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秋季 Fall --19 :19:5 来源: Fallisthethirdseasonofayear .Therearethreemonthsinfall :July ,Augustandseptember .Theweatherinfalliscool ,Sometimesit’swindy .Icanwearmyjackets and jeans .Ioftenflykitesandgohikingwithmygoodfriends.Andtherearemanyfruitsinfall ,Justlike :apples ,bananas ,oranges…AndtheMid AutuainFestivalisinfall , too .SoIlikefallverymuch .。

Save Water 保护水资源 --19 :19:30 来源: Water is very important us. We must drink water everyday. We can’t live without water. Water is everywhere around us. At home, we use water to wash clothes, to wash dishes, to cook rice, to clean the flat, to have showers, to make drinks, to clean our teeth, to have a bath and so on. At work, people use water to put out fires, to grow vegetables, to make things in factories and so on. We also can swim in the sea. Water is important us, isn’t it?   A poem:   Water has no taste at all.   Water has no color.   Water’s in the waterfall.   The pump.   The tap.   The well.   Water is everywhere around us.   Water is in the rain.   In the stream.   In the pond.   And in the river.   And in the sea again.   There isn’t much water on the earth. we must to save it. It is not inexhaustible.   It is very valuable.。

小学生话剧剧本:蚂蚁和蟋蟀Ant and Cricket --7 3::56 来源: 小学生话剧剧本:蚂蚁和蟋蟀Ant and Cricket (横栏镇小学生课本剧,并获镇二等奖、市三等奖)Scene1:春去夏来,Ants 慢慢挪动身子.Line: The ants are in their hibernation till spring. They eat and rest a lot, but work little. How easeful they are! Now, summer is coming,(场景变化)what will they do? Let’s see!(蚂蚁爸爸在队伍前面呼喊蚂蚁们,蚂蚁妈妈观看周围的景色)Ant Father: Baby ants, baby ants, get up! It’s summer now! (叫醒ants)(ants起来排成一行队伍背箩筐准备开始工作)Ant Mother: How beautiful it is! (欣赏夏天的美丽)Hurry up! (转向ants,催)Ants(点头示意):En!Little ant: Oh, no! I want to rest more! (撒娇状)Ants(惊讶): Ai?Ant Mother: Hurry up, baby! Don’t be lazy!Ant Father: Look! There are many food here and there, let’s carry it!(指着周围遍地的食物说,ants眼神跟随)Ants: Come on! (鼓励Little Ant)Little Ant(作不情愿状):I……,I’ m sleepy! (找借口,于是又躺下)Ants: Oh? (奇怪)Ant Sister(捡起脚边的nut): Look, sister! There is a nut. (品尝) Mm, it’s sweet! (拿给Little Ant) Taste it!Little Ant: Oh! (意外喜悦) Very delicious, I like it!Ant Mother: Baby, there are many food all over the place, we need to carry and stock it winter sleep, you know? (搭着Little Ant肩膀, 语重心长地说)Little Ant: Yes, Mom. (认识到自己的错误,难为情的低下头)Ants(欢呼):Yep!Ant Father: Ready-----go! (带领集体开始干活)Scene: Ants忙碌着搬运和储藏的工作.Line: Now, there is a cricket, he plays a lot but work little. Look, he’s playing with a butterfly!(cricket追赶butterfly)Cricket: Woo, woo----! I can get you, get you! (cricket要捕捉butterfly)Butterfly: Speed up! (加速飞离)Cricket: Oh, wait、wait!Cricket: Ah! (无奈)Cricket(面对观众自我介绍) Hello, I’ m cricket! I like golden summer(指向身后的景色). I have enough food around(指着周围的食物),rice 、nut、candy、orange……(话语转换) Also, I like playing with my friends! (开心自豪)Dragonflies(跳舞出场):Hi, cricket! Let’s dance together!Cricket(马上迎上):Ok! (排好队伍跳舞,方向移动中看到正在忙碌工作的Ants)Cricket: Who are they? (怀疑地问Dragonfly) Little Ants?Dragonfly: Yes! (点头)Cricket: Hey, Little Ants! Have a break! Cricket Dragonfly: Let’s dance!Little Ant: Sorry! We are working! (很懂事地回答,又继续工作)Cricket(走近Ants): (观看一会Ants的工作) Stop! Stop! There are enough food you,(指着周围食物)It’s unnecessary to stock food .Ant Sister: Cricket, we are getting y our winter sleep, as it is too cold to get food in winter.Ants: En! (点头表示同意)Cricket: (不屑) How silly you are ! Dragonfly: Silly , silly! (附和着)Cricket Dragonfly: Play is the first! (坚持着)(Ants伤心)Ant Mother:(安慰) Baby! get it! Let’s go on!Cricket Dragonfly(朝ants): Bye!Cricket : Let’s go on !(各自忙自己的活) Scene3:夏去秋来,秋去冬来!各自重复着自己的生活.Line: The cricket repeat his leisured life in the cool autumn. Now, winter is coming, it blows hard and snows heavily.Cricket: What a white world! (面对白茫茫一片发感慨) I’m cold!(哈欠)(肚子响) Oh! I’m hungry! (漫步在雪地找食物,找不到食物有些着急)Ants: Cheer! (举杯干杯)Ant Sister: Dad, it is you! (饭桌上夹菜)Little Ant: It’s you, Mom! (学着Sister做)Ants: you, you! (争先恐后夹给父母)(Cricket在漫步中听到吵闹声,在蚂蚁家的窗外看到Ants一家分享丰盛的晚餐,心里很不是滋味,徘徊着)Cricket: Should I come in? ---Oh, no, I’m ashamed! ---But, I’m hungry! (捂着肚子作思想斗争矛盾着)(Cricket最后还是决定敲门)Ant Father(开门)Cricket: (轻声地) Mr. Ant, I’m sorry, I …Ant Father(有点惊讶,马上反应过来):Come in , please!Ants(拍手):Welcome! (Ant Mother拿另一副碗筷)Little Ant: Have a seat!Cricket(惭愧): If I were working hard in summer, I should have food now. I’m sorry!(朝ants道歉)Little Ant: get it !Ant Sister: Don’t be sad!Ant Father: Just know you mistake…Ant Mother(紧跟其后): And correct it!Cricket :(重叹口气)I will. I promise! (发誓)Ant Sister: Let’s have dinner!All: Cheer! 小学生 话剧 剧本。

