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昆山仁济生殖中心网上预约昆山流产的正规医院We will build our defenses beyond challenge, lest weakness invite challenge.我们要防患于未然,懈怠会带来麻烦。We will confront weapons of mass destruction, so that a new century is spared new horrors.我们还要阻止武器泛滥,使新的世纪摆脱恐怖的威胁。The enemies of liberty and our country should make no mistake: America remains engaged in the world by history and by choice, shaping a balance of power that favors freedom.反对自由和反对我们国家的人应该明白:美国仍将积极参与国际事务,力求世界力量的均衡,让自由的力量遍及全球。这是历史的选择。We will defend our allies and our interests.我们会保护我们的盟国,捍卫我们的利益。We will show purpose without arrogance.我们将谦逊地向世界人民表示我们的目标。We will meet aggression and bad faith with resolve and strength.我们将坚决反击各种侵略和不守信用的行径。And to all nations, we will speak for the values that gave our nation birth.我们要向全世界宣传育了我们伟大民族的价值观。America, at its best, is compassionate.正处在鼎盛时期的美国也不缺乏同情心。In the quiet of American conscience, we know that deep, persistent poverty is unworthy of our nations promise.当我们静心思考,我们就会明了根深蒂固的贫穷根本不值得我国作出承诺。And whatever our views of its cause, we can agree that children at risk are not at fault.无论我们如何看待贫穷的原因,我们都必须承认,孩子敢于冒险不等于在犯错误。Abandonment and abuse are not acts of God, they are failures of love.放纵与滥用都为上帝所不容,这些都是缺乏爱的结果。And the proliferation of prisons, however necessary, is no substitute for hope and order in our souls.监狱数量的增长虽然看起来是有必要的,但并不能代替我们心中的希望-人人遵纪守法。Where there is suffering, there is duty. Americans in need are not strangers, they are citizens; not problems, but priorities.哪里有痛苦,我们的义务就在哪里。对我们来说,需要帮助的美国人不是陌生人,而是我们的公民;不是负担,而是急需救助的对象。And all of us are diminished when any are hopeless.当有人陷入绝望时,我们大家都会因此变得渺小。03/438239周市千灯陆家镇治疗便秘多少钱 Download Video: mp4 (633MB) | mp3 (61MB) 201107/143660Download Video: mp4 (153MB) | mp3 (5MB)One month ago this week, BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded off Louisiana’s coast, killing 11 people and rupturing an underwater pipe. The resulting oil spill has not only dealt an economic blow to Americans across the Gulf Coast, it also represents an environmental disaster. In response, we are drawing on America’s best minds and using the world’s best technology to stop the leak. We’ve deployed over 1,100 vessels, about 24,000 personnel, and more than 2 million total feet of boom to help contain it. And we’re doing all we can to assist struggling fishermen, and the small businesses and communities that depend on them.Folks on the Gulf Coast – and across America – are rightly demanding swift action to clean up BP’s mess and end this ordeal. But they’re also demanding to know how this happened in the first place, and how we can make sure it never happens again. That’s what I’d like to spend a few minutes talking with you about.First and foremost, what led to this disaster was a breakdown of responsibility on the part of BP and perhaps others, including Transocean and Halliburton. And we will continue to hold the relevant companies accountable not only for being forthcoming and transparent about the facts surrounding the leak, but for shutting it down, repairing the damage it does, and repaying Americans who’ve suffered a financial loss.But even as we continue to hold BP accountable, we also need to hold Washington accountable. Now, this catastrophe is unprecedented in its nature, and it presents a host of new challenges we are working to address. But the question is what lessons we can learn from this disaster to make sure it never happens again.If the laws on our books are inadequate to prevent such an oil spill, or if we didn’t enforce those laws – I want to know it. I want to know what worked and what didn’t work in our response to the disaster, and where oversight of the oil and gas industry broke down. We know, for example, that a cozy relationship between oil and gas companies and agencies that regulate them has long been a source of concern.Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has taken steps to address this problem; steps that build on reforms he has been implementing since he took office. But we need to do a lot more to protect the health and safety of our people; to safeguard the quality of our air and water; and to preserve the natural beauty and bounty of America.In recent weeks, we’ve taken a number of immediate measures to prevent another spill. We’ve ordered inspections of all deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve announced that no permits for drilling new wells will go forward until the 30-day safety and environmental review I requested is complete. And I’ve called on Congress to pass a bill that would provide critical funds and tools to respond to this spill and better