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Public-service reform公共务改革Dave's amazing adventure戴夫大冒险让人惊讶Overhauling the public services is proving slower and harder than the government once hoped 整修公共务:比政府预期还要缓慢艰难HEALTH-CARE reform’s potential as raw material for rappers has hitherto mostly gone unnoticed. Now the government’s plans for the National Health Service have been satirised in a ditty entitled “The NHS is not for sale”; it registered over 150,000 YouTube hits within a week. Nearly a year after the coalition came to power, offering the most sweeping public-service reform agenda since Margaret Thatcher, grind—and ridicule—have beset it. Ministers look tired; U-turns, refinements and clarifications are frequent.医疗保健改革本可以让说唱歌手好好做上一番文章,但迄今为止却少有人慧眼识珠。如今,讽刺英国政府改革国民健康保险制度计划的打油曲“健保系统不卖”,在YOUTUBE上一周已获得十五多万次点击。联合政府执政将近一年,提出了自撒切尔夫人以来范围最广的改革议程;然而这项议程却被琐事和嘲弄包围。大臣们面色疲惫;方针、政策等的急速转变,调整提高以及解释说明屡见不鲜。The official line is that reforms to schools, the NHS and other institutions are proceeding as intended. David Cameron is sticking to his plans to devolve more power to those directly delivering the services, cut out bureaucratic middle men and enhance competition. But scratch a bit deeper, and worries about the impact and pace of the changes are evident. “We haven’t succeeded in explaining how our approach saves money and delivers better services,” admits a senior minister.官方方针是学校,健保系统和其他机构的改革正如预期进行。卡梅隆坚持自己的计划,即把更多权力移交给这些直接务的机构,裁减打官腔的中间人员,加强竞争。但是往深里想想,此举的后果和改革步调便显而易见。一位高级大臣承认:“我们没能成功解释这样做为何省钱,为何可以提供更好的务。”Andrew Lansley’s bid to devolve the commissioning of hospital care, and responsibility for much of England’s health budget, to GPs has proved the most contentious policy. Under the health secretary’s scheme, GPs will be obliged to form new commissioning consortia; they will also have more freedom to choose private health-care providers over state ones.英国卫生大臣安德鲁兰斯里的尝试是最具争议的。他计划把医疗保健和大部分医疗预算委任给医生,这样医生必须形成新的医疗联盟;他们还可以更加自由地选择私人健保提供者而不是由国家提供。Mr Lansley points out that his changes are going more smoothly than hostile interest groups suggest: 177 consortia, covering 70% of England’s population, have aly been set up (the deadline for transferring to the new arrangements is April 2013). But the timescale is alarmingly variable. One senior government figure thinks this and other public-sector reforms will take “between five and 15 years” to bear fruit nationally. That might be asking a bit too much of public patience.兰斯里指出他的改革比反对派所说的进展顺利得多:已经设立了177个联盟,覆盖了英国70%的人口(新安排的最终期限是2013年)。但是时间跨度之多变令人警觉。一位高级官员认为,这项以及其他的公共领域改革将需要“五到十五年”来使全国受益。这可能大大超出了公众的耐心。Sell Stockholm, buy Harlem卖掉斯德哥尔,买进哈莱姆Meanwhile the education secretary Michael Gove’s once-prominent focus on new Swedish-style “free schools”—to be funded by the state but run by charities, parents and others—has been wavering. Although he denies a shift, chains of academies—state schools turned over to autonomous providers—are now being heralded as the driving force of schools reform. Mr Gove is sounding keener on American-style Charter schools than on the Swedish model, in part because the Charter programme has a clearer record of helping to transform education for the poor. 同时,教育大臣迈克尔戈夫曾大力推进的瑞典式“免费学校”政策——由国家出资,慈善机构,父母和其他人运转——一直以来也动摇不定。尽管他否认政策转移,却还有许多学院——现在转由独立个人持的公立学校——被宣为教育改革的驱动力。乍听之下,比起瑞典模式,戈夫似乎对美国式的特许学校更感兴趣。一个原因就是特许学校能够使教育更好造福穷孩子。