《功夫经典英文电影台词 --7 :37: 来源: 《功夫经典英文电影台词1. 问君能有几多愁,恰似一江春水向东流All the sadness one can bearDown the river everywhere.  . 一曲肝肠断,天涯何处觅知音A song that wrenches the heartO, where do I find a knowing ear?  3. 警恶惩奸,维护世界和平这个任务就交给你了The duty of upholding world peace and punishing evil will be yours.  . 就算杀了一个我,还有千千万万个我You can kill me, but there’ll be thousands more of me. 5. 单挑啊We’ll go one-on-one.  6. 自己人啊We’re on the same side!  7. 我不入地狱,谁入地狱?You cannot escape your destiny!  8. 点解霎时间会没水呢?What happened to the water?  9. 有钱给钱,没钱收拾包袱,滚!Pay up or pack up!  . 记忆是痛苦的根源,你能不记得算是福气了Memories can be painful. To get may be a blessing.  . 还有王法吗?还有法律吗?Is there no justice? Is there no law?. 这是一个社会动荡,黑帮横行的年代,其中又以”斧头帮”最令人闻风丧胆.惟独一些连黑帮也没兴趣的贫困社区却可享有暂时的安宁.In a time of social unrest and disorder, the gangs have moved in to consolidate their power. The most feared of them all is the Axe Gang. Only in the poorest districts, which hold no interest the gangs, can people live in peace. . 后会有期 Till we meet again.  . 天下武功,无坚不破,唯快不破In the world of kungfu, speed defines the winner.  . 自古正邪不两立The good cannot coexist with the bad. 功夫 经典英文电影台词。