prepare us to confront any future spills.But we also need to take a comprehensive look at how the oil and gas industry operates and how we regulate them. That is why, on Friday, I signed an executive order establishing the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling. While there are a number of ongoing investigations, including an independent review by the National Academy of Engineering, the purpose of this Commission is to consider both the root causes of the disaster and offer options on what safety and environmental precautions we need to take to prevent a similar disaster from happening again. This Commission, I’d note, is similar to one proposed by Congresswoman Capps and Senator Whitehouse.I’ve asked Democrat Bob Graham and Republican Bill Reilly to co-chair this Commission. Bob served two terms as Florida’s governor, and represented Florida as a ed States Senator for almost two decades. During that time, he earned a reputation as a champion of the environment, leading the most extensive environmental protection effort in the state’s history.Bill Reilly is chairman emeritus of the board of the World Wildlife Fund, and he is also deeply knowledgeable about the oil and gas industry. During the presidency of George H.W. Bush, Bill was Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and his tenure encompassed the Exxon Valdez disaster.I can’t think of two people who will bring greater experience or better judgment to the task at hand. In the days to come, I’ll appoint 5 other distinguished Americans – including scientists, engineers, and environmental advocates – to join them on the Commission. And I’m directing them to report back in 6 months with recommendations on how we can prevent – and mitigate the impact of – any future spills that result from offshore drilling.One of the reasons I ran for President was to put America on the path to energy independence, and I have not wavered from that commitment. To achieve that goal, we must pursue clean energy and energy efficiency, and we’ve taken significant steps to do so. And we must also pursue domestic sources of oil and gas. Because it represents 30 percent of our oil production, the Gulf of Mexico can play an important part in securing our energy future. But we can only pursue offshore oil drilling if we have assurances that a disaster like the BP oil spill will not happen again. This Commission will, I hope, help provide those assurances so we can continue to seek a secure energy future for the ed States of America.Thanks so much.201005/104461周市镇妇科整形多少钱

昆山仁济医院治阳痿要多少钱REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENTIN TOWH HALL MEETING ON HEALTH CARESouthwest High SchoolGreen Bay, Wisconsin12:07 P.M. CDTTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Green Bay. (Applause.) It's good to see you. Thank you. It is great to be back in Green Bay. (Applause.) We are hoping that both the Packers and the Bears do better this year. (Applause.) Come on, we can bring everybody together.I want to make just a few acknowledgments; we've got some wonderful special guests here today. First of all, can everybody please give Laura a huge round of applause for sharing her story? (Applause.) I want to thank our hosts, Principal Brian Davis and his beautiful family, and Superintendent Gregg Maass, please gives them a big round of applause. (Applause.) Your outstanding governor, Jim Doyle, is here; give him a big round of applause. (Applause.) Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton is here, give Barbara a big round of applause. (Applause.) Congressman Steve Kagen is here, Congressman. (Applause.) Your own Mayor, Jim Schmitt. (Applause.) And Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is here as well. (Applause.)I want to thank all the tribal leaders of Wisconsin who are with us here today. (Applause.) And they couldn't be with us, but I want to acknowledge the great leadership that you're getting in the ed States Senate from Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold, give them a big round of applause. (Applause.)This is a town hall meeting, but if you don't mind I want to make a few comments at the outset, sort of to frame the discussion, and then we'll get to the fun part and you guys can bombard me with questions.As I said, I want to thank Southwest High School for hosting us. (Applause.) I especially want to thank Laura for sharing her story. It takes courage to do that and it takes even more courage to battle a disease like cancer with such grace and determination, and I know her family is here and they're working and fighting with her every inch of