And a bitter row is under way over how far the rise in tuition fees to 9,000 (,500) for some universities should be dependent on them admitting more students from poor and ethnic-minority backgrounds. Supported by Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat business secretary who is responsible for higher education, the Office for Fair Access, a regulator, wants a portion of the higher fees to be diverted to outreach efforts. It threatens to impose a cap for those universities who don’t oblige. Frustration in the universities is matched by outrage among Tories, who are afraid of damaging standards and biasing the system against middle-class applicants.英国大学学费涨价也让大众不满。上调之后,大学学费最高可至9,000英镑(约合14,500美元),但政府规定大学必须采取措施招收更多英国本地贫穷学生和少数族群学生,才能收取最高上限的学费。在主管大学事务的自由民主党人,商务部大臣文斯凯布尔持下,扮演监管角色的公平入校办公室也想在增收的学费中分一杯羹,以主动帮助入学。如果哪个大学不从,它便表示要对其收取罚款。伴随着大学的唉声叹气是托利党人的雷霆怒火。他们担心这么做会有损规矩,造成对中产阶级学生的歧视。Serious reform is always painful: Mrs Thatcher was widely loathed in her radical second term; Tony Blair complained about the “scars on my back” from his fights with public-sector workers. As then, today’s plans pitch fears about the cost and alleged chaos of upheaval against hypothetical arguments for change. But the government’s year-long adventure in reform suggests some other patterns. 严肃改革总是伴随着痛苦:撒切尔夫人在第二任任期一片怨声载道;托尼布莱尔抱怨和国有经济工人争斗时“背上受了伤”。今日,改革计划则让人们大惊失色,忧心出,还有计划可能带来的动乱。但是政府数年来冒险改革也表明了别的模式。First, expectations matter. Before last year’s election the Tories reassured voters that there would be no “top-down reorganisation of the NHS”. Mr Lansley’s plans might have caused less of a rumpus with more explicit warning. The civil service matters too: Number 10 complains that it is being insufficiently zealous in implementing the government’s agenda. Officials counter that the problem is the volume of new measures, and varying competence in departments, rather than intransigence.首先,期望很有关系。去年大选前托利党人向选民保不会有“自上至下的健保改革”。兰斯利的计划可能引起了一点吵闹和警告。行政部门也有关系:首相府抱怨无法赶不上完善政府计划。官员认为问题在于新政的内容太多,部门间能力不同,而不是死不妥协。Just as importantly, the coalition has learned that the messy happenstance of everyday government can be disruptive and demoralising. A climb-down on the proposed sell-off of forests was followed by a concession over the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance, a subsidy intended to keep 16-19-year-olds in learning, after a threatened legal challenge. Number 10 recently intervened to demand a reversal of plans to cut school-sports funding. None of these was a major reversal; but they have rattled MPs, who wonder whether to stick their necks out to defend bigger schemes that might be cancelled or amended.同样重要的是,政府也学到日常政治生活中的偶然事件也会扰人不休,令人气馁。在售卖森林方面的提案撤回后,在废除教育维持津贴政府又做出让步。这项津贴本来是要让16至19岁的孩子继续求学的。首相最近也干涉其中,要求不要削减学校体育基金。这些转变都不大,但是却让议会恼火。议会质疑是否应该态度更加强硬才能不让计划被取消或者修正。Finally, the exigencies of coalition have been a burden. A plan to reform housing benefit, vaunted by the Tories in opposition, has been dropped from the government’s welfare-reform bill after rows with the Lib Dems about whether it would penalise low-earners. (The broader plan to introduce a single “universal credit” to replace multiple allowances for those out of work has created its own new network of unintended complexities and forthcoming climb-downs.) The emphasis on fairness in the Tories’ coalition agreement with the Lib Dems helps to explain the reorientation of Mr Gove’s ideas. 最后,联合政府的急切需要成为了负担。托利党人原先吹嘘的改革住房计划,在他们在和自由民主党大吵数架,争论其是否会对低收入者不利后,跌出了政府的福利改革议案(更宏大的引入“通用信贷”来取代失业津贴的计划不亚于画地为牢,执行复杂,前景不佳)。高夫为什么要重新定位也可用托利党和自由民主党的协定中对公平的强调来解释。So far, the architecture of the coalition has held up well. Mr Cameron and Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem deputy prime minister, share a vision of a public sector enlivened by greater competition and less dependent on a dwindling pot of state funding. They do, however, need to make a bolder case for why they are fighting on quite so many fronts—and to tell the public when it can expect to feel the benefit of the slimmer, fitter Leviathan it has been promised. 