体育道德(Sportsmanship) -- :31: 来源: 体育道德(Sportsmanship)  Every sportsman should have sportsmanship. When defeated, he should greet his opponent and congratulate him. If he can't, on one will care to be his opponent because he lacks basic decorum and the spirit of a good sportsman.  A true sportsman has a generous heart, admits to his loss and does not act with vexation. Learning to have sportsmanship is very important. It doesn't always matter whether one wins or not.  What's even more important than results is what you have learned from each competition.。

真相就在那里-- ::59   The answer is out there.   电视影集《X档案有句名言:“真相就在那里”The truth is out there.但是在哪里?就是在“那里”,只是必须要你自己去找而已!当有人说The answer is out there.时,代表这是远在天边,近在咫尺,只是当局者迷,你一时看不透罢了!或者是,有些问题的显而易见,但却是怎么想都想不起来时,你也可以说:The answer is out there.当然,当大家都不知道而只有你知道时,你也可以故弄玄虚地说:   The answer is out there.。

我们老板真的很固执-- ::59    We have a real hard-nosed boss.   我们老板真的很固执   hard-nosed就是inflexible, a little bit stubborn.   -nosed在英语里很常见,描述一个人的时候很常用,比如说   The long-nosed guy is actually a spy.   那个长鼻子的家伙实际上是个间谍。

我最喜欢节日 My Favorite Holiday -- :7:19 来源: Thereare many holidays in a year. Among them, the holiday I like most is theChildren’s Day. Children’s Day is on the June First. In school, we have manyactivities to celebrate it. example, our school often holds a garden partyon that day. We can play various games and get awards if we win. It’s the mostpopular activity in my school. Besides, we can watch movies or hold a smallparty in our class. We often buy some snacks and fruits to eat. It’s reallyinteresting. It’s a holiday fun. We enjoy it very much.一年中有许多节日,这其中我最喜欢的节日是儿童节每年的6月1日是儿童节我们学校有许多庆祝活动例如,学校会在那一天举行游园活动,我们可以玩很多游戏,赢了的话还能得到奖品游园活动是我们学校最受欢迎的活动另外,我们还能看电影或者在班里举行小小的活动,我们一般会买零食和水果,那真的很有趣儿童节就是充满乐趣的节日,我们都很快乐。

me --19 :: 来源: HI!My name is Tess. I am a girl. l can speak English very  well.I like English very  much. I am thin and tall. I am  ten years old.I am lovely ,too. I look like a big pig.I like my tachers.I like my school.It's big.It's beautiful.It's  clean.There are three buildings in  my school. One is school building .One is dance studio. The other is dormetory.There is a playground, too.We can play on it .I like everything!!!!!。