the way.Laura’s story is incredibly moving. But sadly, it's not unique. Every day in this country, more and more Americans are forced to worry about not just getting well, but whether they can afford to get well. Millions more wonder if they can afford the routine care necessary to stay well. Even for those who have health insurance, rising premiums are straining family budgets to the breaking point -- premiums that have doubled over the last nine years, and have grown at a rate three times faster than wages. Let me repeat that: Health care premiums have gone up three times faster than wages have gone up. So desperately needed procedures and treatments are put off because the price is too high. And all it takes is a single illness to wipe out a lifetime of savings.Now, employers aren’t faring any better. The cost of health care has helped leave big corporations like GM and Chrysler at a competitive disadvantage with their foreign counterparts. For small businesses, it’s even worse. One month, they’re forced to cut back on health care benefits. The next month, they've got to drop coverage. The month after that, they have no choice but to start laying off workers.For the government, the growing cost of Medicare and Medicaid is the biggest threat to our federal deficit, bigger than Social Security, bigger than all the investments that we've made so far. So if you're worried about spending and you're worried about deficits, you need to be worried about the cost of health care.We have the most expensive health care system in the world, bar none. We spend almost 50 percent more per person on health care than the next most expensive nation -- 50 percent more. But here's the thing, Green Bay: We're not any healthier for it; we don't necessarily have better outcomes. Even within our own country, there are a lot of the places where we spend less on health care, but actually have higher quality than places where we spend more. And it turns out Green Bay is a good example. Right here in Green Bay, you get more quality out of fewer health care dollars than many other communities across this country. (Applause.) That's something to be proud of. I want to repeat that: You spend less; you have higher quality here in Green Bay than in many parts of the country. But across the country, spending on health care keeps on going up and up and up -- day after day, year after year.I know that there are millions of Americans who are happy, who are content with their health care coverage -- they like their plan, they value their relationship with their doctor. And no matter how we reform health care, I intend to keep this promise: If you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor; if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. (Applause.)So don't let people scare you. If you like what you've got, we're not going to make you change. But in order to preserve what's best about our health care system, we have to fix what doesn't work. For we've reached the point where doing nothing about the cost of health care is no longer an option. The status quo is unsustainable. If we don't act, and act soon to bring down costs, it will jeopardize everybody's health care. If we don't act, every American will feel the consequences in higher premiums -- which, by the way, means lower take-home pay, because it's not as if those costs are all borne by your employer; that's money that could have gone to giving you a raise -- in lost jobs and shuttered businesses, in a rising number of uninsured and a rising debt that our children and their children will be paying off for decades. If we do nothing, within a decade we will be spending one out of every we earn on health care. And in 30 years, we'll be spending one out of every we earn on health care. And that's untenable. It's unacceptable. I will not allow it as President of the ed States. (Applause.)Health care reform is not something I just cooked up when I took office. Sometimes I hear people say, he's taking on too much, why is he -- I'm not doing this because I don't have enough to do. (Laughter.) We need health care reform because it's central to our economic future. It's central to our long-term prosperity as a nation. In past years and decades there may have been some disagreement on this point, but not anymore. Today, we've aly built an unprecedented coalition of people who are y to reform our health care system: physicians and health insurers; businesses and workers; Democrats and Republicans.A few weeks ago, some of these groups committed to doing something that would've been unthinkable just a few years ago: They promised