到目前为止,联合政府的架子站得还挺稳。卡梅隆和英国自由民主党党魁尼克克莱格都认为更多竞争,更少对政府资金的依赖会为公有经济注入活力。然而,他们的确需要告诉公众,为何政府要在诸多方面如此奋斗,还要告诉公众何时他们才能享受到政府允诺的更合适,更便捷的务。201105/134419昆明送子鸟医院看不育大约多少钱(Mike and Amanda are talking about yoga.)Mike: What're you doing up so early, Amanda? Have you decided to take up jogging in the park like me? Amanda: No, Mike. You know I really can't stand jogging. I've joined a yoga class at our local fitness center. I hear it's a great way to stay fit. Want to join me? Mike: No way! Yoga is for girls. I'd rather do some weights or cardio at the gym than contort my body into painful postures. Amanda: Come on, there's more to yoga than that! It's perfect for physical and spiritual well-being. It also helps your body become more flexible. Mike: No, thanks-I think all of this is just a moneymaking gimmick. I'm telling you Amanda, don't buy into it! Amanda: Mike, we just learn three new postures every day and do some meditation. My yoga guru is going to teach us about breathing today. Did you know that we don't even breathe properly anymore? Mike: Count me out! I don't need anyone to tell me how to breathe! Just because celebrities are doing yoga, everyone's jumping on the bandwagon. Amanda: That's not true! You're always reluctant to try something new. Give it a chance-you might enjoy it. Mike: Okay, but only if you promise I'll end up with a body like Matthew McConaughey!【生词注释】yoga n.瑜伽take up 开始做no way 当然不, 决不posture n. 姿势;姿态spiritual well-being 心灵上的平静;心灵上的喜悦flexible adj.可弯曲的;柔韧有弹性的gimmick n.吸引人的花招buy into 出钱加入guru n.导师;大师reluctant adj.不情愿的;勉强的to end up with 最后……;结果……201110/156913云南送子鸟医院做结扎手术需要多少钱Bush Says 'One-Way Cease-Fire' in Gaza Will Not Work布什:加沙停火须受各方尊重  U.S. President George Bush is speaking out for the first time on the latest crisis in the Middle East. Mr. Bush used his weekly radio address to lay down his conditions for a cease-fire in Gaza. 美国总统布什第一次就中东最新危机发表讲话。布什利用他每周一次的广播讲话阐述了他为加沙停火所规定的条件。The president says any cease-fire must be meaningful and respected by all. 布什总统说,任何停火必须是有意义的,并且受到所有各方的尊重。"Another one-way cease-fire that leads to rocket attacks on Israel is not acceptable," he said. "And promises from Hamas will not suffice - there must be monitoring mechanisms in place to help ensure that smuggling of weapons to terrorist groups in Gaza comes to an end." 他说,“如果又一次实行单方面的停火,导致以色列受到火箭攻击,那是不能接受的。光是哈马斯的承诺是不够的。必须设置监督机制,确保停止向加沙的恐怖组织走私武器。”In his weekly radio address - released one day early - Mr. Bush reiterated the official White House stand on the conflict. He said Hamas started the cycle of violence. 这次每周例行广播讲话提前一天播放。布什重申白宫对中东冲突的正式立场。他说,是哈马斯挑起了暴力的循环。"This recent outburst of violence was instigated by Hamas - a Palestinian terrorist group supported by Iran and Syria that calls for Israel's destruction," he said. 他说,“最近爆发的暴力冲突是哈马斯挑起的。哈马斯是巴勒斯坦的恐怖组织。它得到伊朗和叙利亚的持。他们要摧毁以色列。”He said the militant group took over the Gaza Strip in a coup, and routinely violated an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire by launching rockets into Israel.  布什说,哈马斯激进组织通过政变控制了加沙地带。并且经常向以色列发射火箭,从而破坏了埃及斡旋达成的停火。"On December 19th, Hamas announced an end to the cease-fire and soon unleashed a barrage of rockets and mortars that deliberately targeted innocent Israelis - an act of terror that is opposed by the legitimate leader of the Palestinian people, President Abbas," he said. 他说,“12月29号,哈马斯宣布结束停火,不久后它就故意向无辜的以色列人发射大批火箭弹和迫击炮弹,这个恐怖行动遭到巴勒斯坦人民的合法领导人阿巴斯的反对。”Mr. Bush stressed the ed States is fully engaged in efforts to stop the violence. He spoke of his own conversations with President Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. 