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Justin Bieber Sets Record Straight About Tabloid Rumors and Mistakes Justin bieber is speaking out now. In a rare interview, he opens up to ;the hollywood reporter. ; Trying to set the record straight with all of the recent run-ins with the tabloids.Justin Bieber is speaking out now, in a rare interview, he opens up to the Hollywood reporter, trying to set the record straight about all those recent runnings with the tablets. A’s Diana Pérez has the details. All around the world, Justin Bieber is no stranger to trouble, spraying a picture of Bill Clinton in New York, to speeding tickets in Dubai. But in an interview with the Hollywood reporter to promote his new movie, Believe, the 19-year-old phenom tells the magazine he knows who he is even if the media doesn’t. I don’t give a [expletive] what they say, I know who I am and what I’m doing in my life, and what I’ve accomplished. I’m happy with the man I’m becoming. You see a lot of lies being put out there. As long as you lo….In his first interview in 9 months, Justin Bieber says he’s determined to remain his own man, I want to be me, to show everybody who I am as an individual, I don#39;t wanna just be a puppet.He’s not going to listen what you think he should be, he’s not going to listen to the label, he’s not going to listen necessarily to Scooter Braun, his manager. The pop star has a gang of support from Oprah to Eminem. His manger even told the magazine Bieber and Will Smith have weekly phone calls. You gotta hide your emotions sometimes, especially for me going on stage. I’m upset and I don’t wanna have to smile and put on a happy and but sometimes, you just gotta, just suck it up. For Good Morning America, Diana Perez, A News, New York. /201312/266772。

If it seems like those precious moments spent with your family are fleeting, follow these tips to get the family together more.如果你觉得陪伴家人的宝贵时间转瞬即逝,遵循以下建议,拥有更多时间共享天伦。You Will Need你需要Organization安排Dinner or game nights晚餐或游戏之夜Car汽车Bed床Steps步骤Step 1 Make family a priority1.家人优先Make your family your priority. We often get bogged down with work, chores, and other menial things, but the first step in making family time is making family a priority.把家人放在首要地位。我们经常被工作,杂务和其他琐事烦得分身乏术,但是要安排更多时间与家人团聚,第一步就是把家人放在首要地位。Step 2 Get organized2.井然有序Get organized. Planning ahead is a great way to organize your time and prevent scurrying from one activity to the next.做好安排。提前计划是安排时间,防止匆忙仓促的最佳方法。Limit children#39;s extracurricular activities in favor of spending time with family.限制孩子们的业余活动,和家人一起度过美好时光。Step 3 Schedule family night3.安排家人团聚之夜Schedule a night once a week when you can all come together for a scrumptious dinner, conversation, and even games.在条件允许的情况下,每周安排一次家庭之夜,所有家庭成员聚在一起共享大餐,聊天甚至游戏。Don’t turn on the television on family night. Make it a time when you can all talk to one another.家人团聚之夜不要打开电视机。让这个夜晚成为相互之间畅所欲言的时间。Step 4 Save a day4.安排一天Set aside an entire day each month devoted completely to the family. Try a drive in the country, lunch in a cozy restaurant,a hike, or a day lounging in the comfort of mom and dad’s bed.每个月安排一天完全留给家人。可以去郊外驾车,在温馨的餐馆就餐,远足或者一整天窝在父母舒适的床上。Step 5 Cherish the few minutes5.珍惜短暂的时间Don’t underestimate the few minutes you are able to spend with your family daily – these add up to quality family time.不要低估你每天可以和家人一起度过的短暂时间——这些加起来也是非常多的时间。Step 6 Be diligent6.勤勉Make deliberate plans to incorporate family time into your schedule. Our biggest investment is in the people we love.特意将与家人团聚的时间添加到时间表。我们最大的投资应该放在我们热爱的家人。In 2008, there were 73.9 million children aged 17 and under in the U.S. Of those, 67 percent lived with two married parents.2008年,美国共有7390万17岁及以下青少年。其中,67%的青少年家庭完整。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/274902。

