hope,youll feel is the ture story of Ellens life.Oh,my.我希望你会觉得像是讲述了你一生的故事一样 我的天啊Hello,I am televisions Jimmy Kimmel.Two years ago I saved Ellen Degeneres from deadly pandas attack.你好我是Jimmy Kimmel 2年前我从熊猫致命的袭击下救下了Ellen DegeneresIts makes me a garden ninja.A hero,for all Americans and an enermy to all pandas.这让我变成了一个忍者 一个美国众所周知的英雄 也成为了所有熊猫的敌人I dont know much about Ellens mysterious past,对于Ellen神秘的过去我了解的并不多I probably could figure it out with two minutes research on the internet于是我上网搜索 两分钟内找到一切关于她的事情But instead I find a piece of Ellens life together with these photos sending by her fans.但是相反 我找到一些关于她的照片 都是她的粉丝寄来的 /201703/495700浙江嘉兴割双眼皮手术价格 浙江新安医院治疗疤痕多少钱

海宁市妇幼保健院祛除腋臭多少钱A study at the University of Alberta in Canada found that being exposed to pets early in life may reduce the risk of developing allergies and obesity. 加拿大艾伯塔大学的一项研究发现,早期接触宠物会降低过敏和肥胖的风险。Researchers found that babies from families with pets, especially dogs, had higher levels of two types of microbes that are known to lower risks of allergies and obesity.研究人员发现,来自有宠物特别是有家庭的婴儿,他们有两种更高能降低过敏和肥胖风险的微生物水平。The team examined samples of fecal matter collected from 746 infants registered in the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development study 研究小组对来自加拿大健康婴儿纵向发育研究登记的746名婴儿粪便样本进行检查,whose mothers were enrolled during pregnancy between and 2012 and found that the bacteria Ruminococcus and Oscillospira was abundant in babies exposed to pet dander. 他们的母亲在年至2012年间怀接受登记,发现接触宠物毛屑的婴儿瘤胃球菌属和颤螺旋菌属丰富。Those two bacteria have been linked to reduced childhood allergies and obesity.这两种细菌与减少儿童过敏和肥胖有关。译文属未经许可请勿转。201704/502785 Asian亚洲Gambling in Japan: In a Spin日本:晕头转向The government has legalised casinos, but Japanese still do not like the idea.日本政府对于的合法化处理并没有受到人们欢迎。MOST forms of gambling are banned in Japan, but many Japanese still like to have a flutter.虽然日本禁止了大部分的项目,但是许多日本民众还是喜欢小赌一把。Over ¥23trn (3bn) is waged annually on pachinko, a noisy variant of pinball.每年柏青哥(一种热闹、形式多样的弹球游戏)产业就能创造23万亿日元的收入(约2030亿美元)。Add in lottery tickets, plus horse, boat and bicycle racing—the only other types of betting allowed—and you have a vast industry.再加上票、赛马、赛船、赛车等(其他几种能进行的项目),这实际上是个蕴藏巨大商机的产业。Pachinko players alone spend more than the combined betting revenue of all the casinos in the worlds top gambling resort, Macau.柏青哥玩家们在这一个项目上投入的钱要超过世界顶级胜地的各大收入的总和。Japans government has struggled to convince citizens that the current strictures should be relaxed.日本政府一直试图让民众相信目前严格的业管理是可以适度放松的。When the Diet legalised casinos in December after years of political wrangling, a poll by NHK, the countrys public broadcaster, put support for the move at just 12%.日本放送协会(日本最大的广播电视机构)做了一项民意调查,结果显示,当国会经过几年考虑最终于12月同意将合法化时,这项举动的持率只有12%。The leader of Komeito, a party with Buddhist roots that is part of the governing coalition, voted against the bill.日本公明党(与佛教组织有密切关系,现为日本联合政府一部分的党派)领袖投票否决此法案。Critics said it would exacerbate problem gambling and attract “anti-social forces”, a euphemism for Yakuza gangs.批评家们说这项规定将恶化问题并且会引起反社会分子(也就是日本黑道)的注意。Shinzo Abe, the prime minister, insists casinos will be only one part of family-friendly resorts, with hotels, shops and conference facilities.首相安倍晋三坚称将会是有利于家庭生活的、带有宾馆、商店和会议设施的胜地。In an anemic economy, his enthusiasm is not hard to understand: the construction of these huge complexes could generate ¥5trn in economic activity—with another ¥2trn a year once they have opened, largely from increased tourism, estimates Makoto Yonekawa of the Daiwa Institute of Research, a think-tank.在没有活力的经济情况下,安倍的热情并不是很难理解,因为日本大和研究所的智囊团中的Makoto Yonekawa认为这样巨大的圣地会在经济活动方面产生5万亿美元,一旦这些场所开了之后,还会产生2万亿美元,这些收益来自不断增强的旅游业。Foreign casino-operators have aly begun lobbying for a slice of this pie.外国经营商们已经在暗中争取经营许可权,寻求当地合作伙伴,从而能及时分得一杯羹。Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts and Hard Rock Café International are among the companies looking for licences and local partners.金沙集团、米高梅度假村硬石咖啡国际集团就位列其中。Bureaucrats are crafting more legislation to decide how many resorts to permit and where to put them.官员就在不停规划区。This, say analysts, is where the road could get bumpy.而这就是分析家们说的“不好做”的地方。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201704/506054嘉善县大腿激光脱毛多少钱秀洲区妙桃隆胸假体多少钱



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