to work together to cut national health care spending by trillion over the next decade. And that will bring down costs. It will bring down premiums. That's exactly the kind of cooperation we need.But the question now is how do we finish the job? How do we permanently bring down costs and make quality, affordable health care available to every single American? And my view is that reform should be guided by a simple principle: We will fix what's broken and we build on what works. (Applause.)In some cases there's broad agreement on the steps we should take. So in our Recovery Act that we aly passed -- hey, buddy -- my guy in the cap, he was waving at me. (Laughter and applause.) In the Recovery Act, we've aly made investments in health IT -- that's information technologies -- and electronic medical records that will reduce medical errors, save lives, save money, and still ensure privacy. We also need to invest in prevention and wellness programs to help Americans live longer and healthier lives. (Applause.)But the real cost savings will come from changing the incentives of a system that automatically equates expensive care with better care. We've got to move from addressing -- we've got to address flaws that increase profits but don't actually increase the quality of care for patients.We have to ask why places like Geisinger Health systems in rural Pennsylvania, or Intermountain Health in Salt Lake City, or communities like Green Bay can offer high-quality care at costs well below average, but other places in America can't. We need to identify the best practices across the country, learn from the successes, and then duplicate those successes everywhere else.06/73993昆山市第四人民医院前列腺炎多少钱 昆山慢性尿道炎医院

昆山那家医院治疗前列腺增生效果好Our country represents nothing but peaceful intentions toward all the earth,我们的国家所表示的意图,but it ought not to fail to maintain such a military force as comports with the dignity and security of a great people.不过是与世界各国和平相处,但我国不得不维持这样一军事力量,只是为了适合我们这一伟大民族的尊严和安全的需要。It ought to be a balanced force, intensely modern, capable of defense by sea and land, beneath the surface and in the air.这种军事力量应当得到平衡的发展,并且实现高度的现代化,使之无论在海上和陆地,还是在水下和空中,都能完成保卫国家的任务。But it should be so conducted that all the world may see in it, not a menace, but an instrument of security and peace.不过,我们应该通过我们的行动使全世界看到,这种军事力量并非一种威胁,而是保障安全与和平的工具。This Nation believes thoroughly in an honorable peace under which the rights of its citizens are to be everywhere protected.我国完全信奉一种光荣的和平,在这种和平之下,我国公民无论身在何处,其权利都应得到保护。It has never found that the necessary enjoyment of such a peace could be maintained only by a great and threatening array of arms.单凭一威慑性的庞大武装力量就能保障人民享有这种和平,这实在无异于天方夜谈。In common with other nations, it is now more determined than ever to promote peace through friendliness and good will, through mutual understandings and mutual forbearance.美国目前”同其他国家一样,正以前所未有的决心,通过友谊和善意以及相互理解和容忍来促进和平。We have never practiced the policy of competitive armaments.我们从未执行军备竞赛的政策。We have recently committed ourselves by covenants with the other great nations to a limitation of our sea power.最近我们与其他几个大国签订了限制海上实力的条约.As one result of this, our Navy ranks larger, in comparison, than it ever did before.由此产生的一个结果是,我们的海军比以往任何时候都要强大。Removing the burden of expense and jealousy, which must always accrue from a keen rivalry,消除因尖锐对峙而必然增加的开负担和相互猜疑,is one of the most effective methods of diminishing that unreasonable hysteria and misunderstanding which are the most potent means of fomenting war.对于抑制那种最能煽起战争之火的无理性的歇斯底里与误解,乃是一种最有效的办法。02/444030 This morning the President welcomed everybody back from the Thanksgiving break, and said he was looking forward to tomorrow's bipartisan meeting with Congressional leaders, making clear that "it’s time to get back to work." Before talking about the news of the day, namely his call for cutting the deficit by freezing Federal employee pay, the President spoke a little bit about how concerns about the economy and the deficit relate:Now, there’s no doubt that if we want to bring down our deficits, it’s critical to keep growing our economy. More importantly, there’s still a lot of pain out there, and we can’t afford to take any steps that might derail our recovery or our efforts to put Americans back to work and to make Main Street whole again. So we can’t put the brakes on too quickly. And I’m going to be interested in hearing ideas from my Republican colleagues, as well as Democrats, about how we continue to grow the economy and how we put people back to work.Read the Transcript | Download Video: mp4 (80MB) | mp3 (8MB) 201012/119610昆山哪家医院治疗男科好昆山医院割包皮多少



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