In some martial arts, an arm grab might entail a series of complicated moves, but not in Jeet Kune Do.其他搏击术中 执腕可能得一系列复杂的动作 截拳道可不是这样Traditional martial arts is... seems to be a long-winded affair of it going from point A to point B,there#39;s many ways we could show you to give you an example.传统武术大都强调冗余的套路 首先怎么样 然后怎么样,有很多例子 可以跟你展示一下。If you look at Bruce#39;s idea,and it#39;s really just based on what would to be closest and where your hands and feet are in relation to the opponent.小龙的观点是,这得取决于什么离你最近 手脚与对方的相对位置如何。I just feel, in this situation here that because my leg is near his knee but the groin feels an easy target.So if I was grabbed, I feel as if groin shot would be easier.This would be a better set... a better move than just doing this.And again, we could punch.我只是感觉 现在这种情况,因为我的腿离他的膝盖很近 而腹部更易打击,所以当手被擒住时 踢腹股沟感觉要简单点,之后还可以组合... 更好的方式,再来 我们可以直拳进攻。Bruce Lee#39;s revolutionary approach to fighting has been adopted around the world and sports such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Violent and competitive combat using mixed martial arts.李小龙革命性的格斗方式在世界体坛广泛采用,其中包括终极格斗大赛 一种集暴力与竞技为一体的综合格斗。He was always trying to figure out the science of fighting,and the reality is, you have to have a little piece of everything to be a complete fighter That#39;s what makes mixed martial arts is, and Bruce Lee is the father of mixed martial arts.他一直寻求解密格斗术,实际上也是 要想成为全能格斗家 就必须多方涉猎,这才是综合格斗 而李小龙不愧是综合格斗之父。Bruce Lee#39;s daughter, Shannon, has come to Las Vegas to see her father#39;s influence in action.李小龙的女儿 李香凝 亲自前往领略她父亲在动作方面的影响Talked about Kenny Florian.My dad would have really enjoyed UFC.I think he was, eh, very into real combat.说起Kenny Florian啊,我父亲肯定会迷上终极格斗大赛,他简直对实战着魔了。His art is all about being a complete fighter and being able to handle any situation you find yourself in.And so this is really the closest you can get to it.他的格斗术就是有关如何成为全能格斗家 抑或适应任何情况,所以这儿无疑是最理想的地方。 Article/201402/274759。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s shout out goes out to Mr. Sheehan#39;s class at Westmount Hilltop High School in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了西恩的课堂。The Karakoram mountain range is located on what continent? 喀喇昆仑山脉位于哪个州?Here we go now. Is it Africa, Asia, South American or Antarctica. You#39;ve got three seconds, go. 开始!它在非洲、亚洲、南美洲还是南极洲?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The Karakoram range stretches about 300 miles across part of Asia. That#39;s your answer, and that#39;s your shout out.喀喇昆仑山脉横跨亚洲300英里。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: And it is up there too. 它就在那里。The average height of mountains in the Karakorams is about 20,000 feet. 喀喇昆仑山的平均高度大概有20000英尺。Now, yours truly might take a run down a black diamond trail, or maybe more realistically I might fall my way down a black diamond trail, but if you were to ask me to step into a pair of skis and take on some of the tallest mountains in the world, I#39;m heading back to the bunny slope. 现在,你很有肯能从黑钻雪道上滑下,或者更现实点儿,我也可能从一条黑钻雪道上滑下。但是,如果你让我穿上滑雪板从世界上最高的山上滑下,我会选择回初级者滑雪道。Saima Mohsin caught up with some extreme adventurers who are planning to ski where no one has ever skied before. Saima Mohsin和一些极限冒险家一起,他们打算在没人曾滑过雪的地方滑雪。 /201304/234459。

杜蕾斯iPhone联手让你不得不用避套视频广告:看完这个视频的所有人会有两个疑问:这个广告的卖家到底是iphone的应用,还是杜蕾斯的广告(反正,他们俩都是了,不然咋叫合作呢)。看完这个视频的男同胞会有两个结论: 1)iphone的创意真...的太有创意了2)杜蕾斯,你成功了。英语视频附有中英对照文本Let#39;s face it. Condoms are a bit of downer. So how do we convince guys to put it on? And make durex the favorite choice.事实是,带套真的比较不爽。要如何说男人们使用套套并选择杜蕾斯的套套呢?When you are a twenty-one year old stallion, what might be the best reason to put it on?对20来岁的小伙子来说,戴套的第一大理由是什么?;I#39;m pregnant.;我怀了。To be honest, guys don#39;t really care that much about sexually transmitted diseases. But babies, they just won#39;t disappear with a visit to the doctor.说实话,什么淋病梅毒男人没在怕的,但小孩?面对妇产科医生,他们只想玩消失。So we thought, let#39;s simulate the experience of having a new born. And give you a taste of what it really feels like.所以我们做了个手机程序,让你尝尝那到底是什么滋味。We created a mobile application where you can knock-up a friend#39;s phone. Download and install the application. Find a phone to mate, and gently rub the two phones against each other. And there you go!这个程序不仅模拟养小孩,还可以“搞大”朋友的手机。下载安装,去搞别人的手机,轻轻地前后擦,成功。The baby will require your utmost attention: feed it, tickle it, rubble, bubble, or hug it...using every trick in the book to make it stop crying!这个模拟程序会跟真小孩一样烦你,要喂奶,要逗他玩,要哄睡觉,还要抱,要想尽办法让他不要哭闹。Everytime you close the application, you will be reminded: use durex. With facebook connect, the world will know you#39;ve become a dad. Invitations for baby events will start poping up on your profile.而每次你关闭这个程序,会显示用杜蕾斯的提醒。它还会更新你的facebook状态“我当爹啦”。各种婴儿相关活动的邀请也会随之而来。On durex condom packages we place QR texts that link to a durex baby anti-knock-up application. Download it, and you are baby-free, at least until the real magic happens...我们在杜蕾斯的盒子上印了个二维码,它连接到杜蕾斯“防小人”手机程序的下载地址,下载这个程序,世界终于清静了—至少在你真的搞大了女朋友肚子之前。 Article/201402/275610。

Not everything he collects stays where it should.它的收藏品 未必全都分门别类放好He puts these treasures on display within and around a construction它花了几年盖好一栋建筑物that has taken him years to build.在里里外外展示这些宝物A giant bower woven around a central sapling,一座巨大的棚架 绕着一棵小树编织而成carpeted with moss.表面覆满了青苔This grand design is no nest it#39;s the ultimate seduction parlour.这宏伟的设计可不是鸟巢 而是引诱雌鸟终极展览厅But he#39;s not alone on this hillside.但这片山坡还有别的褐色园丁鸟He#39;s got six rivals within earshot.附近还有六个竟争对手This one prefers darker colours, decorating his bower with deer dung.这只雄鸟喜欢比较暗沉的颜色 它装饰棚架用的是鹿粪And charcoal.还有木炭Visual effect is of crucial importance.视觉效果最重要Clearly he hadn#39;t planned on all this sprouting fungus.这些发芽的菇菌 显然在它的意料之外 Article/201308/254570。