十大经典爱情片:让经典爱情台词温暖你 -- :37:35 来源: 作者简介:徐宇星 Stella,上海对外贸易大学MTI,英国UCLan口笔译硕士热爱生活和旅行的Stella喜欢在轻松活泼的课堂氛围里与同学们分享最真实的西方文化趣事和最地道的口语表达温习西方经典爱情电影中爱意浓浓的台词,让它们温暖你!1Love, Actually|真爱至上“To me, you are perfect.”——对我来说,你是完美的本片是一部串连十个爱情故事的作品, 影片以首相的爱情故事为主线展开十个发生于不同地方情节不一的故事虽然这十个故事各自独立发展但却又相互联系不同的爱情以不同的方式降临在不同的人头上,相同的是,它们都发生在距离圣诞节到来前的五个星期各异的爱情遭遇却蕴涵相似的真情实感,真爱至上的主题贯穿其中,温暖你我的心男主角以纸卡片讲出自己的心声,浪漫如此Love Story|爱情故事“Love means never having to say you're sorry.”——爱就意味着你永远不必说抱歉影片讲述富家子弟奥列弗和一位普通面包师的女儿简真诚相爱奥列弗不顾家庭的反对毅然结婚婚后的生活是幸福的,两人在经济拮据情况下奥列弗自力更生的完成了自己的硕士学业毕业后,奥列弗成了一名挂牌律师,经济上有了起色,两个年轻人的新生活刚刚开始,但他可爱的妻子简却身患绝症撒手人寰离他而去影片结尾,他一个人孤独的来到两人曾经一起游玩的溜冰场,看着洁白的雪,奥列弗不仅想起过去那一段段甜蜜温馨的往事……3The Notebook|恋恋笔记本"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach more."——最好的爱能唤醒灵魂,并启发我们追求卓越一个浸润着鲜红与纯白的爱情故事,写在一本洒满昏黄的笔记本上,被一位老先生(詹姆斯?加纳饰),一遍一遍的讲述老太太总是静静的听着,好奇的追问结果在一家疗养院,这样不变的场景每天都会上演笔记本上,秀美的字迹,记载着发生在那个夏天的爱情艾莉(蕾切尔?麦克亚当斯饰)是富有人家的千金,她随家人来到小镇避暑在一个充满梦幻的游乐场,邂逅了诺亚(莱安?高斯利饰)诺亚没有钱,却活的很快乐艾莉在他那学会了自由,得到了欢笑,两人很快热恋起来然而在艾莉父母的阻挠下,相爱的两个人,就被分开在夏天结束的那一刻随着诺亚的365封信被偷偷藏起,艾莉在7年后终于放弃了等待就在她要步入教堂的前一天,突然在报纸上看到了诺亚曾许诺给自己建造的白色房子一切记忆,全部苏醒……也许,应该苏醒的,不是故事中的,而是听故事的人Notting Hill|诺丁山"Don’t get I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."——我只是一个普通的女孩,站在一个她所爱的男孩面前请求他来爱她著名影星安娜斯各特(茱莉亚罗伯茨饰)的演艺事业如日中天一天她来到了诺丁山的一间书店,邂逅了事业爱情两失意的老板威廉萨克(休格朗特饰)威廉认出了安娜是红极一时的明星,十分惊讶,也没想到自己会爱上这位明星,假扮记者借故约会安娜很快两人坠入爱河,本来甜蜜的生活却一下子被发现了的记者破坏了安娜承受着媒体的压力,需要做出决定,两人也吵了起来……但爱情面前,没有尊卑,没有理由,就算这样一位著名的女星,在爱情面前也是一个普通的女孩,站在一个她所爱的男孩面前请求他来爱她5Sleepless In Seattle|西雅图夜未眠"It was a million tiny little things that,when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together… and I knew it."——无数件小事,若加起来,那表示我们前生注定,我早就知道自从妻子去世后,萨姆(汤姆·汉克斯 Tom Hanks饰)就相信自己此生的爱已经走到了尽头,不会再有新的恋情走进心中,他在西雅图和儿子乔纳一起平静的生活而乔纳,却一直希望爸爸能够开始新的婚姻,重获生活的阳光抱着这样的想法,乔纳在圣诞夜打电话到电台的情感热线就这样,萨姆的经历在此夜传遍了各个角落,很多人在倾听他的故事,其中包括安妮(梅格·瑞安 Meg Ryan饰)——一个住在东部的女记者她善良,温柔,有一个知心的好友,和一个即将结婚的男友然而,幸福的生活就被这个电话彻底打破了她的内心有一种冲动,让她一步步地接近这个远在西部的男人然而,一次次辗转的错过让萨姆和安妮迟迟不能会面屡次在缘份的天空下失诸交臂的二人,一直为爱而奔波,等待一个遇见的机缘6Dirty Dancing|辣身舞"I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you."