布什总统强调,美国全力参与停止暴力的努力。他谈到他本人跟阿巴斯主席、以色列总理奥尔默特以及埃及、约旦和沙特阿拉伯领导人的谈话。The president said the humanitarian situation in Gaza is an area of concern to all. But he stopped short of calling on Israel to stop its assault. 布什说,加沙的人道局势受到所有人的关注。但是他没有呼吁以色列停止进攻。"In response to these attacks on their people, the leaders of Israel have launched military operations on Hamas positions in Gaza," Mr. Bush said. "As a part of their strategy, Hamas terrorists often hide within the civilian population, which puts innocent Palestinians at risk." 他说,“作为对以色列人民遭受攻击的反应,以色列领导人向加沙的哈马斯阵地发起了军事行动。作为哈马斯战略的一部分,这些恐怖分子经常藏在平民百姓中间。这种做法把无辜的巴勒斯坦人置于危险之中。”Mr. Bush conferred Friday morning with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who has been involved in almost non-stop discussions on the situation in Gaza with leaders around the world. However, Rice has no plans to go to the region - an indication that with just over two weeks left in power, the Bush administration is preparing to hand over the problem to his successor, President-elect Barack Obama. 星期五早上,布什总统跟美国国务卿赖斯进行了磋商。赖斯一直在不停地跟世界各国领导人讨论加沙局势。但是,赖斯没有前往中东地区的计划。这显示,在只有两个多星期执政期的情况下,布什政府准备把这个问题交给他的继任人当选总统奥巴马来处理。In his radio address, President Bush noted that Mr. Obama is being kept up to date on the latest developments. 布什在广播讲话中指出,奥巴马一直得到有关中东局势的及时报告。"My administration will continue to keep the president-elect and his team informed, he said. And America's objectives in the Middle East will remain clear: We seek security and peace for our allies, the free people of Israel. For the Palestinian people, we seek a peaceful and democratic Palestinian state that serves its citizens and respects its neighbors." 布什总统说,“本届政府将继续通报当选总统及其团队有关中东的情况。美国将继续保持在中东的明确目标。我们谋求我们的盟友自由的以色列人民的和平与安全。我们谋求为巴勒斯坦人民建立和平民主的巴勒斯坦国。这个国家为本国公民务,并且尊重自己的邻国。”Meanwhile, Israel is pressing on with its Gaza offensive, and Hamas is vowing revenge. 同时,以色列对加沙的进攻还在继续。哈马斯则誓言进行报复。More than 420 Palestinians have been killed in the last week of fighting, and about 2,000 injured. Hamas rocket attacks have left four Israelis dead since the conflict began. 在过去一周的战斗中,超过420名巴勒斯坦被打死,大约两千人受伤。自冲突开始以来,哈马斯的火箭攻击导致4名以色列人丧生。01/60389How good are you with money? Finance expert Laura Rowley will give us tips on how to cope with the current tough economy. Meanwhile, Kathie Lee Gifford tests visitors on their financial savvy Interview: We’re back with Today’s Money and today we’re gonna play a little game with you guys at home and with Ms. Kathie Lee Gifford who, by the way, is downstairs in our concourse by Starbucks. She’s down there, Hi, Ms. Gifford. (Hello) You look good. All right, what we’re gonna do is that I’m gonna talk to an expert and Kathie Lee is gonna talk to the people and see if we know the answers to some of these complex questions. Yahoo finance expert, Laura Rowley is here to help, hello. Laura Rowley: Hi. I: So, right now, we’re all in really tough financial times, clearly, we just talked about it earlier the price of eggs, meat, and all these different kinds of things. So, our money is so much more valuable and we are finding, I guess, the consumers are not buying things like TVs and what not, right? L: That’s right. Yahoo commissioned a survey, we found that 75% people said they are cutting back, they are holding off their major expenses. They are not buying electronics or clothing, or even some people are cutting back on food. I: And a lot of people, I will be honest, don’t know much about finance. I went to a lunch yesterday, a woman said, in high school, we take wood shop, we take a Car Auto shop and she asked how many people have changed the carburetor? How