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嘉兴脱毛价格海宁开个眼角多少钱Exercise 5-1:Sounds Comparing L with T, D, and NFor this exercise, concentrate on the different ways in which the air comes out of the mouth when producing each sound of L, T, D, and N.Look at the drawings included here, to see the correct position of the tongue.Instructions for ing the groups of words listed next are given after the words.T/D are PlosiveA puff of air comes out over the tip of the tongue.The tongue is somewhat tense.N is nasalAir comes out through the nose.The tongue is completely relaxed.L is lateralAir flows around the sides of the tongue.The tongue is very tense.The lips are not rounded! /201510/402848海宁市中医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱 海盐激光祛疤多少钱

嘉兴洗飘眉哪家医院好Todd: So CleAnn can you talk a little bit about your country?托德:科勒安,你能谈谈你的祖国吗?CleAnn: Sure. My country is called officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. For short, Trinidad and Tobago. And even shorter, Trinidad. However, it is best to just say Trinidad and Tobago cause sometimes people from Tobago may get offended if you just say Trinidad. People from my country are usually just called Trinidadians, but if you are, again, trying to be inclusive of people from Tobago, we say Trinbagonians.科勒安:当然可以。我祖国的官方名称是特立尼达和多巴哥共和国。简称为特立尼达和多巴哥。也可以更简单地说特立尼达。不过最好还是说特立尼达和多巴哥,因为如果你只说特立尼达的话,来自多巴哥的人会感到他们受到了冒犯。我们国家的人被称为特立尼达人,不过我要再重申一次,最好还是加上多巴哥人,所以我们通常会说特立尼达和多巴哥人。Todd: Trini-bagonians?托德:特立尼达和多巴哥人?CleAnn: Trinbagonians.科勒安:特立尼达和多巴哥人。Todd: Its hard to pronounce.托德:这个很难发音。CleAnn: Yeah, exactly. So sometimes we just say Trinidadians. But actually, although Tobago is extremely small. I mean, Trinidad is also small but Tobago is I think probably about 1/6 the size of Trinidad and its actually extremely important to the country as a whole because Tobago is our center for tourism. Trinidad doesnt have much tourism. We are more industry and oil and gas based, but Tobago is very beautiful and is known for tourism, for its natural scenery, and its actually an ecotourism destination.科勒安:对,没错。所以有时我们只说我们是特立尼达人。实际上,多巴哥非常小。虽然特立尼达也很小,但我认为多巴哥可能只有特立尼达面积的六分之一,不过多巴哥对整个国家非常重要,因为多巴哥是我们的旅游中心。特立尼达的旅游业不太发达。特立尼达的产业以石油和天然气为主,而多巴哥非常漂亮,是旅游圣地,其自然景色非常出名,那里是生态旅游目的地。Todd: Oh really?托德:哦,真的吗?CleAnn: Yes.科勒安:对。Todd: So Tobago has, I take it, rain-forests and beaches and...托德:我想多巴哥有雨林和海滩……CleAnn: Yes, small rain-forests, beaches and there is a very famous place called the Nylon Pool. And its famous because its actually out in the middle of the sea but you can stand out there because the corals have risen to such a height that its close to the water. So boats take you out and then you can get off the boat and just stand out in the middle of the ocean on top of corals.科勒安:对,有小型雨林和海滩,多巴哥有个著名景点——尼龙池。那里非常著名,尼龙池位于海中央,你可以站在上面,那里珊瑚的高度离海面很近。你可以乘船过去,然后下船站在海中央,站在珊瑚上面。Todd: Oh, how nice.托德:哦,那太好了。CleAnn: Its very nice and its white, just white coral. So its really gorgeous.科勒安:真的非常好,那些都是白色的珊瑚。真是漂亮极了。Todd: Yeah, that must be beautiful.托德:嗯,那一定非常漂亮。CleAnn: Yes. Its called the Nylon Pool because I think one of the British Monarchies, someone from the British Royal Family, visited Trinidad some years...many years ago and said that the Nylon Pool actually looks like nylon. The water reminded her of nylon so it was named the Nylon Pool.科勒安:对,那里名为尼龙池,我想是因为英国皇室成员几年前访问过特立尼达,他们说尼龙池看上去非常像尼龙。那里的水让她想起来了尼龙,所以那里被命名为尼龙池。Todd: So if people go to Tobago on vacation, which island do they fly into?托德:如果人们去多巴哥度假,那应该飞去哪个岛?CleAnn: They fly to Tobago if youre going...if youre coming from England, direct flights are from Tobago. There are no flights from Trinidad to England. Only we have to go to Tobago and then from Tobago to London. From the US, I think you have to come through Trinidad.科勒安:如果是从英国出发,那可以直接飞到多巴哥。特立尼达和英国之间没有直航航班。所以我们要去英国必须先去多巴哥,然后从多巴哥飞去伦敦。如果从美国出发,只能飞到特立尼达。Todd: Actually how far apart are the islands from each other?托德:两个岛之间的距离有多远?CleAnn: By plane, 15 minutes...or less.科勒安:坐飞机的话,不到15分钟。Todd: So theres like ferries that...?托德:那有渡轮之类的吗?CleAnn: Yeah, the ferry — the fastest one right now is about 3 hours, but its not a very fast ferry at all. So theres ferry, we have air transport of course to Tobago also. Theres talk now of building a bridge but I dont know how soon that will be done.科勒安:有,坐渡轮的话,最快需要3个小时,不过其实那一点儿也不快。所以,可以坐渡轮,也可以坐飞机去多巴哥。现在有计划建一座桥连接两个岛,不过我不知道多久能建好。译文属 /201606/450099桐乡去黄褐斑多少钱 unit 477兑换普通票(3) dialogue 英语情景对话A:Would you cash these travelerschecks, please?A:能兑换这些旅行票吗?B:How would you like them?B:您想要什么面值的现金?A:In ten dollar bill, please.A:10美元的。B:Is there anything else?B:还有什么需要吗?A:Yes, Id like to know how to send money to France.A:是的,我想知道如何汇钱去法国。 /201607/453002嘉兴双眼皮价格

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