——我害怕走出这个房间,害怕在我下半辈子再也没有和你在一起的那种感觉这是一部节奏明快的音乐歌舞片,讲叙了一个少女在暑期学习“热舞”的过程中了解了生活的真谛和爱情的故事,反映出舞蹈在美国反主流文化初期所起的作用影片内容就不多介绍了,其中的经典片段在大家熟知的美国众多的电影和美剧中反复出现,被美国人认为是经典情节,值得拥有!7When Harry Met Sally|当哈利遇见莎丽"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest Of your life to start as soon as possible."——当你意识到了自己想和谁一起度过余生,你会希望余生开始得越早越好哈利和莎丽一直谈到一个话题:是否男人女人能够做纯粹的朋友而当彼此爱过恨过,他们两个最终在电影结尾中重逢,哈利向萨丽说:“当你意识到了自己想和谁一起度过余生,你会希望余生开始得越早越好!8Beauty and The Beast|美女与野兽Beast: "I let her go."Cogsworth: "Yes, yes splendid. You what? How could you do that?"Beast: "I had to."Cogsworth: "Yes, but…Why?"Beast: "Because I love her."——野兽:“我放她走了”cogsworth:“是的,是的,很好什么?你怎么会那么做?”野兽:“我必须这么做”cogsworth:“恩,但是,为什么?”野兽:“因为我爱她”贝儿美丽善良,与老父亲一起住在一个宁静的小村庄里一次,父亲不小心闯进了野兽的领地,被囚禁在野兽的城堡里为了救出亲爱的父亲,贝儿只身犯险,答应与野兽同居于古堡而换回了父亲野兽的城堡华丽而充满奇幻色,有充满绅士风度的烛台先生,和蔼亲切的茶壶妈妈,还有可爱的小茶壶宝宝然而,贝儿生活的并不愉快,一心想念着她的父亲终于,贝儿找到了逃走的机会可是却遇到了凶狠的狼群危难关头,野兽及时出现,解救了贝儿,自己却受了伤贝儿心存感动,细心照顾野兽相处的过程中,二人互相了解,野兽也被感化,慢慢变得温和,学会去爱朝夕相处,日生情愫也许,野兽也可以是英勇的守护骑士,温雅的白马王子9As Good As It Gets|尽善尽美"You make me want to be a better man."——你让我想成为更好的人作家梅尔文(杰克?尼科尔森饰)是一个脾气古怪的强迫症老头,没有家庭也没有朋友,整天关在屋里写他的第六十二部小说,生活如时钟般精准,受不了一点的打扰梅尔文的邻居西蒙(格雷戈?金尼尔饰)是年轻的同性恋画家,养了一条可爱的小,生性活泼,脾气温和,经常受到梅尔文的侮辱梅尔文每天只出门一次,到同一家餐厅吃饭,餐厅女招待卡罗尔?康奈莉(海伦?亨特饰)是唯一愿意而且能够为他务的人离了婚的卡罗尔与儿子斯潘塞住在一起,斯潘塞患有严重的哮喘病,这使得许多对卡罗尔有意思的男子知难而退一天,西蒙的住所遭到抢劫,西蒙身受重伤,住院前,将小托付给梅尔文照料,梅尔文渐渐喜欢上了这个小家伙,心理也发生了变化,开始关注周边的世界,主动帮助别人,认真审视自己对卡罗尔的好感……Legally Blonde|律政俏佳人Elle: "You’re breaking up with me because I’m too… blonde?"Warner: "Well, no. That's not entirely true…"Elle: "Then what? My boobs are too big?"——Elle:“你要和我分手因为我……太金发碧眼了?”Warner:“额,不是的,不是完全正确…”Elle:“那是因为什么?我的胸太大了?”艾丽(瑞茜?威瑟斯彭Reese Witherspoon饰)虽然拥有羡煞旁人的美貌——金发,白肤,高挑,精通打扮,就像一个精美的芭比娃娃美貌和活泼的性格,让艾丽成为了一个完美的女生她的男友沃纳(马修?戴维斯Matthew Davis饰)条件也不俗,拥有富贵的出身和出众的外表两人十分般配,却想不到沃纳根本就没把艾丽当成终身伴侣,在他眼中,艾丽只是一个花瓶,除了漂亮别无所长,于是他考上哈佛法学院之后,甩了艾丽,与旧女友重拾旧爱艾丽不甘心,千方百计也考上了哈佛,她要用行动来明自己并非徒有外表哈佛的学习生活非常枯燥,而且这个金发美人还处处受到歧视令大家大跌眼镜的是,艾丽竟然机智的干了一番事业当然这一段是一个并不能算是经典的爱情台词,但可以从反面让大家知道什么样不算是爱,在电影中虽然开始艾丽还为这段感情哭过伤过,但最后经过对自身的提高,终于找到和自己情投意合并且能够在事业上帮助自己的Mr.Right 爱情片 经典 台词。