many people are willowing furniture? (L: Save money) but then she realized, but she was saying basically we don’t learn about finance. That’s important, isn’t it? L: We don’t and the states generally don’t and I once talked with my brother in Illinois. He said his son can't graduate without passing consumer education that is a new program, so you do see a little bit more education there but we think the adults who are out here now are left sorta high and dry in terms of financial education. I: OK. So now, we know a lot of people are getting a checking in the mail and we’re gonna throw down to Ms. Kathie Lee, because there are 600 bucks that people are getting, so the questions is what would they do with that money? Ms. Gifford?Catherine Gifford: You know what, hold on, I’m gonna ask six people six questions. If they get it right, well, quit looking at my notes, Missy. I’m on to you. They get a hundred dollar American Express, a little card they can use. If they get it wrong, they’ll get one of my records. So, that’s the deal. All right? All right, so there’s an incentive to get this right, what’s your name, ma’am? Q1: Susan. C: Where are you from? Q1: Virginia beach C: V… oh, good, I love down there, that’s a lot of fun. Here’s your first question? OK? Assuming you’ll receive a rebate check, what’s the last thing you should do with the money? A Put it into a savings account; B Make a fun purchase. Which I can see in your eyes, you wanna do; C Pay off monthly bills; or D Pay off revolving debts. Q1: The last thing you wanna do? C: Ah ha, the last thing you should do with a rebate check. Q1: Make a fun purchase. C: OK. Q1: Is that right or wrong? C: No, it’s wrong. It’s C, “Pay off monthly bill”. Excuse me, here you go, enjoy! I: Let me ask Laura. Why is that the wrong thing to do? L: I know it sounds like very counter to an advancer, but if you need a one-time bonus to pay your monthly bill, then something is wrong. You need to make sure your in-go matches your out-flow and if it doesn’t, cut back, don’t use extra money to pay monthly bills. I: Got it! All right, let’s go back downstairs with the finance. C: All right. We found a very brave gentleman who is willing to talk to me. What’s your name, sir? Q2: Raymond T C: Where are you from? Q2:Wyoming C: All right, nice to have you, sir. You mean people are very serious into the point , right? Q2: Yes. C: You consider yourself a great financial expert? Q2:No…just medium. C: Medium? All right, let’s see! Here is question No.2: When planning for retirement, it’s best to invest your money in…A 401(K) or a individual retirement account; B Real estate; C Hot commodities like oil or gold; or D a Hedge fund. Q2:I'd say A. C: And you know what, Mr.? You’ll be right. Get that man. There you go, darling, don’t spend it in one place. I: I think you should give him a CD, too. Why is that the right thing? L: Because your money grows either tax free or tax deferred, and when you’re saving money of a long period of time 30 or 40 years, you don’t want the taxman take a little bit , bite out of it year after year after year. I: OK. So, I think that's the worst, the thing we should not do?L: Well, hedge fund is not for the average investor and hot commodities, you don’t want to be chasing hot commodities. I: All right, let’s go back downstairs, Ms. Gifford. C: I just found a hot man and I like him down here. What’s your name, sweetheart? Q3: Gerrier Harf from North CakalakiC: North Cakalaki Q3:That’s right. C: All right, with that kind of attitude, would you rather have, the money or my record? Q3: I'd rather have another hug, to be honest with you.C: We were doing a little hug before…OK, here is No.3, all right? Let’s see. What’s? oh, hello, my eyes. You’re in debt and have to pay off tons of bills…which one is the most important to pay off? A Credit card bills; C Mortgage, B, I mean, sorry! You make me nervous; three…C Loans, or I’m going to take my time with this question and D Medical bills. Q3: I’m going to say especially since credit card interest rates are pretty high, you know, get a tax reduction , I’m gonna say credit cards. C: You’ll be wrong, darling. You got to go home with my pop record. It’s B, mortgage. I: And why is that the right thing? L: Because if you don’t pay your mortgage, you’re going to lose your house. That’s your NO.1 payment and the next thing, NO.2 is credit cards. I: All right, Laura, thank you so much. Ms. Gifford, thanks and thanks the fun crap downstairs , that was great. C: I’m gonna, I guess, I’m gonna be giving away money and records down here, right? OK.01/60672大理市输卵管炎大概要多少钱

昆明市宫外孕手术医院昆明看输卵管通而不畅的医院中国劳动力成本提高是否预示着中国制造业的终结?还是在这背后,中国大地上正在酝酿着另一个产业的崛起。Some are predicting the end of the cheap “China price”; others are moresanguine“IT IS the end of cheap goods,” says Bruce Rockowitz. He is the chief executive of Li amp; Fung, a company that sources more clothes and common household products from Asia than perhaps any other. In the low-tech areas in which Li amp; Fung specialises, the firm handles an estimated 4% of China’s exports to America and a sizeable chunk of its exports to Europe, too. It has operations in several East Asian countries, where it diligently searches for cheap, reliable suppliers of everything from handbags to bar stools. So when Mr Rockowitz says the era of low-cost Asian production is drawing to a close, people listen."廉价商品的日子已经过去了,"利丰公司总裁布鲁斯说。利丰公司是亚洲地区装面料和日用品最大的采购商。利丰公司专注于低技术商品领域,中国每年向美国出口业务量约4%以及向欧洲地区大多数出口业务均通过该公司进行操作。利丰公司在东亚几个国家开展业务,力求寻找到可靠的廉价商品供应商,从手提包到酒吧的凳子,几乎所有廉价商品都是他们的目标。因此,当布鲁斯先生说“亚洲生产低成本商品的时代即将终结”,人们都会相信。He argues that Asian manufacturing has gone through a number of phases, each lasting about 30 years. When China was isolated under Mao Zedong, companies in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea grew expert at making things. When China reopened in the late 1970s, after Mao’s death, these experienced Asian operators converged on southern China. With almost free access to land and labour, plus an efficient port and logistics hub in nearby Hong Kong, they started to make things ever more cheaply and sell them to the whole world.布鲁斯认为,亚洲的制造业经历了几个阶段,每个阶段持续了约30年之久。毛泽东领导下的中国处于孤立时,香港、台湾和南韩的公司是制造业的主力军;在1970年代末期,也就是在毛泽东去世之后,中国实行改革开放,这些经验丰富的亚洲制造业经营商纷纷在中国南部各省开设工厂。几乎免费的土地和劳动力成本,外加上高效的港口和邻近香港的物流枢纽,让他们生产的产品价格更加低廉并销往全世界。For the next 30 years manufacturers in China helped to keep global inflation in check. But that era is now over, says Mr Rockowitz. Chinese wages are rising fast. A wave of new demand, especially from China itself, is feeding a surge in commodity prices. Manufacturers can find some relief by moving production to new areas, such as western China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. But none of these new places will curb inflation the way southern China once did, he predicts. All rely on the same increasingly expensive pool of commodities. Many have rising wages or poor logistics. None can provide the scale and efficiency that was created when manufacturers converged on southern China.在随后的30年中,中国的制造业让全球抑制住了通货膨胀。但是,布鲁斯说,这样美好时代即将过去。中国的工资水平上涨很快。来自中国的一个新的需求浪潮正在推高商品的价格。制造业企业家也许可以通过将制造业向中国西部、越南、孟加拉、马来西亚、印度及印度尼西亚进行转移,缓解一些成本压力,但是,布鲁斯预测,这些新的区域无法像当初中国南方的制造业那样有效抑制通货膨胀。一切都受制于日益上涨的生产要素价格,这些地方不是工资上涨就是物流运输落后。没有一个地方可以像当初中国南方制造业那样,规模和效率并举。201106/140744U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has launched the first direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians in nearly two years.美国国务卿克林顿主持召开以色列和巴勒斯坦近两年以来第一次直接和谈。Both sides agreed to a second round of talks to be held in the Middle East later this month.At a ceremony in the State Department's ornate Benjamin Franklin room, Secretary Clinton said the Obama administration is committed to forging a peace agreement within the next year.在国务院华丽的本杰明富兰克林厅举行的仪式上,克林顿国务卿说,奥巴马政府致力于促成双方在明年内达成一个和平协议。She stressed the main work will have to be done by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. "We believe, prime minister and president, that you can succeed and we understand that this is in the national security interest of the ed States that you do so. But we cannot and we will not impose a solution," she said.克林顿强调指出,主要工作必须由以色列总理内塔尼亚胡和巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯完成。克林顿说:“我们相信,总理和主席,你们能够成功。我们也认为,你们这样做,符合美国的国家安全利益。但我们不能、也不会强加任何解决方案。”Sitting under sparkling chandeliers at a U-shaped table between Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Abbas, Clinton congratulated the leaders for agreeing to resume negotiations. But she warned of difficult days to come in the effort to create an independent Palestinian state and security for Israel. "There undoubtedly will be obstacles and setbacks. Those who oppose the cause of peace will try in every way possible to sabotage this process as we have aly seen this week," she said.在U型会议桌旁,坐在内塔尼亚胡和阿巴斯中间的克林顿国务卿对两位领导人同意恢复谈判表示祝贺。但她也警告说,在努力建立独立的巴勒斯坦国和实现以色列安全的过程中,还将面临艰难的日子。克林顿说:“毫无疑问,将会有挫折和阻碍。那些反对和平事业的人将尽一切可能破坏这个进程。我们这个星期已经看到了这种情况。”201009/112956丽江市输卵管不通好吗北京时间年6月26日5:26(洛杉矶当地时间25日14:26)左右,著名歌星迈克尔-杰克逊因心搏停止在送往医院后死亡,享年50岁。  按照原计划,他将从今年7月13日起在伦敦举行50场告别演出。Michael Jackson, the self-anointed "King of Pop" who revolutionized music but whose legacy was marred by allegations of child molestation and bizarre behavior, died after suffering cardiac arrest Thursday. He was 50 years old and preparing for his final series of live performances. The Los Angeles Fire Department was called to Jackson's residence at 12:26 p.m. P.T., according to the Los Angeles Times. Paramedics performed CPR on Jackson, who was not breathing when they arrived at his home. He was rushed to LA Medical Center, just six miles from his home. Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of legendary rock and roll innovator and pop megastar Elvis Presley, was married to Jackson from 1994 to 1996. "I am completely shocked and saddened by Michael's death. My heart goes out to his children and his family," said Presley in a statement. Dame Elizabeth Taylor, who some would say was one of Jackson's closest friends, was "too devestated by the passing of her dear friend" to issue a statement, according to her publicist. "For a long time he was unquestionably the most famous person on the planet," Jed Hilly, the executive director of the Americana Music Assocation, told ANews.com. Chris Connelly, an A News contributor, was one of the last people to interview Jackson, and said today that the pop star was "determined to convey that he had greater things ahead of him." "The word he spoke with the greatest emphasis was the 'More!' that he exclaimed when I asked if he could still do all his famous moves and hit all those notes at the age of 50," said Connelly of his August 2008 phone interview with Jackson. Connelly asked Jackson if he had received his AARP membership, a question that garnered a laugh from the star. 06/75689昆明治疗女人输卵管堵塞费用

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